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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1918
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Coonellcville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,714 VOI* 16, NO. 212. CONNELLSVTLLE. PA, THURSDAY EVENING, JULY 18, 1918. BIGHT PAGES. ^ PENETRATE ENEMY IMS At PLACES IM MILES HE MARKET BASKET OUGHT TO BE OUR SIGN OF PATRIOTISM SAYS FARM AGENT DOUGHERTY w Curb Market Will Not Serve It. Full PurpoM. , IVES GARDENERS' TIME Ifek Cni Be to Ad- lacrcaslag MOOT OX JIOBB GKOWEBS Plir'. the al*m« o m»iim ot IkM It wffl *· wtaB the'oWecU and raaMs-4* tk* oufc ratrkj* an riafat- «*·':·* to* SMOMS of. tb» neweat ttee Co*MUcTfifeba* Introduced in ··ctlowtfh -wmr ttm^Hrok aiwiis yjKofto irtio laim bem Ml to'keap » aMB» Ares bnnlaa; aiai : tb* bom* *ert Mm*. OM c* th. ·ettne pro- ttn oC the eart market plan. ted eat fb» «rea»»r '.'vat o* Ik* · dmy WILDLY CHEERING, AMERICAN TROOPS CHARGE HUN IMS Itoehes, Taken By Swprlge, ComyMtAj Smashed at ChatoM Thierry. REACH ALL OBJECTIVES WUe They II* in Km FM* Om tmi Tnw 'Xuemj Face* Tartfecr BMk; Xartredi of iMrieu IFenfed MMfen ni Farii Enjdtatl b*»*at '1m;.flw »ew project and a wU- iSM** orilkj part ot «b» srowers to inciaetr. indicts, to taa. market tW.HK*- to o( tb* Muoit, ho Utter -win «ot WabJ« to brtoi, - mes - QMntitjr or. a* »r«*t a T«T- .j 'it prodnetj as th»r will later on. i»f iaw -mUtto* to brine what will ;«k«rwlM-iio. ttolr H p«rt ' tk* ii*f a Baotor at «» were met vbo km* beea viait- g Ooamllnillt reaniarljr for a num- r ··( «*n itarinj irtlck they Save t»bU*b«i a very cowidanbt* trade aoiic.naldiBta'of the dry. 'wltaont :c«|irUoD thoe irowen stated that ay would much prefer coming to the rb market and dtapdlhij ot th«ir ·oduct* tbere initead o( makliij * mi* to bouse canvaa aa. haa 3»en eir custom. ° The latter method con- imw practically a »bol« dav and at IB altogether too much time (or Earner or j»rdener,in the** daju of bqr shortage, to loce if he hopea'to t the /most from the season's forts.. Growers need every hour of ary working day to plant and care r th»lr crops it they arc expected (row bigger crops than in pre-war amiawha* there was not so urgent ;ed for larger production as now. !"Thas« gardeners told us,"; Mr. bugherty (said, "that their customers ive asked that they continue making iUverles instead of going to the curb ·urk*t to dispose of their wares: Tbis" quest was made, the gardeners told i, because : of the unwillin«ne*B : of *'.'customers to come to the market · iaake their purchases. They have Wn so long accustomed to having .eir green goods and fruit,delivered : their doors that they consider the jajidonment of the habit, and carry- ;g a.'market basket, too great' an in- laveaiance, even if. to do so Is'in the lerwt of war conservation mcas-' -a*. ;. · ' . - : ' · . ' j'TbeiVpersons do:not realiM, a«r- 3.D0 BM ' continued -^tri 1 *Ioughfxty, hat UM prim* piirpbie in estahlish- :£ the curb market is to save time ir the ·produce growers through en-. )Ung them to come to id dispose of -their" product* within i hour or two and to return to their Jtn or garden work with the greater irt o( the day left In which to keep 5 the work .of production.' No doubt te ;ihought;^ has never occurred to icse persons that In asking the ntar- et gardner to run all over the city to lake deliveries,that the patrons Vho isist· upon.i,thls service are ; deprivlng jmebody el» of foodstuffs to the ex- jut irepresented by the uirie watted I making the hp'us« to house trlpj. r "Tht prodigious demand for fnrm ml garden products .'of;ail,kinds,.a Wolutely necessary to OM malnteB- ^ce of our army and as an aid to the iU«s. In addition to the:5«sten«ntu o* - piople at homir, has] laid (lie h. av- · Bjr WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN FRANCE. July IS.