The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 23, 1939 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 23, 1939
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LAST E DITION 'RICE The Best Advertising Medium in the Yough Region. OL 37, IsO 112 The Weekly Coiner founded July 17 1U79 The Daily Courier Founded November 10 1902 Merged I July 18 1328 CONNDLLSVILLE PA , T i l l KSDAY E\ KNtNG, MARCH 23, TWELVE P4GES House Bill May Bring Capstan Resumption; Aids State industry Home on the Rampage Distillers Would Be Pro- AUBREY CASE tected Against Outside Manufacturers. MEANS DEMAND FOR CONTAINERS WILL REACH JURY FRIDAY Restoration of activity at the Cny- stin plan* of the Anchor Hocking Glass Ornoratjon at South Conrells- \illc is a possibil t seen in the introduction of a bill in the House of Representatu es at Han isbui g } es- terday by Rep csertaiive Thomas Lyons Me ccr chau-nan of the Liquor Control Committee The mtasuie calls £or in iddiiioml 20 per cent mark-up in the cost of out-of-state liquor sold m S ate storrs intended to matcn illy increase the snles of Pennsylvania distilled pioducts It is asserted that if the measure becomes « law at least four distillei- ics m the St te w i l l gue o-ders to Anchor Hocking for glass products *md insist that thej come fiom nt Capstan plint "Last yeai onb four rind one-hilf per cent of the to al amount of whisky produced in the United S ite was manufactured m Pennsylvania--once among the lend- c s as a distilling stile Undei the provisions of the pioposed law State Liquor Contiol Boa^d purchases would favo" biands manufactured in the State, stepping up considei ably the volume of output Distilleis asscit the measure will moin an incicase of employment amorg ckstilleiy \ioikers from 3000 Special to I*he Courier UTv IONTO\\ N M u 23 --Ai gu- ments in the Thomit. R Aubiey tn il vveie stilted tl is it ernoo i after the forenoon session Ind been foi Lgone so thdt attorneys could appeir bc f oie the State Sapieme Court in Puts- buigh in othc actions W Bro\\ n Iligbcc stai ted t ic closing aigimcnt for the sheiiT w h o is chai god with t mbc7zlem-nt ind othei mftactions during his tenuie ns countv t easurt it 2 o clock and Distnct \ttoine J imcs A Reilli was to follow The change of Judge H S Dumbauld w is not expected to be made befoic Fud y moimng w i t h the cisc going to the j u i o i s befoie noon The tual o£ the foimcr tieisu ei ended abiuplly d i afternoon when the i found itself htndicappec 1 b ' j u l m g that pi evented presentation i of testimony tint had been prepared ' | The court ruled that test moro J pertinent onb to he 193-1 tax duph- ! cate i^ued Mis F ince^ S Keisted j star Commonwealth witness would be adm tted into the iccord thus eliminating opportunity of the defense to ti ice the checks pre^en^d j 11 evidence by the pio^ecution The defense \\ s prepared to oiTci le^lmonj thit wou'd icconcilc the Cusc eich month in the ofice of A,ubiey at the time he v is s e i v i r p Vountv defcn o , a court I With Britain, asnst Hitler Threat GERMAN-RUMANIAN TRADE PACT SIGNED AT BUCHAREST Flood Dam Waters To Be Controlled By State-Stewart By United Press BUCH1KEST Rumania Mai 23 --A Geirnan-Rurraman trade accoid was signed at 5 30 P M today, cons ituting an agieerrcnl of amazingly wide scope H rfi mts Germany concessions without precedent sn modern rela-' tion« between two soveieign states I It hid been expected that the ac- corci w o u l d OG signed yesterday but contrirj to report's that it had been last mmute negotiations to Reply to British Proposal Believed Preliminary to Military Accord. EDEN ADVOCATES DRAFT OF WEALTH This is the home of Mr Gin Colin at Scarborough on the Hud«on N Y sliding over precipice First intimation something um wron? cmc when ( tht 00!