The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 14, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1930
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, MARCH 14, THE DAILY COURIER CONNELLfcJVI] ·LE, PA PAGE NINE. * If you buy tires on price you'll want Buckeyes Buckeye tires are built by Kelly-Springfield to fit the pocket-book of the man who doesn't require tho amount of mileage and service he would get in the regular Kelly. If you do not do much ' strenuous driving you, will find Buckeyes a very satisfactory buy Buckeye tires are not made of cheap material. Everything ;hat jrocs into a Buckeye is first class in every way. Buckeyes carry the Kelly name and are /nade by Kelly workmen. They give the same mileage in proportion to their cost in the regular Kellys do. If price is an object, try a Buckeye -- it'll save you money. 29x4.40 29x4.50 ..,., 28x4.75 29x4.75 30x4.75 .... 29x5.00 1 ..... 30x5.00 5.70 6.20 7.40 7.65 $ 7.95 $ 8.05 $ 8.25 $ $ $ $ 28x5.25 30x5.25 31x5.25 29v5.50 30x5.50 32x6.00 33x6.00 S 8.90 $ 9.60 $ 9.85 $10.25 310.50 $11.90 $12.30 HIGH PRESSURE 33x4'/ 2 and 34x4^2 .... ........... . ......................... $9.95 ALL BATTERIES Radically Reduced Not a "bait" offer on a. single model --tout a real prico cut on evory pat- senger car battery bearing the honored name of 0-Lite. AH GREAT SAVINGS AS 24% Never ha^ anyone offered you a greater battery value than this In spite of low price we take youi old battery as part payment. Any Make of Battery Ke^harged $1.00. Second Hand Tires For Sale Cheap. AUTO SERVICE CO 305 W. Crawford Ave. Phone 319 HEM WoUuTs IN MSM HOUSED W/LL. "fHE COSA/ OONAwP COO«MtlN SAN "BOfto CAklf- DEAR. NOAH- IF OUR:. OLD CAT WENT ToTMf? 8HACH,\WOUI-O HE 8R/N BACK SANDY :I.AVM' SSTND IN TO THIS STARS FILE INTENTION TO WE0 Lowell Sherman and Helena Cortello, film stars, snapped in a happy pose after filing notice of intention to wed at Los Angeles. Their wedding date was set for March 15, but the honeymoon, according to Sherman, has been postponed until June. LEGUMES USEFUL ^ AS GRAIN FEED "anT tHe"h~ens ate"more. A sfTage eM- t«r or fe«d chopper can be used tt cot the hay. The shattering!) that nccura tlnte where the alfnlfn or clover Is hai died in feeding the cattlft 01 other live stock: Is equally valuable W the bay Is of good quality and not Injure 1 by weathering or heatlug In bur or stack. Alfalfa meal made from i ceen hay In the meeh or tad as « sep .rat* part of the ration. Is another i i*en feed substitute. Each Hen Could Profitably Use Pound of Hay Daily. The Ohio experiment station has dona soraa valuable work in testing out th« us* of alfalfa, clover and soy bean hay U substitutes foe green feet! for th« laying flock. They found that each bird could make profitable use of about ons pound of leafy, flne- atemtned, bright hay per month. The hay should not be conrae or contain a ihgh p«r cent of crude fiber. It ts nearly always possible to get at least a limited amount of such hay from th« last cutting of nlfalfii or th« aecond cutting of clorer. A considerable number of farmers are cutting ·mail portion of their alfalfa late fa the fall, after the removal of the last regular aop. The least mature of the aoy beani, when they have been cut for hay, are equally satisfactory, These Ohio tests Indicate that the** throe, alfalfa, red clover and soy beant, era equally valuable If cut and cured properly. In' these tests the feeding of the hay in hoops of poultry netting wa« found to be very sat- lifactorr- Catting the hny In half- todi lencUia. made tlifi. feeding. *aBier Litter Not Desirable Place for Grain I eec Eiiperlropntnl work nt suvern ela- tlans 08 well ns (he practical e pert enbe of a Inrne number of p nltrj keepers provft that hcn« do not nc to bunt In the litter for their feed to order to Jay w»')l. More ana more peoplft are feeding tht« whoU and crackBdSfraln to the poultry In tr ingha to kepp It cleaner tlinn It would b« If acatttfred In the Utter, Litter is highly desirable In o poul try liortso during the time thi t the flock i» kept eonrkied, liaf its virtue is In keeping HIP feet cleaner, tb · Hoot drier and more easily elMined, n d ma liouae warmer thiui wbca uo H ter la used, mid not to furnlfih a pi ce to hide tho gralu feed. Some g i a i » wll bo clropped In the btraw or ch iff, or shredded foddrr or pent mow o though troughs are used, and tb hen« will scratch for It Btit dellbi rtttely ·cattprtng the gniln In tho Utt r, less there Is UQ container an IJaljle no useful purpo/je. Poultry Hints Saturday Specials Apples, 4 Ibs Fatronize, the