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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, July 16, 1918
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Corniel]«vflle'» Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,714 VOL.: 16, NO. 210. CONNELLSVILLE, PA^ TUESDAY EVENING, JULY 16, 1918. EIGHT PAGES: ALLIED RESISTANCE NOT ONLY HOLDS GERMAN ADVANCE BUT FIR FROM AMERICAN-FRENCH GUNS AFFECTS SPIRIT STEEL PLANT WILL RESUME TOMORROW EMPLOYING 60 MEN Co»een 1m Her* Bottom to Begia MaamlmetM* of Stodligoto. UNDER 1£W MANAGEMENT I«*M* 9t**l Ctmrtmj 9m Tfckun Orer TUrij Tnm tke Trntoe* in Bank ra*ter aad Steady Xu !» Now A» t*a»t Drta* tke War. The operation of the plant of the United States Electric Steel 'Company irhich ha« been · leased by the Jessop Steel Company of 'Washington, Pa. will begin tomorrow. The plant wil turn out steel ingots, the same product which was mad* by the United States Electric Steel Company before It went into the hands of the receivers. Negotiations were started with the Jessop Steel Company orer a month ago for th« lease of the plant and a handsome weekly cash rental will be paid. As soon as the lease was sign- 3d representatives of, the steel company took charge , of the plant anc juice that-time have been putting it ri shape for operation! The lessees will furnish their own capital and labor. · ; , "--; ·'··. · · " .-' ' The property, since early in March iuw) been in the hands of F.E.Mnrkel of this city; A.- C.. Ellis and George L. iadsby of PittsburR trnsteec In bankruptcy. The JMSOP company owns a number f plants in different parts of thi country producing high grades of too i»d di« steels. It' lias a number o: important government contracts ant part ot the .semi-finished materials to a* used in UMW contracts will · be matt at the Herd botttom plant from raifv»tcek»v ' '· · '!", ' i - r ^; .'" .Tke plant'will beiin operatkmj with ikOTrt CO men, to b» IncrtaVtil. an L aiiillj donandB..- Some'ofjVtlie : old "r'ot the»Jeetriei.»je#l. com' been*erapioyel aid others ^ : " 4i««reiit Jeiaop Steel COMPANY GAT WORK tt fte gliiaanu Tngnm Tntuiiij. QtXP THOMAS J. STEWART, t-Oniam, July !«.--Comoiuiy G. umta of the Peonsjiranla i MlU*i», tot their flrst taste of ilaiiilii teainlnj yeitertay under' a and other eoodlUoiw'. that a new ide* of the porpoee it-«a mnmtftntat. ,V* frattar part ol tl»e forenoon ·ai «wt t«r tke .-Third Regiment in *· a»i eloM order diillj an mt miiilMii At noon? the com-1-^*1 returned to their company «l»eU eowed with sweat and dust a«:iiUt kMn appetites for the mid- lajr »c«1 The program for the after- lipaB^ VM 'raried- soiaewhat, but its V»Hiii i w*» to farther hartrna. the tew orcurixatioB m the preliminaries if MHieitec. Lieut CoL James A. ^rtT. iMpeetor of the Ttrird Regi- oipat. addnHed the line officers, out- )·!·( their duties and spealdne very latteriogry of the spirit abown by the MDf jaat and the efforts they. are oikJa( to lean the duties of a sol- Ihfci- ' · · lllt»»lill *bow is to be staged by he 3Urd Regiment some sight this rakiM the first of a series of enter- WILL LIST IDLERS to Selp 0»t . n a i i i i i In act by ttie dire need of MB. at th« industrUi plants "about the O*B and the iact that tiketo are IBOHTOIU idlers. Burgess A. R, Dun$ ot Poabar, : todai ordered Bit po- U» t* make a list of all men able to («fc w«o are niot usefully employed. ?h« nacn* -will ~ae turned over to the littral asthoritiM for ; ; action under IM ; work oi 1 fi«Qt ruling of Provost lanhal G«i«ral Crowder." Tk« plant of: the · American Man- aa«e Kanufacturin(.