Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 18, 1976 · Page 83
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 83

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 18, 1976
Page 83
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Page 83 article text (OCR)

July 21 I HUNTINGTON WSAZ-TV NBC ^CHARLESTON I WCHS-TV ' CBS .HUNTINGTON WOWK-TV ABC CLARKSBURG WBOY-TV NBC PARKERSBURG WTAP-TV NBC Morning 6:00 O 700 Club 6:30 O Sunrise Semester ® Arthur Smith IS) On the Farm CD Artie Levin fB The Story 6:45 O Morning Report 7:00 O © © O © Today O CD Network News (Dd) Good Morning, America 8:00 Q CD Capt. Kangaroo ® Sesame Street 8:30® Sesame Street 9:00 O A.M. (B Coffee Break m m Phil Donahue O Lucy © Romper Room ® Films of Today CD Dinah (DD.J. 19 School Programs 9:30O Cross Wits © Romper Room (5) Cartoons O Tattletales (B Mike Douglas ® Bible Answers CD Yoga 10:00 O © ® 03) (S) Sanford Son O CD Price Is Right QD Barbara Walters © Bit With Knit GD Making Things Grow 10:30 QD Rev. Homer Click O © © © © C e l e b r i t y Sweepstakes ©Yoga ® Romagnoli's Table 11:00 3D Friends, Neighbors O CD Gambit (O CS ® ® QD Wheel of Fortune (B Farmer's Daughter 9$ School Programming ® Bit With Knit 11:30 f) © © ® OS Hollywood Squares O CD Love of Life 00 QD Happy Days ® Antiques Afternoon 12:00 O © 0® OD Fun Factory © Q News CD Young Restless CB-® Hot Seat CQ Sesame Street ® Banjo 12:30 O (S Search for Tomorrow O-© O © Gong Show C® News QD GD All My Children GO Electric Co. 1:00 O Phil Donahue CD Panorama O © News © Somerset © Fun Factory © Barbara Walters Hm CHARLESTON. W.VA. OD (D Ryan!s Hope O Electric Company GO Robert MacNeil 1:30 O CD As World Turns 09 ® Family Feud O © 5® B) © Days of Our Lives © CD Evening At Pops 2:00 CD QD $20,000 Pyramid 2:30 O CD Guiding Light O © © ®) I® Doctors (B ® Break the Bank © Strauss Family GD Lowell Thomas 3:00 O ® (3) (3) 35 Another World O CD All In the Family OD ® General Hospital '® Romagnolis' Table 3:30 O CD Match Game (D ® One Life ®Yoga 4:00 O Mickey Mouse O Mr. Cartoon © 3D © Somerset CS) Andy Griffith CD Lucy OD Dinah ® Edge of Night © CD Mister Rogers 4:30 O Bewitched © IE) Family Affair WEDNESDAY Morning 9:00 "Cruel Tower" 11:00 U.S. Navy 11:30 Canadian Travel Film Noon 1:00 "Cry Vengeance" 3:00 "Dayton's Devils" Evening 6:00 U.S. Navy 7:00 Canadian Travel Film 8:00 700 Club 9:30 Testimony Time 10:00 "Purple Heart" Hffi Batman © Flintstones O Andy Griffith CD Brady Bunch ® Lassie © ® Sesame Street 5:OOO Bonanza ® SB Gunsmoke © Ironside 35 Mission Impossible O Partridge Family CD FBI ® Big Valley 5:30O Family Affair (B Adam 12 Electric Company Evening 6:000©© 53 OS O CD OD QD Local news, weather, sports SI Zoom ® Hodgepodge Lodge 6:30 O) Truth or Consequences O© ©© OCD OD ® Network News © Villa Alegre ®'Let's Garden 7:00 O Truth or Consequences © Nashville © Ironside © News © Family Affair O Pop Goes Country CD Music Festival (B Wild Kingdom ® Sing Time © Tourists Are Coming ® Robert MacNeil 7:30 O $25,000 Pyramid O Last of the Wild ® Candid Camera -© Price Is Right © Wild Kingdom IB ® Olympics ® Basic Banjo 8:00 O © © © © Little House on the Prairie OCD "Stowaway to the Moon" © ffl Nova 9:00 SI GO "Jenny" O © © © © Sanford Son 9:30 OS)© ©©Chico the Man 10:00 © © Da Vinci O © © © © Hawk O CD Blue Knight 11:00 O © © © © O CD tt) ® Local news, weather, sports © Captioned News 11:30 B © © © © Tonight O CD "Dracula" OD ® Olympics (PJanaki 11:45 09 ® "Daughters of Joshua Cabe Return" 1:000®© Tomorrow Baseball wheeler-dealers 'Tomorrow' topic SANFORD SON - (Repeat). "Watts Side Story." Fred isn't amused when Lamont dates the sister of their Puerto Rican neighbor. 10a.m. NBCO®©©© ALL IN THE FAMILY- (Repeat). "Edith Finds an Old Man." An 82-year-old rest home escapee takes refuge in the Bunkers' living room. 3p.m. CBSOCD LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE - (Repeat. "The Pride of Walnut Grove." Ma accompanies Mary to Minneapolis for an arithmetic contest, and Laura faces the challenge of filling in for her mother at home. 8 p.m. NBC O ©US)©© NOVA -- Tt^-eai.). "Tru Transplant Experience." Story of a heart transplant, from selecting a donor, to the operation itself. 