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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, July 17, 1918
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ConnellsvilleV Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,714 ifi; NO. 211. CONNEILiSVILLEi'/PA, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JULY 17, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. )W RESERVES 1TO BATHE SOUTH OF THE YOUNGEST SON OF FORMER PRESIDENT MEETS DEATH FIGHTING HJEffflN ROOSEVELT KILLED IN AIR BATTU ON CHATEAU THIERRY FRONT IN FRANCE loodori Dispatch Indi- f cater He Received , Mortal Wound LANE FALLS IN FLAMES Froai Patrol Fight :tiw GetHbn iJHACEED' BT SQUADRON* Brttte l !«»·«» Jfot tt» Thne WW Ttetta Us fw»iT»««e*»t'9»»'-·«'-tk* July ·'·.'· 17.--Lieutenant ,, Roosevelt, . Colonel -Rocae^ itt'm youngest son, : who;h»a Ichfd to th* American «yi»g: force* [i tt* Mara* front,.waa killed at hawau Tkierry on July tatch from Farto tb the Eicbmac* . . , : . ·XJ«t»nant. Roosevelt,-;; the; dispatch ' ?kt when he was attacked by a Cer- jaa »qiiadTon. -· It' wa»*/'»»««' 'that oewrrelt suddenly k»t control of s ;ia»ehin£;hayin«iiTO««biy receiv- in«rt»l -wound. :; · ' · · . : - . - «ir.-i7.^LleiiteBuit;Qii«B- n Itooseve'lt, youngest* /son o* tl» ;.rm»r president, haii been killed fa a »lr -fight. 'tin siemtoffleiai Harai 'am agency announces. : His alnVfell la flame* iiito.b '' " . - , . FMltp .Kobiewlt, .»uMtin cowta, ^Chatiwa Thlerejr/te;'whleh : ; u«ntl»,va« engaged, and/»aw : .the iaehliw- fall'ibut did act know, until: j.ter that tite airplane WM; tMat.ol is'.ewttln..... -·- ' /- ·/, ·-yV-jpaiSp'--' i combat m r» ··Mmy »irp1an««' *baat' 10 ·aide the German - lines ; ii'. US* V jaii. ; Thierry/ sector./: ' , . . . jlnW. TSay/ encountered 'Mveii'G*r- 'ani-aad were chasing;. -them \biack, J«i"two" of them turned ori'Lieuten- *tj Roosevelt. "' : ; · · '-/ t or sosTS. iEAra. ·OTSTER BAY, N. Y., July IT.-- ohjnel Xooeevelt learned'tba!.'bii n, Queniia, was "missing 'through ftts. dispatcher this morning/ He Ud he had nothing to say at. this pie but "s^outd ciake .a. Statement ;{irr^ The co'onet .had pjanped ;^ to (lit. Kaw York today, but careened ii;!vi»it when the news carte that i'son was missing. ' ; ' : {Colon-el Boosevelt is scheduled to Mliilt .at the. Republican convention :-Saratoga tomorrow and :iii view of /rat.i a,decision regarding aia ;lans ;r this occasion will-probably tie inounced some time later. .' iLate reports from London and Mis. that Quentln Roosevt-'t had '«!i : killed' could not be communi- U«d to Colonel Roosevelt who with fciiber* of his (amily at home re- falaed' in seclusion. Quentin was i years -of age, his cert birth" : on November 19./ . · WAR CHEST PLAN FOR FINANCING CWJNT^PTED Hwidret Fifty Men Named to Direct Oie Oreat Drive For Fmnds. ENEMY PENETRATES UNES IN PLAGES; GENERALLY ATTACKS ARE SANGUINARILY BROKEN UP Main Drive is Directed Against Region About Rheirhs in Hope. |of Eliminating the Salient; Positions East of the City Maintained Intact. · · · GERMAN LOSSES IN PRESENT OFFENSIVE PLACED AT FULLY 100,000 GERMAN COMMON PEOPLE AND MILITARISTS ALIKE, CAPTAIN CURRAN TELLS COKE WORKERS VANSWEAtUNGENATHEAD Selttmt Is tatHMd · 3(w(h« CJtlaeu WUck Picks tke Cont:KMM to Own; So« sltte* Brt T»te lor Flam Uaaaiwas. Oppe- The War Chest plan for collection of focda for war relief organization* was unanimously adopted at a meeting of more than 200 representative citizens of Kayette comity, bald at the -'court house in Uniontown yesterday-afternoon. The plan was outlined and many questions were asked