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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 6

Ottawa, Canada
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Thursday, April 2, 1964
Page 6
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.'surrender of its privileges. Here is what . Mi1. Uoparls said in carefully-phrased sentences' to the Fed This is not South Africa with an'im-placable resolve among the rulers, that white supremacy must forever be maintained." The fact of Southern Rhodesia, accented bv thouchtful whites and '' 1" X t J . I. . . . . a qri -Ji.-,-. --.-. -v Avnai camion wouia mat, dp to.Air.icns 1HB U TTAWA JOUkNALv who had lost" the support of the "British .government for thir. cause? .The white. Th. Jourmi PuViuHir.j Co f Ottawa, im.- indenondent -Southern Rhrdesianiniilfl Ontario and the Pension Plan- Those who profess the occuU-rt of mind-reading ate saying that; Premier - John Robarts is preparing to take On--tario ouX of the Federal pension plan. 'Nothing which Mr. Robarts said in Quebec, either in the" conference room 1 or outside; justifies that conclusion. The speculation lives in the thin air of conjecture. I . . . i . . .... i nave me iacis pi powxranq. tne we;K .ha. iihilili.- H-.i1 hiu-n rtr,on tft precipitate action tin independence by African violence,' their consideration of Africans' rights .would be predictably small. '.V : ' ''" ''.! V-.. " The penalties of rashness, aggressive action and disregard of. constitutional processes are writ .clear in the recent history of Africa. Iri Southern. Rhodesia : there' is a chance for better settlements andffw.tience is therbest friend of every- " oie. . ', - ' . ' - - , '. Liberal Brinkmanship, eral-Provincial Conference Wednesday: . Hansard roports fpr the yeafs of Con-"Ontario is prepared to "enter into a servative power in Ottawa , show how national " plan whichi is truly national .. intense .was the Liberal interest, in the i jandjembraces all of Canada, whether state orthe Unemployment Insurance, we. are to have such a plan is a mat- Fund. -. ;,:-, ter of some doubt. In the event that we V Mr. Paul Martin in particular appear- , . do not 1 then we reserve our right to; ed 'to count the wj?ek, wasted in which ; . make the decision as to our further he did not ask w ha? provision the Con-v action jn providing pension benefits for sera.tive 'administration Jhad made to , our people in Ontario until we see the ensure unerjiployrhent insurance bene- ultimate form oi bi.iixs ime reaerai fits could be paid legislation) and the position of our Sis- This interest was qu.ite" -justified. The' ter provinces." , fund, which had climbed to $900,000,000,i It is beyond all doubt , that Quebec came tumbling down after increased will not be in a pension, plan with the unemployment . and extended benefits rest of Canada. Mr. Robarts himself weakened it ' ' formally recognized that : - Jh Liberals. hang posed aMhe ' after he made his sta ement Gov, f R consistent, ernments pension P1"-vwitori at the bedside of the pat.ent. ,.RTVT: interest after they wpnelecfnl nine participating provinces at most. K. I,: - ", " - 1 - But it shmi rl he r ear that Mr.- . ",v" oui. Robarts has not taken Ontario out. His e hfalth of the fund lhey did not make "TOsitioF todays noifrerenrtJiarrtt- was before the Quebec City meeting concerning it until in reply to a question ' beean this week Labor Minister MacEachen ; No doubt the" FederaI6vernment "8aid''hhoPPd. wanted to smoke out .Mr..