Home Merchant Who Advertises in The Daily Courier, j Fancy Celery, 3- Ijjrge stalks . Head Lettuce, extra large, each Grape Fruit, Large size, 2^ for Gal if ornia Oranges, doz Maine Potatoes, per peck Sweet Potatoes, 4 Ibs Onions, 6 pounds Lemons, imported from Italy, doz. . French Endive, per Ib Florida Tomatoes, per Ib . Swe«t Oranges, per dozen .. .. Blue Ribbon Mult, can ., . Mutches, 6 large boxes Super Suds, 3 boxes . West Penn Fruit Market Across From IVest Penn Termhirtl. It la good business to hatch early. * * · In hatsitng ej$£s to the mnrret, not expoie tlient (o tite dire' t rayt of rhe sun. * * « Insist tbot thp buyer par c \ah to your et'CT, and that he buy tlu in on quality or grade basis * * * A standard incubator whl h w successfully hulcii chlokeiJ egg should hatch the turkey egj s wltl equal MU':ceK. ...VInr)y have be ;n we succefsfully. * · » All iiuits of tho incubator ghoul be thoroughly 'denned flnd (flai ifectet One per cenl lormalln can 1 e u«et Tlien level the machine and -egulat carefully to the dpslrnd temj erature Poultry raisers uot being f to have clover, alfalfa or oth r green feed ranges, or those wl« ilng t plant green feed for snmraei use 1 their poultry runs, will fin I eudan grass very good, birds with Inrge co obs «r« most apt to become frosted a ter t are wet. * * « A lot of pQuUijnien com ase lie w l f h mites. Lice stay on the birds al the time, wiiereas mitpH attrcfc them only at nignt and hide In cr clr ' an crevices during the do j time. * * * Often ducks make a very llfiagree able puddle around the drink off foun tain A good device to previ nt dnek lings front forming such a t act die, I a wite cove-red framt-.' * * * liaising pullets is one of be raos Important jobs of the* poultr · keeper for unless these new pullets r re ^ro right, they Will get oft to a i oor atar nnd the year's work will be serlousl; hampered. * * · Should t h e young pullets how any signs of unthrlftness, thepou try keeper w m do well to see If tjier · are any intestiaal worms preietit in he flock. Th« Fer«aa*t "Is it tnJe that « «torm ei n bo ftslt in advance?" "T«». Wliouovar raj w'to «ay«! 'Hhut the window*'' I Itnpv a «torai is coming." MMWMi Hopa 'Die h;lla had refuseo hir i » rtnnc« and lie was disconsolate "Oh. some girl will gh s yeu a dance,' · sutd »li« brightly "I*'« a eitai'ity ball" " W*- fen tare Grennsn'i popular priced e«ke»! , MTV«*d BCOMOMVI An Unusual Offer . A B E A U T I F U L $3 V A L U E H A D C O L O R E D MEDALLION (SEPIOTONI') See these Beautiful 6x8 inch Medallions in, any Keystone Store. Reproduced from snapshot or photo. Tasty Pink SALMON * A» M«l food, *|Mei«II;r priced. I Special '/ Dclteloa* Royal Anne C H E R I E S Cam 49** Special! Fancy Bvaporat atf P E A C H E S Lb. Tomatoes Per Q» Chocolates - 2 Lb*. 29* Citmmt, prkiin.i, cwcomli, ·*«. Beans - - .3 Cans 25c C«mpWr» to tutjr uatfm. Ginger Snaps - PcrLb. Zkm brudt Pigs Feet Qt. Jar 39c Mother's Oats - B* He CfciUrM MM* · inra (malt Mustard - - Quart Jar 23c M*k« COM! thlnfi tiut* Sauer Kraut 2 U« CM» 25c t Lmr( thr«*d. jut' the rirht tmngt Special. . . New York . . . Jane Make , Cream Cheese " 29 Tb» Mtrltlwin food! 25 i*. Sack SUGAR - - - $1.39 Lifebuoy - - 3 *« 19c Tb. HwUtU *«·» Fairy Soap - - 5 for 1 9c Cleansers - - 5 Cans 25c KMUM, CM*«nm or Suabrfeti Paper Cleaner 3 Cant 25c Cltaw-- N*» »to4k. Ammonia - - 9 lm LUX - - L*e. Box 21 e L»u«J»r. Ant. fabric*. Flour · Lge. BOX 35c »IH**WT-t-lHd c.U». mlly btlndt Fig Bars - - 2 Lb«. 25c Fresh treat U« »v»i»! Special! N U C O A A Mi«Mf«l p»M4 for W«d. In our Margarine Store* Lb. Special! W** GTMI uui W«» B E A N S T»n«Ur--lUvocy' 2 Cans 29° Special! Salada TEA BALLS tb« 12 QUALITY MEA TS ALL STEAKS, 3 Lbs. $1 .OO BEEF and PORK, Ground, 2 Pound 45c LEG OF LAMB, Pound 35c Fresh Pork Side, 4 Lbs. $1.OO SHORT RIB ROAST, 3 lbs.9Oc Lamb Shoulder Floast, Ib. 28c Sugar Cured HAM, Whole or Half, Ib. 27c SUGAR CURED BACON, 3 Lbs. 85c HOME DRESSED CHICKENS 313 N. PitUburg St. Connellsville 136 N. Pittsburg St. A. ^ - - - - I , ··..-_ - - [ - - . . - · L · j i u ·· - · · - · · - KEYSTONE STORES QUALITY with I.CONOMY Tune in on W. J. A. S, «t !Ot3O A. M. ererr Friday, for K«y*tone StQre« Program. YOU ARE INVITED TO LOCATE AT POPLAR GROVE ,, Where you will find some of the best building sites, in tofe neighborhood. Lots 60x140 \ feet city water, schools and church/ Prices range from $110 up to $1,000. Come and let ' i m phow you the lots. C, B. McCORMICK, PopUr Grove. P. O. Address, Box 144, Con- !l nefisville. Pa. ' ' . ··" ' \

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