The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 18, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1918
Page 4
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, . »«sna«r - Md^Mltor. UTt-Ittt. TBB ;F.nWcdr? ««. tffonA class matter .at the p»stoBc«,"Connell»vill«. F*. THE DAILY COURIKR. CONNELLSVILLB. PA. THURSDAY, JULY 18, 1918. ft, .N i m- m XT;, S.-X-i A-.f · American . ·'; MICHAEL.'.- ,,,,._. .'-..HARObO R1CHET, . BattwyiB. WTO. Field Artillery," 2Sth Ilvi«lon. U. S. N. · O.. American. Eipedition- LlXJTt) B. COX Cuiapaay F. 37th Eni'na*n, U. _' .-STA-. Fort Jlyer. Vm. JULIUS GROUSE, ·· Company K 15th Engineers (Railway), American E*»»- ditionary Forces, prance. ... -lnd'ia.nK.' i* uFysr^PresMent Grant. U. CAKL. STEHLJE. Jrd Company. 1st Battalion.. Infantry Replacement Brigade. Camp l»e. Va. It Quentin .Booxevelt hu.fallen. Yl«- tlm to German aviators the expressions of rivref. will . ba., wldwprwid. but. no .irt«r«' sltiMre ' than »r«. fett. .. tor ..the 49ikth"'of tlie humbl«st" r privar« in thft nmk» who. too, ha* paid the full-price of. his.'.devotion: to.'country, j All Germans look-.alike to .those .wbo hkx-e had-'the closest view;'of them. WIRING A TREE BLOCKADE ACROSS A CANAL By Hrrrlaoh Rhode*. Meiakcr «' T»e A«.»rf«l«* Fi*«a. The Associated Press 1» «x- elusively- cnUited to the .use lor - repubtication^Tof an'.' the v newJ.; i; dispatches credited to It or not -· otherwise credited in this paper 'I and also the local news ' pab- ;· listed herein. There is z, great deal of talk about tbe need of teaching patriotism in the i Tctooli. Germany, to we tell iur- selves, .leaned this, long ago as p a r t ; preparedness for national action.; So now, th'ough almost afraid .that we : nre learning one leason., too late we ; Are'"reorganizing our schools, weed-! ing out disloyal teachers, and Includ- | ing. in our-curriculum this great Dew j study, love of country, and there is a j ·great -deal of quoting 'of the proverb-! which says that as the twig in bent so 'it the tree inclined. ' ' · | No one doubts this proverb, but i t ! may sorjQetlrnes seem a little dis-1 cpiiragins; that we must wait ten or , twenty years for trees and results.! Fortunately we need not .wait, that. long for results. Any one who has '· studied the situation has already dls- : covered with .'surprise and delight i that the result is here aurt now and' that the effect upon the p_rosecuticm of the. war of school children's eager patriotism is po-.verfu! »r.d itmneii- iate. "What, no had reckoned with was the effect ot the child's beliefs upon its parents and its home. "We i have, joked a RTcat deal about the I modern child's bringing up Its par- i en'ts; we are now seeing it happen. The child who goes, from school with a' simple passionate belief that aa American's whole duty is to. help America win the war brings .to bear | upon any doubts in his parents' mind, | upon any tortuous pro-German rea- ! soiling, there.. a. battery of innocence and fervor that clears out the enemy as a victorious charge of our boya in "jPraTiCe clears rbe Huns' trenches. The child who assumes as a matter Brttui Hiring tret* wtlci tfcey bare felled acroaa · carnal ta bold tf tke tntmj. MARKET BASKET OUGHT TO BE OUR SIGN OF PATRIOTISM Continued (rom Face One. foodstuffs ever known in the history of the country. So important is it that everj- citizen help in promoting increased production ia every possible | WANTED -- TOOK business. RENDINK'S. BARBER1NO If WANTED--ROOMERS AND BOARD- l l j u l y t t ANTED -- AN EXPERIENC way, that patrons of our maritet gard- or ,, ot 117 Weat F ayette ,treet. ners and farmers ought to regard it as pan of their patriotic duty to come to the curb market prompir at the opening hour and carry their purchases home with them, and thus release the growers for an equally prompt return Sacrifice price: buyins phone 18-Vv" Tri-State. truck; Tole- njuiyat FOR SALE--BRICK HOUSE, BATH, hot a.nd cold water, furnace, ftloc- t r i e j t y . g-as, on paved street. Address Box. 411, Scottdale. 