- Robarts' in- ould passed promptly so that a tentions. It would have added stature, loan could be' made, .to tbe fund. The .; to the DominionVlegislation to be able reserves were not adequate to finance . to, counted on the participation'. of the benefits beyond a very. short time, the most populous province in Canada., the minister said. ;, The Premier of Ontario has been feeiing When protest xame from the Oppose pressure. - ' tion that it was being asked to pass an v But' fr. Robarts is sticking to his .appropriation in haste. it was no defence position. He is saying being orderly for Mr. say warning that Ontario will not pass judgment nau .oeen given in ine usi ui suppie- until the Federal legislation has been ment-ary estimates. The formal request set. The Canada Pension Plan has only for $1 to cover fund needs gave no been introduced in the Commons. It has hint of the emergency to which t h e yet to be scrutinized in committee hear-'' 'minister later referred.; . ings. Prime Minister Pearson , himself , TJiis Was an exercise in brinkmanship has indicaffed there might be changes in astonishing in politicians who used to the bill. '" be in a constant 'tizzy abou t th eTf u nd Can anyone blame Mr. Robarts for TTTey should not have put the House .playing Hamlet? in a position of having to t-' Wnhartc tn put It in terms nf mati quickly -or- beig- tn ensnro tfiA KtAnofi't nr nairt An timt tf 1 . , U . f f DAkrte 11-111 rnn. f- . t r Z t ' ' a C3;l : , . . . . .::v"'''-:---'- Master of the Services , ; Rt.Uon. Peter Thorneycroft, 54. a solicitor who; -resigned his commission in the Army in 1933. yesterday betame head of the unified British armed services. 4- . Secretary of State for Defence. Authority jnd responsi-- -;. bility for the unified mimstryof defence isTvested in , him although tie will delegate day-to-day management , ' v of the servicesto ministers for the Navy, Army and Air . V 'Force. As the nw.organizationjcame into" effect there ." ceased to be a First Lord bf the' Admiralty for the first time in nearly 30(5 years. V . ' FulbrighixBreaks Eggs By W ALTE R LI PPM A.VN Shorty BitS r i Aged Are VKtims Froiri Hrinrd f " -l.l'd FrancU (L-. sf orrrjeriV Lr Carfefoht:" member of the councif of ie city of Ot tawa and I w, as surprised 'at the degree t("whtch some private (ambiance) , operators. ' ho'really believed in the work they . were, doinfc,' put upvwith i n Rpr( v e n i e nCeva Q.d i se r io u i pe c , c .UFc u, . ... vy r:ir;. "Mnaie appniva. BnQ ROya awetu f Democratic admlmstra- NATURALLY enough, m the more anymore ev dent that thl pood mf Canada, as WellaS Of fnllAW nrnmnl v Tb nnnrtcitinn . tvac -. ..'?. - . .. . u.-TTiSt . -". - ",w na more (vueni-imi ; o ... "rr"- Kin -wunout erv nz Borne aia . u na or acnaie inai senator grvmg some Ontario m making up nis mina. a indignant at the treatment given it. : As.-and comfort to the opposition Fulbnght federal pension- pian wunoui win Rir. Stanley Knowies said, -tne oovern Ontario and Quebec is theetically ment did not tell the House of the impossible. But it would be Spobr; im- portince of the item and took a risk poverished thing, requiring all mach- trfat benefits would not be paid unless inery of a country-wide 'organization for Parliament acted quickly. Mr. Mac-less than 50 per cent of Canadians. Eachen declared there had been no Mr. Lesage, for his own reasons one c?fort at deliberate concealment. But i't fragmentation strikes, in. Mr. Robarts' The Journal has received this inter :e'V' V own words "at the core and root, of esting and moving Confederation." No wonder the Premier of Ontario remains uncommitted. The decisioiuhe eventually makes may have a profound : bearing on the new shape of Canada. Hope in Africa ; The Somalis badger the hewfy-f ree Kenyans on their border and Ethiopian planes bomb Soirjalia.-Thus continues the trouble so familiar to Africa as the winds of change blow strong, but, there is not, let us be thankful, big trouble in Southern Rhodesia. . This. African . territory, said Prime Minister Sir Alec Douglas Home the other day, is Britain's last and most . difficult problem among the countries not yet independent. In restless, disputatious Africa, the healing virtues of patience are seldom in evidence but there is hope they will have their chance in Southern Rhodesia, that branch of Commonwealth where a powerful white -minority-declines to be hurtled into man who now lives in Ottawa but was raised in Halifax. ' . - "When Halifax was devastated by the Dec. 6. 