The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 16, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 16, 1918
Page 3
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!'""T" '··'. . ' . - . . ' - · · ' . ' · ' . . " · , ' . . : i - · ' · ' ' · ' TUESI1AY, JCLT 16,1918. - i«* « ims-.xp"-.'* THE DAILY COTJKIBa, CONNBLLSVIUJB.A. PAGE THRMBS. NEWSl^NOTESTELL WHAH HAPPENING [ :fflTHEMLL TOWN Reformed Chnrch Dedicate Service flag tor Men . In Service. YOUNC WOMEN ARE IN PAGEANT Climax Cnu* tm It Ww» Gen»a»j A|»Mli to America to be FTW* . tnm Ckitaa ol Militarism a**. is lirltatl to J«l» tkc Sp«ctai to The Courier. . . * SCOTTDALJE, July 16.-- The He- formed church on last Sunday afternoon unveiled an honor roll bearing th« names of. it» men in the country's service. Robert Hill sung a solo, "God Be With Our jlen Tonight." Miss Gilette Peterson recited "I'm Going Across for You Mother." Miss Elolsc Hatter recited "The Service Flag." A class of young women took en- ld." Bart in' a very .impressjve. pageant titled "America .'and'- the Worl .?Miss. Marino Loucks, with the American flag draped about her, represented 1 America. Next came France, represented by Miss Trace Shlrey. Belgium was 'represented. by Miss Etta King. Armenia ly Miss .Gladys Wahle, Japan by Mist Clara Loucks j' and China hi Miss Nancy I-ippa. . , '. The dramatic part of the program came when the spirit ot Germany apeared blindfolded and in. chains, -' -pleading witb America to be freed from the shacfclea of. militarism and a false German philosophy. America breaks Germany's shackles and "assures ber that her Kaiserlsm will be broken 'and she will be free to de- ·'.. velop a "democracy like the other nations. After a brief address, the pastor. Rev. Laubach called' upon Miss 'Sara WeitauCB, little sister of Private William TV'erkman, to unveil the honor roll and as the pastor repeat- "· ed the names of, the men in the ser'. vice Miss Esther Peterson distributed small sltt Bags among toe relatives to be sent to the" soldiers. The names of the men* on tha honor roll are: Sergeant Simon IVaugrfmani ·· . Henapstead, -». Y.; Private ·William " H. Werfanan, 97th" Aero Squadron, Trance: Private Archie'Cranier, base hospi'^l.. Camp .Johnson, Jackson- Tille," Fla.:' Corporal' Paul K. Pretts, Company 'D, 315th XI. - C. Battery. ·\ Fra«ce; Private Eldon G. Daugher' J ty. Company F, 112th Infantry. A. E. · F.; Private "William .E. Uher, Bands'"' Ben'* »choot, Camp Jackson, S. C.r Private IVilliara Kestner. base hospital, Camp Grant. Iir.r Private ; Charles Kestner, Headquarters Company, base hospital. Camp Greenieaf: Private ' Frank EJ Newingharo. base hoepitai, -Camp Lee. . "·' ','. A small silk service flag was also nnfurled by the choir in .honor of the Jour, choir men in ihe service Homer Loucks, assistant superintendent of the Sunday school, added a star tor Clayton Ubpr," Sunday school super- : .inUndent, who left for Pittsliurg 'yes- ·' terd«y lo enter training. The service : closed, with the singing of Wilbur Chapman's. "God Keep and Guide Our ·Man." · ' ·" Allwrt tanatln Sail. Rev. and Mrs. M. S. Meyers received a telegram announcing the death of their nephew.,Albert Gallatin Nail, aged 30 years, ' at Denver, ; Col., from tuberculosis. He was a son of the late Francis' and Odessa, Null and was 'a former resident of Scottdale. ' . . . Other News. The Method's! Episcopal Sunday school on Sunday morning celebrated Bastile Day. Mrs. H. H. Piper o! Pittsburg is visiting friends here. · - . Marcer Mclbnin is back again ; as assistant secretary at the Y. M. C. A. Mrs; Arthur McQuigga'n of Jeannette spent Sunday with Mrs. Jeannette Parry. Paul Glenn and F. N, Carter of Pittsbnrg spent Sunday at the former's tome here. Miss Iva Slaughter of Youngstown. Ohio, spent Sunday at her home here. Mrs. Russell Myers nd Miss Rose Hutchinson spent Sunday witb llarkleton friends. ; Misses -Marie and Elizabeth Donahue and brother, Thomas Donahue of ··"Warren, OUio, are the guests"of Mrs ·"· .Frank Tropf of Fifth avenue. Mls»es Jennie Guest, Lillian' Bat- tenfleld and Betty Herzog. spent th« day with Greeusburg friends. Sergeant Charles Colborn of Camp Meade is home on * flve-day furlough with: his wif« and parents, Mr. ; an'4 Mrs. O. A. 