The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 16, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 16, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY COtTRIER, CONNELLSV TUESDAY, JULY 16, 1915. .,..,. .EX-GUNNER AND CHIEF PE ,. .,.-. --- -MEMK* OF-THE FOREIGN-LEGION OF FRANCE ^^ §-;; ,,...:,,; .QMTAIN GUN TURRET. FRENCH BATTLESHIP.CASSAKD- ;.i WINNER; OF THE ; GROX DE GUERREV ! 3», day* .pa**ed.. Ukei:tnafc. .with' Inutalif to do bat snnTer, and starve [and fteiacj, -tt got 'eerier-and colder,. .Imad air'we'febuia wrap'onrsetries^in '.·wa»'tk» coal. We bfgan to speculate 'j".. : i oa wfcere we were. It was. not till f'i ·*' fin i* £t4 ""'"lind!" aWwe all.dove for~U».fld- 'tltey nke wild men,-ami-those--who . could get near enough-looked out, and ,,·; U'We..enp.oglj!..thei-( w»s : the coast of J3orway, very.rugg.ei}. nni.jQCky : and · cowered with.: snow. · We thought It w«» all over theft, and that we would I be landed at B«rgen-sure,~. Xfien.' Lhere- the usual running aroud- and t^ljiijar/tenaester. fjjjUed me by I not know w! and me ItJBngUsh if I was a aid yes, and he to a,cabin. I i going to hap- let them get awayF* thinking that. they would get- 'the*- boat over and ' ""-"· "' ' " - "'' ship, ami trying .to yell lond or- the^tug: to*Hear f vttieim." leave the enough for Badewlu took thlr manjand/two or. three otliers, whether,' tijejr^wiere .tb tfeit'er taaiFan old skipper" In our biiriclf "*?«« -who yeUed pr'npt,.an3-be|tithem '·tol*m tnat-we had rounded the nurth- up and/put thenrliiiron*4;,'F. thought Iceland.-.-.- , -- -there,.TOs, going".ayniutiny. 'aboard, but it dld;not.-Come: off, awl; Tain not sure what the HunJl were so Excited'about. ' '?.'';.'£.'^.tZH;';,..-' · ·"· The other (our Bailors, who, came np on-the bridge did' Eot^tonch; roc, but ;jast kept me cOTered^wltli,y:tnelr re- volvera. That was the way-with them --they-would; not touch us -unless Badewitx was there or they bad bayonets. The old bull himself came up on the bridge alter, he had beaten.up 'yelling OB decav- aad.-we~were- not so , , sore we »oaSP^5FI«naed;.and.T^.;X**'w:wen,«tbrew me'aroond quite a _ irWt^a^dcJU.cted: tee^divwn from . the ^rldgeTarjrd^sloinmed me-into the coal .'brokers. -'I^fell pretty.Mre. aa you .coo; 'Imagine, ·. and, ^disappointed and -lretty.]ow generally. .:.\ * . . . ' · ' · ~""After'-a;whlle we heard the anchor ct aid* ;r» tiling throrig^ v on their way to ge£~wiet,^fflDd we~ ( purted up. Then every German Khlp in "the Baltic came up to~lool?jiis ovefi-:i'guess. They opened- up .the hatch -covers, and the Ttjtee were twSg|lfai»-there alao, Bat they ciiilled^nWop onto "the [Bridge and told me to take,the wheel. ^ El " Jbfeidea was I do not.jtnow. wanted*'* 1 -noncorabetaat _ in cose they, were orer- a^oeutnl vessel. We were ,rspeed at the Jinn. ;bnt aa ij took the wbeel she cut down ·jatpihalf^peed, and stayed:mist-Way for. """" an.-hoar. Ttten up to foil speed ..there... was,.*., .tramp ;:OB: the starboard bow, and al- S : H»»tt,b«fore^...saw it..there..wei-e two ·Satiate sentries on each side of me. ·avdOlng meiwith their, revolvers and ! thcy nre S"" 1 ··"·" witters, not much Srarning me,to keep on the course.! OIL d'stance or accuracy, but ouick in cotted by a ; mine-ltty«;.. and a nilne- ·Weeper. T'aBked afGeriian.'garb'y if' that iras the whole 6erman novy, and \ hcf looked sDrprisefl and did not know I Wax kidding, him, and said DO. Then 1 r«aid, "So the English got aU. the rest,' did they?"