The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 17, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 17, 1918
Page 3
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* I WEDNESDAYS JtJIiT~ 17,1918. RS. HAT1HIU. UA6CK. 7; ·Brooklyn i. «. Lmtto 7; Bostoe «. Philadelphia 7; Chicago o. Philadelphia. «; Chicago 5. New York-aaeiaaati. raia. Chicago N»w York w; L. Pet 55 K ,S» Philadelphia Cincinnati _ Boston _ -St Lonis __ Bnofciy* _ _48 _40 _37 -34, .51 .43 .40 .39 SeMMe. Brooklyn it Pittsburg. Philadelphia at Chicago. . Bo*ton at St Louis. New Tork at Cincinnati. -35 -5 -3U 48 -30 46 AJfKBICAX LEAGUE. TestereayYsfenlK Detroit 12; New York 1. Detroit 4; New York 1. ' Washington 4; Cleveland 3. Philadelphia 4; Chicago,3. Baton 2; St limis i. .Bono* _-- 1 Clevelaad New York Washington St Louis .1 c Chicago Detroit 8Ui«*ff of (be Ctata. W. L. _49 -47- _4J -43 _S3 _33 -31 _33 Pet -59 .54 .53 .52 .47 .47 .42 .41 T*4*i't M**Me. St Lonis at Boston.;' . Detroit at New Tort , Chicago at Philadelphia. Cleveland at 'Washington. Confluence; CONFLUENCE, July 17.--A. D .Shatter, of W-F. Shaffer's Sons, menu men! dealers, Somerset,, was i. busi nes« visitor In* town yesterday: Mrs. H. L. Sellers visited friends in Ohiopyle yesterday. Quite a number · of 'campers ar camping in this vicimity... Helen Bowlin, who arrived horn from Mount Clemens, Mich., several days' ago, where she had heen taltra, ; treatment for rheumatism, is imprbv in*. Mr*. X. B. Mitchell, who spent,, Ih winttr with her daughter, Mrs. Frank Davis, at Connellsvllle, is visiting he daughters, Mrs. Edgar Parnell »ni Mrs. E- N. Tissue.- - - . : ; ·· . ' ·'. ;· ,. L. E. White of -Washington, D . C . aas returned home after visiting Si, wife's' parents, Mr! and Mrs. J. W .Endsley. atSomerfield, several days. ·' Harvey Friend, a well, known lum- bernun of FriendsTille, Md., was here y. on his way to Flttsburg' on - ~ business, · - - · ' ' :·'·'-··-:'· - - ' · " Mis*** Louise and Clara LePage ol '·Webster, and Miss Jean Black o town, ^ whose guests . they are, :spen yesterday with their friend. Miss June 'Fern Bird.- -' · '.' .'·· ' , Walter Umble, who has Keen ill sev- ' ^eral weeks with inflammatory rheumatism, is able to be out again. ; Mrs. H. V. Prince'of ForrHill, was . shopping and visiting- friends in town '"'yesterday. . ' ' · Mrs. Hiram Burnworth has r'etui aed . . .to her UomeJn,Unlontpwn,.Pa., after · · ' · ' ' · · visiting, her daujhteryand son-in-law Mr. a. 1 Mrs. 3. B. Lytle here sevwa days. The residents of the-Johnson Chape : community have made application for ' a rural mall route. Harry Davis, who was visiting-'his ., brother John here for several days ' has returned to his home in Detroit, · · · ' · · .Mich. ' . ' ' ' . : : Elliott B«ggs of ConnelUville, visit- 7 «d fritnds here Sunday. He was accompanied home by Mrs. Beggs and two children, who tad been visiting friends here several days. . · Mr. and Mrs. }'. L. Reiber of Johnsoa Chapel, have received word tha their son Dalton has arrived safely · ·· overuas. Mona Ruth Brown of Connellsvllle, " visited" her parents here- over Sunday. Mr. and -Mrs. Frank Davis and two children have their home . IB Connellsvllle after a visit with friendi here. BirtMar Celebratioc. A very enjoyable.evening was spent at the home'of William Grieve, Sr., 37$ Campbell street, Akron, O., when griends and neighbors assembled to celebrate his. 50th Wrtliday,,which :I*H on Saturday. July 6. After supr piftr was served, songs--(English, Irish, Scotcn and American--were sung by several of the company. Those present included Mr, and, Mrs. Mana, Sr., .and family, Mr. and'Mrs. ·William Durl«h, Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey aad family, Mr.' and Mrs, R. Man». Jr., J. Skinner, Mr. .and Mrs. William C. Manning and haby, 'Eva Marie, James Howe and daughter aad grandchild, Miss Marie Graham, ·Miss Bertha Graham, Earl Graham, William Hichins. Richard Hoare, A. Ellis and wife, and Lala Stauffer. Mr. ; Grieve received some .very-, nice and nsefnl presents. H !