aid answered in order to clearly de- 1 By Associated Prena. LONDON, J«ly 17. -- Forces of the German Crown Prince advanced another three mUes down tne Marne T»lley yesterday. This make* a total penetration of ' tbe French lines of »bo«t sli.mDes at Festlgny, the most southern point reached by the · PARIS, July 17.7-- The Germans last night threw new forces iuto the battle on the front south of the Marne and attacked the Allied lines -north o£ : St. Agnan, the war office announced today. The enemy succeeded in penetrating .into Bourdonrierie. *The battle is continuing in the woods immediately to the south o£ this point On the, front farther to the east the French held the enemy in the southern outskirts of the Boucuieny wood and at the village ol Nefles. ^ o ^^^.^^ ,,, _,,_. A powerful attack likewise was made by the Germans in. the direction of Monvoisin but j joistrict "NO Tikis' morning 82 suc- they , were driven from this locality by a French counter attack. On the front between the j ci ssiuily passed the physical tests and Marne and Rheims the fighting developed violently in the Courton woods. The Germans at-' tacked in the Vrigny region on this front but, their assault here broke down completely. Along the line to the east of Rheims the Germans delivered 'local attacks, notably in the Pruriay region. These efforts by. the enemy were fruitless. EIGHTY-TWO OF CLASS OF 1918 PASS IN TESTS Examinations Conducted This Morning in District So. 5. EIGHTY-SIX ANSWER CALL I All the Same--No Good --British Naval Captain Declares. SPEECH STIRS WORKERS They Hake Solemn Fledge . to Work Every Day to "Win tlie War. ATEOCITIES DESCEIBED One is Rejected, One Is Classified lor Limited Serrice, Uie EemalniBg Two Are U be Sent to Uniontown for Another Examination. Out of 86 .registrants of they class of 1918 .elamined by Local Board for fine .the proposition .before it wax j finally puud on. ConnellsTille bad » good delegation prezent, there be^ ittj between 20. and 25 persona. . ' Although local repre»etttkUve» were not' prejudiced agitnit 'the .War Chest, many pertinent questions were in order that no hasty 'and immature decision _would be reached. Sereral local men put questions before th« committee, but when a satisfactory eiplanaticn wu giveiL th*y went along with the proposition. One Maaqaiown man presented negatire arguments, but he. too, Joined in the Tote. ' j -~ . - - . . ' TK«'"coiirt 'room " 'ir«i filled; many standing; ; The War Chert, which will eornbine individual campaigns into one big canvass was* freely discussed. Th j proposition is to secure pledges for contribution* to tbe Red Cross. K. C. A., Y. M. H. - A..*nd'sal- raticm Anoy at the same time: The quota for this county is fi.WO.OQQ. Aming- ConaellMlli* . represqnta- meelmg,were: . A. 0. Bbt- l«r.;:T. J. Hooper, E.' It Ploto, F.~ "W. Wright,. George- 3. Conneli, -Robert Norris. .D. P. L«Bl6y, J. S,,.Darr, George wl' Campbell, F. B. -Markell, W. D. itcGinnis, J. L. Cochran, P. H. Xaiatrer, E. T. Norton, W..R. Kenney and .Ml B. Pryce. Judge J."Q. Van Swearingen was elected . general chairman of the foundation,! accepting! the important post .Witt a pled je to gire its duties his best efforts, just before the 'ad- Joua-nmtnt of the meeting. Judge R. E. Umbel was named' campaign manager.