The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 16, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 16, 1918
Page 4
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1 '.'· £·- I fc' tk; . ·jf. ·- IK..- m IS.; m '· fK- I *iu£tr.n« Witor. »«»-ltlt. " '·Tnii cBranur'wMlir*:'**. : K. Jt »NTDI«. .. --- '--- 3.10'y .._ Inlaniry. rlcan Eipfill- lUmiiry'i* »"«·" France: - y :: BaiK£K3K~.i4nh -yi»u ' Xrcii- MTTUtb -TOytoion. U. 1 N. O, American E*p«*Utoo- : I · an Forcti. Frant*. -- liOTD ». COX ' · ' Cumvaay T. JTth En«ln»«r». U. v. ra.TX. ?or« Mjr»r, Ta. - · - - - -JtnJU» CROUSK, -;,, Company E, 15th Eaftaewm dtttonaryFoi _ I JAKE* J. HeFAJWTjiANI?.; - . ;. ; Comvanr E. «»*·* Ir* Cin»«»y.-l« BaitoHen, la* fntrr R«H»c»««ilt. Brl- , Cam* I^«. Va. I- U «- ··titled- to th* use tor atoo :h« local n»wa_ p«b- '·*TJHJS-»6B!f SDKS OF TBEffi : s . COCHTBI." ' :i. Ganom lieutenant, member ol been tiamininj American-pritoners, hat paid a tribute to the American ·ildier'that is not Uk»ly to be pfeaalng to'itbe "kit* comm«id of the German :*riny. Th* report, the full text of wiich w»s American sol- aim, "deals Bfpved tbelr'Berve'and »nefc Jrisatfnl coat to the Eon* in and Mrlr- in Jm«. (Inder der a heading of .the.TeporJ en, J^FiBWrni'Valiie^'tit 'German cl*» offlctr Anerican dlvliiaa nor be led as » .Vagr jood dtrisjon, per- B it .-- ^nie -rmrl- oo* attacks of be th l*j*l Woods - were carcfaji jwV-*ji* dtlli uVrecklesstwi*. ,l%e moral effect of-oirr trearM aid Mt laateritUy . eftek th» advan«»of the.fifoatry;,!he »«tre«.e* the Ainertcans'aro sUirSnV- . . . Csder aaothe,- . haadlni; "Valu tfe IndlTidnal.-: tlie Mk» frank Mtuduloa erji thit-tie tWHr txHiiNeji .-on'tbe toe a jlit "lie .indlyH walt- ian*lop«*-'B*n of from ··*«·» t.)tw»1y-eijht.'wff6"a( nt'Jaek only wcessary,training ~ i«»vrjdpabtable, opponents. ItM troops irei frein · : »id ' Ml at at»[«httcrwaril oonndeacc. A re- mirk of 'on* o:f, tht^prtipnerj is ni- ditatlre of their'aprtft?'" "W* kill or jrt killed.'" No amount of QOe»Uootnj could in- d«ee the Amer'frana to^revtal; militarj- information. j*!*ft, .'ttgi^-jwatense ot JfBorancVWjifliis - - - - - - · - · " - · " · · no,doubt... "Re- wp."' " sajrs 'the r* jort, 'S'they dtr'oofrtiow the s.ligh.t- e»(f iattrest.""ni«lr · supriori "Keep · lh«m v jarjD»el7:'_trtaioiii knowledge' of mUitary aub)e:U_ Tliej-' Btill regard ' tk4 war from;!a« point 6f vieVctf the *M( brAth*r*,^idio »·»«··· te:ihelp: Mi haiaVprras-ed brethrenr.. and i»-there- fore tfejcqmtt;in«rrw£«r(e.. 'A certain ntoiale backaTouod . ; ^-j»t: lacking. Th» majority of the prisoners simply took.a»- a matter -of course that they hare-come to Europe'in order to f«i4 their country. · . It ii Jo-, the -CM the-« Cinmisrsnnjr pf- flc»rs -are htfjaning to comprehend thep.splrit which aoimitcs our «o|- -- - - i - "The «*tority, is ' o( G«rai»n, Dutch «nd Italian p«rcnV(e;, but these , Almost all of whom ' w«r« born in Euiopei 'lolly- feel' jh'eriiseivei ' to l» triie-boriB.'irois -ol fheir-'coui* try.'f \ J^J::j.i.:~"; :i I'.",*-'!'