The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 11, 1938 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1938
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

r K1OAY, MARCH 11, 193S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVIULE, PA PAGE SEVEN. Looking Backward FRIDAY, MARCH 2, 1888 March corner in like a proverbial lamb George W Hite enters suit against the Baltimore Ohio Railroad for $5,000 damage 1 ! after losing the fingers and thumb of right hand when he slips on n loose tie while coupling cars. Memorial services of the Knights "- of Pythias are held in Odd Fellows Hall. The Colonel Crawford Fire Company saves the residence of Dr. Ellis Phillips in New Haven Thomas Guard enters suit against the borough for injuries sustained ·when he falls over an embankment at the Connell run bridge. The young Republicans of the bor- ~s ough organize n tariff club. ^ Nicholas Lorig and Miss Mary Kress are married in Greensburg John D Frisbce purchases the Lucas property jn Apple street A number of employes of the Somerset Cambria Railroad are arrested for working on Sunday. Samuel Hood assumes the clerkship held by his brother, A A. Hood jn the office of L E Angell at Evcr- son. / FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1808 Detailed report of the Connellsville coke region for the week ending February ID shows a total o£ 18,608 ovens in the region with 14,882 in blast nnd 3,726 idle, with a total estimated production of 156,126 tons "Shipments for the week total 8,635 tons Blowing up of the battleship Maine In Havana harbor is the topic ol conversation and war fever is running high. A report shows 250 entered the Cottage State Hospital during the year. Twenty died. Hugh Doran Is decapitated by a freight train at Scottdale. Andrew O'Brien steps Into the mouth of the shaft at Oliver No. 1 and is killed. ' First church wedding of the year at Trinity Church, with Miss Bessie E, Hamilton, daughter o£ Mrs. Joseph S. Bryner, becoming the bride of Clarence W. Hays Frank J. Lint, 27, P. L E railroad engineer at Dickcrson Run, is so badly scalded in a wreck that he dies. Miss Ida Soisson of Connellsville and Daniel L. Wilhelm of Adelaide _ arc married. Sull Hinger Is badly hurt at Confluence when a six-horse wagon loaded vaih cross ties, passes over his body after he falls from it Before one of the largest gather- Ings ever assembled on Dawson bridge Rev. Solomon Smith immer ses six converts In the river. THURSDAY, MARCH 5, 1308 Detailed report of the Conncllsvillc coke trade for the week ending February 29 shows a total of 36,58' ovens In the region, of which 16,720 are In blast and 19,864 Idle, with a total estimated production of 157,98 tons. Shipments for the week totaled 6,561 cars v Miss Hazel Marietta, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Ross Marietta, drives a silver spike into a tie of the Indian Creek Valley Railroad marking completion of the road 14 miles up the valley. Stratford Apartments and old Masonic Building are sold by L. F Ruth to Peter Rutsek for $70,000. Orders issued for suspension of 55 men at the Baltimore Ohio shops Council reorganizes with Rev. Dr J. J. Huston as president. Mrs. Emily Staughton Swiggart, 60 ·wife of Rev. Swiggart of Dunbar dies. Miss Rcna Pearl Page of Pittsburgh and Roy Noble McCormlck of Rockwood are married in the bride's home. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28. 1918 Detailed report of the CpnncllsvlUc coke trade for the week endlnj , February 23, shows a total of 37,581 --*· ovens In the region, of which 33,356 11 are In blast and 4,232 Idle, with a. total estimated production of 264,849 :ons. Shipments for the week aggregated 831 cars The home of Michael Gallo, West Side, burns to the ground and all its contents are destroyed Meredith \Vilson of Fairchance succeeds Andrew Thomas on the XJlice force when the latter goes to 3omp Lee. A flag purchased with public funds is placed on a pole at the State Armory Charles H StoufTcr, city mail carrier for many years, is transferred to the clerical force. War Department is considering routing its fleets of trucks to eastern TOlnts through this city. Congressman Bruce F. Sterling lays much emphasis on the necessity for raising foodstuffs in this county Because of the war and urges that the business men of the county organize an industrial army to cultivate many acres of land available. A minstrel at Dawson raises $351 for the Red Cross. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1828 Detailed report of the Conncllsville coke trade for the week ending February 18, shows a total of 25,878 ovens in the region of which 4,695 are in blast and 21,183 Idle with a total estimated production of 58,630 tons. H. C Frick Coke Company orders 200 more ovens in blast at Hccla No. 3 and 175 nt Standard Dr. A. R Kidd is named on B. O staff as an oculist. Passenger train service on the Indian Creek Valley Railroad is extended to Conncllsville, the terminal being here Instead of at Indian Creek. Patron's Day is observed in the Fayelte county schools Eighty thousand baby trout arc placed in the Glcndale and Breakneck nurseries Attorney John Duggan, Jr, purchases the residence of Mrs. Isabclle Ncwmyer Evans in South Pittsburg street. Thomas S. Lynn of Vanderbilt dies Mrs. C. L. Burkey, Jr, dies at hospital following an operation. Harry E Stroud heads the Dunbar firemen. D. C. Rumbaugh, SO years old, of Mount Pleasant, dies suddenly after clearing walks of snow. G W. Wilhclm is seriously injured when ladder breaks. R K Hisscm dies at Mount Pleasant. Lamp Will Prefect You Againsl Getting Other Fellow's Cold NEW YORK, Mar. 11.--A new lamp whoso beams protect a person against catching the other fellow's cold was announced at a meeting here of the American Institute, New York's oldest scientific society. The first installation is at the teller's window of the Lafayette Bank Trust Company at Suffem, N. Y It was described as the culmination of 10 years search for a form ol ultra-violet light to purify air and al that man touches, without hurting his eyes. In the bank window the beams form a curtain of bluish light fallini from a long, horizontal, ovcrheac tube of mercury vapor. The curtain lies bcwcen teller and customer Breaths are instantly stcrlizcd. The light kills bacteria in less than a second. The rays also kin germs on the upper surfaces of hands passing money through the window. Thcj even kill the gcrmi on the exposec side of the money This killing of the germs carried by touch Is, for most of the infectious diseases, more important than sterilizing the air The new light ha been in the Suffcrn bank a month In that time, officials said, no irritation of eyes has been noticed. What Treatment Is Best For Child's Cyclic Vomiting By LOGAN CLENDENING, »L D. THERE IS a, peculiar condition that occurs not uncommonly In children of the class more often seen In private practice than in dlspon- sary work. It It c a l l e d "cyclic vomiting", a n d It has been said t h a t to define the disease 1» to describe it. The vomiting coroco on in attacks, beginning at the a g « of about two, three or four yean Thi child begins to vomit In the m o r n i n g and k e e p It up wheniver f o o d Dr. deadening Is given Thirst soon develops and the child cries for water, but all Viater taken by mouth Is vomited The attack last* for a day or two In moat Instances, but may go on tor some time. There Is rapid loss of weight and dehydration is extreme Tho child s condition may become \ery alarming'. The attack ends us abruptly as It began. Tho child »sks for food, tkes It and retains It no matter what It is The thirst It relieved by copious drinking, and recovery rapidly ensues and health returns Vintll the next attack, which may bo In a month or six months or a pear. To explain this condition, many theories have been advanced AcW- osls has attracted the most adherents, and it Is true that the blood of these children Is on the add side, but scldosii rapidly develops in a child deprived of carbohydrates or iny starving child, and it has been phown that the vomiting 1 precedes (Ui acldosls r Allergy has also naturally been juggtstcd, because allergy is fashionable nou, but with the vague thinking that predominates in allergic circle* the argument* *re not verv convincing A reasonable fugc«0tlon that comes from Bellevue hospital, New Tork, Is that these are early man* Ifestatlons of migraine. In series of cases studied then was *. striking 1 Incidence of migraine and ilck Dr Clcndenlng will answer questions of general Interest only, and then only through his column. headaches In th* parents, grandparents and collateral relatives. The children with cyclic vomiting all come from hlghstrung 1 , nervous families Come* In Attack* Migraine, like cyclic vomiting, comei In attacks, abruptly ushered in, may show predominantly digestive symptoms (they are often called by the victim bilious attacks) and leave abruptly. A number of children who had cy cllc \ om- lUng have developed migraines in adult life. (Also premature graying of the hair, an observed fact In mlRroinous people, without any explanation). In treatment, the migraine theory of cyclic vomiting yields practical results The attempt to treat an attack by supplying water by vein or under the skin is fruitless. Administration of alkalis and glu- coso are both of little help But If the treatment is directed towards calming 1 down the nervous sv stem, as il it were In a state oJ explosion, the results are very different. A sedative, such as the bromides, will often abort an attack in, a few hours Bromides are very good medicines for any form of functional or nervous vomiting. Treatment between the attackB Is directed towards teaching th» child to avoid excitement, emotional storms uu] fatigue. ,, k Clondtnlnf: can now bo ob lalneil br inndlng JO cents In coin (or each and n self