Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 24, 1975 · Page 120
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 120

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 24, 1975
Page 120
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August 29 ^CHARLESTON WCHS-TV CBS HUNTINCTON WSAI-TV NBC HUNTINGTON WOWK-TV ABC OAK HILL WOAY-TV ABC , BLUEFIELD WHIS-TV NBC ROANOKE WDJB-TV CBS ROANOKE WSLS-TV NBC CLARKSBURG WBOY-TV NBC PARKERSBURG WTAP-TV NBC HUNTINGTON WMUL-TV PBS-EEN GRANDVIEW WSWP-TV PBS-EEN Vlorning 6:30® Arthur Smith O Bible Answers CD Town Crier (D Blue Ridge Quartet 6:45 O Morning Report 7:00 O (B ® IS) © Today -JH (D Network News *ID CD A.M. America 8:00 O (D Capt. Kangaroo 0 Sesame Street 8:30® Sesame Street 9:00 O A.M. ® Coffee Break (HI © Phil Donahue ! Cooking New York CD Dinah .·D. J. 8) School Programming 9:30 O Barbara Walters O Galloping Gourmet ® Romper Room © Cartoons (D New Zoo ® Films ® Hathayoga 10:00 O CB ® © US C e l e b r i t y Sweepstakes O CD Spin Off QD Barbara Walters (D Mike Douglas ® Making Things Grow 10:30 O ® O) O © Wheel of Fortune BCD Price Is,Right S) Spirit of Victory 3) Erica 10:45 CE Making Things Work 11:00 O ® US) (5) US) High Rollers 0 (D Gambit H) Friends, Neighbors H) Baseball 11:30 O ® © ® © Hollywood Squares QCD Love of Life (D ® Brady Bunch (J) Mister Rogers ~v Afternoon 12:00 Q CD O) © Marble Machine O © Local news CD Young Restless (D CD Show Offs ® Hodgepodge Lodge 12:30 O ® © © Jackpot US) Local News O CD Search for Tomorrow (D d) All My Children ® Electric Co. ID (D $10.000 Pyramid 19 Woman 2:30 O ® © © © Doctors O CD Edge of Night Rhyme and Reason Feeling Good 3:00 OS)®©© Another World O CD Match Game (D ® General Hospital ® Let's Garden 3:30QCDTattletaIes (D QD One Life to Live ® Yoga You ' 4:00 O Mr. Cartoon © Gilligan's Island ® © © Somerset O Musical Chairs FRIDAY Morning 9:00 "All Over Town" 11:00 State Scope Noon 12:00 "Destination Inner Space" 2:00 "Railroaded" 4:30 "Destination Inner Space" Evening 7:30 Canadian Travel Film 8:00 "The Enchanted Forest" 10:30 "Ramrod" CD Bonanza ID Dinah ® You Don't Say 9 ® Sesame Street 4:300 Bewitched (B Gomer Pyle © Andy Griffith © Bonanza O Mickey Mouse (D World of Animals © Family Affair ® Movie 5:00(B Bonanza O CD FBI 35) Truth or Consequences O Lucy © Ironside 19 ® Mister Rogers Neighborhood 5:30© Get Smart dffi To Tell the Truth O Andy Griffith (D Hogan's Heroes 19 Electric Company ® Hodgepodge Lodge Evening 6:00 O®S8©©Q(DD(£) Local news, weather, sports 53 Jean Shepherd ® Electric Co.. 6:30OCB®©©QCEHD3) Network News 91 Body Shop ® Reading 7:00 O © Truth or Consequences ® Ironside CB CD Lawrence Welk © Phil Donahue O Special Report (D "Giant" ® Messenger. 19 ® Weather 7:30© Bobby Goldsboro (D Rex Eleanor O Porter Wagoner Q Pop Goes Country 19 Black Perspective ® Martin Agronsky Warren Murray: By Lee Margulies LOS ANGELES (AP) - Something's up when the six most popular series on television are situation comedies and four others are in the top 20 -- as they were this past spring. And something else is up when eight of those 20 comedies are on CBS. What's up in the first case isn't hard to figure out. "The American public is going through a phase where they want to laugh," explains Warren Murray, director of comedy programs at NBC. "For too long they've had to worry about Watergate, Vietnam, the economy; comedy takes their minds off all the horrendous things happening in the world." As for the second case -- well, that's what Murray is all about. NBC. struggling as always to overtake CBS as the No. 1 watched television network, says it is putting a new emphasis on developing situation comedies. That's why the position of comedy program director was created last December. "There's been a growing realization," says Murray, "That comedy wasn't just something you threw in when you made up the schedule and had a couple of empty slots left open." This has sometimes seemed to be the NBC approach. CBS has always been the comedy champ and even ABC, which hasn't had a runaway comedy hit since the days of "Bewitched" and "That .Girl," has been more committed to the 30-minule form. NBC was more oriented toward a "Laugh-in" or a "Klip Wilson show." The recent ratings success of 1:00 CB Local News Somerset Marble Machine 99 Not For Women Only O Phil Donahue CD Panorama O CD Ryan's Hope ® Man Builds, Man Destroys i® Days of Our Lives O CD As World Turns 8 ® Let's Deal Paul Nuchims 'Hey, kid, got a light? 