The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 14, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1930
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 1030. DAILY COURIER, CONNEL ^SVIULE, PA. PAGE THREW. Youth, Freshness Mark New Frocks Lingerie Touches, Sleeve*, Skirts, Features of New Spring Outfits. 1 Few Indeed me the women with sufficient will power to go through the dull e n t i y dnv8 without at least one now frock which spenks of spring There are so uiiuiy (Jpllghtful new ^ models, In black or n n \ y . In bright colors or gay prims, t h n t the choice Is fulrljr bewildering Somehow, writes n fashion a u t h o r i t y In the New Tork Times, these new dresses hnve fount! t h e nrt of combining the feminine mode w i t h n decided feeling of youth imd.fugliness which makes them fairly IriesKUule. And, since fashions seern to hnve arrived at a fnlr degree of s t a b i l i t y the d'ess chosen will be l Just ns smart for I ue spring and sum- Bier \\cnr w i t h o u t a coat, Slreies. s k l r i s and lingerie touches nre Interesting fenttires of the early spring dresse« Skirts for the less forma! tjpe of costumes scetn to hnva halted about thirteen Indies from the floor--n M-IJ becoming length to the ateniKe \\onuin. Dripping draperies hnve niven vu\y to the even hemline-fur w h i c h no nre nil grateful. This Js viirlcd with n slight dtp at the hack Iti WHIP of the new frocks which feature lint k fullness In godets or plaits -- n trie It t h a i pivot n new and decld e t ) v ( h l c s w i n g to tfie silhouette. Sleeves t a k e all sortg of liberties. They tnny be mere cnps or epaulets, t h e v may he just nhove the elbow, or three q u a r t e r length with R flared lower section or long and tight and buttoned t r i m l y nt the wrist. Lanvln Is doing interesting things with sleeves, I n t i o d u c l n g contrasting color in wide p u f f s below the elbow, or in exaggerated flaring cuffs. Lingerie Touchss Prominent. The lingerie t o u ' i seems finally to h a \ p reached the peak of Its vogue, nn«l Is introduced In all sorts of ways on all sorts of costumes. Colored lingerie is very new. Patou uses his "·(. new "rose opaline shnde" for collars, cuffs and \estees on spring dresses of blucl! or n:nv trepe, or wool tissue A pilnted die's, which Is a black Jacquard wen o In Ivory and rose, has n y o u t h f u l frilled collar and cuffs of hand embroidered batlsto In roif) pink. Another drpts of Quaker-like chnrm Is of pHe gray flat crepe. It hes a round yoke and umisnnl circular cuffs 4 made of innumernblo ruffles of sheer white net The effect ts both demure nnd becoming. Exquisite convent embroidery on batlstf Is used for the deep scalloped yoke. In vest effect, w h i c h appears on n striking afternoon frock of black and % bite, hi leaf design. This dress, wt Ich Is quite formal, has three quarters sleeves, a circular skirt !ong»r in the back, and was shown with black suede 16-button gloves* iind a uldt brltntned bat of black pan.imalaciue. Luce and ba'iste nre combined In another chnrmltig frock of black canton crepdl for the matron. This frock has a circular skirt, mounted on a yoke, ·uhlcb Is draped nnd tied at one side. The sleeves me three quarter length nnd are finished with a circular flare, A pointed yoke of sheer embroidered bntlMe combined with lace adds a most becoming feature. The turk-fu blouse continues to appeal to the young girl and the wom- clr,«lng of the blouse, which !s repeated in the skirt Taff»t« Hat In Picture. Now it Is taffeta had linen hats. t*e« of shantucg, but taft fabric employed by i hatal We have 1 hats and bts ta IB A popular he French creators of millinery fasMona. And very successful It fa, for taffeta Is at once soft, and crisp, and lends Itself admirably to the draplngs and flares that are so Important in the modern hat mode. One hnt 5s turbtin which was featured by O'Uossen with many of the suits shown at his rec ent Paris opening, and which caused quite a furor. It was made by Marguerite Paraf, of black taffeta embroidered all over with tiny white blossoms, nnd draped over a bandeau of bright red grosgrain ribbon, which ties In n bow over one eye. The effect Is decidedly dashing when worn with nne of the new spring tallleurs, in black, black-and white or osford gray. A saucy little cap of taffeta, worn well back on the forehead. Is a creation of Maria Guy. Four pointed Navy Plat Cr«ps Used for Daytime Fiock With Draped Soarf. an of slender figure, for tt is Indublt- nbly chic. A twopi^te dress of black * flat ert pe has a tuck HI blouse and skirt buttoned on the hlpa and tied In front. The narrow revrrs and long, tight slee\c! of this frock are finished w n h lacing of the material, ·which is also employed In openwork ladder-effect on the front of the blouse nnd skirt. Fine detail of this sort Is a dlstir gutshlng feature of many o f the net\ French frocks. Navy blue ranks next to black in -.