The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 18, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1918
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PAGE TWO. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVIIXE, PA. THURSDAY, JULY 18, 1918 At the regular meeting "of the Wo- TM??' s Guild of the Trinity Episcopal ' ·"; TrMJlrBCT TTTrnrium: vice presl- - ._ra«Bl r _3(ri. Charles Weisgerber; sec"i ''ratary ana treasurer, Mrs. I. W, My- 3" er»; 7 librarian, Miss Dorothy, Van- atone; choir mother, Mrs. John Wilder; organist. Mrs. Paul Gerke; assistant organist, Mrs. McElhaney. The guild will meet hereafter in the church house and the hostess wil continue to donate $1.00 instead of strrlng refreshments. Choir rehear,,.. aal.aad: a meeting.of the vestry will be held tonight at, 7.30 .o'clock in the ' " new'church house; " . ; - · A rfftttiag of the Daughters* of .the . American Revolution will be held tomorrow; evening »i 8 o'clock at the -"" " of Mrs. Krush In "East Crawford avenue. Easiness of importune it scheduled. The regular meetiog of the Business W«en's"Chrlsti»ii--\»»ociation will be held thia eveolnc in Odd Fellows' temple, Soutk -Plttsburs street. Supper will be served jw'evious to the Bible study. · · · · - - · · · . - - Announcement has been, made of the n»arria*e;o« HUs Eva Belle Fries, daufhter o..Mr.. .and Mri.-J. L. Fries of Aetna, street and Martin. F. Mnrpby of Umiontown. Mleianlzed at Norfolk, Va, when Hr. Murphy is in military The "regnUir meeting of the Priscilla Sewing .Clreie'wUl be held tomorrow niiht at the home of Mrs. Charles Keras at Poplar^Grove instead of in the afternoon a*, previously announc- .' . Announcement hai been made of the manfc;»rh'init~rf""'-» T '"- Fox of Brewiurrille, ~ijid Charles -Gray of Pittabtrg, formerly of Brownsville. PitSONALS. ",: ..-'· ' Mr». Joaepb HIM'has returned from a visit In Pittsbnrg and at Monaca. At the former J jlace she visited her aunt. lira. AnnarWenzel. Miss McFariand wishes-to announce to her friendi and/patrons that on a«d after August 1st she will b« located on second flocir of Title * Trust bolldiag, corner -Plttsbnrg street and --Crawford-aVenm.--Adv.--17-13t- : Miss. Myrtle Roebuck and Ross Roe.. .*·** oj JCcKetsport are guests of the -'.Hisses Margaret and Daisy-Schroyer of Soutk Coaaellsville. . _. Th«. best place to shop aftei all. Brownall Shoe Co.--Adv. Mis* Ida Elizabeth Eurkholder of -South Cpnnellsviile, a graduate of tie Coanelliville high school, class of 1918, is taking a course in mechanical drawing at -Carnegie Technics! See Downs' Shoe .Store for the latest style* in low shoes and pumps for women--gray, brown, patent,- dull and tans. All reduced, too.--Adv-18-3t. ., Miss Stella "WSalen. of Spangler; Fa,,lla the guest. of Miss Helen. Stauler of "West-Green street. -' Hiss-Hulda Bowman, has opened a ...--' Manicuring parlor atvth"e.XV*est Penh ' - - - - - - - - - v '"wiirbe ";there ' on and Saturdays B. to-7 P. M; for . . Youth Honse Restaurant forryeor Thursday supper. Chicken mod waffles. Mrs. C.;J. Armotrong.-- Adr.--wed-thnrs-tf. . . N ! Sin. John Crowley and twb^ chflr dren of Oreenabort; are tha guests of Mr». Charles Crowley of the South .'Sid*.' -' -··/. ' ':· Jfr. ltd .Mrs: J. J. Buttermore and Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Evans left yester- d«y for an automobile trip to White . Sulphur Springs, W.Va. - Mr. and Mrs. Bowman Herbert of maaMnjtoii, A., are guests at the hoo* of Sir. and Mrs. J. A. Armstrong Ba»t Crawford avenue. Mlae Charlotte M. Smith of Swath- more; 'pi., "is"the gnest of her State College classmate, Miss Mat?; L. Gans EasrWashington avenue. _;. . -.Miss; Margaret Strawn cif .Johnston .avenui^.