·· Vat S*BMOMm« " Advertise for it ta L o«r eJ»»eifl«d col- iBn». One cent -. word. TCAN Sun«oi» G«D«ral Oorcaa aad Bralst- *t at the armjr sad navy. Dm «p- ftfltt to. the Amerlcmn Bed Cron to reeralt- 3SJXIO aur*es In a campaign: s*Icli began J«n* a Tbe BSfd Cron hai Issued sevenl pamphlet* urmtaed anrsei to enroll for war (c* and erery trained narae la this comntrr sboold answer the cslL It nay b* mootha before *om* norse* 01*7 b* called to the stijlee and jnanv may not b* called at an, bat all should register. Then the (orernment tarn ·1ft oat th* 3SJBOO tiiat It needs at Mice. It is stated that TO per cent of .the! vld . regtotratloa Is; prorldcd by law, u sp pUcant, to be ellgibls for enrnllrow; 1 ., most be registered. She most'be at least twenty-one yean of age." Physical Standard*. "Durlug : the- period,: of. the iwnr a .physical examination; certificate: should be Bled with other appllcatlongpapen ·t tbe time of enrollment." What Reeraatibnal' - Features : Are There? Leaven- of absence^ are granted froir, time to time'as the exigencies -of, the service permit The surgeon genera 'i; \ office Is making every effort to pro- Insists That Frail. Nervous Women Can Speedily Become Strong and Vigorous A Vigorous Healthy Body, Sparkling Eye* and Health- Colored Cheeks Come m .Two Week*, Says Discoverer of ' Bio-JerenJ Workf* Grand*** He«Jtb Builder Co«U Nothsnf U n l e s s It Gi»e» to W.o m e n the Buoyant Health They Long for. register«d : auraes.fa Asnertcm are In private ecsfloyment--that Is, mot In In- itttntioM. The public mast reduce its alia upon trained none* aad employ practical nnn*s instwd so as to release these young w»n*n for war MTT- let,'" ·'('·· ' -'·· " . '· Hew *» EnreN ae a R*d Cr*e* Nun*. . None* desiring general Information refudtn| B«d Cros» work abonld address: Depa-tnwnt of Ktrsloc. American Red C.-oss, Washington, D. C. Or applications may be made through any fecal Bed Cross chapter. Nurses residing In the central division of the country may send direct to Red Cross Central Division, MO North Wabash raw, Chicago,m. The) Dni*s ef a Had Croat Nurs*. "Bed Crass nurses assigned to military bcepltals are charged with the nursing care of the sick and wounded of the army and navy sod becoao* temporarily members of the army and navy corps. They are subject to all the rules and regulations tbe service. They are responsible to the chief nurse of the Army and Navy Nurse corps under the commandlog officer of the hospital to which they are assigned and are expected to accept her authority without question." Requirements far Red Craw Nursing ·arvfce. "To be eligible for enrollment a nurse most be a graduate of a rec- ognised school for .nurses, giving at least two veara' course of training in a general hospital. IB states where comfortable living quarters for "i the nones. The Red Cross has completed plans for the building of a] ttouae for.:nurses at-every army cnrnp' la the ; TJnited States. These houses will consist of an assembly hall, U- brsry, sewing room and "kitchen,. and- wlU add greatly to tie comfort of the nones: .Tbe Mwembly hall has-been so planned as to make It mi!table for daadnf, receptions, a lounging room and