.That our\joldl«r» hava » co'untifr \riilo* lias *Iw»j«~itopd · for those righfi ^ad USertiM Pruisianism would *. ;JI«w»p«per pubjlshere nsTe receiT- ^d^n'atiCA^frppi the iWaf. ^IndtiEtrlw Board iliat ,th"ey inusi enforce certain* '''prtoiimiary 'economies" with the respect of long established uwigw in 'the AMERICAN TROOPS THROWING HAND GRENADES allowing;.agents to..^return.,, uxtsold copiet."|8,tp be: dtecontlnned, also.the use or free sample copies, free 'copies to advertisers, free exchanges with! other : newspaieT;ar9b free coplet to|:-j anyiiody··" ekcept "for ' offlceworfclng coplea. ' , . ··. ,.' ... - '.. ' ...: ' ·-· ' · . ·..."· .; This:' restrlctiOB of privilege Is, we are told, "because of-an acute' shortage_ i n _^e_sapply cjf paper.''..a cbndi- jniliaj-wjth! and haven-been meeting, j Practically.; every newspaper' having! already adopted 'many. OL these : 'econ- .omies the quantity of 'paper* to be 'saved 'by tfa^* adoption of .the 'complete schedule .Till be so, ItJconsider'able, co«apared-irifli- : other wastes" of paper, ai to be almost unnoticeahle. The' departinents, bureaus." adininla- tntions, commissions and ,a hundred ,oth«r, ag-en.des in Washington, many of which duplicate and overlap the wort 'of'each otter", arid fow of which would come within' the meaning ot the term essential as applied! in yar.thne. are the moat prodigal wasters .of paper in the length and breadth of the land. Armies of clerks are kept busy .day aft«-day ·Jeloglng; th« mails with bale«.of pamphlets, circulars, roimeo- gnphed letterii, reports, documents, easays^ coUces of warning, realpies.for a tbonsand and one things, which are! rarely .opened by the addreesees and still more rarely read by anyone. The bBlk-of*Uiis tnaH'm«tt«r, which repre=- state.aot.oBly. tons and tons of wasted paper, but millions ot dollars spent in A group of AzoericAB soliMera in shell holes on the western front throwing hrind grenades" Into tfte Jcrmnn Uxie*. Moat of then 'are croucblng low in tbdr shelter, wbilv one la ebelterad behind a tree to bo protected from 111 preparation, .prlntinr, maJling and OrmnsportJitlon. finds its »a,T to tbe wmftte.-buiietfl in nlDflty-nine, liund- r«dtha of the newspaper offices, be for an amount far indicess of ajiyiliiTie that has been, asked to date.. The needs are becoming greater, more imperative, every day. Are we getting ready for snch a condition? It'a up to every man to take his personal inventory. "To" fix his own capacity, his limit And to gel ready .to play it. . Xite business of the country right noirjs war, war to the.death. Attd we 'don't want it to be OTIT death. One way to win it and live is for each fello^r to do his part Get ready! . .H . is. MD! tipon-.tke ara Utm that editors «r* so chort erf "copy" diy«' th»t they need something flJl up their columns. . So lonf ae this jrprse than uselesi f )nat«rij.J labor 19 pcrmlt- notice to the newspaperB to farther stint, the reading public comes wltl". baid £nc« from the War Indus- tno« Board, or' any other agencr in .that has apparently ex* £ "vord economy from ita office* dictionarr. Jf real "preliminary «£Bnomfei w Mare^to b^'-eftTorced, why itbt apply them according,; to the good «W-Ttile about chiirity aad start them