-ilr's. Mary Davidson and Miss Anna-Flack of Perryopplls' are guests at Mrs. Otis^CSa'ifant of .Oiiqntown. . A splendid' bpportunitjt;buy the season's latest styles in .low shoes and .pumps at Downs' Shoe Stiire.i All arc reduced .now-i-both men ; and womens --See our windows for ' ffie Tbest" display of low. shoes In towiii--Adv-18-St Miss Mabel';. StillwegSa, returned home yesterday after a visit with Miss Martha- Johnson of UnioHlown, Miss Johnson accompanied her home for a two' week's visdt. Mrs. J. E. Shaw is visiting friends in Cumberland. In order to reduce our stock will offer special prices' on. all trimmed and untrimmed hats for the following 10 days. McFarlanci's Millinery. --Adv.--17-4t, ' iMri. B. E. Colocnan o" Greenwood, Is spending the day at Heyersdale. Mrs. George Santmyer will leave tomorrow morning for Brooklyn, N. Y. to gee her husband, who. will leave soon for duties overseas. He is with the motor mechanics. T. A. Adams of Somerset, is visiting relatives here. Last -winter you suffered a world of discomfort and trouble from stoves. Take solid comfort this winter. The. Caloric Pipoiss Furnace can be put in any houafv new or old, because it heata without pipes. One recister will give yon a steady uniform heat throughout fill parts of the house. They cost less and use less fuel than a pipe furnace. See Anderson- Ixracks' adv. on page fi--Adv-16-3t Miss Ella Cunningham returned home yesterday from a 'visit with her sister, Mrs'.'James Scott of Urstna. Miss Mary Cunningham of Brownsville, and little niece, Betty Canningham of Pittsburg, and Hebert E. Chelius of Duboisi Pa., have returned home after a visit at the home ot Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Patterson in Morton avenue. Horace Bridgcwater of Bridgeport, Conn., .is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Smith in Greenwood. Miss Rose Donegan is visiting friends in Prttsburg. Try our classified advertisements. BUGHTTOPOTATOES I*eal Growers AIw Tronkled By leaf Bun a»d Insect I'csts. Numerous complaints are heard from potato growers about Connellsville about the leaves, curling up and of attacks by insects. The;Siate Department of Agriculture has the following- to say about these troubles and blight: N Many ^professional potato growers as well as an army of the war garden enthusiasts have complained to th« Pennsylvania Department of Agricul- FRENCH COUNTER ATTACK ON 25-MILE FRONT · Continued from Paee One. latest German offensive from an advanced observation post northwest of Bheims (i .hJs favorite correspondent Carl Itosner^reports in a dispatch to the Berlin Lok*l Anielger. · · ·flTAB JtACIUMJ B10CKED BEFORE niGHIX* STABTED; WASHINGTON, J«ly 18^-Wltk official statements from botk Uie French and German war offices Indicating, a slewing down oi lie latest German drive along the JCarne and a narrowing 'of the; offensive operations from a front;of mere than Ml miles to n single sector official opinion appeared today to be that the crisis has passed and the enemy war machine has been blocked before it could gather ·omeatsm. In the absence of laic reports from Generals FersUng and Bliss" high War Department officials were reluctant to discuss the situation or to venture an opinion a* to the future. Two eenncs of action are possIMe, many officers believe. The Germans, using fresk troops from their apparently none too plentiful supply, m»j again aake a mighty ejfart to p»s» forward, or the French aud American forces may end the amipantive loll by a cornier attack. AXEEICASS DB1TE EHEJH . BACK ACROSS MABITE. IVASRDfGTOIf, July 18r-cnerml Fershlng's co»m»nli»e for yesterday reports that In the American sector on the Jhrne the enemy has been entirely driven from the soirlli bitak. "In the Marnc sector," savs the report, "onr troops hare entirely regained possession of the south bank