tho showing; of motion pictures. · · 'Compensation. ' Th* minimum .salary for service in the TJnited States Is SCO per month, and 460 monthly for service abroad, with Increased pay .for. -'chief nurses. Maintenance is provided .for: Special'.. salary arracgenieiits are made where maintenance 1* not provided; · "Leglalatioo is now pending befori. congress which If passed will provide definite, raok- for nurses, with increas-. es In pay." · - 1 Tbe above ^notatlona are taken from a booklet entitled "A Book of Information for.Graduate It-la iafe to say that right her* In tali Mr city are -tent of thon«aada : o( weak, n«r.voui, . run-down,'. dapresie4' : women:, who In two. weaka* thrift could raak* th«m*«lv*a 10 heiilthy^ao attrac- !tlv« and- mo keen-minded .-that they would compel tfao admiration of all their, friends. Th* vital health- building elements Wlmt !!··· deapondent women lack ar* all plentifully ·applied. In 3io-fBren. - If you "ara ambitious, cTilve.ucc«M la Iif«, : .want to have a 'healthy; vigor* o«» -bodr,. clear akin and' «y*a. that ·bow no dullness, -niaka up your mind to r*t a package ot Bio-fereh right away.' · - · - · · .' ·. 'It costs but 'little and you can lit ·a original package. at any druggUt aaywhen.' · '· · · : : ;;. · . .Take two tablets' after *ach meal and one. at bcdtime~atv*n a. day for ··van daya^r-thcn one after m*ala till 'all ara gone. Then if you. don't faat twlca aa; good, look, twice as attractlv* and feel twlca as atrongr aB^before you «tart«l, : your money la waiting. for .yon. It belong* to you, for tho discoverer 'of "Si o-f«ren · doesn't .want one penny of It unleai It fulfill* all claims. JAPANESE MINISTER OF WAB PAGE THKEBS. V Thera s n* 1 ««cr«t. about th* formula of Blo-farea. It Is prlted on every package. .Hera It !·;· Lecithin; Calcium Glyeero-phoi- -phat*; ' Iron PeptonAt*; Manganaaa Paptonate: - Bxt Nux Vomtca: .P«w*v O*ntian; Pheoalphthajela; Ol*or*»lB. Catwlcum; Kolo. - '. · · _____ ^ Ua* of TuHe.' TnDe Is coostanby bdDf put to ,new QBes. Now It Is finding B new method of exploitation In: a sboulder 'cap made of a sncccssloi) of little raffles posed UQ a sclf-fonndatlon. Of coarse · there/. are ribbons--oiurov grosgrsln! In color delicately contrasting with tire pink of the tulle. WEAK, DISCOURAGED WIFE Adrised ' ky Trieads to' Try Tla*4-It Dl* f»r Her. Floreoee, S. C.-T-"! wma in. a weak, nervous, run-down condition, took cold easily, could hardly keep around aad do .my work -- aad was all dlsr couraged. I had taken cough zyrups and 'tonics without benefit,,, until 'a friend agked m«' to try VinoL^ gained rapidly by its use, so 1 am now good fcealth."-- Mrs. Addde . . The reason Viuolwas 30 succesaCul a restoring Mrs. Wilkerson to health s because it Is a constitational remedy, which enriches and revitalizes the blood and creates strength. Laugnrey Drug Co., Connellsville D. C. Eason, Dunbar, and druggists everywhere.-- Adv. GERMAN PEOPLE AND MILITARISTS ALIKE · Continued from Pace On*. The Germans take the view thaj after the war is over the people of the-Allied .nations will forget about the atrocities, he said. "Do you think we will ever forget!" e said. "No; for every drop of blood aed we will demand a million drops if German blood. Captain Curran also spoke of atrocities on the-women of Belgium. Declaring that it is the duty of every one present to make a solemn promise to -stand : by. the .boys who iar* gone across to fight against'.fjer- i 'barbarity, he declared that alack- rs · at this crucial moment- should. be taken out and shot The address of Attorney Laughlin was a plea to the men to work every ay. A man may take a drink, he may ,ve his souse on pay day,, but he must come back to work the* next day, shouted. ."If you; don't, .you don't aye a right to take a drink.'