The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 14, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1930
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

xAUJfi TV/ELVE. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEL L.SVILLE, PA. FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 1930. the Theatres iWMf The Paramount Intrigue. melodrama", and high fl- tun.ce are intermingled In a brilliant oto.* in 'FJi-ua^H," the \ V i w n o r Bros Vltaphono 1'vodiiotion now at the l iiruiiouut Tl otitro Ucnra;i Allies portray* with fldelltj tho chiiracin of tho powerful eom- wviaUio^h premier who, in the face of SvOftlni; aucl rliiiloule by h l n ' ojiLOiienN o u t powerful banking In- J two'st- acquired tifce Suez CprtuU for j Knglnn.l, outsitting Imperial Russia,] solldt'yuiK th; position ot England In tho Fr E.i^L, and making Queen Vic lurta 'Idmpie-js o'f ludta" throug-h his at Uoin Wo\an through t'hls plot ot diplomacy is a charming lovo otory,. carried J by Aivthony BuahoH and Jean Bennett j Florence Arl s,s, the star's wife, plays tho lowl oppi^Ue him as "Lady Bea- eon.-jfi-old." AI Green directed this Vltaphone version ot tho highly successful stago play, ' DlavatH' which was written t specially for Arliw-i by Louis N. Pairk- er. The east supporting ArUss is an excellent one, nu hiding, In iWl'dUion to the plavers mentioned above, such 1 popular names a5 David Topreuiee, Ivwu Simpson and Doris Lloyd. Tho «tory ot the play wa« adapted for the screen by Julian Josephs-oil Mr Joseph^ou h is many fine scenarios to his credit an I in "Disraeli," hln latest, ho has skill fully transferred eve/v ounce oC dramatic value contained in tho original script. ·* ·The stoi-y clobea wltti a brilliant re- t«ption ftteivd*J by Queen Vitt^rla, an honor slio paid Disraeli for his loresight iu purchasing the oanal and iraklng h^r "Empiress of India." The program aj»o Includes Amvs and ndy, a chapter o£ "Terzan tho Tiffer," a thrilling serial, an aU-talk- Injr news rrel and a Vitaphone act. Monday, Tuemtay atid Wednesday, Alioe White will be teatuored in "Play- Ing Arouttd." Singer to Wed The Strand Carmclla Ponsi lie, former Metropolitan opera singer, has announced her en jagemont to marry Joseph L. Lyons, of New York. Miss Fonselle, who is a sister of Rosa Ponselle famous opera star, says the wedding will take place in about a year. The Orpheurh David Bultler, director ot "Sunny Side Up," Fox Movietone muetcal j J£"!.,f h 7 j^se'" a comedy now at the Strand Theatre, whlch [8 on ' tho Dunbar, never wrote a famous novel, but claims hc'6 almost ae 'auious as Dickens In Cheshire Chee«e Inn, London, where tho famous novelist ueel to spend most of his epare time When Bui ler waa abroad recently, nimttig "Chneing Through Europe," he visited many\hlstoric points of Interest, including the famous Inn. "We maku a specialty «f pigeon pot pie, raada exactly as it woe made here lor Dickens," the proprietor said, after pointing out Dickens' chair. Butler ordered a pie. It waen't very large, and he ordered another, and then eome more. "By the time I had polished off the Greta Garbo, whose every picture has been an outstanding euceees eince Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer brought her to thig country from Sweden^a few years ago, will not dltappolnt her admirers drama at the Orpheum Theatre. As a French voman, misunderstood by a brutal husband, Miw, Curbo gives j u characterization which definitely atampe her as i tragedienne of first rank. A« usual Mlae Garbo Is artist enough not to overplay her role nad when In a poweiful climax she shoota her Jealous hut band It to