16July3t-eoa- FDR S A L E -- ONE OV13RIM.ND tourinir car, model 83-B, bis four, an- aolutoli" in flm--class conilition. Price ris-ht. See HOMER J1OSER at Main street b a r b e r shop. ISjulySt* ktichen triri. Apply WEST PE ' -.SjulyJtd FOR SALE--l-TOX NASH TRUCK, with coal body and cab; small for present use. Inquire G. L. WORK, i Connellsville, Fa. 29juntt£d ,, ...... r/ equipped will) coal bodj i ^ - rT.r.i I Unit-class condition. To ', - r . J i Present use. Inquire C . WANTBD--POSITION BY COM- petent stenographer. Address "S," care Courier. I8july3l* of course that bis beloved parents I *° U»ir fields and gardens. must be burning with his same fire, "The market basket oughf to be as i WANTED--BOY AND GUILS OVER sets, up, all'' unconsciously, before'much a sign of pariotism among I ic years. COXELLSVM.LK SILK them' an ideal of themselves which'housewives as wearing of khaki is a CO., me. isjulytt they will oesitate long before de- j sign of o£ it on part of their sons who j strpyjnp. ; · ' ; - . - i are in the trenches, or preparing to go ·If-the home to which the child goes Over There. I believe the iromen of is, one but lately removed from across Coneilsviile, who have shown their the seas, if it is to one of those mud- patriotism in a fine way in every oth- " THE 31AJIKET BASKET AKD TA.; TB10X1SM. '*he aspect Farm Agent fon»hertv present* ol the curb market--that Its ·uccess will in a sense be a measure ofhhr patriotism of the housewives of Consellivllle--has probably be*« con- ·iderod by only very" few persons. To sncn as have given much thought to tie new project it has appealed to them as providing a much desired means of procuring fresh grown Jroita and vegetables at first hand and. It !s ntiped, .In ample quantity. Bnt as Mr. Dougherty points out, tha success of the market means very maeh more, lljis an Important factor in the increased production of food stuffs. la .rii proportion that the market is nadi; to accompUmhe tUa purpose will. It'hrcome a meaanre of pur patriot- 'At first thought this may appear io be. a paradoxical statement, some'per- sons probably failing to see the jela- tfctn between a more liberal patron- aito of the curb market and the »n- atotion of our .country'sr'iiitereBt.'- iiT the war. This becomes plainer when, wi» look at the matter from the-irlaw.- polnt ol Mr. Doujherty. ,He:'eall«.»t- ttntion'to the fa^t that the.piime.ppr-. pojiic in eitabllshmg the^'niarket if'to pro-vide facilities for the growers to dtspoie of their- perishable garden product* within the shortest" possibln ~ thnc .90. that -ther..can return to .their farms "and gar dea's and continue the irprk"et caring for.; cropa which will our winter's supply. Thus fnrnrigh a larger consumption of -vegetables that must be used when bar- Tested or not at all. we will not make demand upon those foodstuff* ' that en be stored for winter vt'se aad thus tttVe a larger supply of the latter available. If the growers have their time consumed ia marketing ' t h e ft ten goods by house to house delivery they will have much less-oppor-' tuait^'to raise the staple* for winter ;Il is this feature of the situation that pro.mpts ,M.i. Dougijrty ,to obr ·«rve that the housewives of Connells- Yil.le,. can. show.~their patriotism by forsakinjt the custom .some have es- dled, only half Americanized families that the light from the school Is er respect, will view the matter ia the same light, once they realize tbe f u l l WANTED--1*ADY FOB ASSISTANT bookkeeper. Apply CAXDY COMPANY. TIU.