.' Along ii» ;line Captain Curran. expressed the view that drunks should he placed the front-line trenches.. It is- an utrage, he said, to.have youof men 3f up their lives while.' these lackers : are safe at'home squahder- ng money that should b backing the oldier. Mr. Laughlin urged that the gitator he promptly squelched; Superintendent E. 'Vir. Lron cqnclud- d with a plea to the workers to maintain the good record of Davidson, hicn, he said, has never (alien down et 'Warren Murrie: sang '3Ceep the Home Kres Burning" and "Liberty ell."- The Scottdale G. A. H. band ayed ' Cheers were given for the United tates and the Allies, for the boys in e Army and Navy and for Captain urran Fish ·BOS. Th* cod Is estimated to yield «,000,- 000 em. each 'season.. As many as -8.000,000, 9.000,000 aid even 9,000,000 eggs have been found In the roe of a single cod. An eel was caaght In Scotland some years ago which contained upward of 10,000,000 eggs. This, however, would appear,to have been an exceptional find, and It Is generally admitted that the-cod is more prolific than any other flsh. Tnongb not equaling the cod, many kinds of flsh are exceedingly prolific. More than 98,000 egES have been counted in a herring, 88,000 In a smelt. 1,000,000 In a sole, 1,120,000 In a roach, 3,000,000 in a sturgeon. 342,000 In a carpi SS«,000 In a tench, 546,000 in a - mackerel. 902,000 In a perch, and 1,037,000 In a flounder. The oyster is also very prolific. It has been ascertained by recent observation that In the liquor of their- shells small oysters can be seen by aid of the microscope^--120 In the space of an inch, covered with shells, and swimming actively about A herring wetghine six or seven ounces U -provided, with about- 30,000 eggs. It has been estimated that In three years a single pair of herrings would produce 154,000,000. Bnffon calculated that If a pair of herrings conld be left to breed and multiply ondlstnrbed for, a period of 20 yean they would yield an amount 'of flsh equal In bulk to the globe.-- London'Tit-Bits. When B*ards Wtr* Taxtd. In the reign of Btliabeth ev»rj beard at m fortnight".i growth was subject to a tar. Peter the Great, In 1705. Imposed a tax upon the beardf of the Bmsjlan noble* of 100 rubles, while the common people 1 *'beard tn amounted to , one. kopec. , .This tax caused moch dissatisfaction, bat In spite of this the impost was extended to St, Petersburg in 1714. The tax on beards was confirmed by Catherine 1 IB 1726 by Peter n In 1728, by Empress Anne to 1731, and In 1743 hj the Emprem EHiabeth. It was repealed by Catherine n In-1782. In -Frunce'a was Imposed::.upoa tbe iclerfj., The :celebrated Duprat, lord.hlgh chancellor of Francs, was the adviser of'the measure, and s bull was publtahed by the pope enjoining the drrgr to shave their chins Then a tax was levied by the Mng upon li: ·who wished to be exempted: from · th« harsh decree The bishop and others who could afford tbe means pdd the tax, hot the poorer clergy were obliged to yield at the point of the raaor.