The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 17, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, July 17, 1918
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" DAILY WEDNESDAY, JULY. 1-7, 1918. The Martha : Ncrtoa"'Bnle-claaa of " "the.Chriatian 'church - will 'meet : tomorrow "afternoon at the home of Mr« Ralph Porter in Isalwlla re«d. Ml? Porter will be assisted .by Mrs. Sob- o( th« V-.v.V. cl«b -Til V.:.2' .Sf Mra.;,FIet*er"in Morrell avenue, -.:-· ,Gr««aiwoo*. Mtaa Ella-Berwick; the ~"" "preaWenf,- states- that - all -· members 'who are going camping in August :. --must .be pre«mt .at. the.meeting.; · "r~ Th*. unit' to~Uie -- ^t;harleeto» r eilinrprt» Branch; of " : the ~TttTy*Tii«toe; 'mit''la*r.nigl»t,at: the home of Misa Martha Bab*age in x . 'XtckOl ilTMt. Gireeawopdr The'- mem and sweaters ,,'Jter.tli«. aallor's._; ; ; The ninthly-meetiog of the ,ftW«fct*r»u.ot_tne,. Trinity LatlMran . .,.Church .wa» held,laat erenins. at .the _,,.hom»,ei JtUa .Viola rrVc In Aetna ..street. The meeting wai' well tecded and w»» on* o( interest. st- - -The-puplls drMiss Pearl-Reck: will (ft* a recital tomorrow kfterncoB at Mtaa Keek 1 * home in East FWnriew Tit regular meeting" of the Pris,, eju, 8ewla»-eirele will be held Friday -- : -afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of Mra. Charles'Kerns iyt'Poplar Grove. . Ta*:r*«u]ar meeting: of the Wom'"". v a*r» "Bund" Sf~ the' Trinity Episcopal V V"jOntrift wUI.'be ield .tonightin the new cSurch in Ea»t Flirview av*nue.V ...,;.:.Tb» G. LA. Knitting unit.-met last ._. night at. the born* of Mrj.C.J. Bills. . Tuesday nigfct the. unit will meet at ...the -home : of Mr*. ..George Wood in - PBSONA1A Miaa Ida Tmnlnger and Ml» Helen " Hiiaeejr of Unlontown^ have- retarned ~.home" aftw"»'Vuat-irlt* Mra. C. M. L»e«ig of Unlontown, .·"'_Mr..aiid.Mr». B..S. Foraythe ofil- -kiaaburg. «ho have bean gueata of .retailvei In Unlontown, have' gone to Darwaon, where they formerly resided, to vitit friend*. - , -, .-;--MlM-Milarland wlehea to announce to ht-r frtaads -and palrona that'^n · aad after Angust lat she will be located on second floor of Title * Trnat bulldlafc. corner Plttsbarg street and Crawford avenue.^AdT.--17-lSt . . Mlu rraaces Schmitx left this laf for Green Bay, Wis.', to "visit her grandparents, Mr.iand Mrs. F. TUT. ' r ~ : ~ : ' " . ; . , . ·';. _.l.Mr. ;luid^Mr;.'"Gi»t''Pjgimui 'and . Jtabj, of FittaburV arrived home today for a visit with Mr. Pigman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Pigman of East Crawford airenue. . . . .. ,T* beat. place to '*hop alter all ..... BrowMll Bho* Co.-- Adr. MTU. John F. Torreace of the Wect Mde, is *t*n«nr the day In Pittaimrg. Mrt Ella Cook and daughter. MlM . Edna, are TisitlngrelitiTe* -at Tippe- I-canpa.. _;·;...-:- ·';'· /·· ' -V-- .-' - ;. Sirs, Cart Bishop/ Mrs: Jacob Morgaa a»d' gne»t. Ur*. CVrace Nieholi of - LonacoBing, Kd.. are riiiting friend* Dawsom today. -I«*tMBt*r-7om. maTered a 'worM of discomfort mod trouble from store*. Take solid ctunfort this winter. Tb« .Caloric Pi*cless Furnace -cam-he- put-in aay BOIIM, new or old, One it heats without pipe*. · register warglTb y«t a Mealy' un^ - form heat throughout ail part* of 'the .. . . . . thaja a pipe furnace. See Andenon- iodeka' idr. bo peso 5.-- AdT.-U-Zt Jsrs. }. W. .Trenkerth^t South Con- nellsrTllle, went 1o Pituburg this morntag to spend . the' dajr.^; '-;v.: ''.".;.' Jlr. and Mrs. 'Charles Baker and , _ ..bahg of Ci«reland. O., -rto wwe fnest* »f Mr. Baker'* mother, Mrs. toul« Baker of Greenwood, hare returned ' New Albany, lad., and will apend several wwka aar-cueats of. Mrs. Siltz's alater./'Mra/'.Jioha 'Yoeuin : of McCor- miek avenue. Mr. Lamke will come later. ·..".·'..'·;!;,!