The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 17, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 17, 1918
Page 4
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IP AGE FOUR.- DAJQL.T COURIER; CONNELLSVILLE. PA. WEDNESDAY, JULY 17, 1918. Olaurirr. o»acler and Miter, · .JHIHMEU "· . ·'City Bailor. - ' - JMSB-.I.TKNB B. K1NCEU*- ~: Society Editor. ""· . MEMBERS OK : ···-- ...... ·XnoeUtid Trtii: " "~. "· AuaiE £ur*au of. Circulation. , F«tvn»j-lv»ni» AwxtfuU'd : UmllUa Twih^ecntr Mr copy. 50c per month; v»nc.. . ',*» jttkViMbCmaU if paid in »lv»nc.. i E»'iMiril-iiH««eoBd ci»=» "matter - TOM 17, 1W8. MrriM FUC. . SMMIAM. 'I* Am«iea» . B ' Porc«j, iFraoc*. JltHH F. SLJOBB. Ca»i«iij II t l l l f lafaatrr. UiO. N. : j ' HO.J.J1*!, « ' -- JUCHAE1. GRENAIJXV " J ~ r 'B;VROlED KICHET. · ·atwry B, MTth Frtld Artll- i«rr. »»th TMTlslon. TJ. a N. - - , »ry Toreel, France. . I .U.OTD B. COX, ....... ". l ?t* Bmineers, TJ. S. A.. Tort llyer. Va. ..... : ,, ________ JULIUS CHOUSE, Company £. isth Engin««r» CBaU-irajr). Am«rLc*tt.E«i«-. : " » 3 . FranM. . Englnura, V. U:NHAKT, 3. S. PrMldiht Grant. U. 8. Navy. CAM. STKHLE, - . Ira Company, l»t Battalion, Infantry Replacement Brl- »aU. Camp I*e. Va.. Mmkn. rt, TWA«-- clalrfTrt-- . . . . eiwlTely-' entitled to"'tJi«;_U!s* J .tor' tipublieatlon of all" the" n»vr«~ dl»mtche credited- to It or not ' otherwise credited In this paper and almo the loeM newa pub- liehed herein. . . . -:WBI THE vsnt. is TAO.JSG. .j:Th« present^ German drive, ; which lira* detlcned at a sweep down both, «5de« of the ilirne to Paris, is failing lot thr«* reuoni,. all "made in Ger. . . too much reliance was placed aon th« exhaustion of the French wsj, which Gennay belieTed, or t least aought .to ha»« the German-jwo- pie believe, had come about .Second, litUt account seems to have been taken of ' th« loss of morale among the German troops. -.Third, and perhaps most iniportant of ail, was the contemptuous disre- »ird of the- fighting abilities DC the American soldiers. :;Witbout material change in. their tatties the Germans evidently believed that by maaaing; lar§t-bodiei ot troopt and sending th«m in a suc- ceasion of waves against tke enemy tae momentum ot the , movement wouid prove as irresittible' is ln : for- ia»r drives. This time they haveYbieen badlr and' sadlr ioAed; Vhile has been slight-;- yi«ldiTig:Of ' Uun grbund here and there tra'derrjlie 1m- pact ot .\ larger force, ttier«'hiabeen qoidc, well orcaniicd andvdetermioed cteutter aiUack* that har« ; ^compl«teljf slopted ;Ji* mad rush' of the on-compact of a larger .force, there Save been had with, the American* our soldiers have watted until It e advancing ware* were witnlB certain machine gun and rifle range then, with, a merciless" and accurate hall.. : of ' bulletih ; .they, have strewn the grouiid belpre them with pflJnc.cOTpief of_ the Huns. -So d«tqr- mintd, to . TigoronK" and so. effecuw . has been the reeislaace to the assaults that ground occapied by the. French aad Americejw" has been.' held, or regained after temporary withdrawal, nee* pracUeallr all sectors. The Hun haa lieeiai baffled and his" spirit Is apparently breaking under, the terrific ttnrri he is making- without gaining ' ' evin local objectives that, would be of vajie'ln ' a .inbseqiettt- . JU In all previous offensives the su- ·neae itrencth at the command of the Hois has been, 'exerted on tie initial drive. As the Allies, have recovered from the first shocks they .have al- wa]i« been able to reduce. tb« progress ' of e» aod-erftntually'-bring _ ateoet ai 'ta« Wgianinr. be;fnrther and than to * caaplete -halt.- In the present oflinalTe the hart hu-been-called . -- -. ',-..--·.-.-.