The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 14, 1930 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1930
Page 10
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L^iJu\. (JULKiJiilt, CONNUJJjJL/tf VILiLtt, PA. F R f D A Y , MARCH 14, 1930. SERVICE-COMPANY AT SCOTTDALE IS GIVEN INSPECTION I'1ft}-Eight of «3 Men on Bolls Appear Before Inspection Officers. OTTERBESN GUILD ELECTS "In Battle of/3teel BORNO APPEARS I to Tha Courier SCOT TDALK, Marc.h 14. -- Fifty j i 'ght out ot Gj rnon o 1 ' tha Service I Company of tho 110th Infantry, Ponn ^ylvanla National QuaVd *ere OP tho floor last evening for Inspection by 'apt Jill f.llly of the tmlted Stolen 1 rm ' and Lieutenant Colonel liattai ti 23th Division hwultjua-iters Thy tompauy was In charge .f Mist Lieu tenant tSdernr (' Kelly, Flint Lieutenant J .tinea Murphy and SUUMH! Lieu t e n a n t Casl SwUlaw T\vo h u n d r t 1 cltUein \\Unensed ihu !n-j;Pi tlou Thf« eriulpuunt was Inspp -ted CH- terOay aPonuon and everything \%n' f o u n d In ev ellei t condition P i C i i f at. the iiiapc-Lion, w e i e Colonel .)oMu A i k f t i and las b t a f t , .Major (I iti. v tuu a.ul C.ipUJn C i u i n - «r!nf» of VVa'-'iUif ton l»a. M a j r r 0 S H i v r » ' o f Moiirt 1'lt-aB int, Honry ( oulu i inJ (".15 t tin Rolie.t I'ott.H ot Ciittnis jurg Lieutenant Ted Smith an 1 Second Lieutenant Oliver 1 Painter of M o u n t Hlea'-uit «iiiltl F,lfcH Oiuu-f*. The Glleile'n (iulUI of th« I'm** I I Hi-ethre-11 C h u r c h ht-td 1U u u n i t a t meet ( lute at tho hp'iio of Miss .Velda Darling o!' Mttrkci s t u t , ' la t t^c'nini? KlHv ! jnonilvers wwi j j i a t t e n d a n c e OfiU'-CiM were ohospn «i f o l l o w s Piesld?ul, Lvth-el fjoucits, ' ic e president, Rv,ell,i eeiet!iiy M.ii v Kenni'll · K v e l j u Stouor. ato 4 tai v o f ' stewardship, \ c l l h ' H I O W I I st'. r t t a i y , of literature C a t t l e King thank i ottering s i i r e t i r y Snr.t S l i T i i c k . i plant-it. Molly ,1 Longuneckci de- I ujjloital Ifadw. Uerthi CowHnj;. } !jatro«Bi,H, Mrs J D D a r l i n g , mission, Btudy. Anna. Merrltt A social hour fol- j lowed, hostesivea he-iiiK Mls-ses N'eh.a | Tarllns, jBloanoai Mima}, R u t h K o i t - 1 i« k y and, LiKUa Murray and .\Jr j Olwlr Truxali Ta «lv« Away Clics.1, Tickets for ttie chest that la fflveu away by the Scott/da.lo Club shoiiW be uirneil Into J, I. Dlck'i, I Brown's o-i Stein-er'a. The chc.'t will le glv-ei» away from th-e stage'if tho Strand Theatre on Filday evening M^.rch 21 St. Pntritk Luncheon. Woiwn of. the Baptist Church held a St. Patricks luncheon at the chuio't y-esterday afterncxn Covcis were laid for 36. Mrs. David C'ralg wasi ttmlr- nian of th-e luncheon co-mnJttee tttid Mrs E. C mlttee, presoirtod that Includf d duets hj Mis ! \'^' f Whlto .uid Miss I'earl Keck; J · I'mtuUs" vocal nutnbars hy Mis* William Han- dolpih and MK (1 K Kelly, duet b M i s Cl-eorgb II Age and Mrs. William Randolph, readings, Mis I/ S Michael o£ Connellavillc The tiinln}; room -was mot beautifully cUcora.t«ci In keeping with St Patrick's lav rind EfTorts of Bethleliern Steel corporation to gain control of the powerful independent Youngstown Sheet Tub Co., havo met ·with strpng opposition in Youngs-^ town, 0., which declares it dops not desire to be orne "n mere payroll town." Above is Eugene G. Grace, president of Bethlehem, pushing the merg r, while below it Cyrus S. Eoion, Cleveland banker, trying to ffect a great in/ dependent mid-wi st steel combination, believed opposed to tha present pi ' IN mn MIXUP I'rcsidotit Flatly I)ecllii«H to At-cedo to Innncdlute Popular Election. OPPONENTS PUZZLED By United Pro»«, POUT AD PIMiNCE, March 14 -- I'lwld-onl Lrtilfl Borno, diploma-tic, trlwdly and suave, gave (,h-o highest praiee to Anieri'can accomplishm-entB durlnij? th-o o'oupa'tion at Haiti In an hour's Interview wlfch the Jloovor In- vostlKatlng conwndsalon, but resolutely refused to reiedo from hla position t h a t iiolltlcnl changes