(xmpany, which ^'.'Making' war materials for the gov- rantent. and its subsidiaries, are andicapped by labor shortage and iiire Is need of- men elsewhere. Com- laint. is" Blade also iat some mei^ r* not working regularly and thus re^hanperin'a: .the w*J work. SBW TXACHEB 5A3CEB. tb» Klla Bjers Elected -to Position » : la D»»Wr Hl(^i SehooL Ti« 'Ifflnbar school board at a meet- ig la»t evening elefeUd.Miss Ella S. y«rm,~-te«cker it; tie .high'school, to ^tfcS'.iacabcjr caused"by the resig- atJon of Mi»xElts, Baker, who has ikts a position at Scottdale. Mil* Bytn is a .fitaduate of Blairs- ill* college and tod: two y*«r» in the flir«t»ity ot Pittstarg For three ««*» ib* ha* taught in the South oiaulliTllT i "I-*!*-' WILSON RIGHT IN GENERAL, AUSTRIAN MINISTER AGREES Fow New Point* ,1»: J«]y Fnrth Speech. Conld Sot Arouse Opponl. tfoB, Karon Buriai Declares.. BY Associated Press. AMSTERDAM, July 16.--Baron von Burian, the Austro-Hungarlan foreign minister, in a note addressed to the Austro-Hungariaa premier, is quoted .in a dispatch from Vienna as saying: "There is hardly any difference between tlie general principles enunciated by tie statesmen ot both belligerents. President's Wilson's four new points of July 1 cannot, apart from certain exaggerations, arouse our opposition." Continuing, the Austro-Hungarlan. foreign minister said: "The enemy's obstinacy regarding historical demands concerning Alsace-Lorraine, Trieste, Trentino and the German colonies, appears to be insurmountable." In his reference to President Wilson's four new points in his July speech, Baron Burian said he was able to approve of them heartily, and that to a great extent "nobody would refuse homage to this genius and nobody would refuse his cooperation." "W-e erer- are ready to enter into peace negotiations'with all our opponents," he continued. Continuing, the ' foreign minister our enemies continuously de- said,:. "If maud atonement for wrongs done and restitution then this Is a claim which we could urge with more justification against them because we have been attacked and the wrong done to us i must be redressed." "We are prepared to discuss everything," said Baron Burian. REPORTS FROM ONE END OF BATTLE LINE TO OTHER SHOW OFFENSIVE COMPLETE FIZZLE MEMORIAL SERVICES FOR DANIEL KEFFER TO BEJfflD SUNDAY Entire to mm unity of Flnlrton Will Participate; Relatives Going From ConnellsTillc. Memorial services lor Daniel W. By Associated Press. ^ e " er ' tormerlf of this city, who cued OL wounds received in action, in WITH THE AMERICAN FORCES ON THE MARNE, July 16, 11:10 A. M.--Reports from I France, will be held in the high one end of the'battle line to the other say that except for a few minor localities the great German I school auditorium at ciairton, his offensive so far has been a complete failure. j l a te tome, on Sunday evening. The . Additional German prisoners taken today sav they are convinced that their commanders i e " tire communil ' win participate in r · the services, no churches of any de- MANY BUYERS, FEW SELLERS WHEN CURB MARKETK OPENED Two Farmers Appear . Produce and Quickly Sen Out Stocks. MARKET ON FRIDAV have been beaten. American troops today shot down a carrier pigeon belonging to the enemy east Chateau Thierry. It was carrying a message from a German divisional headquarters saying I nominations Holding services that Eatables for Sunday Tabl OI evening. Tke burgess ot the town ' that the situation was serious, that the Germans saw no chance of making further progress in Mrxjr relatives from hen tKo Ifwalitv of that riftriainn ' l l e Services. will be in charge . of the services. will attend the locality of that division. GEKSIAX THOOPS DISHEARTENED. ..WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY ON THE MARNE, July 16," 10:45 A. M--Word received, this morning from the battle-front to the east of Rheims shows that the Allied defense is notitive service several times in Gener- only still holding up the German attempts to advance but appears to have broken the enemy!"' 