done with a realism that i eaches way back inti the pit of tho Uieatrp without any of the melodrama o often accompanying eucb a dramutif sequence. Jacques Feyosr, noted French director, wrote a«a directed tlie etory with a forptg i camera techniqtie which will set i precedent for future seventh one," Butler recounted, 'the fllrnSi The aud.enco seen every move- proprietor was proudly pointing me mant of ^ flhj , thH}ttgh the catnera . e out, much aa he pointed out Dlokens' eyes/ place j a , inooncelvaMa an g leB chalr -" ,, ,, . . , « ,, Supporting Miss Garbo i n t h e Janet Gaynor and Charles Furrell French drama are C(inrad Na , ae are co-featured In "Sunny Side Up," an attorney, Ai d-tf Randolf, ae tho which markt, their debut in mi steal Je , aloua hue , baj , t j Lew Ayel ^ /a new . comedy. Life Expectancy Is Now 58 Years comer to th« et t-een, as tho lover, and Holmes Horher as Ayres' father. The members o£ th»* supporting cast' give finished perfort/iancre. ^ A sound ne\ B reel, all talking i comedy and movietone act are also ! being shown. Dickerson Run · expectancy in the United States is HOT" 58 year*. Fifty years aj;o 43 was t r e flgure. So It will be seen that if children tnlnd their ma, and bus- band6 hold tight to the apron ttrlngi, DICK ERSON RUN, March 14-The of iholr wive«, that longevity may In- rha(ar bMkeU)aIt d u b of th y M crease. In the middle ages the aver- c A was def6nt6tl ^ ago duiatton of human life was on}y at Newell W elne,day night by a 25_ years. But America la a wonder- 8C)re of 21 to JO ] The Dicker,on Run car shops worked ehort handed Wednesday, ae a number of Connellsvllle workers who ful country and after awhile most everybody may live a century or NVO-- If they don't go too fast. 1MI Jasf Vhnt Too Are Doing- Now. X ' ' A8hvill °' A!a · read snow «torm travel back and forth by auto were unable to get Here on account of the i the * and I slept poorly. Had backache ; a large block of stock on headnchw, too. Just wanted to keop the market fo1 em P lo y* H » n d a large tiuiet and real. Foley Pills diuretic n u m b e r of p L E - employes are w o i k o d a big change in me. I am in taklw « thelr f " n 1 u «ts- | better ph)!cdl coudlUon now tian I I W O Bane "' D w - Bailey and have boon tor e u s Others who took Gt eor Be Kesnle-, World War veferana, thorn on my recommendation arti also were at Plttelmrg Tuesday taking a well satisfied " Try them, for silo at P'lyolcal examination at the Veteraxw' C. Roy Hi tzol, Woohvorth Ulclg _ Ad- Bureau clinic. · I vertiBt i meut. Loan fKflLlRAYALt VOL can take care of all rrwlHori * buy (lie things you need and M«l your worries--all In one corwnicnl operation. Kimply arrange for needed money through our friendly loaning wrvfce. We make prompt worry free loans ou the borrower's personal seeurtty. We require IM endorser*, outko no embarrassing LOANS VP TO S300 Note cue easy repayment nhirli V f I I'DKS lawful interest. $ ! ·; I 'n, tit lily repays t 75 loan $ 8.80 monthly repajs $125. lonn S'.'l.l,' niontiily rt'imys $300. lonn Irivcstij'^e our friendly eourfceus, quick s TV,ce which t.