--American troops went over the top with a cheer this morning in the iamwrnns at the Allied surprise attack on the front west of Chateau Thierry. The enemy was taken completely by surprise all along the line. The American troops were .brought up in the night together with their French comrades and laid In their positions until 5 o'clock this morning. At that boor, the American and French artillery opened fire. The Americans advanced behind a terrific barrage to their first bbjec- ttv* t« lees than hatt an homr. While they were digging in more Americans in most cases passed over the objectives and then advanced behind the ;remned barrage to the second cfr- Jective which was speedlry taken. eapeelally at the north «nd of OM at- teck;opposito the Paris-Spiatoas road. ;. PARIS, Jnly IS.--Hamired of Amer- iean regular and National Goards- men who have been in the fighting and were injured on the Marne front are being nursed m the Paris hospital and having their wounds looked after by American women hospital visitors who distribute and magazines cigarets, ice cream among the injured The spirit of ti-re wounded Ameri- cans-1« attested by the frequent 'expression which with ilfght variance runs_rwe will get the Bocae rijht next year." FOOD TRAIN COMING CwBttUe* Xuu4 to Take Charge ft ' CoBserratkHi Rally Sateriar. Mrs.;'W. O. Schoonover. kwal chairman of Women's committee of the Council ot National Defense, and Mrs. W. JR. Clasper, chairman of the Con- servatkm^of Food cominittat, .have appointed the following hostesses tor the food train, which is touring Pennsylvania, arriving in Cbnaellsinlle "on Saturday ^norning: . . . 'Mrs; J. S. Marietta, Mrs. Charies'C. Mitchell,'firs. John M.-Youug, Mrs. W. N. Leche, Mrs. W. K. Allen, Mrs. J. B. Davis,. Mrs, TV. P. Clark. Jlrs. F. W. Wright, Mrsi ,C. E. Wilson.'Mrs. Wade H. Marietta, Mils Jessie Rhodes, Mrs. CV'A. Purbaugby Mrs. J. jL Kurti. Mrs. G. -W. Buckner, Mrs. George Zimmerman,: Mrs: W. H. Francis, Mrs. .J. F. Kerr,. ; Mr». M. H. Bronghtoit, Mrs. A. A. Straub, Mrs. R. C. Lyon and Mrs. J. H. lAmbertscm. . · ' ' . · ' ·'-,. . The train on the Pennsylvania siding, and will be open, from 840 to 12 A. M.. and from 2 to 5 P. M. DRIVE AGAINST TEUTONS EXTENDS FROM THE AISNE SOUTHWARD TO BELLEAU COMPANY G HOLDS OWNWITHOTHERS Kaiser's Massed Forces Slaughtered by Thousands in Popket in Marne Sector, Estimates Placing the Losses There in Two Days of Fighting at 60,000; British Advance on Mile Front in Region of Villers Bretonneux; Emperor William Watches Battle, His Favorite Correspondent Writes. OFFENSIVE NARROWS FROM FRONT OF 60 MILES TO SINGLE SECTOR .. / ' By Associated Presa. LOITDOIf, July 18.--Reports rewired in London showed the sitnatlon up to noon all along the line of attack began by the French this morning to be excellent. The attack is the biggest offensive moTe made this year bjr the Allies. The French bare gained from tiro to four mflns cverjTrlierc on the 25 nute front on their offensiro today betweea the Atene and the Marae according to reports Teaching London this afternoon. . The French hayc captnttd serenl thousand prisoners and abort SO gnus. The French more appeared to hare been a surprise to the Germans. The manner'in which this surprise wag accomplished may best be judged from the map which shows a great area of forests covering the groand behind the I'rench lines. Under eorer of these forests Gen eral Foch has beea preparing for some time for the present move. KEFEHSITE TACTICS AT AST INB. WASHINGTON, July 18---Word that the French were striking the Germans on a 25 mile front below the Aisne sent a ware of enthusiasm through ihe War Department today when the first bafletln came in. £rery official accepted it as truth that the long days of purely defensive operations are ended and that General Foeh, largely because of the million American soldiers thai hare been rnshed overseas, now is able to use aggressive tactics. It is the first extensive pointer blow the Allies hare been able to attempt since the German onslaught began last March. Striking to the east and north the eovnter stroke