The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 15, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, July 15, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

THE COTTRTBR; roNNELT.»sviTJ.E: PA;. MONDAY, JtTLY 15, 1918. PRESIDENT WILSON INSPECTS NEW MOTOR £;_- Equipped with toe- new liberty motor, an army truck recently arrived at : £ WmshlnatMi. The pbotograpb shows President Wlleon taking a keen interest In '" ·'··*· exptajaatton ot tbejnotor'a mechanism. tHUlW AIDED BY AUTOMOBILES iBeeJ SlgnHeanr.; of Motorcar in Tranportadim Problem* of Present Day. ...,-' MOST BE CABBED Mutt 9* - -.Transported to Then Without D§- ' : li CMiaerrjtlon ot Gasoline ·'·.»-" ". Is tmportent. "" ; r.i . ' ' H. H. mmklln, prectdcnt of a large .atttomobOe concern, In a recent address before a large number of auto' joobll* dealers and owners, pointed out ithe ml rtfnflcance of tbe motor car P;.Ela tne transportation problems of to- ^?v" : "America to at war now In tbe full- S^fia* sense." stated Mr. Franklin, "and! (fi£'i«nd«r such conditions come natural ^-^transportation difficulties incident to ^·^··ckat mOttary opentlonB. Not.enly pianist'mflllona of trocr[» be transported £;' 'from place to place, but'food and other ,:t ; ; necenfttw amt ateo be cmrrted to ?f¥ them without delay. g* c ,: . War Nacda An Primary. !5?; "MiBtaiyneeda, absalatelr and prop' *rty, must have pretertnee, and with tbe nilmads taxed to tneir limits -nao- | DfactarcT8 nraat'flnd st'O*-*otiier means ot forming a regular :jrl aatlsfactory ^contact between tneou«-Te« and their PLEASE REMEMBER To say and to write: Passenger car or motorcar-not-"pleasure ear." . ORnnaboot or roadster--^not "speedster" or "sport car." And this Is the reason: ' Eighty to 90 per cent of the ra» of motorcars Is for utilitarian ends. The United States farm loan board has lilted the automobile as a necessary farm equipment fur the purchase of which the farmer may borrow money under the board's plan for atdin; agriculture. -. The motorcar Is jost as necessary equipment for ·'the business man. The United States fuel administration m Its ruling that ga- ,rages and serrlce stations might use light · and het on the so- called fnelless days definitely recognized tbe motorcar as a public ntfltty. to Build Jt n n T\ f ' A M'lHuailMlfa.fmillililllHnl.i.m.i.UaM % vL/ \/* '-I n r J» / \ £L rl "This problem J8alrei:dy nndmg an- .-awar m tbe nee of anccmobUes nnd v;a«otor truck* Hot only are regalnrly, ; scheduled automobUe ez:mn lines be- Inp opened up between \UCerent cities throqjhoot tbe *!--*. b«V :mahufacLmr. "; ; .erti ta» toffli* ft »*rlsju;}, to fnmlsn their as»i«nien w«Bi.iaatomobnea te or;. der that tbctr TMay not be dependent AUTO HELPS TRADE BALANCE Motor Vehicle* Require Little C*rg · Space IB Shipping In Proportion to Their Value. . Importance of malntalnleg trade relations tojnotor yehlcles with foreign dealers was considered at a recent meeting of the eiport committee of the National Automobile Chamber of Commerce. Motor vehicles require little cargo space In their value and serve to maintain the trade balance and the par value of tbe gol dollar In snch countries as Chile. wboae nitrates are-required for am munition, and Argentina, whose tree and wbeat are. In great demand b America and her «Hln. · tNatlqnal Crop Improvement Service.} A CTHO0GH the constrnetlon of any buildings has been eome- ·what discouraged by the government, yet It Is distinctly In line with ."war plans to build form structures which will both add to production and conservation. The self-feeder for hogs here shown should be bunt by every farmer. Mr. P!g knows what Is good for him better tuan any other feeder. Pasture, however succulent, should be supplemented, by mixed feeds, corn feeds, tank- age and mineral feeds, and they should always bo accessible and tho hog will balance his own ration. The following diagrams vrtll show any boy or any man how to mako