- iHis ditties .will be to direct the forthcoming' drive througa which 'will be raised sufficient' funds for meeting next year's allotment* upon this county for the Red Cross, .Young Men's Christian Association, Knights of Columbus, Young- Men's "Hebrew Association; Saltation Army and other recognized war : relief. orsaniiatipn3. The war chwt drive J will be held in connection with the .Y. TiJ. C. A. drive which is scheduled for early fall. , : - Tlit' War Chest Foundation cOosiits of a board' of. directors composed of 150 meJi. repre«eaUJlve both of all war r*lief , : organizations and also of e»ery ; section ; .'of TayeUe' county. Authority .for directing the activities of the foundation Is centralized in its HOLE4N CASE OPENED 9*tht**7 Take* fct Ualo«t»wi to Vt- C*ke iTaking of testimony was begun in atoatowc xUx morning .before Judge ;- Q. Van Swcaringen .in the case of ',» Hlllman Interests against the di- jetor* ' of the' ThomDson-Connells- ;ile Coke company to .compel them ^.tranafer certain stocks on the la tke opening* of tke case Judge R. : Umbel presented a-petition to .have »»7s b-come plainUfls In the action. » order was gradted-and the names f -;3. H..HilUnan, Jr., George A. Ever-. * A;'Frank Brook* B "W Jones A. B. Mrs. L. H. Thompson and fsaadm were added. CALL FOR LUMBERMEN Sw-rto. BMrd for District No. 5 has a ciU for Italted ~ Mrrice «k ifor tanplpyraent, In :th» Inmbei I'lm'^rasnlngtoiu Tb« men will ^iiwrtend at Vancouver barracks, be. agag*4 la tndMimc for th e eonstmetlom of: uror engin««n," awtiUnt edgen. rights and aaaiitaaU, cam* work an waWe*. The mtm eirtraiiw* lor tk« aorttrnwl (Continued on Two.' JotatSeort Meeting Tomorrow; All tke Boy Scouts in ibis city who are going tox : the camp at White Bridge next week are;to attend a special meeting at the Carnegie Library tomorrow'night;at 7- o'clock. All scoutS'Should attend as the an .important "one and-will be the last before the scouts.leave for camp. All scouts who have not yet registered: or paid their camp dues should be at the meeting to make final settlement. Tkice"-'.CHfen · Hnuttagj. Three prisoners were .given hear^ ings at Dolide'; court this morning by Councilman Hoy vHoorer'-ln the absence-of Mayor John Duggan: Two were given street .work in default oi- fines and one was. discharged. Three others' arreeted. during the night left forfeits amounting .to 112. Ballr JD»r In diatom. Big preparations are being made tor Rally Day to : be : observed Sunday, August 11 at, Clinton. Saltlick township, for the bene*t of the Church oi tact. 'In renewed assaults upon Beaumont the enemy suffered a sanguinary repulse. The French positions throughout the region to the east of Rheims were maintained in- DRASTIC STEPS FOR CURTAILMENT OF NON- TECTOSS' PROCRESS AT,0!TG ' ' XARSF, OX THE PKKjrCH FROST IX FR,V3(CB, Jaly 17;--Jorty^lglrt ho«ra hare sifflced for tke keldiif In check »{the tieman »·»»*» laucbeii In the Crown Prince's great ofoatlve on Steel Ontpat Falling Fur Short oFijtowlay. The eaemr attU wkkk Actaal .Reqairemrntc for . ITar Work. · : '.'. By Associated Press. "WASETNGTON, Jnly ~ drastic curtaLlnient of toe so-called lesaer essential · Industries may result, from enlargement ( tbe war Hie soitk bank ot Ue Mxn» kave b*-. were turned back, from tke of Paris awl are tryl»s to ttstvmi tie Jfjirne an being ,»»l.l ia caeck-VU* 't'resk troops. ; ,'._" .,,·. · · ' - , " ' " Tbe position of Hie Germmk col- nni.n« which hare gullied;* fuoting on PAROCHIAL SCHOOLS k HAVE 100 PER CENT RED CROSS REGISTRY Besides Stndeats, Mtth Ymmc en if !i;hnrch,:Sel! $U16^1 War Sittings Stamps. , . The 379 pupilE "of the Parochial schools of the .Immaculate Conception church are doing their bit in the war by aiding tbe Red Cross and selling War.Stamps, it Is Indicated program, the consequent increasing!come perilous, wklle. to'tke east of h n a . report made public today. Every