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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, March 14, 1930
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r. L ast JLlidition Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper, The Best Advertising Medium in the Yough Region r thrice «* VOL. US, NO. 10D. 'I'lie \ \ v K l y i i r l c r , l-'oundrd July 17, 1ST9. , MTirctl, TUe Hull} Cuurlcr, It'uuiided Notenibcr 10, 1002. | July JS, JU2D. CONNELLSVILLE, PA., FRIDAY EVENING, -IARGII 14, 1930. TWENTY PAGES. IRENE IDENTIFIED POSITIVELY AS Reedy's Confession He Killed Sweetheart SLAYER OF PAUL| ReadatMnrderTrial Discovery of Planet pears Out Prediction of Noted Astronomer ®- K H j m o n d B a l d w i n , School Hoy, Todnj'.s Witness Against Hlond "(»uiM\oniiin." SAW HER SHOOT, HE TELLS JURY! Special to The C o u r i e r I'NIONTOWN. M a r c h 1 1 - -- A f i c k l e m i n d e d woman who dro.'o her lover and prospective husb.intf i n t o an in- rfcine iealou-i rago caused the death of lOlUj. Hynl last Deeembpi 27 at J a m i son, just o u t s i d e Perryoiiolls, Attorney Hurdotte Coklren stated to the j u r y t h i s a f t e r n o o n in opt nini; the do- fonse of George Kecciy, on trial before J u d K c D. W Henderson lor m u r d e r . I'NIONTOWN, March 11 -- Introduc- t i o n into the m u r d e r t r i a . this morn- iner of George Ke-edy's S'irned confession in which ho admitted the murder of his sweetheart, Eliza B rd, was tho occasion Cor an attack n tho confession by Attorneys Charles i,. Davidson and Burdotte Coldven, coiin,9el tor tho defence. i.-,.. i, i , i , , , ., , , i , , . i They r o u n d l l y condemned the con- hva Maid w i n . told d u r i n g last night's ,,,,,.,,,,, a n r ] ( h e r e , e n t t c t m e n t , JV Reed se**lon oi Lawrence county court. Tlv U n i t e d Ptess, MOW CASTLE. M a r c h 1 1--A schoolboy went on the witness stand today an-,1 accused Ire-no Scnroeder, on trial charged w l i h m u r d e r , of ehootlng to Corporal B r a d y Paul, State! H i g h w a y patrolman. i Itoynioiul B a l d w i n , excused from | inlets in j n a m m a r s"hool so that he tould testify for tho Commonwealth, lold a l m o s t ' t h o tame story his older brother, Samuel, and Ms mother, of ^iei)tnno Cansctl Late Ir. I'orclvnl Low pi I To Huspprt I'resenro. OTHERS MAY BE FOUND, BELIEF By C O T . A M P L A N D A i t m n o i n p i a t ,jO\vcll O b s e r v a t o r y . \ V r l t t e i f o r U n i t e d Press fLAOSTAFF, Ariz,, March 14.--The discovery of a distant member of the solar system just announced by tin; Lowell Observatory appears to mark the f u l f i l l m e n t of a prediction made by the late Dr. Percival Lowell in a series of lectures In 1902. In his lectures ho said he. had 'lo'.etl certain facts t h a t convinced h i m a p l a n e t beyond Neptune remained to be added to the solar family. He nald "it moans a planet out there, as yet unseen by man, but certain sometime of the k i l l i n g on December 27. lost, , 0 be detc ,, te ,j ',,,,,, addetl to the 0 , h . Spc-ukhiK in a high, piping voice he j a t j anl ison. near Perryopolis. How- Irene a-, the killer. "Brady Paul stopped tho Chevrolet," lie s a i d . "lie walked uiit on the losul uid l a l k e l to the d r i v e r . "Then a man and a w o m a n got out of t l u car. They pnlltnl their gniiB. l f r w a s l)B(keri up p.isi: the car. I he.ird one *ay "^et hack, get back.' 