threatens the rear of the German as- smlt on the eastern flank of the whole Aisne salient where the'enemy is pressing down the Diane valley and throagh the woods west of Bhe-lms with the evident purpose of cutting off Bkeiats and forcing' Its eraeratlon. . BATTUE HJTE 85 HIDES. , PAJ^g^Jqj^ B i5 l== a3ie French this moriiing delivered-an attack along the line from" the rtver Aishe as far-sooth as the region, of Beileau, a front of about 25 miles, and made progress at certain, points of between a mile and a half and two miles, the war office announced today. The situation on the Marne and Champagne fronts is unchanged. IXK3E «VMX 15 KABxi POCKET. ' PARIS, July 18.--In the pocket which the Germans have created south of the Marne their losses, according to conservative estimates, reached the figure of 60,000 in the first two days' fighting, the Matin declares today. Treating on the situation in this sector of the front the Echo de Paris says: ' "Because of the counter attacks delivered by the army of General De Goutte and our American allies the Germans were unable appreciably to widen or deepen this pocket." According to the same newspaper 40 German divisions have been fully engaged in the battle, while 20 support divisions were obliged to take more or less part in the fighting. Premier Clemencean returned last evening from a visit to the front, expressing himself very well satisfied with the situation. -a NEW By . . YORK, July 18.--Colonel. Theodore Roosevelt, just before leaving" the city for Saratoga, N. Y_ to attend the Republican state convention today received a cablegram from %eneral Tershing in which the American commander expressed the hope that Lieutenant Quentih Roosevelt, the colonel's son, reported killed in air aerial battle in France, may have landed safely. GETS DRAFT EVADER Kenilne Arrests Freexaa McXillan After a Henry Chase. Freeman McMillan, 30 years old, charged with .being a slacker, led Cornerman Kendine a iuerry chase through his home on the South Side yesterday afternoon when that officer went to .arrest him on information of local Draft Board for District No. 2. McMillan eluded Ren din* for some :lme .until he wag finally captured on the roof of his back porch. He was taken to the. Armory wbre. he: regia- :ered.and: filled 'but his iruastlohnalre. He will report this afternoon to the draft board for examination. VOTES COUNT DOUBLE I Bicycle Contest Fnvldcil Thry Are Tuned ·'·!· Tomorrow. All children who are. entered la tho bicycle contest .being; conJurled. by' the Charleston Comforts: Branch . of tbe Navy League are requested to b« at tlie Navy-,Leagne headquarters in the Title t Trust building tomorrow morning at II o'clock, Every |5. tnrned in. by that time will count a double, vote'In the. coin test A numb«T : "of ,children-'are entered into the contest and an work, lug hard tn win , ·- QUENTIN ROQSEVET MAY BE SAFE GEN. PERSHING CABLES OFFHTSITE coi5« A10K6 WELL. I/05IOX, Jalr IS^-SewK recttiei in London Indicate! that ihe attack started by the French Uds moralng on the front between Ckatean Thleny and SoUsoas Js on a comslderabte scale. The attack was taUoved to be making good progress. The French the report states, have captared X»nt Boisln of point where the the Marne, at Germans bad the ad- SUES FOM30.000 «ai ScWfTbauer Charge*- A. C. Herwick With AJienating Affections. Charging.alienation of his! wife's af- fectiong,, Max M. .Schiffbauer of this city this morning filed suit, through Attorney J. Kirk Renner, against A. C. Berwick, .asking »30,000. At the same time a divorce libel was filed b'y Schiffbauer against his wife, Sara Schiffbauer. · naming Berwick- as -co- reBpocdeDt. . . . ·.; - . . The plaintiff alleges that relations have existed between Herwlck and his wile since about the. middle of .May. vanced Urthest towards Kpernay nnil Chene la Belne tn Ihe west and took a» well the heights west of those Til- lages overlooking the Jffirm. The Germans are rep*rtod to hare made