-- London Tit Bits. ProssiH*) to fcM* TMth *(··«: ts help o«re ·HHsv bl»**!lslt AHB DOES 1T! Aak beluowm. Chts*4* at*illi«4siB*s*«k Ma.1. Oen. Kenichi Okshlma, Japanese mlnieter of army affairs. An AW lo Memory. ,Th« Btranpier In camp-pointed to a stack of .army, hats and caps on a sheIC behind the desk lo the "X" hut. Smd'be to the secretary: : M I .'dldirt know you ran a clothing store." ""We don't," replied the secretary. "Stlclc sjound a minute and you'll understand." . Before the minute had ended, a lad in khaki came In. "Got a basebill to lend me!" he aakctf the man at the desk, '." "Sure thing." Tho secretary produced a ball from a box under the counter, the soldier seized It, left his hat la pawn and rushed away bareheaded toward · the playing .field. . "We tried keeping hooks on our athletic equipment at first," said the secretary. "But! this .way Is simpler ! and more effective. We never run out ] of baseballs any more." J. B, KURTZ, . HOTAItt PUBUC AND HEAL C*TAT*V ·* »*tith Patronue Those Who Advertise. F. O. B. th» Kftchen Door. , Do It with your hoe. Or, if you are j too proKWSsive to use that Implement, the .fnl! suite of modern enrth tools will do Just as well. Whatever you grow lu. the yard this year Is f. o. b. your own bact door. It does not need to be crated or hauled; no busy Btntlou agent will have to waybill nnd rate and 'ftws with It; no freigtt hanrfler need worry over the strength of Its'pacWnff case. Probably your vegetables would not fill a whole freight car, hat fancy what five or ten million Hroes your own output would mean In the way of ten- mlnal congestion and track spnce Try f- o. b. the kitchen door as * slogan.-Collier's Weekly. . pARAMQUNTJHEAT^ 10e --TODAI-- 16e "THe Lone Avenger" . LASiK) FILM COMPANY PRESENTS THE GBEATEST 'WESTERN '.-·'·· AND MOST EXCITING PICTURE Ifl^AYER OF THE / DAY IN HIS BEST PICTIJEE : . ' . : ' . . : ..' .- FKATTJKINO WD^IAM S, IIA11T. . ,. iALSP- Tm; ITN'IVEHSAI, WEEKLY--DON'T MISS THIS. --TOM O RB 0 W- WORLD PKESBJNTS TONE 'ELVIDaE IN "The Woman of Redemption 99 This is;a story, of the way.ln which a mountain maid wrought the iredemption-of .'a mani'. It-is a._story that moves fast to a smashing climax.. It;is-a corking good 'screen entertainment. ALSO CUEHENT EVENTS. ; MMQP. Lamb* Killed by Rattlers.: Battlers,, always plentiful In parts of Washington state, are this year more numerous tban in any previona season Sheepmen are forcibly re-minded of the fact by the IMS of !amb«. Older sbeep know the menace the tattoo of the rattlesnake, and will change their coarse at the sonnd, but the Iambi.are often bitten. There Is nothing; that cao be'done; for the ; rr ief of a larab.wh.oh has been bitten. t dies In a little while.--Seattle Post- rntelllgencer. The, COASTLINE to Tl» cWi«li of your neuon bctfa ti« momtft ran ton-d D 4 C. COM Utc Sinner lir baueful Miduuc U.uJ-for half of tae M'ifha ae i» the l.wkc royMe. Krikaul licked u» koore oo all D. * a LIB* ttenien ·with OMem TkjD 4C iBiKal.lgnrnrixbcitla ipDahts Md pwtMtiluns wnlce. Seletr Mud kealta srovmoM «re *ll t« could Wdirirei AH Mvwen are eqwipcml frfcfa l*M*t wlrelcM Mrvlce Att .'.wsnt i MttUiiaJ by ukr. vkl« rmr «»e~i. Two ·lni.d T«nh-CkT ° Muk»c II Cbnlud »».«· K«»J H* U.M tnm TeM* »7.2J ~ ItrivlU ri«ei Q*y jj Alp«(~.....-»,..-._ -- «c*k to McekuHc IsJud Frotm Toledo HoiHfan MjSuorJ.riBJOA M TtKxUn ·mt ThinoiM 600 F M From Detroil IJoooiinguiSK.rf4y.500P M.WW.e» *«. s«l Fnde»8dO A M ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY GEORGE BEBAN , IN «0!fE XOSE AKEBICA 1 ^ J*lso "Screen Telegram and a Good Corned) DOftT TEED TOE MOTHS POST TOAST1ES 6 BCU.