one. If yon contemplate building this feed' Ing machine you can take this article to any lumber yard and they will have no difficulty in picking out the material for It without waste. The lumber dealer is experienced in making such estimates and for a very small SUE yon can get jnst the material rejntrefl. Too can make your feeder In any size, according to the number of hogs yo£ flre raising. . This feeder hns a great advantage over other forms of self-ffceitng de-' vices because whatever vcasto drops from the animal's mouth Is caught on the floorboards instead of falling to the ground to be trampled under foot.' Thus you can get full valu« for your feed. Word Wasting. Oh, eaavwrmtkm doth enbanc* Tbe KUeiMM where danger n«*: Perhaps here !e another ch«Qc» Vor people to economize. :'*fhe-ia»Jlsln alteaw* where motor 1 *W0 'DClBf .tltcd P0GDI hl^lUy ·S, and ItrJo ijnlte likely that · Is o*«r rnd condl- Hcnalsn«a«aln.oecoa9e norr al, that a iwfflb* arfof the a^oBoobBe tanepcrta- war baa brwight to adja««b? te^- aal «, coino to 1h» factory aad " ....... "" " ~ b»»««d, tt-at'egntte- ' a» tlM taW daBy ttrfr u »-i»r»rn» ent prop* attlea. - Atraji cmrry the ipoObjU I Khar tbn tbeother i It on a vetdde whidi Is ap- » to PflEVEHT PUYBIB WITH HORN In CJrortt Off WIlMn Car UNSURPASSED COWMERCIAL "War-Time .requirements ol bus- .ttaft men glvea£ul attention. . Prompt loans an£ discounts upon proper security. Collections at all points. Personal- checking accounts cordially Invited.- ··' . Checks-drawn, on this .bank are payable at par in New York. No ciarge f o r collection. · : . . ' ; . Toiir busineas is inviud.' IM. N^iofi\L BANK W. Crawfart A»e, Ceniensvl -Tke Buk tkat Does Things (or Ion" Liberal Interest ·» Tine.Deposits, from uttk tk» bom and thw be IB write* -wtOi th« korn drcalt mad tt evrcot Ooroed off wtten the car 1« «tijia. BT lMt»maK tie *r*,rm m IMt lk*bon nrittk: ojxjrmte* la eon-i with tb* ItntOoo. awltcti, tlxi .to "offr.«ltlon WMht urtoMMttc^l, efHD U» bom rtr-! Mlt, Th» O* bar t eortd only bj -nud | BKFOBE GODfG TO THE the soldier 1 shpuld make a. will and name therein an Executor: Appoint -the Title . Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania as your Executor and you. are assured without doubt, that your estate .will, have , the best posslblejmanr agement. ; :: -' Call ; or write iis for any der sired particulars. ' pARAMOUNTJHEATRE I0c --TODAY-- 15c "AND THE VniuUN STILL PURSUED ITBR." MR! A.VD MRS. STD- NEY DREW AMERICA'S GREATEST FUN MAKERS WILL BE SEEN IX A 5-ACT METRO THRILLER "PAY DAY" A SPECL\L PRODUCTION DE LUXE "DKLICIOUSLY DIFFERENT." ALSO A SPECIAL ATTRACTION OP "OVER TttE ROAD TO WAR." SHOWING HOW UNCLE SAM GETS THERE FIRST. Jf 5 "^ TUESDA1" A3TD IVEn.VESlUl" "THE LONE AVENGER" LASSO FILM COMPAJrV PRESENTS THE GREATEST WESTERN A.ND MOST EXCITrKG PICTURE PLAYER OF THE DAY IN HIS BEST PICTURE KEATURING WILLIAM S. HART. ALSO THE tpriVBRSAL 'WEEKLY--DON'T 3I1SS THIS. PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVEETISE IN THIS PAPER. ORPHEUM THEATRE --TOIUT AST) TO-UOKR01V-- "You May Bo Rich,'But. if Your Soul Knows Not Love, you're Poor Indeed" Sea MARGUERITE CLARK m "JJOl MAS. POOK MA"" "Seieen Tel f gram" and a Good Comedy Will Also 3c Shown. Wednesday--George Beban Appears in "ONE MORE AMERICAN" COMING--GUY EMPET IN "OVER THE TOP" THE THEATRE THAT.PLAYS OSXY THE BEST CoDie When You Please.' Stay As long As Yon like. YEEK OF TP1Y 15TH, Hal Hoyt Presents Whiz A Feature Attraction on the Sun Circuit. . ' Cast Includes Hal Hoyt . Harry Chapman' .: Earl Wilcox Anna Stein : ,' Chorus of Six Real Singers and Dancers., '4--Big Vaudeville Acts--4 , Special Lighting Effects. Wonderful Costumes. On the Screen--Helen Holmes in "The Lost Express " That Escaped a Submarine Indeed a portion of this big shipment, much of which was scheduled to reach this store, .never arrived at its American port. But the Ginghams , that did _ wm through! How pretty they