demand for st.eel and existing short 1 age in.the supply.' . . requirements tor tbe last sir the f.ermair eB»rte te ad- months of this year will be approxl- be*n roadf bj* tb« enrmy en the front ioately 20,000,000 tons; tbe "War In- " " ~~" ~ duiftry Board announced today/ the greatest output of a IflOp period for the-ateeriodustry was 16^00,000 tons. ARM FRACTURED Jacobs Creek Xan Injured, in Otker HMBital C»,-»e». Charles Krempaslcy, 26 years old, of Jacobs' Creek, was admitted to tne Cottage State hospital . yesterday, afternoon for treatment of a fracture of tbe .left elbow, suffered while at work In tbe'.miHes. Oscar '.Miller of Saydor street, was admitted for medical treatment. William Stili wagon, seven years old, of this city, 'and . Robert Kolleyj three- years old, of Scottdal«, underwent throat operations this morning. FAILS TO SEE IICrHT. " Baron Boriiw looks Upon Anstria *s ·a Defenrive. ' By. Associated Press: AMSTBRDAJI, July 17.-- The Aus- trct-Htingarian government regards the war a« "senseless '.and . purposeless bloodshed" and believes it might be ended at the moment when the Allies again manifest feelings ' of humanity. Baron Burian, the Austrp- Hungartan foreign minister mada this Btatement in tbe concluding portion of his address i o t h o Austrian and Hungarian premiers, Tuesday, according/ to dispatches from Vienna; The foreign .minister said: : "It is unnecessary further to characterize this method of fighting. Our races Indignantly disavow it. The resolute -battle of defense must- now be .carried, on' to a good end nntil it the security necessary for our future' peaceful existence.",. Yftnce haTe"e«cb. Wwe been fellea; slow progress has went o/; mielinx. His kope of effecting a break in tke lice w» hot real- lied. . . . - . . . · - ' The _4111*s' metkflil of defente pr»T- ed woiiderrally efficient ^ CTery- rrnere ruitttiif !· inaintaljiiBf fto army jatact ' Allegeil Xarderer JTabbed. Edward Brown, a big negro charged with the murder of Mlss-'Alma M. Malin In Versailles, near'McKeesport, y«6terday,'was arrested/here.last evening by-Deputy . Sheriff Grinim,"of Greenaburg.' The arrest was made on the:FtU»bnrg".Lake Erie train due here at 7.40: Sheriff Grimm, who was coming from Pittsburg! with another prisoner, .happened to glance at an evening ^newspaper account of -. the niurder,- containing a ' description of the suspect He then noticed a negro on "the train who · answered the.'de- God An int*reatlng program will b»t Dul fte earned out, " All are invited to the' ·Mfciaea. { scription perfectly, and immediately a on him OM Feitom The Odd Fellows of Dunbar will; dedicate a iervic» nag Thuradar evening, luly II, at their hall The Fast Orandrj annotation ot Iyette county! BMU with them. .All OM fallows t«TM»i . KorwegUn Skip Sink. AN ATLANTIC POET, July 17 -Word reached here today that the Norwegian^ sailing ship Narasa, 1,882 tons, loaded with coal lwd-]been sunk: at sea by a German submarine, and that th» crew was landed safely at Ouuo, Mora Scotia, yesterday. CASU-ttTIES TO . DATE KXMM» 3BE3t. LO.VIKL, Jmlr 17^-Ca.»alUe« SM- talned by tie Ceman troops In tke «{- feulve up lo the yraoit are estimated to namoer 100,OW, according to news received i« London today from the battle Inmt In fnaux. GEIIMAS KETOIUTTO'ISTS VUim VI AEROKOXK. LONDON, July 17.