The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 17, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 17, 1918
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY. JULY'1'7, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEIXSVILLE. PA. PAGE iYSTERT OFPETnr THEFTS IT MOUNT PLEASANT CLEARED Totiitli Amwted Con- Lareeniei Over Montbc. BE IMPLICATES J, COBPANWH Latest ( Dtpnditfov Wu Bntrj of HbaM »l C. S. Fener, Uils Being H, leader; JUtt ·! IJNH! Kecovend. ; '. Special' to Tli" Courier. : \ - - ' MOUNT PLEASANT/ July 17.-- Sunday, C. K. J'erner -m«d« a complaint to the local police that his home bad. ; o««a entered again and roblieo while he hid been at church. Burgess Sam Pi Stevens made an investigation. Hfl learned tnal Albert Rpyd and wile htd Men sitting on their parch and . Men some boys . acting suspiciously »crbE» the street, and that later he '*ad seen two of them coming down the steps - from the Ferner home. Soyd, who could not tell their nam ss, · but who · recojfiiized their faces, started on Sunday afternoon with the burgess on a search. They traveled all over 'Standard but. were unable to locate the culprits." "Monday, Chief of ; Pol lce_ Smith and Royd went to Standard and Royd picked a boy out on , the coke yard. . ; .The boy, -Pete Rognaski, confessed that he entered the Femer.home for . the flrsr time on June 30 and took a watch and fob and J15 in money. He ·stated that he entered through the front door, which was not locked. He Implicated Steve Stephanick as being along. The second time he entered the place was Sunday, July 14. . Pete confessed to taking a camera rfrom Charles L. : Kuhn's drug -store and giving it to a R«gv boy to take back. He stated that he took 80 cents . from the barker. shop next to the Page store and meant to take it back but forgot it. He took |S from a shoe shine parlor but returned it next day, ht »aid, H» »taUd that on a Sunday la. tie winter he entered the window of SanrLrvinson and 'took an overcoat and 1 some rings; also that he got ; box of candy from the Union Supply store at Standard. ' : ; ;P»te said that Steve Stephanick had told him that he broke the window in the McCrory five and ten cent .store by throwing a. brick through It. The F»r»er watch was sold to Hirer Tepper for a dollar. The watch was retained. Fete also confessed -to the Weolworth robbery. Along with time he confessed to taking money from D. P. Lowe. The onJyitoItn. articles : that have not b«t« returned are the gold coins, and th« police know who the mea and boys art who have the coins and are giving thtm an opportunity to 'return them btfore placing them under arrest ' : Following this Stephanick was ar- rwt«d and the boys were taken before Justice of the Peace L. S. Rhodes. St«ve Stephanick was held under |200 bail for court, and Pete under $1,200. No' person furnishing bail they were taken back, to the lockup and wi'Q b* seat to Jail to await trial at the August urm of court. i . PenvMit. . . 'Mr. and Mrs. Donald Keinter of MadMaoli. TVis., are the guests of Mr. aad Mrs. H. C: Morrison. -..-· rToua's DttoUoa to HOBMJ. Home duties to many women appear more important than health. No matter how 111 they feel, they drag themselves through their daily tasks, overdo and "pay the penalty in headaches, backache, dragging-down pains and-nervousness; they become irritable, and finally discover, thai some ?' torsi of female complaint · has "fu- tCBed itself upon them. When K wom- ; aa gat* into this condition there is one tried and true remedy made from the roots and herbs of the field. Lydia B." Pinkham's Vegetable, ·Compound, which for more than forty years has continued its great work among women in restoring health after many oth*T remedies have-failed.