^^ p a j l r i f f b n d p c suddenl fel the hou«e h c a \ c anil n retaining »n!l crash Archuccts said rotfaing can smc thi ho-bc Man Burns to Death, Guests Barely Escape Somerset Hotel Fire EJ Unl cd Press WASHINGTON M«u 23 -- Pennsylvania intends to rclnm oxvneish p } bj g net} _ _ _ .,_ 0 __,. and contiol of w ite s impounded by smu0t h out detaii7caused"the's7gning d i m s coni,Uacted bv tho Federal to be postponed until today Gavcrnnun foi flujd conltol in i Despite the scope of the treat* it v, 1*1 cmphLiMzed that Germany in no ^ L obt in b a dominant position in Rum in m tconomy and that Ru- tmm i icm uns f ei, to conclude a g i t t n e n t i u i t h other nations t h e iccotd chiefly concerns the dtvf lopmcnt of the jgiiculture and mining industries Under it Geimony w i l l luim*-h Rumania w i t h mdchmco si tcs Pcnn'-jh m i L ordirj, to G Stew l i t s t t r U a i v of Uut Dtp n muit o£ I- I C S L nd \V i ois ' T h e L s lov Id be no objtction to tJ is ta i id if is the Fcdcnl i urn n ton tnd the d ms T « t nstru t xl r ur Hood contiol By United Press LONDON Mar 23 --Great Britain is tesolved by all means' to oppose destruction of the independence of European states under threat of aimed force Pr me Minister Neville Cr 1 Ttnbei Iain dedaied today in the House o£ Commons C.m\ bi iii onl S i t u t jjp I U ir Dt ) n I K nL m j t -c 3 t rcl 1% thi_ fix r| emit ul r E w h t. 1 % ill be \.o r t t ti upp r i jjf t ^ in \U j. iv s Ul 10 r i \ r d bef i the Hou ppio i i ifions corn in c o m t t t jn u i t l i i [ p f o P ! 1 ^- u n P ] * Hoc ed foi ros i h' d r u i i|,o h isn lononff h\-l i md in V.tst* rn Pcan- mri mining equipmei t. She also \\\\\ o i g c t n / e a HLtnarian German comp u v ff)i he ituay of the problems connected uith mineral oils, The cc ord further pio\ des for the C I L (lion uE fice zones in which in-! LONDON", Nov 23--Soviet Russia agiced to a foji-po\veL declaration aimed aga nst Nan aggression today as Great But un ai d F ance uere re- poited to have e\changed wutten as- surnnccs °f mutual support agairst a Goi-man attic^ in western Europe The Soviet embas-v said «?n tmrmative repl had been deliveied bj Russia to he Bu ish pioposal foi n fou declaration piov ding for irnmedi ite consultation in event of fu"thci Goirrdn aggression It was believed that ns a result, t ic Red ai mv a id air force high comm md would be enlisted m Bntish- Ficnch mihf-ai v consultations The embassy s statement coincided mi f ^^fJ^^ on tl c pp d H w o u l d ing inilroad freight powei and cool 1 The mejsuie is an line T. ith the , announced purpose o£ the Admirib- liation to aid in a iccovery of Ponn- sylvmia business it is held b the sponso r s, and icpoits indicate it js meeting with a sympathetic attitude on the part of legislatois The s*or: of ConneJJsv lies p ight as a resuH of the Capstan shut-down and the benefits that would be derived lion its resumption were lo d members of the House Liquor Control Committee at a hearing Tuesday afternoon in Harnsburg when James M Dnscoll, associate editor of The Courier appealed as a repiesentatne i of this community Mi Dn^coU ind j James J Driscoll, president of The i Couuer Company, w e n t to Harns- buig Monday to lend then efforts in having the bill favorably