The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 22, 1939 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, March 22, 1939
Page 2
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PACE TWO. THE DAILY COURTET1. CONKELLSVTLLE. P/\. ·WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22, 1939. B y S h e p a r d B a r c l a y "The, Authority on Anthoritica" By LYNNE B. KINCELL Spring Fashions Modeled at Style Show Given for Junior Culture Club, Guests When G. C. Davidson of Davidson's store presented a style show Tuesday night for the Junior Culture CUib and invited guests,, a group of attractive young _ womcn t all members of thq club, modeled-smart and authentic fashions tor spring.. Models were: Miss Helen McCoy, " Miss Beatrice Pi-inkey, Misses Edith and Frances Floto and Miss Marian FenBtermachor, With Easter- not so far off and virtually every woman interested in st-- I U. S. W. Veterans Will Mark First Birthday The L.idics' Auxiliary to the United Spanish War Veterans will celebrate its Hrst anniversary it the close of the regular meeting, beginning at 8 o'clock, Thursday night at P. H C. Hall. A p i o g i a m has been arranged and later in the evening luncri will DO served. Husbands o'. members, Colonel virtually every woman imercsiea in Crawfol . d c members and wive, knowing what s new in the world of i havc bccn jm . Ucd , Q bo , h mc0t , nfii ,. fashion before Planning her taster I A J , offlce] . s arc ,. estccl ,., wear ensemble, the club auditorium, scene of the style promenade, was filled to capacity. Miss Lois Keffer, president of the club, welcomed the audience and then presented Mr. Davidson, who descnbed-the apparel worn-by each model.- ~D~iseussins~sty]e - angles for lOSO^Mr. Davidson said-that"this is a season of- colors,- many shades being combined _in on-.ensern_bjo. As in every season, black ajjd- navy are also popular. Skirt lengths will bo from M to 20 inches, this depending on the s-tature of the wearer, Mr. Davidson said. He also called attention to the importance of accessories, which add considerably to the smartness of an outfit. Apparel modeled included lingerie white. SUPPER PRECEDES MEETING OF T. J. HOOPER CLASS A 6 o'lock covered-dish supper preceded the monthly meeting of the T. J. Hooper Bible Class of the First Presbyterian Church, night at the church. members attended. Mrs. Grover C. held Monday Twenty-three LeupUnc had . charge of the program, the subject of which was "Walking With God." Mrs. A. B. Norton, Jr., president, was in chaige of the business session at which officers for the ensuing yccr were elected as follows: President, Mrs. Clyde R. Weihe; vice-president, Mrs. Leapline; secretary, Mis, J, G. --gowns ol silk crepe in pastel shades; smart one and two- piece frocks, some featuring lovely color combinations; jacket dresses, two and three piece" suits in plain fabrics, and tweeds and some with plaid jackets in gay colors, combined with plain skirts; attractive coats for casual wear, coats for dressier occasions, some topped with large fur collars; immense fur scarfs, red fox and monkey fur short jackets and alluring frocks for formal wear. Especially beautiful was a white silk net gown styled with a hoop skirt, a tight-fitting bodice and fashioned over a white silk slip the skirt of which was trimmed with bands of ribbon in a soft shade ot blue and harmonizing with small bows adorning the short puffed sleeves of the gown, Accessories worn with the different ensembles were correct in every detail. Straws, fine and rough, colorful flowers and veils, are highlights of spring millinery. Crowns are