'Then I twiw Moore at the front of the- c;tr He \\as d u c k i n g back behind th-e l a i l i a t o r . "At t h e back the woman shot. She shot l l r a d y T V i u l , I "fan her. "1 o u M see the feinoke and heart! the pistol. When Moore went down a man b e n t ovcv him. Brady Paul we-nl -Jown, too, but tie managed to tilHKger over against fio pole. Ho pulled his sun and shot back." Atre, Martha \ViUUni« followeil Riiymond to the stan-d arid told in de- t a i l the bunio story as the other eye- \vltne«ici called last night. Bnfore Raymond teetiiled three of yestorlay\-i etar state vltnosses were ever tho confession was a Imitte'd and read to the jury by Assts.1 int District A t t o r n e y A r t h u r L Byrne Iteedy told Private Chai lea J Ilan- na in the Uniontown nol ce station, following his return from Washington t o u t i t y where ho wa i arrested, t h a t he had killed the gi -1. In tl/e piesenco of omcers and newspaper tneu Keody re-enaoted the crime, j pointing out w h e r e the qua rel starleil In the sitting room and tlit« (haso of the girl through the backyard of neighboring houses and UH spot neai a post used to h a n g clothes line w h e r o he plunged tho k n i f e i n t o the girl's heart "Don't stick me again Yrm've killed mo already," moaned the dying girl, accord'ng to tho alleged i onfession. A.s tho k n i f e was d r a w n from her body, »he fled In tiie direct on of her IHMIVC. Iteedy In his state nent said t h a t he waited a few m i n u t e s in an outhouso and then ran away County Detective A. A. Downing, recalled to_ the _ stand this m o r n i n g I D , ai . ketl b ' y defense counsel ^ nether he make verifications as to detail*, their evidence. They were Private Krnest M-txre, Paul's companion, who was wounded when Paul was killed, Mr*. Baldwin and William Newingham, garageman. ° f had told Reedy that charged with murder, he* .vould IK) i c p ' l o d : "1 didn't t h i n k that nece»sar . In Informed him that anj thing he said would be used against him. He read the statement and they wep read to era The new object here V In has been c a i e f u l l y observed and its rate and d i r e c t i o n of motion among the stars appear to I n d i c a t e t h a t i. Is Howard Metier, 15, and (leorgs h i m and then he signed on Hie dotted Book, 3 truck d r i v e r , al-o testified as oye--virJtnessefl today and named Irene as the ulayer. Book eald he wa^ ( o m i n g down the Butler road with h i B trin k. "I barked up my t r u c k to keep from getting shot. Sho fired the shots," he said. Steel Corporation Gets $33,550,i Income Tax Refund line " Other witnesses were c a i k d to tor rolKrate Downing as to the c and re-enactment of the crme. The courthouse wns filled w i t h negroes who are to be called by tho a d i h t a n t member of tho solar beyond the 01 bit of NVptune. This discovery Is the outcome of thi (limcnlt research problem u n d e r taken 2o yeai i ago by Or. Lowell, founder and director of the Lowell Observatory, v.-Jjpn ho took up tho investigation fov a planet beyond Nnp- tuno. The problem is one of great complexity on the theoretical side, a n d entailed enormous a m o u n t of n u m e r i cal calculation. Observation search for the hjcct by p h o t o g r a p h y was carried on litre in C o n j u n c t i o n with his theoretical researches which were filially p u b - lished in 1914 lit a summarize*! 'fi i m in his i m p o r t a n t memoir entitled "A T r a n s n o p t u n t a i i Planet." Active search ot the sky for this body was undertaken by photograph) in 1905 and has continued from Mine to t(me-»iucp then with improvement is in the (·(iiiipraent. Early in/1929, tl,c L a w r e n c e Lowt 11 telescope, a spp^ i n s t r u m e n t for this research was p u t : Connellsville Region Coal Operators Join in Protest Against Rate Discrimination By Uultail Pre*s. WASHINGTON', March M.