The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 2, 1964 · Page 13
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 13

Ottawa, Canada
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Thursday, April 2, 1964
Page 13
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I," " - A V i'V. -i-v .Leafs Attend Movie But in Wrong Theatre TORONTO Norman Vincent his "Art of PasitiveiTlVnKiTig" would wind up as, a haven for a hockey team in troutle. But it' any port in a storm for . "a; harassed 'hockey coach,- and-yesteVday, afternoon it the Gardens the Toront.0 management issued orders tee-aft player : to attend a film, "One Man's Way,", which stresses the Peale ,'lheme. ; ' y ' J. 'J It wasn't an invitation by the Leaf management: it was an order to the" players (who had suffered ao'me lamentable; lapses. in their' thinkingmachinery the night befor? when Canadiens -snatched a -last-minute victory and now lead the semi-final series two games to one ) . ' ' , .A . ., . '.' ' - Just what effect this film session on positive, fhinking-wrtr--have on tonight's important game is problematical. .. However. ; the reaction- this news had on' fwoadiens' veteran Bernie Geoffrion when this agent encountered him after the, workouts r was rather amusing. T - v . ;''....'.,;(' ."".'.:-' : ; ""Boom Boom".aiked incredulously again what the film stressed,, thought for minute and theij said: "Holy Moses.. I guess I've heard .everything .now' ?''.-;' But the truth is that Leafs have been taking shots at everything else lately, and mostly hitting posts, j so Imlach figurej this might do something for them In view of those Tuesday night expensive lapses that drove him and so many thousand other Leaf fans almost to the point of distraction'" v" ! v-.v v. .' L.?.- WRONG MOVIE ' ; ' '; .' However,' the thought did occur that 'the leafs after.' working out yesterdajrcould .'have practically stepped from the ice and seen a film that might lend itself more to their present ' atate of mind. For just about a block down Carleton Street was the theatre canopy inviting all and sundry to come and . see: "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Worlds .,: - . .Whether it's of the positive type or not, Canadiens just have to be thinking that they can take a very long stride in the direction of the" finals if the win this one tonight. They yay With a bad game here know the fates can't always kiiow that the Leafs will be firing everything in their hockey arsenal tonight, and that there mightn't 'be as many blanks.. as in. the past '"; : ."' 'r .;: . ('. ,.' , ' ' And a lot of hockeyi then still'seem to think this series will go seven- games. For instance, Dean- Prentice,, now a "neutrai observer, a'ees both semi-final series going the. route, '.. and he calls Leafs to,win the cup. Rangers' Harry' Howell . i stiU sees Leafs winning in six and then winning the cup. Both like Detroit agajnst Chicago while King Clancy maintains the Hawks, will oppose you-k'now-whojiLlhe final" jowvh-j -y There are some surprised people glancing at the trend in the Detroit-Chicago series, but "not Bernie Geoffrion. "Not me, I'm not surprised at Detrojiuaklng the lead," ""saki. the Boomerp"! like DetroitrjrChicago likes-tOTplajrif tight, but Detroit can skateThey are just latching on to all those Chicago forwards and never give them much chance. They stick on them and skate with them. You know, a team gets tjred of that after a while." -','' :. r; . ; 'HOW DO .YOU SPELL THAT? Howell, by the way, was telling one of life's embarrassing momenta for him. . . . "I'm standing there and a lady hustles up to me with her little son as if she's known me airmyiTerH'e turns to hr litlle son and says: Tommy, I want you to meet. "Boom Boom" Geoffrion.' ' . , - "I didn't know what to say as she continues: 'Now "Boom Boom" will give you his autograph.' 'The fact. I'm standing beside a pretty good hockey olayer named Bobby Hull doesn't evesn bother her, . i didn't nave the heart to disappoint'her orthe boy, but I. was in a rcl jam. I couldn't spell Geoffrion's name, so I had to tell her " - .' '. '..' ' ' Toe Blake got a line together in the second period of Tuesday's game made up of Backstrom, Hicke arid Rousseau, and they put a lot of pep into the Habs' final victory drjve. But Blake was recalling yesterday that he'd got impatient with Rousseau earlier in the gamebout falling. TlFned him out about' it," said Toe, "because there' was nobody near him at times." v. .j, :. -;..'