1917, explosion, with a very heavy loss of life as well as property, the Ameri- --can people1-' especially those of Massachusetts rushed help " within 24 hours. A speciaTlf am was loaded with doctors, nurses, and supplies to help care for the wounded. That was nearly half a century ago. -. .'.'.- . . -"When our neighbors have a disaster, . especially one of major proportions. Canada seems content to let the Prime Minister " telegraph our sympathies and perhaps an offer of help which Isn't taken up. "It might make us all feel a little better if our public policy were to rush some useful help without waiting on tiresome cere- . mony. How often. does anybody rush to help some stricken Americans? How often does the Canadian neighbor do the obviou thing? - .;'"-'-. .'. :' :. '' "After te Anchorage calamity, Americans and Canadians would have felt rather hanpy to have head .that Canada had rushed some supplies or even if we had their rights, forthwith. There are white -That's strange. To many of us it seems" supporters of the government of Prime, Minister Winston Field who are said to be ready to declare indepeTTdencefronT Britain without satisfying London's de-. man'ds for constitutional reforms which .would protect Africans' interests. , If i Southern Rhodesia'declared inde- the act would" be declared illcgaF and : ......i j" u. in. r j to be; whirling faster than ever. Girl Guides of Canada are to hold an matter of faift' there has on Castro has precipitated, at home "and causing disturbr ; there ' are :- many r debata b 1 a.; anre abroad. points. Two points in particular The real -question, however, hem t. Trie questionable.' , " i--.- " tl. -r..L. the government i. disintegrat ing. In all fairness to the people of panada I say 'the Govern ment should immediately re mem ;w'a nnmeaiateiy. ic uh,rn,r frmrtntv at finaiii - , tiniiMit n tin nnr a v. or l-1ealth fdpds . rum . rM Bif i mm 1 S; It SENATORS reeentiy were Canada's Oli i- .. t -.. .... S3 Bills Are Treasured f ACnatT nrtx tn lb flatarlal PM . ; S told.fhat huckMers of nutri- y iwufuieww . Violnir-i'..rWr:ne. tderW ' phony Tf.r a $3 bill," person' of innua'riv. We Ktior ttnn thpr' nnlhinu nrillions .of d.M.ars h . . The may wondar J-Ki. . nomination wax lenal tender . what extent this may be sa3 ' in Canada for. many reara and of Canada - ... the old bills, are nowworth , snkfinancial, losV to" provide The testimony as to tins came,:: Th, the sdaid-rr.service' which ' frftin Dt-V Ftederick; JInnformatjot they relt was very much Meedea cnairman oi in wpurirorni oi in their community.. I had. the ' nulntiW in Harvard of leviewihg at one sity's School of Public Health, stage the financial statement ,nd tfM fmm Dr. Dena Ceder, I should like to know why, to Liberal rule, We all remem- their ' phony. ! nutrition .. advice, .n-niiMlinn him fnr-nn ana m.J.M eiarr.; per...,, .m.e explanation: the minister Wre-. 1"';'-mony . ae. irtRe so-IV said in his usual 0ff,hand-called nutntwn ptoducts don t 'manner ."Well, farmers have,harra-,hera'- newer -'do. they children "That was a refer-' J"!P ,them- --''V'4 ' . ' ' J Other Views : A -SPEECH like Sen. J. W. terfu we have to.make do. with many of tne ministeTt oppoSntr- One of A '-... td'-brighta on the myths co-oMinate branches .whjch trr;tried to bulldoze business judges, the la and 'errors of certain of our favorable times era" separate," throueh " Last Thursdav thev once said: through. Last Thursday they foreign polices amounts to an. but r.endly. insistence that freedom of de reasons 01 state held a club over the opposi- LIBERTY Milwaukee Journal Th nrirH"tr naif fnr tr Am. 1 . . 