The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 14, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, March 14, 1930
Page 2
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P \ O E T\VO HE DAILY COURIER, CONN 2LLSVILLE, FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 1930. State and County Officers Attend ML P. Christian Endeavor Banquet Highly Interesting talks by men ami OTTEKBi:i\ M*IU KLVCTS women i m m i n e n t in state and county i OFFfCKUS ,\ P SI'KOAL JIT; Christian Kndoavor woik, deliglUiui A SP* 1 '"*! me o t i n c oi tho Otteibein reading- and ploa^mg musical num-, G u ! 1 ( 1 ot " lu l!u ^ 1 United B r f t h i e n bers w e i e outstanding features of the! c '. hurc . h TM (1 J! V * A 1asl nUdlt at thr a n n u a l banquet ot the Senior Chi Ist- um TCndeavor Society o£ the Flist'"'" 1 6 Method,,, Protests Church ]«t j » « SaT Osterwise; iiiirht In ibf social loom of the c h u r c h , , MlM Mftrle T , a w l d n 8 . secretary of T h e bAiuinet, eeived by women of tha j momture/ M ., 8 oilvo Osterwl-Je; ch " rch O f f l c e i s t n r t h e c h u r c h , was qlvon in celebration of t h e of a successful friendly mombor-jh.p c a m p a i g n w i t h Mi»8 EUa II«"tlpy f i ' j i U t n of the "rude" and WaUi'i Ts Smith, captain of tha "whites " Mr Smith's team won only by eight points The banquet wais givwi on a 6t-10 por cent basis and « a-, d t t e t t l t d by approximately sixty- livo m-cmherfe and guests. Tho menu tons'eted of fruit cock- t e i t , Gieamed chicken and biscuit, ma^hod potator* salad, sheroet, cake and coffee. Grace W H S said by C. V. Snader and d u r i n g the courses clover to the t u n e oi popular selections weie rendered in unison. At th's U m p f M i r o Lolb Bonford enler- talnel with vocal solos, including "Tip Toe Through the Tullpe," and "Palnt'iiR the C'lotitte With Sunnhine." thank offejing secretary, Miss Tlielma Hamrr-tun se'otarv of s»U wardship, Mi$s Kathleen Hoover; pationesa, Mrs. S L. F\( tchei; collectors, Miss Jean Hawkins Misi Ethel Osterwise, Miss Dorothy Ioover and M!M Grace Younkia, De elates to thf convention at PhllHimburg in June, Miss Mario H a W k l i s and Miss Margaret Herwlck; alt "mutes, Miss Tbetma Hamman and Miss Marguerite Lewellyn. Tho re; ular monthly business meeting of tl.e guild waa held on Monday evening in the church. Eighteen members were present. The worsh p program wis conducted by Mi * llarnman. The min- 'slon study bo'k, "Goin to Jerusalem," was reviewed by Miss Dorothy Kern. An article 01* United Brethren missionary work in Porto Rico was given by Miss OUv Osterwise. The guild She p!avid her own accompaniment , voted to Incre tse Us pledge for branch on tho ukulele. j missionary V, rk the coming jear. Albert Fulmer, president of tho -Senior C l i l s t l a n Endeavor Society, D. OF A. A1VI) PAST w a s toa^ttt!,«-rr Prevloua to the COUNCILORS MEET b.inquet Mlbs Klla Heffley gave the ad- Magic S'sti r Council, Daughters of drcse of welcome. Walter T. Smith' Amei ica, met last night in Odd Feli c i ^ p o n d e l . | lows Temple South Pittsiburg cHreet, Ben S Davie^ ^secretary of the at which tin e plans were discussed D i c k e i - o i Him Y. M. C A. and a for, r ° r (l schco1 ° E instruction, April 29, mor president of the Fayette County' at Scottdale. Endeavor Union, waa the f° t , f t 8e " 8l ° a there WM * speaker ot the ovenini;. Tn TM e t n . 1 | 1K « °o, l '° . . . . .. , sociatlon. Finns opening his inspiring discourse he lo , )e , ieJd Jn ^ nw l u t u r o paid a high compliment to the hostess, Oue member . M l 8 Mu . y )a]r of Van . boiioty -vhen he eald because of the (ler i,,i t( was . 