The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 2, 1964 · Page 14
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 14

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1964
Page 14
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in J?innmiiifmmnmimromiMiiffli y- . . K V v HnURSf)AY, APRIL 2,1964, " ' 14 THE OTTAWA: JOURNAL THE GOLDEN DAYS' OF SPORT Jack Hefnpsey Most Exciting Of Ml Heavyweight Champ . . .- A THE DEMPSEY STORY By PALL GALUCO 7During my 13-year tenture the sports desk of the Daily News. ,New . S"ork' picture newspaper, I saw Jack Deipp-sey fight only four times. In those four bouts Jie was defeated twite and in the other two. which he won by knockouts.' each time he came close to being knocked out himself. Yet. 'of all the fighters I -have ever- known and heavyweight champions 1 have seen 'in action, Dempsey still rules over my mind: and imagina-1 tion as the" greatest, m o s t exciting and dramatic. , And here again, you'' must not think I am trying to say that fighters then were better or harder hitters than ours of today and perhaps Sonny Listen would have made mince-rmeat of v Dempsey (or per- haps not?) My story is-'that in more, than this, he -was jack addition to being the heavy-- the Giant Killer who tumbled weight champion of the world into the dust men Who out-Jack Dempsey was a tremen- ! sized and, outweighted him.' ! dous personality, one of the My old friend will kill me most engaging ana arresting in the entire realm -of what we considered the giants of i sports' . of the 19:0s. "Still is magic Arid for that matter, he still is. the . old magic still clings to him as it did in the years back, even long after his retirement. He had theVmost peculiar anddynaffife-1 aura. Wherrlieentered a crowded1 room or inclosure, such a Bathe'ring after a footbtl game, or a world series, sud- denly' there was no one else . but Jack Dempsey there. .VI others, ' celebrity, star, eturft; pion, or ex - champion ftded -. into insignificance before Jne amaiing magnetism of t h ' s - da rlr "hatred," darkyfsagd man with the' lithe, animat-' like movements and the quick friendly smile. He was nevir less than 12 feet tall He over-shadowed J his -era . Which -stretched"roughly from July 4, 1919. when be knocked - out. Jess Willard. until 1932 when he retired for the last time. He served as author, actor, villain, and hero in a thrilling human story whose excitement and import emended far beyond prize; fighting. At the end he became inextricably enmeshed with another engrossing true to life melodrama, that of his successor and the man who dethroned him. Gene Tunney. (His story will be dealt , with later,) . It may be difficult for this generation to understand how involved all of uswere at one . time or another, in some way. ---with the Dempsey story and how many people men worn-1 en. and children wb never even tame , near to a prize ring or an arena, or ever saWA a gloved blow struck, were -influenced by him and felt the Impact of his personality, his rise, and his fall. . It was this caring deeply and the personal involvement which was the main, characteristic of our era as cpm-p&red to the present one. . The feeling .of knowing the "heavyweight champion of the world intimately, his virtues, his failings, his strength, and hit weakness. overa-JorgJ period of time helped todraw the greatest crowds in t h e history of the pri?e ring to see -CONSTRUOTIOH- EXCAVATION NEEDS? Water sewer Sand Gravel ' 1 Crljitive1 Cum pi mi General 7 Stone Cxravationi . . Rulldlnf Cartas j Stone - D. GRANDMAITRE LTD. 13 MONTREAL RD, EASTVIEW 745-1571 . Telephone 722-3481 1- II1DEPENDENT; 19SO SCOTT ST. OTTAWA 1,322 ' ... -COLORS -Hs In all paint finishes I him perform, There was more newspaper spate to Je-vote to these Golden People in those tirpes. and-more rev', son for alloVinjj it. since the ."iijterest in .such a- man ' 'Dempsey was constant a; i usually at fever, heat. . The result ofthis was- that.' when he went into , battle therej' was more thanf title u stake. The human toeing whom we either loved' or ' detested, admired or despised, was n- m tering a kind of public ordeal and we simply had to be there .either, in person or by the : proxy of, our newspapers or radio. ' , .