mus ( he mad^e "const Itutdonally." Borno reiterates hla Insistence that no plan be adopted Which would en- t.ill cailllaB for logtslatlvo elections-at le-aat ^Jitli his sanction--In advance of January, 1932, the date set by th-e Haitian (.cnstltU'tion. If Uieie is to be an earlier election, I therefore, the respon^lble-ity for what tlio admlnlstiation claims will be a i slolatlon of the constitution will tall on tho ihoulders of the provisional pi evident, to be elated hy the council (rf ttate to succeed Borno The provisional president is to be jt. "netutraJ," agrecil upon by the Borno and' op- lt itlon factions U now b e c o m e s iju«*tkna'blfe whether llorno'a successo-r would risk the eiy of "constitution violator" that w o u l d le raised hy Bo-rno's pturty if He called for elections at once. Thus there piobilbly v^ill be a two-yea/r de~ Ijy before one of the olilel! de^alpea of ih-o people, a popularly chosen logts 1 - luture, id achieved Tots Hurried to IeuHt, KICH\!OND, Mq., March 14--Two hlldrej) of Mr and Mis. -fcJl/ta Sneek, were bimied last night in a tire- winch damaged a vacant house near th ir horar-. Bladder Weakness Troublesome Nights Swiftly Relieved Results ! Sure ! When y«« u»o Ada. in The Dally Co-iirlor, is 3-maJl, results are bl* Clasaifid cost Chi»t»lii«»l Ads. Cost is small. Results aire big. Aul 1 of the program ( om- A viry nl e program %va-j If \ o u a,te tiouli! Mciva.itlon. t'Uiidei it lib a n n u j u n c r , ' l u l l i m t n s In hu.t li ·! \ v i t l \ a burning; 'eaknc't-t f u n m ^ i t KC t t l n g - u p - n i g l i t " o « i - i u b r l o i m n aiul i f J r ,mi i')t vVhsit a 'wttiuicrfnt U u uuiU ' U t h i s f r i . i n d old i t n t ! i i i ! ( i nt H «"!! I t n o U n b i l i i n B 5 iu UIP iw f t riiut c o i u l ' i r t tt I I A * fin tsflit t n i J o / i j i g of j o t h t i f j u u S H I P ! · v III )i U i a n k M J l ,nul i . i-i \ « t l l ile LSI d i f It ]Of. not H t i l l H - | f \ th" (irus.Bi'a tl il supptleil s o u Is a n t l i o r U o d to r til n \ our motif v 'on )o\ purrhatei Tills gives \ ou u CREAM PUFFS 49c doz. Fr«sh Cakes, Rolls and Bread Daily Rose's Bakery Pfiune Orders Will Bo Filled. Phone 315-J. tpii-ilti\ test of ' t ' r i tabs w i t h o u t risk jf nidi u n l e s s pic. icd w i t h icsiiUs -| 10, I t \ i v i i w o u l d 1 now tho Jo-.s of i pom I ' f u l . i p s t f u l ti cp (iiul a nuinnil i l i e i l l ' n bluUle.-, si i r t Hie t r s t tutisjy l " n l t i i l » ! i i « Co 01 j i n v ^'HHI clrugKlst i an s u p p l y j o u -- A r u . the favors wore Shamrock baskets' flllWwith c=n!; Kast lluiitliig!«n .Seniors, F\)-!losvhig ii a. of membeis o-i tbt senior cla'..i o£ the HuntinK- rton High School, numbeilug 3o, Joseph Myers Jotin Ford, Dorothj ] rollsh Cahlnot 1o Heslgn. L^dghty, Winifred Lynch, Viola Tall, \VARSAW, Mar. h I I -- T h e Polish Annie Thonitu, D. R PfouU, Jamea cabinet is expt cU a to iei-5gu toda Frey, Blanche Fosts, Katheryn Spiers, when the oppoait on moves mibcou- J*mos Aus^H, Clifford Crosby, Ma«I« , fidenco in ^Vflnlste ot Labor Prystoi Stoker, Katlieiyn Kot, Balilridgt j ftn d Minlstei of Education Czwwinski Prltts, Fuya Miller, Ruth Ixiwe. Malx^l Myer, Imoge-iw Ouynn, Marie Craiuei Bugene, Wllllani Medagar. JameA Cro^bj", limma Baker, Alfred Love, C-ecll Miller, Paul Kooser George Albig Klle Keofer, \\illiam BUJ, Dorothy Keller, Charted HMcher atwl Wallace Knhu It is likely Bartt w i l l be l o t m ,i new gorei nmenl. Uhled to Looking foe Bnrgalna T It/ so, read tli*^ idv«t tibias columaa of Tito Daily Con ler. Patronize these who advertise FOR SALE 11. C, UUCK t'Ohi. Housed ( Home Sites Factory Sites Farm Lands Used Machinery, Shop Tools, Building and Mine Supplies Much oi the {iioperty Ior sale U adviuiiageoualy located wilt r»- dpect. to water «ad sisstrlc pov*vr Buypllew, ruilrt/pcl sidlu^s aaJ paved loaoa. For full iafornrition En regard to prices atid terms, apply to Super- inteudeut ct nearest Mluo or ticott- JaU Utlice. 