The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 11, 1938 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1938
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 19SS. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNBLLSVILLE, PA. PAGE THREE. President Gets Close To Regimentation When He Says How to Spend Fixing Installment Periods Borders on Rights Infringement. NEXT STEP WOULD BE MORE CONTROL WASHINGTON, Mar. 10.--President Hoosevclt has on his desk a letter from the principal companies that finance automobile sales on the installment payment plan. It is in response to various suggestions the President made several weeks ago when the busincss-and-govcrnment conferences filled the headlines. It had been understood that the White House would make public the letter, but, beyond saying that the auto finance companies had accepted some of his suggestions, the President did not reveal the contents of the communication. Nor do the auto finance companies feel it is proper lor them now to disclose the document. There's no especial mystery about it, however, for the leading auto finance companies merely have restated the position they have always adopted. It seems strange that the question of.; installment financing should be up for discussion at the White House these days unless it is a recognition of the fact that sales of autos have slowed down**and something or somebody is responsible-.certainly not the people who make or sell cars. Installment terms have a great deal to do with the movement of automobiles /rom dealer to purchaser, and it would be a mistake for the President to interfere lest he defeat his own object--the increase in sales. After all, a buyer of/an auto is either a good or.a 'bad credit risk. Some people do not deserve to have on automobile even on any credit plan, for their income will not permit the of the payment obligations, while others can meet every payment punctually whether they have six months or 24 months in , which to buy a car. There is no rule of thumb by which installment financing can be prescribed. Each case usually stands on its own merits. Mr. Roosevelt, lor some reason still unexplained, interjected his advice into the situation at a time when the auto finance companies had for several months begun to tighten up on credit terms. They had tried to persuade dealers not to make credit arrangements for months, but instead for periods no to exceed 18 months. Here again however, they were careful not to make any hard and last rule, leaving it to dealers to determine by their '. own examination whether credit risks in individual cases were or were not worth long terms. The President seems to have flxed on a maximum of 18 months. When · he did this, the dealers generally had for a long time been told by the finance companies that their..note; would find a better market if con fined to periods of 18 months o less, so it is somewhat puzzling jus what the White House purpose really was in entering .the picture at all unless, hereafter, the public-is to b · advised by the" White House from ' time to time what can or cannot be ' bought on credit. - There is some relationship between · installment terms and the quantity of automobiles sold. At present, lo ·instance, anybody with conndenc enough in the stability of his own in · come to want to buy an automobil is likely to prove a better risk than in periods of boom. So, rf anything terms ought to bb cased nowaday rather than tightened. This wouli have the effect of stimulating sale of cars and thus allow many bun dreds ol thousands of workmen tc get back their jobs, 'Mr. Roosevel permitting. In other words, the President's ac tion would appear to be deflationary though doubtless he did not intcm it as such. The'qucstion really re mains: What business is it o£ the President or anybody else In govern merit whether a citizen wants to buy an automobile on credit terms? It' his own wages that are involved am he ought to be free to use his pay for whatever he pleases. Thus, many people would rathe have an automobile than buy new .furniture for a bedroom, or possiblj they might prefer to buy a lot o furniture on the installment- plan and not buy a car. Whatever the in dividual thinks will give him and hi family maximum satisfaction is cer tainly his own affair, unless it b reasoned that, under the new deal the President and the Federal Gov ernment may exercise a paternalist! guardianship which considers thi citizen a ward incapable ol decidini what to do with his own Income. So far as installment selling is concerned, the Federal Gpvernmen has a good deal to explain. It permits loans on houses to run twenty year and with a down payment ol only II per cent. It sells electric appliance: to rural folks lor periods of five ani 10 years, and certainly agriculture income is far from stable. Clearly, the government has had little experience with the financing 61 installment sales, whereas thi auto finance companies have discoV' cred that payments both in period of depression and prosperity arc maintained with remarkable punctu ality. The excellence of Installmen finance p'apcr--that is, notes which are resold by the auxo dealers to ft nance companics»-is such that t banks buy tixsc notes and charge relatively low rate ol interest because ol the record, ol prompt pay merit. To tell prospective purchasers tha they must all be treated alike and given