6por ted on thl sick list good w rk the organization 1« ac- The next nuBting will be beld Wed- complteh'ng it would be a difficult nosday night. April 2, at V a n d e r b f l t matter lor him to suggest a program The entertaljimont committee porn-is! a lor tbe 'ocal Endeavorers. He based of Mrs, Ada Drown, Mrs. Jennie Stou- hia talk on going forward and know- er aad Mrs. Cbailes Jordan, ins Hist where you want to go, havinc: a definite destination iVmi purpose and tho spirit that goas forward, u p w a i d nnd onward. A. R Umbel of Unlontown, cxunty Check dandruff! Vou, too, can say Koodlyp to hnir- worries. If. joii'll learn ' h t h simple method of caring tor the bait. It iH It i own to hundreds of atftg-e and screen stars; used by thousands of women and girls, who haven't time for laborious snuthods. Sprinkle a IHMe Dnmlerim* on your, b i u s h tonight Then as ou brush your hair you'll feel the soothing, toning effects. For over 80 years, specialists have recommended Danderine, to dissolves Hie crust of dandruff; slop falling h.ilr; tone tho scalp, cncruTaga tho hilv to grow Ic tig, silky arid abundant. The first application glve-s ;rour hair nsw life and lustre, makes it softer; eisler to manage; holds it like you arrange H. Evidence beyond doubt proves the benefits of ils reguldr use. --Advertisement. Danderine The One Minute Hair Beautifier Kf AU. DBU« BTORIS--THIRTY flVK CBKTS ,, ATTEND L17THKBAX MISSIONARY MEE'l'ISG .Largely attended was the regular monthly ine ting of the Woman's Mis- pres'.'ent, Mrs S. L. Fletcher, state slonary Soc ety of Trinity lyuth«ran -m!«-slon,iry superinteTidpnt of the Church held last night at the C h i l u t U n Endeavor Union, Mie^ Doro- Mrs. A. W. Young conducted the 10. thy Kern, county missionary superlti- vofonal *er ice, her topic being "The rteudent, Mi«ri Essie ·Williams of Un- Brotheihood of the Churchea " Mrs iontown. superintemlant of county W. H. Hotr ck offered prayer on the j u n i o r uork, and Mice Mary Dtehop, topic. Mrs. Charles Mitchell gave county tiutet hour euperintendent, t' 16 j6Ston F Ull y- th() subject o* which gave brief talks, in which they all con- m * ' " Ttie Younger and OUer -Ki-utulated the locrrt socioty on iti Churches" She presented the leuou activitieB, hospitality ani fine tan- In a very Interesting manner It was ^ tH enjoyed by iH present Mrs. ICarl K -" Mr. Umbel spok-o briefly of the | friendly contest which had ju^t cT«eel, while J\tifes Biehop conflnel her talk principally to the county convention to he held June 12 and 13 at Fairchance, the Btatje convention at Hershe/ Juno 30-July 4, and three distiic-t rallies to be held In April in Connellsvilloi, Uniontown and Browns- pros dent, Mrs. H L Slloox, ville. Mrs Fletcher also spoke on the «tato convention. She (jave a brief outline of tho programs »nd deecribud (jjass hour and were erijoy d The com/niHteo was composed of Mrs. J. II. Bengal, Mrs. Edward Bat r, Mrs, W. II Cunningham tind Mrs. J. G Cunningham. 3IUS. 0. C. HARMON HKAD as an ideal place for holding Oi J. L. JPROUDFIT CLASS Twonty i lembers attended the regular mtwti'ig of the JJ. L. Proudflt t h o Flrit p ro sbytorian Sim the convention. Two reading?, "Betay Bowlor'a Awakening," by Mrs. T. G. Witman and "Gloria." by Miss Teljna Meane, added much to tho attractiveness of -the program. Jho social room wa* attractively ^lecoratci for the occasion, the Chrlfct- 'lan Endeavor Union txilora, red and ·white, prevailing Ked crepe- puper extended lengthwise through thij center of the table. Tall red lighted day School held last evening in the homo of Mrs. J. Roy Henry ill North Plttsburg street. Officers for the on- auing yeai wre elected aa follows President, Mra. O. C. Harmon; vice-president, Mrs. J. 