The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 16, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 16, 1918
Page 8
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: \ THE D4ILY COURIER.- CONNELLSVITJ JB, PA. TUESDAY, JULY 16, 1915. JkVBNQEE:"4-A. ftre- in which; 'William _H»rt, 'icreen. actor; of toe i In i ailenldld -role, Is: te-. -·hewn today." Tt*, picture .i».e*- is-one"o( he. beat in which' ~~aipe»rek- He 18 by a- cast of" unusual ej(- .-The ^U»iver^ "V^ekly: Is i showTj;' ''.Thqrsdiiy,. . June "iohn,-.-Bor«r*r»' will "appear 'Redemption;" a five orld attraction- of -unusual in- · The picture: .is- a. modem one. ^t,':xceBUonal..., ; -. Miss ;E1- is seen.in_theirole.of Gene Roe, a'girl of thei southern :mp:un- ,. -The. .picture tetls'the story ol |Sih'«ajaan'ncr' in which, a .woman " u se-. e- redemption'- of the man -'she ha£ KiQo«7''"Tbe 'redemption' oc- - paly' after-a- great'-: -many · ejr- elyV exciting events- in -vhich the ?- brains · and · courage. : stand her d:i the-'youTiE ··man* |In good stead. to:-nnish .the picture is hrijlinj[.^;It»iS7t!te_sort : of sn'eV- you with-its , .the" pleasing nature of l.a'id: the; sptbndxd;: acting yvrand-i'' Saturday, Farnurar America'.*; popular »etoS. ' -ill be presented lit "Rough a Fox'.SUndard.feature. · - AltCADE THTATRJ!. -- · · · · filRLS! CO firy TWa Crena at Onr Expense. TELLS HOW TO GET BACK OLD TIME AMBITION * ,·· . .·. i Discoverer instructs druggist* everywhere not to take a cent of anyone's money unless Bio-feren doubles energy, vigor and' nerve force in two · weeks. ; : ? A DAY FOR 1 DAYS . Beautiful actresses say, ."A shoi' aKjage with Buttermilk 'Cream ;'. -.a isht before rcttrtne- is . a l l . . t h a t i' ecessary,! · ;. ^ . . ·'.·"· . To prove this to y o u r · S3tfsfs.ctfon, | .obtain.-a^;: The ./Con- " njr giri~ctr woman .can~»ft6rrt. young reporter and, a. physician, at j Jast locates bis. wife ;and;. child : -arirl; how another, romance is also sue-', 'cesfiilly consummated .through . Ms; *efforts, niakcs a real story of TCP! ! ·people that will prove no exception ^to ·'Sir. Beban's usual pleasing, stylo of work. . · Dawson. :· iA"SVSOX, July"15.--UTS. 'Samuel - j3§£lie:-alded by- a-biast-of trumpets s'JI'TIalnHdyt's show pp.ened a. "week's en- i'Piwanent at the; Arcade theatre to jJHpocitr business: and.- scored a- sur- l -SiJr : lsinj success :at its "first perfora- mtnc^ 'Hiis. show. bids.fitr:tp be. listed : itei* : oa« of tie neatest' an* best' liked IpinmfcaS taWoid-showsJiatJias-Tislted iA. ..Cougnenpur spent Sunday fif.thls-lheatre--in-months'." Jtal : Hoyti'iriends"at Donora. · ·'.-.. ' ' I. g.;-lihn««lf ; . : ls£an~o]dpj'me-local favprltelV 3Ir: and Mrs. .William Landymorc j ^'^·d^liis work-'wa3"-'^ family were Sunday " guests. i£ ] S^yWfeHarry-Ghapman : £M i-_ s'idekick f friends in' "West Newton. . . . . ! P'th«se..two ~boys : put over a barrage "of " The Y. M. C. A. met defeat, at Dun- ; : ^Jfift.1*»t was continuous. '-Chapman ts.|bar Saturday by a score of 5-3.' · ®"*:'Tfry c-lever; dancer-and- a- pertectf 'Mrs.'Charles Hansel ot-Uniontown j pSIWl ~'or Hoy?. Earl 'WDcox' in a spent Sunday, w i t h - h e r .parents, Mr., ' Any m*n or* vwoman who finds th»1 they arc going backward, art not-a* ·trong 1 am ·they" rifled to bo, have losl confidence in th*lr ability to accom-i ' plish things, are ilerroua itnd i"un 4 oirB ·hould take two JJtio-feren tablets *Jtor . each meal and oco at bedtime, · Seven a day for seven d»y3. ·· = · Then take on*s'after each, meal until