--Prefe once shown lo coal operatorn i n We t Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky ai d Tennessee in rates charged on co 1 snippet! to bako Erie porUs Is. "undu y prejudicial" lo tho Huiler, Merce , Preeport, Plttsburg add Connellsvll o d i s t r i c t s of P e n n s y l v a n i a , oporatoM charged In a complaint filled w i t h 11,3 Interstate Commerce CwnmiHfllon t day. Tho conuplaint asks the conwnissio t to order the railroads uo "c»at.o an I desist from u n d u e and unreasonabl · preference" shown tho southern opor a toes and to f u r t h e r order th« road to put in force a relationship of rate which would not bo prejudicial to th Pennsylvania territory. More than !0 roads were named Ii the complaint as defendants, i n c l u d i i n tho ^Baltimore Ohio, Che»ateitko * Ohio, ISrlo, Now York Central, L'enn Southern, Norfolk Western and Wheeling .Lake Erie Tho Pennsylvania coal operators are In direct competition W i t h tho coat producing districts of the rour south ern states. "Such competition i especially koon in the sale- and ship ine-nt of coal for trans-shipment a vessel cargo to and by way of Luk Krle ports t'o destinations on or bo yon4 tho (J-real Lakes," tho complain^ stated. The Pennsylvania operators, it con t e n d o d , enjoy no markets in the Sout and despite t h e i r geographic locatio aro at a disadvantage in the market In the West and Northwest. For tha reason the murkete reached by wai o the Lake Erie ports are of vital im portance, it added. Tho complaint waa flle-d by th "Western Pennsylvania Coal Train" Bureau and IS operators engaged 1: the production of bituminous coal. TRI-TOWN FIREMEN TO BUILD FIVE DAMS 25 Pretty Girls To Appear Monday TO FURNISH WATER i n Music Festival In operation. Creek Passing Through Van- Is L'liief Sourt-e in ('ombattlng 'ires. STREET FAIR JUNE 24 TO 28 Inasmuch as the community Is not equipped v,lth water facilities In event of fire, the D. U V. Volunteer Fire Department at Vandarbllt is tak- ,, , ,, ,,. _. , , IHK precautions tor an emergency and Home weeks ago, C. W. Tombnuelfci i , t . ,, , · ^ , . , B ' ium«nui,Mi,j |j (. o n f jt r u c t fi v f t dams in the on the telescope. oii h e had taken w i t h this Slric} its d e t e c t i o n the oo- B j U n l t o U t-Teai. ' W A S H I N G T O N . M a r c h 14---A tax refund of $S:!,3r.O,000 lor the United Htates HU v el Corporation \vas approved today by the j o i n t congressional c o m m i t t e e on i n t e r n a l r e v e n u e l e g i s l a t i o n . Tho r e f u n d wa.» i ecom- nipnded by tho T r e a s u r y Department some- l i m o ago l o i overpayment of taxes in I'JIS, 191!t and l'»20. WASHINGTON. March 14 --Sot-ro- tni'.v M e l l o n a n n o u n c e d today the Treasury ltMartnu'nt \\ouhl .settle- the ytc'fl Coi (location lax ca'-e for 19t8 to 1020 lor $i!l.l)00,00i in p r i n c i p a l and s l i g h t l y le^ t h a n $1.J,000,000 in interest. This w i l l be done t h r o n e h allowing $t7,000,0ii w h i c h the S t e i l Corpora- lion i \ o u l d pay tomorrow to bt credited. A check lot the bdluncc of $tfi,(JUO,- Oi'O w i l l be sent w i t h i n a week YOUNGWOOD MAN IS KILLED WHEN STRUCK BY TRAIN Special to The Cotniei SCOTTDALB, March 14 -- l o h n Keller, 50 years old, slnglf, oi Youngwood, was Instantly killed it 3 . 2 0 o'clock T h a n .lay afternoon i hen he was struck by a Pennsylvan a Railroad train on the Donnelly Branch, between Scoudale and Alverti n. The train continued Its r u n , tho c i'0w being unaware of the tragedy The b o d j , badly mangled, w « f found by Walter Hill. The rallroiul company was called and the i emaius taken to tho Ferguson und r t u k l n g home where it was viewed by Deputy Coroner W i l l i a m Forsoti. Lat^r the body was claimed by relatives at Voungwuod w h o r e It was take u. Mr. Keller is ..urvived by two brothers, Frank Keller of Youngwood, and Cyrus Keller of Hermliile. jpct also hns bten carefully obsoivod by me w i t h a Urge 12-inch refiei-tcn , and detailed measurement a n r l analysis of llio motion has been mnitc Contluutnil o» Pag-« six. JOHNSTOWN RRE CAPTAIN HAS BACK BROKEN AT BLAZE TOORROW LAST DAY TO FILE RETURNS ON 1929 INCOME TAX T o m o r i o w is the hwt d ly to tile y o u r 1920 lucotn-o tax returns. Edward !. Duggan, d c - p n t v internal collector, is Incatod on the floor of tho Federal lluihilng, at the coiner of -North A r c h and West Apple «t«M't-». M- DuKKiin urge.