The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 17, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 17, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

THE DiILT' ! COTTBrER; GONNEliSVItJiE3,:EA. WEDNESDAY, JtTLY 17, 1918. NOTES TELL HEATS HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN of Jtlr Pirnte *t * Mi«e«~ BooaU · , Rod Craas. · ' Wfem TnM*t grtnl in* Thea Jto»T S«rtte»i ]rVi»«l« to T i aCOTTDALJE, "jnly lli-- Tne O. of Jirto weM i»U tbrtr Unrt «n»n veiitwr* .'«·' July Fourth, when r iMld a j*CBic at th» Or* Mine., irad flttt. TU*' ahouat 1m been ·Mr to. fk* CMUwHcYitle. Red with bath.'.' . In Prtc. Jl^W.OO. Inquire Gay Rew, 9eo*tiia1o, X. Carroll, m ir*«itlnctog * ' man, in* ''.'CM -of the ·' 10 frm the coJle«e : tr go to N. T., for trahitns and after two matlM of internlTt ·C at tnia phM* wffl take up the at an»t* mm vattr I of. .thf Uatttd Statwi M* tlM clOM-M ·dmol Odi Mr. Carrrtl tad, tafcra up «Bd of t»« T. M. C. A. ad at daw of 9(r. FtatM* T»tatloB iuu! t» Ptttabarc when Iw TW e C.- WWJt: tW» .appt*rttB««t Mr. left yw*er*y far Flattitmrs. la a well known fnujtoli m«n and * ataVrte, ' . . . . . . .. ' O. -Fttenmi haa been elected diet pee»aa»hip in .the.Leeeh- ·eaeola in ^matrong .county IB the .Allegheny townahip Jar.- Petereon recently-warn if elected director , of ·eBma^slrtp in Ifte Onenaburt schools . ' · . ' iff! fee Draftee*. 'Ike ladies of the T; M.-C. A. ani- gflimrrirni.oiL Monday evening, July '" : following ..'the reportiBs .ot ..the L to be .inducted into sen-lee, lerve : to the S2 dratted men of this .wJ» -will leave on, Tuesday X 23, for Camp I-ee. There 1 be music by die Barkeir orches- , aid a food address will be given.] at 8 o'clock oil Tuesday the men win leave by anto- for Everson where they will : · . larpetn fei BneUlL . . 'With the return of Marcer jlcll- from the western harvest fields. ire the harvest is over, a strong 1 team will be" organized to Jit the town of Scottdale. lee wilt be played .with Dickerion Dunber, Qreensburg. Moore- 'irood and other places. -'· w. c. x. TJ. »·*. Mrs. James" Pocle entertiined the C; T. B. last evening at her Spring it home. Mrs. J. El Steelsmlth eharfe of rttie.'devotions. Two gs were given, one by Mrs. "W. Stooer-and -the - other by Mrm. aUs-Jwere^-arranged for tlie_eipenence socialjtp be held at :-pn-Tnes- · evening,.." Juiy; --23, -when the i|fweet. : family.;will .entertain ;with. : a §««tric4ic concert:. ·."···-.- - ;--··.-·· Trktt Have DtwapeiL · On great lots of merchandise in Tszy. dep«rtmenL:during,ae«e:sales. nazlng savings lost as'.real as those u've accnmulated out' of your sav- and deposited in the bank. In Jnly clearance-all- spring and ner apparel.. mtist be ' sold-re-i "of wiet.-" "Many"--stapleV ar'eJ included in this' clean sweep at . youll never see again. Gome save now. Bendincr's Broad- iiSay;~l3Bdies' Store, Jost as-yon get'oaT ' " ' " ' VdVT... . '..,,_;.. ..'. .. , Pers9»al.. ; ·.' .-.-._ .-·/ »er" -, Wa '? er Colborn of Camp «;(^teiii/'Washington",'-i: C., Is home on |s^I;-;2*-honr'furlotigh."" ' · · " a.".. J. "G-^tfcClnre' of Pittsburg is ! -guest of Mr and Mrs TV M Cal- BARRICADED STREET IN FRENCH VILLAGE TMs InXiiaKIm pletBn abewi British troops who have barricaded a am tk*:w«Bt«m tnsit in~ order to etem the oomta of the Without Phosphorus Nerves of Steel Weaken, Waste Away arid Die !