--Adv. , II foil Are HnHa*; Bargalus Head the advertiitinr columns of Th» Dally Courier. Ton will Had then). falTOOiza .tbou who »8rerrU»e. Ohippyie. OHIOPYLE, July 16.--Then- will be a pole and flag raikinf. at Ohiopyle' Saturday, July 20. A big time-is ex-: pected. The -ijarrkietou band- will. play. There will be a p»ir»de.: ,Con- eawioan Bruce F. Sterling is. the speaker. .... . ' . . . :-," · ......-,' · llr.^aod Mrs. Frank Bailey were: among the shoppers and- callers; iii ConnelUnrille yesterday. '.'-. Miss Vetna 'Jeffrie* arrived: here Sunday to visit witH frfenas for a few weeks. · '· · j ·- · . EarSe Daniel*; Robert Dull and Carl Welsh, who went, with . the ' l^it draftees to Camp Lee, were rejected.! and sent to their homes Here Sunday.. Mrs. J. Jlelvin'.Gray: and'Mrs.: A^TD. Soisson of ConneliivHle, spent Monday cere at the Ohiopyle House. . K. S. GrecnwaJd 'departed last cvev ning for nte home at Frederick, Md., to spend a few- day before leaving for training camp. . . ' ·' . ' Miss Edith Colborn has returned to her home at Connellsville after a few days' visit spint here. Miss Ada Bryner returned to Braddock: Sunday evening after a several days'-vl£it here. . ' '·.··-'.:. ; · . . · · ' ;ilrs. W. J. Jackson, and daughter of Ken tuck,: were shopping in town yesterday. , . ·. - . : : · ' ' . - ' . - ' : The Camp Fire girls, who h*.ve spent the past two weeks, here, have returned to -their homes at Smithtob: " Miss Delia Corristan was,.a Connellsville caller Saturday evening. OHIOPYLE, July 17J--Miss Jean Holt is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Robrason, at Ursina this week. Miss Marie JLambie spent Tuesday shopping 'and calling.oh relatives, Cyrus Show spent Tuesday In Connellsville and business. W. K. Johison was in Conoelisville yesterday oh busineEs. ' Mr. and Mrs. Eichird Collins of Meadow Run, spent Tuesday in town. Rev. .Wirisinger of Brownsville, spent Tuesday here greeting friends. ilr. and : Mrs. Logan Rush are spending a few days at toe Ohlopyle House. You Gin Tell the People Wto Have Iron In Their Blood- Strong, Healthy, Vigorous Folks CMM. in Two Dunbar. DUNBAR, July 16.--Mr. tad Mrs. I. N. Kldd «f Church BtrwU returned home from a two weekx' Tacation in Atlantic City;' 1 Gaaolise, 26c. -WelJe-MiUe Motor Car Co., Connellsviile.--Adv-27--*t, _ Norman Williams spent * few hours in Connellsville on business Thur*- dar. ~ . :. "Mrs. Clara Bell Jacobs of Percy, was calling on fr-emSe here Sunday. .Mrs. J. D. El)*nb*rjtr oC Spetr's Hill, spent Sunday at LAtrobe with her sister, Mrs. John Hardy. ' Wanted--At "West Penn power plant, firemen; at 4? cents per hour; fire cleancvs, 41-' 3-4 cents per' hour; laborers, 3S 1-2 cents per hour. See. 3. a Smith at flant or call In th« *ve- cinss ori Bell phone 76.--AdT.-17-3L Mrs, 1.. 'Lynn and Master Glen Tiacher of Clereland, 0., are *p*nd- inx a few wfeeks here the cuems of her daughter, Mrs, Ora G. Tischer. Mrs. Anna CiinniTigbam of Uniontown, Bp*Bt Sunday here with her mother, Mrs. Harper of Spe«r*s Hill. Marsaret and Harold D*Bolt of Con- nftHsyiUe, visited relatives here Sun- o»V. : Mrs. Margaret Mullen of ConDlls- vllle, visited friend* hers recently. Mrs. Ora O. lladter is on the sick list. MiE£ Mary Bell of Furnace, returned home from a »Jx weeks', visit with relatives in Blalrarlll*. O NE glance .is enough to' tefl ·'.