1 Fishing's army. He enlisted The young soldier had been in France just a little over a year when his death occurred. He had seen ae- Will Mean Kcady Sales For Thos« IVlio Have Green Hoods to Sell; Success ot" Movement Is Assured. spirit. shortly after the war broke out. join- At one point on the front of the offensive where American troops are fighting they or- 1 ganized a small counter attack late yesterday on the flank of a salient established by the Ger-l^," " h General s forces and Connellsville's first curb market opened this morning with a good patronage of buyers but a shortage of farmers. In a very short time two men who had brought truck loads to the grounds were sold out and on their way back to the farms. Women with market baskets bought everything to be had. Many who arrived late did not get everything they wished to buy. Daoie! Keffer was the first young! Some got nothing. '! man in Ciairton to enlist for service! The farmers sold new potatoes, to- j in the United States army and he is ! matoes, onions, apples, pears, chlck- T ^x^r^^-»T -r -i -, r fm. /-, AU · · ! _ - , . , also the first from that place to give ; ens, eggs and other produce fresh LONDON, July 16--The Germans this morning continued the attack against the French! u p hls li(e . . I from the farms. Tiiden Kern and A. mans and drove them out in short order. The American troops in this section occupied inter-j had been on duty" over there coitin- mediate positions in the rear of the first lines. The Germans were allowed to come through, but whsn they tried to cross the open fields up a slight grade the American machine gunners and infantry, occupying excellent positions, mowed down the advancing ranks. The enemy broke and retired at many places. ually until his death occurred -on June 30. Ail ATTACKS BEPUXSED. lines in pursuance of their offensive, according to information that has reached here. In none ot his letters did he speak i C. Ogievee were the two farmers at The information received indicates that the offensive remains held up. The attacks u p j o f active service until recently, when j the market. Although it was some to this morning have been nearly everywhere repulsed with heavy losses. HELP RED CROSS Youg ir»mta Operate Befnslwent Staad; CWldren Have Shows. Instead of going away for the Fourth, Miss Madge Cummings, former ConnellsviUe teacher, and Misies. Mabel, and Fannie. Cummings Operated a refreshment stand at their home at Acme and cleared f 10 for the -Red Cross, ifhich; amount -was turned OTer . to : tire Connslisrilla ' ' ' Lillian Bower, "Wlnona Bower, Annette · Deeter, Ruth and. Rose Lane, and'Lillian, Mary Jane and Sariitr. Monaban presented a show at their home In.Gibson avenue and raised 13.10 which has been turned into headquarters. Young folks gave a_ show at the home of Violet Snyder,' 406 Johnston avenue, at which they realized $2.85 for the Red Cross. Songs and talking machine selections were the features. The girls taking part were Frances Port, June Port, Tillie Kinsbursky, Thetina Snyder, Bertha Bowers, Esther Kinsbursky and Violet Snyder. Harry Council was stare carpenter and eortatn operator. HELP IN HARVEST Leeal Basl«ess Mra\P»t IB Tire Fill Days 01 Narrows Farm. The. flrst of the volunteer farm hands . from this city, bnsinees meij who are offering the-ir services to assist in getting in crops, reported for duty yesterday morning when Robert Morris, H. O. Keagy, B. C. Moore,: W. N. Leche and C. W. Downs went to the Myers farm on the:Narrows. The men all put in a full day and_todey two more volunteers, W. R. Long aad'jl F. Ballon went out. B. C. Moore was unable to;get away from his business · . ' . ;·' Volunteer farm hands: are likely to be called regularly for some time now as the hanrest season ii in and .all available help is needed: Many men in this city have signed pledges to work a certain number, of days jn the farms and these: will be asked to re- port'as their help Is required. · ' SLOVAK WOULD ENLIST F»mer Antrlaa Officer AppUe* at UitoitowB-Pren B«n«a. Yeaterday afternoon^ a -'Slovak 'entered the Slovak Preai Bureau at'Vn- iontown and asked to be taken aa a volunteer for UK Ciech'b-Blovak army. The .TOlunteer is Lacy ; .Krigl«r. : ntisTtown.'Pavy Mr; Krigler before coming to America was iu the Austrian army.