- and he banded me one In the month wltb his bayonet hilt, so I qnlt kidding him. , : '"We saw "rows-and rows.of mines, and the German sailors) pointed out w.hat they said were H. M. SS.' Lion -and Nomad, but I do not know whether they were the anme ones that were In the Jutland battle or not. Finally ,we' landed at Swlcemnnde Just as the bells were ringing the old year out . and the, new year In. We were a fine bunch of blackbirds to hand the kaiser for a New Tear's present, believe me. . : They mustered os up on .deck, and Attach of us got a cup of water'for.oar :. op j ; the hatchways--all of tbenTgfvini^-n the once over In turn. llnybe they, sold tickets for this show --it would-beltke the Buns. · At first we were milling around try- ing'to get- put from under, the batch openings and the shower ot spit, but some limey officer sang', .out, "Brit- ishers all! Don't .giveaway!'', and we stood stilt and let'them spit their .daiinned .German, lungs out before we would move for them, and some Gor- nishmen began singing their .song ubouf Trelawney. So we'jnade out that we'dia Dot'know such "a thing as a German ever lived. ·'· Vi'e get better-acquainted with German SDlttlne later on. and believe me. . »*»"««.ckrthes'.'en,. . w w e -went-throBgh. tbe.Skacer .'i.llbiek'jnd Cattegat..which are narrow "jtttiff'-ot water leading to tte Baltic. ""-"·nd"we "were only "a Mile-from-shore hrith Teasels all about o». It would pave been an easy thing for me to Ugaar-wMM- oor. ship -wa»- and who were aboard, bat they, had ate sentries *'. my Beck'ill the time to keep me aetion.and well supplied with inimu- nltloar = Spitting on prisoners'Is'the favorite Indoor and outdoor sport for Germans, men'and women alike. When, the show ..was..over,. they rousted us up on deck and pot « to .work throwing the suit pork and canned_roods Into two German mine-layers." While we wens at it, a Danlah ^patrol ."boat-, came out and-tied. aloDg- ,.and some of her officers-came dT.-pm.Jt v ,.jt .never wanted,lo So-. »n}'--( 1 »lde i us,. :* f nanc. irone in my life., tliaa" jump [,«lo«rd, and saw us. They knew we " ·verboard "or tignal. But rl,iw6uld j. were pri!ioners-of-w»r. nnd they knew = "'"··-'--."kirtn shot low» before,.I.aad i that a Te»»ei,carrylng..prlsoners-of- than Marted to do"e!lh«r, to 1 'war mnst.not:.remain, in. neutral wa- Jnat stayed with the wheeL , ' x ' " "'" ' : """-"' ' " ' w"---i" were '"df th. k_i^,^i^ ·''i_ -iv_'"v»_,u^--^:«: rM) ^^ Bin and Joyce, 'the. latter a gunner . **«· Jalands" to the BalUc w« we r-i ^"--' r " " ' She began" to 'smoke '··her'tire*. The sailors got !»ery excited and. ran around in crazy- «tyle, and Badewttx, began shouting »or» ordert than they could get away .with, Tbe WBtrie-s left me and ran ·wrta th*tnwt of the Fritzie* to the · W»t deciVand iiarted to lower one of ibe ttfebe-na. : . fers fqif .oT'er twJEnty-fonr Jionrs, bnt thej did not my anything'alKmt ..It . ' night two -men v iianiedj Barney IdM-at*. BailBadewitiTWasJrlghr filr right, jbnV Joyce Jet out a yell be- .1i^v_i- ^* O«v^j 5i^r_i_i_ .^ustithe?jmter was "sp^coldi'and c German patrol boat heard him and fiasheit a.searchlight. They packed up .lacked ilhefwiiote j^ane^.%i«iui»a la'"great 1 : shape, roring Uk» » bull all the tlme.' . I }eft 'the wheel and nin to the end ·f toe bridge, to 'jump OTerboard^ JBnt ' *bf the cbune, and. they. Itt, and BadewtU. fitnt Ave of · 8n u tbe^brrage~'aiir three Diners to the sldeTwith'USetr'rettoEven «o shoot jS-TJtl tbould Breach the' water. I think tt I had had any, rope to iT^rtth^r^cOBH'have g'ot g.j 1 When to* flve sallort *;; fcridge ooe^of.