of the river. Northwest oi ChaUsan Thierry the enemy yesterday repeated Us attempts of tke preceding day to penetrate our lines near Ysnx. Hi attack was completely broken up by our infantry and artillery Are before reaching oar limes." Save the Babies I NFANT MORTALITY il something frightful. We can hardly realize that of all'the children .born in civilized countries," twenty-two per ceat., or nearly one-quarter," die before'they reach, one year; thirty-seven par cent., or more,than .one-third, before uujr are five, and 'one-half before they are fifteen 1 " '". ' ·' . "'·"·''.-' : ; - . . - " . ' . ' . ' . . · " "" ·'· -Wi do'notbatitaU to say that timely Die of Cutoria wonld nave many of these pncioui liv««j -Neither do we hesiUUVto aay that: many of these infantile deaths are occasioned by the use of narcotic preparations. Drop*, tinetaras and soothing ayrttps'iold for children's complaints contain more or leu opium or morphine. They am, in considerable quantities, deadly poisons. In any quantity, they stupefy; retard circulation and lead to congestions, sickneaa, death; There can be no danger in the tue of Cae- toria if it bears the signature of Cha». H.Fletcher .'·a ft contains no opiatea or nareotiea of any kind. GeimiBe Castoria aAwaya bears the signature of THREE MARDCES ARE KILLED I?r ACTION. ·WASHINGTON, July 18.--The Marine Corps casualty list today showed: 1; wounded severely, 3; tc-tal, 1, number of young folks joined, in the affair. Among the guests were Miss Myrtle Roebuck and Ross Roebuck of Bast McKeesport. F0MZT LAXKEBT IS Df XORTAB BATTEKY Furney T. Lambert, formerly with the 29th Balloon Company stationed at Fort Monroe, Va., has been transferred to the 304th Trench Mortar Battery at Camp Meade. He expects to co to France soon. STEPHEN , BEKto JOINS FEBSHING'S FOBCES Word has been received from Stephen T. Reed of South Conneils- ville that he has arrived safely in France. He is with Company A, 601st Engineer*. EIGHT MORE EXAMINED Total Called For Test: Before I*cal Boar* B Sow 94. 'Eight more Class 1 men were examined yesterday afternoon by tbe local board for District No. 5 bringing the total of men examined in the class of 1518 to 94. Seven men called for 'examination did not show up here. ·R TDa« (annum JKiBaipxBir . MRS. ELIZABETH KING. . Mrs. Elizabeth King, 83 years old, one of the best known and oldest residents of Springaeld township, died last night at her home at Normalvillo following an illness due to the infirmities of old age. The funeral will bo held from the house tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock and from the United Brethren Church at Normalville at 2 o'clock, with Rev. w. S. Skimp 'of the Indian Head Church of God officiating. Interment in tho United Brethren cemetery. Normalville. The deceased spent virtually all her life at Normalville and had a host of friends. Her husband George A. King died 40 years ago. She is survived by the following children: Wesley King of Connells- Tille; Robert, with whom she made her home; Richard and M. C., ot Normalville; Joseph, ot Charleroi; "W. IL. of Kansas. Mrs. Alice Hannam of Colorado and Mrs. Pearl Langenau of Cleveland, O. 0. FLOYD SNAPP. O. Floyd Snapp, a prominent business man of Tulsa, Oklo., died Julj Those to hare their examination postponed I rcn. Pa., for interment. Mr. Snapp will be placed on the slacker list after five days. Everyone of the eight men THIETT-TWO DEATHS ' Ef ABHT BEPORTED. "WASHINGTON, July 18.--The Army casualty list today shows; Killed In action, 14; died of wounds, 10; died .of disotse. 