1 i t 1 I ' . . , . . t-. . L. ... . . v ' ' ', vl . . ,..v ' ...... .l .1 , .u. ' . u -. . ; . n .t i i - wi j i tn renniut uhn liia rioht rm .riijr'Jir,r. one small piece on Canadians can glean from tne BanK or Canada's recentlyartedcollec-: tion'.of Canadian paper money ; and coins. , -. The Bank decided to atart th . was -astonished at the rase, in (tu1s, . chairman , of , c0,Iw.,r)rtwI VMr. ',eo linc, , which it was simply impossible State University's department of thfre was no large publicly 1 for this private operator to col- foods and nutrition. , " - ' owned collection-of-bank notes .? lect jili. htch he had ren-Bfore-' aeriate sufjcommittee uued over the last 150 yearsi dered.;- fWnrreasns-uch as :if, ashmgton.HheswossaiUjl1' felt that not only did i those so' eloquently described ed what they cal ed rubbish d- jt have ! "obligation to. pro-. by. previous speakers In the (nbuted bv; authors and pub- -vid record of currency. in . :House.' aV'VvHisherfjtLpfad books." and -Canada, but also that it was in - ' ',' - :' ., radio and television programs'"' Rnod. position. to do so.; ': X. ut Martlneau (C--PonUac-'.ii- icli- actors' and others 'pose ' ' The Bank .buys from jthe Temiscamingue): Could - the. as "nutrition experts while selU same sources as any collector. j; Minister of Finance (Mr Gor-.' jnj- mail-order:' yitirinins',' min-- -from dealers; at au'c'torui and ' don) explaia satisfactorily his erar DreBarations and so-called from other collectors. It is not i complete;: silence during . hisfnatufai- foods" budget' regard W i,nf)rtunateI . personi of ad., KrlhBirtW$ffw vanci'ng' easy victims "t ?t, v3I ih'P; for the 'health hucksters with out to buy at any price and1 push the market up -r in fact, J Bank buyers . have often re- Ructions because a private col- 'J lector has bid more than tne market price and the tBank Js not prepared to do that. ' . Collection is proving difftcult .' because some old hilla are very ( scarce aireaay. tne reason: ence to the fact that from now The testimony of -the two ouftt founded on on, lamiry allowances. would oe oocrors orougnt out tne iouow- jltle capital and Issue their1 extended to students Of. 16 and ,ing points: There is no evidence awn nal(4 wjth no centrai con-1-,17.years of age. . whicK suggests that older people . (po, rjght up until th9 ear!y But the Minister of Finance '.', require greater amoams-of any 1940s. There have been 08'." has refused to understand the specific nutrient than-tlo young. note-Lssuing banks in CanadarK needs of a 'basic ' industry "in. er adults. The, American :Medi- g,jnce the -first Canadian bank'" our country. Neither he. nor cal Association-., has estimated (Bank of Montreal) waxfounded the Minister of Agriculture the "take from the innocent" in 1817. .' .'-'". i have been .able to give us satisfactory answers .on that ter.- : , ; r.'-. '' :'.''.' "'Jt .A. Webb (C Hastings-Frontenac): Sir, on Good Friday Canadians, again experienced! ' another black. Friday under WASHINGTON. Impossible in the American sys- Zi,. ,vl '"'- tn. nutritional, quackery, .comes to. $300.000.000 annually.' , . jN T1,E middIe jgoOs in par-' ticular, banks came and went year, by year, and new notes , appeared and" disappeared with great "frequency. The early . notes were numbered, dated and signed individually m pen and rnklthraigh the reit'waS" America's greatest j? " " V iMmJi ua where there were already-. .... . 1 ,1 U- "I often wonder whether we backs were blank and some pre endorsed, like a cheque. v.- r- - imns npaa. apmann mar .it -uonui mi uur nuim iuo mutn-- t . . bate cqmes.ahead of politic at bate mei-hen debate is i scarce .' pa expenditures joTsome $260 upon constitutions, upon law rflu gnj onsion in the Zrli cven n oppoW;anaupon-cou is. nese are :fariy day, V mainly becauw' """" ;' . oc,.,in . mui!Kui a.rvr tunity ,. to, oeoaie- question or laisenopes; oeueve me, inese R jf ; . , There is no, doubt that there out when it ha-hen a vry-.ic'rulmiz these bills.'