· : - · · ' nere wi]] nvre:de- t*nnined and', powerful, attempts; b)' tht_Germaiu_ to break .tKe:*olld iwall that ttt«:jrt«ach: ana "AjneHcan sol- di«H Bare formed as a barrier on the poaj to.ParU. To jiUanaat»-raWanc» to TErOSr »ttaci~lfie""5loga:n~, "Th ihaH'nof piw,"~wluch"the Americans, too, h»»»-i«»ropTfoaed;-but'express in ·omewfimt different form, will be found to M»e *11 the force ind-rirtue on th» Manw that it bad at Verdun. This will prove, to- -be a fourth 'rawoo--jnad* in ITance and America --w*y the German Ldrive is falling and whj- it "will continue to fail. in this.big Jot of freeing the .earth of. ~initoc'racy^ done, JoJntlj, is to achieve; a. common eid. In that there will be glory enough for all. . . ' . . . . . . : . -. V... THE CUKB," 3L1KKZT. ..,. , :'While the opening of -the curb market ,did| not drawls many growers' 6" farm and garden products. to, the city a's had been expected, the results o f : the first day gives promises of the success of the plan. By their attendance in. large numbers, it was proven that. the. housewives o f . the- city are anxious to.have access- -to the first sources of supply-'in the purchase" of vegetables" and "other seasonable ; products ; This fact having been "established there : should, be .no hesitancy .upon part "'of the-.growers to bring their productsUb the'-martet arid"thu"s "ihstiTe-its permanent suc^ cess.. - . . ' ' '. · ' . ' - ' · " . . ;" . The. growers who came, to the. market' yesterday -found no difficulty; in-disposing of all-their goods, within a very short perioit of .time and were able to their fatins without the Iocs of a day an is necessary -when going from house to house to find customers. This feature ought, and no doubt-will, mate the market ' a popular Institution with the farmers. The growing, and harvesting- seasons are always busy days 6^ the farm hence any plan to economize' time means money to the farmer. The present season has been so backward that! garden crops have be«n very slow to mature. As a result there will probably be a lack of variety 1 and perhaps. also of quantity of products for the first week or two during the market- season, but presently, it. Trill be found 'that larger supplies will become available. It the market plan' prop-eases as it gives every promise of doing the fact that this section needs more' market gardeners will become still plainer. InumneU as we have depended very largely upon sections often very remote from Connellsville to supply .our fruits and vegetables, market ga.f- d.ening in this section has made very llttl* development. "With what is probably, one of the best.: markets in; the country 'at their very doors the farmers and gardeners of the surrounding country have ·reasonable assurance, that, they .will Ti«ve opportunity-to profitably dispose of aJl and everything they can pro- du'ce'. ' ; .~The . sticcesc - - of ' the curb market should, therefore, stimulate gardening industry in this WORKING FQRvBEfc CROSS Miffs QWM. H«iler of Jackaoo, Ulcfa.. svorkcr In tl» department of foreign rclIef/Amtridu. R«d Crow. vlcinitr. It being almost certain that once the market is well -under -way that it will continue steadily to enlarge. The extent to which It may grow will depend almost altogether .upon the willingness and ability of the producers to provide the supplies. If -these are kept to market standards and fair prices are adhered to there wfll be no lack of buyer*. "TlTe arc rtndy to enter Into peace negotiations with all our opponents/* says' the Austro-Hungarian, foreigm minister who dare make no utterance Without the approval of hts supreme lord and' mMter. Kaimr Bill. Xcbody Is restra4nlns either A u « r r i a «r Oer- many from comDlyinr with the first condition of pnai?i2 negotiation**, which Is merely to surrender uncqnd:t!on,i))y. Edltorn sometimes feel the heavy haafl ot tbe-s!ierifC but not often ol the postmaster. , But. this functionary '-is now-"ft-".9prt^of'·'censor -."oence has tho :p(Sw«r.fcb itf.lmf Ste'vyal ,-inrl "oifcndi scribblerii to their senses. It.will take more than stopping tho German end tie. ivai*. It will end .when ait .allied drlva toVardr Bfcr- KJJ 4f. stopje'd =tty. an" unconditional surrender b^'-tneiHunB.