Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 7, 1974 · Page 17
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 17

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 7, 1974
Page 17
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Precaution Needed in Sunshine ABCs of Health JtMMn* **»·«*( A**rirmm I*. When was tie last time y*r sttftatkMt was "overdo*" Md yow skit woildft't tet yo» forget it for several days afterward? Where your skin is concerned, the sun is no fountain of youth. This is true whether you nave a dark complexion and sport a summer tan that's the envy of the sunbathing set or spend the summer months glaring at the other person's tan through a layer of peeling flesh and sunscreening lotion. While a certain amount of sun is good for you and evidence indicates that we all need some ultraviolet, tanning your hide too much in youth can lead to a leathery, weather- beaten look in later life. Even some "sun worshippers" in ·their 20s who spent a lot of time in the sun have shown signs of tissue breakdown. It's also a mistake for people with black skin to assume they can take the sun in unlimited amounts. Ifew ouch MM is Uw much? The ctbr ud texture of y*r skii aid the amount of pigment It trtduces all play a ·art in determining the ··- swer. Light ikii teMs to produce less melaiin, a protein pigment which shields the skin frwn ai overdose «f the su's ultravWet. Melanin is what gives you a tanned appearance. People with fair complexions have a much harder time getting a tan than those with darker skins. Some cannot tan at all. , What part does the sun play in skin cancer? Findings indicate that you can greatly increase your chances of developing skin cancer if you expose yourself to intense sunlight over a period of time. It's the cumulative effect that may make the difference. The lighter your complexion, the higher the risk. Medical authorities particularly urge you to protect your lips from being exposed to strong, direct sunlight for extended periods. If you can't keep your lips out of such sunlight, it is recommended that you coat both your upper and your lower lips with a heavy base cream or ointment such as zinc oxide which will keep out most of the sun's rays. '··':· · : · ' * * * : · ' · · ' · · · · ' FOR SAFE and sensible sunning; start your sunbathing season by going out in the ear- Jy morning or late afternoon when the sun is not so strong. /Lie out for just a few minutes ,-the first day and increase your exposure very gradually. The stow exposure will give the 'outer layer of your skin a chance to thicken and allow time for an increase in melanin production. Reduce your time in the sun if your skin gets too hot. Be sure to shift positions frequently. If you're older, keep in mind that sun tolerance decreases with age. Adjust your exposure accordingly. day 1or y*v to jet a Ctouds. f of or haw may hide the SJM from you. hut you are ·ot hidden from the sun's rays. A beach umbrella won't protect yw either. AHfcNfc~ you may not feel the sun's heat beating down on you, ultraviolet rays can still reach you from the sky, sand and water. The sand serves as a particularly good reflector. Can sun lotions protect you? There are really only a couple of kinds. Taming agents are intended to guard against burning while allowing certain rays to reach your skin to begin the tanning process. Sunscreening lotions may help those with sensitive skin to minimize both burning and tanning. Zinc oxide tintaent and para-aniMbeiMic acid incorporated into a swscreening to have a SHU reartiM or la* irrefularty. SfcwM Iftic happen, tdl your doctor. Sometimes am overdoce of sun leads to ciofgiag of the sweat glaads, MterferMC with evaporation awl resultMf i»a humpy, itchy rash which usually occurs «· (he truak. If you don't pay attention to your ktdy's warsw(. you may ead up with sunstroke or heat prostratioa Medical authori- tics suggest that · hot, suaiy days you avoid strenuous ex- ercise, wear lifht, loose do- atioa awi make sure to get eaough fluid aad sodium to replace what is lost in perspira- tioa Sodium rich foods which you can take with you oo that beach pkkic include celery, turkey, milk and some cheeses such as swiss and cheddar. Remember, ia moderate amounts, the sun can be your friend. Stay out in it too long and your skin may "take a beating." Sears agent can both provide effective MMcreetiftg prttection, acctrdtaf to deraiatokjgists. Rememher, however, that people can be allergic to anything. UtiMs coataia chemicals aid certain oies make some people more sensitive to, the su. Read labels carefully, right town to the fine print. If in doubt, check with your physician. Experts also point out that certain pr*d*ctt are intended only as skin moisturizers. Mineral oils and olive oils offer yoa no protection against the ua. Neither does iodine, even though it darkens the skii. Certain areas of your body are more vulnerable than others. Give the tip of your nose, lips, ear lobes,'cheek bones, shoulders and back of the neck an extra layer of protective coating. Even if a lotion is la- belled ."waterproof," play safe and reapply after bathing, toweling or perspiring profusely. When lying in the sun, be sure to cover your eyes. Select sunglasses carefully. It's worth paying a little extra to get a good pair that won't distort your normal vision. For prolonged and continuous use. prescription sunglasses are by far the best. Protective head covering is a good idea for all members of the family whether you're spending a day at the beach, taking a long walk in the sun or playing several holes of golf. * * * SOME people are allergic to the sun. Exposure can be dangerous, for them. If you have this problem, your physician may advise you to stay out o f ' the sun when at air possible and make sure to cover your face and body when you must be in strong sunlight. Certain drugs can increase sensitivity to the sun. This is particularly true of certain antibiotics. If you are taking any medication, ask your physician whether sun sensitivity could occur and follow any recommendations he makes. Also follow his instructions with regard to any contraceptive pills you may be taking. They can cause you All Items Subject to Prior Sale Limited Quantities Clearance Great Buys for the Entire Family. Save 2*% to 55% Men's Suits Reg. '65 to '89 N«» *37 Save2t%to55% Men's Sport Coats Reg '39 t«K*59 N*» "I§ M to Polyester Print Caftans Reg.*20 Him Junior women's Sportswear Reg. *8 to *17 !%·!! *2» to *7** Sim '1" Men's Walk Shorts Size* 38-40-42-44 only Reg. «6 to Ml M«n '4* Save* Men's Bathing Trunks One size fits all Reg. 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