The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 2, 1964 · Page 17
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 17

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1964
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

' y"e VT ? t 1 :-".. 17 THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 1964 i THET i OTTAWA JOURNAL v.j , t v HITS CRITICS v X , BURLINjGTON. OnLTPJ 1 William O'Neill, administrator of Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital, said Tuesday muuh of the . criticism directed against" hospitals is irresponsible. He said hospitarcosts are fur from .being too'high and will be at lot higher in the next Jew yearsv ATHLETE OF YEA "VANCOUVER (CP) - Id ian open swimming rtctttis inT-nrindividual medley; has been cflfdin daughter of Jack P m f r 1 coach of the Vancouver Ami-tur- SwimmingClub. .V1" long )ng-cour&e pools laMyear, six icnotejLVaiiclQUve.r'i .junior th- DOROTHY KILGALLEN Pomfrei. 16. who-raeLjl Cana- of them in freestyle-and five I lete of -the year. She, the 1 ;.- - . NEW. YORK y III w Crisis Averted mmmmmmm SCHICK OWNERS 0'.. MAGNAWK)WER Excluaiv surgical -- stainless , steel cutting head . . . itW " ' sharpl Esclustva washatx . " head txips oft so vou can rimsn away dirt, -stgbble,- Reim? KXCIustva Comtort Control Bar . adjusts to your faca and neckl 19.95 Felt-Base Printed Borderle LINOLEUM RUGS EG this Friday and' Saturday ..... ,'"." Bring j our S hiik 'Shave? in'to be cleaned FR.KE foiled I IM iwa.ljii.le.1 1 lll:K Jhv. lhe Srhi. . Fartirr Krrl4-1.iiily .Shirk owner invited, , tin,'. Make mire Sun eet voilr HUM Tl Ml-l'P! If jour .Srliirk neril new part. SrliiiV Kartory Kit fieri will install ijiem fur Win while you ; vaiftat uprr'ial, low Tiine-l'p prirri'j ' Come in tomorrow bring your Srhirk 'Shaver. ; L FRIDAY 7 AJV1. TO t P.M. ' .'' SATURDAY .30"" A.M. TO 5 JO "P.M. 6' x 6' 2 for 6V x 9' 2 for 6' x 15' 2 for 9' x 12 2F0. 12' x 12' 2ro. Isl Oualily Vinyl Asbestos 9" i 9", ttd Cauge FLOOR TILE reilc FLOOR COVERING LTD: I 'i i 772: SOMERSET . W. 236-082 J (TWO BI0CK1 wesi OI orwnsun eit of Br - . . . . . . . a a m at WE HAVE A' TREMENDOUS STOCK OF ALL THE 5 LEADING CANADIAN MAKES OF VINYL ASBESTOS FLOOR TILE AT THE LOWEST PRICES ANYWHERE FROM COAST TO COAST. THIS FRIDAY 0IILY--4 P.H. TO 9 P.H. 1st Qualify CMHC Approved 9" i 9" 080 Vinyl Aibesfos FLOOR TILE "0n wcr 100,000 9" r9" Inlaid lino FLOOR TILE Reg. to He SPECIAL )aea; ?C ea. ONLY ECONOMY FLOOR COVERING CAN OFFER YOU THE LOWEST ( WHOLESALE )' , PRICES ANYWHERE IN CANADA FOR YOUR FLOORS OR WALLS. m OADLOOtl CARPETS FAMOUS PR0PYL07I TWIST BR0ADL00M - PROVEN TO ?E THE HARDEST WEARING Nationally soli at $11.08 per sq. yd. Now-offered ! Economy . with heavy, rubber under-pad, l"n"" 4acklcsa lnstallationr-t f" ( till hand-sewn seams. - ALL FOR ONLY $11.50 ALL NYLON HEAVY DUTY TWIST CARPET with heavy rubber under-pad, . . '"nf"!" tackles, installation, rllllL hand-sewn seams. ALL FOR ONLY Cft ftft gj.UJ iq, yd. COSMETIC DEPARTMENT: m SI MM LE Due to our tremendous stock of merchandise ttiat 7; 'we purchased before the tax increase .. WE ARE OFFERING THE SAME LOW WHOLE-SALE PRICES. THE 4 TAX DOES NOT APPLY AS YET . . . BUT BUY NOW BUY ONE-GET ONE FREE $3.95 $5.95 $9.95 $11.95 $15.95 SAVE OH HARD-WEARI'iG TRILAfi BROADLOOM with heavy rubber under-pad, rnPP tackless installation, I" ltt hand-sewn seams. ALL FOR ONLY '$7.77 iq. j: THE LOWESXPRICES EVER ON 9' or 12' HEAVY TWEED BR0ADL00M j reg.