- But "we ipn- :hot'.-,now itop .to consider the .-cent, neither c?.n. we fftbp a" single effort or activity.;! S Jriaks that drive irrcsl; We.'--;:-- : · . . . . . . - . " . - . . The harvest drive Is certain to attain-all objectives now that Connella- ville's champions are on the firing line With large reserves In Support Ko Palmer-McCormlck ,, . strong-arm tactics will -be .employed: in. making the RtpvtMI'can state platform. Ilcprestn- tatlre;' men bf -the, whole party; not a faction. .yrllV draft this important doc" ' ' " ' ' '' nua · TEa© Ta* By Francis: Boyura, GLOBT EXOJ«H FOR ALL. PrMd is -w» ar« of .the valorous ci dort of Uie^A-iMr.itaii^iEtBe'terrific Marne, and SatterecS 'as "we" may be by ; the »ignal fcooor Friioce has cooferreti amon o«r troopi "by proclaiming them Ih* "DelendfiiBnt. Paris,"" ;we must no'{' OT»rlook th»''mai;]fafic*nt part the · tbe: · i««;n»;Te : warw ' (fit lu_-*OlillB(^ at, rr tumi.^^Mwu *m ffv^ » . . ttniv;»j. i tore«d · to r«r»v";sliouMt,«ic«fe -.Our boys in France are i maturing (act Tbe conditions amid which tiey live tend both to clarify and to deepen tbelr 'thoughts; They bear flo ' responsibility for their own physical ne«de; food, shelter and r.lothing are ·11 provided for .them. . Blsny; If 'not most of them. Have assigned tte greater^ part of . their pay~ : to : their families' arid no ejforis of theirs can increase their incoma. During the day -and' diten"?at nigiit thej are al- jap9t';con«tantlr -under orders; in doing only .what they. «ri: told. they are ioing. their full duty. Their only real responsibility Is for: thi: conduct of their own thoughts. ' i' ; : :: In intercourae-with our tbldiers i n ! France .one »oon discovers liiat many ' of "them' are living an active; often an exalted, lanef life. The gossip that used to satisfy' their hours .'of leisure no'longer meet*' their. need tor mental refreshment, and their minds seem, to crave the solid noui-islm«nt3 to be fonud In poetry ! and .'religion:;. - Not only do; "they read pc«try; they write, it- We -'met; on* boy irho ; had composed reamsr of ;'vera libre" and whoiie letters .home;:'his bfflcial 'censor; told us, were'witten iti the same medium. . .'. . .,· .'.C- r-l'.- '. ; ' ; : '· ' , Confronted witb/-,tbe- most, serious of all .problems, ·thit.of ; ..death'. and ·;*rhat -. comes after ;'.:jt;".the' · boys' JhonghtE turn often ;tdlriird» religion " ' deeds. Two Incident* that have been reported to me show how it eipreses itsetf In words. In the course of a hot battle a detachment- of American soldiers was cut off and surrounded by the enemy. Some one,must cut his way through to where relief coald be obtained. A private/ generally known as a "rough-neck," volunteered and performed this dangerous seivicc. Afterwards he confided; to a Salvation Army worker that, although he never before had prayed, this time he had offered a prayer before he left his lines. . . '"But what*did yo usayT' "Oh," I said, "Gofl, I don't give a damn what hs.ppe;ns to me, but please keep me safe till I can bring back help, for'these boys here." Another boy confessed that he always grayed before he went over the top. He did not pray to be suved from all harm, for that would deem as if he were taking an unfair advantage of the fellows who forgot or did not know how to prayi he prayed only that no matter what happened he might be, given the strength to bear himself likc''a brave raaa. Could the Tnosi pious of saints have framed a nobler prayer than-this?" NOTICES SENT OUT To R«frlfltraaf» of District 7, W«»t- moreljMul Conntj of Examination. SCOTTDAiLE, * July 37.