.'''' -. rr.'--.'''.'.; : V.T'-:' ; Rousseau claims he still feels the pressure like most players: "I'm trying to,, lay off the slap shot, because you're checked closer in a playoff, and -you- don't have-the same time. But I don't like to give it up entirely because it can get me goals:" . " ; ' V.- " All the while superb little Charlie Hodge shows not the slightest sign of pressure, continues to make stops that keep his club in there wnen they falter. This to the extent that Imlach wouldn't go along, with a friend's "suggestion that Hodge must be lucky. "He's both lucky and good." says Punch. "And that." interjected Turk Broda. "is what a winning goaiieTiaa to be in Y playoff." . : . ' PLAYOFF PICKUPS Canadiens' physio-therapist Bill Head had an old patiet fcf hi awaiting his arrival for treatment in Toronto . Bill Durnan, former star goalie of the Habs now located in Toronto, naeded treatment for recurrence of an old knee injury . . . Some of the trotting trainers and drivers get to the game when they can . . . We's Coke was among those who taw the opener .here . ' . One Montreal newspaperman wilt know better the" next time . . Asked by the waitress if he'd nave more coffee, he replied. "Just half a cup." To which the waitress asked: "Which half will you have the top" or Dottom'half?" .... . Toronto Telegram' Hal Walker decided to stay with Leaf president Stafford Smythe during the Tuesday ; gam . . . There' a. real job . . . Staff just walk ttte corridors, leaves the rink at time and rarely, sees any part of a game. . ( . He hist can't watch a game, and Walker claims he walked him ragged . . . The" most frequent query here day and, night is: "Any spare tickets?" . . . Bobby Baun is a sure starter for the Leafs tonight . . ; He was itruck on the nose with a shot while Backstrom, caught a stick in the same spot . .'. The trotting fraternity at Greenwood going over that ocidenon"lhe Ottawa River near Connaught Park recently when Sted Craig escaped drowning when, the 'ice broke while he was working the' horse Dr. Atom . . the horse wa drowned and Sted made It to aafety . . , This might he the topgame of the aerief " coming up tonight, and Canadiens had better be skating . . . Both team In good shape and ready for an all out; contest .' Leaf have tried ahootirjg high on little Charlie Hodge but without too much auccrxs. ' , r , " WinFF-WIIAFT. " r-ARLINGTON. .Va fUPI) .the UTTable Tennis Assocla-v tron report that the port was --'first called -"Whiff-Whsff' be-cau of the knitted web ball ued by player."' - "si ' . I ' . J, ., . .... Peale may never have thought Tuesday, and still won. They be that kind and the players - - STEADY WINNER NEyV YORK (UPI) Jockey Eddie Arcaro booted home 4.-779 winner during 31 year of thoroughbred racing. Hi share of prize money during that period totalled $3,033,951. , II - - I i w ' , Montreal Canadiens' goaltender Charlie Hodge, National Ho;k,ey League shutout . , king and Ve?i'na Trophy winner) watches his wife Sheila c6oka'steak7Weight is' no -r . problem for Charlie,' says Sheila. "v'e fol low no special diet." I : I ' f - f ' : . i . ' ..' UDie Imlach s By DICK BACON ' V ' United Press International ' ; TORONTO tJJ.'I) The Toronto Maphr Leafs, "dqwn but nor outT 'went to a double-feafure movie ' Wednesday "fiile''the Montreal Cana-diens relaxed according , to . their individual tastes, j The Leafs, who blew' a '1 -lead Tuesday ni g htast he J Canadiens. '"stoie" a . . 3-J triumph , in the ! dying seconds, saw- ' a-, movie doubSe-'; headef T-irst they were the guests at a preview; showing of new ' motionj picture, "One Man Apart." and then, watched another private showing films, of the third game of the Montreal-Toronto semifinal Stanley Cup series, No matter how many times they watch the game films, the score sti3 will show the "never quit". Canadiens- turning almost certain defeat Into dramatic victory.'' ' . -Leaf coach Punch , Imlach, '1 L 9 iiimi.i uo r I n NO SPECIAL DU7TS s - - . .. rearure iviovie Answer to Loss who has yet "to. lose his composure publicly despite two tough loses in the best- of-seven' series, was anxious that his athletes pay. close attention toJhe second fea- 'turer-' "How -hr Lose Stan'ey1- . Cup - Hockey Games.". . "I'm also going to watch - them again." said Imlach. '"Maybe I'll know exactly Ywhy it happened." i What Imlach is interested in were two Jate third period defensive lapses by two of the most experienced players in the game. Red Kelly and Allan Stanley. In each case the Leaf players made bad passes in their own end. They were, intercepted, first by J. C. Tremblay and by then Henri. Richard, and turned into quick goaJs. "But J that game's done with," he'we.nt on. '"We're majnly Concerned with the next one. Championship - S ho des P i ' . - , "".