The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 23, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 23, 1939
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

. IIUnSDAY, JIAKC II 2S, 1031 i'HE DA1L.Y COURIER CONNEULSVl.LLJL PAGE THREE ON THE Radio /n/ormation At a Glance Recalled by Duce TQ^JGHT WCAE--1321 KG I) 00--Metropolitan Opcrdloguc 6 15--evening News 6 25--Sports 0 iO--Goodwill Hour 7 00--Amos and Andy 7 15--Vocal Varieties 7 30--Mario Cotti 7 43--Inside ot Sports 8 00--Rudy Vallcc 9 00--Good News ol 1939 10 00--Music Hall 11 00--News Parade 11 10--Bernic Cummins Oich 11 30 Charles Harriett's Orch 1200--Glen Grays Oich 12 JO--Bob Crosby s Oic i BJ)KA--USD KC (j 00--Mews, spoils, weathci 600--"i GUI Movie IMisazine of the An B ID--MJI UL! Con i «c« Oich 6 10--Music.--S[)oi s fa 45--LmvelJ Iborms 7 00--Easy Aces 7 15--Mi Keen " 30-- The Chinsmj, Wn cl 7 15--Hnkc ip 1 tint isies 800--Pincie of P ogic'-b 8 15--To be in lountod 830--Rothcitci Philurmomc Oich 930--Ameiicas Town Meeting of Air 10 30--1 u M ichu 1045--The C u l l in Rise 11 00--News wentlier 11 15--The Music You W« nt I 12 00--Cluck Webbs Oich j 12 15--New Penn Oich 1230--AJ K-nclnib Oich WJAS--IZ'JU KC 6 05--R mhm Roundup 6 IS--News of the Woild 6 JO---Todaj with Bob Trout 6 15--Lcluiid R Monou 7 00--Count} Seat 7 15--Robeit Edge 7 30--Joe Pennci 8 00--Ka*e Sirit i 9 00--Major Bowes' Amateur Hour 10 00--Tune Up Time 10 45--Americans at Woik 11 00--News with Ken Hildebiand 11 15--Hemj Bun e s O ch 11 30--Cab Ca louav's Oich 12 00--Sammv Kayes Oich FRIDAY WCAE 7 OD--Progra-n Resume 7 00--Mo-nmg n\pi ess 8 00--Nexvs 8 15--Todays Almanac 8 JO--Do You Remember 8 IT--Hits jncl Encoics 9 00--Lillian Malone 9 15--Gems of Melodj 9 JO--flic Band Goes To Tow D 45--Secret Diary iO 00--Ccnlial City 10 15--John's Other Wife 1030--Just Plain Bill 10 45--Woman in White 11 00--David Harum 11 15--Loienzo Jones 11 30--Youn« Widdow Brown 11 45--Road of Life 32 00--Studio Time Sii,n il 12 00--News, 12 10--Melodies 12 15--The ONeills 1230--Cm lei s of EIri Slice' 12 15--Singm' Sum 1 00--Musical C 11 i\ in 1 15--Sophisticated Ladies 1 30--Bcinie Cummins Oich 1 45--Voice of Experience 2 00--Sons Sampler 2 15--Polly Entertdins 2. 30--Kitty Keeno 2 45--Musical Tiidl 3 00--Mary Mailin. 3 15--Ma Peikms 3 30--Pepper Young's Family 3 45--Guiding Light 4 00--Backstage Wile 4 15--Stella Dallas 4 30--Vic and Sade 4 45--Girl Alone 5 00--Dick Tracy 5 15--Your Family and Mine 5 30--Jack Armstrong 5 15--Orphan Annie b 00---Stardust. b 15--Evening News o 25--Spoits 6 30--News on Parade 6 45.--Muted Music 7 00--Amos and Andy 7 15--Jimmy Fidler 7 30--Lightening Jim 8 00--Lucille Manners 0 00--Waltz Time 0 30--Death Valley Days 3000--Guy Lombardos Orch 10 so--Uncle Ezi a 10 45--Johnny Duffy 11 00--News Parade 11 10--Steiling Youngs Oich 11 30--Joe Venuti s. Orch li 00--Sammy Kaye s Oreh 12 30--On in Tuckei s Oich 1 00--Bcinie Cummins' Oich Fairchance Man Beat, Blackened Girl's Eye bNION TOWN Mai 23 --Flits and teeth should not be used in the di=pH of aneetion That was made clcai toddy in the ,11 lest ot Duanc 'Wood* 30, of Fai chance, ariested and jailed on a charge of .tsiult and battery pie- Icned by E\a Hughes 26, also of that to\/n It is .nleiied that when the Uvo nuaucled Hughei blackened the girl's eye stiuck hei in the nose and bit hei finger A wair ( nt for Hughes was issued several months ago but his anest came Tuesday K D K \ j 6 30--iVusiui 1 Clocl j G 45--Farm Markets 7 00--The Music