- ' -.. '. ., CREATE IMAGE And whether or not one ap proved of prize fights, J a c t Dempsey in association , with his clever, cunning manager, and a.'ter ego. . Jack KearnV, created the dramatic image of . the perfect pugilist and for this, but he was man of ' extraordinary .beauty as well as virility and if this is not the word. , you. who remember him 'as he was in his prime, find me i 'better "e- ''' '' .: .- It was beauty irt the sense of perfect proportion and the rugged, glowering visage of Lucifer, the Dark Angelr his hair blue black., his-eyes dark and snapping, the mouth cruel and determined, the chin stubborn. In his face was the best of two handsome races, the Celt and the American aborigine. His father was a West Virginia mountain man with .some ; Choctaw. J)looLfxojnhiS- mother-he Inherited a CheroVesTraia.t Dempsey's body-was' mag-nificeritlpttrtogether," trim, at the waist, smoothly muscled, nothing of the bruiser or strong man about the frame or biceos. v e r v tittle" indeed to indicate 'the t destrover he was. In fact. aYbenmatched against some of the giants-of the game he looked like a lightweight. . Into the ring with him. he carried a swelling truculence that surged up from deep inside him somewhere,-exploding into unimaginable violence which found an echo in the aggressiveness lurking in every male and it was this link between Jfie" attacker on the platform and the specta-"tors that brought the crowd roaring to its feet, experiencing vicariously this unquenchable ferocity as a great and personal catharsis. Dempseyrlike .many champions, was not always popular. He earned the dislike of the vast ; American public on two main issues, neither of which was' valid. One ai his record in World War I and the other his 'alleged avoidance of a Negro heavyweight challcn- ger by the name of Harry Wils Ho'w very quickly, during our no more than up-to-the-ankles involvement in World War I. did we forget that at the beginning of it the title of a popular song was "I-Didn't Raise My Boy to Be a Soldiers'which expressed Jt h e national sentiment until replaced by the bugle call of "Over There." WAS DARK SHADOVT L';4 of Dc.-Faustus, Jack Kearns. was the dark shadow behind him. Kearns had not.raised a million I dollar heavyweight championship prospect to be a target and so he put him into a ship yard instead of a uniform.1.' t ' ,- ' In '., - . IIHIIIUIII'IIIHIIIimilllllllllUIIIIUIIIt1IIHIIUimilHIIIIIIIHIIIIIIinnH!ltllHIIIHUIIIIIIIUIMIIIIHIUHHItS 47 V ivAt3t"'-5 . STAND ."Two-Leg", itand supports bike firmly upright. Fits -behind front sprocket. For 20" or 22" frame. TERMS Wr- fThi. was accented, wicked and squeamish We wereJthen and reprehensible, when other vt the thought of anotherrNe- u j '- cro heavyweight champion, American boys were dying in . 7 . , K,. ' . , ' . due perhaps. in part to the .the Argonne -and . Belleau, unfortunale havior. of white Wood. Dempsey had difficulty ' . and black during the tenure of in . fivng it. down, . but "'the Jack Johnson from 1908 to (ault lay with' Kearns and not with him. Dempsey was no : mo. afraid of being; a soldier-than he was of being a fighter and proved it when in World 'War II. as a cemmander in the coast guard on an inspection tour nf;,ihe Pacific,, her jumped ship .' for a day, to, mingle in the desperate strug-' gle for' Okinawa-". There was waH for .the young and untutored Dempsey to foresee that the. America which was outspokenly pacifist one yeaf would be ' militantly ; belliger-, ent the next. It was, equally ridiculous to charge that -he-was afraid-to-defend his title, against Harry ' Wills. Black and white was a political foojbalt then, as it is now. though for different red-, sons.. We. who have lived com-, fortably and pieastirably under the long reign of Joe Louis cannot i imagine . how nervous Riders Siqn Tackle Irri Ottawa Rough Riders have signed a tackle from- the , University of North Carolina, in Chapel Hill. NC, for the coming season, Coleman (Cole) Kort-ner. He is, 22, 6', weighs 235 lbs. and graduated in Jtfnuary. majorjng in Political Science. Coach Jim HjckevH-efefsto Kortnec. ar ""the. old . pro.": He played arsoiid tackle -ior-thef Tar Heels, a man of few words, but considerable strength.! port ' j . . -' ,.'