- are false hopes. Liberty lies in ""i.T: r'j P -., h are risks m free discussion and long t.ime , since any public man ' X)t Vou know Mr Chair, the -fei-enjLndwomen: r. J-.-.j . ?C ,i SSd If" '.here isrice tobe paid discussed publicly L premises 'ZT -accuses W. ror-a. It. not nosMb e '-td make and .essumotions of. our fore cn : 1 tut on no' law." n court ran -"' tven mervnanw isaueq ,1itil trimr - ha Vnf thp initia- haarHioct tho navmpnt nf honpfits. ' ... ...... w-... u.-. -ri.. if .v- jaT. ' ' ii,ipi, 1 tneir . own notes which were puiniwni on , 1' 'r t t -j - . i(i vmcin t wuiiuui . i hc uuiui ui iiiiuui rfidaV have Since COntf to the ,ft ziv vuusiiLui-iufi, no i f,- live, ine iuvaiuasc i onu " ne iiouse last mgnt at a special su- i ,s p''" e i i senate. some nave been de--,,, lut" 1,11 cvcn uu game of manoeuvre between Canada ting lasting two hours approved the item Democrat and its provinces. promissory notes. In 18.90 depositor got their ' ' Democratic-chairman "of the American thinking about foreign moted and ,rft etiU there much to help it While it lie. fl ; Relations Committee to affairs. v .. . - ' but one ,iu on this aide of t needs no constitution, J1 5 tS Sn teSna ' is wuiin me pi ils. . miiiic mr iiiiiikiiii uiny.cnu ui ucntners. lull (H DIOua ' and ! i i. .. .....i- , ; - ; . : .the Western Ailiance as- they ' vigorv up to the front benches, threatened, he is .mug and ' "X" B rii h Roval A PRIME rea son why a are being emhh.sired by the pe only other" alternative it ' Jrle..!?1!!! Mint and speecn HKe senaior r u i- impact pi ucnera; ue iiaune. nai is io resign ana lace tne ",B ui iniwiniuniiy uy v , . - - . of which is to have control of the huge js tne responsibility of the Government , hnght's causes o much disturb- The other point is what he said people of Canada. 2... fnN4 ia fttlnn i loknt ntlr . a ' aura kont( ta m ah A mAtl. anr) At A 1 ntt ' s ' knn . Jui "! m n . i 1 J . a, J L. ... . L . ia cs t ' Af And i et tka v TnKon tvttirt " of conducting the Cuban policy. mr. KODans couia yei ao me same, nc stated and ths was not done, does not have to convince anyone about . that. But he should not do it merely V A: ii ( tu I because Quebec has so chosen. Such , . A,d More Than Lo9,c can way gov- : ernmeni is unique among great " He said in the speech that powers, of the - world.': 'Leaving there have been "three options out authoritarian governments open to the I'nited States with where there is no such thing respect to Cuba." One,. removal 25 Years Ago r Tk JmihI f April 1. IM '" T "PiOHmn-.. .. . . . l"Pe . or tn-- presaure production. "Berkely Square A ii is is ma vcij tiling wiiivii "Uiu ntt ur r ursuujr vaiLi.u. do- could both propositions be true not use force to destroy Castro, at the same. time.' - '. but we do use! our undoubted' ' - ' rfnnmir nnivr tn inrliira him T , t -i .u x .- -,u -ii lllc'c wa5 nu 4jihi in lusimiK siuu i tit ; disadvantages oi tree to negotiate, senousjy . for a blacks alike, is that in time there will Alaska until we knew what they wantedv 1 dyCssion or foreign affairs tolerable -.stilus , the be a sharing of power. There is no Otherwise there might be waste and Nebvkus enough. Thus.' to 'American community.' agreement on the period of years that duplication The apologists would have 4drnit 'rom hish place that " I. count itn-example of the must pass before .all citizens have SQme ,ogic on thir sidp-but oucor- me,policy may need to be re- value of Senator. Fulbright's equal voting rights but it -woufd be rncnnnr4 ha cnmo n. ... ed does en:ourage not only speech that he has made Cuban traeic if imDatience on either side led XT 7:: '".7 -1 Ii" .v. " , who oppose the policy for policy, which has so often beer. . . . . . . ... aim jiiidtiiiuuuu un jus iuc. to decisions being written, in blood. . . The balance is delicate. There ;are jN'r n African leaders. wh9 ?vouid favor reck- Motes and Comment less action to secure what they consider ""The earth's rotation is slowing down. good reasons, but also those discussed in so. hysterical and who oppose it for bad reasons, -so juvenile a way, seriously de- But th.s is the. price we pay Datable eveiv with himself..'