-* t h a t aj m a n y us posttible come in during the forenoon Ui muke out their returns l!y U n l t e f l Pisss. JOHNSTOWN, March 14.--One fireman was injured and damage estimated at ?5t,000 wae caused whon fire today destroyed the storage room and service department headcjuart* rs of; the Associated Qa« Electric Company. Walter Kephart, tire captain, ie at Leo Hospital, probably suffering- from a broken back sustained while fighting the fire. Eight automobiles w e i e destroyed, the fire It ie not known w h a t caused EVANS STATION WOMAN BURNED BY GASOLINE ! 9ti«" tut to Tho C'ourla j I M U N r o W N , M a r c h 11 --Wlum ' i;uholjnt f times were Igui.i'd t h i s iiioruut£ itb tut 10 30 o't 1m K aa she wua cteauiiijr u dress. M i * Daniel Lynn of Kv-itis S t a t i o n win badly burned ou lit 1 arms anil l i u u d s and her homo nb vo the old compi ny btore Her h u s b a n d had ju»( KOII*- i i, tor a bur(CH of *»('· w h e n !iu h ' m r i Jipr Hcrt'iUH for 1 c l i 1 !'' I'UMbnd I n t o tilt- DETECTIVES SEIZE 125-CALLON STILL KENNETH A. REID TALKS ON FISHING BEFORE UNITY FRAT .Members n t the U n i t y Fraternity iNMid an unusually interesting t a l k on the subject ot "Fishing" at^tho monthly dinner meWing last n i g h t when KennetMt Held, who has flshod all over the- United Slates and in Canada, related some of his expei I- eiices and also went hi to details sonic of the- d i f f e r e n t methods of o£ f i e said ^Imt N w h i l e h u n t i n g condi- t i o n s In P e n n s y h a n i a havp. improved considerably in the pat 20 years, it Action to t h i s extent was taken Thursday evening at a special meeting of tho ..firemen at tho Van.teiliilt Legion rooms when Lester N JMar- ricitiow, "Wray Tt Laird and Frank 22. i Reed were named members of a comm i t t e e to a r r a n K e for the erection of tht 1 ' dams. President Donald J i'al- tPrson .appointed tho committee The need ot additional dams m the creek was forcibly brought to the at- t e n t i o n of tha volunteers of the recent lire which virtually destroyed the- two-story store owned by Mrs. Mary Roberta. At protent there is but one dam in tho stream and It Is located several h u n d r e d yards away from, the heart of th« business section. The building of tho additional dams will gfve the borough, more water for,battling fires. . Inasmucn as the company has · pumper fire; t r u c k , the dams will prove Invaluable in fighting flamos as It will be* posible to p u m p tiie water for some distance. The dams will be so constructed t h a t thoy will foe- itc- oosslble to all sections of the borough's business region. One of the features of the gram friuslc fesitiwil of the Conne-MBvi Military Uand, to be given on Monday n i g h t at 8: ID o'clock at the Hlgl School Auditorium, will be the cnfer- taluirn-ent provided by a cast of 2 b e a u t i f u l girls, according to announcement today. Tho professional girls will appeal In refined vaudeville and will slug a.tu dunce. In addition to this pant fyi tho program, there will be 10 radio stars am others in s i n g i n g and dancing. There will bo -10 nnuslcians in tlio latest musical nunnborH It w i l l be one of the best euter- ·alnments e v