-STATK ISJUlySt WANTED--TWO GOOD CARPEN- torB, good waKes, steudy job. CAii- I'AJilS STONE CO., B«ll 250. ISjulySt ing up in the souls of o«r «o-lately I During Sis ..-~ ~ -lien, .citizens the image of /America (yesterday Mr, Dougherty wa ueh as we who know her and love that a dozen or more of them BOYS WANTED--TV'E iVEED THK services of a n u m b e r ot Grammar _ ^ School boys for permanent part-time i t3o:i u-ork; JOO ^3er 'day, THE i work. The boys -we select w i l l be well | FOUNDATION' CO., Went I'enn Power! paid and eiven an o p p n r t u n i y t to earn. visits to the gardners | House. ISjulytid j learn juid H.dvnr.ce. A n p l y to JAY C. carried, you can see how the i n - j object and purpose of the curb mar-! WAXTED--M13X FOR CONSTKL'C- fluence of the school house is build-iket." . . . . - FOR SALE--10 JINK1NS GLOBE valves, 2 inch, grootl a-s new; -(00 fett 114 and 1^ nipo and CiuinRS, CHAS. THORXDEI^L. Home after 6 P. if. 221 South Prospect street, city. IGJulyJt* FOR SALE--ONK BLACK HORSE, ten years old, w e i g h t 1300 pound«. Will eeil reasonable 10 quick buyer. Call between 7 and S A. ^t., or 5 and 6 P. M. at 104 Watt street. her best would wish should be there. It Is the school children, (f anybody. ·as assured will be on hands at the opening of the market iu tie morning. Among them will be who can make ^ that famous melting j some gardners who have been accus- j tomed to do their trading elsewhere. pot of ovtrs melt quickly. ______ _ _____ ________ ^ America has always worshipped ! b a t are Inclined to come "to Conoeils- her children-- sometimes spoiled . v jj] e because of the advaatages offer- , them, so our critics said. Now over i c d hT lnc cur h market as a means of WANTE'C--TWO GIRLS TO DO EJB- on men's clothing. Apply A. The Taller, 241 .Vorlb. Pittibure- Tri-State its. 17julyt( 1 STAUFKER. 1Q5 North street. Connellsville, Pa. all tbe land they are working to defend their mother. Almost as moving as the thoughts of soldiers and Red Cress nurses orer there is the thought"of boy scouts drilling here and little girls -learning to knit Let ns'bftfie'older generations be warned. The youngest generations, benu- tifui; strong and generous, press oe- hind us;' cheering and waving tho flag. We must' live up to their ideals of patriotism a.nd 'service; we must never undergo the ignoble sha falling to' .be · the- Aniiericans ·WANTED--CARPENTERS A-N'D LA- borers. Carpenters' wagres 62i^c per hour; laborers 38c per bour. Apply on the job at Greenhouse S:.op, Du bar, Pa. VANG. CONSTRUCTION CO. tjulytfd GLOTFBLTT'S State 573. S4I, TRI- J S j u l y t f disposing of their produce without the j loss of time Incident to house Co house j ( trips in other towns. With such a large increase over Tuesday in the quantity of products that will be offered tomorrow, the j market committee ia hopeful that the | J housewives of the city will turn out in I ,, larger numbers than they did on. the j Piusburer. opening, day. Unless they do, the j market wilt not achieve the degree of i work" on insTiectior,"ind Good Rtetidy employment. MASTER iMBCHAN'lL,', Wejt f e n n Rall-n-tys Cc. j 15iuly6t | . . . . . . _ . . . . . . . : that will be offered tomorrow, the! WANTED _ TO RENT SMAUJ " ' ition ill or near Con- sslun us soon us pos- J. K JAt'KMA-N, 510 North WANTED--SEVERAL MEN repaira TO| '«! L I N O T Y P E i OPERATOR, DAY WORK; 525 PER WEEK. APPLY FOREMAN, COURIER OFFICE. The Union Supply Company have recently stocked their furnitnrn departments to full capacity and are able to otter their customers full lines of all kinds of