- ' '.. Ob to the Youga House Aeatnurant for your Thursday supper. Cnlcken. and wanHw.. Mrs. C. J. Armstrong.-- Adr.--wed-thiira-tL i-Misi-CamUla Munk ha» rcturjaed to W«»liington, D. C-. «f'er sptntlmg ·vacation-with her-parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Munk of North ---! "- .·treat; . · , . . - , . - · . ;. · . · Miss Huloa Bowman 1 has opuned .a' ·manicuring - parlor at: th'e West^Penn tea room and will be there on Thurfr" d»y,:Friday. and Saturday (rom 9 A. M. to 7 P. M. for.'manicnrlng only.-^Adv. ' In order to reduce our stock will offer special prices on '.all trimmed anil nntrimmed hati for · the follow- days. McFarland'B KllUnery: . . C. W. Crim-arrlved acme this morning from a visit with relatives in Washington. D. C, a»d Martlnatburg, W. Va. MM. Crta and daughter, Miss £sther f who accompanied:him, will re- saaia in .Wartl n» on, where they are rteiting Mrs. Crlm's brother, Charles' Neecomb, whom. ahe. had not seen for 15 years. They .will al*o visit relatives ia Martlnaburg before returning home. : ' .. ., '. Ina Skiles his returned hcme after spending' two weeks at Petersburg, Va; : : Patronise tame who advertlHi. . LOCAL WAR NEWS SILK TOLL FOBBKA5 . 7TO ElfTKB SEBTICE. Connellaville Sifc mill wax' the scene of -a very-pleaaaat event last eveninf, Harry Martin, general fore- maa/,of that InatUaUra. having been called for military niitce, and was liavtag for hl home twwn, Wflkes- Barr*, where Jjlr i« ordered to report for duty*. Tbe girli of the winding department decided to rive him a farewell ceod-o*, in the .shape of a pertr, n get-together event, to which they invited him to say their good- Dyaa. The. manager, Mr. Hottershead, fare the girls permiMton to use the unoccupied space on the first door tor dancing and other amusements and the oOce and packlnc rooms in which to *erve luncheon and refrMtunents. .The'early parti of-the evening wai ·pest in g*me« «nd other amoaemente in which all present, participated. At 10.10 luncheon aad ratreahmenU were served by the girU. Mr. Dot- erdy, acting for the girli, explained In a few words the leoae of the gathering and called upon Mr. Martin to lay., something. Be answered by thaaking the girls for the spirit of friendlineaa shown. .Mr. Doherdy then called on Mr. Mottersheod, Clin- ABATFtESHIP Some of th« American b«ttle«hlpeh«Te real farms. This photograph shows tbe admiral's live stock far ·board on* of:-tli« : blf.wssels. Of counw'tbe animals, are really pctm. GERMAN RESERVES THROWN INTO FIGHT Continued-xrom'PaEC One. mpporb.^ lir sbvig ar- Ollerj-. "South ,of Uio/Xamc tlio Germans wcre'torned oil of St. Agnan and Chmpelle-MunthiMlim by a counter attack, which enabled tke i'rencli and Anerie*B8 to repila heights orerlook- ing a portion of tlici 'course of the Marne. SITDATIOX SATISFACTOKI TO 'IKK AUUEJ) CACSE. LOSDOX, .r«lr 17^Thc positions fu the Allies at the preseit stage: of the German offensive i» Franco Is said to be dutincUy saUsfiujtory )n Us- patckes rcceiied today,, ihe Frencii losses arc slated to limve been small. They nave lost no guns., the refiort declares. WABXE IlRUKJJiS UNDER HBE OF THK FKEITCH. LO.NOON, J»ly 17.--French coanter attacks , hare brought the Genual kridges over the river 3t«rne nadcr. the flro of tke French artillery of median calibre. FITE ASSAITLTS BBOKEX HEATT LOSSES. Elotm's armr, whjch was engaged on the Geratan left wing the Chara- pagBR ^ yesterday, delivered Ore at- acks between Saippe and jfasilg-es. VI 1 the attacks were repulsed wltk heavy losses. . AMEIUCAJiS TLXS HATOC 11TH GElUlAJf AIBCBAFT. THE AKEEICAS AB3I1: 1JT FRAME, July 17.