'Jolborn. ' . ·, John Jlnnerty sprat yesterday- in Pittsburi. for S»le. Six room house with bath and heater, on Loucks avenue, for. 14,000. . Modern double .-house, '· '12 rooms and on*:5 room house, . r*enta for 153.59, for $5,300, on paved street. Sis room modem house, lot 40x120 feet, for 12,700. E. FMJeWttt.-- A*-. ' ' ' Judging from tbe public interest and ittettdance it is evident.that.thr people realize and appreciate^th« importance ot tbea* war .time July clearance jale»,V W« admrt" w» are losing temporarily in profits, but we ar« gaining immensely and pernia- ,, , . _ _ . . . neatly in.;friend, and pa.ron, Th» «*«£ «£,£*. '"nation »Yre is-looking ahead. "VTe are not ; profiteers. Every year cleanance PROO FS N OT CLAIMS For 27 successive years the exclusive Aaron lines of Furniture, Rugs, Carpets, Stoves and Homefurnishingi have given Fayette County Homebuilders a truly remarkable service--com- plete'satisfaction in every respect. ' And Aaron's prices for these exclusive, quality lines of Homefurhishihgs are lower than other stores ask for. just the ordinary kinds. '. I · · . · . · · · -· ·· /-;·""· ; rr ; ' · ' """ - . . · . - · - . . . - . . . . . . . , : 1 _ . The Leanord Cleanable Refrigerator Has Stood the Test This famous Refrigerator has wonderfully stood tbe test of time--for 35 successive years it has been giving complete satisfaction everywhere. .". ' . Saves Food and Ice! The Leonarft Cleanable is scientifically constructed to maintain the lowest temperature with the least ice consumption. There are .ten walls to save your ice--that's why the Leonard will save its cost in ice alone. Claims may be all right--but proofs count, ^tiy merchant may claim for his merchandise all the qualities there are--that is his priviledge. But Aaron's is different. We never claim anything that we cannot prove. Aaron's . . . - r ..' , · ; D ·. ·; . ' . · · . · · · _', . '.' · i . :.; : ! ; ... J \ · -i ' · II . i | j " . " · · ' · : · . · claims are not therefore claims in the ordinary sense of the'Word}---they are statements of facts^--proven facts. 1 1 ' ! · I I - · · ' · . For 27 years Aaron's courteous, helpful, painstaking sales service and Aaron's liberal, convenient charge account system have been or untold assistance to those furnishing homes. That's why Aaron's enjoy the preference of Fayette Coanty,folks-^a mighty preference that has made us the largest Homefurnishers in Southwestern Pennsylvania.; Connellsville's Reliable Homefurnishers Since 1891. Be Sure to See the Family Slie Leonard a.t '. $8.50 This Wkitc Em»el Lined Leonard--tmly $22.50 Come in--we'll gladly show you Uie many models and explain their exclusive features. different A Special Exhibition of Period Dining Room Furniture A flne example of the "William and Mary period which embraces 'one of the finest periods known In the his- tory of furniture. Rare ba»uty, artis- tic design anil. honest workmanship characterize this fine suite. . It IB tbe kind of furnitore you wiU be proud to own. Only $99.00 40 Labor-Saving Features Don't .spend long hours in a hot kitchen this, summer. With a Hoosier you can do your work in half the time. The most, important discoveries have been built right into this cabinet For example, the Shaker Flour Sifter shakes out flour light and fluffy instead of grinding flour and grit through a sieve.- The Hoosier Two-Way. Sugar Bin which holds twice the ordinary amount. · ' · Hoosier's patented Pood Guide and Salad Cbar^ can't be found on .any. other cabinet. Hoo»ier;s Over-Size Base has 21 per cent more space for pots and pans than the average. There are 17 such exclusive features as these. This Solid Oak 6 Ft. Exten- 8peel*i TiUiie_ Jpl4:.Ul/ This Genuine Quarter Sawed Oak ,, Buffet . Your choice ot golden oik or fumed o»k finish. · See These Values! This 4 Ft. Solid Oak Swing This 4 Ft Solid tfcrr r A Oak Swing «D i .UU The New Fall Patterns ·· WHITTALL RUGS In our Big Second Floor Rug Department we are now showing a very complete line of these famous Whittall Rugs --the best Rugs that money can- buy. We have them in a great variety of designs--in. exclusive, exquisite colorings--patterns suitable for any room in the home. And right now we're oSering them at prices that. a r e surprisingly low- . . " . . . All Floor Coverings Laid FREE of Charge --By an Expert. Cane Living Room Suites Are Much in Demand A great many living room snites sold now-a-days are of the cano b*ek construction »nd the stock ol this particniar type of suite lound her* IncludM'designs-from ev«ry period. "Upholstered in every type of covering, inclndins velours, damaslc, tapestry, etc. 4J75 ftQ Prices ranging upwards from ___---_:;--·'. .