in Washington?" n ; are ·«r .that . . sUtfsticaltylnciined chap. will be abl« to figure out that the Jo«s .In ehoe ]ft*th«r, on acooanf' of walking part the street ear Skip-Stops to the near- ««t - atop- stop, vill .greatly exc*«d the of s . coal In tha yftneratlon of ' s power, to ·ar D* of the we«r and ' The laot German . drlr* was not started' until tlt« weather sharps reported' * condition* .favorable." Even then they" orerUoked ' the American ,totn»do that twisted t h e , H u n hordes Into all kinds of knots. : SoTp,e lourth-claaa husbands hare tha draft boards to thank for the tJiscDV-* ery'that they realty belonfr to the " "Tfcere «.re no. Germany across the ·Marne* In front, of our troops. At 10 ' c J c . t l i e r e were 15,000." ,That,brlef- ut^'eioqo*ntly .tells the story at ,wh»t th* 'AmericuiB "did tn 'the* second , batt ' 1 of 7 tfc« 'Marne. f Tl»e,.-iBalfiib ; o'w Division rwaa a bow of Vjipinl»t' : tb. the ;Huns that they ·wo»ld^set' all.'that' was-"jcomihy to them, -:and tb«y. jpt*' It . . ".*· = V./ . attacks by the w^-weire- apmething- the Hunff ^»e(:fi«-'SttoyaHs: are; Bhpirlnfi., the why' they are r "in r 'Rusala ' w i t h qt the. same kind of emphasis ^'Americans' are-' showing- why they ara_ln.France.--.--. - -- · ·- IDLE COKE WORKERS . To be ItepoTiei by S»»e to tke Fwil A4m^UstnUo« nt IVasklsirton. As a result of a conference held In "Washington between officers of the Fuel Administration and C. L. Lenhart, E. if,' Pry and J. JI. Jamison, of tie coke region fuel committee, a de-* clsion has been reached with a view 'to securing definite information con- .cerning the number of 'days coke and 'mine workers arc' off the job without reasonable excuse. "This has taken the form of in order by the Fuel Administration directing the operators to make a weekly report of the names of all em- ployes who are absent from worlt more than one day without giving proper excuse to their foreman. The Fuel Administration .will send per-. 'sonal letters to the delinquents 1m- .pressing upon them the necesilty for greater -industry. . · Meantime there will bo rigid application" of the "jrork or fight" rule to all registrants affected by it and every other effort made to induce the workers to maintain a full six-day schedule. · ' ' Wlio to ratnnlze. Merchants who adrertlje their good* The Dailr Conrtar. WANTED -- IOUB bu.incss. · KENDINE'S BAUBBRINO U ·WAKTBD--ROOUEHS AND BOARD- irs at 117 West Fayetto street. lljulyU · WANTED--BOYS OVER 16 YEARS of »ce. CONKELLSV1LL.E SILK CO, INC. 2Jt Fnw S«I«. F)R~SAJjB--JBRICK HOUSE, BATH, hot and cold "Water, furnace, electricity; gits- o" paved street. Adrtrcss Box 471, Scottdalu. liiJulySl-etjd" VOli SALE--10 JINKUs'S GLOBB valves, 2 inch, puod HH new; 400 feht 11^ and UX, pipe and CittinKB. CHAS. THORNDEllI.. HDmc after 5 P. 51. 221 South Propped street, city. I C j u l y U * W A N T E D -- SOLIplTO R driver lit CO-VNELljSVlIJ^B DKY. le FOB SALE--O.N'E BLACK HORSE, ten years oJd, weight 1300 pounds. Will s?!l rpasonnble to quick buyer. Call bnLween 7 and S A. M., or 5 and 6 P. M. at 104 Watt street. IGjulySt- "WANTED--T.HRKE NICELY FUR- nishod rooma. Inquire F. W. WOOL- WOftTH. 