--Fire Gerraan airplanes aad one ballooa were destroyed bv American arlators la .the fight- 'mg over Dornum's .on the . rrrer ton Snyder, George H. Seelig' and! atar » e - Tenos Miller ol Worcesler, Waa Anna Tremba, each of which re- °- *«""»*» dowa a baJlooa and ·ponded in termi fitting the occasion. At IIJO many of the. firls who lire out of town «mld their food-by« and food wishes lor his safe 'retain. A1BEW 50SCHBS1 BOXE TBOM 'CAHP HBB Albert: No»ehea« stationed at Cmmp x», Peter«borg,! Va., arrived 'home this morning to spend a forlouch a Ua'bdma In Weat Peach atrett." Mrs. Fred. Lamke and three children ,ud Mrs. LMtke's mother, Mr*. Bir- jara Silts, arrhred y'eiterday from POSIvf *nd othertable ism-favor erfhe Wholesome, HeaFttrftti ''..;.· drink."- '·*'-··: COKTOKAL CBAJOLEZ BBTEBTAUrED AT Corporal J. D. Chamblee has re- Urn«d to headquarters at Newport Sews, Ta., after spending a brief furlough with his wife and baby who are making 'their home with -Mrs. lathrie. mother of Mrs. Chamblee, un- ll'tbe cloaVol the war.'Sunday: evening Mra. Guthrie gave a family din w»r In honor of Corporal Chamblae, covers for 12 being laid.. Honda; ·ven'tng Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Bush, i brother-in-law and stater of the young ·oMIer. gave a dinner in his -honor at their home at Scottdale, It being i days jrevkms -to'his birthday. Laat erenlng Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Blaeka gare a six o'clock dinner In his honor. METrT.THO.US TBA5SFZKKED ;. TO FOHT OGLETHOHFE. Lieutenant John J. Thomas, son of R. 0. Thomas, has been transfern id from Camp Mi, 'Wrlghtatown, N. ,r. to an officers' training aehool at Fort OiMhorpa to train for the rank captain. GOTBKNXBKT BAHKETG. TJBd* Stm Afcb )Te»ple la . «»«ey at Ike Bank. Tom do not have to leave your work In order to open a saTihfa account wtth-thia bank./You can aend your first deposit by mall, with your name and address carefully written so that we can eater your account on our booka and. ;iaana. your past-book which w» will aend to you by mail Do.'nof'lat'another weekjfo.paat without opening a aaianct account Then add to the account whenever you receive money. The CrUxena National Bank, 131 North PHUbnrg street --Adv. Serthwe^erm StaU Nonawy School, Callfeni* Fa. The utraordlnary number of South- weatirn State Normal gradoates who are now nlltaf Importuit positions tiroughont the eait ia evidence .of the thoroufhneu of the institution Forty- week term open* September 2 opportunity to speclalile In Music, 2ao- catian, Kindergarten, aid Domaatle Sdaace. Board aad room, W.SO per week with toitiooal aaataUnce to those to taacS For catalogue write t« W. B Hemof. California, foaght off three machines. Charln Porter of 3ew Rochelle, ZT. T, knocked down a German whose machine fell 1,000 feet Francis Slromonoj of Hew York City brought down two German machines In.\the sane flight. Arthur Jones from Haywards, near San Francisco, brought down one aeroplane and Boss 0"Jfell'ofTTogales, ArU, destroyed a two-seater. WAR CHEST PLAN FOR FINANCING COUNTY ADOPTED Continued from Pago One. officers, and:' executive, biidgx. and CZECHO- SIATS OCCUTT ' ; XKAS8-BAIKA1 KEGIOS. ." PEICIN, : .-' .Monday^. .July 15.--The town of .Klutschevsk in southwestern eitremity of the Trans-Baikal region has been ; occupied by the Czechoslovak forces following their capture of Irkutsk'. ' The Bolshevik! are reported concentrating , at Verhenu- dlnbk. ilSPEEASEM miB. THE ENTENTE. . A31STERDAM, July .17, per Wireless Press.--Premier Lenine is about to break oft diplomatic relations with Great Britain and any other Entente power connected with-the .landing,of armed forces on the. Munhan. 'coast, according to news said to have-been received from 'Moscow, by Berlin newspapers. B01SEEYIKI LEADERS FLEE FROM lEITCTSlL LONDON, .July 17.