\luud« ovet W years in Oreenshurg, Phone 1-3-1-3 Licensed by the Htata Open li to 5:30--Saturday 8 to I UNION LOAN CO. Boom 204--Srrofld Floor First National Bunk Bidg. GREENSBURG, PA, Vanderbtlt Council tfo. 1^4, junior Owler of United American Mechanics and Vanderbllt Council , Daughters of America, will hol$ th?!r annual banquet In Juntos Hall, Vanderbllt, Saturday evening March 15. Mies Irene Lewis . ha« returned home after f p riding several ivoeks at the Dell Ttlophone rce)t camp at Pern Hill. Bridgeport BRmGETI'OHT, March 14 -- Mra. Thomas CarKoa h-eld a birthday party at her home on Tuesday aft-ernoow from 4 until « In honor of the fifth birthday an«l"er«ary ot her daughter, Angellne. Th gueoU Included DorJa Smith, Joaiu a Que^r, Qail Re«e«, Larorns Smltley, Mabel Temp-' ettt gylvla M CJoy, Luolla McCloy,.' CJ«raldtne 81eueck«r, Thelpa LeB«- tuan, WUda King. IJotty Holleln; jluntA HolloUt, 'Jnnlco Morgan, Jean Baiter, Jwsale Cailt»it, An«oliuo Ourlbon, Chfti'le* 6Uukit«t, Jo»«ph ,toneg, Btlly Mitchell, BUly Jonos and aaorge Oarl- ton, hunch vttrt awvoil by Irene IJakw, Dorot! y Smltl«y t Clara Tom p. est and Ann.v Carlton, Anifelitio received a wr o( aloe gifts, t Mrs, Lillk,! Ur«en o« Mount Joy and Mia, Frank MoOonnalJ wcr-o vteit- iBg MJ-S, p, L Blair an Monday, i Tha tanahe -tj tin4 sludeaU «4 the ' joeal school vlll Hold a. haka sula o» Haturday from 11:80 until 3 o'aiock in the Welrnsn fe Diofe procev# tutors, 'I'he prjcetis will be ueed toward tiw purchase of the school piano, mis Paramount Theatre Today--Tomorrow VITAPHOKE ALL TALKI? 0 WORLD NTROL OR or He wtcfaed fcfa wit md the ·mbtttom foretCB power*. B«*«t by MOW! ·«·»», f«««l« ·»·**» ·** ·taster, Mind* *f political intrifpM he played · 4t»per»to ·»·«* wttfc the dertUijr of · gnmt tuMam « the «t«k». Yftaphone Act and Talking Jfews JU«1 "T^rzan tho Tiger"-- An All-Talking Serial Admission -- Matinoo lOc and 25cj Mght 16e and ioc Tuesday and Wednesday Alice White in "Playing Around" Orpheum Theatre I TODAY and TOMORROW · Heads ReicHsbanlc Explorer Face* Woi W Free From Leaven* orth Dr. Hani Luther, above, former German chancellor, has be«n selected as president of the Gorman Relchsbank by the genei'nl council of that institution. Ht' succeed* Dr. HjaLmar Sclmcht, Dr. Frederick Coo* breath of air ontoide a p the last five yean. He ^ tene«d to fourteen y«»ra ·nwort!i, Kaa., for twine t to defraud, but a parole proved by the Attorney-G' Washinfton. He 1» bent bered aa the man who wo fame and later eandenm ht« snnoanced dl»eov«»y Pol« l his flnt isoa in n M mail« was ap- neral at rem»m- Inatank .tion by ·4 0* THE FAMOUS ANDERSON BROS. In the Grand Musical Fete EJflVBRTAINJttEMT DELUXH St. Patr!ck Pay, Monday, March 17 HI«K NOIIOOIi AUDTTOKIITM CtmnelUville Military Ba id CJlrls In In LaloBt Mu steal JC ftadia Siara jtnd OthorH lu Ringing nnd Dan -Ing «utt f^ale OonnellsvlHo Drug Co., Ma oil 15, Curtain 8»13 Admission 75? with CONRAD NAGEL HOLMES HERBERT 'directed by Jacques Feyder The flaming beauty of Greta Garbo lends added distinction and appeal to the tense dramatic role she portrays in this picture. A wife torn a desperate passion, flaring into tragedy in an unforgettable scene, she strives for and achieves regeneration in a gorgeous gesture of self- sacrifice. Also AU Talking Comedy, EarlBellandSoun J News You wouldn't wait 30 for WhyWoltFof RECEPTION? ARCTURUS 3»ick.Avting. RADIO TUBES ACT IN 7 SECONDS OUB OLA8SIFEBD STRAND THEATRE--DUNBAR Present Tonite and Tomorrow SAW WMMMMIM Patronize Theme Who Advert!** in The Coinriar. THE F A S H I O N STORE 130 W. Crawford Avenue That Show the New Modified Silhouette The waistline is marked and the flaring hemline is preserved! The dreesee in our new Spiring collection demonstrate how youthful and bwoming the new Spring dress modo has become, Of printed and plain flat crepe, satin or chiffon--black and gay shades. $Q.45 9 14 New Spiring Arrivals HATS .95 A beautiful assortment of every desirably material, every vanted shade, everj lewstylo. Arid so rea- '6nably priced. See,' ,hem tomorrow. Spring COATS NEWEST MODELS ARRIVING DAILY .

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