-wMc' ·people have iron in their blood. They ·re the ones that do and. dire. Tbe ·then are in 'the-.weakling cla.u. Sleep- · leaf nights spent. worrying over suppose.: ailments, constant dosing -with -habit-form ··. Ing drugs and 1 . narcotics . and useless' r* trapts to brace up "with strong, · coffee'·.. ·ther stimulants are what keep, them, suf ferine and vainly longing to be strong · j Their real trouble"» lack-of icon in I he Mood, lays' Dr. Jaraes Francis Sullivan formerly · Physician of Beliovue "Hbsptta (Outdoor Dept). New York, and the West :·' enester County Hospital.. Without iron.the Mpod-has no power to change: food''into living tissue .and .therefore, nothinsvyou eat does you . good;': you don't get the strength out of it. When iron,is supplied it ennches the - impoverished' -blood.; am ' · fives" the body greater .resistance-- to -'ware off disease. Numbers of nervous, rundown people who were ailing aft the while · have-most astonishingly increased their Mrength and endurance simply. 6y taking- iron in the proper form. And this, after they had in some eases been going on, far months, without getting benefit .from mny. If yotr are not strong or well you owe il t* yourself to make the following test: See fcow long:you can work or how iar yon can - walk .without becoming tired; Next take l*o five-grain tablets of Nuxated Iron three tunes per day after meal* for two weeks. . Tten test your strength again and tee for yearself how much you bare gained. There U nothing like (rood old Iron to help put «Jor in your cheeks and sound, healthy ·eih on your bones. But yon must take inn-in a form that can be easily absorbed ·SM] assimilated like Xuxated Iron if you want tt to do you any good, otherwise it nay prove worse than useless. Many an athlete and 1 prizefighter lui won we day simply because he knew the secret ·f. great strength, and endurance- which comes from havinj plenty of iron in the Mood while many another has none.down *» inglorious defeat simply for the lack o* iron. ' In.regard to the value of Nuxated Iron. Dr..A..J. Newman, late Police Surge'on of the City of Chicago, and former House Surgeon Jefferson Park Hospital, Chicago, says rMtxtted Iron has pro»en tbroush hit own ttlta of it to e*«l any preparation be has t«r used for creating red blood, buildlnR up ifce nerv^J and jtrengtbeninjf the mus- eles. Dr. J. W. Armisted, Grove lain. Ala., graduate of tfct University of Alabama School of Medicine, Mobile, 1H8S, says: "In Ihe ca*es I u s e d N n x a t e d Iron t have fotmd more, beneficial results than from-any preparation I have ever used En 34 years' practice." IV. R. B. Baugh. Polkvitle, Miss., graduate, of the Memphis Ffcnpilal College. Memphis, 1»W, M yx: "I always ·reserihe Nusated Iron wkere a reconstructive tooic u tad.ctl«d. M WU r-- -CUT THIS OUT- R-- What Nuxated iron i i Made From Svm 3bt«Ml tt Cmr*Hm gf It Finnk T HE Board '»£ Directors have author i«^ the broadest publication of the . . -iworn statement 1 of the composition of Ntntated Iron, so that the public may examine it for .themarivet and- judge as to its merii*:.. · · . - . · ' ' · '."·; " Newspapers everywhere., are invited to copy this statement for.the benefit-of their reader*. It ii suggested^ that pa'yaicians maFc a record of it *nd keep it hi'tbeir office*.to that they nay intelligently an- "swer questions of patients' concerning' it. Everybody in advised to cat.'it out and keep it. A-eojiy of the actual sworn statement will be acnt to any one who desires nuch. .' as follows: - · · · Iron Peptonate (Speciil Specific- Standard) Quantity given belaw. · Sodium :Gly- ceroplidspbatea U. S. F. (Monsanto) Calcium . dycerophospbatei U. S. P.' (M«n- saritoj; P. .E. Nux.Vomiea U; S. P.. C»s- carin fitter. Magnesium Carbonate. Po, Ging«t U. S. T. Oil Casria Cinnamon U. S.'