6; diel of accidents and other causes, 2: wounded severely, 20; wounded slightly, 1; missing, 4; total, 57. LOCAL WAR NEWS ·JOE" BUTTEBMORE AITD "BAIUTET" O'COASOK OTBB. Joseph Buttermore, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. BuUermoro, and Bernard O'Connor, son of Mrs. and Mrs. Bernard O'Connor, Sr., have, arrived safely overseas, according-to" cards ' ceived this, monimg'by their respective families. Both arc with the Field Medical Supply, Company No. -1. fields which are being destroyed by potato Up burn and the aaily and late ~ T , MTERS AURITKS ; OVER THERE. Mr. and Mrs. Grant Myers this morning received, a card from their son, Howard, telling of his safe ar- hlizhL * r ' vnl overacas - Myers is with the *^ ..'. . Jn'ne Replacement draft, ijuartermas- . - » ,, ,, , . °° niU ^ on8 havc =f- ters' Department He left Newport gravated the tip burn and as it works News on Jnne 30 *" in conjunction with the blight the condition of.many potato patches are lar from promising.. 1 Tip'burn Is distinguished by. the . drying .and rolling of the leaves at .the margins and the growing crop^ls. .sdrkMssIy. hindered. Spraying with bordeaux mixture will prevent both tip bum and blight, but lie spraying must be done regularly and it must be mist spray instead of the too common sprinkling, Both late and early blight are quite prevalent this season and are caused by the unusual attack of the flea beetle which- eats tir..y round holes in the foliage. Blight is controlled by the xn-deaux and arsenate of lead spray. Reports of the potato aphis are not near as numerous as last year when orach of the crop in some sections was damaged by this sucking insect Clasdned *dverOsej»e«U remits. Cost only le a word. CARL FLOTO STAKES TRIP ox coTornrc CBCISEB. Carl Polto, son of Mr. and Mrs. .B. R. Floto, Race street, is home on a five-day furlough from the armed guard barracks. United States yard. New York. He recently pleted a voyage across the Atlantic 'on board a cruiser as part of a convoy. Meeting the British convoy the American cruisers returned, to this side. No submarines were encountered and no unusual Incidents occurred during the Toyage. - Navy com- FARTT HELD TOR CAMP iEE SELECTIVE. Mrs. Clara Dieter entertained last envening at a party at her home in South Arch .street for. J.ewis G. Schroy*r, who .loa-re. next with draftees for Camp Lee. Tuesday A large noon passed. Out of the 94 men CXK amined during the entire day a total of 90 were found physically fit, and only one was rejected. Two others will be re-examined by tbe Medical Advisory board in the near future at Uniontcrwn and one man was put is the limited service class. The eight men who snccecstniily passed physkal teats during tbe afternoon are: McKinley Logan,'Wflllajn Bidding and Lonis Bell, Dnnbmr; John F. Owad, Andrew F. Mlchcr, Wilbur H. Shearer, John Saokey, Jr., and John Polkabla. all of Loiseoring. BlJILt) A BARRIER. Enlrench Tourself Against Privation o and Want. . Just as a soldier digs.a trench and builds a barrier to protect himself from tie enemy, so yon can entrenci yourself with a savings account and build a barrier against privation and went. T».« old, reliable First National pays liberal Interest on Savings. One dollar starts an account-Adv. Stork 1/rares Son. A son, J. M. Lalng, Jr., was born yesterday morning at the Unloctot»« rtUl to Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Lalng of Uniontown. Mrs. Laing was formerly Miss Emma Kate Crowley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Crowley ot Greenwood. The new arrival is the ninth grandchild ot Mr. and Mrs. Crowley and wan born on the latter's birthday. Motor to Bedford. About 15 automobiles took local men to the Arandate Hotel, Bedford, here they will be entertained at a chicken and waffle diner 1 given by E. R; Floto, Dr. J. B. Woods, Dr. J. L. Coehran and Dr. H. C. Hoffman. The men left hero thiB morning about 8 o'clock. First In Seven Y(*rs. I son'was born last nlshi. to Mr. and Mrs. S.