'Montgomery Dll- worth; treasurur, Misa Myra Baker, secretary, Mrs. Clarence IA McDon- iald, assist int, Mra. D. K, Mcllvaine, asistant teacher, Mrs. W. H. Myer*. T. J. Hooier is tha teacher. A social hour followed the business meeting Refreshments wero serve-l tapers in crystal holders, fiuther | by a committee consisting of Mrs. W. featured the decorative-scheme, as did j, 51 - Myers, Mrs Fred Oropp, Mrs. J. streamers of red and v\hHc crepe ir - Unrtsa/, Mias Axtell arid Mrw. paper draped about tho room. The were ornamented with Christian Endeavor pennants. Favors were little flowei shaped-containers filled with (andy. Tho napkins were ornamented with a picture of Williston Henry. PIT"J'SBUJH MAX WILL SPEAK AT COUVCIL SABBATH MJEETHftt Tho Cor noMsvllle Beotion, Council ot Jewish Wom«n, will obsoive Conn- Church in Portland, Me., the place of Christian Endeavor. birth- cl l Sabbaili at a meeting to be held tonight at S o'clock in the Bimi Israol A t , * he ao of the banquet, which was [ prfect In every detail, a rising vote of thanke waa extended the epealo-rs and other onU»rta!nor«, the committees In charge and the women who pieparwl and served the dinner, Meeting Pstponel. regular mooting of Rhoda Dunn Woman's Christum Temperance Union, n h i c h was to have beon hold Mon.l iy nlgt t of next week, has been pobtpjii/vl to Friday niRht, March 21, tho place- w i l l be a u n o u i u e d later MIST-LIKE DROPS VR/HEN cod-liver oil is emu/- sifird it is broken up into myriads of mist-like drops quite as Nature provides (he butter-fat in milk. Taat is why SCOTT'S EMULSION more than fifty years ago won world-wide recognition as cod- liver oil in a form that people cuuld take and enjoy. When you need cod- Hair oil, take Scott's Emulsion^ It's easy to fufce--digests readily. fi ott » ('cm-tie BloomAeld 11 J Synagogue, North Pittsburg street. Joseph i-i'nilne of Plttsbutg will 16 tho princ pal speakeii 1 . Council Sabbath Is oDLM-ved annually and is of exceptional Interost in J«i^t«h cfrclos througlion t the country. Mrs. A I. Daniels, i ro3t(k»at of tho Council j£ Jewish M oman, urges every member to attend HOSPITAL AUXILIARY WILL 3IEET TUESDAY, MAUCH 18 The Women's Auxiliary to the Con- nellsvllle Stato Hospital will m«et Tuesday .ifteinoon, March 13, at 2:30 o'clock in tho Wpman'a u _Culture Cluo rooms at tho CarnegiB Free Libraiy. Mrs Mey r Aaion, the president, will have chai ge A committee, appointed to revibo ho bj-laws und constitution, will subn it its report, 0. ». C. Auxiliary. The re, iUir meeting of the Ladles' Auxiliarj to the Order ot Railway ( oiitjutto s was hold in Odi! follows H u l l yt'bt ida afternoon with n j u i g e att nd.tnt ! ot members. Mrs Minnie i i o u e r s v as imported on tho rfiwK 1U*. TUc pi es dent, Mis. Rose Liugentlf U, concluded the meetluu. A f t o r biMl- ness luni h w.ib suivud by a COUIT It- tec'. Mission Study Classes. Tlu- ta -.sioi) stiuh c!n.«. c st^ of Trinity I . u t h t ' U L ! Church will begin their l.^s- gn tonl Ut at 7 : J B o'clock in the dun tli The subject of tho study is Krom J r u s a l e m to Jerusalem," Ul ii!fmbi3i-i. aia n-cmested m aKn»i/i 1'AHTY Q1VEX FOR BENEFIT OF JEWISH WOMEN'S COUNCIL Mre. Jacob Sapolsky and Mrs. A. Schulinan wer« Joint ·iMjslessea at a delightful befneflt party, the prore«3dfl to be- for the benefit of the Connell«- ville Section, Council ot Jewish Women, last night In the council club ·ooms. About fifty momberfl and ?uest8 were in attendance nnd epetit i most enjoyable evening. Bridge and otlier games were the ntnuaeurpnts. Mre. Weeley won' tho