-ANS , Hot water ! Sure Relief DOCGLAS FAIRBANKS IN "A3TEIICA5 ABBSTOCRACI" Coming Soon-- "OVER THE TOP ' featuring Sergeant. Arthur Gfiiy Bmpey (HlmseU) supports by Louis Meredith, James Morrison and an all star VlUgraon cast ' : TRIM AW OF NAW5 Oil SUPPLY .WAR DEMAND FOR PRECIOUS FLUID GROWS AT PACE ALARMS EXPERTS. AND DRAINS .OUR RESERVE '. Th* demands of the war havo brought Oklahoma Into the limelight, »r better attil the gaillght, for th* state Is a mlflbty -gaselln* toreh, tk* flam* of which i* »s Important to u« M th» pillar of fir* to tb* Iliraclltaa. V-'lt will lnor*aa«: In Impbrtanc* A* the war goea on. .' . Upon It will depend largely the movement of the theusinda of ***· planaa which we- ara sanding' to Europe; of the motor' truckV In the ()*ld, of' many of our ve**els at cea and even of the- military tankarth* wmrUlc* leviathan, of th* land which are now traveling over th* -trench**, th» avvance guard of. our anemy. - -· ...... ...... . - ' The Oklahoma oil fields lead the United States in the production of orud* patroJcum. It Is the largest field of high grade oil In the entire. wwW. Last year Oklahoma produced 118,000,000 barrels of crude oil; 12% of the high grade oil of the world. The oil fields of Oklahoma ar* ju»t a little mor* than, scratched. There will bo many' large' "pool* un oov*r«d in that state- in the next few months. ; To give an idea of the magnitude of this, production, Oklahoma pr*» Muced more than twloe as much oil as the combined production of th* following states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, New York, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinoia. According to -the government report, th* combln**- production of these states was approximately 44,000,000 baarela, as compared to Oklahoma's production of 118,000,000 barrels. " Taking Into consideration the enormously increasing demand for 041 · and the price which is being paid now and 1* bound to -tie' constantly *n th* Increase for Oklahoma crude oil, there will be more money (hade In th* Oklahoma oil fields in the next five years than has been ht'the paet · ten years. ...... . ..". _ . THERE HAVE BEEN MOKE POBTUIJES MADE IN OIL : · : In Oklahoma by the average small Investor than In any other. state In the Union, and Oklahoma has more actual millionaires in 'proportion to population than any othir place on the globe. . Th* Daily Oklahoman, on* of the leading nowspapers^of th* Southwest, says that over 1,200 oil companies are paying a "production tax" to th« stats, and that over 79,000 land owners are receiving money from the oft buafness In Oklahoma. During the month of January in the Oklahoma oil field* there wer* . 4OI wells completed, 48 of which were dry hole, 30 were gas wells, and th* balance oil wells, thus 87% of the well* drilled during- the 'month of January were productive. At the close of that month there were 1,2Z6 well* drilling and 288 rigs were being built. There are 60 Independent refineries In Oklahoma that have pip* lines to gather up the oils -from the wells, and thus we have competition for the purchase of crude oil; The oil business is' done on a. spot cash basis. Th* YOUNG3TOWN POOL In Eastern Oklahoma is rapidly develop- Ing into a veritable giant The first big well In this new field wat drilled In December la*t, and has today more than two dozen wells gushing from 400 to 4^)00 barrels of this liquid gold daily, and with close to 50 wills new drilling, promisee to make its present production of 25,000 barrels dally seem small. The Pittsburgh Dispatch of June 3, 1918, says: "Not a week ha* passed for. some time but that it has recorded one or more big' new wells In the Youngstown Pool, which continues the sensation in Oklahoma." An eighty-acre lease with room for twenty wells, lying close enough to these big wells for th* wind to shower oil aoroas the property commands a fabulous price when the oil men race for it and fight for It, but we won .because di« owner knew that we would b«gln drilling