8 p.m. PBS SANFORD SON - (Repeat). "The Suitcase Case." Lamont brings home a suitcase he found in an alley and he and his father are shocked to discover it is filled with money. 9 p.m. NBC O © © © © CHICO THE MAN - (Repeat). "Chico and the Van." After being evicted from his van by a city inspector, Chico mistakenly moves into Ed's living quarters above the garage. Within hours, the two begin to get into each other's way. 9:30 p.m. NBCO©©©© BLUE KNIGHT - (Repeat). Eager to catch a crooked but elusive fence (guest star David Opato- shu), Bumper reluctantly uses a small-time hood as informer, only to run into trouble when his helper can't deliver.10 p.m. CBSQCD HAWK - (Repeat). "Thanks for t h e Honeymoon." Geraldine Brooks guest-stars as an alcoholic wife whose refusal to admit she was in a bar with a hoodlum when a homicide occurred, causes an innocent man to be accused of the slaying. 10 p.m. NBC O © © © © TOMORROW - Baseball's wheeler-dealers will be the subject. Guests will be Charles 0. Finley, owner of the Oakland Athletics; George Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees; and Richard H. O'Connell, general manager of the Boston Red Sox. (All three ball clubs were involved in the controversial sales of players voided by Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn.H a.m. NBCO®© SANFORD SON - (Repeat) "Pops 'n Pals." Fred thinks Lamont is spending too much time with their Puerto Rican neighbor . and devises a scheme to bring this to a halt. 10 a.m. NBC O ffi © ® m ALL IN THE FAMILY - (Repeat). "Archie and the Kiss." A provocative kiss starts a battle between Archie and Gloria. 3 p.m. CBSOCD LET US BUILD YOUR W. VA. ROOM Porch Formi Seasons Can be yours with an r Armaclad®Enclosure Check these features ·SOLID CORE CONSTRUCTION ·0 vULvK Or I IUNo~White, tan, gold, black, green, woodgrain ·4 WINDOW OPTIONS--self-storing, 1 LITE JALOUSIE--AWNING WINDOW CALL NOW FOR FREE ESTIMATE ALUMINUM AWNING SALES 680 MacCORKLE AVL S.W. AT COAL MT. ST. ALBANS, W.VA. Phone 722-3238 or 727-5846 WALTONS -- (Repeat). Olivia Walton, mother of seven, develops a powerful longing for another baby, but after her doctor warns her that a pregnancy would be a grave risk to her life, she struggles to accept the verdict while Erin is undergoing an emotional struggle of her own as the result of falling in love for the first tirne.8 p.m. CBS OCD GREAT MIGRATION - (Repeat). "Year of the Wildebeeste." Richard Widmark.narrates this actuality special focusing on the annual migration of more than half- a-million Wildebeeste, or white- bearded gnu, across Africa's Seren- geti Plain. Photographer-producer Alan Root shows the total life cycle of this species.8 p.m. NBC JD MEN WHO MADE THE MOVIES -- (Repeat). "George Cukor." He lent .a blend of elegance, wit, and taste to light comedy, this Cukor. Memorable and beloved were The Philadelphia Story, Born Yestr- day, My Fair Lady, Camille, Dinner at Eight, and many more. He worked with the greatest stars during HollywoodY'Golden Age." 9 p.mPBS©® M A N N I X - ( R e p e a t ) . " A Chance at the Roses." Mannix takes on the seemingly hopeless task of proving the innocence of a man identified by eyewitnesses in an attempted armed robbery. 11:45 p.m. ABC ID® THE MAGICIAN - (Repeat). "The Illusion of the Cat's Eye." Anthony Blake tracks 'a ruthless beauty and her killer panther in the robbery of a solid silver cat.l a.m. ABC 09® ·Wvfasdny "PURPLE HEART," 10 p.m., cable channel 10. (See Monday TV Movies). "STOWAWAY TO THE MOON," (1974) **. Family film features a little boy's attempt to secret himself aboard a manned space vehicle. Lloyd Bridges and John Carradine star in this ordinary science fiction. 8 p.m., OCD "DRACULA," (1973) ***, Bubbling new version of the vampire legend stays close to the original Bram Stocker conception of the legendary bloodsucker. Jack Palance captures both the charm and the eerie spirituality of the count, and the on-location filming in England and Yugoslavia creates the appropriately spooky atmosphere. 