- P. Calcium Carbonate Precip/ Each (toae erf two tablets of Kuxated Iron contains one and one-half grain* of. organic iron in the form of iron pcptonate of a special: specific standard which in oar opinion possesses superior qualities' to any other known form ' of iron. By using .other makes of Iron .Peptonate we could have put the same qnitntity of actual iron m the tablets at less than one-fourth the cost to us, and by using-' metallic iron.we could hare accomplished the same thing at Ie.u than one-twelfth the cost; but by so doind we must have most certainly impaired their therapeutic efficacy. Glycertv piinitih.vttt.ujtd .in Nuxated Iran it one of the most expensive tonic ingredients known. It is especially recommended, to build up the nerve force and thereby increase brain power, as Rlycerophospnates are said to contain phosphorous in a state «ry similar to thnt in which It is found in the nerve and brain cells of man. As wtW be seen from the above, two 1m-'- oortant ingredients of Nuxated ·. Iron (Iron Peptonate and Glywrophosphatea) ·are very expensive products as compare.. with most other tonic*. Under «uch circumstances the temptation to adulteration and substitution by mscrupolous persons is, very (treat, avd he public' 15 htrehy warned to be care- fiil and ste every bottle is plainly labeled "NUXATED IHON" by tie Dae Health -aboratories, Paris, London ind Detroit, J. S. A., as this is the only genuine ar- tele. If ytm have taken olbtr forms o( ron without sucrcsi. this doci r.ot prove luxated Iron will not help you. * nbo»» l» n«t » i*rrp» n-Mwlr dot On* whie* I* »·!! H dratrliU ·vwrwkM*. UnUb* tk« oW*r iMtrfAsri tn4nrte. tt I* "**nt wdtallalnl. d«M ·«« Inju tMlh »»k« »M« ht»x*. mar u(H»« A* rtcntwh ·imMufB^hiTir* |xuu»nt«* r*rcn*fri and *Btlrrlr t* ia«y wilt t . II t* i «U «M4 tlTMfl · awMv mWm Ip* 11 Ta. CALOatlC b a»t a »t»a far- |4»aaa wjta tka plaaa Mt ,«. MiBtar l It an aipariaiat; hartitr Xt ktataal to naat a daauna. .paciallr rtaalnH ta beat boaiia, I -imi rrt J t o . ·U4. tt V It boo,-. 1 aoaifeaMr f MT a».»a 1 tbu t)HT I fcaaM tor olUr CAlomO walb ttn ' OWB Imwa ot eirevlation br lal. Warm air xiaaa. CilU tmlm. Wana air and coM air acnpr tka ti.t Ut. air ia paoipae o» ioto Iba , ·· aqoal anoaBt of cold air ! !· 4nwa Into tba faraaca, wlzara it | iron nto twa Kalian wah [tkam racimlated Iknasli I kaar. TU. aontlmiaa I Ir th. yppr M m» ater l»«. a»d 1 I Ina «jh th. nit- I I ^ "* a. low aa 16. M F El. L * - ' tr, HaaU. ao thl. arcalattac air, paailni Uira baat of InnJmi ta ratbt aaoaVi ia w«k« U rami can HT». m kaft " ^ «ta »4 aaaltiluL f f Taa'CALOUO b cuannM tr I ! taacMotua lanatt aaaamtaatwan l l *t -nnm air krntlu ntUmf In " | CnltW ttataav, Tea talc, no f f van jo« mtr a Oal/lBIC. x»». tka Catorlc la aaaflgr U oga aar, wHJwiK Tovr- prtaaat iMilAv No holai madc^ U. : ntlar fall of Th. Caloria raaniiaa aat aa» : later ana mtaplaa Hula aaaaa. anna w fud. aol anr Attention. Maa ·taira aa.!«r. a* Man h a. laaaa treat omrinr In ooai a»d camrfaaf out aabea--na aaofca. Caa ar laat. TSimtiaXm tn aacn* aW l«enaaaa valoa af yawr Thai Itara m m eauataat I Ua ot prevarlr mal«a.. »*». % I ·ix. JaM M mmlmi ntar xirb \ I HEAUNG RELIEF FOR TORTURING ECZEMA A. A. Clarke hu sold hundreds of j jars ot Hokara, and althoufh be.of- fered to refund the purchase price to any disBaUsfltd purchaser, not one jar has been returned. : : While this is surpirisog in itself, yet the most marvelous thine is reports of chronic canea of ecaemm that have been cured -by this simple skin food. People who hare suffered vith scales, scabs and even bleeding! itching have found relief in Hokara^ No maiter .where tbe eczema, pimples or other breaking out occurs, whether on the-face, hwds, legs/or, bodr, tbe'application of Hokara should | lire quScil relief, and even the worst or most chronic cities shonld be cured in a short time. You can bur «· liberal-sited jar to-j day at tbe vtry. low price of 35c, and j with everr package goes A. A. Clarke's | guarantee to refund the money if it is not' satisfactory.--Adt. . Seloctirefi CalM. WASHINGTON,- July IT.