11. C. Frick Coke Comuanj, Scottdaie, Penita. THE OLD RELIABLE DRY GOODS STORE When YOU Think of Dry Goods You Naturally Think of LECHE'3 Silks and Rayons at Moderate Prices Charmaine and Rayon Crepes 59c yd. 89c yd. A lovely line of printed raona and ct\armaine in patterns that will make desirable street dresses. Rayon Pique In Prints and Plain (''olor 89c yd. HO inches wide. Such love- l v solid colors as tan, m-c'rn, ranary and white. IcU-al for dresses and en- MMubU suits. Also bisuti- i u l lhi- in printed Printed Silk Crepes $1.45 yd. Printed flat silk rrepe in u beautiful array ot figured patterns. ('Jjoose enough for one or more dresses. Flat Silk Crepes $1.45 yd. Heavy weight flat silk r-rcpea in plain colorfe. Nile, canary, star flower, peach, pink, white, luzer- ene, blue, coral, sand, bluck, navy, rose and cas- tilian. Heikyy, Figured Silk Crepes $1.95 yd. An exceptionally heavy quality , isilk crepe. 39 inches wide. Buy several lengths now for Easter frocks," " Our S(a»«tlit^ 4«uitraul;«--Hatisliactloii or Your Mnupy »iu;k. ·HBkMBii«» ^^^f^f^T flHRI D ·HHBMBHMKK. ^^-_^^^S WLGIVE^blSCOUNT STAMPS TROUTMAN'S The Good of Friday is Past i ^^ *' i But Saturday--Better Values! Dresses and Ensembles $9.95 Wi:h the first day of Sprlrg only one weeh ahea«l--"You had better selec- your new spring frock." Troutman's have a bei.utlful selection at this nexpenslve price. Pr ated and plain., color ciepe and georgettes in tba newest models. Dres \es with short or long sleeves, and others ^vlth cape and puff ftlee\ SB. The allk en- ,seml le Is new--the one piset straight line dress with a silk jacket finger tip 1 ngth. Spring Coat Fashions In Fur and Self- Trimmed Models $29.50 With the Straight Line Flares for Spring. The drtessy models are of broadcloth material, trimmed in Galapin, Kid S k i n , American Broadtail and Mole with the straight line flares for Spring. The Sport Coats are of tweed with self trim or with the luxurious fur collar of Fox or Wolf. 'repe de Chine Scarfs $1.38 Vary the Costume With a New Scarf. Here Is an excellent value, with price low enough to justify having several for each suit. The smartest scarf to wear with the spring ensemble. Wear It Ascot Fashion. Six exclusive patterns In the attractive spring colors. Hand printed on grounds of beige, pink, blue. Jewelry is Appearing in the Ensemble. 58c A Varied Assortment of .Spring Fashion The new spring colora and styles of jewelry. Pearle, crystals, and seed beads in long and medium lengths. Coty's Special Combinat ion Package Face Powder 95c Perfume FREE Both A gift bottle of ixquisite Coty perfume in ea Jh Combination Package . . . with the regular size boj of Coty face powder in t h e same odeur to domonstrat 3 the importune e of uding tho one fragrance in both. They aro offered ior a lira ted time only--buy yours m w. Your New Hat Need Only Cost $2.00 Excellent Quu Ilty Pillow Case 28c 4 for $1.00 Bleached and hei lined pillow cases, 42x36 liichefe. An irregular of our 3Jc grade. Fancy Pattei ned Stocking s 25c a pair Rogular 7»c 1 alue Boys' and Girls' stockings of heavy and light weight cotton. Variety o different colors. See the fascinating new spring straws . . . copied from, the Parisian models ... and at this very low price, $2.00, Cleverly designed and trimmed straws with medium and small brim. Off the face model with Jong backs. A beautiful selection in the new apring colors." Troutman's^-SeeoBd Floor. Two of the Many New Spring Styles! Black Mat Kid Dressy p u m p with, one strap. Center bucklo cm strap. Gun metal kid trim with, built in arch and high heel. Other models in patent, brown kid and mat kid $6.50 Black Moire Pomps neat rhine- Btono ornament on vamp. High heel with medium long vamp. $6.50 New Silk Chiffon i and Service Hosiery $1.00 With Sturdy Lisle Foot and Garter Welt Colors for all Occasions The outstanding value in women's hosiery, A stocking that embodies the !