11:30 p.m., OCD "THE DAUGHTERS OF JOSHUA CABE RETURN," (1975) **V 2 . If you enjoyed the antics of the three less-than-respectable girls who are hired to portray the daughters of a wily rancher in the first f i l m , here's the follow-up. Dan Dailey heads the cast in the role of the rancher, created by Buddy Ebsen the first time around. In this outing the real father of one of the bogus daughters shows up and kidnaps his kin. 11:45 p.m.,®® HAVEADELKIOUSTIME LEARNING HOW TO CREATE CLASSIC nAUAN DISHES. SAmRDAY 5:OOPM PUBIC BROADCASTING SERVICE Julv22 ^CHARLESTON I WCHS-TV ' CBS HUNTINGTON WSAZ-TV NBC .HUNTINGTON I WOWK-TV ' ABC (S) BLUEFIELO WHIS-TV NBC ROANOKE WDJB-TV CBS ROANOKE WSLS-TV NBC CLARKSBURG WBOY-TV NBC PARKERSBURG WTAP-TV NBC . HUNTINGTON 1 WMUL-TV ' PBS-EEN GRANDVIEW WSWP-TV PBS-EEN Morning 6:00® 700 Club 6:30 O Sunrise Semester ffl Arthur Sm th © On the Farm CD Artie Levin (B Patterns For Living 6:45 O Morning Report 7 : 0 0 0 ® © © © Today O CD Network News QD® Good Morning, America 8:00 O CD Capt. Kangaroo © Sesame Street 8:30® Sesame Street 9:00 O A.M. © Coffee Break © © Phil Donahue OLucy © Romper Room ® Films of Today CD Dinah 09 D.J. . © School Programs 9:30 O Cross Wits © Romper Room © Cartoons O Tattletales ffi Sacred Heart OD Mike Douglas 3D Yoga 10:00 O ® © © © Sanford Son O CD Price Is Right ® Not For Women Only © Bit With Knit ® Dig It 10:30 ffl Calvin Evans O © © © © Celebrity Sweepstakes © Yoga ® Cooking 11:00® Friends, Neighbors O © © S3) © Wheel of Fortune O CD Gambit 09 Farmer's Daughter © School Programs ® Bit With Knit For Thursday TV Movies, turn to page 16m. O Phil Donahue CD Panorama © Electric Company ® Robert MacNeil 1:30 09 ® Family Feud O ® © © © Days of Our . Lives O CD As World Turns © Tourists Are Coming GD Moonshine 2:00 09 ® $20,000 Pyramid © Burglar Proofing 2:30 O ® © © © Doctors O CD Guiding Light 09 ® Break the Bank © Car Care ® Book Beat 3:00 O © ® © © Another World O CD All In the Family OD ® General Hospital ® What's Cooking ® Flying 3:30 09 ® One Life to Live O CD Match Game ® Yoga © Weather 4:00 O Mr. Cartoon ffl © © Somerset ® Andy Griffith O Mickey Mouse CD Lucy 09 Dinah ® Edge of Night © ® Mister Rogers Channel 11:30 O © © © © Hollywood 4 . 30 gp La ssie Squares O CD Love of Life 09 © Happy Days : GO Woman Afternoon 12:00 (B ffi Hot Seat O © © © Fun Factory O © News CD Young Restless © Sesame Street GO Pottery 12:30 (B CD All My Children · O © © © Gong Show © News O CD Search for Tomorrow ® Electric Co. 1:00 (B ® Ryan's Hope O © News © Somerset © Fun Factory (SS Not For Women Only THURSDAY Morning 9:00 "Cry Vengeance" 11:00 Sports Travel World Noon 1:00 "Dayton's Devils" 3:00 "Confirm or Deny" Evening 6:00 Sports Travel World 7:00 Fun Facts 8:00 700 Club 9:30 Young Disciples 10:00 "Cruel Tower" July 18. 1976, Sunday Gazette-Mail SHOWTIME, July 18, 1976 ® ® Sesame Street O Bewitched ® © Family Affair © Batman © Flintstones O Andy Griffith CD Brady Bunch 5:00 ® Big Valley O Bonanza © © Gunsmoke © Ironside © Mission Impossible O Partridge Family CD FBI 5:300D Adam 12 © ® Electric Co. O Family Affair Evening 6:00 © © © © O C D O D ® cal news S3® Zoom 6:30 O © © © O C D O D ® Network News © Truth or Consequences © Yoga ® Your Future Is Now 7:00 O Truth or Consequences . (B Arthur Smith 3® Ironside 35) News 3D Family Affair O Lawrence Welk CD (B Let's Make a Deal ® Last of the Wild ® Families At War ® Robert MacNeil 7:30 O © Hollywood Squares 3D Friends of Man 3D Pirates vs. Phillies CD Nashville 09 ® Olympics 3D Bookbeat 8-00 O © C® © Wildebeeste O CD Waltons © ffl Masterpiece Theater 9:OOO®©© "TheWidow" ,^ O CD Hawaii Five 0 © GO Men Who Made the Movies 10:00© Bill Moyers ® Jazz © "The Widow" (JIP) O CD Barnaby Jones 10:30 GO W. Va. Journal 11:OOO® © © © O C D 09 ©Lo- cal news, weather, sports © Captioned News 11:30 O © © O © Tonight OCD "Boys' Night Out" (B ® Olympics © Janaki . 11:45 (B ® Mannix/Magician ^ 1:00 O © © Tomorrow CHARLESTON, W.VA Inm

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