slight progress north of St. \g- nan in th« district to the sonthwest of Dormans, below the Xarne b«i their progress here hai been 'slow. The suxhnoin penetntllon of the French lines since Jnly K Vslx miles aecenUngcto the latent reports. In fighting north of the Marne the Italians have retaken the. village ol SOBSONS BEAT THE SCHOOL BOARD IN HIGH SCHOOL SITE FIGHT Th« State ^Supreme court this mora= Ing banded down an opinion affirming the finding of tie Fayette county court in awarding Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Soisson J6.784.ll for, their lot condemned ; aa part of the site for the new high school .building. Connellsville. The case had been appealed by school board. , COKE REGION DIRECTS EFFORTS TO SECURE SIX-DAY SCHEDULE AT CAMP STEWART At All Plants and By Every Employe in the SUnea and on the Yards. Boys From Connellsvillc Soon Break Into Game of Soldiering. ALL IN BEST OF SPIRITS JJettOT to Courier From Corporal James A. i,ist Savs They Are Striving to Get All There is to be Gained From Brief Slav; General Sews (By Corporal James A. List.) CAMP THOMAS J. STEWART, Mount Gretna, Pa., July 15.--Members of Company G, Third Regiment, Pennsylvania Reserve Militia, Captain. A. O. Stone's command from Con- BULK OF MEN ARE STEADY Bat Others Reed Itestmining Influences l-o Make Them Keep Good Kcspluticus; Heelings Now in Progress; Production Biggest of Tear. Prom The "Weekly Courier. Encouraged by the showing made by the coke plant employes on the Fourth of July and tie following- day, operators and others interested in avoiding the usual midsummer slump in production, are giving a large part - ot their attention to continuing the campaign for a six-day (nil time schedule each week. That production is being maintained at or'better than the pre- Fourth average is accepted as proof that the influences which resulted in **e unusual observance of that day by among the employes on full time proposition, it 3,200 officers and enlisted men in camp here in the limited training through which we have been put to this time. Today sees us well broken into the harness and looking forward to a good week's -work. Tlitre is Ut- tle sickness in camp, none in Company G, and everybody's spirit is to learn everything- possible. j Company G arrived at Mount Gretna. j fancy to do so. Saturday morning at 8 o'clock and While this is a hopeful sign of the better sentiment the six-day is realized that as pay days recur with semi- moaL'aly 'frequency, . theni -will be strong temptation for a certain class or percentage of workers to drop back into their former habits of taking a day or more whenever it suits their was. greeted with a drizzling rain. The tents had been erected by an advance detail and the company spent Saturday fixing up camp and preparing for the business of soldiering. Saturday evening UM: following orders were posted; ,, First call, 5.45 A. -itr--reveille, "5.5B; assembly, 6; police, 6.10; mess. The bulk of the workers have been keeping up a record for steady application to their daily tasks that has been highly commendable and th^ source of much gratification to tn« plant managers. These men nave been buying Liberty bonds and making liberal donations to war relief activities and do not need to be 'urged to stay on the job. It is the element 6.30;. sick, 7; drill, 8; recall, 11.30; |t±at does not have so comprehending mess,'12; drill, 1.30 P. M.; recall. 