il Clock 7 lo--"Western Tnil", 7 30--Musical ClocK j 00--Nc\\ 6 8 05--Mtf-»c il Clock 8 15 --Di Sunshine 8 30--Music il Cloc S 00--Shopping Ciiele 9 15--Linda's Fust Lo\e 9 30--The Editor s Daugnter 9 45--On 'he Hall 10 00--Tom and Tm 10 15--Jane Aidcn 1030--Bob C u o l b i n one 1045--Ilousebo it 3U m ill 11 00--Mary Marlin 11 15--Vic and Sjc'e 1130--Pepper Youngs Family 11 15--Getting the Most Out of Life 12 00--Nev,b, wea'htt temperature 12 15--Voice o£ the Farm 12 30--National Farm Home Hour 1 15--Fiim Radio Seivice 1 30--Wome i 11 the "Now 2 45--Happy Gilmani 2 00--Betty and Bob 2 15--Arnold Gumm's Daughter 2 30--Valiant Lady 2 45--Betty Croekci 3 00--KDKA Home Torum 330--KDK\ Bookwoim 3 45--Tea Time Tunes 4 00--Club Matinee 5 00--Ban y McKmley 5 15--Adrum Rollmi Tuo 5 30--Don Winslow of the Navy 5 45--Tom Mix Straight Shooters 6 00--News bports weather 6 Ob--Your MoMe Magazine of the ·\n 6 lo--Manuel Cont-a es' Oich 6 30--Music spoi ts 6 45--Lowell Thomas 7 00--Golden Theatie 7 15--Don DiNon 7 30--Pjt H^lej b Parts 7 -*5--Glee Club B 00--Wai den Lawos 8 30--Romance cind Rhythm 9 00--Plantation P irty 9 30--"Maich ot Time 1000--To be announced 11 00--News, weather, temperature 11 07--A A A VVesk-End Tour. 11 15--The Music You Want 12 00-- M Kcuehns O'ch 1215--New Pcnn Oich 12 30--.Toe Reichnnn ; Oich UJAS 7 30--Musicale 8 00--News 8 15--Time Again 810--Ti ns.uption 8 45--Cheeric Me odies 8 ^5--Todny s PiOkianT- 9 00--Luthei in Innei -Mission 1 15--Manh.ittdn 9 30--Joyce Jordan 9 45--Bachelors ChJdien 10 00--Young D- IWalone 10 15--MMI and Marge 10 30--Hilltop House 10 45--Stepmother 11 00--Volk\\ems Musicale 11 In--Scattergood Barnes 11 30--Big Sister 11 45--Aunt Jenny's Stones 12 00--Mary Margaret McBudc 12 15--Her Horor Nancy Jcimes 11 30--News of the World 12 4o--Our Gal Sunday 1 00--ahe Goldbeigi 1 15--Lite Can Be Beautiful 1 30--Uoad of Life 1 t5--Ph s D i j !«. Ou- 2 00--Doc B.i tie., ! Dj igl tor 2 n--The L fe ind Lo\c of Dr Su^an 2 30--Air cue in Sc 100! o' tl e \\r 3 00--Marine B md 3 30--Xtboi-cJ Core i\f 4 00--John SI n ye-, 4 15--TodTv s Progiams 4 20--Mitincc Promcn,uic 4 4 5 -- 4 1 Be-mrds Mniatiel' 5 00--Rjt i C T I ml 5 i5--Howie Wi IR 530--±3jion L l l i o t u i Orchestia 6 05--Manna tan Sc-enode 6 15--News of the world 6 30--Bob Trout 6 45--Talk of tl e Toun 7 00--County Se t 7 15--Lum and Abner 730--Hiitoiy Speiks 745--Benny B u i l o i t , Orch 8 00--First N 3 ite' 8 30--Bums and Allen 9 00--Orson Wellei 10 00-- Grind C e n t i a l Station 10 30--V e The Ju-j 1045--V,P% 11 00--News of the norld 11 15--Lcithton Noble a Orch 11 30--Jimm Dore\ s Oich 12 00--Ben Bcincs O en vhile emoute to post bond for a giandbon Donjld Altman, of Gieens- bu g iccuscd of Iranspoiting a stol- d ccl h e i c Fuesdai i en lulomobite acioss state lines Mrs Ilcirt YtVu.k r i U l PITTSBURGH Mil 23 --Mrs I mm t OsorK 76 Giccn^ouig co 1 ! ip cd Overly was stricken in fiont of the Federal baildirg and died one houi later oft Mercy Hospital. A heart attack Was blamed. 