only a specific time in winch to buy an automobile comes near be- 'ins a regimentation ol the Nation Stenographer Slain Mum Dckkcr . . . slain, motive a mystery Murder of Mlna DcKkcr, IP-ycar- old stenographer and choir singer, in Grand Rapids. Mich., mystified police. The girl's battered body was found in the stockroom of the omco where sho was employed. Her skull fractured in five places, she died without regaining consciousness. The office had not been robbed and the- victim was not criminally attacked. Police were unable to find n. murder weapon. --Central ften taring Blood For Transfusions In Philadelphia By Intcrnatlohal News Service. PHILADELPHIA, Mar. 11--A. new blood bank" for storing blood for so in transfusions is being mainlined at the Philadelphia General Hospital. Dr. William G. Turnbull, sup^r- ntendcnl, reported the system has, een used in more than 400 cascs.l nd that its advantage lay in reduced iboratory costs and time saved in; fleeting transfusions. , And it pro-' uces fully as satisfactory results as f blood were drawn directly from he donor's veins, according to Dr. 'urnbull. For years need was seen for a blood storehouse," so that proper ypes of blood would be ready for morgency cases, the physician cx- ilaihed. When a case arose, donors lad to be recruited by telephone, olice scouting cars and even radio, t was sometimes a matter of four lours' before this patient 'could be idministercd the life saving fluid. A vastly simpler procedure is necessary now. Blood is drawn rom the donor.'s arm and mixed vith 10 per cent solution of sodium :itrate to prevent clotting. Some of the blood is withdrawn nto a sterile wash-bottle and several ·ials are retained for testing, one to discover the type of blood, the other o undergo a Wasscrman study. Indexed files listing the type of blood ind personal characteristics of the donor are affixed to the blood "deposit." The blood approved for transfusion purposes is kept in a refrigerator at ·0 degrees Fahrenheit. Confluence CONFLUENCE, Liar. 11.--Mrs Harry Dold and son, Richard, and Miss A. Miller of Lanloth, Pa., were visitors Monday with Mr. and Mrs John Davis. They were accompanied home by Miss Gertrude Dold who will spend several · months with her brother and family. E. B. Brown of the West Side who is a patient in ifrantz Hospita following injuries he- received in a fall down a stairway several week: ago, is not improving. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Younkin havi returned from a visit with their son Russell, and family at"Wilson. The farmers have been busy these days in starting their spring work A number in this vicinity are en fiagcd in the manufacture of mapli syrup. Mr. and Mrs. Fred t-indhurst have returned to their home in Detroit Mich., after a visit with friend here. The elementary classes are pn paring an operetta to be given Fri day evening, March 18. Liquor in Woman's Home. Acting on a tip, officers Wednes day raided the home of Kali Andrcko, 48, of Belle Vcrnon, un covering four gallons of moonshine One gallon was in the kitchen anc three were concealed in a box be ncath a back porch. Ealy Astaln Candidate. SOMERSET, Mar. 11.--Senato Charles H, Ealy has announced hi candidacy for reelection on the Re publican ticket for the State Senat from the 3Gth senatorial district. and It will, of course, tend to s up sales because many people woul then have to accumulate a good dea more cash before buying a car, thu depriving themselves of the oppor tunity to use any pay for an article a the same time--a principle as old a credit itself. When government, and particular ly the President of the United State feels privileged to mix into sue matters as installment sales of auto mobiles, it is only a short step to ward telling people how much ou of their incomes they may spend fo movies or theatres and how muc for clothes, how much for a new :; and how much for household article if not how much to spend for canne goods and how much for pcrisl-.nfo! food itself. There are many thing that need regulating in America, Iu the right of an individual even to b extravagant if he or she desires : as fundamental as the right to parsimonious, and it will be a soir day when government assumes th power to advise the citizen on hi purchases. Smilhlon Seeks to Condemn Land for Filtration Plant GREENSBURG, M;y. 11.--Chief Burgess Harry J. Frost and Borough Secretary V7illiam Bavthcls of Smithton petitioned the court asking lor an order to condemn a tract of lane owned by the Smithton German Harmonica Singing Society as a site for a nitration plant of the borough The petitioners, acting by the authority ol counsel asked for viewers to be apopinted to view the property required to complete installation of the borough's water plant President Judge Cahrlcs E. Whitten appointed Everett Barber, M. O Morris and John P. Hcrron to mce! at the site and give 10 days publi notice of the time of such meeting by handbills posted on the premises. Conference on State History at Indiana Lovers ol Pennsylvania history will be much interested in a con lerence that will be held at the State Teachers'" College nt Indiana on Saturday, April 2. The theme v;il be "Pennsylvania in American His tory," keeping in mind tho Scsqui Centennial and Swedish Tcr-Centen nial. The speakers will be Dr. Selsan o State College who is a historian author, member of Pennsylvani Historical Commission and