--Fitteenj j states were called An Br Prorost M»r T 'j ! General Crowder yMtarday for j !.7,000 draft registrant! fit for general j [: cAilitary- service to b*- »ent to achbbl i f · -neclRl trainlne. The movr^ieht will be between Auiuat 1 and 15. Long Distance Hauling Can Also Haul Live Stock P. B; KESSLER. 613 MeCormiek Are»ne. Tri-SUte 542-Z. BeH 334. PATEONIZE HOME MERCHANTS COME in and let ot show you! WHO AD VEETISE 18 THIS PAPER. THE THRIFT EVENT For Economical Shoppers A Great Sale of Lingerie Blouses Offering choice of Special Pui chase and broken, assortments, regular u* to $1.25 values. Many styles represented in this wonderful sale, embroidered' and lace trim- jned, frilled and tucked and plain tailored models in sizes for women and misses. ·Special at 59c. Children's 39c Dresses 5 !'l .1.4 year sizes in the latest .modeis of tub proof Ginghams, in pluids, checks and plain color combinations. Special at 55c. Mohawk Sheets, 81x90, worth. $2.10, at _ 48c Corset Covers Choioce selection of Women's lace; embroidery and ribbon trimmed Corset Covers^. Special Clearance values at 29c. Women's 18c Fine Gauze Vests at ,,,, $1.25 and $1.50 House Dresses and Bungalow Aprons Well made of best quality Percale in light arid dark colors. No more at this price when they are gone. Women's 35c Gauze Lisle Hose, black or white 29c ' Boys' 50c Waists All sizes, 6 to 14 years, neat stripes of blue or collars attached, tapeless Clearance Sale Special'SSc. $1.95 Seamless Sheets; ·· standard quality, 81x90 -- $1.68 Boys'Wash Suits "Up to $1.50 Boys' Wash Suits in plain and combination colors, size zy z -to-'8 years. Special at 95c. Women's 75c Summer Gauze Union Suits 44c Women's $1.25 and $1.50 Undergarments Including Silk Camisoles^ lace, embroidery and ribbon trimmed Gowns, Skirts and Chemise. Secial Clearance values at 98c- Boys' 45c heavy . ribbed Black Hose 28c Gigantic Sale of 1500 Men's Fine Dress Shirts QUALITY SHIRTS WELL MADE ATTRACTIVE PATTERNS Extraordinary values that will not be duplicated again soon at these prices. 95c $1.35 $1.65 These Sbirts were ^purchased more than a year ago at the old prices and in order ·to make many new friends and customers for "the Big Store" they will be placed on sale At these popular prices.' Included are-Soft Cuff Shirts Colkr Attached Shirts Shirts for Dress Laundered Cuff Shirts Neck Band Shirts Shirts for Business Wear Shirts for all Occasions Clearance Women's up to $4 Shoes and Pumps $1.95 KOBACKERC P " THE BIG STORE " Clearance Chil dren's Baby Doll and Two- Strap Slip-, pers $1.19 New Location BEOTHEHS t Prices Paid for All Makes Cars. "We Bell second hand parts and fcccerworlea for all makes o£ ' cars at lowest prices. Get tW 1»fM..»«tt» Ms*it «aa,at . fl»ve JHoiKT- Op«n Sunday 10 A^ 3*. to 1 P. M. Bell 3*lMn« C*mrt StSX. Gr.uat uid Waiter Sircct.1, . PA. J. N. Trump 1UHITE LINE 1 ft TRANSFER .U atoMH THDOat mm* WAIMMI*. ma-mo *JCD a « Offlw !*· B. Ona»a Alaar, tr r. m. au i»a»»i. ·« i WCmMM.WM CABOOICDHMSSIOi Apcta peded «nd sliced tot try. ing -mmt tawte very ntcc next December, soya the National War Cartel Comnma.ion of W«*Mo«ton, which «iU aoui yon a in* dryiae book tor a two-new* stoop to pay fa*t*gt. A jtr lifter is we- fsd in bcone ^^IH'»JIJ^ work says flat National War Cawden ConiaBi««ion oi w a iMi tffluUf vsnicb wJD send any nader ot tfai* paper a can- iiin*; Hook ire* for · two-cent ctamp to pcypotfar*. Get ft- DOW i^d foDow thtat daily biot*. Yougb House RESTAURANT Vtiez Tltm A Clean. Qniet Place for Tonr to Eat Let OB Know TTCai Too Wast and How Ton Want It GOOD Sis. C. I. Ai.Htt*BK aodooo WEAR Homer's IPETET sIKK--It's a Cinch Nobody Wo«M Flirt With th« XPW One C. A. TOIGHT " OM BOM-- TPlCNVE toTA MEW s GO OSTER AMD HEK A CXOS*-UI.

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