--Local Board No. 7 of "Westmoreland ccunty is sending out notices for the 'jxami- uation of registrants of the 1316 -class .on next Friday, beginning at S o'clock that morning- No examination Will be held at Hennifale this time, but there will be oxanj..nations at West Newton, the headquartern of the board. In the high school build- .Ing, and at the Y. .M, C. A. building f u Scottdale, · At each of the two places there will be .about 300 registrants called. panghter Born. A daughter was born. Sunda,y night to.Mr. and Mrs.'A. E. Shirey of Lar- tpn. Mrs. Shirey was formerly Miss Clara"Hamilton of that place. ·-. By Walt Mu*on. ·EJ COLORADO. 'Mid Colorado's fflant hills I've aet- tJcd for the summer time, and feel the old ecstatic' thrills, when viewing: spectacles sublime. I'd like to talk of what I. see, ot snowy peaks, of wondrous dells, of crystal torrents wild and free, for all these things are -wear- ins bells. But when 1 hall some tourist guy, and try to tell h i m how Z feel, he paws the .earth, and makes reply, "We'll whip. the. Huns, I'll bet a wheel. The British and the Frnnch are tired, they've scrapped .so long their legs are sore; at them a m i l l i o n puna were fired, their feet are wet w i t h Prussian gore. But now our boys are ting there In numbers large enough to note; their con.ttails flutter in the air, .-and they will get the Teuton-goat. Eh_, yes,', these hills are out of sig-bl, the raging" torrents are O. 1C, hut when our boys-ve out t o ~ f i s h t , what price' 'are hills and - torrents, pray? The -Prussians flglit with- ·drat?Ki n B step, they've scrapped so long they're human wrecXa, Jvnd soon our soldiers, full'-of.-.pep, ;. will wind their - leg's around their necks. Oh, yes, t!ia.t vista Is a peach, that landscape surely takes t h p - b u n ; but who .would, of such lCfl preach,' ivhcn' Ve nre out to squelch' the.Hun?' Ah. me. for some congenial soul, to pass with .ir.e. the summertime/'-to Kit with -me upon a, lvnoil, and talk of scenery sublime! eriseSs ' so.", .often to the '; traditional in which they/'iifere, brought The: themselves prepared /to"! make. anS the f to jay barS apds Jiscu«»; ; ;t:tht -most; Edgar A. Guo»t. THE M'OBIttED He was drcaminsr. .through, the drill- ink; he was a half a step behind; He was marching Mike a soldier who had-something, on hia mind; ·; · And-ihe colonel/.who- wa». watching as · - his boys- were.- on : review,. Couldn't 'uhd'eralanfl the. trouble;, but the "Hergeant-major knew. . Once-tje broke tnc line by missing the. . 'colrnmand. to ' make a w R e e l - . 1 And" they .thundered curses =at .him* till! .'· - ,hls ..brain began to reel; . .: ,. His .captain' called, him lazy; his lieu- tenant'scored. : tiim, .too. . '.';.;· . And they, wondered why he Calt'ere'd; . ' but the; scrge"- nt ' ina -' 0 . r knew.'.V-'..; : # .-: ' . - · - . . . . . . · · · . · · . WCtien'-at'last ehe drill was -ove ; and- ·V " - t h e - l i n e had'': bee n ,· dismissed, :";. . ; They'-put the - blundering- soldier --'on" ?.··· thefir'-extra-duty/list; '*':'-..-^ .·- : '-.:;':./. ^But'' th%'aergeant-;ma:Ior saved- .'hlTn -when the colonel'Ifea'ptlMiiin-say:·;' .J '"He hasn't had^a letter from his folks'-; .'-. "' many a day.".' -. .'; , ; . WANTED -- TOUK BAJXBJSRINO . .. · · · ' · tt WANTED--BpOMBHS AND BOARD? era at"117 "West "Fayctte street. - . . lljulytf .