-. He ; has full knowledge;of. running 'an. airplane .and was an. officer in the field artillery. After .he questioning Krigler went: over/ to he .corner of the roonvvwhtre there Us a Slovak flag and kissed . it and promised that he will serve. faithfully :o the. end. · .- . · . ; . mi OATS CROP J. IV. Dwlson, Pillar Grove, Has Field Im fl^lel! Stalk!) Are Fi T e Feet One of the finest fields of ·. oats in iis part of the state, is that, grown by J. W. Dodson at his.home in the 'oplar Gioye.plari ot lota.', Specimen stalks exhibited today »ere five feet till and the heads .well'^filled. The field is like.thw:all,overi;it:is stated. 3lr. Dodson is mine-foreman for the PopUrGTMvc Coal company. JAPANESE RED CROSS COMMISSION GREETED BY OUR LOCAL WORKERS Terr Brief Time lor Exchange of Conrteskw at the Baltimore £ Ohio Station This Morning. 'A special commission of the Japanese Red Cross, on its way to France, passed through Connellsville this AT FKKSCH TAKL\(,' JIAXT TRISOSERS. PABIS, July KU-Tlic battle con- tinnes violently' especially south of the Jtarne and in 'the region of Cha- Ullon. Except for one sector sonti of the Jtiu-ne then) Is no change In Uie situation. American and French troops are counter attacking magni- ficrntlv and are taking niany prisoners according to .th« stntrnrent issued byjlic ifar offlee today. t Sonth of the Home the Oerroan: mrnTng Thomas J Hooper, prrst '-c not been able to advance U,cir - ° r" . . ; Hnn hcvnnn Sr. limn Iji inuinjilln- dent of the Connellsville branch of I the Red Cross, together with a large number of .the workers in .uniform, ·ilaVpr^pnggan and-a" group 'oYvDnsP" CROW NAMES MEN TO DRAFT REPUBLICAN STATE PLATFORM Vllkos-Barre jinn at Head of Platform Committee; Rules Com' rolttte Also Appointed. Republican State Chairman W. E. Crow ( | after reading American newspapers | disappointment to the buyers when no j h D learned that the people in the . ra or e farmers showed up with a great! United States knew of the Americans ! cr variety of produce, most of them considered that a start towards a successful curb market ha'd been made and that on Friday and other days, more farmers would be on hand. The market opened at 8 o'clock with being in the trenches. In a letter just recently received by his brother, William Keffer of South Connellsville, the young soldier said in part: "We were in the trenches for two i Street Commissioner William McCor- months without going.back for r e s t j m , c k making lhe flrst purc hase, buy- once. We went in flrst on the Es-j iDg a air of chic kens from Mr. Kern paige front at Dead Man's Hill. After I woo was on hand early Mr Kera , eft a. farm witH 10 tons of hay down and announced the personnel of the plat- forest of Bon " s and south of Hie several weeks there we went in Verbs of : Ver- pnst day and.night thi They were at breakfast in the dining P-TM "·J"'^^ .,,,. i n TM,rA nart of the train lhCCD ahlc -lcn the forward part oC the train the train arrivec, ,, eing of a long train before they could find an open platform from which to acknowledge the greeting of the.local Red Cross members, only a few moments remained for an exchange On the front Hast ol Jilioiios. in iemT has'not the I'reneh 'loss In prisoners dnr- I ing the first day of the battle was ex- tremclyilicavT. ' . . - - . . . The text of the statement reads i "On the front east, ot-. Khelms the_ fighting was ol the u ntj«o«t violciee lint was unfruitful auJt the enemy momens remane o r a n e _ . . ot courtesies before the train pulled ! dnn«P «·« P=«t, d« T aa* Bight has not. out TJpoh their arrival in "Washington the commission will be tendered a reception by the Red Cross. After a short stay'in tie capital they will leaTe for.France. At. the head ot the commission is Princo Tokugawa. The other members ol tie commission, men