e r given in this city. The »nttr« cast will le made up of at least "5 persons, it was mado known. Tkikets Cor tho St. Patrick's Day ^stival have been placed in the malls riie leservod ticket, sale nt tho Con- ·ollsviUo Drug Company store In W '.rawford avenue will begin on Satur-i :ay. The second concert by the band will e presented ou Mother's Day, Moil- ay, May 12. The completa program will appear i The Courier' tomorrow is c IIo declared thut where ll Wtt ' one man was ou the streams of tho State two decadet apo, there aro now 20. It is h',b belief that while ro-stook- ing programs are very important, more attention s lould bo given 1o con.s»rvatlou of I he flsh already in the waters. He also deplored the Tact that m a n y "anglers" t h i n k tho a l l Important factor is catching the day's limit, even if the creel is tilled with l i t t l e tpllows j u s t over the minimum sine l i m i t . Oare in h a n d l i n g u n d e r sized which have been hooked, and t h e i r release, Is ouo method of conservation, he declared, Mr. Held advocated the use of larger nooks by fishermen when th*y employ live bait, to keep the lUflo flsh from swallowing them. The practice of planing 1 trout from nurseries In streams just a few days before opening of the season or d u r i n g tho open reason, was condemned. He said it is a simple matter to catch such flsh as they haven't By United Press. GREBNSBURQ, Maich 14.--Cnunty detectives Balded the Lombard! 'arm, near Mount Pleasant, la-st nlj?h art M i l u i R tlm tenant, Joseph Hori, 40, and sel'/.Inj? a 126-gj Uon still, 84 har- riln of mush, 700 pounds of corn Mlgar mid u q u a n t i t y of w h L s k j . Bort, iu default of ball, WHS otri- uilited to tho county Jail foi ,i hoi i l n g on ;i linuor vhar^o wild and ,trc used to being l a n d - f e d in the nurseries, "I believe education of tho public s one of the most important things hi this matter ot conservation," he said. Another feature of [he program were orchestra selections by u bund under the direction of Warren W. H a l h r t t t c r MOCXT e* «« Meningitis. PbKASANT, March *nd totir-vf-Hi o f t l rlaiiytiii i , ! ' n i o t i t wtl f'!r* Itc !hc b'lHdhttt a u U b u t !!8 y«nrs old. n. !?n, of K i p f o r t o w r t , dlml at the Mnm. rlil !ns( tiiKlil :*» U D'ilo-k i nun hud hfitn n ( » . ' « n l Tli« Iwly WHH r» i n t i n t f u n o r o l hoiiifl of ^ , } at t3toltd«»{9, Somerset County Woman Dies; Has 116 Descendants CKNTRAI, CITY, March U.- ·Mrs. Christina Holsopplo, 91, who had 110 dosceiifhiuU, died at her home, after a long illnesh. She IB' survived by eight children, 44 grandchildren, 04 grat- 4,-- g r , m dfMldr6ii and on» great-greut- f a [ r f r o m j u uo ^4 clusive, The committees t h i s event will be ^Jad The company voted to hold the annual to 28, Into h a n d l e i known later, to acce,)t a $1,000 death and, $15 a week indemnity insurance policy for additional protection foi the volunteers. Three n^w members, Paul Simko, W. 3. Reed, Jr., and George Bodla, were received. Twenty members attended the meeting. Juat Off the Wire ' By United Press. LONDON, March 14.--Tho British, Labor government emerged tvtumph- utit in one of the bitterest debater in ite history when, with the aids of. tho Llfcerale, it defeated the CojiBcrvditiva iitte-mpt to conenrB and overthrow the MacDonald cabinet last night by si vote- of 308 to 2;!5. · * * HARRISB13RO, March M.--Leaders of t h e Brown-Davis slato hare Major Timothy O.