-$J.oi NOW ONLY $2.22 LAST CREDIT TERMS only s wtthly will ft tat tm finer cnv.rtng, ny room la aom. r tile. Phono lor FREE f jfimalet Day 238-0821 ' - Mi' AT rViom T7X.1I7KH -kj .. . . J B ' . - - OUR PRICES WILL FLOOR YOU -EASY CREDIT TERMS ESJWILL FLOOR YOU EASY CREDI i.y-DELIVER COAST TO COAST Kim Novalrr-and Marcello 1 Maitrbianni.are up or the star parts in ' Th Appointment for Frank" Perry, who jiit the Jack pot with "David and Lisa", and flopped miserably, with '(Lady- bug. Ladybug" . .. . . .' . : A crisis was narrowly avoid"-ed at the recent Golden' Globe Awards in Hollywood and it would have made Shirley jyiacLaine's . "blue" ..-remarks very tame. A publicity chap, Just trying, arranged for Robert Taylor to get up and take the microphone lurlng ; Barbara Stanwyck's tenure as. mistress of ceremonies. Ex-' wife Barbara got the word beforehand and read the riot act in no namby . pamby terms threatening to walk out In the oiidde f iheeer-. monies if 4t happened. The Apollo Theatre in Har !em,' pla'ying "The Jewel Bx v Revue" (featuring female im-i personators) was picketed by parents carrying signs admon-rf ishing the public .to prevent tneir cnnoren irom seeing tne shows. Odd that the scene didn't make the newspapers; the plac- rds- were 'more shocking tKan ; most, and extremely derogatory to a minority, group . . . Friends '. oflaihe Stritch say young singer Tony madly in love, with her, and can be seen smooching ardently with her in Palm Bearh. where she's appearing in -. Married An Angel.-; . ... x. Romanticists predicK a wed-"; ding, but New Yorkers wfittjiave observed 'Elaine holding onto her bachelor girl status 'despite the blandishments of a aeries of attractive men. will have to see it to believe it. Gabe Dell, who began his showbiz career as one of the original Dead End Kids in the v Kingsley classic, w just rushed into the comedy lead of - "Anyone ' Can' Whistle." the Broadway bound muical co: starring Lee Remick, Harry Guardino and Angela Lansbury. Unless the opus is postponed which certainly is the'fashion this season Gabe will face the critics after a scant week of rehearsal. . Cultural Note: The platter stallsnow purvey jrecording of the poems of ElizabetrTBaT- rett Browning, recited by Jayne Mansfield. .(As Mrs. Browning wrote, "The. face of ' the -world U changed. I think") . . . The current most popular name for parakeets is Lady Bird Cecil Beaton is off to Georgia to visit Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne. He and Alfred will1 discuss the costumes for' the new Metropolitan Opera production of "La Traviata." Which Lunt will direct. Warren Beatty has a hanker- , ing to ride the movie ranges. He doesn't exactly resemble Tom Mix, but he and his current director, Arthur Perm, are '.'seriously seeking" a Western as their next picture together . Eve Arden and Ann Southern are up for the Carol Channing role in the London production of "Hello Dollyl" . . . LaS Vegas : hotel managers are. starting a! new trertd limiting the en-; tourage of stars playing in the big rooms there. Some of the j name attractions have been1 showing up with aXdoien or so Dersons evervthinff from onv. . - -j - w - - - r ernesses to1 bodyguards and insisting the hotels pay all their expense. Copyright. 