of.prom- inence in the professional and social life of Japan, are Dr. Arata Ninaga- wa, D. C. L., Dr. Shigemi Sawaraure, M. D.,' Dr. Yashushi Nalto, Dr. Sada- ka Kageyama, Hidea Yoshida, Hidea Furuaawa, Chutlchiro Furimoria, Count Kuwashi Katsu. CALL ADTQ MECHANICS Men Wanted for Special Training 1» of Httsburg. Local Boards for- Districts Nos. 2 and '5 have received. calls for special Induction of men with grammar school educations to take up training as. automobile, mechanics and sheet inetal workers. . The jaraf tees will report at the University of Pittsburg rm August 15. Registrants in the · class of 191S may be inducted in this call "but application for -the special training should be mado before July 22. The call for- special training^as automobile mechanics is considered' 'an excellent opportunity for in the draft age. a. young, man EXAMINE MEN TOMORROW Jtfe. 5 Begistnnts ! to Undergo Physical Testa Here. Regiirtilaia of June 5 in District No. 5 will t»s.examined by the local board of that dtTisjdn. tomorrow in the. Title ·. Trust .bank building .here. The ex- amnatio i aB will ;be conducted in the Knightsv.of Columbus rooms on. O i . Fifth; floor of-the building. About-100 yonng -men,- all in ; Class 1 have been called for the physical tests..' . ' The examinations., .will 'begin at 8 o'clock;in the-morcing and continue until every man haa passed the- doctors. : Drs.. '-J.j:H; Bazlett and C. W. TJtts will be. the .examiners.. "Deen nblo to penetrate the French zone of defense which runs to Hie eastward through Prenav. Tie battle positions of the French are.lntnct. "The enemy losses in prisoners during the first flay ol' the battle hav» been extremely heavy.TM OFF EN SITE 3TA.KES MTTLE CIIANGK IH" SITUATTOS". 10XI)0", July IBr-Adrlces received in Tendon up to noon today .snld that llttlo change, in Uie situation had been .created hy the Genmm con- form committee and that for the revision of rules governing the slate ^ convention. John L. Halsley of j curate* ·winteVBarre"was" placed at the head ! enough acquainted' with the sound of of the platform committee while B. i, h e different steed shells to call them to work the romainc Mr. Ogievee nid .cr of not ex; the ·as pretty ac-' Most of our fellows are well i Harry Warren ot W»st Chester heads the committee on revision of rules. The others on the committees are: Platform--Charles H. · Hetzel, Pittsburg; Blwood W. .ATinster. Bristol; R. Earl Peni-od, Johnstown; Harry B. Scott, Beilefonte; C. Victor Johnson, Meadville; John H. Myers,\Lancaster; Fred B. Gern- .erd, Allen town; Harry Edward E. James F. Woodward, Thomas S. Crago, off before they hit. The fast ones have us stumped. ly sold out his stock. Although most of the buyers had baskets, some failed to bring them and used many other means available. Some women wrap- their goods in papers, and men faster than the sound and always! U5ed lheir "·"'·kets. One boy who catch up with one before we kno'w i bou sht apples filled his hat and also they are coming. The big 16-inch i ever " pocket in his trousers and coat ' One thing that will make the curb market popular here is the reasonable prices that prevail and the freshness of the goods received. They travel a lot j petl and always j shells sound like a gigantic when passing overhead." street i Tables for use in displaying the products of the farmers were lined . G. seip, MAIL SERVICE DENIED Easton; William E. Pinley, Phila- 'delphia; William S. Rial, Greens-,; A Meyersdnle Newspaper Containing; up along the midway this morning and burg: William C. Sproul, C h e s t e r ; ! a Defense of Eugene Hens, i the slag base smoothed off. The mar- Eoidieman, Harrisburg; Lafi week . s issue of tie Meyers . i ket presents^ a nice appearance with McKeesport; j,; a i 0 Commercial has been denied i its v.