·WANTBlr-EOTS OVKtt 16 -YEARS of age. -CbNISELLSVILLE SlLiC MILL CO^ INC. Sjulytt W A N T E D -- SOTjllplT6B AND 'driver at CONNKLLSVILLB I^VU-V- JDKV.. " .: . ' · 16july2t WANTifJD--THREE NICELY FUR- hiehed, rooma. InfAire F. "W. WOOL- .WOKTH. ·- ... . . ISjulySt . .FOR ASSISTANT bookkeeper. Apply TK1.-BTATE CAKJY COMPANY. lOulySf WANTED--TWO -GOOD CARPEN- tcr», Rood waeee, steady job. . GASPARIS STONE CO.. Bell 250. . :. . . · ifijulyfit. WANTED--4£BN FOR CONSTRVC- tlon work; 14.00 .per day. THE FOUNDATION CO., West Penn Power House. I t j u l y t f d . WANTED--TWO GIRLS TO DO RE- palrlngr on men's clothing:. Apply A. .'3HULHAX, Th« . TftUer, 241 North Plttsburg. Tri-SLate 223. ITjiilytf. WANTED--CARPENTERS AND LA- bor^rs. Carpenters' wages 62^e per h o u r ; laborer! 38c per hour. Apply on the job at Oreenhouve Stop, Duo- bar. Pa. VAA'O CONSTRUCTION CO, CJulytfd Dlroree Brown field Goldstein, Attorneys. FANNY GOLDBERG. VS. ISRKAL Go!dlerfi". 'In the -Court of Common. Please of Fayette county. Pa., No. 100, J u n e ^ T e r m , 1018. To Isreal Goldberg, respondent: . You are hereby. notified that the subpoena and alias subpoena in this case have been returned. "Non est in- vcntus. J '. : .you are there/ore, required to appear in the Court of Common Plesis of Fayette Bounty, Pa.,' on the 2nd Monday of August of aald Court, A. B. 1918,-' to" answer the libel and complaint flJed therein, und show cause. If any you have, why a .divorce from the bonds of matrimony K h o u l d ' n o t be grunted tho libellunt above named. THOS. L. HOWAJZD. SheriiT. · SberJK'S: omcc, July 15, 1918. july-17-24-31-aue-7 ' H. K. MacQuarric, Attorney. LE33 K. CROSSLAND VS. BESSIE Crossrland. In the Court oC Common Pleas of Fayette CGTinty, Pa.. No. US June Term, 1918, To Bessie Crossland, respondent; You are hereby notified that the subpoena and alias subpoena in this case have been returne'd "Non est ln- vontus," you are therefore r e q u i r e d to appear In the Court o f . Common Pleas of Fayette coujjty, Pa,, on the 2nd Monday of August of aaici Court, A. D. 1918, to answer .the libel and complaint filed, therein, and show cause. If any you have, why a divorce ' from the bonds of matrimony should not be grnnted the Hbellant above named. THOS. L. HOWARD, Sheriff. 'Sheriffs Omcc, July 15, 1918.- , ·WANTED-- MEN FOR carj, .11.30. P. M. . u n t i l . 10.30 A. , Good steady-, employment. MASTER j West Ftnn Kaitw%y» · Cc. ISjulytt H; G. May,. Attorney.-.. GERTRUDE C. JOHNSTON' VS. Byers F. Johnston. In the Court of Common PJeaa of Fay«u county, Pa., No. 1E6 June Term, 1918. To Byers P. j Johnston. rosppHnent: w I You are hereby notified that the 'subpoena and alia, 1 ^ subpoena In this case have been returned "Non .est in- WAHTED -- TO RENT SHAU* h ouae, good loca tlon In or near Con - nellsvllle. Posaesaion as soon ma possible. J. E. JACKMAN, 616 North Pittsburgh. , lfijuly»t« WANTEI5--SEVERAL MEN TO work on Inspection and repair* *to oars steady employment; 9-hour day. Apply »t once to MASTER aitECHANIC We*t P«nn RaUwayit Company. . U July fir WANTED--OLD FALSE TEETH. Don't matter 1C brel«n. 1 pay $2,00 to J1B.OO per «L Send by parcel' post ·nd reoetrc by return mail. L. MAZBR. 2007 South Fifth ktreet, Philadelphia, Pa, SjulyZIt" WANTED -- BARBER, STRICTLY, aob«r m/ut at once; |20 and 60 per cent over $28 per week. Shop open 7,30 to .9.30 uid 10 P. M; on Saturday*. LOUIS T. BRUKING, Main street, Greensburg-, Pa Phone 347, 16julyKt vcntuB," you are therefore required to appear in the Court of Common Pleas of Fayette county, Pa., on the 2nd Monday of Augrust of said Court, A. D 1918, to answer the libel and complaint fl!ed therein, and BD.OW cause, if any you bave. why a divorce from the bonds o^ matrimony should not be granted the Hbellant above named. TROS. .'L,. HO-WARD, Sheriff. Sherlfl's Odlce, July IB. 1918. july-n-24-31-?.