· R**T Wmj to ]r. XeM, Wfce Fneoftes P»»rat*l Malt to Steady and ea tke JCervts, Cle«r tke Bnu an* Erbe fiack the JOTS of Life. flve-gTiln tablets, of phosphorated malt after each mcftl. In less than ten days he wulkod into, my ofHoe full of. vim and ylffor. his eyed· bright, hia step flrm\ and hlit manner that o£ a man'" nf twenty-five though he was well past fifty. The value of malt Is well knowr\ to Health sad Ifaik aad Ben tor* to the Boston, Mass.--Tour ? neryos and brain need phosphorus like your' "body needs food, says Dr.- Reid, and th« trouble with most.ot;ua!s we use up our'f supply 6£ phoephorus.. »nd '-find oursttlves all run'down and unable to do'our dally work without CeeMnr »I1 tifed.bTit. We may. look strons arid healthy, 1 AS if w'e could'do tv'full day's work -'without fatiem*. *pt while we easily become all iarsed' out--we can't stand ^anything." "W* ff ir« out b«- cau«a we lack'phosphorus and lack en- duranc*. . For months and year* w« 90 on usinir a little more .phosphorus ftTery day than we. store up, and the kM» Is;. 10- gradual that tt is unnoticed till a cris'ir is .reached and we flnd ourselves'on the verge of - a complete nervous breakdown. Tfcts condition affecU.both mind and body.'"Nothing Interests us as it once .did and* --we actually live less 1 --our nerves are l«ra sensitive--they are not so^ fully alive; When I'flnd thia condition.I prescribe phosphorated malt and I have seen it produce astonlalilng-'resiilti in a' rery short time.' . Heoently .a. pat-lent came run: down. and on Uie verge of a mental collapse."-. His daily, work had e- come drudger- and. he g»t . neither rest nor recreation- from hie sports or holidays... He could neither sleep nor concentrate-.his-.jmind. on ,bls vrork.' 1 advls«d him to '«at less, and take two the exceptional . attract! venese , of. this producUonV'Tliis' is '"the sort, of a screcn^story.yqu willjike. -" who ;is v - seen opposite .in .the ; roU of ;Tlm rSuntob, ' is: .splendid,":; Fritltr -'i -; iSaturday, esented ln" . a^ : flye-part; at' appear -la- -'Lew ' We'-Fprte^t.'."-a'."lfttto " ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' " ' Dorothy Bricker entirtained a . her friend* in honor of her {fl£.*Midar .atja B o clock dinner and |*Howiag"-tBis was a mone party a« local' theatre Loren* Tropf and Betty Her- spent Sundar" to Connellsvile - ' - ' H e l e n TVlrtte spent Sunday in 9»rant,Pleasant witt frfends. ttf8tmeo*.Slitter left yesterday to Join - P»rty at Pitti*urg and to CJereJanrt, C6:cajo anc dn He will also vitit his . Sam, at Camp . itirtction ia'whlcli William Hart, ,,,.«·« at It* mMt popular screen actors '' betai preaented today. towrmtlng from begin- |« ,«*t aad fin* Mr. Hart an ti- ·tttlt*!: owwtuaity to dicpUr bis d.ra- w»orted by a The Dni- orld ie*t- ieMJ-«L Tnii it a *»Ti* rtlcl a mountain of all. Physicians. -It Is a _ remarkable tonic and tissue .builder,' Combined with, phosphorus and phoftphatos aa in phos"phbrat-;i fnalt .it Increases: mental 'stamioB, 'ibalances th-j blooci and aids the. system-t,o convert food Into living -tissue. The old liquid formsi of malt are inconvenient to take, and most 'of .them- oontaln alcohol, which produced a needless Vtinmintion ttl- .ways' followed by a d*prcasinp reaction.. Phosphorated mali, ..has · the nutritive properties of malt without the .evil effects . of. alcohol. After a fe-w days of it you will wake In the morninir vtgrorous and refreshed, ready to .be^in the day's work with redoubled . confidence, optimism 'and · en-. durance. . . . : T OTB--The., feeling 1 of exhilaration often noticeable after a few weeks' use of phosphorated malt Is not due to irtimulatton. It ' Is the cheerfulnfeas 'that comes of perfect health--n life stream -flowliwr freely, carrying the nourishment, ;thc bodr needn, and flushing- out tne poisons of which the body: ne«ds to.' rid. : The fine exhilaration of piryset health and: noorisrhir.ent Iji'so. rare to .most, people as to be roriiarkablc and ' Phosphorated malt la sold by all drupr- platH and napeciaUy" 1 in ConnellsvHle by the liauKhrey Dnur.Co, and J.