-bite slag midway and grassy sur- Mahlou M. Garland Pittsburg: Wil^lSms^ rab'd denunciaUra"^ Jne'ar-J ^Although only twojarmers were on. liam J. Burke, Pittsburg, and Anderson H. Wallers, Johnstown. OJules--WHliair T. Ramsey, Chester; Henry T. Albee, Galeton. TIME _EXTENDED For the Filing of Capital Stock Tux Returns by Corporations. offensiVe. . The attacks which con- The Bureau of Internal Revenue has tinned throughout yesterday were I announced an extension of time for condncted by the forces of General ] filing capital stock tax returns for the von Beulow and General ron Bahm,! taxable year ending June 30, 1918, to who are directing the operations, of!August 31, 1918. In previous years it the two-armies on the left wing of has been file, these re- the German Crown Trlnce groups. Great numbers of German corpses arc hanging OR the tangle of barbed wire in froat of the French positions and all the reports state that the losses of the Germans must have been exceedingly heavy. .'.·- ' The mnin attack to the oast cf Bhcims continued up to 7 o'clock last night Hie fighting was extremely severe in the viclnitr O f Smsin and at Prunaj- where the Gennaus captured a -wood sontli of the village. This, however, wa'-ail · exception, the Ger. man attack elsewhere being repulsed irith heavy losses; The French lines of resistance remain practically intact everywhere. SITOATIOJT SAT1SFACTOBT, PERSHEfG BKPORTS. WASHDfGIOSi Jaly ]«._'the genera! situation tills morning Is regarded as satisfactory, sajs : a ITar Department Btntement Issued today based^on dispatches from General Pershlng and General Bliss conceriiing press accounts of the fighting yesterday. Warning.'ia'.given, however, .that tJic first day of snch a battle is merely general advance guard action, and.that : (Continued on,:Page; Two^)' : : · turns before July 31'ln order to avoid a penalty o( 50 per cent of the tax due. The f6ras to be used in reporting the tax are being revised and new rest of Eugene Debs, charged with a i hand this morning several others violation of the espionage law. ; dropped in. ursee how the market was Postmaster Shipley sent a copy o f : going and were pleased with the turn- tie paper to Postoffjce Depart-1 out of buyers. It is assured ihat more mcnt, together with a letter telling ! will be-here Friday when sales will be of his action. He received a tele- j heavier as the buyers will purchase gram confirming what he had done j produce for Sunday -use. ·- The openins- and advising him not^.to. leave any of ; of Uic market'this morning:.demon-. " J ~ " ' ' I slrated one thing to the farmers,--thai". the patronage of the housewives, in ' the city is theirs if they supply the wants. · ! Later in tte morning a third farm- ;er arrived and.disposed of his goods. be curb " arlie com * i(toe iK TM~ the editions 'pass through the post- office. Debs -was later admitte'd -lo bail. ANOTHER DRAFT CALL Five Thousand Summoned io Go to Uamp WadswortJt, S. (1, in ! ~, . . {farmers, .as. th'e harvesting season- is Notice hss been received by Local on and . it is hard to et awa . Irom Boards for Districts Nos.'2 and 5 that ^ farms . at lhis tinle , - : rules and regulations are in course of i preparation. The forms and regulations will be in the hands ot collectors for distribution about July 20. All corporations, no matter what' August 5, 5,000 draftees will be entrained in Pennsylvania for Camp j Wadsworth, Spartansburg, S. C. The . | quotas of the local boards have not yet been received. he nolice alsosa} " s that PLEADOTGUILTY Trial of 3Ien AconsciJ of Fiirnisliiii?' Soldiers iiiiuurvin Senlcniljer. make these returns and should use; ^ »"- TM^ m -« ^^ i The lrial of Wallace N. Wiisou on -tli» revmed forms. H R M l n f n r o n n l v " mi .' "e vuiuu ; a cl]Hrge Ol ^ rtng l i q u o r to ,, soldfcr in violation of Section 12 of. the selective, service act .will be called in the United States court at Krie on September 16. Wilson was arraigned yesterday before Judge Charles : P. Orr in Pittsburg, pleaded not i guilty and was released under ?1,000 their capital stock, are required to ; make these returns and should u s e , the revised forms. Heretofore only '· ,,, ,, . ., , , , . ,, corporations ha.ving a capital stock' of i f y ? d "- c 'f In '° llle ^"·ice_under . « n n « . .... _.