- -.: ' " '.-' '". ' ' - K't v n ; X:' - ' ' S. ' ' t t ' f . f . , 1 . f v..-.. - , HE'S FEELING, BETTER NOW Coach George (Punch) Imlach of the Toronto Maple Leafs presented this picture . ;, of utter dejection after the Leafs lost the third game in their besof-seven semifinal series to Montreal Canadiens In the closing niinute of the game. However at . Wednesday's practice session. Punch was feeling a lot more confident a hour his -team's chances. " ' . rcp-Journ.t wir Photoi Q u e bee By United Press International The Quebec Aces displayed the aame comeback ability in their opening playoff , game against the Pittsburgh Hornets that marked their play during , W f . 1 ! f , luc. regular American nocKey League season. , ' ' "" Trailing 2-1 with less lhaa three minutes remaining; the Aces tied the score oa a goal by Leon.' Rochefort and, went on. to down Pittsburgh, 3-2, on Wayne Hicks' shot at 3.53 of a sudden death overtime period. 5Iimlake''Says;;Plahte -The Hornets, broke. a-1-1 tie at 14.58 of the third pennon a goal' DyJ Yves Locas. T' Lome Worsley. the Aces' goalie, made 23 saves, 11 less than Roger Crozier, who left Quebec Immediately after the game for Detroit, where he .will -serve as stand-by 'goalie for the Red -Wings in their Stanfev Cp cncmmictvwith the Chicago Black Hawks tonight. - ' r .; , The second pame of the best-of-seven Quebec -. Pitts- . - . '.J:- . "' ' ' y...- f m mm" i w-- t TV '1 -.r " I ' iCP-JUrnl Wir Photo i teams come back -and, this team's going to come 1ack. But Imlach still .was shaking his' head . over the two mistakes that caused the Leafs to "give it away.' - He wouldn't, admit that his team was .tired or nervous. . . - . . "I know just, how long they were on the ice and they houkw't ha veheen tired. he said. "And as for, being nervous, Kelly's been Tn more Stanley Cup games' than anyone out there - on both teams and jthe still gets nervoas, I'd hate to think how some of our young players .must feel." - --' Both teams went through short, 'light workouts at Maple Leaf Gardens Wednesday in preparation for tonight's fourth game Montreal coach Toe Blake excused a few of his players, including - Richard, hero of Tuesday's game, and rookie defenceman Terry Harper. - -V'f ttsbu rg h burgh series will be played at Quebec Friday night - -The Cleveland Barons overr powered, the .Rochester Ameri cans, 6-3, in the opener of thei best-r.f-thrce . series at Roche; -tcr. It was 'tbe Barons' . fin t victory on the "American-'pon i this season. ' Joe Szura. who is owned h t the Montreal Canadiens. flgu -ed In all but one of the Barons' goals with a hat trick and two assists. Linemate Ray . Kihas twirh added -two goals and two assists- ' Still Helpiihg By DAVE BETTS TORONTO CP) Jacques ' Pla'nterVjhe asthmatic goalie ; who helped win six Stanlev . ' . i Cups in his II seasons with; : Montreal Canadiens. is per- forming the feat "again in ab-4 sentia, says coach Toe 'Blake. Derogatory remarks by Plante after he was traded-to New York Rangers last year fired up the Canadiens so much; says Blake, that' the underrated club rocketed to "the league championship on little more than sheer desire, borri of anger. . . - Blake explained' his theory Wednesday after he put the Canadiens . through- a light workout in preparation, for tonight's fourth" game of their cup semi-final against Toronto iviapie Leais. ine Momreaiers lead 2-1 on the strength of a come-from-behind 3-2 win here Tuesday. - Planie, shuffled south of the border in a three-for-four swap last Summer, informed the Manhattan press corps that his old team was coming apart at fthe seams, that Henri Richard was lacking talent and Bernie Geoff riort wayltoo old for the game, "' - -.