.' for'the kind of government we " . have. REPORTERS ALERT , If there were no Fulbright to Letter-Review , Insist on debate, there would be 1 Alert rewsnaoer reoorters no official- and kgltimate way ,re much of , ,sset. in tn of holding the executive branch leglslatufer and in parliament firrnnnthla an1 nf rAmnftTlinit It - - a. w --rtt : a adult training day. 'Well, its worth to re.ex,mine its policies. intimation of the iniquitous a,try , ' In a parliamentary governv legislation proposed in Ontario ment. tne executive nas no sv th- regard to no ice work Architect George Nelson of Jew York fix'd ,Murt offfice. The oppo-came when Mr. Cass, now the nanAanfa iKnut iha rrincnftt nfinnnn- tin, oi a policy can meretore ex-attomev-fienera ' save we re a sogety ot blind people ""'' "w'r a ni kti r.orvU' n's -t.; s ' -ii. !-. i. in .l. . make tneir ca.e, and. u..they ' ores t conference and answered -.V,.-1:' " ' . : V'" .-.rKs..ean:wB th9 h0Wt they. frankly questions put to hfm the .Rhodcsian government might not be , us. Wecan alUeeJiispoint, if noLhis4ak. over, th. XeCut'ive resprm-- by reporter, who -hadZ !taken able to stay lit theommonwealth. But logic. . ' '. - " s.bility. Such a;thingeTiiijUie trouble to' read the bill. - -, j :' "-v V':-. . f,. - -. '' 'V. '-'.'. '.-... . .' ,"..: ''.'-.- - .:.'-' - :. ',.-... "- rv-:. .'.;...' '' . COMPLACENT " Brantford Expositor The responsibility, for fe- - - Church' where the minister-was 'lethal weapons and 'should be donated some BC lumbepfo help with the - ,he spokesmarrof the w h e n Castro offers fo give Rev. Harry WMolllns. . S ept under control ,k,,;i Ana,,rinn. Sl-h- innll - rrFsiorni nr inai no tuuiu jmmnitri . , ngainsi evinu- do a service by jurging thaLCanada have a more inspiring drill laid down to ensure adequate responses when our neighbors .have a calamity and we arc in a position to do something meaningful." The apologists will of course state that diifcr deeniy with the Pf tl- uowar dent's administration and yet he "version on the territory of nonetheless a friendly and loyal Latin neighbors, supporter. Only. in A m e r i c a In the fourth option, we , MOPSY I M DRFAKINO MY EN5A6EMErTT BUT I IJUSTCAN T 5CEM "TO LET 60 OF THE apd t,here has been no loss to a .depositor since. Tn 1858 the first .decimal coins issued Specially for Caa-'- re- m of criWe .ada me from England in. one organize itself, or else bring .moving yie source, or crime . mnt nrf 9ft .. " . .w --.u.-i. resta w th th r it yen. rinirk cent nve cent, jo cent ana if f th. ' sumo oi .me younger Dac.K- : r ""r.. -.v.l.. t ions .k o..t . i.nitnn, ."'I'U vi ,,nc uuilf,C , imvn- - r..... ail a kit a iwjai -' I-'''. -WZWrrZ 'in ms It became : analysis, a : government is a lhe oya,1 Ca"adia,n ' . reflection' of the people. Mnf' from- the Brit i.h Cass may have been right-after p 1.,' 1Rsa fh -Ai' ".r, all In insisting that he touched . Zh I. , ? , . T unintentionallypon the sen.i- Xm . W" " fh U " . " fr"d,Pen debate of gov. of Castrr, by nvading andoc: ding CROSBY, one of film.; . bilitie the- peopler Far . .11 coj fo; 'orth American were - itnn uviu a cinmni pnncics, uiij ui n hi iujjiih mr piariu, twn, ine , use, , land s SO-Caliea Ticnest nc nncw, ineso icciings w no democratic govt r n ment of the boycott to undermine and m-n " wa katd io have actuallv- too blunted by disuse to rebel ,u '....,.:.'