2:00 O CD Guiding Light 18m 8:00 O ® © © © Sanford Son O Redskins. Football CD Movie ffi NCAA Special @ ® Washington Week 8:30(9® Wall S'treel O® (DBS)® Chico the Man 9:00 O ® ® (5) © Rockford Files ® Washington Debates ® Movie ® Kup's Show 10:00 @ Paul Nuchims ® Jean Shepherd O ® 8ffi © © Police Woman 10:30 ® Woman 11:00 OOCB CD (B)©©® Local news, weather, sports !?| Caplioned News QD "Wild One" 11:30 O ® ® © © Tonight O CD Movie ® Wide World 12:45® News 1:00 O ® O) © © Midnight Special (D Wide World "Sanford. and Son" and "Chico and the Man" did a lot to change the thinking of some NBC executives. Murray says. Among other things, he notes, it enabled programming chiefs John J. McMahon and the now-departed Terry Keegan to push for the new position of comedy program director. Now part of Murray's job is the encourage comedy show creators to bring their ideas to NBC before going to CBS or ABC. He also supervises the four comedies NBC has in production -- "Sanford.·' "Chico" and newcomers .i'Fay" and "The Montefuscos." ;? His credentials for the job are solid. Murray, 33, was a comedy writer for seven years, churning out scripts for everything from "All in the Family" to "Love American Style" and "The Bill Cosby Show." He also was the story editor on "Bridget Loves Bernie." His father, whom he resembles, is comedian Jan Murray. "I'm a product of comedy," he says. "In my house you don't start a sentence unless you can end it with joke." What effect Murray will have remains to be seen. Although he says he has been told by no less an NBC official than network executive vice president Mike Weinblatl that comedy is NBC's top programming priority, there are at least a few skeptics. A glance at this fall's lineup shows why. NBC is offering four comedies. ABC has six and CBS has 12. "The only disappointment in the general creative community," veteran writer-producer Sam Denoff Television Mm ies "GIANT," (1956) "* ¥2, 7 p.m : , CD w i t h Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean. Sprawling epic detailing the growth of the Texas cattle and oil empires of two fascinating men -- Rock Hudson and James Dean -- and their mutual love for the beautiful Elizabeth Taylor. The personal drama and Move stories ··· are kept in check and sentiment is kept at a.minimum. »· "SHELL GAME," (1975) **, 8 p.m., CD.. Singer John Davidson stars as a cheerful con man attempting to fleece a rat. in a film more interested in suspense and light touch than violence, which is a relief. Davidson performs with a certain ease. *· "SEARCH FOR THE GODS," (1975) ", 9 p.m., ®. Routine story about three young people who s t u m b l e on a medallion h;il is purported to be over 50,000 years old and may give some answers to the theory of space visitors to earth. Stephen McMattie, Kurt Russell, Victoria Racimo, and Ralph Bellamy star. *· "KATE MCSHANE," (1975) **'«, 9:30 p.m.. CD. Anne Meara plays a pugnacious Denver, Colo., lawyer, defending a blue-blood in the stabbing of her no-good husband. It's all Kate McShane (played by Anne Meara of Stiller and Meara), backed by her Irish dad, battling a pompous D.A., throwing snowballs at her Jesuit brother, outsmarting the power structure. .· · · . · · · · ; ; · ;_··.-·' -WILD ONES," (1954) ; ***y z , 11. p.m., ID with Marlon Brando and Mary Murphy. Brando lives a powerful performance as Johnny, leader of a motorcycle gang lluil invades a and raises hav- "ALL THE FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS," (I960)«, ll:30p.m.,O, Muddled soap opera about a headstrong girl who loves one lad. tnii murries .another. The attractiveness of the cast -- Natalie Wood. Robert Wagner. George Hamilton, and Susan Kohner -- helps, but nut enough. SINCE 1952 Television Service -SERVING- · SNOW HILL · BELLE · CAMPBELLS CK. · WITCHER · MAIDEN · DIAMOND · RAND _ · QUINCT ·Phone- 925-3174 August 2£'/975: Sunday.(fawite-Mai'i

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