furniture and hosuehold furnishings at very attractive prices. The prices of furniture and household furnishings are advancing and will go still higher, in. fact it is almost impossible to purchase some lines at the present time. We have anticipated both the advance in prices and scarcity, and can offer you complete lines at reasonable prices. These lines include bed room and dining room furniture in suites or single pieces; wooden and iron beds in · different styles and prices; all kinds of chairs, tables, kitchen cabinets, mattresses, springs, and bed coverings, heating and cook stoves and ranges; rugs, carpets, and linoleums. 'Anticipate your wants--you will have to pay more later and probably have trouble in getting what you want. You will always find Union Supply Company goods and prices right. Ueion ·I Luge Department Storet, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and AJlegheny Counties. . think we are , i success expected and the growers will i cars .steady cmpioyroent; 9-hr.-jr ciuy.; Mmet . ° { · be discouraged from making subse- A j"" y at on " '," - VIASTER MECHANIC ;S they; J _,.- _f- . , \.. . We.^t I'enn Railways Company. quent «fffforts to sire us a plentiful ' j 6 j u l y i i t ; By t M..OH. SLACKP.ES.] The men are driven forth .to work, to kaep the. pulleys humming, 'and any chap. Vho tries to ' shirk will surely 8T«t -what's coming. The lad wfto u-sed to baak all day, Is busy as a iropher; 'in times like these it doesn't pay to show up as a loa/er. Afrtle Idlers find their day is o'er; It they've a kick tn"ey can 'it; the man who has no useful chore -must h u n t another planet. But how about the ' dame serene, through -life ru) Idly ambling, who burns up tubs of gasoline in vain and foolish TamblinB? Her thoughts are still .of trifling things, of laces and of collars, o£ blondined hair and diamond. ·rings, and shoos at twenty dollars. She thinks the war a horrid bore to which kinps are addicted; her heart of celluloid is More, that sug-ar is re- slrlcted. She -sees her loyal sisters strain- and toil in useful service; an3 sights like this give her a pain, they make her tired n d .nervous.. Oh. let's y to drag . . . dragoon Mie stAll-fed dames, th«m, "Work or ''perish," and . = tablfSheil of bUYlig from .gardeners them from the silly games, that they · .whri^ cover certain 'routes' in the city ; arwl going to the' curb market Instead ;The gardeners.- have-.|b«mselves ei- jprrasofl a_prefeVence for the, latter jweil knowJng" ; SoTr',lmppn«nt It.jr In ·tlx 1 ; growing tnd hfrrtsllaf tttnov to spimd every, available.. . honr in, the ganterr or"flel* caring for the crops the_matUTitT'~of\wTilcn 'is aii?.itred only thrcugli constant jttentlon,., . ·SEhto-.tte sHua'tton is unaerstdorJ we have^no doubt the housewives of * ConnelTsyJlle will appredate"5he'tim£- Jlne9S"6f~Jfi.".DbU!ih6rty's" suggestion and act accordingly. The women of Connella-v+He- bave-- failed-'- on no occasion ' to ? show ~ their* patriotism by their works in behalf of all those activities and^agencies through,, which It can lie given expression^When, they. leslize jthat jatronizing,: the-^curb jnarl:«t,'fs^PB*jQf,:.the most, practical ·ways of ,d«tupS!ifi;stin* their,; interest .' In one ijf~;'Kl«fmr»tV^ital .'hctors in ' will bei entially; grfflt : :fo ; .'-niiaE« '.tkr. _ market t'askrt « -'ttnj-flf '··»-'ae~ '.oatriotiim fiTik 'Slt'en. Ignobly cherish. It Jack must use his strength and skill to help preserve the ;iiat!on. it's only .fair ..that Sister. Jill should work: -out her .-salvation. supplyjat freshly grown vegetables in season. fruits and 502-000 TONS REACHED IN BY-PRODUCT COKE OUTPUT WEEK JULY 6 Result of Bettor Supply of Coal and Increased Production of Repaired Plants at Several Points. the ^'A.N'TB0--OLJ3 FALSE TEETH. ' Don't matter 1C broken. 