The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 2, 1964 · Page 25
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 25

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1964
Page 25
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Page 25 article text (OCR)

...;.. i , - r r r ( V - - i A " i ! i - U ; ) . . . - -1 i ,t , i :': 1 J M - ' I r .-j.-' 1 I- - Li SCIIII STI:AI.I:RS iSrWeartfiemrit'a you and Cameo steal the scene wherever you're seen. 1 1 ( , Compare-them: Cameo are delightfully "durable; shaped to a perfect fit j with secret run-guards and feathery tops added for extra .-wear and comfort. . Buy them : Join the growing ranks of belles on their toes wearing scene-stealers by Carpeo. Start your collection of admiring glances fiowI ( v Set the complete Cameo collection of scent-steilers-all with exclusive Face Powder ' Finish at your favourite Hosiery Counter tod iy I V f ray- it .! larfd - I PRINTED PATTERN ' . 487a -Wm ' 10-20 SHEATH PLUS! Foui-vCa magicP Wear the sheath pure and simple, or top off with the sporty pullover, For a dressierio6k, note other neckline versions. PrintW Pattern 4878: Misses iizes 10, 12, 14, 16. .18. 20. .Size 46 dress takes 2 H yards. 45-inch fabric." v. . FIFTY CENTS (50c) In coins (no -stamps, : please) for this pattern. Ontario residen's 2c sales tax. Print plainly T'w . sr yr w w "r; ;t '"' w y yw'y"y''"y"r pf wt V X THURSDAY. APRIL ?. 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAtv 5 SIZE, NAME. ADDRESS. STYLE NUMBER. Send order to ANNE ADAMS," care of - The Ottawa Journal Reader. Mail Ltd., 60 Front Street West, Toronto 2; Ont. Do you know how to get a pattern - absolutely free? It'i simple order our Spring-Summer 'Catalogue including free" coupon to get any one of 250 design ideas. Send 50c today.. Successful Livings by DORIS CLAK : A Canadian Social Worker-;--Helps With Human Problems . DEAR DORlSr " Please, help me! I have had : a few compliments on my figure and compliments on my -large eyes and dainty mouth " (as they, say it to be); but no one has ever mentioned my nose, except my sister. She says it's too long and too . bumpy. , - -- J l . It's true. I broke it once, -but it was not knocked out of place so I never had it setr and now I do have a fairly , wide bridge on my nose, and a fairly large complex) " sister point5-JLjou.t. to a lot of people and they start looking at me and noticing too. I'm simply miserable. find myself staring at all " these models profiles and ,. wishing I had a nice-shaped nose like them. "s Please give me' some, in- formation on plastic surgery, tell fe. J)'ease bow-much it would c0st and if. they can put you to sleep or do you Kave to stay awake? Troubled. 'Silence your sister. She cannot realize what she is, doing to you by drawing attention to this'' supposed ly Jess attra ctnr e feature.- In beauty work we -concentrate on bringing' oyt the good points. Noses. are often altered for the cosinetic effect, but this depends on how serious the situation is. Go ' with - your mother to the doctor to. talk it alt over. Method, type of anaesthetic, cost, depend on the surgeon. ;' . ' ... - .. DEAR DORIS: Is it abnormal for one to daydream and talk to oneself? If so, what should a person do about it? . '. Mrs. MumblfrJumble. No. Daydreaming is often creative and may mark the beginning of Important action. Wo all do it. If truth were told, we'd find that most of us even talk out loud to ourselves, at least occasionally! But if, in your!, case, daydreams are replacing activities In the real world, you'd better get a baby sitter and get mixing more. . DEAR DORIS: . My parents are very under- SAVE OH FURNITURE SASLOVE WIUncU SV t2l-(lll By. HF.I OISE CRUSE Wh ie"' testing ! a. it n d r y methods at a triepd's house, hit upon a good idea: I There happened to be. quite a- -few.