16july3t WA-VTED--LADY FOS ASSISTANT bookkeeper.. Apply CANDY COMPANY. TR1.-STATE I«july3t . VTANTED--TWO GOOD CARPEN- ters, Kood waseH, steady job. CASPARIS STONE CO., Belt =50. 15july6t WrAOTED--MEN FOR tion work: $4.00 per CONSTRUC- j day. THE i LOTS FOR SALE--THE .1OHN T. HoBF property, Kast Park Addition and South Sidu, has been divided amontf tho heirw. Mrc. Johnston will sell her holdings on liberal terms and very reasonable price. Some choice lots on both paved and UTipavcd streets. WiU help finance buyers [C they want to build. LOOK time easy payments for those w i ? h i n £ to b u i l d later. Lots ioc.-ited on Washington avenue, South Side. "Wills Road paved and beyond unp:\Vfd portion, Isabella . Road, Snydflr ^nd other street*. Some ' of lotB much less than heretofore named. Commit any real er-tnte .apent T write direct, slat]njr what lot FOUKDAT1ON Ctx, West Penn Power j lo':« are \viinted. STEWART JOHNS 16julyt£d TVANTED -- AX EXPBRtENCED saleslady for ctoak and sulc department with good sclline ability. Addrean "B," Courier. lljulySt TOX. 1203 ifouso Building. Fit;.5burp. l u n o B t - t u e s - f r l WAITED--CARPENTERS AND LA- borers. Carpenters' wa«T «2^c per hour; laborer* 38a per hour. Apply v , r ,',, n p , r - f n on the Job at Greenhouse Stop. Dun- | v '",s. D K l C, CO. bar, Fa:. V'ANO CONSTRUCTION CO. Sjulytfd LOST -- GOLD ItiMMTCP EYF. Classes In Ur. Oijron case between St. Rita's church and Klcvenlh street. Reward If r e t u r n e d to CONNELLS- J C J n l y l t ' V-Alf cars. 11.30 M. lintl! 10.30 -A, M. «t«ady 'employment. .MAsiy^rt M'«»t I'enn KHllwaytl'(.re. ISjtllySl LOST--O.V ' WEST . SIDE OF HIV- er between OonnellsvUie ar.d Adelaide, ff^nts' j?old watch and chain. Initials H. S. Re«nr,l if returned to 114 N o r t h Kccon(1 , ITM . UJulyJt* . WANTED -- WOMAN address to nvu^a- an:i def N'lithlnB: tu sell. Kxperlence sary. v Salary, and commission. care Gavclccs.1 .,- ..··-. OF GOOD: -HIST CLASS AUTOMOBTI.B A-VD Icmonstnito. ) c^rrlitffo p n l n i i n ^ d o n r r»i Cfti-.'.SHLAXD unncces- ! WAGON" WORKS. Ninlh reel, WeHt ' Sitlo. AH work j?iiarKnttief3. JOH-Y -VOUBN, Manag«r. - U j i i l y J t * A. B.. WAMTBD -- TO KENT . SJtALL' houac. Kood location In or penr Con-1 nellsville. Possession us soon as POH- ' siljle. J. E.. J'ACICMA.V. 510 . N o r t h ! PtttsburB. ^ . Ifijulyst' DEBT. . . In times like these Iteep out of debt;, your solvency's your one b-sst bet. : So Ions sjn you don't owt.- a cent WANTED--SEVBRAL MEN TO work, on InsDection and repairs to ears .rtteady employlncut; fl-hour d;iy. Apply at once to 1IASTER MECHANIC West Ponn Railways Company. IBjulySt THIS SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PER- ry t o w n t i h i p w i l t receive "bids for f u r - nish! n£ coal Tir tho term ID 18-15110 u n t i i noon. Saturday, AuffURt , 1918. Vf. L. P.JSIJKCK, Secretary, Siar Junction,'Pa. 13july3t XT J3 D-- EXPECT G e n t l e m a n pi indy w h o ' can tsiko ' sufflcicnt stock' in - o u r to. an,-.. ?W ayhnck 6 d human Bent, you \ n^lily a, secretarr. 'SJMCOB-PCH to look ahead without TRAIT CO.. LTD., Box '510. Vow* 1 "Oiic-'Hait) has 'declared' war on -Germany..