- i ' Ambridge-Thompson In Gage Finals Ambridge-Thompson, a third- place dub during the season. Wednesday night advanced to the Seniors City basketball league finaJsbjL,walking over La"pointe.'j. 72-64 in a sudden death semi-final game at Brook-field- High School. Area Men Fitness Directors-" (By The CP) Roger Dion of nearby Hull and Jean Carmichaef- of Ottawa have been appotmed -director and as sistant-director respectively of the Government's fitness of amateur sport directorate, it was announced Wednesday.. Mr. Dion, has been acting di rector amce the 1962 resignation of Gordon" Wright. Miss Car- michacl succeeds Dr. . Doris Plewes, who retired. Sportsmen's Softball League Set Four teams are already set and two more are expected for lhe"TSnior"3p6rtsmeti,s Soft ball League this season, i.t was announced following a meeting .Wednesday night. Also, Cliff Lacelle wais ' elected ' president and Roy Corrigan secretary The four teams are l- B. Par- cell. Ottawa Gas, Hugh M BIKE CARRIER Electrically welded construction wjih bright finish. Clamps and wire braces Size 15" -x 9" 1.19 x 7 V,". ... V a .. . 2 CANADIAN TIRE ASSOCIATE STORES There's a Store Near You! ions 1915: J remember in my boyhood days a period of national idiocy .when 7every -ip and coming Caucasian " heavy-, weight was dubbed a White Hope. ... - '. Again the facts are t.b a t Dempsey was no more afraid of fighting- Harry Wills than he was of fighting anyone else. ; Actually. Te Rickard never wanted 4o promote Dempsey Wills- fight and when pressure of public opinion, whipped up by newspaper criiicism,' forced JCearni to sign Dempsey for a Wills bout William Muldoon, then chair- man of the New York State Athletic commission, forbade the fighh No one behaved normaly or sensibly during this curious period,, but it was Dempsey who was . wrongly pilloried. ' . . . (Neat Part II of the Dempsey atory.) . , Kortner';has . played in the Atlantic C o a s t Conference, earned Varsity football award in 1962 and J 963 and was North Carolina All-State Tackle in 1963, He also played in. the 1963 Gator Bowh Came inf. Jacksonville-: flMidaJLatLjJar-ticipated in'wjUingas well as football at universe, r Born: jn-Chicago: Coleftow makes his home in Greenwich, Connecticut." With' scoring bursui it the start of each half they knocked over second place Lapointe a club which at the start pLlhe season had been expected to waltz away with the title Ted Watkins scored all his 17 points in the second half to lead Mike Sharp's club. Ed Laschuk gQt 16 while Art Gaul ley and Doug Daigjieault each picKea up 10. Lapointe s big men were silenced. ' Bliss Buchanan could manage only six points and Barry Agar four. Both fouled out late in the game. Blake Stuart led their attack with 18 points and Guy Lapointe scored 12. Badminton Championships Tonight Ottawa and District ' open badminton championships, with entries from Eastern Ontario and 'Quebec City, open this weekend. . . Local doubles will be played Thursday . night beginning .at 6.30 p.m. with the mens doubles Ladies' doubles get under way at 7.20 and mixed at 8.00 p.m. Out-of-town.. i entries. : begin play Friday , with semi-final Saturday afternoon and finals Sunday. . .. S-A-L-E 500 J3ICYCLE5 New, 29.95 up Second Hand, SIS up ' iifst rafrrs in towm TRAP IN VOCR OLI BfKC CYLES & Co. i:303-36TBank St. 23-9U ...Bftwern Somrrnct and MarLarrn Slrvcta S. "Taar FrlrndlT Lombr DraltK 1' - ' VYnrrr - COMPANY -LIMITED 147 Marier Road 748-8125 White Dress SHIRTS Rrtnlar IS. fCk -.NOW a if . .- . 3 tor 11.00 Tip Top . TAtLORS k tI Spr ttrctt . Wetttata Shopplns Crntr Si V. I,, .nun South Mountain Shades Cornwall 5-3 t-Airrn rti!KrriM c.. I rinn tmpped ny iir w uover SOUTH MOUNTAIN (Spe.:w4, UZ . u. o,,ii,,,,i m CIplJ '"'"I anillas . "V mu. m:w.'. rrnutun ami - r. Mm. games in the best-of-five East erriOntarip Junior "B" hockey flnaus. South Mountain shaded an all-star Cornwall team 53 yednesday. night at Morris-burg. ' , .' ; South Mountain. . St.' Law rence Junior "A": champ, got a "pair of goals from, Don "Smokey Benton and single tons fom Fred Harper, Larry Berry and Allan Waddell. ; Cornwall scorers were Bih Deschamps,Guy-Benoit and Bob Naiar. ' '"'.