--Reports "received- in Tokio state that- the Bol- sheyiki leaders in the Irkutsk have taken'alarm at the coup; executed: by the auti-Boshevikl elenwint- ar Vlad: vostok, and are preparing to flee to Mongolia, according to an Exchange Telegraph dispatch froii Tien Talent FKEyCH JTETTSPAPEE MAK ; SHOT : .EOB TKEASOIT. PARIS July 17 --(Havas Agency)-M.. JDuval,: director. : of .the Germano^ phiie. newBpaper. Bonnet .Rouge,, waa : executed .early for troaaonablc actions against the government The execution was carried out promptly at 5 o clock, in the tores* of Vincennes- Toe condemned man died almo»t instantly with .command to fire Miss McFarland wishee to announce to her friends, and ;.'patron».-that on, mnd after Augmtlat h« will be located on second flttor of Title A Trust building corner Pittsburg street and rawford avenue--Adr- 17 13t Meet- it Tanderbflt. Mra W A. Miller will entertain tlio 0 N T Funcywort club tomorrow afternoon at her home at the Vtu- cerbllt hotel; publicity committee. : The. officers chosen by unanimous vote are: Chairman--Judge. J..Q. Van.Sivear- Ingen. . . . . . . . . . . .Vice chairmen--13.'T.- Norton- Connellsville; H. A. Cottom, Brownsville, and W.-I*.Graham, Jlaaonlown. Treasurer -- . Samuel B. Taylor, Brownsville.' : Secretary--Harry W. Altman. Un- ioniown. , .'. ' . Executive committee--R. M; FIT, W. A. Stone, J. W. Campbell, Joseph Ros- enhaum, Uriiontown; D. K. Orr, H. A. Cottom, Brownsville; W...D. McQln- nis, J. Fred Kurtz, F. E. Markell,Connellsville; .Rev. Martin. Shlvely, Ma- sontowa; R. D. Henry, Dawson.. Budget .committee--^-IX TV. McDonald and · J. j - : H.;" Lynn, · Unlontown; George. Rathmill, South : Brownsville; Robert Norris, Connellsville, and Harry :McBonald, Daweon:., · ' Publicity committee---W. Russell Carr, Union-town, chairman; remaining members to be named by the war chest chairman, Judge Van Swearin- gcn. . . . Among the members of the board of directors arc the following:: ··" . · Conriells-ville--J. Fred'-Kurtz, T. J. Hooper, F. E. Markell, W. JO. McGinnis, S.' P.- Ashe, B. T. Norton, F. W. Wright, ..J..L. Evans, ,J.. L. Kurtz, J. Lawrence Schick, E. W. Homer, J. J. Dougherty, "VF. F. Soiaaon,, John. Dug--n, St., it. j.; Welsh. L. B. Cuneo, A. O. Bixler, S. R. Goldsmith, Ab^.Datt- iels, M. Aaron, J. ; S. Darr, R. S. Matthews,.John Wilder, Rev. J. L. Pfod'dflt, Robert."Norris; Worth KU- pairick. C. B. Franks, B. H. Boyd,. E. W.'Lyons, G. WV Campbell, W. L. Wright D.' Wenheimer; W. R. Long, W. McClaren, .M. B. Pryee, B. ..R. Ploto, ,Dr. L.. P. McCprmlck, J. J. Thompson and John L. Gans. .. Dawaon--R. C. Beerbbwer, Dr. H. J. Bell. R. p. Henry! and'H. M. McDonald, · · .x'v. .,··-. Perryopolls--Howard Adania'. .' -.. : MRS. SALLIE STUART. Mrs. Sal lie Stuart, 60 years'^ old, died Monday at .the home of* her daughter, Mrs. Mary Mullan; at Mouit Braddock. Funeral' services 'were held this afternoon from the house, with Interment' in. Hill Grove cemetery.' MHS. MARGARET ELUKN HILL. Mrs. Margaret Ellen Hill,'87 years old, a well known resident of. the West Side, died this morning following ah illnea's due to the infirmitiee of old age. Deceased was a. daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs'. William Plurn-mor. The body will be removed to the home of a aon-ln-law of the deceased, Thomas F. Neville, 521 Face street, where the funeral, the hour .for which will . be announced, later, wiH take place. MRS. LYDA GALSTER. SCOTTDAliE, July 17?--Mrs. ^Lyda G-aleter, AS years old, died yesterday at. the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Ga'ut, 29 Pearl street.. The funeral will be Thursday at 2 o'clock with Rev. H. W. Millen officiating. Dlc« lit Camp St*w«rfc){ ,CAMP STEWAHT, Mount.! Gretua. July 17.--The first death- to occur in camp since the Pennsylvania'Reserve ·Militia began training here .