definitely higher and brims are a little wider. Every woman and girl will want one of the flattering new sailors, becoming to old and young. Smart fcit hats still retain their popularity for sport wear. All in all, fashions for spring ara refreshing and youthful. There arc lypes that will appeal to the most fastidious buyer. Skirts ai'e plain, pleated and flared. Blouses of lace, satin, silk crepe, silk sheers and cotton fabrics, some tailored and others having a more feminine touch, are being extensively shown, owing to ·the popularity o£ suite. Among the smart accessory shades are japonica, cyclamen and lime. Presiding at the piano, Miss Edna Keslar played appropriate selections throughout the entire display. Arranged in the rear of the stage were many palms and ferns, providing an attractive setting for the style promenade. Earlier in the evening the club held a short business session Witt- Miss Keffer presiding. Schmidle; assistant, Campbell; treasurer, Mrs. Miss Clayton Blanche CAN CAEDS LAUGH? AT TIMES THE cards produce such funny results that it seems they must have a sense of humor and are laughing nt the players. Some deals develop a crazy assortment of results that are hard to believe until you get the explanation ot just what was led and played. Even then, it ia rather hard to realize that all ol tlie different scores came out of the same deal. one In hearts, four In diamonds and two in clubg for 4-No trump. In another Instance South bid 1-No trump, East 2-Spadea, South 2-No trump, East 3-Hearts and South 8-No tramp, West doubling. A heart lead set thia two. Then there was South 1-Ciub, West double, East 1-heart, South 1-Spade, West 2-Clubs, East 2- Pearls, West 3-Hearts and Boat 1- Hearts, set three. In one oosa North played it at 3- Diamonda, after a takeout double by his partner, and made it. In one West played at 3-Clubs. down one, but the prize probably belongs to the bixs-rra West who got Into 3-No trump and was defeated three tricks. Some hand! Tomorrow's Problem A K Q 0 ·» 3 {Dealer: East Neither side vul nerable) Here 13 one of the craziest deals of the season, played in n duplicate game. Six different results came from atx tables. Imagine South bidding S-No trump, North 3-Dlamonds, Eiat 3- Spades, South 3-No tramp and West doubling'. West led the spade J, which the Q won. The diamond A won the K, and the club 8 was led to the 10. A spade from the dummy brought the A, then the heart 3 to the A, whereupon declarer ran home, getting three tricks In spades Copyrisht, tS?. J To Tell Grangers Of Building In Panama Jungle A. C Suyder, construction engineer for the Slats Department ol Highways, will be guest speaker at the I FIVE CONVICTS, i ALL CRIPPLES, ESCAPE POSSE HUNTSVILLE, Tex., Mar. 22.-Five escaped convjcts, three with a wooden leg each, one with only one meeting of grange hall Cur.'ew Crang at Flntwoods night. He will tell cnces while laying the 'hursday o£ his experi- out highway Ihiough 'he jungles in the Panama Canal Zone. This meeting mucks the opening of an attendance contest between the men and the women of the grange. (Dealer: South, North-South vulnerable) Can you imagine more or I«ai normal play producing; 7-No trump for South on this deal ? It actually happened. Can you figure out how? [ Fejmm Syndirare, lac. Barge, pianist, Mis. W. W. Hames; teacher, Mrs. Vf. L Beuscher; assistant, Mrs. M. J. Cummings. Mrs. Norton, retiring president, was presented with gifts by the clats. The committee in charge of the supper consisted of Mrs. F. H. Smivh, Mrs. J. E. Stiuble, Mrs. Foul Mo Gill and Mrs H, C. Barrow, Mi?. T. J. Hooper, Mrs. B, Frank Smith, Miss Helen Snyder and Mrs. Millie Hay compose the April committee. Queen Esthers to Hold Secret Pal Dinner of the I hold its ! New members unanimously-"v'o'tei- -School '-into the club were Virginia Ban- dolph, Josephine Nixon, Mary Audi Si ·Heshenberg and Mrs. Lois Callahan. · The guest speaker lor the next -meeting of the club, scheduled fo£ :Tuesday night, April 4, will-be-P.