-; -- A Comfy Carriage For Baby A complete showing ot Baby Carriages avraits your selection. They're al] very substantially constructed and arc of the best known' reliable makes. Every carriage is guaranteed to gire complete satisfactioo. Collapsible Carriages at... $12.75 Genuine Beed Carriages at.:._ $24.75 This 40 Ib. Genuine Hair Mattress, Special at - (Made by the '-·,-." · Cndahy Packing Co.) This is a. buoyant supporting mattress, a luxuriant, rest-giving one--made from sterilized curled horse h'air. Every hair is a live coil_spring--that's why; this mattress is 40' pounds "or comfor.t-40 pounds of weU-Built, everlasting.s.leer- luxury! ,.. LIVES 200 YEARS For more thin 106 ye«r» Haarlem Oil the famous national remedy ol Holland, bM 6««n reco«nil«d M an In Jllble r.ll«f from all form» of kid. »»4 b!»doer ai«ordir» Itr -stry a«e Is proof that It jnlist hate nnu- ual merit If ou are troubled wit 1 ! pains nr the in Mr. ; and Mrs. C . J . Brill of Akron, O., are' visi.ting Mr. and Mrs. H. j. ' painful'· or' tooTfrequsnt pass-jBe*er!y,-W. Mrs: S;;N. Galley was a Star Junction caller .Sunday , Mr: and Mrs. J; W. Bunting, Mrs: Harry ^Bunting and children ot Dun bar were guests of town ,relatnes Sunday. -. Mr and Mrs Harlej Taylor are spending:' the .if eek with-, relatives at ale are held twice »-year«; at »uch times prices «r« reduced ,oa. desirable merchandise to move it quickly. Every well informed woman -will .recognize the reason for buying at theM price*. Save when and where · you have th« opportunity. Bendiner's. .Broadwuy ladies' Store, as you -*«t .',«· ti» car, Scottdale, P»;--Adv. . Kttt M f»»js t« j^ Arrested for drunkenness 9a m Dn- i»«ek:w« gJvtB 30'days la j^j thl» ' by Mayor John Du«*n. a£C of urine ^rritation or ftone m the bladder vou will almost cortutnly rfnd qulclc rellet In OOIJ MED A3., Haar,- I«m Oil' Capaiales/" This Is the icood'old' remed that has stood the test for hundreds of years prepared In the jirop«r.quantity.-and · eonvenieht'. form to take. It J .l!« 'Imported direct", fr.oni Holland labomtorlesr.. and; you ' get ivt at any-: drua -«toro': Tour vmoney. I romptlv refunded if it does not relieve you-"" sure'to set the genuine GOLD MEDAL brand. tnree slae».--^A.dv. Mr and Mrs William Carson and Mrs L C Stewart started for Camp Le^e Sunday morning in Mr Carson s machine. Mike and John Karaleilt have returned from a motor trip to Johnstown. Andy Kalman and family have taken Pcnyopotis. rejRKTOPOLie, July 15 -- Mis» possescion of the Stickel property rein boxes icently purchased Mr and Mrs ^A. C Berwick of Con Sun'day with rela , Do It Now Saye $10.00 by placing your order now for a CALORIC Pipeless Fiirnace. Estimates cheerfully furnistted on: plumbing and-heat of all kinds. C.A.BRILHART SCOTTBAIE, PA. Bell 48-M. Tri-State 84-X. BCttB'A BAKKIKR. totretich lonrsclt' Against PriT»tlon wd I ' i jneltaville, spant lives in town. U TM jln Bnttov Btofd^ Just as a soldier digs artrencii and builds a barrier to protect himself r iom the enemy, so you can. entiei}li vourself with a savings account aod build a barrier against privation and want The old, reliable Plr»t National pays liberal interest on Sav- VtheitiKiwd toMdr brail I*Mta*t nliff Hem UA. ft* T«n-«KMTiukirihntbo ·bwtD D ^toju^D, It total. Moon Dru««»t. - COASTLINE to TM'TM"" e *""""*· °° *" D " * C ' UM ««·» , om o e o :.Moudiyi .ind Saturday, 8:30 A: M.. Tni°d«?i · nd.rThund.y. «:W. E. M, From Delreil · ' js,nioU«.i.d e . c M m,j; AddTM, L . G . LEWIS, b..r..A.i*TBIcd Atenuc, Detroit, Mich. ElirabWi D»vid»on hag returned from Head th* advertiseinj; columna at Tfa* PATRONIZE HOME MEEGHAirra WHO ADVERTISE US' THIS

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