operation* right away. ., · We organized a small company-- THE YOUN6STOWN, POOL OIL COMPANY-- with a capital stock of only 5100,000, to drill Uiis property up, and th* cost of the lease used about ail our ready cash, and we are compelled to sell a p^ortJcn of the shares of stock In thl» company to quickly provide th* funds for drill too. V THIS IS YOUE OPPOETUNITY This I* your chance to make a fortune by inverting In bur drillin*. allotment of stock. Our capitalization is small. Our c**slbllrclea are tremendous. Big wells are drWlnfl nearer ^ and nearer to our leas*. Only a little way to the northeast of us lies the famous Beggs i»«l, which has ; -oduced thousand* and;thousands of barrels of oil. We may get a 5,000 er 1MBO barrel « usher, then every dollar you Invest v»ith us to bring In our first well should ret»ra you a hundred fold, oosalWy i ODD for MA within a few short weeks. . THIS WIUL.BE THE LAST ALLOTMENT TO BE SOLD If thl* w.11 comes In a Us oueher.. The proceeds derived from a 2^00-or 3,000 barr.1 well will drill up the entire lease within a short time from the sal* of oil, then the proceeds from th* sale of our oil will go Into a.dlvidend fund which should give ua ·'- -- - $1,000,000 *" ^."J*,^ ywv *" be flvfdef «mwifl the Youngsrtown Pool Oil Company Think what this means to the stockholders of tfittc«n! - f«"y "ly.«Ml.talli.d for ,100,000, and wW, only ··». smrnM part of thia. Issued; thw would leave a few of us to divide the profits with. - · REMCMBER THE UNISSUED SHARES OF STOCK DO : NOT' DRAW _WVIDENp8,.and your stock shovld be worthTO Vw^ forSS T b-id*. your Interest hi from S,«00 to:25,000 karrels of on daily 'preduoHonTYou ean't affowl to stay out G.t in today «Wle you can' buy thia stock al ZM c*rn». ^ . . Opp*rtu«fty only knocks at your door -once in a lifetime, and R-s uo to you to gra*p it now. .A 2,000 barrel well on-our )«we wonld-mak. o u r Company worth $4.000,000. T h e e l l 1 . " ' btg pwduclBB wen*. It wlU undoubtedly mea u. dHM. Thl, stock should .11 b. sold ind^« th. tlm*. D«rt « the : wise *n« beat you to It »'nd " hId f "« lowrt our advte. tft ' n? " k '""' tfcou " I " i « of do ««r* DO IT HOW. BBT TODAY. EEJOICE TOMORROW Wrtb, ttVCompany a cheok, M nd the moiwy «er tort a at the= prMent price of 20 cents a*, you can afford, to b^T BEMEMBEB THERE WILL BE ONLY A FEW OF US TO ' - ....... " PROFITS WITH ' A SURE WINNING CHANCE OF A LIFETIME FOR-VOU IF YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE. OF. IT- ...... - . - - , . . : -------- lu-'tu 5 TM?, CO " W ·«·"''-«* «» the big guehers flliino tank with the Wack liquid gold ud the drills pounding awa/I iS"TM^"."-^ 11 W "" ti "** »«very dollar you could r and gather together for. your share of a waiting fortune In USE THIS FORM' :.:Birr NOW TOUNGJ8TOWN POOL OIL COMPAUTE 714 Amtl BanilfaK, ntMxrsk, ?·. '" ".' \ : . . ' . - : ' "··· llfKBHP^ .i I Wnir Mtarrlfce «f flu TOCNGSTOWN 1POO1, On, COMPANY OF pw .lux, mi , . -- _ will n_il tki bduioi b CUrlr Thar tkw w c Iftlentt la aO UM* kw wl« ft. mt*.riU»Jl»r Ih.t at. tt^k U f,Dy --u . . -' ·n cn»« «e*. nd ·· ·todck.Utr I iiTJS5J^" *"*** »"- »n UM »«i«f tnd vro^rly nf , TKT »»!,_ V_T;Srl ** '" Br *. «*«· k. O.BUU-. u-wen-.u . f.n m^^SSLZFfc-'Zy 1 -*!*'·*··'· »· mr mdc* tnm tnr team. I tar tkii:^! "/"**"· ssttCssf , 4.,, rn.rt.rin .p.r,ik.u rikt i».^,;?^. yll iJ2*J u »«»r »»t H if. YOITNOSTbWN POOLvOIL^MPAiHr 7H. ArrtH B«il«lae, PHUbnrrt, f t . ' '" "' '-'- -- .'" THE JOB DEPARTMENT PF THE COUEIERiDOES AliL KINDS ?. OF COMMERCIAL PEIHTINQ. 9OOOOOOOOC aooooooooooooooooo

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