reported The measure is known as House No 628 and is regarded by many legislatoi s as the fn st of any real value in bringing about the campaign promise of Goveinoi A thin H James loi the restoration of Pennsylvania industiy The Houte eommiltee \vns told that the Capstan shut-down dnectly affected at least 10 pei cent of Connellsville s population and t lat a much lirger percentage mairectl/ felt the vvithdiawal of the annual million ,do!Jai payroll It is pointed out that inasmuch as there pie only six liquor producing stites m the Union, and onlv one of that number--Ohio--h wing rf monopoly sjstcm similai to Pennsylvania s retahatoiy legislation would be limited Undct a Supreme Cou t ruling discriminatory legisl ition on liquoi is permissible but eannot extend into othei fields There is not sUlTicicnt Pennsylvania liquor sold in the other live producing* states to affect the Keystone output even jf ill those competitive states inh oduced ictalialory mcasuies advocates of the Law asscit One djs'illeiy representative interviewed at llarnsbuig, declaied th it if the mcasuic becomes a liw, Pennsy Iv ania distillei y pt oduchon will be stepped up to a point wncie there will be such a container demand tint Capstan might readily oe apeiatcd ite idily tould h tv c been v* eoncilfd *o the bank balance ind the eash on hanc ir the treisuif r b office Stanley Phillips Johnstcmn Surgrcon Dead JOHNSTOWN Mar 2^ --Dr John B McAncny 68, rctucd Johnstown surgeon and outstanding Cathol c Jayrmn died in a "West Philadelphia hospital He had been engaged m medicine and surgeiy over 40 years Of Rotary Club Tne new boiid of clircttois of the Ro aiy Club meeting following tilt- week j ""urcheon todav elected i. Stinle rhiltips club president and Wilh im H So c son v: e-pre,ident Walter T Smiti was reflected soc r e- tar and S T Benfotd trensu er During he luncheon Pi Cbidcnt Brnest R Koosc- announced tJ e withdi iwa 1 of T D Gaidner fiom the list of nominee^ breaking a tie VM h Mi Soisson who uas deelnied elected Membci s othei than t ie ones ifei ementioned ai e E R Koo-ci, Iia D Younkin ard W G D a v i s The new officials will ake their p'ices at the list meeting in Jul The luncheon speakei was Misa Mae Macl en of Geim intown field \\ 01 kcr for the Woman s Chnstiar Tempennce Union, who discussed the evils of liquor he need of education as to its dangers and the life of Fiances E Willard, its president ^nd foundei of the World W C T U the centenary of whose bath is be ng ceelornted Mi a J G Sleightei local W C T U ofTeial, was a guest of the eJub John Jackson, High School student phycd a comet solo, \\itn Naoni Ll- peir at the piano MINES GIVEN FOUR TO EIGHT YEARS IN PRISON By Lnfted Press NEW YORK, Mai 23 --Jnmes J limes district lammany leader, was sentenced today to four to eight jetrs in pnson as an ally of the undei \\oild in the operation of the Dutch Schult? policy racket The grizzled 62-year-old former blacksmitn was convicted of selling his political mFucncc with the police and comU over a penod of years foi sums ranging as livgh as $1 000 a week Man-Hunters Swarm Wyoming Hills With Instructions to u Shoot to Kill" B\ L n l l r d Press M i r 2' --On* 1 m n u s bu n d t dt i h n m n \ i i n j u t t?d nd H *c.o o of pt p-on b f i ^ esc ipcd \\ith thui !i\is \\h n ' u » dcst o^pd Ih \ . n n t . r H o t i l inn* \ i fmir--(or\ b u t k v rudf i sii ucturt situ ltd in U t hi n of tn bu i it s distiiti, tod o D *m l fi ^ is PS m i t d it b t t \ ecn ^ I j U D f l O nd ^200000 ^^ol cr S