-Bill', might ftta.-veM call the le has . A «ontrmct'haB : 'b»*»f'- 1 let'';l)r-the g-ov- iernnntnt .for millfonr 'of .can openers, " ' . ;onft"-of' whlch Is- to . , placed In each rsoldl«r'.«.lcH. .. Car a- "will be taken -whtn ^h« boj-s result-Berlin -not to leave any of, 'iKeie'" useftil..' tools -lying-, -.around .loom 'for 'F-jLir, .some;, of -.the junkers migbi try to uncan the Kai«ter after ,th« Aniaric;inir' 1 l i iave 'flrifshe'd that job. .. The Liberty Loan QOmmittee - is showing more ,for«handednes«,for f the next'-campaigTi'than, the jJdnticaTcan- dlda.teB, .Tliere'B a reason:.'Bonds are eolriit^to.bit ever so,much' more useful Jn winning trie 1 war' than"votes. ;;-Now-,l£at;Uflete.Sam's place.,in the world war is "firnuV .cstabliislied; and g : «ropha«ized 'daily in the srrow- ling ."casually "lists,-' it. .is'. time for us it»3^at-ii6infes''t6 take "a personal in- ventory-anil fix our .own positions 'Trrprn ttfe. staft^oint; of . jwtriotism. ' us but- wilt'insiat ,that:we,are- .,Npne ot us but will declare; t h a t ' w e will .do our part for American "success abroad. None of as j b u t : will 1 ; declarer that 'we have been ; .. That'unto her .his captains-wrote; doing all we:'can. ' " - "Dear little lady.".'It began, But havis'*-We.? : .-.^ j ' -"Your son departed as a man.' ^' jmii'to.'.iay^he cards on" the He. volunteered for dntjr g-rlm, . -IMTO-: vv .* j.. o. Knowlnir that death awaited him table. Time to see,-Just what'* what. And. sail.before that, night attack' (M!.* *-- .-hAfriM ' nlovinsr '^ii» 'tnama .-- '·-- . . . . - . . - ha^-e ;the a. hltiof fear, or dread. The times are weird, uncertain, tense; no man has such prophrtic Finse that he can say vrhat ^rlct's in stock tomorrow mom sit ' 10 o'clock.'' m WTe~"ori}y' know that prices rise u n t i l they scratch alopfc tho skies: we onlr know they, won't po down while Mars still w*ara hi§ bURhouso Crown. Todfiy you're' husky, Kotmd and hate, nnd flt to 'gather fn the 'kale. Tomorrow you., may have] I6July21* "WANTED--OLD FALSK TEETIi Don't matter Jf brohon. I pay 52.00 to 115.00 per set. Send by parcel post an'd r e t u r n mail. 1*. MAZER. 2007 South Fifth street, Philadelphia, Pa- B]uly22t* W ANTE D--O X E carpenter t on cunc i structlon;'' or break your lees" af. the j Take car ' to Chumberliiin atop. knees. Today 3*ou have a job that's good, you whistle as you BA-W · your ^rood: tomorrow ycti may'be InCormi-d yyn're- lost the place yc'i lone have warmed. Tf hard luck . handa y r -u, thus, a poke.. what will you do if you are broke? You cannot borrow' fifty centfi from any easy eointr gents 1 ," for In these times o f ' grief and grvnns each Buy requires his stock of b Be prudent -i'\ nnd p'"t away guilders for the lalhy day' ;An! up .debt for -what it Is monster, with . , penlat ph(»:, a thin«r ihat hides/deceit and g-uile behind a. blund, allurins smile. . ' . TttE BACK. The naiehbors wonder what. to say To-'comfort her ·throughout the day. The women ;stana'abonfana sigh And stroke '.her -hair and softly cry And -"apeak, in -tender .tones and low 0f him who was