officer o the League of Nations; Dr. Hale Sip of Butler, who is an author of legis lative resoultions and prime move in the New Swedish movement. H is one of Pennsylvania's best author! ties on local history and the Amcri can Indiana; and Dr. Robert Fortcn baugh of Gettysburg College, the out standing historian and public speak er who delivered the address at Har rlsburg in January at the State His torical Society banquet. Scouts Hear of Work Of European Member Miss Elizabeth B. Rupp addresse Boy Scouts of Troop No. 1 Tuesda night at the United Brethren Church relating her experience with Scouts and scouting while on a recent tri abroad. Miss Rupp said that she had com in contact with Scouts in the variou European countries and told brief! of some ol the activities she had ob served. She said that in Greece th Scouts had organized a band an often gave concerts. Candidate Speaks Frankly. ALBANY, Ore., Mar. 11.--In-an nouncing he would attempt to sue ceed himself as state senator fro Linn county, Senator Charles Child said: "I have never robbed widow and orphans and I very seldom lie Childs has held the post seven time despite the fact that he "wasn't bor in a log cabin" or "isn't a self-mad man." BANANAS APPLES ORANGES APPLES GRAPEFRUIT ONION SETS TOMATOES POTATOES Golden Yellow Red Delicious Jumbo, Florida Stayman Winesap Large Florida large, ripe medium size CELERY HEARTS tender ENDIVE or ESCAROLE PARSNIPS Hollow Crown GARLIC large 6 las. 25c 7 IDS. 25c doz. 29c 10 IDS. 25c 6 for 25c 85c--8 Ibs. 25c 2 Ibs. 19c 2 pks. 35c bunch 10c 3 Ibs. 25c Ib. 5c ib. 10c 137 TV. Crawford Arc. \Vc DeliTcr. rhono 150S The Ex-Crown Prince--Exile or Vacationist? Former Crown Prince Wilholm, eldest son of tlie cx-Kniser of Germany, is pictured above with Crown Mrs. Julia Mitchell Dies. SOMERSET, Mar. 11.--Mrs. Julia Layton Mitchell, 70, died Tuesday at he home of her son, Joseph Mitchell, .Vindber, R. D. Her husband, Jacob, died nine years ago. She is survived jy five children and one brother. Need No Federal Permits. · WASHINGTON, Mar. 11.--The In- ;er-State Commerce Commission ruled that trucks operating collection *ind delivery service for railroads .do not have to obtain Federal motor carrier permits. Harold Cooley Made Education Advisor HARRlSBimG, Mar. 11.--Public Instruction Superintendent Lester K. Atle today x appointed Harold* H. Cooley, Fairchancc, as advisor to the division ol industrial education. Copley taught chemistry and general science in Georges Township High School, Fayette county, from 1931 to 1935. He has been employed in the Department ol Public Instruction since. Calrnbrook Girl Dies. SOMERSET Mar. 11.--Verna Hancharik, 13, daughter ol Mr. and Mrs John Hancharik of Cairnbrook, died Saturday afternoon in Windber Hospital of pneumonia and peritonitis She leaves her parents, five brothers and four sisters. Killed Under Wall. EVERETT, Pa., Mar. 11.--Funera services were planned today loi David Marshall, Jr., who . was crushed to death when a .concrete basement wall caved in at the home ol a friend, Coolidge Eichelberger. Car Held Two Weeks Before-Agenftfind (Sejcrel Comparfmeni INIONTOWN, Mar. 11-^When cx- icd Tuesday by Federal 'agents, automobile belonging to "James Mauler of Uniontown disclosed a secret compartment containing four additional cans of moonshine. He Md been arrested previously but federal officers for two weeks overlooked the concealed compartment. tt was revealed only until after all upholstering had been torn away and four additional cans o£ moonshine found. The compartment was built behind the scat of the coupe- and required a key to unlock it. The car had been'in the Federal garage in Pittsburgh for two weeks.' Salaries of County :. ·Jail Wardens Boosted UNIONTOWN, Mar. 11.--County prison board voted to raise the salaries of Warden E. H. McClelland, Mrs. McClelland and Deputy .Ward? en Bernard "Chick" Conteen $25_ monthly to bring the county jail' salaries to the-Washington .county level. The new salary scale, raises both Warden - .McClelland and Deputy Warden Conteen to $175 monthly while Mrs..McClelland, matron, was raised from $25 to $50 monthly....'. .. The board also approved payment ol current bills. Baby'WcIehs 10 Pound!. GASTONIA, N. C., Mar. 11.--Dr. Herman Powell said Mrs. Carl Bailey, 30, of Gastonia, gave birth to a boy, her seventh child, that weighed 19 pounds and two ounces. He said both the mother and the son, Jerry Lawrence, were doing well. Mine Payroll Increased. SOMERSET, Mar. 11.--More than 50 men will be added to the payroll of the Simpson Coal Company plant at Friedens which had been operated by the new firm several weeks. Newest Living Room Suites as low as $69.00 A group you must see to appreciate. Newspaper i n k fails to do it justice. Innerspring construction, reversible cushions. Luxuriously comfortable! Prices Are Lower Than Ever ! Just Arrived! Outstanding New Furniture Styles! Our buyers combed the Grand Rap- Ids and Chicago markets to bring you the most brilliant furniture opportunities ever provided . . . the latest... Karpen, Kroehler, Berkey G a y, Hey wood - Wakefield Maple, Troy Gliders, Imperial of Grand Rapids, Hoosier, Magic Chef Ranges and many other ' ' : ' . . Exclusive. Lines The New Rugs are Lower in Price! Now is the time to buy that new Spring rug. Choose from smart new patterns and color schemes. 9x12 fr. 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