are! How new! ·,, How serviceable and moderately priced. We wouldn't know which way to turn in an attempt to replace them today. --Fine, imported Gttiglmms in Inrgc pfcii.l patterns 31 inclios rriMo, ond in Hie desired color coniliinniions fn r (lie late Summer :ind Fall wear, at iSc tlie .vard. --yen Fall (iiagtiams in Inrgc and swall nm'nh and stripes, 32 inches wide, and «0c the yard. One Lot Fancy Ginghams, SOc Values, 35c the Yard A limited quantity "Suitable for women's and children's dresses Knitting Yarns Knitting Bags We have ready for disposal a, large variety of MINERVA YARNS lor knitting Summer Sweaters and Slip-ons. Minerva Yarns are made from the best wools grown for each respective kind of yarn, and are scientifically blended to produce the desired effect. " . --MTJTERTA GEH.HA.\TOT'.y in bj-acinUi, robin cmr, beBonia, coral, old rose, peacoct, Itcniiarme and many other beanttfnj shades,--at 55c the bail. --MIXEKVA TICC5E, SILK SHETDAXD and SrLK JflXED in a big range of suitable colors, at OOr, JOc and 75c tile ball. --TAHSS for knitting Sweaters and Socks fo r soldiers, sailors and ariators,- in khaki, oxford, olirc ilrnb and natural color,--a( SOc and fide the bail. --atDTEKVA VAJWS for knitting soldiers' and sailors' garments, khaki aad oxford,--at $4.75 and $1.10 the bank. --INSTRUCTION" BOOKS containing adric* on the many uses of SUnerra yarns,--at 15c each. Attractive Stock Knitting Bags and Materials for Making Same MID-SUMMER SPECIALS Seasonable and Genuine War Time Economies Illustrative of the Many Splendid Opportunities That Await You Here LACES! --One Lot Torchon Lace Edges and Insertions, 1% to 3 inches wide,--at lOc the yard. --One Lot Cotton Cluny Lace Edges, suitable for fancy work and curtains, ecru only- 1 to 2 inches wide.--at ISJjic the yard. --One lot Linen Cluny Lace Edges and Insertions, 2 to 4 inches wide,--at 2Sc to 40c the yard. --One Lot Odd Laces and Trimmings to sell at,--OSE HAW PRICE. --One Lot of odds and ends in Embroider}' to sell at,--Oi'E HALF OFF. NECKWEAR! --One lot Organdie Collars, sailor and roll shapes,--oOc and 65c values, 39c each. --One odd lot Neckwear to sell at,--ONE THIBD OFF. BOOKS! --One lot popular Copyright Books, the kind that make delightful Summer reading, to sell at,--35c each. STATIONERY! --Highland Linen Initial Stationery, excellent quality, very popular,--at 59c the bos. RIBBONS! --One lot Fancy Ribbons in light and dark Dresden patterns, 4 and 5 inches wide, . at 25c the yard- UMBRELLAS! --Both medium and short handle styles with, eight-rib frame covered with American. Taffeta,--to sell at 81.50 each--which is our regular selling price. MOHAWK SHEETS $1.95 --Standard size and quality and exactly the same as advertised recently by a competitor as "special at $1.98." WEARWELL SHEETS and CASES! --81x90 inch Hemmed Sheets to sell at,--81.85 each. --Nine-quarter Wearwell Sheeting to sell at--70c the yard. Fine value. --Wearwell Pillow Cases, we recommend as very serviceable,--at 42c- MILLINERY! --One Lot 15 Pattern Hats, regular $22.50 to $25.00 values,--now $12.15. --One Lot 25 Pattern Hats, regular $13.50 to $20.00 values,--now $9.95. --One Lot Trimmed, Sports and Tailored Hats, up to $12.50 values,--now $6.95. --One Lot Trimmed and Sports Hats, $8.00 to $10.50 values,--now $5-00. --One Lot Ladies' and Misses' Trimmed Hats, $5.00 to ?6.50 values,--now 82.9S. --One Lot Misses' and Children's Hats, $3.50 to $4.50 values,--now $1.98. FIRST NOTICE TO Of Our Semi-Annual Shirt Sale Planned to begin at a very early date and scheduled to surpass all previous sales. Watch Daily Papers for announcement. Straw Hats Reduced One-Third A. big reduction aplying to our entire stock--men's and boys' styles and sizes--soft straws, stiff straws and Panamas. Early choice advisable. Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% on Every $100 You Spend---Save Them.

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