-birds in the- neighborhood,' so, as- soon as I hung . r up the tloUies, I took an old -., plastic khower curtain and laid it over all of the. clothesline 7 and clipped jt tightly at eith corner with cWhespini. The plastic1 curiain protected the laundry from the birds. (Tht .' is epeciirily good for women :-who leave their clothes' out , airing for more thanohe day.) ' Besides,, the Aplastic curtain :. ' may be hosed off . We found that if we le'ft our white things 6uJ two days they 'were . evert' whiter. The moisture, which .comes around midnight, seeps into the while ' .s h e e t s, pillowcases, bath .'wefs, and diapers . . .""ahd . just does 1 something to the ' clothes. - Then one can go outside early the next . morning, re- , 'move-the clothes to be ironed arid they are JUST RIGHT for ironing. All one has to do is to put -them in a "plastic bag. (I find it "is far better to fold and put the clothes into the bag instead of roll jng tnem t;gntiy. 7 Hetelse. Dear Heloise: ..." ' to measure shortening without mess;-' first -rinse your alu-tninun measuring cup with hot water, but do ho"t dry it. Then .dip the cup directly Into the ' shortening.. It will , fall right out the shortening, that is! ' . - -'-. : -" , Mrs. Neal Pock. , """"" 1 r Dear Heloise: I darn my husband's sock" like this: x , I collect all the ripped ones, pass my hand over them while saying -"Darn, dam. Ndarn" and then throw them away or save Ihem for cleaning rags.N - ''. . : AJN.M.- . standing but do not allow me to have friends in while they are out. I have a responsibility to watch my five-year-old sister, and .to , make sure that my twdV brothers stay out of trouble. My mother trusts me; says it is 01C:loJiave a girlfriend in, but when it" Comes to a boy it is out. She lets boys come in - when she is home. I am 14. -'-I:'m going r steady -with a boy for four months now, and would like to have him in for company. What .do you think? ' 1 - ' Wondering. Thafybur mother "has her head screwed on right. She knows all about the attraction two young people tan have for each other; and that you can be happier,, and safer from your own physical " urges, If she is around. , I - ' ' Incidentally, 14 I is far too young for going steady', These are the years for-circulating (Doris counsels her awn group of Canadian teenagers and will be glad to answer your letter if you enclose a -five - rent - stamped, self- addressedenyeI0Pl 1 " DULL MALE . The Americah male, .intended by nature to be the resplendent peacock, is pretty much -of a chicken when it comes to selecting- his fine feather's, says Ron - postal, director of the Na- , tional Council of Men's Fashions. She claims man becomes a dull-hued bird early in life right' after he hs passed through the colorful ' era of the cowboy and Indian of his youth. , 1. f - Journal Want Ads bring quick resultsT-T . -HOLT RENFREW rhi 1 H. I. label It pur guarantee ... . backed by H. S.'s enviable repuialion, at Canada's leading lurrier lor erer 125 yean. 182 Queen Street Far 1964 OHawi,' Hull and Area Brides Only! ina in rtn fr try fcna mtrU artn IM4. nrrt't kaw Ulm fwr tilt. - ur fnt jikrrU(ft mi ptr rllaplnf f Mlnf inHmnitt r raar wlt lnHatlM ttrr tnm lha airtalal waa fft-Utm4 laa aarai.ay ta IO a4 KrUa Gift aa Rhtrlar Oaf, ' liil(Hal " Ikmn; OlUaa. 0. larl. Manllaa aar marrt4 aM, 44raa, aaaraat IOA alar a rllln(. - K - - -- - T Dear HeNse: To copy that favorite mono-' gram or embroidery-pattern from, say a 'blouse' to a. pil- IJowCaJay ihe - pillowslip over the. "monogram or blouse... .Rub a -silver spoon in your hair first and then rub it over lhe pi.'lowslip applying a little pressure. Repeat.; rub-' ' bm'g the spoon in your hair as often as necessary." Result?" A " quick." accurate, r pattern of the embroidery underneath;-" Then the monogram can be embroidered any way, especially on thrse new se , ing machines which make all the fancy stitching. . , - Mrs.