-jir-7 . FOR RERT--ONJB S2X ROOJtf -HOUSE. Call Bell 408-R. Sjulytf Geo. B. Jeffries. Attorney. GEORGK A. DOWNEr VS. MAJIIE Downey. In the Court ot Common Pleas of Fayctta county, Pa., Jfo. 48 Juno Term, 1918. To Marie Dovrney. respondent: Tou are hereby notified that the' subpoena and a!ine su^ipoona In this cane have been returned "Non est in- vcntus," you arc therefore required "to appear in the Court of Common Pleas of Fayette county. Pa... on the 2 n d Monday of .August of aald Court, A. D. 1915, to answer tho libel and complaint (lied therein, and show cause, 1C any you have, why a divorcjB from the bon'dH of matrimony should not be granted tho Hbellant above named. THOS. L. HOWARD, Sheriff. Sheriff's Offlce. July 15, 191S. FOR RENT--GAKAQE, Boat Cedar. APPLY 307 ICJulyfit FOR RENT--FRONT ROOM. GEN- tleman preferred. Call 327-W Bell phon». ITJulytf FOR RBNT--THREE, FURNISHED rooms, t'se of telephone, 524 East Crawford TC'nufl. Idjulytf FOR RENT--SEVEN ROOM HOUSE, furnished; : .convenience*. · Write HOUSE, care Courier. · 16july3t FOR for Ilrht Pittshurg housekeeping-. · treet,.. ROOMS 304 North ISJulySt' FOR REMT--JtAl*L APARTMENT. Call FLORENCE SMUTZ. ! : · . . . . : 12julytfd FOR RHNT--ON.E room, all conveniences. Sixth street, W«»t SJd«. FURNISHED No. 115 South »r Mia,' FOR SALE--TWO ONE-HORSE DE- 11 very waR-ona," good condition. J. F. BLACK, JDickertfon Run, P». : 17July2t FOR SALE--CUSTOM COAL FOR Immediate delivery. DAVIDSON COAL. CO., 1129 South· Fiuaburip street, Tri- Stmte S8. . . ISJulytf FOR SALE--MA7l?PrHLL · SPECIAL 1914 model,, four new tIris, two extra rear .wheela; tood tondltlon. .112 East Fayette.. . · · · ' : . ' . lbjulyt* F O R S A L E , -- SIX CYLINDER roadster, AI condition. ' Seats three. Sacrifice price;, buying truck. Telephone 18-W Tri-State, : 17july3t-' FOR SALE--0 ROOJi HOUE'.E, NICE location; pared street and -ildewallc Pantry, bath and two porch**.. 'Hot air h«at Ad«Jre»* "D. J." car* Courier. Liberty Bonds CASHED IMMEDIATELY At market prlces,'by licensed brokers. 309 Penn Bldgr., 70S Penn ave. Plttaburg, Pa. . Hours » A. M. to 0 P. M. L I N O T Y P E OPERATOR, DAT WORK; $25 PER WEEK. APPL.Y FOREMAN, COURIER OFFICE. DRAFTSMEN, STRUCTURAL AND MECHANICAL, DESIGNERS, CHECKERS AND DETAINERS. 50 WATER ST., PITTSBURG, PA, FOR SALS--l-TON" NASH TRUCK, \ equipped with coal body and c*b! ] nrat-claffB condition. Too small for i present use. :'Inquire C. L. WORK,: Connellsville, Pa. 29.1 unetfA j FOR SALE--10 JINKJJSS GLCfBIS j valves, 2 inch, good a» n e w ; 400 feet 1W and 1^, pip* and f i t t i n g , CHAS. THORNDELL. Home after 5 ' P. M. 2'J1 South Prosptot itree;, cfty. 16july3t« FOR SALE--ONE BLACK HORSE, "ten years old, weight .1300. pounds. "Will -trell reasonable . to.-"''quick buyer. Call between 7 and 8.A. M., or 6 and 6 P. at. at 101 "Watt street.. PHIUB $730, Houso of 't rooms and kltchon; front Dorch, good water and ffood cellar; one a c r e ; 34 f r u i t trees; stable, '4! chicken houses'. 15 minutes from trolley and OH nrnln road. Suitable .for fanner, miner, coke worker or. rail) man, Between Scottdale and Mount Pleasant. .Address MRS. LQVISK Jll St. ; , l*m*burfr, Fa. ff ' " - '' . FOR SALE-T^GUOVER' FARM, .'250 acres, of the. Jdlih T, Mog-g- *»taLe, ae 11 whole at J^S per acre. Long lime easy paynient, ,.See-'ariy-.real estate agent or -write STEWART JOHN'S- TON, 1209 HoUae Building 1 , Plttaburg. . · July-17-19-24-1:6 . F O R _ . .SALE--SI ' ACHE; ./FARM, ffood bank barn, besL of ffpringr water, lots of f r u i t , tor 54,000. 