The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 14, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1930
Page 5
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t FRIDAY. MATICTT 14. 10"'). FIRST FlfiURES IN DIGEST POLL HEAVILY "WET" included Are Several States Generally Uei'OfjwIzed as Favoring Liquor. THREE PHASES ARE COVERED UAIL.T , CONNTSLL6VILLE, PA. PAG To "Point-Up" Appetite Just Stimulate Bowels . 80.7M - 91.913 . 118,931 AS liencver t h e t you o t i t - o f - ' ' o r t - ) id ot the duy llnd-i food doesn't tempi t' H t : lir^a'.i is bull c h o w a c u u l y t a i j T u m o i t o s v y o u ' l l 1U" up a b i ' i - By Unltftd Pr«t«. NEW YORK, March 14.--Ea.rlv ret u r n s in the literary Digest's national pel! on the prohibition iaaue showed those in favor of modification or rr- peal aheart in tho first skirmish. Ten states are included in the statistics made public by the nmjjazinp today which reveal the f o l l o w i n g tabulation: For enforcement For modification For repeal The editors of tho Ijtterary Digest hastened to point out, however, t h a t it is m u c h too early to draw general conclusions Irom those- figured, because only aliout 300,000 bal'.ota harp been tabulated whereas 20,000,000 were aenl out. Moreover, such pap- ulous states »a Now York, New Jersey find Illinois--generally conceded to bi | wet In sentiment--are Included in this early tabulation. Tho throe questions which appear on the hallo's are: "Do you favor the continuance and Btrlct enforcement oil the ISth Amen 1- ment and Volstead T-iaw? "Do you f a v o r a modification of the* Voltead l-aw to include- light w i n » s and beer? "Do you favor ropeal of the Prohibition Amendment?" In Kansas, 8,789 voters favor enforcement as against 2.739 who advocate m o d i f i c a t i o n ami 2 , t U for TC- peal. The New York vote shovJs only 11,534 voters casting t h e i r ballots 1'or enforcement, while ^7.517 favor modification and i2,22S, rtpeal. The vote of the other ft.ues. in the first tabulation follows: Illinois--11,201 for enforcement, 14,608 for mudlflcatton and 21,175 tor repeal. Indiana--6,12-1 for enforcement, 4,- 2S8 for modhtcation and 3,83!) for repeal. Iowa--10,150 for enforcement. 7,;!6-t for modification aud G,6'u7 for repeal. Mlnneaota-- 8,233 for enforcement, 8.084 tor modification and 9,62G tor repeal. Missouri--0,036 for enforcement, 8,432 for modification and 13,101 for repeal. Nebraska--3,0-17 for enforcement, 1,980 for modification and 1,864 for repeal. Ohio--12,8!»3 for enforcement, 13,199 for modification and 12,935 for repeal. WISHES SHE HAD USED IT EARLIER Matron Finds Good Health in World's Tonif. "When I vas a y u t m s g i r l r had a bftiittfut coin pi PXi i'n anil people «ald my «yas f a l i l y » p u r h l e l " sahl a w f l l K n o w n m a t r o n of OonnellsvlUe. Pa. f u the World's Tonic ' ciruifg-lHt "l^ale in nry twe-ntles I li^tran t« K-se niy ' beauty, und nu can now seo t h a t iny (fttnpl«xion l i almost K"'IO. It \VUH i .rny own faul:, J j l k « m a n y a J-OUIIK woman, I did not value my ROOJ looks · tmtl! 1 haa almost lost them, i was . ivtUIng to slve anything? to g-et them i barlt. I a!mif)t lost thorn through sot- ling i n t o b a l peruonal hatiita. I tll't not know th»ri that to nrKlect to O-n- i w a r Nature'^ c;i!t I* one sure way to b r l n K on constipation, and this oncmy to son,| looks ctitno nn so IniiUllouRly t h a t when I awoke to my d a n g f - r It , ^rag nlmost too Into to regain rny t-om- 1 plosion, and I t h i n k I was lucky to ' »avo myseif