-jIbeBll-J»«i(X ^ *. · rord, and" gihre 7'ow;-. sitren 2 · fcltsts in answer to^t^e-tnfr The-1ug; ·;.; |«ras tbout to lawn*-a torpedo, and 3 · . we whittled jns't In time. One of our fS- 2;--pan wiis looking tromtne-ndiBey, and ' " I fc» taw tne Him* making for Ule life- S-- oau, to he got two oc, three .others they an yefled 'ttcHber^ from the Mbnnt Teiriple, sneaked np on deck: and aft to the poop deck. Tlvtre ,w«i t pair o£ wooden italra leading to the top of the poop deck, and Jojce nndElll lifted It "and goc It over the «!d« with a: rope tc'lt "The' ·two ol^ theni -got- down Into : the; water -Joyce- rtghtV away, bnt Barney was making good headway, and was: almost -*'SejSh*n. ,ther_dr«sged: him ln;V"They best them up on, the patrol boat, and .when...Uiey .pnt .them .back on the 7arrowditl« Badewltz bent then) np .some,roore .and pnt j.them .In Ir'ons. -Then he began-to shoot at their feet wlth^his-revolver, and he. hod a sailor stnnd by to hnnd him. another reroi- -.ver~when Ithe.. flrat one. was empty, ihen he wonld gash their faces with the barrel of the revolver and shout, "I'zn · Badewit2. Xm .the man who fooled the English," and shoot »t them '' ' " " ' ' '" All" the while"ffce sailors wore celebrating, drinking and eating, and yeil- ·lng;--as"usna!,' arid the .whistles on nil tie' German sbips were blowing, and they were hoiiing.a great feet; After cikTr'^f / thlrtr. lionrs we. left, ··being, es-. A Cup of Water for Our New Year's Dfnntr. , New Year's spree. Then we saw we 'were in for it and all hope gone, bat we were glad to be released from our hole, because we bad been prisoners since December 10--three day* on the Hoewe and eighteen on;the Yarrow- dale--and the coal w»» not any eo/tei than when we first sat on It So we began singing; "Pick up your trtmbles In your old kit bag and smite,' boys, smile.. What's.the use of worry* ing? .It's never worth while," and so forth. They made nil abut np, but not before we asked oorielTM.if we were downhearted, and ererybody jelled "HO!" ' " ; ' . - ; · ' · . ' . . ' : And that Is how we tare our re- ganla to Swlnemnnde. , · CHAPTER XVIII. · "Pack Up Your-Trouble*." . : ^Ve,arrived at Swinemnnde.^on,the east bank,, and after, we. had 1 , bad our drink of water and had been rousted, back into, the* bunkers;* I BadewitK Vent across to the westjaide in a launch with Joyce nod Bill- anil-a guard of sailors. __ They -were to be'shot the next"'momlngv"..with''.-some^o.tbera,.aL/a pubBc?shoo'tlog-ft ! .Tiie ; 're«t 61 ia wrailped ourselvei in lumps of .coal as best'we could and tirtecl,to sleep. In the morning crowds of German) come", j aboard/, us..- 'and' were turned loose, .tw: the boxes In the hold. ,It was jrsight .to:see"them rip off the coverslark) f»Mbble;the.aalaml and .other .stiitf that. we'carriied.'rTable manners are not, needed when there; Is no' ' : fnble,';I_ goess,- : buC. if' you- hadl.seen them, .ypujwouid'iy these Germans did not evenWhaye trongii manners. I were more fin- .-,; ' · ' ·' . : ' : - . . ' · ' ' ' ' ,s .. ,. · ' - ' ' V - *-:; ".;· - *. : : ;;. H - : '. v * . .- " . ·", "' '* ' · ' / · '· · .' "" v X 1 - · - ' : · , . . ' ' ; '.