46-,acre farm, 4-foot vein -DE Frceport coal - u n d e r l y - Jngr .40. acres of the. farm; everything In fee for $3,200. K. P. DeWITT, Bell .Phone, 29S-J, Scottdale, Pa. ' . -.ESTATE OF,-WILLIAM MICHEALS. deceased. 'Litters -testamentary.In the estate of William Micheals, late of North, tniontown. Pa., .Ftyette county, 1 Penn sir-.van Id-- deceived, h'arlng- been granted, the undersleried, notice is hereby given to ill persona, indebted to staid estate . lo make' immediate . payment, and to \.those. : Lhaylng-- . clalma against the'same to present them properly/ authenticated :. for- settlement. ;HARMON T . w. .MICHEALS, CHARLES KBIGHLBT, AdminJwtriltorB. ' " ' Y OU READ the Other Fellow's Ad You arc reading this one. . That should convince you that advertising in these columns la a profitable, proposition; that it will bring business to your etort The fact that the other fellow advertises a probably the reason he isi getting roorebuslness than i» falling to you. Would it hot be well to give the other fellow x chance to Read Your Ad in these Columns? doctrine and towards-a ibnple cod* II; Jacl^iK W4»U 'b*: ttridioui to , v .. ,. the 24th day of July, at 2 P. M.. o'c'i6cfc::will offer on the : premises at.public sale the entire original building,:formerly occupied :by a Kdbscker.i Sons, 625-29 Main str.eet, : Mt-Pleasant, Pa:, .consisting of "three store rooms,, and additional lot directly in the rear :;p£ L : ,.K. ! Zuck's'Xieat Market,.absolutely the. nest location-in tha town. _·"'. ; ?SM.OO ii/c'ash, or "certified check, for-that amount will be. required 1 fronvthe pureHaser, v and for. the balance, .terinsi Vlll be made known. ' ' ' · · · ' ·"·'.'.'·:.-.'. ' " . ' ' · ' · ·'·'·.,.-. HABET KOBACKEB. The Union Supply Company have recently stocked their furniture departments to full capacity and are able to offer their customers full lines of all kinds of furniture and hosuehold furnishings at very attractive prices: The prices of furniture and household furnishings are advancing and will-go still higher, in fact it is almost impossible to purchase some lines at the present time. We have anticipated both the advance in prices and scarcity, and can offer you complete lines at reasonable prices. These lines include bed room and dining room furniture in suites or single pieces; wooden and iron beds in different styles and prices; all kinds of chairs, tables, kitchen cabinets, mattresses, springs, and bed coverings, heating and cook stoves and ranges; rugs, carpets,; and linoleums. Anticipate your wants--you will have to pay more later and probably have trouble in getting what 'you want. You will always find Union Supply Company goods and prices right 3 Larg-e Department Store*, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. An Ideal Spot for a Home of your own--in the coming residence district of Connellsville. Out in the open where there's plenty of fresh, air and where the "kiddies" can romp and play to their heart's content. And it's only a 5 minute car ride or a 15 minute walk from "Brimstone Corner." At Poplar Grove Right now you can buy lots measuring 60x140 feet-quarter acre tracts--at Beautiful Poplar Grove for as low as ', $80.00 EASY PAYMENT TERMS GLADLY ABRANGED. There's city water in front of every lot and the first Standard Public School of Fayette county is just within a stone's throw. Think of it, these lots cost only $80.00 and upward--even as a matter of speculation they'll prove one of the best investments you've ever made. For full particulars and information write C. B. McCORMICK, P. 6. Box 144. . COKNEILSVIIXE, PA.

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