4.30; guard mount, 5; parade and review, 5.30; mess, 6.30; tattoo, 9; quarters, 10.15; taps, 10.30. Sunday the sun was out bright and early ;ind the men spent an enjoyable httt very busy day. All 'tents and equipment were inspected by the realization of their' obligations that it is hoped to be reached. Just how this is -best to te done cannot be determined by hard ana fast rules, as experience has proven. Many agencies and. means will be employed, all with the same object in view. Among them the series of public general staff. Company G passed | gatherings under the auspices of the with flying colors. Devotional ser- | United States Shipping Board, advices were held during the afternoon j dressed by Capt. J. C. Curran, a Brit- the Clairixet, two miles northeast BUgny, the advices add. BRITISH GAIir ABOUT · TUJLKBS LOJTDOJf, Aty ISV-SontheMt of Tillers Bretoneix, south of the Somite, the British Use lias been ad. vsnced o» a trout of, more than ona mlhysayn the official «tetemmt today from British beadfjnarten In France. DR.J.H.HAZLE1T OF VANDERBILT IS MADE CAPTAIN ol Examining Physician,of Jfo. 5 Draft Board Gets Commission In · Medical Koserve,- . · '. dale on September 26, 1517, living at Hebnter Garrett until late in October, · e alHO wore nomnwhat im- Sonth of Boeonoy, om the coupla · moved to this here since. city. POLITICIANS BARRED Md« Wanting Om» f'annot be Itctala- ti U Bad CKSK Offidnls. 3. Fred Kurtz,, chairman of the Fayette County Branch of the 'Hed Cross, ha» received Botlbe that ofBcers.of the organliatlqs who expect to /become o»ndid«tM in the coming general election should be asked tp resign-or. (ive up their political ambiUsBs (fir tha .duration of. Uie war, The order applies to- any persons in authority in? any chapter, braneh OF auxiliary, .·ben the : l rl)VBI ' 1 .. resldlnc '"*"* "rotlieast of Arras, a German raiding party was drivn off. The ! German artillery thowi eonnlderabln activity during the sight OB the flaa- den front KAISI'H il TOST TO BBS BATTLB William watched the opuqhig of tie tOoatinned on -P^s* T~wo.) Canght Under Fall, Harry Salanga of. 'Iieisenring · No. 8 is in-the Uniontwon hdspital'safferinsF from a fractured leg received when he was caught by a fail et slate is th* mine, " " j Fair fonignt and Fnday, slightly Varraar i"fidaF, is tne neen weather forecast for Western. Pennsylvania. TeiipaatBM Beeerd, 1918 191^ Haiiraum 84 83 Minimum 6? 65 Mean _ 11 74 , The Yough river remuineil statloa- ary during the aigbi at L im Dr. J. H. Harlett of VanderbUt has beon .commlasioned a captain in the Medical Officers' Raaervq Corps and expects to be called within n week to report for duty. !Dr. Hazlett, who Is a member of the' Local Board fop District-No. 6, underwent the examination at Pittiburg three weeks ago ·Jid p'ttSBed. successfully. I He received .hli commliiakm today. With the organization of the draft boards, throughout the- · county the Vamierbiit physician, was Bslec'tscl and" since that' time .has been the phy- and sev-eral thousand persons were in attendance. In the evening the boys had their choice of several band concerts or the Y. M. C. A. reading- and rest rooms. 'Cy" Kennel is now Corporal Kennel, and his squad is comaiig to the front. HG received his appointment yesterday. Mess tent seems to be one of tbe popular places in camp. Every one has an appetite which he will bring back to Connellsrille. Company G has been issued new rifles, first aid kits, haversacks, etc., and will come home with a full equipment. . . : Sergeants Sellers and Porter motored over in "Billy's" car. They had a fine trip but reported bad weather, i No orders have been given the-men relative to the exact time camp will' break, but we expect to be Lome the last of the week or the first of next Most of the.boys will brinj a.coat of tan along with their other nquipment The review which takes place each evening IB an inspiring sight. Company : G- is holding its own with the others. i Captain Stone and Lieutenant But- tengora are very jiopular with the men;.but Sunday thej-personally.stood treat for Ice cream for our supper moss tent examiner in District No 6 ' isa Naval officer, giving a recital of his experiences in German prisons,. followed by appeals to the mine and coke yard workers to pledge themselves to "work until the war is won," are proving very effective. Meantime the Fuel Administration is outlining plans for a system of reports to be submitted weekly giving the names or men who do not make full time. Some unauthorized statements concerning this plan have been published but the details are not completed and will not be for several days. : Generally speaking this-plan, TV. L. Byers, district representative of '-the Euel Administration."states, will give recognition to the - employers -who have made steady records. When slowing down time comes is. the trade ' after tho war such men will be given tiie .preference, over those' who have been indifferent about working full time under the stress of war-time conditions. · - . .