addrcwd en- Milopo irtamned -mm a three cent sump to Dr. IxKan Clendonlnc In c " r ° ,'iL thl " EW Th« pamphlets ar« "Thru Wicks' Rcducfnc Dl« Induction nn | Conitlpntlon r- duclnc and Gumlni; Infant Feed "! K '. , I»'l"'etlMia for the Treatment or ni»bet«-r Komlm-i*- Mvzi'n- anri Th« C*r* «/ th« Hdir t " t "Kin THE OLD HOME TOWN Pttmt Ollk* EDITOR WAS HERE,OTEY BUT HE HAITO so BACK HOME TO (SETHIS DESK K§X THAT MEANS HE Vv/OKT BE ; BACK UNTIL- TOMORROW. By STANLEY (OHVFAH-- VTHE 8ESJNNJW(S, WMEN TttE GQJ-F SEASON OPENS UP- lit. BET THAT KEY VN/IU-BEMIS51A56 FOR DAYS ATATJME, ,THEOt.C ^^·\\ FOX!! Rev. Girard Bridge To Conduct Retreat For Catholic Youths IT UOOXS AS TROD6M THE EDITOR OF THE V^E-EKl^ CLARIOM HAO A GOOD REASON FOR BUY/MS THAT OLD (SOU-TOP DESK , Bear Run BAER RUN, Mar. 11--Mr. and Mrs, James Friend of Somerset, for- meily of this place, are the parents of a daughter, born Wednesday, March 2, at Frick Memorial Hospital, Mount Plen-nnt It is the first child in the family and the first child of Mr and Mrs Cljdc Kncnd of this place and of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Shipley of Mill Run A daughter was born to Mr and Mrs Irwm Dull, J r , of the Sprmg- field pike S iturday morning. March 5. Mrs Dull vvjs formerly Miss Dorothy Hoy of this, place It 11 the flrst child in the family and the first grandchild of Mr. and Mrs Irwm Dull ol Mill Run and of Mr. and Mrs Llovd Hay of this place Mr and Mrs Lewis Mason of Brownsville visited Mi« Violet Mason and Mrs M C Skinner Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Miller and son, Paul, and Mr. and Mrs Devvcy Miller and sons, Dewcy, Jr, and Frank- 1m, visited Mrs Mary Fike at Uniontown Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs J. J. Brown and daughter, Margaret, of Conncllsvillc and Thomas Moon of Ohio visited Mrs Margarc Skinner Saturday. Mrs Charles Marietta of Mill Run visited Mr. and Mrs Roy G. Friend Wednesday Mrs W. E Scarlett and son, Earl, were at Conncllsville Saturdav Clyde Friend and Hirry Hall attended the school board meeting at the township building near Ohiopyle Saturday. Mr. and Mrs Dcwey Miller and family visited Mr. and Mrs. Frank S Krepps at Stewarton Saturday evening Mr and Mrs J Earl Skinner were at Conncllsvillc Friday Edward Anderson of ConncllsMllc visited Mr. and Mrs. W E Scarlett Wcdneiaay Jacob Ohler and Daniel Stull were at Ohiopyle Saturday. Vendor Fools Federal Men. BOSTON, Mar 11--A "drug peddler" with a sense of humor was taken into custody by Federal agents His supposed drug capsules were found to contain baking soda The same peddler, the Federil agents said, sold catnip-filled cigirettes as marihuana "smokes" Leave your orders now to insure delivery on your favorite breed. All Kinds of Feeder*., AYnfcrprs, Brooders. Conke}'-; Sturdily Fred Conkpj's Grovvin?,' 3rnsli. The Famous Shenandoah Wood Burning Brooders H A R D W A R E C O . l»t l i v c i v \ I I V H I K K I SALLY'S SALLIES A gnl doesn't mmd coing out with a silent man as long as ho lets his money do the talking LATROEE, Mar. 11 --Rev Gerard 3ndge, O S. B, has been appointed ihe retreat master at the spiritual retreats which will be held for Catholic youths at St Vincent Arch- abbey this summer The retreats for boys will be held July 6-9, 10-13, and 14,17. Father Gerard was in charge ol the boys at St Vincent College Preparatory School for over 25 years, ,md he still keeps in touch with them as secretary-treasurer of the St Vincent Alumni Association. This summer's retreats will not find Father Gerard inexperienced. He has been holding missions for 10 years, from coast to coast in the United States, and also in Canada. Hoovcrsvillc Woman Dead. SOMERSET, Mar 11.--Mrs. Lucy Anna Blough Naugle, 65, widow of Norman Naugle and a well known resident of Paint township, near Hooversville, died Saturday night in Somdrsef County Merrforial Plans Made by Legion SOMERSET, Mar. 11.--The county-wide observance of Memorial Day will be held at Somerset, the Somerset County American Legion Committee announced. . .1 Johnstown hospital. She had resided all of her life in Somerset county. She leaves four sons, two daughters, including Mrs. George Heiple of Rockwood, two brotheri and 15 grandchildren. Medicated with throat soothing ingredients of Vicks VnpoRub. VICKS COUGH DROP ^^^^J^^S^H-s; ··'^X--'.'3K'-- ...' ?.KykMis;iS3t; 'w''.:-;/.'^'/..^!^*.-^^ ?·;·,;;· VM ^^S^'^Ki'-!''^^! 1 ' ISSi v A, BENR'US W A T 29 W R I S T W A T C H 7Sc A WEEK To g»v» tucb vain* was alwayi coosidarwi frnpo*- ·ible But B«nro* did it--end w* proudly paw th* remarkable saving* on to YOUI Thew watchts mn actually «m*ll«r than « dim* In tua~y«t, th»y ara- d*pandabl*» accurate timeJw«p*r*. A coropf*J0 valecffon of Jbt*» htndsom* SOUO GOLD wa/cei tor man and women -- vj to f l Pay as Lm as 50c Weekly* POSTER'S Credit Jewelers Znd National Bank Bnildlnr Opposite Orphenm Theatre. 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