1 pay iS.OO to i $15.00 pej- ret. Send by parcel post i and receive by return L. MAZER. 1 2007 South Fifth street. Philadelphia..' ^a. ^^^ SJulySit* j -WANTED -- BARBER, STRICTLY ! nrst-class, sober n i n n at once: $'20 nnd 1 f O pur cent over 128 JJ£T wtot. Shop i j open 7.30 to 3.30 and 10 P. M. on Sat- ·' , urtlay.i. 1XJUJS T. WRL':V/.\'G, Main j j street, Grcensburg, Pa. 1'honc 54 Operatlns conditions in product industry changed but.slightly during the week ended July 6, says the report of the United States Gec- I WANTED -- EY PE-V-VSVLVANrA j RailrOBd Company. A p p l y at once to DT _ any acrent for steady e m p l i i y m e n t brakemen,. n r e m e n . machinists, f r e i g h t logical Survey. The plants of of were .their total operated at 90,3 per cent' : present capacity and out losses of 9.7 per cent,.0.8 per cent was due to shortage of by-product coal,. 2.2 per cent to labor shortage. Thej Ei " it Cedar. DRAFTSMEN. STRUCTUK- AL AND JtECHANICAU DESIGNERS. CHECKERS AND DETAILERS. 50 WATER ST., PITTSDURG, PA. truckers. Employment aprent - w i l l . b»» at t i c k e t oflice. Connellsville, Monday afternoon. 18i\tlvl"t" FOR KENT--ONE SIX HOOM HOUSE, i Call Bell -(08-R. r Sjulytf i FOR RENT--OARAGE. APPLY 30" I G J u l y C t production for the week was 502,666 i FOR KENT--ONB LIGHT OFFICE tons, a s . compared with 496,274 tons | T . w. ' for the week pt June 29. FOB BENT--FRONT Th«; bid idea ctuuigres,' W* have slowly come to see; Ha .who Journeys o'er life's ranges, . Is not" euro and duty free. There -were dayK .that we seeme · ' ' By the lipht of pleasure's sun; B u t - t o d a y we're serious-minded. ; There are tasks that must be done. Life is not n-.round of'pleasure,.,' , Not;.«'time for frivol fi-ay: '; . .; It is rnbr'e Ihan. earnlrfc: tressure " Ahd'-thcin* tossins; it away..( . It Is sacrlfloe -and labor, ' :. It Is stnifKlInf; for goal, ." It is'battlln'e.with 'a sabre for-,the", .beauty "of'the soul. · WVare thir^kiri^ d«p and deeper,', AS we march aloiiff today; ··.;, Each u now his brother's.,k««p«r. rooms. Use of telephone, Crawford avenue. There,.ar«r hour*, lor. '' fun, · «or'ps. of which, the Penwiy.ttjgia: 'Na- 1 ! But 'w*;knoVr-now»iihey come alter' liptial auard Division la n:,i«rCii jiot' -ML tnVrieribii" link's lire done. mKxni. in. th» action on;!!)·;;llnree. '' : ..','..;' ' ,iv.' '. .'· . . . . . ... ^ut ·«;· Jtnow tant It will preMntly b* |« t»« fHlcX at .the fi(ht 0 itit new ' . *d , honor* to th« Xtintont «Ute. Witt. iHt out r» ik* ~'Zt ot wklck Iv auk* «*o*i»i«*ri Never more »ur souls' shall taniieh . In the idle days of eae«: W« hxve ;acr»Ti^d ben«ath the vu-nlil la th ia . stnj»»le cVerseas. And. by ertry^iiptre and steeple" That Is raijieji unto the sky. -^,«, »^ «-. w * are eoMlna; thru«h. a |»opl« ' U ha. not r ·- 1fttl1 «**?··'*"·»' keeplnp h| B n. i Try ottr eIa,nlOM advertiem«nts. Improvement wag ' reported, during ticman preferred, the week from plants in Illinois, | phone. Massachusetts, New Jersey and "West Virginia. Tho .'operators in Illinois and Massachusetts attribute the increased -production to repaired plants, in New Jersey to better supply of coal and repaired plants and in West Virginia to repaired plants - a n d other causes. : Kentucky was the lone state reporting a decrease in production. The capacity of" tbe ; plants reporting Increased during the week of July 6, 8,163 net-tons due to the operation of a new plant of the American Stee? j Wire company at Cleveland and the operation ot tbe new plant by the Carnegie Steel company at Clafrton. the production of. beehive coke In the United States, including