bridge pri/,e. Dainty refreshment^) were served. Hostei-ihM for the next party ai e Mr«. Samuel Kline and Mrs. Sarnuei Dau- wa'i a pot of var otis plar ts and the othe - a cake, baied by -Irs Shaw The ca,ko wan decorated n 1th cancllea significant oi' tha age of ! Ir.s. Anderson. HefreahmcntB wore s rvod. The ne\t me'tin£ will !K held n the home ot Mrs BurKholder, Ume tone Mil ETER FAITHFUL CLASS KEKTS Wl'Kll ariSS LAYER? B MILLER Tile Eiror Fal'thftli Cld .s of the So n t h Con n til 1 a* 11 lo O'van g.! IcM flur-eh m-ot Ias.t night i the home of MUs J^aVei nc Miller, South Con- iieliHVille Tho president Mtaa Catherine Schulfif, prt sided .'t tho busl- for a play ) i t u i o weie ricd-i Colonial Clnl» Mrs. Frank P. Amlemin eiKertadned the Colonial Club Wednesday afternoon at her home in th-t* Conn-allsvine^ Vanderhitt road. Twelve members anid two guosta, Musi. Nello Brach of Somwe-t and Mrs. i l u y S. Shaw of this city, wjre present It fras ap nounced that the club hrtd completed twelve pairs of pillow rases for tho Salvation Army, also thai art elastic slocking had been bought for an Jn- i valid In remembrance of her ap~ i pioaching birthday and for her per, Eei-t attendance at club m«ett'nga during the past two years, Mre. Anderson was proseuLod with two KiCts. QUO 10 be held in iiflme'i 'ib follows: FInan sial, Mrs. R 11 I M,t tM"ioiu rhialninan, Miss Alma Itin-traan, Miaa (Vithorine f chaWj!, MKs (inu-e Pioroe, Mrs Cer-eli. SJioeaiiaker ;irul Mrs. Lilll« W a n t , pi bllcity, Mrs. .Jack Adam*, chairman, Vlrs. Harold Wills, Mis-s Made Sanne , M!«s Cortt Porter, ^^ia^ Flortnco Pic ce-.ind Miss Pearl King. TJlrsctor Mrs Jack Adams. Miss Marie Kaun r is joint director. The olasti nreseated t 10 piesldctit with a. lovely gift In rem mberauce of her birthday, Mist Marie banner making the presentation 8 e e c h . Gifts were also slvon Mlwi I^a r e.rne Miller, Miss Alma Hartiuau an^ Mrs. R. |H Patterson Twenty-one n ambera were present. Two new mem.' era weie received. Music and gan as were the dlw»ioii« of Lhe evening A delitio'UH luncheon was served by th* hostess. A called meeting for a!' memibors of the class will be held T ueaday night of next wook at the ho ne of Miss Marie Banner.' CLT7B PLANS FOB THEATRE PARTY ; SD BTJJSEB The Emanon Club w m delightfully entertained last evriing at the home of Mrs. Harry He' sel, Crawford avenue, West Sldn. T lirteen members and one, guost, Mr . Harry Morgan, were present. Du tng the business session plaaa wer made by tha club for a theatre p a r t / to be held next week. In Plttuburg also for the celebration of the eleventh anniversary of the club with t chicken dinner Thurndny evening, March 27, at the Harbaugh home, nf ir Panusvllle, The attendance prizt donated by Mrs. Hugh Stillwiigon, was awarded to Mra. James Peigh. Officers were elected tor the ensulm year as follows. President, Mrs. !. A. Wagner; vice-president, Mrs. lit wrence Goe; secretary, Mrs, Clyde GOB; treasurer, Mrs. Hugh Stillwa ;on, reporter, .T*mes Petpch, flower c- mmlttee, Mrs. Russell Vaughn and M H. Hugh Stillwagon. After the bu fness meeting the members plavod bridge, three tables being called int. play. Lunch was served by the host 'as. j on. R u t h Willlanii daushler of Mr and Mr.i, R G Wll 'ams of Unlon- town aj d Frank D I^nj ton, »o-n ot Mr. ant Mrs J B Layto of Pittsburg, wo-ie quietly married March 12, at Lewlfitfttii. TSie cou 1« will !n Dnlontown. n olts. Nani'y Kirnolf of Ct ineHevillo and Aba Brwjks of Alllsoi W6re licensed to wed In ( ROUGHAGE IS ESSENTIAL IN REDUCING DIETS Kellogg's ALL-BRAN Is Ideil Eoughage If you are foHowing a reducing diet, ft is doubly important