^..,--j ,. the .call if Class 1 meu of,]917 have all been called. GOKS TO OKLAH03L1. Morris Grodzin IVill toolt'Afier Oil $75,000 or more were required to make the returns. The exemption of f99,000'still applies. HOME CONVENIENCES Assailant Still at Large. Baltimore Oiii)/Patrolman. ."William C. Gelback, who .was .shot..Saturday night .by .an unknown man .who broke into, a- box on the 1 siding near Rockwpod, is getting along nicely at -the United. States General.hos- pital Markleton.*'His assailant 'is stiirat largp -.-·* Thundershowers this afteraoon or ! tonight; Wednesday, fair, is the.noon, weather forecast for Western. Pennsylvania.' ' -. - ' . :. ·. Temperature Eecord. V 1918 1917 Maximum . :--;--86.. -85 Minimum ·--__:_60 . .69 * Mean ' ' : :'"·' ".-"· 73 ; ':' 77 The Yough. river fell dunrg the night from. 110 feet to 105 feet ^Vill Be Discussed by Union Farmers ^Clnb Bt'Sext Meetang. . "Home Conveniences" will be dis- cussed'at the regular meeting of the Onion Farmers club'pf .Fayette county, to be held Saturday at the home it W. B. Sweariugea near Bethelftoro. Papers will be read as follows: "About the Kitchen," Mrs. B. B. Arnold; "In the Laundry." Mrs. S. A. Harris; "Labor Saving Devices," Mrs. I). TV.; Clement. Readings ( .will' be given by .Miss Kate Junk,.Mrs, W. W. Bryson and' E. E. Arnold. During the business .meeting the club,,will discuss the annual picnic,: which is always held .on. the third Saturday 'in' August, . 0?roop Jfo. i Meeting.. Scouts ot Troop No. 4 will-.hold.a meeting at. the Carnegfe Litaary tonight. .All nienibers going .to- the camp at White Bridge on Monday are eipected to be present for the payment of dues' -and., registration. Fire! Truck; Cumberland, has $S,'OOQ fire truck. Interests 'I'here. Morris Grodzin, accompanied by.his sister, Ruth, 'left Ibis morning for Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he will spend some time looking into his" oil interest. He expects to open an oil well at that place and will be present when it is capped. f In Toledo he will stop and visit with. J. S.-and Morris Kobacker and. at Dayton, 0., he will visit at the home- of Mrs. Anna K. Osness. - He will Visit Mrs. Theodore Iswell at Fort Wayne, Ind., and will also stop in Indianapolis, Ind., and St. Louis, Mo. j bail. He returned to Connellsville and has resumed . his -work with a coal company in Springfield township. Attorney F. E. -Tounkin apearcd as counsel for the defendant The maximum penalty upon conviction of the offense charged, is a fine of ?1,000 and a year in prison. .' ; John 'W. Herrington, also charged with furnishing liquor to soldiers, undergoing treatment at Markleton hospital, was also released under 11,000 bail. Xitretc Plant Destroyed. JACKSONVILLE, Fla.. July 16.-Fire caused by the explosion of nitrate early today destroyed the fertilizer plant of the American Agricultural Chemical company hear here, entailing a loss of a.million and 3 quarter doilers. . . . Last Conference Tomorrow. The fourth and last quarterly conference for this conference .year of the United Brethren, church will convene at 7.45 o'clock at the- church tomorrow evening- Dr. J. S. Fulton, the conference superintendent, wUl preside. JDss Bhodcs in Washington. Miss Fredda. Rhodes of Greenwood, a\.teacher in the'city schools, has secured a .position, in Washington for the summer. Mrs. Coll Improves. The condition-of Mrs. Aloysius Con who is in 'St.'Marys hospital, Clarksburg, W. Va, for treatment; of paralysis is improved according to ·»or4 received by Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Madt- I . gan, parents of MTU. Coll. f "· vf^-V*

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