^fashion interest. Marci He Dormoy, for many jcnrs with Vlonnet, has made a oiumiwit; I n f o r m a l spring day time f r » c k of i m \ y blue flat crepe Peeidoffiv reminiscent of Vlonnet Is the Jn^enimis HI ranjjeroent of the atarf, w l n c b tin ks t h i o i u h a silt In the bodke, aid rbe buttoned diagonal Pink Print With Lingerie Collar and Cuffa of Opaline Rose. sections of the silk make the cap, the two back sections being continued In wlngllke draperies at the aide, whlcb may be adjusted at the angle most becoming to the wearer. In dark bine this hat is very smart w i t h the navy frock or suit which plays such an laa portant role this season. Quilted taffeta in beige, green or blue is effective for the simple brimmed hat on sports lines, and Is also shown in matching cravat scarfs. These stitched silk sport* huts have proved very popular at Palm Beach, where they have been worn In bright colors to contrast with * hlte frocks or in soft pastels whlcb exactly match the snlt or dress. While on fabric hats, a word must be said about the tweed turban, which has had a great success, It is made of loosely woven tweed, in soft beige coloring, and is cleverly drnped to bug the,forehead, avoiding the bulky effect of some of the eai Her tweed hate. A flat feather ornjini"nt !n beige and brown gives a finishing touch of chic. The brimmed hnt, of flexible straw, ts much in favor for the early spring frocks of plain or printed silk. One of the new poke shapes from Mado Is of baku sol--a silky bakn with a high luster--and is decidedly ;outhful In effect. The brim lg shallow In the front, to reveal the forehead, nnd Is plaited to flt snugly at the ; Ides. Two stiff little quilXs of white are used for ornament. Ui« of Cottum* Jewelry. 1 A wide cuff-like bracelet of prystal is a late addition to the smart woman's Jewel collection. Bigger and better costume Jewelry seems to be the order of the day. Manv bold and Striking designs. In necklaces and bracelets were featured at the recent Paris openings, and prysta) lends Itself admirably to these becnuse of Its ·xtieme lightness. Pastels and vivid tints In prystal have succeeded the black nnd white effects first featured by Molyneux. SchiaparelH showed wide ruff bracelets In color with many of her sports ensembles, and Patou matches a wide wristband of pastel pryatel and a shimmering necklace. AH black In dress, which has carried on from the town season to the Riviera and our own Southein resorts, la smartly pointed tip with the new Jet Jewelry, which ts once more «tt the height of fashion. Neckl.iqes, pins and bracelets of brilliant Jet are cut like precious stones. Decidedly reminiscent of the gay '90s is a wide collar of Jet rosettes and cuff-IUce bracelets to match. Just as many of the bla k frocks In the last openings showed effective touches of color, so Paris SB combining Jet with turquoise, Jade, oral ond aquamarine. Jet and crystal carries out the black-and-white theme In one of the new half length necklaces. Suzanne Talbot showed Jet necklaces and bracelets with several ,of her afternoon and evening frocks, while Vlon- net, launching coral as a spilng costume color, also showed m w h effective coral Jewelry. White Jewelry Is still considered exceedingly chic with the white evening frock, which means t h u t crystal, white prystal, strngs and penrlo w i t h bdgu- otte crystal clasps and stations are much see% Tomorrow- LAST DAY of our NEW TU-TONE HOOSIER BEAUTY with cutlery and dinnerware «FREE» , WONDERFUL cabinet -- a remarlcable value T\3L-- cutlery, dinnerwart FREE! Your last chance to share in the money-saving opportunity of this big succc sful sale closes tomorrow. Don't delay. Come in and see for yourself how strikingly beautiful are the new Tu-Tone finishes of Spring Green with Ivory, French Grey with White, and charming Antique Oak. You will surely want to own one of these new cabinets -- America's most famous make -bringing you time-saving, step-saving conveniences unobtainable any other way. Here you have a fixed working center that simplifies every kitchen task. HOOSIER provides generous working space -- an extension top of genuine porceliron; a handy flour bin with shaker sifter; a large sugar bin and dozens of other features--convenience and comfort without end. Come see it tomorrow. aESZEEZi Beautiful 31-piece dinnerware net in popular Golden M«Lie. New Corinthian, fluted design. Colorful Nile Daisy decoration. An attractive set to grace any table. F R E E I 10-piece cutlery get. A remarkable set designed specially for Hoosier. Finest tool steel. Knives hold keen edge. Firmly- attached handles are waterproof; shaped to fit the hand. GREEN AND IVORY GRAY ANOWHITE This Money-Saving Opportunity Ends Tomorrow When this sale closes Saturday night, no more cutlery 01- dinnerware sets will be available. The established retail price of $59.75 will apply on the cabinet alone. When you see the new To-Tone Beauty and examine its many time-saving, work- saving features you'll agree that here is a master cabinet--HOOSIERTS Finest! Now you can easily afford HOOSIER'B matchless beauty and efficiency. A down paymeat of $5.00. Money-Saving Offer Positively Closes Tomorrow Complete Home ARON 'S Furnishers Since 1691 Don't Miss This Opportunity Come Early Safeguard Their Tender Skins by Daily Use of Cnticiira Soap and Ointment Never too young to start using Cutleura Oinlii oul JSc And aOo Talcum Jffic Pro oiur Crmf A Chemical Carp POLL OF SCHOOL CHILDREN ON A NATIONAL ANTHEM Nearly 300,000 school children already have votr-d In the nation-wide National Anthem Poll which has just begun in the schools of the United States. These flret volume show a total of 181,892 votes £or tho "The Star Spangled Banner" and 90,971 votes for "Ameiua the Beautiful." A 1)111 is now before Oongrees, which If enacted Into law, will make "Tho Star Spangled Banner" the legal national anthem of the United States. This bill hua the t upport of numerous patiiotie organl/arlone, headed by the VetcTuns ot Konnpn Wais of the fulled Stales, ("aptaln Walter I D, duet-tor oi the National Ameri- canization Committee of that organization, is in charge of the campaign to have Congress pass the bill. Through his efforts, more than five million Americans have uigued petitions asking Congress to make "Tb.e Star Spangled Banner" the official national anthem. Cousideiable opposition has developed to such action by Congrese, especially among eclucutore, headed by members of th-e faculty of Teachws College, Columbia Uuiversjty. They 6 6 6 Tablets Relieves a Headache or Neuralgia in 30 minutes checks a Cold Hie first d(ij, and cheeks lalnrJa In three clajS. ((J also in Liquid. s ake the stand that the words of "The ! tar Spangled Banner" are too war- 1 ke i for everyday use and favor ' America the Beautiful" as the uat- i mal anthem. As a result of this conflict of c pinion, Current Events is trying to f ad out ju«t what the millions of p ipils in the school? of tho United £ -ate-a think about the question of an o Elcial national anthem by act oE Oong ess. Six million pupils aie being a ked to vote In this nation-wide poll o the schools. Congress has been a kcd to postpone action on Die bill n« w before it until the Current Events p 11 it complete J Teach-ei-H, ptlncipala, and s u p e r i n - j fe idents, whose p u p i l b hit\? not voted, a i - urged to Like \ o l i ^ in llioir U £6s or schools, letting the pupilfl j exprpes their preferences, either for "The Stai Spangled Banner" or for "America the Beautiful," sending the total vote cast for each song addressed to National Anthem Poll, Currant Events, OolUmbus, Ohio. German Ship Builder PR's. HAMBURG, March 13.~Funeral tr- rangementa were being made to«dy 82, who rl ed Blolint wa 1 ? n partner in the Blolim-Voss shtpyar l.s for Hermann Blolim, here yesteiclay lion, (JHICHESTER S B PILLS W^,-^ TnC DIAMOND BBAKD. A )U4I«I A«kyo.r lr.«ir Chl-ohM.Usr II Dl««»«41 P11U1* K«d "nil UalA n .«, iMled with Blu« Ribbon.' ·ho BO olker. Star fCjEfC, i'lAT^V» A *I»IAN» HILLS, for** yoiis known CI !!·!, S/««t,Al»«y«K)ll.bV« 'f SOLO BY MUGCiSTS EVEXYWHEill |¥ife Preservers] If sour milk is not available, buttermilk may foe substituted in anr recipe. When You Want Something Ufa MM Classified

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