h i i V i 27 nn t m p l u j t of the Center t if*. '· hcu. tht fi-e ongiintcd still v. mi sinff m t i c U m U \ c hr ur t f t t r h b! ?? \ s discovered c i !v this mornmK The o u t h v. is k r o w r to sleep in U t t t r t at ni^M Russtll PifFcr Somei=ct firorr in uas struck on thr- )v ^ri b\ f i l l i n g bc im u h i l e inside the bui nng ouiid- mp He v. s taken to bomcr^Lt Hta- pital C i Jtam R C F ice tomm ndci u a CCC camp t I J i t l M o u n ' m i s ncai Som^rsc* his w i f e «md t) LII $i\-month l -old biby \\ero c m ed to s ifetv from the ioo r of tht, bl /ir^, building it the hcignt of the i re Occupants of i t i u d - f l u o r ipa: - mcnt Captun "°ricp nnc 1 I i\ f a m i \ led to tJ e roof \vhen ft e on the Hjors belo\A b ir ed their csc ipc I i emen nised I K dcrs to rescue the fainil when their pi glu wns distoxercd Tie f u e spicad so quicklj I ounh j the tinder-like building t h t t part j ment dwelleis baiely lad t'm" to snatch up ni^htclothes and fict "No one ^\ is ible to save, any househrl 1 furnishings Included among those \vha esc iped \ eie scvcial poisons M,ho Jived in tuo penthouses a op tHe joof of the building B c i e \ c d to h i v e oujjnalcd in t i e kitchen of \ c ife on the t i a 'no of the building a ] mdm u k tJ c. r u e Continued on Pag*. Six W O M A N C O N \ICTFD IN I I I T S B \ N I ) S I)t \TII NOT \ U I O V H - D l - S T A f l - b U A H F St -. rt 1 1 d hi d u n r f j t t t s v, ^ b h e - us^ the I t icr il G o v f - r m c n t rt 'ustn » Vjutiti t[ d rn Hm\o * r frf add* c' the bt lU j \\ll \'.i ! hold f ^ m ! i ( j p t o \ i l unices t \\r r VM nn. t t f t ns ar mee tb t f o \.nn hi i u d control of t i e \v iter v 1 . I j rein in u i t h the S t i \\ ** con- idc tJ H \\ tf rs ·, m t u n l le^ouicc" 1 md \\ v. nt lo r e t UP n\\ r s)np (j' jUt J -i \ iu b! IK s^io i He TI )il*ci he *· u no f i l l e r p in i\ iv, ui in cnr^tructlon of Ihe diirs tnd tijuid n( c ^ i J t b( \ oikeri out tnd commercial enteipi^e U ) U l reports tha* one of the nrst c-\n be csV^bhshed ind provider that fru^s of the visit of President Albe t n these "onL-. Gcimin shipping com- Lcbiun of Fiance to London was a p-inus tnd sloic houses v,ill be o"- Britten secret agreement undei which Biitam promises to suppoit French actio in even, of a German thieat to iTvide Switzerland Invading Hun Army Beats Back Slovak Forces By United *rc -a, 2*-- 1ht ' m m C n j r t in in opuuon Ml« c tni^d tht r Kiit o' i \ L * « d ot nrst d M C murd in c jin t t l u i w i t h tht dc ith of h hu b nri t j ^1 i t ir the btnt th \ u in e t iU. L UK i G r u f r r n p p e i k d to th i coui t to i e t '-e thi dt us on of \ Phil HI Jphn Common Pkis Court I "No J \ti t l i di^mi^'-Ld h t r suit to t u l k t i sh i e of i tru t fund c r e iitd oy h r h u s b i n d I n w h o m she, ill d on Jul ^0 1W I ( Just cc ^» i In n I Sh iiTcr w t o t e j «"* , ' he high Lourt, i op mot; uhieh h^ld h j i jK fiou js not to bc permitted to proli b\ Im o u n \ i c n f i doing p i t i c u l irK b% liii o\s n enrni ' . Hitler Tells ; Memelifes He's * h »« Satisfied Now By United Pre-^s POWELL Wo M n t 23 --Man- hun*crs s^viimcd into the Boil tooth high country at dawn tod-it to re- tnc\e the bodies of two of then companions and to t ack do\\n Earl Duiand, uiio has killed torn men since he escaped fiom ja 1 a wco^ ago In a bue/ battle 'ist night Durand added the Uio latent Meant to his hst of murderers and dro\c the rest of the posse to covei Ihen he slunK back into the mount ilns \vlieic he bubsiil:, on