--The destncikn by Ore ui a new German aerArinae. with 22 aeroplanes, icar KhreUea, l» attribvted t» the w«rk ot ficrma* n«- olutleohte In tke amy, Myi » Ki- change Telegraph dlipatch fniai Am- sterdan today. Slvelles-J»:.J7 mflcs jontk of Brawelt.. Ten -Belgbuu and two German cpaunliiilnied officers kave been arrested. · will be called on the exhaustion of Class 1 of the class of 1917.. Only one registrant out of tie entire number was rejected. One was placed in tbe limited service class and two were referred to the medical advisory board Allies Snst Demand Million Props of German Ulood for Every Prop, pf Allied Blood Shed, Captain Declares; Attorney Calls for Coke." 1 promise, as I shall answer to my (iod for my word and deed, that I will, work no* only until the war is over hut until (he war is won, in the name of God and the United States of America. This pledge, in the interest of winning the war and as quickly as pos- to be reexamined at Uniontown inisible, was taken with upraised hands the near future. -- by several hundred persons assembled at the playgrounds at the David.- son coke plant last evening at a rally held under the auspices of the United States. Shipping Board and following stirring addresses by.Attorney J. IS. Laughlin of Pittsburg and Captain J. C. Curran of the British navy. In the. assembly were men and women, not only those connected with the David- The excellent.physique of the new class ol registrants Is shown by the number which successfully.passed the tests. The new class, composed of; men not above 21 years of age,'as a whole is ready to go to the front at once if necessary. Nine young mea made application to go to- school for special training as automobile mechanics. Three others asked to be allowed to go to Carnp Lee on July 23 with, the increment which leaves here on that day. They are Michael DePaolts, Gabriel War- fongaila and Jesse W. Piper. son plantVbut many others, their promise to work and work steadily, though the efforts of the speakers vtere directed principally toward the production of coal and coke, A bitter arraignment of Germany, The nine who want -to take special I its leaders and its people was contain- trainlng are Harry E. Mitchell, H. L. Smiley. Bbyd P. Warne, James F. Wortman, Charles L. Kingan, ·student is a member of the Junior Red Cross organization, placing tbe _ ^_ _ _ ^ _ school in tbe "hundred per cent class, j Worthing'ton, Raymer. P. "seal," WU" '" ilam McKinley Hall and Earl Williams. The examinations were conducted by Drs. J. H. Hazlett.and C. W. pits. Tbe following were eiarnr.ned;'-- Passed. Previous to the last concentrated drive for "War. . Savings . Stamps tbe children and young women of the church sold stamps to the value' ot No report has been made yet of the subscriptions to the tig campaign. LOCAL MEN NOT ENGAGED Probability is That S.Kn 110th Regiment Will be In Great BatUe.. Side by side' vith other American- troops on tbe .'Marne Iront in France are about 2,500 IPennsylvanians, according to word from Wasliington, but so far as : is known they do' not include the 28tli division in the 110th..Regiment and the'boys of Connellsville aid vicinity wbo are members of .Company p and the'sani- tary detachment of'..that command. Tbe men engaged a r e ' of. the first army ,corps. .".:. '··:.- ],- ·, .- . . The'28thV6iTlsioa is a part of'the second army, ccrps. If the Germans .continue, to gain it. is accepted, as certain,, however, that;-the second corps be involved in the titanic FREXCH /RK8EBTES BEEfG THHOTflT 1STO BATTTjE. Jf.VRK, jily M--"On the Mame front»ur troops »f tX« second line aid perhaps our general: reserres already/are entering tfce; atfion," says the Temps today Jn reviewing, the progress of the eneniT/ offeaslTc. "Whiere onr troops-hafe ··nmed 'lie offensive to the nextii '«f ,I*ehapelle- HontodM we hare regained. gr».»»d." AMEBICAJTS^EEPIJISJE;-"-':'' '. ' · · ' · ' . . . - · ' · ' V /AH, ASSATOT8. · "WASfflB6TOJf, Inly 17^-The 'COM- »Bnl|«e for Tnesday;report«/tfc« co- iiperation of. Aaerlewa," troo««' with tke Freiek e«t 61' Rkeims in »acc»«§. fully repvldif eM»y attacks at all will soon struggle. 