- : . COACH OF THE YEAR? " "His remarks naturally made us mad," said Blake. "The first time we met New" York we fired 59 shots at him-and we beat the Rangers 11 times in 14 games this season, mostly 1ecause our: guys wanted to show Plante we still had it,"" . Blake even suggested that. Plante be named coach-of-the-j year for ms'pinng the rookie laden Canadiens to, such unexpected effort. , j'rfrT.. ' Although Imlach vows he has gone oit of the predicting business, he seemed tcHe taking a win tonight for granted and was peering forward into the unfriendly Forum at St. Catherines and Atwater Streets in Montreal where the fifth game- will be played Saturday. "We've proved we can win in Montreal, and that'SWhat we have to do again," ie said. "TueWays game. is over and we're forgetting . about it." Richard. Tetry ' Harper and Dave Balon missed Wednesday's practice in order to rest minor injuries. An X-ray of Baton's aching ankle revealed no fracture. , v Imlach assigned extra practice, as usual,' to' his bench-warming brigade of-Jim Pap-pin," Billy Harris and defence man Larry Hillman. PappFffTrnd" Hanis have, not yet been used in the series and Hillman has had only a few shifts. NO STRANGER ' Hillman- holds the dubious-distinction of having played in more playoff games without scoring than any other man in the series. He has been in uniform for 39 goal -less games with Detroit Red Wings. Boston Bruins and the Leafs. Dempsey Sues For Libel NEW YORK kP) Jack DemDsey. former world heavy weight boxing champion! charged m -a $3,000,000 suit Wednesday that he wis libeled an article published in Sports Illustrated last Jan. 13 which said he won the title from Jess Willard in 1919 by using "loaded gloves." See the NEW 1964 JOHNSON MOTORS NOW ON DISPLAY IIA-E YOUR MOTOR CHECKED NOW "CALL US TODAY FOR FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY . Tommyt &teJebVre ttnTED ; y 495 BANK ST. at ARGYLE 236-973 ( , j " STORE HOURS: ,t . . Mnn. InVhiirt. $ tn p m. rndar luifn. --- . Strr ... IMS p.m. i I II I Charlie" Hodge of j Montreal called -up from the American Hockey League lasf Fa11 ff rep'ace injured Gump Worsley,. .is . not' a .str.anger to s t a n I e y Cup .''competition, Hndge, who has .'allowed only :t four goals in three- games this ', year, had a 1,50 average back i in the IQ55 finals' - when he j allowed six Detroit goals in four 'games. ' ... " ... -. , ,' 4 This was. four years before .Goalie r ! j Hawk Fdri Sues . .. j ... mas, ...... " CHICAGO ff : "A Chicago Black Hawk fan sued Detroit Red "Wings of the National Hockey League and their star, Gordie Howe, Wednesday for $23,000 Jam-ages for a punch in the mouth.' "" Robert Rosenlh a1. 20, . charged in his circuit court; suit that- "Howe's unprovoked attack humiliated, embarrassed and held (him) up to public ridicule." In Detroit on Monday, Howe said he punched "an abusive Chicago Black Hawk fan a good one" as the Red Wings were leaving Chicago -Stadium after their 5-4 vie- W Habs Toronto's Johnny Bower joined the.': D'ifs ' and saw his first action, r i Blake. credits Hodge With a Marge' role in , Montreal's sur-v pnsingf siMrces-i story this sea-'. son.;. ' " " : X "When the"- test was the toughest,. Hodge was the best." Hodge won the Vezina .Trophy, and had the most number of, shutouts of : any goalie in the- circuit' eight.; .--77- ' '" owe tory over the Hawks Sunday -night .. ',- '- : '' .' On Monday, Rosenthal attempted to obtain a warrant ' against . Howe, ' but Judge ' JuhnSullivari . of . Monroe . Street CHirt refused to grant . one. ' 7 ' '.' "On the basis of the evi-. dence you've given me,". Judge Sullivan said, "any judge in my opinion would find . Mr. Howe Hot : guilty, since you admitted that you provoked him' V .... . ; RosenthaTs suit said a cut he received on his Up from Howe's fist required eight stitches and had become infected and swollen Jo three times , its formal siztf;' -."''.' "".' I " y ' 1 : ' i ''T;V' 1 "' . it : -'"' "'. " ! -5-V??5-'r'--.' :--, : v-. . You will never, know how important you ,can look in an outercoat until you have seen yourself ..ln our quality ShTTTer-Hillman puterCOats. Come In now, while we have Otase "most becoming to -you. Try on the fashionable new styles. , Note the superb fit. Then look in the mirror and see : how well-dressed you look. Shlffer-rlillman Spfingf-Cfjats; . $90 up t - Suits. In Stock by Shiffer-Hillman 99.50 up - T Suits To Your Own Measure J.I... $110. to j(160 OVLY AT. OUR SPARKS 6T. STORE . " I . , I l T? T rinifHTi -mrwrn. 51 'I I ' ' ' : . SIR ITIIT . -. ' ' I . - '. '. .. .I"? ... TTA .CANADA j' i I " - ' - . .. . -v-' ' . i v . : ' -v';r"'-''rr' -.- ' ' !' . " " . ' ' .... .. . . '. .. .

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