raw me it He left a note to his pursuers 'ieiying them to catch him -ind sugge'Ung th^t if they did | =o thcj mou it hii head and hang it from the Pan*, county courthouse. Tl c possemcn advanced today un- dei cover of ciags and undcroiush thiough a huge ci«tei-like crease in Die moui tain as if they hunted n wild bea^t They had ordeis to shoot Durand on sight as they \\ould a heist AH night the bodies of C H L nuoai and ^ithui Aigcnto la in t i t - wow w h e i c tiev Cell Shenff b dcputic kept their men undei co\ci u n t i l d a u n refu ng to expose the*n to Din and b deadlj (He E\ ci v mnn in he po«be u Inch c ct ou from Pox\ell a v eck ^go w h e n Du-and killed a sneiiF d e p u t y and i tov.n mavbtA il s\hilc escaping jail b e l e \ c d thcv \\ere confiontcd bj a Continued on Page leu. Uniontown School Board Takes Case To Supreme Court PITTSBURGH M J I 23--Mlor- neys for the UnonLown Pa school district aked the SUtt faupicme Couit today o si_t aside a S5 000 vcidict which was awaided an aichi- tcct bccaast. he ua not Nicd to plin a high school adaition elected in 1929 Tho iichitcct Hany W AJtm in ol Uniontown V.OB engaged by the. school dnecto'-s jn 1916 to design a p-ojectcd junior high school building, but the plans wcie stopped v»l en par ici'Iy corrple'cd Thn een yeaib la ei the board ^ted to erect n addition lo the scmoi high school and engaged anothci a chitcct Altrrun brought suit on the gioundt, that the 1016 contiact \vith bim \vas sail binding and the jury decided in ' his favor The school bo ird contend- James Opposes Bill to Abolish Turnpike Body HA.RRISBURG Mat 2i --Govci- I nor A t t h u r J! James h i s ad\ ised Seuot i of the In ci 101 H iroJcl L Ickcs that lie disippnn cs of n bill nov. btCore the P e n r ^ v K nn Legisl U] e to bolish t ie Tin rpikc Com nis- ··lon md u'-sie.n consttuction of 'he piojLLlcd super higtiw Ink ng H i n i b b u i g md J'ltlsbut^Ii to he General Stott. AuUiout Fl o n r ^ e r n o i ie id a telcgi im lie icccned from Ickcs \ v u n n g t n j dc- Jrij in cons ruction oC the ro d v.ould ic^ult in wi hdi m il of the $.26 500 000 gian 1 offe ed bj the Public \\orks Admmiblia ion The Goveinoi s siatemen 1 " appa- ^ently msmc* continu ince of the bupc l i g h v v a v constiuction v\ithoul pau c The bill JD abolish tbe Turnpike Commission uas sponsored by Sen i- tor Oscai J Tallmai, R Leh gh The highwa is fin meed b the PWA tnnt and by a 535 000 000 Reconstruction Jr in ince Corporation loan secu LC, by icvcruc bonds to be iqmd ited hi ough tolj^ By Lr ted Pro's AIE.MEL M i r 21 -- F u L h i e r Adolf Hi U i ti uirph n\\y \\eli_oini i^ Mernc' I ome lo the Re ch occl led od iv th it Gumani nnu his ended ts m ^tnf, qood t i e jfern^ n- d on her iftcr the \\orld \Vai vMittf ei tlir f iehu i s u o j c t , v\,eic intended to me n th it C o n n ^ n j now is snti lied ^ \ J U l bei iti Uou U acquisitions in LuiopL u i 1 ) not onti elj t l c i r It v. is iccnUefl tn it if er the icquisi ion of A u s t n i lie sijd the sime thing Hil'er u s pscoihd to UK mil bv the most powerful umtb of the G^r- m n fleet He d i o v t through the gub-dcconted sticets picked i\ th shouting throngs and addressed tens of thousands from the balcony of the theatte in the centnl sqtnin LONDON, Mar 23 --A n t h o n y Eden, former foreign secretary, urged a coihuon government in Britain to- da\ asserting that cveiy houi counts 11 meeting tne present international danger In a speech of surpris ng bluntness at a luncneon of the American Correspondents Associa ion