-Jr .Donaghue oJ the Pittsburgh field di- .vision of the Federal Bureau of..In- .spectlon. " Hostesses are · Dorothy; -Keagy, 'chairman, Mrs. Angela Pullia, Miss Loretta DeOre, Mary Dunn, Mrs. 'Harold Roth, Ann Ference, Florence Greenberg, Beatrice Adams and "-'Kathleen McGrath. - . - - JVOTHERAN KING'S "DAUGHTERS MEET WITH MRS.- E. B. GTJIE Mrs. C. Boy Hetzel, president, cpn- 'ducted the busipess session and de- 'votionals at the March meeting o£ -the .King's Daughters Circle o£ Trinity Lutheran Church at which Mrs. E. B. LGuie was hostess Tuesday night at tiler home at Dunbar. Headings were, given by Mrs. W. E. Scott, Mrs. -Arthur H. Bug, Mrs. Karl K.TCramer, Mrs. H. A. Lynch, Mrs. L. J. Moorman, Mrs Louise Reynolds.'Mrs. John -I. Zimmerman, Mrs. J. D. Fox, Mrs. 'Edward Eaer and Mrs. Robert M. leiberger. Mrs. Charles C. Mitchell .read an Easter poem, which-was foj- F, O. M. CLASS PAYS S20 TOWARD PLEDGE TO CHXJKCH At the monthly business meeting of the F. O. M. Class o£ the Methodist Protestant Church, held last meht at The Queen Esther Closs First Chritsiar. Church will ..nnual secret pal dinner at 8:30 o'clock Wednesday uvemnff. March 20, at the church diningroom. Country Club Scene Of Bridge Luncheon; Many Guests Attend Hi. Pieasani Couple Seeks $15 r 000 Damages WASHINGTON, P,i., Mar. 22.-Fred S. and Allen of Mount Pleasant, Westmoreland county, filed suit for .515,000 against Thomas Svrcek, ( l a d i n g the Sanitary Milk Cherry Blossom Peslival Opening 1 Off Uniii March 31 By International News Service. WASHINGTON, March 22. -- A arm and the other barely able to change in the National Captial's fa- walk, eluded a posse in the waste- i m ous cherry blossom festival was, lands east of here today. | announced today. They broke from the Wynne piis-i The festival be held for a on faim, confining place of tubercu- week beginning March 31. lar prisoners and others unfit ior · The change was made alter horti- hcavy duty, apparently with outside cultunsts said that the famous cherry help last night, and escaped ill a trees would not blossom until then, commandeered automobile. . THREE BIRTHS AT HOSPITAL Do This If You're t Theie were three births this morning at Conr.ellsville State Hospital. The registry showed: Daughter, Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Pallacmo of (121 York avenue, 10:57 o'clock. Daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Charles _ . . . . . i Schwartz of Everson, 8:28 o'clock. ! Dairy of Doiioia, ns the result of un ! s Mr and Mrs Raymond H er- accident May 31, last, in blla Hollow, j b t f var.derbilt, 1:05 o'clock. Alleghe'iy county, or. Route 31. They claim they weie i n j u i e d in a collision allegedly caused by the defendant's truck suddenly maning a left turn. Allen oiks for $5,000 and his wife 310,000 for injuries buffered. Giis Ilalo Hike Suspended. HARR1SBURG, Mar. 22.