· ·''·-·-: : ; ' · ' ' . . · · · · · · . '· · · · . ' ' · \ r · - · ' ^ · · ' . · · ' · · ' . - - - · · . · t f . Inyestlgation Never Lost a Man a Dollar, 1 But Has Made Thousands for Many · * . \ ·· ' ' ^"pHE Courier Job Department can save you money and time on your printing needs, for we have the most modern equipped printing plant in Fayette county* . * All we ask is a dhance to bid on your work, surely we are entitled to this. Investigate our service and printing* CALL ON EITHER PHONE THE COURIER COMPANY Job Printing Department · · . · * - \ While they.'were at It, hand to .band with the chow;,giving and receiving .terrible' punishment,--, we prisoners 'Were mustered· 'on : :deck, counted, kicked onto tugu and tranBferred to the west bank, where the mob was wnitlng for as. -My. wounds,- u you can Iranelnc. were in a pretty baa state. by this time, end were ..getting more painful; e'Very' minute, so · that I fouod-I wag'getting, ugly an(T anxious for nn argument. I knew that, if. I stayed this, way j I.. would probably never come ^ out' alive, for-.there Is every chance you could want to .pick a qunrrel while yon arc a prisoner that, will^mean-freedom for you--bnt only the-freedom of going west, which I was not try. .. - '· When* v»*e. got"-near the-west hank,' on the tugs, we could see 'that we'were up against"a.bnttie ivltli our arms tied. Over half the crowd Tvas;.women and children, I -should say, and the rest ware, laborers nnd old clvTles, nnd re T serve :soWie'rs, and . rotighne'cks generally. .We could ^eertlie spit experts. .--rthe -spit'snipers, deployed:'to 'the j front, .almost. .. · '-" ' s ' ; " ,' As., we went ashore, the bombardment b'egan, and we .were not only ; under flrc,of «plt. If yon.cpold eall it tnat,.but also of r'oc_lts 1 nnd-bott!e«.«nd. : stlcka and most'-anything that could be' thrown. · "- '''···· . '·· ,·',.; ·',· :'... - · ';. ; · · · · ; " ' · TO CE.CDNTINDBrji.'. - ." j HTOfDEEDS OF. THOOSAJVDS of American soldiers and sailors are fighting on land and sea for freedom of right and justice. Every manufacturer, merchant, farmer a'nd individual has a big responsibility in this -war and should speed up for victory. '-The Union National Banlc otters you excellent facilities and invites yon to make it your depositary. I ^^^^^^^·^^'^^.^ S) rtahfSLi mi? ^ r " B « h i"" ! »*» 1 - 1 »5* " ^ XIn do htTbj^vUnl porkTin?bU? ? Ef"^* 11 !! 10 ^ d '5 ^TM ° n ** tln ' "O' fl» en game '.Hd «. C rfU"n^Lebgd^rc,^n J .°^ ff",S. 1 t?J. llm ' Oi ' r '' r ' EM "" WC ' U MOVE BY AUTOTRUCKS BOTH PHONES OPPNAiTS TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. KfllOML WAR GARDEN COMMI5Sl5rf~ READ THE OOTJEIEE. Table by the convenientfy with variout articles needed for canning --*"--· Tbe picture shows jars,\rabbers, knife for rrtajners, spoons, jar -lifter, wire basket for \ and conn j;, book of directions, towels,, pan k and- salt Here's the way to go at it as snjr- Commitaibn of Washington, which J. N.Trump W, ITE UN] TRANSFER J THUCK' ··« IVAOOH MOVING AXO noimwo i IPBCULTV, BEFOBE GOING TO THE FBOATC the soldier should make a will and name therein an Executor. Appoint the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania as your Executor and you are assured without doubt, that your estate will have the best possible management Call or write as for any desired particulars J. B. KURTZ. HUlAttl PUtUC AM HIAk. UTATft. · 51 CAT" STUBM TTHO'g THIS PABTY FOB, AKIWAT. oo LUNOT: :r wbN'T HAVE THE HOUSE^TOKN UPBy''TrtOSt.BO!S'.- WE'UL HftVE. 5AMMIE, IT JlOESN'T «W£ 'A 03IT OF 31IPP-ERENCE MJHftT YOU THIS O H V . E R r x V R V j l BON'T WANF [THEM wrns

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