the supply 15- exhausted. - . - · ·-Then if your i-.cryousneM Is not gone, If you do. not fuel ; .twica as strong and. energetic as before.: if your .alugglah disposition haefnot-.been changed to *··" Tlporous-" actlv* . one,..take. back, the -empty packaga'andtyour money will be "returned without comment. ' · No- xpatter what excease*, 'worrr--- ·Terwork--too much tobacco or alcohol ··--have -weakened your body and ·wrecked your, nerveir.. any! drug-fiat anywhere is authorized to. refund .your money on' request \'t -Bto-feren. the 'miphty: upbullder of blood, muacl« and. brain does not do just what la claJmad for it. He4e te F1iTl«luui There la no flecret about the formula of Blo-Ceren, it ia printed on every, package. Here It · IB: Lecithin; Calc£-um Olycero-pho*- phate; Iron Peptonate; Man Cranes* Peptonate: Erct. Nux Vomica; Powd. Gentian; Phenolphthaleln; Oleareiln Caps!* t.nas satisfactory, anct'tiis ;and Mrs. Frank" Mong. S';wWslliOB,sireciaHj-'"iFcat over well. I Mrs.'.Arthur .Pieldson; who. . has j |l:'jll«s'«s Bessie-Leese and Alma.Jfconeyj'Wn on the .sick .list' with tpn'silitis : lIlHiprMrid the crowd with' (their sjxra-[the past week 'at West Newton, had . "" ius wit and good humor. Miss: returned to her home at Dickerson ·' Stein'was; very good ;and:kept ;Jlun. . . . . . . - - · ii;tb»-ictlon moving'--rapidly at all | Charles Harper of. Dickerson Ru~ .Sne is a gifted perfatmer-with i~»'as a recent Pittsburs visitor. jvl : irenderfnliy pleasing in-inner. A! ^ohn Landymore was a Pittsburg · *'-'- '-'- .change of program- will''be Rmsiness caller Monday. '- ' ' Keeps Teeth Clean and Gums -Healthy Specially indicated I for treatment of Soft, Spongy and Bleeding GumS. = . . . . . ' -imatcn All Dntfiiu mod T«!l«t CoanUra. dnesday. This conipury will -'Oee "Wliz," a, rapid flre-com- J irorth, seeing. On theiscreen | to. :" .-; an.i. . andtjtte; OBPHZEX THIATIIE. :S,f TIICH MAN, POOR-JIAN."--A Par- ebuBt p]iotolrmma feature* -Mar-' erlte Clark. Tomorrow George Be- sppMirs In -VOne More Ameri- The : ' story' »- "' - a n Italian Otto Haas and. Anthony Bonner mo- ttored to liill Run Sunday. Jacob Livingstone, .. has --returned-] tfrorri-a trip to.Camp Upton.' / -M'rs. Martin Sherbondy.'ol Pittslitirg j spent over Sunday with .^friends and relatives. .' · ' . : . . Mrs. "vraiiiam McDonald spent the weeit^end at the home of her daugb/ ter, Mrs. Harry''Patterson, at Buena Tista. r^ and Mrs. Charles Moline spent' Satiinriay with Connellavllle friend:;. Jorca Layton of Lower Tyrone spent Sunday with, his mother. Mrs. 1 ' Want Ads---1 Cent a Word. rfonette theatre cnmc'r .. in ' New-pBlteabeth Layton at Conneltsville. ; East Side-Ghetto, whose I -,:3*r- and Mrs. Frank Gaal of Con- iitle ftmlly, due from Italy is kept fnelte'ille were Sunday guests of Mr. « kfra by a.schenrins politician «and Mrs. Charles Gaal, North Daw- i dettsts the open-hearted Italian pon. jrlip has le»t him.many a vote. H o w ) Lester Shallenberger of Summit fl,~ with' the 'help, of a -- rising .twas !n town Monday! ' i TONIC -UPBUILDER IteU.ri Cixib, Wuk Lu| **i CdJ. Ecknan'i Alttrati»t ·For mcoiy y«*.r» this ColcJunj' prepiu«- tlon tias maintained an erer-lncrciiwinjc . reputatlan for .ttcoompUBhlnr yood, and .citeji r«TL4rktb!o riwilu. · $2 six* ;; : ···'... $i six. now $1.50 . now SOc Pries Incivdca War.-Tox. All Drugrriat*. ADl)S ZEST TO THE MEAL PROMOTES HEALTHY APPETITE . . . . . ._ - . . . ^ . . . . ^ . .