Eden uiged the conscription of wealth and manpower in Br tain West Newton Truck Driver Dies of Hurts Albeit Knschner 29 ,1 t u c c d u v e i 'f Wos Kewton died Wcdnobddy n ght in Meicy Hospital in Pittbuigh ol mjunes i e c c \ e d i^hen h s truck was s f iuck by a Pi tsbjigh : Lake ed Jie \eidict was against Ac c\ . | Eue Hulroad fieig it tiam at Collins- dence because the building constructed was not the building foi whic i Albr in u as hired burg Westmoieland count Deputy coroners said Kirschntr dro\ e his Uuck onto the ciossing altei a passenger t-ain Ind passed HvHlnian B i n k Cashier Dies HYNDMAN Mai 23--Hjuy B E\ us 58 ca hiei of tne Hobhtrell National B i r k of Bedfoid died TLCS- duy nt his 1 ome here He h id been pi evident of the Bedford Ccjnty B irkcis Assocntion Spanish ^^ar \ ct Dies Charles n Cook D9 So-misi \\ u i \ c e i i n \vho sei\ed thiee yea s n the Phil ppmps died \Vedne=chy di j Ins home a I w i n The funeial \\ill be held Saturca\ raorn-ng The Weather Fan and v v a i T tonight Fridav in- cieasiig cloudiness and \varmci Satmday shower, is the noon vv either forecast for Wcste r Pennsylvania Tcmperiture Record 1039 1938 Maximum 50 87 Mm mjm 32 C I Mean _ 41 76 PARIS M u 2.-\ -- \dolf Hitlei 5 annexation of Memel has v u t u a l l y icduccd I it unnia to the sUtus of n German vassil com )ctent Fiench observcis concluded tod j after stur'v ol ccoi omic and m i h U u fac- tois involved Genmnys let on also i n u c i s c s the d i n g c i s of j i c i l v Nn^i ib~ soiptitn of Don/ig and Hitlers enc i clement of Poland tlley s- lid Tt it-0 gives Ceimanj T ne\v n v il base close to Russia Becaus-c Memel w is Lithuann s only icc-fiee eomneieial scapoit, its. loss definitely pi ccs hot within tne Na/i s economic nnc political oibit G c t m i n y nerds Lithuania;, cxpoits of butlci meats ind fiU wmch pie- lously h a v e gone pimupilly to Englind Bj United Press Slovakn Mar 23 --Slo\ iknn troops HhnkT militia ind bomb^nK planes toda battled ficrcclj with Hunga.ian military column? seeking--repo tedly -nith consent of 'idolr Hitler--to «eizc a 15 mile strip of tenitory inside the Slov ik frontiers Crossing the frontier at 'hree points the Hunginans followed retiring Slovak troops back to their second lines of defense uhere a strong Slo\ak countei-Tdack \\as icportec 1 to have hurled back the ' mv iders Troops ilso were reported massed j bv boJi sides near Schuttc Island, operators of the Appalachian area rot far fiom BratisH%a The Hun- ' xvero appaiontlj deadlocked toaay in R i i i a n mv ismn extended H'6 miles ^ butel d 1 spute o%er nw ^s ag e pio- the bolder to Michalovce and f visions pioposed by the mmeis to COAL PARLEY DEADLOCKED OVER WAGES M dc By Lnlted Press. NEW YORK Mar 23 -- Represent- i\6b of the United Mine Workeis Union ind negotiators for soft coal The conferees are attempting Messiges frorr the scene of fight- | negotiate a tvvo-vear agreement co\- nq reputed that the commander oj the Hunganan Uoops claimed to be ictmg w i t h the approval of Germari House Committee To Clear Perkins, But Censure Her By United Press WASHINGTON Mai 23 --The House Judiciaiy Committee will con- sidei piobably tomoriow a icport clearing Seciclary of Loboi Fiances Pel kins and two aides of impeachment charges but caiiying Republi- | Petey McLean Found Guilty On Gambling Count Special to T'le CourJcr UaNIONTOWN Mai 2t --Locked up since 3 o ulock Wednesday aftei- noon a ^urv this moiTing etuined a se tied \ e i d i e t in uhicli Haiold Pc ey) McLcar well icno\vn