t so -'proud to .g-o, They. "see her at : the window pane And know her watchlng's nil In Vain. iri- y a i n - f q r him sl^'e long- will yearn; Her 'soldier boy will not return. The news has come that he;'lies dead And sleeps 'in "Freedom's vailey' red. His' mother treasures., now,' a note north of town. ING CO. VAlUtlS SXGIKKEU 13july3t ESTATE OF MART MARGAUE't 3ha«'?r, J a t e of t h e nity of ConnellH- vlllo. county of l-'ttyc-ltc and s U t e ot PeTini?ylvajiln, dcccaaeti. I,ctiers.* ut udmf n 1st ration un t h o nbovc named CBtat! hnvinyr been grunted to iTrt; un- derais-ned. notice js hereby Driven to all p'ei'sonii indebted to su;d eslai.c to make immediate payment. ;in"I to tho^o having clajjr,^ usrainyt Hie aunic to present t h e m proper \y authenticateil for a c U f e t n c n t . AfAVRICB H, SHAFFER, A d m i n t s i r n t n r , ConneUsville. Pennsylvania. H. G, M A.Y, Attorney. -Sjunefit-tues . WANTED -- BARBER, STRICTLY.; first-class, sober man at onco; 520 a n t l ; CO.per c«nt ovnr $2S por week. Shop! open 7.30 to 9.30 and IP P. M. on gut- i urdays. LOUIS T. BRUX1XG, Main | atreet, Greensburg-, Pa. Phone ?J7 I G J u l y S t TVAKTED--GO\ r ERN*MI3NT " NEEDS -26,$00 clerks at "Waahinprton. Exiiml- nations everywhere In July. Experience unnecessary. Men and women desiring ffoVernment positions write for free particulars to. ,r. C. : (former Civil Service Examiner), Kenols building-, ^'ns-hfngtbn. : .' 12ju]y7t' U N O T Y P B OPERATOR, DAY WORK; $25 PER WEEK. APPLY FOREMAN, . COURIKK OFFICE. FOR RENT--ONE.SIX ROOaf HOUSEJ. Call Bell :-108-Rv · . Bjulytf P.OR RENT--GARAGE. East Cedar. APPLY 307 I G J u l y O t It's timiTto begin playing ti* game -:t^e^ n«ew«itie8"bl,tiie -sit" " ' mother that I wont' ; be back,' "And now I write to Jet you know d«nj; j»^f J*"* 1 ' °f *H countries^ not uation; " Time"'q"js«e,I just rwhere .; we ' Time to get down I think you would ' been here the hour he, died. man.'- T. asked, 'tonight, will'dl* '.sinipIe-./fapts .";of - ·.'are ·.'comp»rativey few. .of . . To";'j£e.ep OJd : Glory In ' us .who" hve : gone the lim our ^.6r,-ehar.e .the laughter .arid the -che'era - ' ' ' . that confidence has';.'been- . Nqr-;.8e'e the. mother's.' grateful; tears; jnsUHiirti"'*E«ry" .'demand .V has'^' ' ' FOR RKNT--THREE FURNISHED rooms. ' ! 3se of telephone. '534 'East Crawford avenue, ., I B j u l y t f " .FOR RE.VT-7BEVBN BOOM." HOUSE, j furnl-shed; convealoncos. "Wrl.te HOUSE, "care Courier. ·- I6july,1t '·'FOR. BENT--FURNISHED ROOM for g-entlcraan. 203 South i Prospect street, · 'lajulySt DRAPTS.MEX, STRUCTURAL AND UECHANICAL, DESIGNERS, .CHECKERS AND DETAILERS. FOR RENT--PURN'ISKBD . ROOMS for HfTht housekeeping:, 304 North Fittsburgr street. . · IfijulySt* , " FOR RBNT--SMALL ^APARTMENT, aU FLORENCE SMUTZ. " '·"· .' . ; " FOR RBST--TWO FURNISKT3U rooms for Hjjht housekeeping-. 347. North Pittsburgh '.ISjyJySl' FOR RENT--ONE FURNISHED room, all conveniences," No. 115 South Sixth street, .West. Side. lOjuly-tf j ;. aoy " 6ur. capacity. ^ "'-;·-: ^ :.bfithe"riitare?j;/;V-J /..;.:: he .big'question"no.w;"" J TIie :x^m*'U|J!