1964.. DONATE $100,000 PORT ALBERNI. -B.C. (CP) The- British Columbia govern ment and MacMiMan - Bloedel and Powell River Company have each donated S50.000 to ward a fund to assist victims of Saturdaytidal waves which caused an estimated 15,000,001) damage here. WANTS BOYCOTT ST. HYACINTHE, Que. (CP) Dr.- Marcel. Frenette, president of the Quebec Federation of St. Jean Baptiste societies, 'asked air French-speaking Canadians Wednesday not to participate in preparations for the Confedera tion centennial celebrations. oliinY ilia1 mi 1 1 ist 4 aiawi ' sar aA-m . CROSS COUNTRY I las the Right . , Lawn Mixture for You V KCONOlV Mixture With 5 Clover 5 lbs. for . 1000 sq. ft. T 0-6-4 Lawn Fertilizer 20 lbs. . . .1.79 40 lbs. ........... 2.79 Highly TrfimmnMt1 lw.n (r1ilizr int., hrillmnl rx-n lawn 4ft th to J.OOO rj ft . one. . month ' Cross. Country Lawn Food . 50 lbs. fpr 2.000 so., ft. Reg. 3.59 , l.nni : lastinc -rtignnir f.rtiliirr nnchcf Cll.' 'will not turn.V &rern your lawn in a'wck. kif ci ' nn fertilising rtrwarria. .'44 Prepared mixtures save time, effort and risk of failure. Each" mix includes a fast growing grass to ( protect the ; attracttve,, slower growing varieties. . . v v . Cross Country Merion Mix 5 lbs, (2.000 sq. rt.) X J - ' , 40'i Merion.; For' ornamental lawns. v ' 16" Spreader New Low Price 5' Peat Moss, 2 bushels 1.99 ' 4cu.ft. .. 2 . 'v'erv 'v.luahlt $ni -.ytijndiuonfr you hduM work In hrfore needing Don't eovrr n aerd u. lib aoil jut a very , thin layer of peM rnoae . : 6-49 vi Handy lightweight- uprr rtrr'., Ir lm( and Irrtilinnf ' limfofitilv. Ahout -30 Ih. -f apai-rty prr(rr. s s a m WN CRASS - OiiraiavriB .v I StMKftiK 'vfeV''. l?6r Best Lawn and Garden Results.--- Buy at Simpsons-Sears Garden Shop 2-50 Contains 2i oz. After . Shave Lotioh. After Shave Jalc, Spray Deodorant in plastic containers for the traveller in red leatherette train case. , v - ' Shulton Men's Set ; 2-oo 4 oz. tube Hair Cream, After-Shave Lotion 2-1 oz. :' At Simps6ns;Scars ; .April 3rd to April 11th FIRST TIME IN CANADA! . . ' ;., ' x - .. . . '.:.' "' .. . " - '' .'"'''': : l!"'' : ' ' I . a , ' ' ' i . . ' mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmimmt wsmmmmmmmmmmtmmi '; BMaattwaasaaBaaantaa Ship Grandturk , Ship Friendship ' Two Authentic Replicas of? Famous Old Ships Now you 'can see two authentic replicas of famous old ships (Grandturk and Ship 1 Friendship) in Simpsons-Sears Cosmetic. Department. These ships .which are 47 ' 21" wide and 31' j" high, are insu red for $5,000 and are on display, courtesy " of Shulton of Canada. . - . "' IgaaVaaHaaBBBBBaBBaBBVHaaBBMaBMB '' Would You Like to Receive a Scroll of One of These Ships? For a limited'.time only' scrolls are included with the purchase '. . of any men's or ladies' Shulton -or Yorktown' products. 4 Shulton Men's Set " i ;'l - i 'it-u fk Shulton Mens Set 275 Contains tube Hair Cream- 4 oz., Eiody Talc' 4 oz. After-Shave Lotion 2 3 a oz. Simpsons'Sears Cosmetic hepartment v- First Floor K V, I- 'XAjir WA I At r a J ' .,'A '

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