--An in- crcastu rate tchedule filed March 17 by the Peoples Natural Gas Company, Pittsburgh, was uispended by the Publ.c Utility Commission until November 16. The commission explained tnc new tariff would have become effective May IB and maximum fuipcnsion of six months was imposed to run fiom effective date. the proposed Members of the claps are to p*ake ' t i tl y A delightful social event of Tuej- was a I o'clock bridge First Child in Family. A daughter, welshing nine and a half pounds, v/us born at 6 o'clock Sunday morning to Mr. and Mrs. Chester Kukr, of 130 North Eleventh itrect, West Side. It is the first child in the family. The mother wes the j former M i f 5 Catherine Fronelt Will Meet Friday. Saint Omar Sisterhood of the ! D:imc: of Malu will meet Kridtiy Son in Kincaid Home. Word has been received by relatives that a son weighing nine and a half pounds was born Monday at 11 o'clock to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kin- cnid of Olean, N. Y. The new arrival .s a grandson o f Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sheering of South Connellsville. The Klncaid's were former residents of South Connellsviile and the mother will be remembered as Miss Thelma Sheering. I Don't take chances on products you Snow nothins about or rrly on temporary relic! when there's need of a Rood gonrrBl syatam Ionic like time-proven Lydia E. Pinkbam'a Vppetablo Compound, made especially jor women from «hole»GBia herbs and roots. Let Pinkham's Compound help build up maro physical resistance and tnuH aid In calming jungly nerves, lessen distress from fcmilc functional disorders and mako lif* wortll living. For over 60 years one woman has told another how to go "amiline thru" with Pinkham's--over 1,000,000 women have written in reporting glorious benefits--1C 1OJST BE GOOD! Meeting Announced. C'olte Queen Lodge, Ladies' Auxiliary to the B. of L. F, and E., will meet Thursday evening at the V. M. C. A. The time is 7:30. HAVE 1'OUK FIRST SPRIMG DANCE TONIGHT --at tlie-- MAYFLOWER NIGHT CLUB Route 119, Everson with Bill Srnrtin and His Varnmonnt Cluli Orchestra IrVHERElTCdSTSAllTTLM --4 IIESS TO ENJOY $ '**· A LOT MORE ''". ColtonManor reservation!, by Sunday with Mrs. | ] unr hcon given at Pleasant Valley M. L. Cadwell. telephone 83-W. Country Club by a committee com- ' nl * ht a t odd Fcl l° w s """U- · prising Mrs. Paul O. Malone, Mrs I MKS. 3. H. LELESCH FETES Joseph H, .Mrs J. Donald i SON ON SEVENTH BIRTHDAY i Porter of this city ;,nd Mrs. C. I Honoring her HtUc son, Bcnnle Ch " lt:s ": Lou ^, ot Scottdala. i £ Markcl, on his tenth birthday, Mrs.!, Thirty-three tank* were arr.mKed j John H. Lelesch c«-e a prelllly ar- I for brld ^- A! th ? concision of t!,« I - Kinged surprise party Tuesday after- i S°moj Pr'*" were swarded to Mr,. ; noon at her home, 106 Freeman lane.! Jolm B ' or5 at Scotidale, Mrs. E. f. Gomes, including binjjo, were played I FHzGcrald, Mrs. W. H. SoisFon, Mrs. . r:NE- T HOTpis TM llltcI "' B . ""' *'***· ... F*-We sl P R ,la c lic bocle y will «« : 8 0 f r.daj, n, S ht in the ATTRflCTIVE EASTEfl EK-U10 IUTES ENJOY YOUR EASTER VACATION -- at Gallon Miner by tli» glorious no*. Partake of mx- _ tr* liucuiiaB md comfort* _... d «t»y within your budget. 23O tin* room*, ana water batha; fuel- nating "Ship 1 * Sun-D*ck" overlooking OCOAXI. Reotiul lounging or acdv* aporta. Thrilling now^'FUy- Um« Roorn"--g*m0p lor »U eg*** Delicious food. Special Eaatar en- tert*inmentprog?