-M. DeHuff at their home in' East Green street, the advent being the first in seven yen's. They also have a daughter. married Dora B.-Still-wagon, a daughter of the late Crawford Stillwagon of Connellsville. She was born and reared here. In addition to bis widow he is survived by his mother, one sister and three brothe.r. Mrs. Snapp will remain in the east with her sisters until fall, when she will return to her homo In Tulsa. Mrs. James B. Ryan and daughter oi Huffsdale; Mrs. M, D. L. Books oi Donegal; Mrs. Ralph D. Albright ol Oil City; and Hcmer Stillwagon of Pittsburg, have returned to their respective homes after alien -Ing the funeral. MRS. CATHEHI.VB S. STONEH The body of Mrs. Catherine S. Stoner arrived here yesterday afternoon from Indianapolis, Ind.. and was removed by Funeral Director Charles C. Mitchell to the horao of a son of the deceased, C. M. Stoner in South Sixth street, West Side, from where tbe funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 2.30 o'clock with Rev. Ellis B. Burgess, pastor of the Trinity Euth- eran church officiating. Interment in Hill Grove cemetery. MRS. MARY BLLBN HH.L. The funeral of Mrs. Margaret Ellen Hill will be held tomorrow at 8.30 o'clock from the residence of her son- in-law, Thomas F. Neville in Race street Requiem high mass will be celebrated at 9 o'clock from the Immaculate Conception, church by Rev. Father John T. Burns. Interment in St Joseph's cemetery. :Hrs. HH1 is survived by one dangh- ter, Mrs. Thomas F. Neville; one uon. Thomas Hill, and two sisters, .Mrs. Elvira Scott and Mrs. Nan Temple. Deceased was 79 years old. MRS. A. E. KIMMK1A. j- SCOTTDALE, 'July IS.--Mrs. Duel- j l.i G. Klmme;), wife- of A. E. Km- j mell, died yesterday afternoon at the j West Penn hospital, Pittsbiirg. Tho \ body was brougnt this afternoon by i Undertaker J. I. Murphy to the home j of her father, J. P. Breegle at Wes-j ley Chapel, where funerai »servicej!j will be conducted Friday n t 2.30 o'clock. Intermu'nt will be at Alverton. fcive and pleasing to a degree never Announcement: Miss McFarland wishes to announce to her friends and patrons tbat on j and after August 1st -she will be lo- ; cated on second floor of Title . Trust i building, corner PitUburg street and Crawford avenue.--Adv.--IT-lSt Women who are losing weight and energy--who look pale and feel languid-need the healthful effects of - Wed In Cumberland. : Fred Booher and Pearl Swlnk, both j of Connellsville; Homer Jackson of j Breakneck, and Mabel Ruth Booher; of Connellsville, were granted 11-!' censes to wed in Cumberland. : A. B. Humbert Very IL!. ' ! CONFLUENCE, .July 1S^-C. B. j Humbert received message yester- | day that his fatter, A. R. Humbert, who is staying in Pittsburg. is crit- cally ill. Boy.Scouts to Meet; Our Charges For Glasses Depend, upon tlie sort of All scoutB^going to camp at "WTiito ;lenses we find you need and the Bridge next week will attend an i m - ; style of mounting you choose, portant meeting at the Carnegie L I - ' ~ ' ~ I brary at 7. o'clock tonight. At tlie Hospital.. Joseph Ward; 14 years old, of Confluence, was-admitted to the Cottage State hospital.hut night for an operar tion for appendicitis Undergoes Operation. Frederick Miller, eight years old. of the West Side, underwent.a throat operation this morning at the Cottage State hospital. False Alarm Sounded. alarm .was sounded from Boz:'3i4 at the corner of Pitts- birrg street and Patterson avenue last evening. ,. ' . ' · · · - . · -.·'. '. better informed people become respecting the effects of abnormal vision upon.the general health the less they look upon-glasses as-mere merchandise, costing about so much. What such people now demand Mill Bemnant Sale! } I Mill Bemnant Sale J , i TKe HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE 129 to 133.N PiTTSBURG St. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. CONNELLSVILLE'S GREATEST STORE Emphatically the Best Values Connellsville in Very decidedly the best values--quality considered-and lower price without this is false economy. Spend wisely--true economy means buying quality. Using skill in buying gives this store 'the position of leadership. To supply the best at the lowest possible price is every day life at this Great Mill Remnant sale. Great Mill Remnant Sale $7.50 White Milan Sport Hats, $3.35. With straight or cushion brims. There are large and- medium shapes, straight sailors, side roll or mushroom effects. Many other fine white Milan trimmed Hats will be included in this Great Mill Remnant Sale at $3.95. Great Mill Remnant Sale 'New Smocks Made of fine cotton poplin, cotton tussah and drill trimmed in many new mays with gayly colored hand smocking, also new collar effects as well as collarless designs. Mill Remnant Sale Price, $1.50, $2.98 and $3.50. Great Mill Remnant Sale- An exceptional group of Wash Skirts, made of gabardines, linenes, piques and surf satins, introducing original styles featured. Particularly noticeable, pockets and belts. Some, models are shirred at top, while others are tailored effects. Mill Remnant Sale Price 95c, $1.95, ?3.75 and $5.95. Great Mill Remnant Sale Summer Dresses New Gingham Dresses in attractive colored combinations, trimmed with pique collars, pockets, belts and buttons. Mill Remnant.Sale Price $5-95, ?9.95 to $13.95. Women's cool and fresh looking Dresses of Voile or Organdie. Others made of pretty floral designs of fine voiles In straight lines, tunic over skirts, pleated, tucked and gathered effects, trimmed with fancy collars, pockets and buttons. Mill Remnant Sale Price $8.50, $12.50 up to J16.BO. Great Mill Remnant Sale Women seeking a fine suit for home or vacation wear should make every effort to come to our Great Mill Rem- nana sale- Right at the very time when every woman wants to save we give this opportunity as we were fortunate to close a sensational purchase from one of the best manufacturers of women's wear. Now we share the saving with our customers. '. Mill Remnant Sale of Suits Suits made to soil at S27.30, Mill Kerfrnant Prlle $14.95 Suits made to sell at $40.90, Mill Remnant Price $'22.95 Suits made to sell at $60.00, Mill Bcmnant Price $81.95 Parowax Mean* "Safely Firrt" When you put up preserves, jams or jellies-have Parowax on hand--ready to seal out the air and moisture and seal in the goodness and flavor. Parowax gives double protection to preserves put up by the "cold pack", method. Parowax is the pure, clean, sanitary, extra- refined paraffine. -.THE ATLANTIC REFINING ^COMPANY Rieck's lee Cream Fresh From Pittsburgh Every Day. TAKE A ' - . / HOME,-' Served With Many Delicious Dressings at Collins' Drug Store, 117 S. PITTSBURG STBEET. Special Prices on Auto Tires 30x3 30x3% Is SERVICE---accurate,. 1 sewn- 32x3% tific service, .and THAT we ar? 32x4. prepared to give. I. W. Myers, Opt. D. Optometrist and Optician. Woolworth. Bldg., Upstairs. Our Specialty--Comfortable Vision. 33x4 34x4 Non-Skid Tires $10.00 $13.50 515.75 521.0'C 522.00 ?22.50 Guaranteed Tubes $2.95 $3.10 $3.35 $4.10 54.25 j $4.35! West Side Garage Agency Pilot. Metz, Paige, Marmon. Motor Cars High Test Gasoline . Best Motor Oils Patoriize Home Merchants Who Advertise in This Paper L rwJJJJJ EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE AT HOME. Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure. ASK FOR OUH SPECIAL CLUB BREAFAST AND SUNDAY DINNER. "Our Pastries Are Delicious Because They Aro Homemade." f NEXT. DOOR TO WEST PENN WAITING ROOM.

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