from being- an Invalid, "t noticed that iny r.kln was Kettlns tallow anrl Us roslnesK wa« di»n.pi)oar- Ing, but It was not u n t i l other symptoms appear Mi that I was awakonpfl ! to tho sertoiisniss .;? tjic matter. My ( face broke out In an ugly rash, my breath bflciuno bat! ftnd nny a p p e t i t o faUacl to t h a t I gnt na thin as a rail. My »kln ktpt Hrattins darlcor ttiul darker, and I had f r e q u e n t head.iohcs. These I had n a / e r had before, and I thoiijfh't they wcro due to my s t o m a c h , so I doctored It for almost a your, w i t h little result "A friend told me "World's Tonic was fine for stomach trouble, no 1 pur- chitied a boi tie. Th« flrst fjlfect I noticed was that tho constipation wna ovarcome, Whdu t h a t was ticaom- pll»h«a the 'est ol the bad symptoms disappeared promptly, and my skin bo- Kan to take on a more natural color I am now -yi-cli and keoplnsr well by the U»e of Wflrld's Tonic. I havo regalnerl tho good complexion I lost as a ros.»U «f my nwffloct of constipation. I am HO t h a n k f u l that I a-m rltl of -the bad effect* tha,t I cannot stay too" much In praise of World's Tonic I only wlnh T had u»ed It much earlier." World 1 ,i Tonic oan be purchased from Connelis. , vllle lrugf r.o. or at uny othei llrsc r!a»» d r u g Hor». (A-38)--Advertise," m«nt. Confluence OON^lT.UE^fCB, March II. -- Mrs. G. F. HwiTOl of Connell9\1!le visited hor motiher, Mrs John Alexakler, TIhe Sfen's Bibto Class ot tilie Methodist Eflscowil Church waa entertained last evening at tho horn© M tho pr««ld*nt, J. L. Uurnwortl), at the wwnthly g«t-rogethfv. A good number vas prof enf. Daniel SSmlth, who is In the JlraiUx Hospital, foUowias a n operation, in reported resHns a.s woll ;is unild iif. *xpect«(t. I fir man P. Dull wa.s «i bus! nous visitor to Oounetlsville yestrd;\y. Mr. and Mrs, Charles Stark Ipft yesterday for k \l»lt \ \ l t h tlwlr Hou-du- law on-d daughtta-j Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hydie at HaUings/ Pa. JauMsa May was among tho I, ,,- n«*M vUltorr to ConivoUsniUe yvstw- w)ii and v/on't (U; tongue coated, j u f let before bedtinu be u new [HM'Hou! A c a n d y t ' n a i a t ous, gassy, headfl' hy c o n d l C ' i n f v c i v l i m o . P u t s i i p p e t l ' o on edge. Helps. t U j C f s t l o u . Ac- tl vales bowels. Cascarets aro inaile from c i i s c u i a , w h i c h a u t h o r i t i e s s a y a c t u a l l y s t r c n K t h e n i bowel muscles. So, tako these (IcllgUtful m b l o t s as o f t e n us you pliisc; ot pive t h e m Creely to children. All dniR stores soil Ca?- cnrets i'or a dime, and no dollar prep a r a t i o n could do better work. -- Ad- vci Popular Prorerb A proverb that s«KmH to have run tho gnmut of all nations Is, "It la too late to shut the s'nble door \vhon tha horso is stnien." The English, i h " French, the Dutch, the Dunes, the Italians, and even tha Hindus Imvo npi Sled this old truth, and have made It a part of their lan- gun«e. "It Is too lato to cover tha ·well when the ch.ld Is drowned," BR.V the Dadts. "The bird crloa out too late when It' I* taUen," la one French version; and the .lapaneso put It thus: "It Is too late to ut a, stick whon tha fight Is over." Orcan 'Ge-novese Lengyol Bodnar West fall FRESHMEN BOYS LEAD SCORERS AT ST. VINCENT Joseph C i e a n . F i o K h m a n g u a r d on t l i o St. Vincent 'basketball t o n m , walkwl off with high scoring for tlw seusoii w i t h a total of 148 points. CrwMi forged atoead of Onovoso lu WH« laet t w o games after (ho little forward had led nil aeaoon. Groan ran up IK points uguiUH't tveottidalp and 11 a.gainst. Pitt lo g!v« him JIH IS point margin over his teainmult*. Crean loapwl t b f t bull tor 53 fl-eld souls suul made good on 39 out ot 6!) foul .shots Ctenovpo luw a to.tal ol' '17 double deckers and made 40 out o£ 5S free thrcws. Groan nlso led in the nutniber of jHM'.