the Cori- nellsviUe .region and its - several districts, was 579,000 net.tops, a decrease of 25,000 tons from the week endins June 29. The decrease was largely outside of . the . Connellsville . region where the loss in tonage was estimated at about 3,000 tons. BOOM, GI5N- 327-W Bell 1-Julj'tf FOR RENT--TH31EB FURNISHED 534 East J S J u l y t f ] H1CE *7CO, House; of 4 room* tinti k i t c h e n : f r o n t porch, {food water and good cellar; one acre; 31 f r u i t trees: stable, 4 chicken houses: 15 m i n u t e s from trolley and on main road, Suitable for farmer, m i n e r , coke vrorker or mill man. Between Scottdalo u.nd M o u n t Pleasant. Address MIIS. LOtl.SlO .tlURLIjEH, 1SS IHlhrtife St., l'ICIr.J,ur c , !·«. ..- Kcstrlcts Sale of Gis Co«l. The Fuel Administration has issued an order prohibiting owners and operators of dockf on Lake Michigan and Lake Superior from distributing gas.'-cpal, except to persons engaged, to'the manufacture of gas'or in the- operation of by-product coke plants, unless ; under special permfl.issued liy the distribution division of the United. States Fuel Administration. rooma for HRht hoiiBekcepIns 1 . 121-1 Vine street. Bell 31". J 8 j u j y 2 t FOR RKNT-- SEVEN' ROOAf HOUSE, Curn'.hetl; conveniences. "Write HOUSE, care Courier. 16jujy3t FOR RENT -- FUHXiSHED ' ROO^S Cor ligrht houackceplug. 304 N o r t h Pittsburg street. I G j u I y S t * FOR RKNT -- SMALL APARTMENT. Call FLORENCE SMUTZ. V»r Sm'i+. FO'R SALE -- TWO OXE- HORSE DE- livcry wagons, grood condjtlon. J. F. BLACK, Dickcrs-on Run, Pa. " . 17july2t FOR SAJjE -- MAXW.E.LL SPECIAL 1914 rriodel. four now r i r j s . two e v r r a rear wheels; g-ood condition. 312 East Fayette. ijul;,-4t« F O R S A L E. -- SIX CTLINDER roadster, Al condition. Seats throe. The Difference-Between the Cost of Good and Cheap Printing is so slight thai he who goes shopping from printer to printer to secure his printing ' at a few cents less than what it. is r^ealiy worth hardly ever makes day laborer wages at this unpleasant task. If you want good work at prices that are right, get your job printing --At His Office To Cnrtafl Brick-J)cl!TcMes. Tlie*iDanu£acturers of brick pro ducts tor war uses hare agreed with the FrioritiPs Board to curtail ihe deliveries for all defer able uses. On tie 24th day of Jub", at 2 P. M. o'clock, will offer on the premises at public sale the entire original building, formerly occupied by H- Kobacker Sons, located at 635-29 Main street, Mt. Pleasant, Pa., .consisting, of three store rooms, and additionallot directly in the rear of L. K. Zuck's Meat Market, absolutely the best location in the town. $500.00 in cash, or certified check for that amount will be required from the-purchaser, and i'pt the balance; terms will be made known before the sale starts. HAKBY. KOBACKEB. C. M. FEE, Auctioneer. An Ideal Spot for a Home of your own--in the coining residence district of Connellsville. Out in the open where there's plenty of fresh air and where the "kiddies" can romp and play to their heart's content. And it's only a 5 minute car ride or a 15 minute walk from "Brimstone Corner." At Poplar Grove Right now you can buy lots measuring 60x140 feet-quarter acre tracts--at Beautiful Poplar 3JQA AA Grove for as low as EASY TERHS 6LAMA' ARRANGED. i There's city water in front of every lot and the first Standard Public School of Fayette county is just within a stone's throw. Think of it, these lots cost only $80.00 and upward -- even as. a matter of speculation they'll prove one of the best investments you've aver made. For full particulars and information write C. B. McCORMICK, * P. 0. Box 144. CONiTEtLSTILlE, PA. fen.

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