1 ! Bernardo Attolico (above), Italian ambassador to Germany, has been recalled to Rome to report to Pre- mcr Hussohrn on Europe's warlike developments He is c\pectcd to outline Hitler's attitude to the "stop-Hitler" program of Brita n, France and Russia. (Central Prcst) District Would Be Hit by Gas Rales I n u e i ^ f d g rites, p upo^cd b the Peoples Nituidi G is Como inj, uou'd eflccL LonbUmeii, H Belle \ci- non Noith BPJ!L Vemon ^Vcst Ke\v- ton -mcl Mono -,en The p oposed n i i r uould become efT(.eti\c *M i\ 17 unkbs su pcnded by the con mission in notion u nch i* expected pending n stud 1 - ot the offer IKseitJon Charged UNIONTOW Mai 23 --Chaigmg desertion, Clii \ Jones of South Con- ncllsvillc fil'd a suit foi divoice against Elnei Jones of Btedknetk road, BullsKin township Ihcy \verc maiucd Moi 2 1932, in Mailmsbuig W Va She said hoi husband startec lor Dunfoar to seek employment ana refused to iclurn to hei WHAT Does Your Home NEED? 0 Roofing O A biff selection of all tjpes Guaranteed roofing" at very loiv prices 0 Lumber 9 For interior and exterior use Also Mdeboard, willboard and roofing » Mill-work » W indtro s sash Liilrance and intenoi doors and otlicr quili tj nnU^oik 0 Supplies @ A complete stock of ill tht best building supplies it t reil i\mir Stone Work 15 -- FHOINC -- 170(1 Tno Ut f o i mirk X ^ c« m* V i U i s d « l Hiuban Declines Bid WASHINGTON Mai 23 -- Tic Czcchoslo\ik ] gdtion toddy said Minister Vladimn HL i o«m had declined an i n v i ation io spedk c-t Pilt 1 -- bingh Sunday dt the hill *\hcie Uic histoiic. PiHsbiu gji pict conceinmg the founding o£ C/cchoblcnakid \\as 1 ike trie Income Up Pit billyh L kr I j i c R d i l i o i d si owed £ net mcOTic of S1020J4 foi J a n u d i \ i^ ig iinst i i ct lobs o£ $59,463 in Januuo 10^8 Mrs Taa Pill«r says G-vs on my atom. nch wna so had I couldn t eat or «Ic-p Cam c*cn prc^o^d on my heart j\dlc fki. brn iKht TIC quick r^Uct Now I rat an I Unior Drut Co and Burn i Diuc S ort ·FOODS II UUMH K ur M U k l K M HI 1,1 I S B u d s tjc ti h 1 illci come to vou oce in f e h The f u i l fla 01 and £joodnc'-s oalcd in Try '.ome tod i\ Rcgul ih 2ic Ib Ib V S l M l i \(.| s 'I II'S Hue s i re il \~i uc ^ on 11 find P u d s f c \bpii iciib i l i v o r fu! v the K nd ^ou J p u k from ou o\ i c n con be^o 1 - 4 Rcgu! i h J-K bo 12 o/ b j \ Tr^ Somclhm^ N C O R N ON C O B n 11 o/ K b 1" 07 Sunrdlish Sloik= O "1 ,, "i«^ O"| ,, OJ-C 2 cars Hie bo\ 2ie bn\ T5o Ib Ijc IJIUD'i Til KCD I'MICH Boneless Pillcts -J A Spccnl Ib J.«/C Schneider's Market KOUtUT ROBBINS 800 Most GriMford \\enue Phone iS'-l'X Conncllsville I*a pcratures Simply dial the tempera ture you want -- for instance, 40 degrees, and it stays 40° with con slant SAFE temperatures m each part of the refrigerator See the TRUE TEMP Cold Control in the new 1939 Westinghousc Refngera tors Why not drop in, today 3 You can say goodbye to costly guessing about refrigerator tern pcraturcs' New TRUE TEMP Cold Control gets the degree of cold you want AND HOLDS IT regardless of charges in kitchen temperature Ends needless food spoilage due to insufficient cold or fluctuating tcm STILL MANY MORE Plus Features' New enlarged Meat Keeper roomy BuiJt m Huimdrawer fist Super Freezer with Eject o Cube Trays and £rrra Frozen Storage Space Famous Economizer Mechanism that W houri, our of 12 uses /io current it att Kitchen oroved ivtrisc) Service Radio Electric Co. 'I IK Prettiest Shoos * cm \ \cr Sun ! Sl/0- i d. n All Heel Sizes* C n l s ' -- VII -Nlute sniixitlt lentlici, \ i t h liunui MitltHc. W h i t e rn)il)ci, if nod ue.ii ing sole. Girls' -- At omen's FLATTIES Patent Japonic^ Blue 98 Smartlj Stjlea for Dress Children's Oxfords Sl7CS BUcks Misses' Strap Slippers Sniiul r. strap Stjle .29 Sizes to 2 Chrome patent upper*-. soles. Biult-ii)) JievK. hpoit lonls iiKo --iiiiie piicc. Infants' Shoes Sizes 3 to Sturdy WOitK SHOES P0UCE OR HEAVY TYPES Westmghouse Refrigerator

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