$^Ww" '· will '^^^pKiba? iv'ho, ?n -In. 7 seri r lc and in ;sacr(fice:- "'· ·· ; - : ' - r : And." whispered,:"in:;'', dea'th.'sl'. prese'it "Tell .mother · that:I ;wori?t:befbach." FOR SALB--TWO.-HEAVY HOGS: ·Squire BAINEY .· FARO, VanderbiU, Pa. ' . · · - . · ' · · · lljulySt" FOB ·' SALB^-CnsTOM CO'AJL FOK 'Im'me'diate delivery. .DAVJDSON .COAL CO., 112»: South Pittsbure streut, Tri- State 89'8. · . ISJulyU · FOB SALE--MAXWELL 'SPECIAL 1914 modeJ, fo-,ir new .tiros', tw.o extra rear 'wheels;, good conditien. 312 East Fay ctte. FQR" .SApE--1-TOK NASH r TRUCK, equipped, 1 with - c o a t , body -.and' .cab.; /Jrst-class,.cohdltion;. To6,."Bma.ll:; far. preae.nt use., rnquire- C..". Xi;, : : WORK, ConnellsviUe, · Pi.' :· , 2ff junefc/d ' /A FARMEfV carrying an .. -itxpiess package from ' a big mail-order house was . accosted by a local dealer. "Wkl Mn'l you buy thai Ull of gaodi fram^fc) I coaU hate saoej-you tht expreu, and beside* you woalJ have teen palnnixlng n home .dort,. tahizh fitlps pay the taxta and bailda up' tftii locatily. " The fanner looked rf .V;e merchant a moment and then satj: ' ' Wry Jon 't j/oa ' paiiontxe. your home paper, antlaa'ocrtiac? / read it anaairln 'tknattkalywi hadHtesluJF " MORAL--ADVERTISE Company -The Union Supply Company have recently stocked tbeir furniture departments to full capacity and are able to offer their customers full lines of all kinds of furniture and hosuehold furnishings at very attractive prices. The prices of furniture and household furnishings are advancing and will go still higher, in fact it is almost impossible to purchase some lines at the present time. We have anticipated both the advance in prices and scarcity, and can offer you complete lines at reasonable prices. These lines include bed room and dining room furniture in suites or single pieces;, wooden and iron beds in different styles and prices; all- kinds of chairs, tables, kitchen cabinets, mattresses, springs, and bed coverings, heating and cook stoves and ^ranges; rugs, carpets, and linoleums. Anticipate your wants--you will have to pay more later and probably have trouble in getting what you want- You will always find Union Supply Company goods and prices right. ·3 large Department Store0, Located in Fayette, We^*"--~eland and Allegheny Couzu.cs. An Ideal Spot for a Home of your own--in the coming residence district of Connellsville. Out in the open where there's plenty of fresli air and where the "kiddies" can. romp and play to their heart's content.. And it's only a. 5 minute car ride or a 15 minute walk from "Brimstone Corner." At Poplar Grove Right now you can buy lots measuring 60x140 feet-quarter acre tracts--at Beautiful Poplar (JJCA AA Grove for as low as EASY PAYMENT TEKHS 6LAPLY ARRANGED. There's city water in front of every lot and the first Standard Public School of Payette county is just within a stone's throw. Think of it, these lots cost oaly $80.00 and upward--even as ataatter of speculation they'll prove one of the best investments you've ever made. For full particulars and information, write C. B. McCORMICK, P. 0. Box 144. COIOfEtLSVILLE, PA.

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