. . . .L" . , . t , , . - ,. , . ' KVlil UUICI VUUI1U ICS WCIB wnere a man in ire srnaior s onnjj oown ine asiropregime. had to borrow money to pay an at nis snocK ireaimenu , official position . could have and three, "acceptance -or the insialmeht 6n his- income tax. . : a dis- of his own party's actions with- agreeab.e reality and annoy- , , - , . . -: . . . out settin off a maior political ance." " ':.' rr.ed.-Rome...H. MbM. Kitchener-Waterloo Record explosion, .;.'.' '-In tny view there is a fourth r,0"cA, TL 8 ' S ' A proposal to We-com It rojild not have happened option. It is not invasion, occu- from-1902-1910. often accepted. Banks and merchants Issued "tokens," which are metallic currency Issued by somebody other tfiarf the government. - -- - - , ".'-".- ' at all in a parliamentary pation or blockade, or the ef- . nerwooo.-ws eirtie firearms nat been placed before . - democtacy tike that of Britain, fort to organize an International first president or the Property the Ontario legislature. ' T!k Jv.T k if .ni,in. i.l. it nrnirr hrtvmtt tn tctrv c.krr tv. Owners' Association of Ottawa. .u. ". ..i '. "nt. tne cnarterea banks (by ".J'. .Z1 t: " .t-"" I -r .....;!.. DUl we.-ro'u wa that time reduced to 40, and would fall or the senator would own boycott, supported volun- ham, England. , An occasional There was , day when, all issuintheS own no resign hlS office. Btit nothing ar.;y by coun.r.e, wish, ailment had been a sore throat.; over, ,hft conU ' . w rul picssuic . p i . r. Pereira was direct- n nf ih fmntipr haA tn m.-lh. Au, .nrtr..4 ing an Ottawa Drama League carry a firearm any ttime they $2 bills, and in 1942 the right walked abroad. That condition to issue notes of any denomina- Right Hon. Ernest La pointe, is now a matter of history for tion was vested solely, in the. understand - that there are In- accomplish by such Trans. The ior parliamentary- spokes- the most part and the owner. .. Bankanada. In 19..0 the deed two co-ordinate branches purpose would be to Induce him of this peculiar government. to try, to come to terms with " Familiar as they .are w J t h ; the community of A m e ir I can their very different forms of states, That may well become ; government, "which are always possible when the Soviet forces, uoitary," it is hard for them to which, are now wjthdrewing. believe that the senator was not have ail--been - withdrawn and man for - French. Canada.', said ship of firearms In what is be- cnartered banks turned over In the Commons that Canada -coming' largely an urban civil enough ' money to the central would intervene in any war In ization is an entirely difTerent-hank to redeem all outstanding . .-. . - i.:it. ' which Britain was attacked. suuauon. It was the 40th anniversary Firearms, no matter what of Fourth Avenue Baptist they are Intended for, are bills. Now the Bank of Canada wants to have a complete record of all notes and coins issued in Canada. In addition, it is building up a representa tive collectiori of ancient, medl- fval and modern' foreign coFTrs I and paper money, The. collection has already been exhibHodat-numismatic conventions in- Sherbrooke, Vancouver, Toronto and De- jroit, whrre-the exhibits were open to the public. Jf and when an appropriate place is avail -able. the. collection fcould go on permanent display in. Ottawa. - traveling around the crfuntry for, exhibits. . r Sheldon S. Carroll .was appointed full-time Curator of the Numismatic; Collection Sept. 1, 19,63. having just retired as a major from the army. . He points out that his function is entirely separate from the nor-T" mal business of the Bank: .The -Bank's purpose is to put money. ; into Circulation . mine ia to rescue it from circulation.' .Carroll has beencollecting, . studying and "TivrJTtng-bouL -; ; numismatic (oraboutO years: was the founding president of .the Canadian Numismatic As- sociittio and -has Just been --elected first president of" the . CanadianSocietyofMedalliif. An. . , ' : ' " i ' ''

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