9PA51SH SHIP SUIfK Sohmariae Commander In Attack Ig. nores Minister's flag. · By Associated Presn. ATHENS; Greece, July 17.--It announced: from a Spanish source thai a Spanish steamer: on which the" Spanish minister, Lopez Bezeaa, was returning to Spain has been torped- ' ' ' ' ' Tbe - ...... The diplomat and his family tave been rescued. The :Gerrnan gpvarnmont had been, notified of the minister's departure a week in advance. 'oed by a German submarine: ihip flow : the minister's flag. {.ERJIA5 BUSH CHECKED A10JTG 1B£ JCAESE. WITH: THE FRESCH-.AIOre Ilf FRANCE, Tuesday, Jnly :1«^-(Sight) --Tke stoppage of the general Ger: man;attack appears to-hare been the leatare of today's fighting. The enemy It nsortfng momentarily at leant (C6ntinutxl--,on Pave Two.) Cloudy tonight; Thursday partly cloudy Is the noon weather, forecast for "Western Tenperatin/BecorC 131* 1917 Maximum 87 83 Minimum 67 68 Mean ,, 77 76 The Yough river remaiMd;«taUou- ary during the night at 1.03 feet . j Helped TfemMlves to Whbkey. Several young! men employes of-the Baltimore Ohio railroad were'plac- ed, under, arrest last night by. company officers: for taking whiskey from railroad cars. .They were not locked Miles Klipa,. Michael McK: Banner, Luis Poll, Bryan Wells, Clark Rowan, William McK.' Hall, John A. Thrasher, Come Bailey., Earl M. Williams,' -Nick Siders, David E. 'Singo, Milton Sayder, Virgil D.Conly, George W. Dumbauld, James .6. Solomon, .Brown .Hajl, Charles. W. Britt,. Harry B. Brown, Albert li. · 'Scnmidtke, Andrew E: Lipovsky, Frank C. Bartze'll, -Francis M. Cunningham, Victor .C. Gibson, Man- Ion Edwards; Lloyd -Kictiter,- Eaymer P. Beal. Frank's. Bloom, John Saiem Rex, . William H. Seders,, , Byron -H, Brooks,. Albert P. : Rohju,\ Joseph Conr ko, Albert .'.Twaid'esky. Carl Duffleld, Joseph P. w Wardzella,. : Paul s!.. West, Gabriel Marlongalla, Charles R.,Hawk, Charles E. Jones, 1 Jesse W. Piper, Conetaco, Joha-A..Krysiro£iak, Amzi. Hardy,. Ealph B. 'Raymond, -Henry Banner, James Miller, Joseph Lau- part, William E. Hardy, Norman ..Wallace, William A. .Hormell, Emmett. E. Collins, Michael Depaolis;., Ralph B, WortbJngtoa, Alva H." Conaway, 'Edward' . L. Miller, William. Provance, Oren B. Ritenour, Percy. HVOverton; : James R. Cara; John Uros'ek, 'Albert Kemp, Mike Purdp, Jr';, John. W. Os- Kingan, ;RusseH Mc- M. Shipley, Ira S. wald, Charles. . Elroy, Thomas "" Burnworth, .Richard Cramer, Keuel White, Joseph. Vansil,. George W. Garland, Edward- Listen; George T. McCormick, ciifford B.- Morrison, Bruce McClelland' Hail, Harry Leonard Spaw, James. P. Workman, Harry L. Smiley, Boyd P. Warne, Bryan. J. Newmyer, Harry E. . Mitchell, George Lovas. ' " . . . limited. John Brasko. Bejected, Lorenzo White. Go to Uniontown. George Hall; Dwight Kooser. I nlontown j .At a-meetins of U^ t mittee in charge tli St Pauls Orphan a.,/ last, night reports show in the Unibntown dictrict. town com- ipaign'for Pittsburg, ,1)00. raised JTatnnllxatlon : C«iirt Sept. · It was announced today at the pro- thonotary's offlce in 0ni'.ratown ; that the : date .for. tho-naturali/.ation of citizens bas 2 «to September 'S. changed from August Gets Three Tears In Pen. 1 George Conn, of Sn deriown convicted of enticing children was sentenced yesterday in. Uniontown to serve from three to five years in the penitentiary. 