-ioual fouls committed, heaving 415 chalked up aginst Mm while Genoves-p liai 40 black mnrks against him. Both mcrt are Freshmen, Y.U Free Throw? Bcvhumakor 55 47 21 ,,.. .22 -...14 10 8 .... 3 38 out 65 40 out 58 10 out 18 4 out 14 1 i! out 23 7 out 17 7 out 17 4) out 8 rts. 148 134 2 ·IS 40 27 IS 10 'standing room will be at a prom him tonight when tho Cokere have Dunbar Township'* champion high school bask*tball team "at home" for the finale ol the 1930 season. Mai'Un B«-c{c«t of Duuuas AVBS in town yesterJaty trauaactlug ·Mtd vrvetiat Mends. ThQM Courfar. Who to Fatronlie. in Notice To Taxpayers METHODS APPLIED IN MUNICH'A I, GOVERNMENT. Act JSo. 541 of tho General Assembly of Peiuisyl- auju lia.s been interpreted to mean (Jiafc Collectors of Tuxes must settle t h e i r Tnx Duplicate ' on tho iirst Monday of May. Tiiis means that all occupation iuxl per capita Uix must HHI ollectort before that time. If such taxes are not paid the collector must secure payment ol same by sole of chatthts ami personal property of the taxablcs. This law is not unreasonable. If you do not pay your rent or other debts, your effects will be sold to secure th-»lr payment; If you have gas, -water, electric or telephone service they will each and all be discontinued if Hills are not paid on or before a certain date. The .Municipality expects Oie same promptness in the payment of taxes. Unless all taxes are paid promptly so that Collectors can settle their Duplicates on the flrnt Monday of May, you may expect your personal property to be .sold to .secure settlement of same. April 15th, 1930, is the final date to pay your 1920 taxes. This will enable your collector to compile reports which are required by law in the settlement of · duplicates. Between April 15th' and 22nd it will he uecessarj for your Collector to resort to the law in the collection of all unpaid taxes. Pay your taxes before April 15th and avoid additional costs. Fayette County Tax Collectors Association ^Pilgrims , £nc 0 unter Terrific £t 0 rm$l O N the sixty-first day of their tortuous voyage, two hundred men, women and children Towd the rails of the Mayflower for their first glimpse of America. Heading south from white sand-banks of Cape-Cod, the frail vessel encounters violent storms, perilous shoals and breakers--brave hearts are chilled with panic. HearAfaut It Tonig/tt on the air at 8 P. Af. fi*m S T A T I O N K D K A Tonight 'l"he Freedom Oil W°?ks Co., pre s ents the -iecond of a weekly series of musical-dramatic episodes, the recollec don of which must 8 ti r the pulses of every American. Thefee program", unique in the annals °f radio broadcasting, hav c been arranged by a n°ted authority on Colonial history, They toera with action and su'pense. On the air each Friday night fr°m Station KDliAat 3 P. M.Don'tmi 8 * them 1 FREEDOM GASOLINES MOTOR OILS ^JlfHrMfmSKmiWytrTM" IMIKHKiflnHBIM«WHMHMflBB«iaHaHHiailHHBE«MHMUQB3MBHBHHBBBBBM^MH Everybody's Store 121 N. Pijttsburgh St. Smart Fashions At a Price Belted -- Swanky Styles ·· Slightly Flared and Fitted Models Ooat.s that show tho direction li which fashion winds blow tula season! You will be surprised that BO much smartness, snap and quality could be fashioned fcr $17.74 antj $24.74!. Vur