*znB. Booklet. COLTON MANOR tnnsylvania AT«. Atlantic City Paul AuchUr. Mgr, Jo ancc o£ 515. J. D. ; ccivcd into the class as a new mem bcr. The.Easier attendance son] was _ 6.30 o'clock when the j J o h n Tedrow. last named of Scotl- " | hostess, .isisted bv Mr*. Lewis Sidow j dnlc . R "^ Mrs - Charles A. Crowley. " l a n d Rose Marie Stelndel, served a! The s ^ B i r was ^ c fl"t o( a sedea devise j ways of raising the clcns "Apprecia- j tlon Gift" of $50.00. Robert Keffer presided, and after a talk by Rev. A. R. Mansberger, members went to the social room where refreshments were lunch. Th .h a Isrsc birth* and decorated table wa4 c csvkc » r . i of similar social functions to be given * n ! at the club during the pink candles and t] "Happy Birthday," In V.T.S the recipient of w, U , thirteen pink. rr.uny U5efuj | Guests were Junior and Sammy NE\V MEMBER IS RECEZ\*ED AT OMVARD CLASS MEETING j About thirty-three members ol the j Onward C!as of the First Methodist · served by a committee headed by W. ^T' ^, oltc i ? 0il ^ r ' f r - J ° hn . a " d · Protestant Church weru present at ^ . ·* V i - ' i i i l - Q f i i i n r t r . l C V i r i r \ n t . f^T\G\rt\\r\ \ . _ _ . urd L. Lape. Places were set Cor '22. After the repast, two belections wore rendered by the Jubilee Singers, who | ' broadcast overstation WMBS, Mr. and i tj 0 .! j'!! r ' Mrs. Fred McCIintock, Qiarlcs Me- i . , r ,j , ' ' Manus and Clarence Eutsey muke up i '' cnen ' the group which sings hymns exclusively. I i John Scho-nev, Snmunl Shn'.ala, Ed- i Stcmdel. Charlei. Costcllo,' ,,,,, i.",.,..,-). L . C- , r - , . _ , _ l _ . -T.J .' u l l H1UII..I Ryan. John Swallop, Soisson, Donald VVELL-KNOW.V BECIV.N'fiVILLK COUPLE WED AT TTTLLSBURG Mr. and Mrs, Harry L. Zebley of ld and Theresa Takar, Mrs. Joseph Takar and John Lelesci), Jr. MOUNT PLEASANT TOWNSHIP COUPLE MAR1HED 50 "SEARS Mr and Mrs. Charles Goodman Brownsville announce the marriage' Lee celebrated their golden wedding of then 1 daughter, Miss Kathryn Lor- I anniversary Saturday at their home one Zebley, to Marion KJingensnuth, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Klingensmith of Brownsville. The ceremony was solemnized July- 1, 1938, at Wellsburfi, W. Va. Rev. W. H. Best officiated. Attendants were Mr. and _ . . . . junior class" of-jfife. BrpwnsTlllc. High --The bridegroom, "acgraduate ot the Brownsville-High School, is a, popular airisiteur_UDxerr_;and is employed by the Brownsville "borough. He is a :H3ndsoijL. of_:.Mr.. and!. Mrs. Scott -Klingensmittrof 'near "Bread Tol-d. Mr. Klingensmith and bride are residing for_the present, with the lat- ter'a parents.. . -- ,". LATJKEL HILL Y. T. C. MEETS AT MODEL HOME Rev. Floyd Reed, pastor of the Dunbar Baptist "Church, conducted the -lesson _study : on : "A Syllabus in Alcohol Education" when the Laurel Hill Youth's -Temperance Council met Tuesday night _ at the -West Penn Mo'del Home. James Hcrbett conducted the devotions. At the close of the nieeting the hostesses, Mrs. Helen Hall and Mrs. Ace Fike, both of Uniontown, served a delicious lunch. The next meeting will be held at the home of Albert and Harold Leighty, near Connellsville. .read an £aswr poem, wnicn- was_ 101- MlBS Po . M lowed by prayer by Mrs.~Reyn61d6. - cugsec i 7fter Vi''th Mrs.' Clareuce Eutsey. Tlie C. H. B. Club was entertained Friday evening by Mrs. Clarence Eutsey at her home in Cottage avenue. " Devotionals were in charge o£ .Miller. "Business was dis- The class voted to give 515 to the church Easter fund. evening was spent at games. A de- lielous~' served by the hos- A tasty lunch was served by the te ss. and "MISS" Dolly Dawson. Th ! mm !; !! ^1?. =°TM?TM e l TM ts ' next meeting will be held at the horn, Guy, Mrs. Charles H. Stouffer Mrs. of Miss K a?herine Groin' John Zimmerman and Mrs. H. A. Eighth street Lynch. About thirty members attended. at the home in North Wiligut Cjlsmil--And Yoa'H Jump Oil «l Etit ii tl» Mdniing Rarin* lo Go Tht liver ihould poor out two pcoad* ot liquid bU« into jour bowell daily. If thUMU ii not Howlntfrwiy. your food dwan'tdltfWW It just deciti-3 In the bowels. Gu blonta op your stomach. You «?t constipated. Your who'e )r=tem fa po^oned aod rou feu fOUfi ·unit tn3 the world loolcs punK. A mera bowel movejneat doesn't Cet at the eauM. Jt Uke» tjhose rood, old Carter** Little Liver rilU to cct these two pounds of bile flowltic l.