Tjmou- Lown m m w is conv cted of pei- mittmg gambling but acquitted of lottciy \iolatior It \\as cha fied that a gambling loom wns opeiated in the Beelire Club 01 the second flooi. of a building in F wLlte sticct £01. houiTa tlie jury uas deadlocked \. vcrd ct v\as reached at 11 30 Wednesday night and re ( uriied when court opened Daung the trial a lumoi of tamper ng w i t h the jury led to on m- d m d u i l poU by Judge W Russell Can Each juioi denied being ap- pioaelied Anolhu u n u s u i l angle developed Wednesday afteinoon when sevonl peisons were shooed fiom tlie third flooi of tha old court tuse where they Ind taken \antngc points to gaze mto 11 e jury i oom Cou t Cnei Ray Wood waned that any fmthei mtiu- sion would pave the u a y to jail eung 338000 bituminous nmcis placmg the one winch expires Maich 31 White to Be Tried For Acheff Murder At May Court Term Clyde (Blue Top) White colored of ConnellbMlle will be tried foi muidci at the May term of court in Westmoielond county The Counei wts id\ ised today bv Assistant DJS- t ict Attorney C W«ud Eicher who piosecuted ti\e chnige o£ homicide agains' two co-defendants m the dea-h of Kaum AchefE at Scottdale the uight of Dccembet 13 Luthei (King Kong) Royston, col- 01 ed, w j b found guilty of. first degree ·nuidei and will be sentenced to a life mpiisonmeno in the Westein Penitential j Anotiiei fuiy acquitted Johi Tuiza wmte o£ Connellsville in he tame caie while White's trial \wb defencd to the May term ai couit because of e\puaHon of the cumnal calendar The Comnonw ealth accuses White of going with Royston into AchefTs stoie *o "Ob him and that he struck doun the confcctionei with a wrench while Royston fired ^ bullet into his body The two were allegedly taken to Scot dale and back bj Turza who maintained at his trial that he didn't know tl e missior ot the two Negroes and lha* he was forced b\ the co' defendants to make t ie tup can censuie prepnod by a sub co n- mittee tv,o members of \%hicn sa d Miss Peik ns had oecn lenient and mdalgeit *o ar urprecedei tec 1 degree with Hn l y Aus- tnlian-boin regional duectoi of tne Congiess of Industii 1 Organisation Guaicl Officer Promoted Ma 01 Oeneial Walter Kreugci who 01 ce served as in mst uctol in the P e n n s y l v a n i a N i t i o n o l Gun a and I as a lieuteTint colonel ot he l l O t n ' Supreme Court Will Rule Whether Son's Marriage Is Business of Father Qy United Press PITTSBURGH Mar 23--The State Supieme Couit today was asked to dcteimme whether the mai- ri i^e of i son was business of his nt ici Infantiy vhen it bi de in his f i t r e i a automobile to purchase her a cottage struck and seuousiy mjjred Jol.n J Hildock a motoicclibt It \\ as contended by attot nej s for Hjldocj^ tha the son w hen engaged Ihe question aio=e in the appeil ol in fuilaeun^ his tnaniage also was engaged Mexican Bolder commandei of the Second Division Un ted Stites Aim at Foil Sim Hous on Texas He had leccntly = c i \ e d as the conirandmg geneial a Fort Meade, Md as oidcred to the Steve of ConnellsMlle Pa has been n imed ' fl om Ul ° 'ction of -he Fayette count 'common pleas couit ir lemstating a bUi biou^ht against him b a Un- lontovvn Pn icsiden 1 The suit alleged tint Gio=sos son Tonj, while diivme with piospective furthering the tmeiests of nis fithei thus making the lather Inble for the accident The accident oceuned in Connellsville Octobei 1933 The suit was d STii^sed 01 igmallj by the county court but later leiiistated

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