- Van Alen, Harrisburg business man, u n d e r consideration as a candidate for thejHepnblicati nomination Cor lieutenant-governor, it was here today. * * * CLEVELAND, Ohio, March H--Two fliers, Richard Bragglns, pilot, and David B u n n i n , a faalosmaii passenger, n-t-re K i l l e d today In u plane crash at Olmsttad Falls, near here. flRS.SHALLENBERGER'S FUNERAL SATURDAY; BURYHERE SUNDAY Th^ funeral service for Mrs. Ellen S lallenborger, 84, widow of Ja-mos W, ' hillenbarger, whose death occurred V ednesday night at (.he PlUsburg 1 osplta), will bo held Saturday evo~ n tig at the lionve o£ a daughter, Mrs. C TUB Browneller, 70S Homestead ave- u ie, and Interment will be in Chestn t 11111 Cemetery in tills city at 2 o' 'lock.Sundtay afternoon. Tho funeral c rtoge will com« over Land. Vtrs. Sha.llenlxrgor's death occurred »! ddenly when she was stricken soon atf er delivering an address at a meet- In j of the Arabella Rebekah lodge in Ham-estead. Hie family formerly resided in this ci v, moving to 41 year ag . , -Ii'9. Shallenberger" was n. member of Lodge No. 21!), Dames of Ma'lta, of W i-ee-Ung, W. Va., Ara/blla Robehah loi go and Ladies of the Golden Eagle. T\ o daughters, Mrs. J. G. Hopkins o£ Cu abertond, Md., and, Mrs, Brownol- lei survive, together with, tour sons," Jo m B.," ot Alliance, Ohio, Roy, a sai or in the United States merchant ma -ine, Charles N,, and James A., both of 1-Iomefctead. A sister, Mrs, liliza- bef i Bennett of Pittsburg, 20 grand- clif dren and 12 great-grauclchlldreh, aU survive-. W tis rlon MTR. Holiwpple's deiU\ (|^ second to occur In t h l n , H f « - w i t h i n Iho Initt 24 hours wher fiimilv of IpucBiulmitfl « n r v K t » s Mrs Kuince* Malo««, na, dleri TtiwKlay « t luti home Jn Spaugler. Shu H mirvivjd by ioa The Weather Increasing cloudiness tonight, probably followed by rain Saturday; slowly rising temperature Is the noon woa-ther forecast for Western Penns y l v a n i a . Temperature Record. 1MO 1029 Maximum , - _ , . . , ,64 78 (Minimum .. .,, ...30 41) Mean - ,, .., 47 5!t Physician Uses Airplane to Get To His Patient .MHNSTOWN, March 14.--The l i f e of t rvillo Gallagher, of Somerset, was sav» d when Dr, TJ ,H. Mayer, Jr., of. ,Ioh istown, negolUvted the distance be- twe' u the two towns in an airplane and performed an cmergancy operation on tli" child. U . ' u -ycT, a licenced pilot, received the irgeiit call, hopped- off in a p l a n e and made the Irip lu IB minutes to Som H'sel, 32 miles distant. Dawson Wins Banner * At Methodist Women's Rally at Scottdale SCOTT DALE, Ma-rr-h 14--Tin s p r i n g meeting 1 of the Woman's Korel ?n Missionary Society a n d 1ho .lubHe«- f'ircle of (ho MeKeesport distn'ot of t h e Mo- thoitist ICpiscopal Church was held in the Scot.tdalo c h u r c h yesterdav, with 201 present fox- luncheon am' more t h a n 300 at the afternoon meeting. Tho morning was Kiven over to reports which showed that the pist six months had seen very good wos k done in tho district, Dawfcon was given the bant er for h a v i n g the largest tlelegatiou at th-a meeting, Mount Pleasant, Wes;! Newton, Uulontowti, Plesant Unity, McKee-sport, Hvadciock, Dawson and Alverton were represented at the meeting. Mrs H. F. Flahor Swlssvale, the district present, presided n.t the meeting. Mro. R. L. Archer, a mlsMoimr '_ from Sumatra, was the principal sjieakot of the af-ternoon. Mrs. Geor?e R. Haden of Scottdale conducted 110 devotions. Solos were sung tiy M^ra. Norton and Batty Jane Brownfie d, Uie little daughter of Mr. and Mrs, J. C COKERS, DUNBAR, PERRY DEBATERS DOUBLE WINNERS i Lcf.senrinff Continues to Loud layette County Jh'orensif FOURTH RQUND NEXT THURSDAY Brownfield. A playlet p re- -en tod hy th« Jubilee Clrclo of Scot Ida to. Mrs. Nolon of Piltsburg, the conference secretary, wa*s present. Mrs. George Lockard waa cha rnvan of Iho luncheon committee, ml ts-loii- ary society women having charge of tli'o k i t c h e n , while the Jubiloe Circle had charge of Iho dining room. The dtlr.lng room "was , moat beau/t fully dworatod In keeping with St. Patrick's Way. In. the chut'c'h. wen Alan-lays that had h«wi hrouglit troi.i the 60th anniversary meeting at Ct-lum.