-'C. Moore. , · · Flatwooda, ."QKE.MQKB;A3iD3RIOAN"--A mounfpnotodrani?; ^featuring - George Kebin, the ·Jtalian. impersonator,-;la av'strikingly. .patT!o r tlq..aicture, "without any": of;. the."eiaggerate'd..:*entimenta.I_- ism" of-"tte;;ordiDary, s6-caIIM-.-"pi-- triotic"" film:" 1 ""One L M6re.:American," _ like" most -of, Mr. Beban's photoplays. ion~ncit"iund"ay"and"o"n' SalurdJayTt deals with the lire of an immigrant U o , clock the regular business meet- and his winning struggte to make | ]ng o£ ibo churca wlll De neW Mrs. .Isaac McClelland, .who .has been ailing for .some time, is at present about the same. , t -i . .JPLATWOODS/ Julr, 17.--Mrs. John MeGsniore and children of. Masont'owm, spent a part-' of- last Sunday., with friends in this neighborhood. Her husband, ^pr..|Jphii Me^smore.^is la the service, andi at present is located at'Washington,-D..C. ' : ' . : , . ·",'· There will be a. Sunday.Schpol'tneet^ ing held .in the Flatwodfis' church on next iYiday afternoon, .and -..evening; G'ood .speakers will be present and all are invited: to attend. . " ' . M.- E. superintending the .work 1 on the [State road, from the Franklin township line tp-the-Dunbar township line,_ near Vanderbilt, and the road is now ia better condition than it .has been for .years. The regulai; . communiba services will be Held at the Flatwoods church friends ot-the Americans and to adopt | their'customs, as well as to swear allegiance to th'ir flaig Tomorrow, Douglas Fairbanks the Triangle drama, ."American Aristocracy." Coming soon. Over theJTop featuring, Sergeant Guy Empey ;(hlm««lf), in th» leaBing role of his famous book. * Vanderbilt. July 17 -- Her Imd AIr« D H McKee_ and -daughters, Mary -and 'Helen;' and gfanddatighter: o* TFlttinsburg, Mr and Mrs George Armstrong; of~Connel»TiHe and.; Mrs '·!·. V.;Bate,-fonneTly;ot Uniontown; visited with Mr. and. Mrs. J. B.;Hen- dersoa and fto,Sy on Monday evening. Mr. and-MrsV Joe;Means and daughters; Rnth'.and. Esther, of- Mount Sterr ling were recent visitors at the home of C S Freed »t,_ Highland farm, Dunbar township. Miss Ixwefta Leighty, who h«« been visiting with Ruth and Esther Means of Mount Sterling, has returned home i f * Marie Brynon and niece Mildred Bryion, i of. McCMlandtown. are. visiting a few days at the home of the former's sister, jMrs".; John Pratt. Mrs G B Roberts and Mrs J E Roberts were ConnellsrilJe shoppers Tuesday. Mary Henderson visited with Rev. McKee and family at their summer home near Bnena Vista yesterdar- ' Alra Rohm, Jr , tt suffering from r [ badly sprained arem received while:] cranking- an automobile Vest Ball or Franklin township: WM a knsliMW caller here yesterday [ 'Word'has been recelrnj of the birth of a sm at the borne of Mr. and:Mrs. » rlitopher McClnre of Mobile,, Alia. r». VeClare w«s formerly Miu Ml* Dun. The aew »rri»al bar Chrtatotker MoClnre. Jr. St. Andrews. by-the-Sea T7 JOOY your game on £V Imks overlooking ^"^ Passamoquoddy Bay-- the most sporting golf course in North .America. Algonquin Hotel