· W Don't m^ke tile mistake of thinking that all beers are alike! There's a surprising difference and you see it immediately iri. ; ' Finer materials in this-popular brew! Better brewing methods! No expense or effort spared to make it best possible! Ask For ConneDsville Special Beer -'at Hotels, Gafes, Clubs .» ,. ORDER A CASE FOR YOUR HOME Thursday j Friday '· Saturday Thursday Friday Saturday The Greatest War Time Economy Event yet offered the men and young men of Fay- .ett'e county. No question of it. The price--95c--is the same as last year --which is a distinct triumph in itself. But better .still, the QUALITY is also the same--just as you have always received in Wright-Metzler Shirts at this price. Old contracts dating back a year and more . · · aake this price possible. These contracts expired with this shipment and no telling when such shirts can be bought again. Over 2400 Shirts in the Lot and All to be Sold at Handsome patterns and : color effects in percale, madras and cords. Dozens of- Shirts in that good 84x84 percale, which wives and mothers will know is dependable. Stiff cuff or soft turn-back cuff styles · Every shirt full size and well iinished. Brand new and hand laundered. All sizes 13'/» t o IS. ; . . . A great opporrnnity for every mini to buy a snpply of Shirts that nil) last him until this war is orer. Certainly not one man in the entire county can afford to overlook it. "o ntnro wlien these-ore solrt, and none sold at 95c after closing, timi! Saturday night. 50 Dozen Men's $hirts Up to $4.00 Values, $2.45 Only $2.45 for your choice of an assortment of shirts numbering into the hundreds and composed of madras, crepe and silk stripe styles in mighty attractive patterns and colors. All sizes here from 14 to 17 inclusive. ' ·' Companion Sale Men's Furnishings 1200 Wash Ties at 25c Plenty of these popular Summer Ties for everyone who comes t'or them during this sale. Beautiful patterns in white and colors at only 25c each. 50 Dozen Nainsook Union Suits 75c Each--3 Suits $2.00 ' · . . . i - . The famous "Higrade" Union Suits with! elastic back and one-button krotch. Made full size and roomy. All sizes 34'to 46.. Excellent value at 75c or 3 for $2.00. 50 Dozen, Boys'Union Suits,65c A good quality; nairispok Union Suit with elastic back' ·arid one-button, krotch. Cut full size, and in all sizes 24 to 3.4. Buy a. year's supply while the price is low. : 75 Dozen Waists at 55c 100 Dozen Mercerized Half Hose 35c the Pair--3 Pairs $1.00 These are a good quality silk mercerized hose that could not be bought today to sell for less than 6fic. In black only. All sizes 9y 3 , to Iiy 3 inclusive. Every man can use half a dozen pairs at this price. 100 Dozen Men's Handkerchiefs This item alone is worth a, trip, to the store. One hundred's superior quality hemstitched hand- i kerchiefs, cut big and full,--and to sell at the remarkably low price of 2 for 25c. : ' 100 Dozen Handkerchiefs at 35c The; handkerchiefs in this extra special lot are all linen and hemstitched. Good big size. ' Excellent value at 3 5 c o r 3 for $1.00: · · . . . · All Straw Hats ONE-THIRD OFF . , . . . . . Sailors, Toyos, Leghorns, Panamas, Baliluks--every Popular and serviceable styles, well made,' and with man's and boys' straw liat in our stock is included in this, collar attached. Plain white or light and dark stripes. All -important reduction. Formerly $1.50 to $10.00. Sovr sizes 6 to 15- Wonderful value. . ' u.0o to $6.67. Gold Bond Stamps With Every Purchase--An Extra 4% Saving. PITTSBURGH BREWING CO. uy War Saving Stamps

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