-ras that yesterday of Mess Sergeant James R. Rhodes, "Wcynesburg, member o£ Company F, Third.Jlegiment; : ....... Clualficd AdTcrOsemeaU Bring results. Coit only Ic a ward. COMMANDER OF THE COMFORT Tula la Charles Maiden Oman, commanding officer of the American ho»- pltal ship Comfort which the government planned j to aend acroas the At lanttc -without convoy to teat Germany's respect for the Bed Crosi em- . ^..w*. ^»«»- ^TM Writers Are Queer FUN. In an article which Emerson Hongfi, the great novelist, has written for the American Magailne, he says: "At one time It became neee«8arj hi oar honeehold to discharge a. large blood person who bad never been any' thing nut an alien enemy to our dlsbea and djxeatlons.- A« she departed, full of. wrath, Goosta turned at the door and remarked: "·Veil, ay hope yon get better girl as may, ma'am I. Ay lak youae veil enough; but your hooeben, hay eca: ·omehow kveer,' .'; · "Perhaps Qoocta was right. I make -Do doubt that many believe, that any writing man 1ft aomehow queer. I believe my wife--a strictly competent human being who keeps me Jumping through hoops--IB of the same belief. It looks strange to see a strong man, who would have made a good black- tmlth, lit around with no means of support except a typewriter and a piece.of paper. fTes, perhaps Goosta was right For Instance,.! hnve two places where 1 work: One my honie ofBce and one my downtown olBce. :I»do copy at the former anil transact business at the latter. On the desk nt each place Is B Bkull; which I Installed years ago as a corrective measure. Across the forehead of each Is written the ominous words Intended to keep me from going fluhlng, "Life Is ahortr " Nature' Protect* Butterfly. ' .When the butterfly Is at rest, it folds its wings over Its back, so that only.the drab, protectively colored low er surface la visible. In this posture the Insect Is of very low prominence from any angle. The moth, unlike the butterfly, flies at .night 'Obviously, bright coloring would be 'to no .purpose In attracting mates. The moth Is garbed in dull tints., which render it Inconspicuous during the day, Ita period of rest -There is no need of hiding the upper surface of Its wings; so a convenient means to distinguish moths from but- ternies la the fact^that the latter, when at rest, fold their wings above their backs, as : stated; while the former spread their wings, out flat How Firefly Fccdi. The preny firefly has honors other than as-the poetic glimmering glow : worm. He has a very mild and Innocent 'month."and-, cannot masticate solids His diet Is snalK He gently caresses and tweaks the exposed pert of the snail drugging the unfortunate ·shell Inhabitant "By repeated Ony bites similar to the tweaks we saw distributed at the outset, the flesh of the mollusc Is converted Into a gruel." This liquid-eating glow-worm proceeds to drink Afterwarfyou will find the snail i shell perfectly empty. The entire animal ha« been chemically dissolved Into a proper soup for the fire- fly'a delicate digestion. War Prisoner* ·. to Form Club. A dozen British prisoners of war who. hud escaped from Germany met at a dinner recently given In London to cclebrite their escape. At this dinner" It was decided to form, a dub, membership .of which was- to be confined' to those who have succeeded in. making theft way out of a prisoners' *m~ *k o " TM By b8 » b " ndolle1 ' of war or internment camp In GSr-' since_tne Oermaae recently aank a j many ^e g, te of the dub.premlses has not yet been settled,.but the club win certainly,be the most novel thtog of Ita kind In London. ' i Canadten hospital ship Services, The community prayer eerrlce« of the ehurchen of Dawson will be I eldl tonight in the Baptist church. Want Help! Then uaa our cla»lfled" column, anlta will fallow ' CASTOR IA For Infante aad Children In lice For Over 3O Years Alwayi bears Ibe A Leap Year Hint "When we get batter acquainted," said he; 'T shall, call, you by your first namG." .. ·' . "All right," she rejoined. ."And I hope our acquaintance wlU nsach,the: point where my friends c»n call me by your la«t L"iii Hfll Bemnant Sale! Hill Bemnant Sale! Tke HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE 129 to 133 N PlTTSBURG St. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. CONNELLSVILLE'S GREATEST STORE Emphatically the Best Values in Connellsville Very decidedly the best values---quality considered-and lower price without this is false economy. Spend wisely--true, economy means buying quality. Using skill in buying gives this store the position of leadership. To supply the best at the lowest possible price is every day life at this Great Mill Remnant sale. Great Mill Remnant Sale . ; : Y $7.50 White Milan Sport Hats, $3.95. .With straight, or cushion brims. There are large and medium shapeB*«traight sailors, side roll or mushroom effects. Many other fine white Milan trimmed Hats 'will be included in this Great Mill Remnant Sale at ?3.95. Great Mill Remnant Sale New Smocks . . Made of fine cotton poplin, cotton tussah'and drill trimmed in many new mays with gayly colored hand smocking, also new collar effects as well as collarless designs. Mill Remnant Sale Price, §1.50, $2.98 and $3.50. Great Mill Remnant Sale An exceptional group of Wash Skirts, made of gabardines, linenes, piques aad surf satins, introducing original .styles featured. Particularly noticeable, pockets and belts.: Some models are shirred at top, while others are tailored effects. Mill Remnant Sale Price 95c, $1.95, $3.75 and $5.95. Great Mill Remnant Sale Summer Dresses New Gingham Dresses in attractive colored combinations, trimmed with pique collars, pockets, belts and buttons. Mill Remnant Sale Price $5-95, $9.95 to $13.95. Women's cool and fresh looking Dresses of Voile or Organdie. Others made of pretty floral designs of fine voiles in straight lines, tunic over skirts, pleated, tucked and gathered effects, trimmed with fancy collars, pockets and buttons. Mill Remnant Sale Price $8.50, $12.50 up to $16.50. . Great Mill Remnant Sale Women seeking a fine suit for hoine or vacation wear shonld make every effort to come to our Great Mill Rem- nana sale- Right at the very time when every woman wants to save we give this opportunity as we were fortunate to close a sensational purchase from one- of the best manufacturers of women's wear. Now we share the saving with our customers. Mill Remnant Sale of Suits Suits made to sell at $27.50, Mill Remnant Price ..... $14.95 Suits made to sell at $40.00, Mill Remnant Price ..... $22.95 Suits made to sell at $60.00, Mill Bemnant Price .... $31.95 Speak Distinctly, Listen Intently When You Telephone P ROPER telephone usage is always in order, and particularly in these times when great demands are made on telephone service. In making your telephone calls, speak dis- tincdy and directly into the telephone mouthpiece or^ transmitter. ' Listen carefully and concentrate on what is being said, then no repetitions will be necessary, no conversations needlessly prolonged and no important calls delayed because of a prolonged use of telephone lines and service. These suggestions are offered in the belief that you will put them into practice in order not only that wastes in telephone usage may be eliminated but adequate service may be available, always, for all needs. At the same time, your conversations will be smooth and satisfying. THE CBNT1MI. DISTRICT TBLBPHOSE CO, F. PATTERSON. Local JJanaccr, BNIOKTOWN, PA. Iri-SUte 573. LOCAL A5D IOSG DISTANCE MOYETCS. W W ResidencejlOl Haas '··"

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