- '. . . . - :. · That the region Is holding its own, despite the fact that the midsummer season is approaching the period when the greatest discomfort is felt by coke, yard workers, Is concrete evidence that there Is a better grip on the situation iban during the corresponding period of last year and, infinitely better than during the h o t . weather months of 191G. Production li'as 'been restored to slightly more ^ than the average of the several weeks preceding the Fourth; coal output holds lip well; all the coke cars that can be loaded are available from-day to'day, while coal car supply is-rather bet ter than earlier in the month, · For the week ending Saturday, July Rlehard Miller of South Arch Street j I 3 ' tbe estimate i production of coke ' Slightly- Hurt. \ wae 353,4.70 tons. Compared with the . Richard Miller-,'l3.'years old, was i ^ P re « din S this shows a gain of sli.ghtly injured last night when na I 3 ' s ' 5 tons ' whlle il is 88 ° tons heavier stepped in front of an automobile j tha11 ourin s the week ending June 29. ; The small loss of tonnage for the week and needless to say; (be rang with cheers for'the donors. ..The''boys' address Is Company G, 3rd Infantry, Camp Thomas J. Stewart, Mount Gretna, Pa. 1UTOHITSBOY jT I driveri by Leo Mooohan.'Tho boy was i' rhe sma11 lois of l ' sneeesaor fer his place on the board taken to a doctor ' a "fee'but TMM*1 i a « dln s. July e is. therefore more than [ -~fi --- H B ua( ] ., i recovered. has yet been named Few, persona taew^fD^HaH application for a commission, I aid was not necessary. but; young . a m n a t n through the draft he got j and immediately took MRS. DUNLOP INJURED ' Oldest. "rFomnn-" snd Breais Collar Untie. Falls Last week's . production and was somewhat' was distributed as follows;. Connells- ihalien up. ' 1 ville district, 185,800 tons; Lower Conr The accident occurred about 0.30 jnellovillo district 167,070 tons, [o'clock noar Madow lane. Tb.e car. S The production, of by-product,stean) slowly down'Tv-eEl Crawford'and. railroad fuel coal during the week .avenue was brought to a stop when i was 1(58,500 tons, a gain of 9,850 tons, .the boy ran off the .curb, but not be-i Including the 528,500 tons of coal fore bis. had been knocked down. used in the production 1 , of .coke, .thfl coal output totalled -'J7,OGO tons,-an increase of 2,000 tons tr-er the aggrer soal .pruuction of the preceding in getting out ol bed yesterday .at the.-home .ol tec gi-anddaughter, .Mrs. Daniel jSiiclair North Pittsburg street, Mrs Mary Dnn op who will be 97 years old next Pebru-u-j! tell to the floor and broke her collar bone The aged lady is uffetmg consul erablfr*pain from the in}ncy ! 1 Secure fiarman Secret. ' WASHINGTON, .July IS.--Taking pv-er by the govg:-ntrient of tne German oviTied Beclnjr Stoei company of America .with a plant at.Charleston. W. Va., and offices in New York, was an- week.' This is the record tonnage pro; duction of the-year to date, but not tha record ot tbe region which ' several, times 'excee nounced today by A^ Mitchell Palmec, jcol:a. prodtictio^ was alien' property custodian. With. the}360,000 to 370,000 ton^ pep eempani comes to 4mer "an ma" i J coal sometimes reaching 200,000 facturers a secret process for the pro- and' also in 191§ .T duetlon o{ high speea" sl"ei hereto- teu reached 4l|,6iB() {ong.anil. aa\ fore held exclusively by the Gennsws IflWf to 1S5.000 iaa^ per wctk. '

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