1 WILL SMAGE SHIPS Hachine to R?x\et Submarined Vessels Succoeds in Test. NEW YORK, July. n-An electrically, driven diving machine .designed to make possible, .the. ·: recovery or steel 'vessels' sunk".by' German BUD- marmes WES given a succe Eful pi - vate test in Long Island sound The ·machine, which carries a crew .of .two a u i y i -nen_ ,. _ 0 ,ulppei_' »'* .J"^*"TM death.' ed in the address of Captain Curran. The United States government, he vehemently declared, made a mistake when it' drew a distinction between the German people and. tbe German leaders." They are all alike. ~ There are no good Germans," he shouted, After detailing atrocities, of. which he said he had personal knowledge, he said that Germans in America should be ashamed of their nationality. They should, he declared, forget they ever were Germans. . . -. . In support 'of his charge against tbe .German people he related atrocities perpetrated by them of which' he said he knew personally. His experience .with..German Red Cross nurses -was described as typical o£ the attitude of the German common people. On his way "through Belgium as a German prisoner'Captain. Curran saw, he said, nurses s'pit in 'water"and1 ;throw it in. the faces-of : wounded men-Tthej) :Uiey begged f o r - a ; drink, _;calling*;:: them "English pigs." - '- - - " " " In this' connection Captain -Curran said-the vesselhe commanded was. attacked in-mid-Atlantic on November 6, 19i6, by. the- German raider Moewe. The raider, flew the.. .Swedish flag. ·Seventy of tl)e crew were, killed and 40 "wounded. .The . survivbrs" werei .placed Jbelow deck in the Moetoe and · kepi thore.Vw'lthoiit-'seiing-ilghti- for i4 ^days, and under horrible "sanitary conditions. No attention was paid to the wounded. It was, he emphasized, November. 6 when they .were, captured. It was February 5 before the wound-' ed who survived were given a drop of medicine or a bandage. During his. stay in German prison camps, covering a period of 15 months. Captain Curran said he saw many atrocious acts.. .Men in the last "stages of tuberculosis, he^said, with'"temperatures running 102. to 104, were punished for slight infractions by being tied to stakes with "Ihe'ir arms : above their heads until ligaments-tore loose. They were beaten with.'-steel jacketed rubber hose. They were taken to.the .ops.ol coke ovens and compelled to stand feet:until the .flesh, sizzled off: . A. New. Yorker captured at' th'e battle of Gambrai, when-the engineers threvyr- down. their tools and took part in the famous drive, was taken .back of tie lines,-bis ears were slashed off and "he was told he could send them'back to show that he was a guest of the kaiser. . ... '. .. At the .battle of the Tagliamento 9,000 ' Italians, were captured,-:ie related. · ""Whan I left-Germany, in.Feb- ruary," he went on, "3,000 of" them survived, .The remainder starved to capable of driving it directly to the aide:of .a submarined.sWp, tn..which it clings bj means of magnets Power is generated on a surface barge and transmitted by cable 4. riveting attachment is intended to fasten, pou- toons to. the- vessel. In the test the machine went down. 98 feet of watei; and ( brought to Uw *arface a Cajrtain Curran said h^' saw. men taken..from sick -and death/ beds ant cbm'peired ! to shovel enow, while German .women .and children;, stood by, jeered at ,tiiem; threw filth:-at them and'spat upon them.. He-told this'.to/ emphasize-liis: claim that the German* 'ire ail' alike-rbrutes. Continued on Pace Tare*/

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