-. Next game is Thursday at Morrisburg. Game time U 830 p.m. ... ! ' " Horsemen Boycott Blue Bonnets (By The CPl-Members - of the United Harness Hoilemen's Association have decided not to enter horses" in races at Blue Bonnets and Richelieu tracks in Montreal until purses there ant raised, an association 'spokesman said Wednesday. Vice-president Harry Van Al len of nearby: Kemptville said the decision went into effect Wednesday-and affects 4.7 per cent of the owners, drivers and trainers at the tracks iRlueBonnetijwasto:oien Friday but the racing card was called off because of insuffi cient horses entered Journal Want Ads bring quick results. ; . v - - - : it is You - 4 of Ganadian whisky has seriously challenged the leaders in the better price class ut new Park Lane 10 has advantages of age and quality to do it ".';' "' ';.'. ' , - . ..'. . . r ' r : ' . . '" ; ..; ' ' ' . - For one'lhing. Park LanalO is aged in wood for ten years. Thal'8 an advantage. It is a soft. satisfying whisky, and very, very palatable. That's an advantage. It has in flavour that sets it apart from other whiskies Tftat's an advantage. So if of buying whisky in the better price class, ask for new Park Lane 10. PC' Curliriq News N,VT LADII S Eiirullv Cup Winner Mn. Bt Sfwinn. kip Su;w.r and Mr..' Shirley Wtuttina- B..nn.r-,,n Un r.ri.-a ! Parker kip. brt. Ann Brown. Mr Mry , niani. ioiiowi. a rcrest - I jttle League opens. 5un-SexMiith and Mim Km Smith. W Ryan, preudent: J C. Uttl..-, ' - conuiutipii ' vir-prden(. oirctor: G. J j day. Registration forms may ..'Winner1: Mri ,PrfF5tfc.iaLL - Gooduwn. A C Uoin.r. A 1 May. ... ,,, Hl,it,! DM Ctk. Mfi Jerry WUIiame iaitt. i U. Maegee, in. f, im. u. Mrs J.n Dubroy ; S. Cruei. Roy Taylor Pt pre.1- Runner.uo: Mra Helen LV1- ley. kip. Mr. Ricky Meade. Mr Barbara tedhurat. Mr. Rita Chap-man. - . - '' ' " - -. OTTAWA LADIKS .." n. donated by Mr. R R Wtlliama were wort bv a rink kip - ped by Mr, j -m curke with her were Mn- W C. Cooper, Mr Geor MacDonald and Mre .R. G Ratonoid - Winmna the ronaolatlon wt a f r.Cl'MSEH BdNRPICt. . . ' ' . . Main Event ' r - Poulm (Hulli J. fowen (Ridi 4 Hopkin ' iRM 1 Mifneault (Hum 4. ; . i ' j .MceKntleGl, 9. FraeeriBanli ; San prancjsco at the Lrs An-. ' ' con.iu V jgeles .Olympic Auditorium, Anu jtTeet ' IS,. Cajliilt j. S?IV 2V-62.-y?;.j - V: y,-" 0 ((iii will be SATURDAY, APRIL 4 " ; while moving to their , - new 206 Champagne Aye,: .- . at carlixg; . (EASTERN END OF THE FORMER INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER BUILOINC) - ' where they will b open " , for; business on ' ' "' , ' ..' , New Phone Number 725-1041 . miay not years sirice a new true ! Ganadian Whisky FuB matured Corby's frftepn year old Park Lane whisky (in the elegant decanter afid golden container) is still the best buy in the premium clasa. .' t. . 1 Delanrv Navi-' 7. MurpMy j, ,Gioe ' f Rouleau (Curl-OiDronii 10, Still-fling (Glet) I. ' s , CARI ETON' HtlGHTS A tiw rxecutivk ' ws ; ''letd aeni wii n wiiiaon. t Lavorante Dies lENDOZA, Argentina (U"l) ruwrai ,mtivh. tl.Ied today ' for Argentine heavyweight "-Alejandro-. Lavo- : ' V rt!tnte. who was unconscious fpr IS months' since his knock- - , A , -i; r . " ' : . - ni ...,.tr.u of boxing's longest coma, died yesterday . . at the home of a relative. .. . . NeVer had he covered consciousness after his sixth-round knockout by Johnny Riggins of closed location realize -it, 10 Tears , ... o "-.-!) Pindcrcst LL t - Registration' Sunday Registration--for -boys eight to 12 years of age for the Pine- ut fi,u uK v RoaJ. T SADIIISKY THURSDAY - FBiDAY - SATURDAY ." SHEHROCK WAllBOARO 4 t 1.40 i 1.40 x 1.80 2.00 . .. ' M 2.50 is- r tot ' 70 JYIYAPIY WYWOOD , Wltrrproot Fir S' t Bni1ra Shralhink ': 2.75 '." - 3.25 4.75 5.80 7.00 - - g6od dUh SIDE 'i 3.80 - - 5.50 V' 8.75 ' 8.00 " - 4" -' 8.75 No. 1 DRESSED SPRUCE 1'j 3S ittj 2t,e i 5 l 3SC It Mln- Ordrr ! ft. SADIIISKY BROTHERS tIMITED 117 NELSON STREET 234500 234-6151 fluty to S Sat. 'til J.St FREPDEL1VERY MinlmurnX Order 10.00 "Stores for Men" Rldeau at Sussex - Wellington at Holland a subtle difference you are in the habit You'll get the best brand -:,-'.-. - T", ',"

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