- 'Leonard Faucett. , I just (ook a mongram off one of -my prettiest napkins' by this method. . . , ; . . Lay the monograifiml article on your ironipg board (It must be on. something s?ft I found jout) jndrub bniskly with the silver' spoon. It works , '. like" majrc; hut .you'll never believe itunt:l you try it. -; , Heloise.', Dear- Heloise: -- HovK mnny people have evertJ been annoyed by haVufg the ..cork "of . a thermos bottle pop up after 'ihey. have ptfured in the contents . . ,, ' ' ; -'. v-' Did you 'kjiow' that if you'-' dip the cork m. a bo I -of sugar in the - hot t:uid; 4 ' :that it - won t- pop up.' Try it It. works.- Charfcs. . Dear Hvloise: i . ' , When 4-give someone a wed- ding gift, I always enclose' seeral old rags . (clean, ' of-course). .. Terry .towels, ' ofd sheets, liannel," ere.,-' are so .welcome . because it ; lakes years before the bride's things wear out, enough to be used . for dirt" work.- I've ad many'ilianks frpm.girls. I've given these 'to in the past, (Be Sure "to add a' note to OPEN FRIDAY NIGHT UNTIL 9 P.M. I ' '. Ml aT I . M S M U M M , i m m v , . mi. m m t 'II III 1 1 I i7 I J 0TTAWA fitoftaqe time is (iGief Dial 236-4511 "Now. is the time" tcTstoreyour precious ' furs.. Our uniformed driver will call and pick up your f urs to be stored in ; ; our refrigerated vaults. Expert remodeling and repairing service too. . ' Don't delay . . . call today! "; FUR SALOX; STREET FLOOR, DOWNTOWN STORE 23 METCAtriiv stkhi:t- dial 233-1555 oris FRiitW trM.s i srn. s p.m. DOWNTOUNS.OO BILLINGS BRIDGE Bri ti s h Make Walking a Pleasure! : 'v-.--s " '-.:';-:'-- --f-:' ' '. . '. soft, mellow leathers moulded by " : -. ' ' hand to w'dnderful fittins lasts i . . give, you shoes as only"Brevittsxairmalce .". . . : them! Crepe, leather or gristle soles . .' , to satisfy any preference; Come in " tomorrow V . . try a pair of Brevitts . and be convinced! ; . l'. . Other styles priced at LADIES' SHOE SALON. THIRD FLOOR, DOWNTOWN STORE ONLY pmil I hit li use! Long Line Brassjeres NO PHONE ORDERS FLEASE ... foundations for milady at vYy special price. ThiaBra la fashlonfd of Nylon Lace with Nylon Marquiwtle r trimr Famotta Lycra .'"back panels," reinforced under, cups, elastic waistband and light boning for slim waistline. White only, sizes B, 32 to 40 and C, 32 to 42. Girdles and Panly Girdles again fashioned with the light weight and yet so controlling Lycra; with satin stretch Lycra panels . . . , : ; at front and, back for firm control. " 1 ' -..-''-.---..... 1 .... , . .-V Come In for.yourS todayr? ; ' , V . ..... -;' ' . ' .. '.. ' -'.'. .'..'' ' - " " Girdle Average length, . , ' medium, large and extra large sizes. " -..' Usually. 7.00 1 4.98 for Us Spandex Fibre x . KVOW THE ROPtS ' f oloi fuL"'.UiuaU44.eriSv to wear .with sptrtw.ear. or "Shift. ' dre.-ses Idh. !:ke. npes" dved variety of brht uors. I m-. ished With wooden, ends. t!- -LI. .' i rpe nens are . snown- in (.funking pink, pa'e blue, mit- nneblue. red, yellow orange, turquoise,, white beige and brown. , . ' 7 0 BUFFING - f' To make a homemade sRne buffer wrap a cloth around blatitboard erase r' and fasten it securely wi'h a rub- be r. and. . . . - DIAMONDS . Select .V'V ; - ' . .. tn' every respect! In Qualify . ;"v r -r In Stylijsg . ; . '. :V In Diamond Perfection, v to 3.30236-4311. 9.30 to 6.00 236-3681 B revitts 19.95 stretch PantvGifcilc Long leg style, 4 recessed detachable garters. Medium, large and extra large, v Usually 8.00 5.98 Special ' 1 -111- . FOUNDATION GARMENTS, SECOND FLOOR, DOWNTOWN, AND " AT BILLINGS BRIDGE : DuPont's Trade Mark these so she wi2 know what they are for . . .) , ' For kitcben hors I huy a plastic bucket', dish ffiamef. sponges, sonwispia'y wax, a bottle of household a'mm'M.a, and put '.in -some of . the soft rags. This. isn't very' f lamor-Oil? but each one of the has come to me later to My how much she appre- ; -L . , - ' -. - We''o:drrrdg;;kno ;. tins 'thill -.take .so mirh '; mop,ey out of a new wife's .a!-'. , ready squeezed budgp;. . . i , Carole Peoples.' ''..' . . . '(Copyright." mt)-' ; " , ..,"'-' j " JEWELLERS . .-.''". 7. Mr 1 ! '-- ..-!.- y- .'- . . ' -- ' " -r--'-': . - . '... v" fc. - . t t . ' ' 1 - , " . ' ;- ' . - 4, - - lASS. Prkele

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