-tyle and service features with superiority in construction, wearing qualities and beauty. We bought this stocking in huge quantities to make this low price possible'-- "Will You take advantage of our investment?" Trontmnn's--First Tloor. Boys' Wash Suits 58c Fast Colored Prints and Broadcloth We have received the new spring wash suits, so make your selection Saturday when they are refreshingly new. Variety of styles for your son, Be ahead of Spring! The suits have the plain and fancy colored tops and bottoms, all cut good and full. Sizes 3 to 8 years. Troutman's--First floor. Children's Sheer Dresses $1.95 Dimities, Batiste, and Combination Ensembles. A gorgeous selection of dresses with short cuff sleeve, cape effect, and sleeveless models. The combination jis the printed dimity ekirt and white blouse. Some of the prints have the organdie collar, ties and pockets. New Tweed Coats The tweed coat is prominent in Children's wear. Made in the belted model with either the scarf collar or cape effect Trontinnn 's--Second Floor. t V.** V IW«K'X^V» $5.95 MAN WHO WIRED GATE CONVICTMD OFMANSLAlfGHTER OOSHOOTON, Ohio MBixh Felix Mailatt, 31, W m v U U uhier, convicted oE maiislawgliter by a j u r y last Bight in tonneolion \\iili the dcatli of Oluvites Newell, 27 Inst Nov- etnber. Newell was electro* uled when he caine in. pouiarL with vhe on n gate near a ntlno at Warwl lr, and the prosecution con tended th. t Mailatt deliberately wired tlm gal for Santa f au 1 ". WASHINGTON, March 1 --The man to whom 100,00ft chlltln n mldrcsH Christmas appeals yoaily --the po«t- tnaBtar at Santa ( IIIUH, Indiana-- WOuM I'fl jjlviMi "'i Hiiltfl ila awsr*!" for handling tbla wclra m ilk'uiirter a 11I Introduced hy Ua Kovvboltoai, Republican, I Uniformity in Spellingr Making Slow Progres* Of all the hundreds of languages In the v.oi!d Spanish is recognized as the most perfect phonetic. The Italian tongue Is n close second. This is why these tongties «re among the enslesl tor foreigners to learn. The French academy has made some progress toward a uniform spelling of French, hut the system 1» yet fur from perfect. AVheii- It Is veuietuberbd thai even Shakespeare spelled his own name la 30 different ways, It Js not hard to sympathize with forelgneis nncl elementary pupils In our own schools who fare the dURculUes of mastering the multitudinous forms of spelling, Perhaps some time ft uniform system may be adopted hy English-speaking: peoples, but It \\lll not be soon.-- Knnsas Cit.\ Stnr, Educational Plan land staat coUcgs is tta cduca- tfonal Institution wEich derives at least a port of Its income from the Bales and rentals of I inds granted to the various states for »dncatlonal purposes. There have been several land grant laws. The most important one, however, was passed aoout 1800. This law gave to each state 30,000 acret of land per reprpspntativ e. In this way If a state had ten representatives, il would have 800,000 air«f« of land, the income of which wat. to be used in supporting n free «du atlou institution for the people of that state. 1'iactl- cally all the state unh ei-sltles of today arn land grant college-), ami there may be other Institutions in the state such as technical and Itdustrlnl schools which are practically suppotltd in this manner Jne -- Here* H «'i»;n If n n want il iit I thought thai vm had sworn off J i m -- No, jn«r ntvrrn off using to HUNTING BIG GAME IN ALASKA PICTURES SHOWNATSCOTTDALE SCOTTDAUC, March 13.--The Arc^le Theatre was tilled to capacity evening for the motion picture* on how big game huiuing" le doing In Alaska, H wa« a benefit for th» Scottdale Baweball Club and eportsmeu from this community aul many out of town sections gathered. Tlio pictures were jr?smted by Frank 31, Frledhoff, well known sporteman of Johnetown, who madp four trips Into Alaska to cutch big game. Clarified Adr«rtli«nrat« )3rin,i? resulifaa wh«n placed in t ti»n« ot Tb® Daily Oowrtor. Pstronlted tho»«

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