Trimmings -- I'ony, Moiikej, Lupin, .'alaiin and BroodtuH. , Sprtag Colors--Black, T avy Blue, Tait^, and new Greens. s--S'aulkrope,. basket weai»)«, ivool ercpes, faille «Ilks, dragon Hiitlns, Trlcova nnd novelty uiuf«rlalK. Women's aud Missus' Sizes. I. VK-Tk I m V; -fhfA O Nelson's Coat Dept,, 2nd Floor. Now Displaying Favored Fashions prmg Fortn.ying Modified Silhouette v ^ Values to $17.50 and $18.50 «p Dresses for s tort, evening and dress woar--including ensepables. Beautiful printed silks, Rat crepes, anJ chiffons, Higher waist- -even and uneven hem- linoK--black i nd colors. 74 ODD! IUG Sizes 13 io 17 ^*« · · I I^\* Clever new modes for _^ _, __ _ _ __ -fc. the miss--in. n diversi- DRESSES fled ra »s* »* **»· ++I ia.%^^^1.%^ .74 v Styles More Charming Than Ever-Decidedly Different. Beautiful Straws--Braid--Satin and Straw Combinations-Off-the-face and the ngw effective brimmed shapes. $ I 95 $/95 $ \95 $/L95 Rayon Heavy deluatered ra~ on chem- ige, step-ins, pan les and bloomer j. Wash Frocks 95c Misses', Women's and Stout siz- «»--colorful * tub fast, new prints.' Neckweair 98c N«w lace collar and cuff sots wide rariga of ne* sty lea. Misses' · Children's New 'Spring Footwea r 9!ic to $1.95 Here i tho largest BQ jctloti , o£ chlldre t's new spring shoes in the cit . "Vou will find o\ evy styJe ai'd Ic ithpr do- sired. Also nny desired -buy your shoes now selections price CJome, ·while are bet t.' SAYEonlHOtJ Misses' and Children')* Slippetrs $2.49 Newest styles «f patent, (iun-tan, tan and two- ton«sd effects. All sizes to 2. Boys' N« Spring Shotis uud Oxfords $1.98 (rood sturdy calE Mappers In tan and black. Ooud wearing soles, All alzaa to 6, WE UNDERSELL For Saturday Women's Neswe'st Footwear $1.98 to will I r Hero you Jiud the fio newest In l footwear overy occasion -- i ]0vei-y pair a{ new creation, i n , every denlrabk* leather or pattern. All sizes -All heel styles. 3Ien's Leather House -Slippers ······iBW $1 Women's House Slippers 39c Men's Sturdy Work Shoes ... $1.97 'oiletries 50(' Poinpeiuit I-'uce Powder .' M«' r0c Woodbnry's Creams 8«c 50c Hinds Honey ami Almond dream 5J«c f*0c Pepsbdent Tooth Paste ««c 2»c Listerine Tooth Paste J8c 25t: Johnson's Baby Talcum r 18o 20c Bayer's Aspirin 16c Gillette Blades 860 Falraolive Soap 4 for 36c Exclusively Sold at Nelson's. C/7 H E fastidiou* 'woman ^--^ isn't changing her ideals with her skirt length. She favored ffwrommg Bird Hosiery ·when all their fineness and rich,' rices of color were flaunted full length before the world. She favors them still in their newer r o l e of semi-underthinga-- daintily fine, smartly colorful as ever. Tiny stitches, firmly knit, not only create a. sheer, even fabric, but also account to a large extent for the remarkable wearing quality of Humming Bird Hos* iery. \ingWint fttLiM^t* ftatmt**^ InvVMD */lfl0Mfy Kew Spring ahades, developed exclvwively for Htttnwving Bird by Mme. Julie Bolegard, Paris *tylist and color specialist, now pn display. S 1.49 and S 1.95 For a Limited" Time Only A Flacon of Oty Perfume Free COTY SPECIAL COMBI^AtlOJi PACKAGE The World-Famous Coij Face Powder anil Perfume Tofjether -- At the Price of the Regular Powder Alone. In overy Combination Package, together with* tho Faue Powdoi-, J» u Gratia Tlacon ot Coty Perfume --both lu the name odour. This ta Coty's way ot showing the artistic harmony of using one fragrance throughout. In th« fitvouriie Coty stuules uud odeurs. L'Orlgan LMimant . Emeraude Chypre Payfs Styx I« Jac«« Wft Bow

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