New Bnatfwkk, Caaida raodern, fire proof, with accomrnodations for 300. And for diversion -- Tseadi bathing, boating, tennis, croquet, bowling [m the green, driving and fishmg. Mi f«r RtMtt TNT No. C. U WllllM«, i. A. P. Cawrtlu Tmrlmt Kallnar, Mo su An. ritufearc, FaT Thursday ··· Friday --'i- Saturday Thursday Friday Saturday The Greatest War Tfane Economy Event yet offered the men and young men of Fayette county. No question of it. The price---95c--is the same as last year --which is a distinct triumph in itself. But better still, the QUALITY is also the same--=-just as you have always received in Wright-Metzler'Shirts at this price. · Old contracts dating back a year andmore aake this price possible. These contracts expii-- .ed with this shipment and no telling when such shirts can be bought again' . · ; - · " . ' " ' " ~ -'--' Over 2400 Shirts in the Lot and All to be Sold at . Handsome patterns and color effects in percale, madras and cords. Dozens of Shirts in that good 84x84 percale, which wives and mothei-s will know is dependable. Stiff cuff or soft turn-back cuff styles · Every shirt full size and well finished. Brand new and hand laundered. All sizes 13J/2 to-18; ' . ' " · · ' ' A great opportnnitj- lor CTery man to bny a supply of Shirts thai, will last him until this ww is orcr. Certainly not one nun in the entire county cun afford to overlook it. So more when these are sold, sad none sold at USc after closing time Saturday night 50 Dozen Men's Shirts Up to $4.00 Values, $2.45 Only $2.45 for your choice of an assortment of shirts numbering into the hundreds and composed of madras, crepe and. silk stripe styles in mighty attractive patterns and colors. All sizes, here from 14 to 17 inclusive. Sale Men's Furnishings 1200 Wash Ties at 25c Plenty .of these popular Summer Ties for everyone comes for them during this sale. Beautiful patterns in white and colors at only 25c each. 50 Dozen Nainsook Union Suits 75c Each--3 Suits $2.00 The famous "Higrade" Union Suits with, elastic back and one button krotch SJade full size and roomy All sizes 34 to 46,, Excellent value at 75c or 3 for $2 00. 50 Dozen Boys' Union Suits 65c A good quality nainsook Union Suit with elastic back and one-button krotch^ Cut full size, and in all sizes 24 to 34 Buy a year's supply while the price is low 75 Dozen Boys' Waists at 55c Popular! and; serviceable styles, well maS'e, .· and with. collar attached Plain white or light and dark stripes All sizes 6 to 15 Wonderful value / 100 Dozen Mercerized Half Hose 35c the Pair--3 Pairs $1.00 These are a good quality silk mercerized hose that could not be bought today to sell for less than 60c. In black only. All sizes 9% to 11% inclusive. Every man can use half a dozen pairs at this price. : 100 Dozen Men's Handkerchiefs This item alone is worth a trip to' the store. One' hundred dozen men's superior quality hemstitched handkerchiefs, cut big and full,--and .to sell at the rematkablT low price of 2 for 25c. ; ' 100 Dozen Handkerchiefs at 35c v The handkerchiefs in this extra special lot are all linen and hemstitchec!.. Good big size. Excellent value at 35c or 3 for $1.00. . All !3traw Hats ONE-THIRD OFF Sailors, Toyos, Leghorns, Panamas, Baliluks--every man's and boys' straw hat 'in bur stock is included in this important reduction. Formerly S1.50 to -$10.00. Jfoir $1.00 to $6.67. Gold Bond Stamps With Every Purchase--Ah Extra 4% Saving. Buy War Saving Stamps

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