- bws, Ohio. The meeting will be {September at West Newtoti in YOUNG PEOPLE'S DAY NEXT SUNDAY AT BAPTIST CHURCH YOUHE People's Day will be observed at the Kirsi Baptist Sunday SUiool on Sunday, March 1C, it was made k n o w n loda.y. An I n t e r e s t i n g program has been arranged £or the services wli'uh wi 1 ! cnnnnonce at !:'15 o'clock fn tho morning. S u b s t i t u t e s for every officer and teacher will have charge ot tho nuivn- ng service. Reg-inning with the beginners and progressing t h r o u g h all the grades," the young people ,vill function. Tho superintendent, Ja'nes Woyaul, w 15 years old. Eugene Shearer, a boy if 10, will be tho chorister. J Superintendent A, R. Boyor s',c t?s hat the closiiiR exercises w i l l b ^ j i n U-10.20 o'clock. The f i i t l r e school s tthlted to cooT» l rato wlth^tho '"Or to Jhurch." campaign and remain for 'lie church services. The Sunday School staff for the t ay vlll 1)» as follows; Superintendent, James "V\ r yant; is- istant superintendent, Kenii"th ^ong; "horister, 'Kugeno She-anT; !an!st, Juno Leasure; secretary, Elizabeth Ramage; assistant sec-e- ary. Jean Wilson; librarian, Kdear Blair; assistant librarian, Jack. Dull; reasurei', lister Whitman; assistant William Addis; assistai ts o beginaers, Sara Prinkey au4 Ce hi 'rltchavd; asistauts to primuir, lary Suyder ami tivclyji Fike. Teachers--Men's Class, J". W. Pnn- key; Boroan Class, U. ivi, Boyd; JO. 0. Martin, Grace BlSel; Phllathea, r., Sola Moutgonlery; Baraca, Sr., Thonas-Kreger; Philathea, Jr., El nice irlimn; Baraca, Jr., Fraiikllu Btev- ns; B. C. C., Helen Stewart; Evor oyal, Frances Marietta; Blue Birds, 'reeda Loug; Happy HeartSj Mm-- ·aret Adills; Patliflnderjj,.Paul Shea ·- v;. B. B., Max. Weyauti. Stinshin-3, teatrice Prinkey, and Secret Sel'vle i, ""ranees Bitner. The three- northernmost high schools -in Fayette county, Connellh- ville, Uunbar Township 'and Peri y Township, entered in the debating s^lie-dule of the Pennsylvania Forensic Ixmgue, »cor«l double victories Thursday cvenins in the. t h i r d round. ConiietlavUle wintiuered S o u t h Brownsville, P n n b n r Township won from North Unlou Township and Perry Towns hip defeated ,Point Marion, both tile nmrnuitive and th« negative teams t a k i n g decisions By virtue of their triumphs both Connellsville and Perry Township kept w i t h i n striking difitanoe of D u n bar Township, seven consecutive years county champions and at present holder of first place by a single decision. There w i l l be"* no more debating until next Thursday night, March 20, when the following schedule will be in vogue- with tho affirmative foams traveling: Connellsville vs. North Union Township, Dunbar Township vs. Point Marlon, and Perry Township vs. South Brownsville. The l i f t h and final round of the debates will be conducted on Monday evening, Mnrch 24, with the negative teams traveling. The schedule f o l lows: Connellsville vs. Perry Township, D u n b a r Township .vs. South Brownsville, and .North Union Township vs. Poln-t, Marion. In the event of a tie score, the schools Involved will debate on Thursday night, March 28, with t h e afflrma- tho teams traVeling. Connellsville's affirmative speakers, Pauline Rohm and William Snalr, do- feat«d tho South Brownsville nega- thee, at Connollsvlllo, Thursday night. ConuoUsvIlle'B negative team, Eleanor Donnadio and Margaret Small, won from the flouth Brownsville affirmatives, at Suuth Brownsville. D u n b a r Township affirmatives, Gaylo S-trlckler and Robert Beatty, conquered the North