that you take a regular amount of roughage into the system daily. Most reducing diets do not contain a sufficient amount of roughage. The result is constipation--thief of both health and beauty, Kellogg's ALL-BRAl-I is recommended by many doctors and dietitians because it contains the bulk necessary to insure proper elimination. Also, because it contains the iron needed to help prevent anemia-another danger in reducing diets. ALL-BRAN is not fattening. Its bulk sweeps the system clean of poisonous wastes--helping to promote glorious health and beauty. A popular way to eat Kellogg'3 ALL-BRAN is soaked in fruit juice. Try it I It is delicious with milk or cream. Sprinkle it over cereals, ·aiads and soups. It adds flavor to cooked foods and is equally effective. Your grocer has Kellogg's ALL-BRAN. It is served in restaurants, hotels and dining-cars. Made by Kellogg in Battle Greek. ALL-BRAN E. B. MABTIN CLASS PLANS FOB DOLLAR 1TBETIN« The E. B. Martin Bible Class of the First Baptist Church held its regular meeting last night in the home'ot Mis. Walter Fike, South Prospect street. Miss Sue Percy, the president, was In charge ot the business session, at which plans were made for a dollar meeting In April. Election of officers wlli take place at the next meeting. «. A. H, CIRCLE IIKCEIYES MEMBERSHIP APPLICATIONS Four applications tor membership were received at the regular meeting of tha Ladies' Circle to William P. Kurtz Post, Grand Army of the Republic Thursday afternoon at the regular meeting In Odd Fellows hall. They will be balloted on at the next meeting, Thursday afternoon, March 27. Mrs. Elsie Smith, president, was in charge of the meeting. There waa a good attendance. V. OF F. W. AUXILIARY WILL INITIATE CANDIDATES The regular meeting ot the Ladles' Auxiliary to Walter B. Brown Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, was held last night in the club rooms, North Pittaburg street. There was a good attendance of members. 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Stewing Veal, Lean, Ib.., Veal Roast, Lean, Ib. Veal Rump Roast, Ib. -Veal Chops, Ib _ 35c 25c 27c 32c 35c California Hams . w . . 18c Rib Roast, Ib. ........,,,,..__-,,......»..,,.,,... «......_.......30c Chuck Roast, Ib. 28c Fresh Pork Sausage, a pound 30c Black Hawk Bacon, % Ib. package 23c Swift't Sliced Bacon, % H. package 18c Lean Bacon, 3 pounds or over, a pound 27c Beef, Pork and Veal, Ground, a pound 30c Armour's Corned Beef, a can 25c Fancy Sauer Kraut, 3 pounds ...25c Brick Cheese, a Ib ,, ( .30c Swiss Cheese, a Ib _., 43c Kraft's Cheese Brick, American, Pimento, Veiveeta and Limburger, pkg. ~23c Dressed Chickens, Fish and Oysters J, R. Davidson Company "Th« Store That Doe« Things For You" I'erryopolls Class 9I«ets. The Dorcas Bible Claw of the Porryo polls Methodist Episcopal Church met last evening at th» home of Mrs, listella Kaftlngton at Perryopolis. Ths meeting was opened by the president, Mra, J. A. Forslc. Following the business session, there was a program in charge ol Mrs, Robert McClhUock. ;virB, B. M. Wade, Mrs. N, R. Martin end Mrs, Lillian Stewart gave readings, A puper waa given by Mrs, Frank Blsley, Mrs, Korgie and Mrti. Dut lay Butterm«r«i auujj a, du«t, accompanied by Mrs. Esfingtom at the piano. The house was decorated In keeping with St, Pi trick'* Day. Mrs, Eeslngton, Mrs. McClln- tock and M!BB Anna Piersol were Joint hostesBeg and ae 'ved lun« h. Tho next meeting will be Imld at t h » horns of Mrs, J. B. Martin ot Perryo olia. Other social news ou Pag« Six, Looking (or Bargains T If ao, read tho a(lv»rtis4n« * Tt» Imilr Oourto-

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