Union Towiihhip negatives, Gilbert Wilson a n d Karl Harris, at Trotter. Dunbar Township negatives, Edna Bryner and Kobwt Iftirpcr, took a decision over the North Union Township affirmatives, Adelaide Burd and Helen Liikotoh, at North U n i o n . Perry Township aflltynatives, Craig Martin and Mary Thraflh-fr, won Irotti the Point Marion negatives, Jeewle Scott -and Clarence Clark, at Perry- op]blis. P-erry Townalilp negatives, HWel Jay Snyder and Idea Lomagno, R-cored a verdict ovolr tho Point Marion affirmatives, Georgia Anderson and Tarr, at Point Marion. The summary: School Dunbnr To-wnship L. 1 2 Pet. ,667 .507 J'loods In Spain. M.-DRIB, March 14.--Rising rivers in ii' rthern Spain threatened to over- MISS SARAH HORNCR REPORTED IN VERY SERIOUS CONDITION MOUNT PUSASAJNT, MarcH 14.-- lls« Sarah Horner, daughter of D\ nd Mr?. M. ."W, Hornet,- and Holotef u he Kirp't Presbyterian" Church, at Con ell»ville, Was reported today to 'bi ii a. very serious condition at Iht ilemorial tlospita.1., where bhe u n d e r roni an operation last n'.ght. Miss Homer was laken ill altei p pear Ing in a concert at the Con- church recently soprano, is t^« leading Connpllsvlllo , ,.,,,..,,_..,,,.' Perry Township ' North Union -... 'i t .333 Point Marion ..._,,_ ..,.,.2 ) ,33-'l South Brownsville .1 f» .107 Anotlier phase of tho competition will get started with tho extoniljoraae- ous speaking event a( tho South "Union Township High School tonight. On March 17, the girls, boys and mixed choruses and small groups will vlo for h o n o i B at the Point Marlou Illg-h School. The Instrumental solos, piano ami wind instrument contests, will be h«Id at the Georges Township High School at York Bun on March 21. P. W. VA. SEEKING PERMISSION TO PUT UP GRADE CROSSING Tho young woman, a recognized as one of musicians of Westmoreland and F.iy- ette counties. PITPSBURG, March. 14.--ComirndB-. siorier S. Ray Shelby ot the Public Service Commission heard the ap-p-fi- cation of the Pittsburg West Virginia Railroad Company for poraite- sion" to construct a crossing beioV ort a public highway leading; northerly from Pricpda/le. The highway In,' iiuontlon connet^ei with H. public road in Rostraver township, between West Newton and clle City. ' . G. F. REIMAN'S CAR STOLEN CRUSHED TO DEATH UNDER IRON BARS PrrfSBURO, March 14.--Frank Toch, 19, of Alicia, Fayette county, died at* the West Peun Hospital today Anuilici automobile waa added to I he llt of motor thefts here when the Uedgo coupp belonging to G. Fred lllemau wan stolen about 8:45 o'clock lust night from in front of tho rest- dent in Isabella road. X J oI!ce hare been norlftcd am] U notice sent -put over tho t c l P t y p e printer system. The llcoiiM' nuniber of the car vas UR35. Bishop Slattery Greensburg Man flow, flooding the regions around o f injuries received yesterday when OHKKN'SnuilO, March 14.--Bishop ""' " " ' '" ~ Bnrc ilona, toda Sabadell and Hns Carbuncle Humored. VV, Ham Xe-fbit ot Kast Patterson aveu m h a d a carbuncle rpmovcd. nt Tarragona c r u s h e d beneath iron bars at ~ tho Charles Lewis 'Slattery of the Ej'o- C l a l r t o n plant of the Carncfite Steel i c s t a n t fOpiscopal Diocese of Massa- Compaily. f r e i g h t was u n l o a d i n g bars c a r w h e n another i,olllflfd w i t h i t , Tfie impact shook Use -'onneUsville State Hospital t h i s M h o bars, which fell on him as he was w h o died in Bostoti Wedfiei- from a^ day mi?lU, w,ih a former resident of f r e i g h t ( i r c o i t s b t u g , his t r t t h r r , t h e lat» Rev. S l n t t e r y h a v n i s served, at r*c~ nion luff. 'knuckod lo tli floor of the car. tor of HIP Christ Episcopal Churib m lS7i aad 1872-

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