-eelr and make sou few "OP ·nd up." Harmless. EfnUe. yet smaifnE I» rniftktne bi!e P.o-v freely. Ask for Carter*" LHUe Uver Fill* by ninie. ILefus- sajthtir r'.» « ill itras ilc.-rs. 10* and ISf O. R. C. Auxiliary Meets. The regular meeting o£ Coke Region Division No. 197, Ladies Auxiliary to the Order of Railway Coni ductors, was held Tuesday afternoon in the Y. M. C. A. There was an unusually large attendance. Initiated during the session were Mrs. Mane Bevans, Mrs. Lodesky Meckes and Mrs. Gtaeo McBurney. A. Foreman Uonuty Shoppo Easter PermGnenfrs $1 Shampoo and Finger Wave 35c Manicure 25c F'hoiir iiOSS-.M. at Wellylown, Mount Pleasant township, dinner being served at noon. Included among the guests were George Fry, Mrs. John Barnauer, Miss Pearl Fry, Mrs. Sadie Amour and Mrs. Ida Marsteller, who were members of the wedding party fifty years ago. - Mr. Lee, who is 73 years old, was born -in Somerset county and for the last fifty-five years has resided in Mpur)t Pleasant township, where Mrs. Lqe, 74 years old, hos spent all of her Ufa. The Lees have two sons, George F. Lqe, principal J3t the New Alexander schools, and Frank Lee, teacher in the Mount Pleasant township schools. MKS. EDWARD ALLEN FETED AT 1 O'CLOCK LUNCHEON In honor of Mrs. Edward Allen, the Rainbow Club gave a 1 o'clock luncheon Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. George Percy-in Johnston avenue. Places were laid for eight members and two guests, Mrs. George Brindle and Mrs. Pet cy's daughter, Miss Audrey Percy, a student nurse at the West Penn Hospital, Pittsburgh, The Aliens are planning to move to New Kensington April J. Mr. Allen, West Penn employe, ha? been transferred to Springdale. Licensed at Grccnsburg. Marriage licenses were issued at Greensburg to Julius Adolph Kimmel and Flora May Cramer of- Scottdale and Michael Trainer of Crabtree arid Marie Balum of Mount Pleasant,- D. P. D. Club WiU Meet. The D. D. a. Club will'meet Friday night at the home of Mrs. Fred Soisson, First street, South Connellsville. Mrs. Albert Helms will be,the hostess. night at the home of Mrs. Walter T. Smith in Wills road. Devotionals were conducted by Mrs. Ernest McCoy and Mrs. Robert Boyd, president, \v.i8 in charge of the business session. One new member, Miss Lettn Dull, was received. Dainty refreshments were served by the committee composed of Mrs. C. N. Show, Mrs. Mary Camper, Mrs. Thomas R. Cunningham, Mrs. Oceima Shaw, Mrs. Nelson Stafford, Mrs. Walter Artis and Mrs. Robert Keller. M. E, FORWARD CLASS MEETS AT KOOSEH HOME Mrs. Harry Kooser entertained the Forward Class of tile Greenwood Methodist Episcopal Church Tuesday night at her home in South Sixth Street, Greenwood. Business of a routine nature was carried out. Plans were discussed for a baked ham supper. The president, Mrs. Ernest Mistlebauer, appointed Mrs. J. L. Cypher, Mrs. W. E. DeBolt and Mrs. Una Morris members of a nominating committee. The committee, consisting of Mrs. Kooser, Mrs. Dora Konschak, Mrs. Anna Lunnen, Mrs. Una Morris and Mrs. Mistlebauer served a delicious lunch. With Mrs. A. D. Fulmcr. Girls Missionary Circle No. 6 of the First Methodist Protestant Church will meet at 7:30 o'clock Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Albert D. Fulmer, 605 Morrell avenue. Visitors are welcome. Tickefs Now on Sale I For Special PreTuc Performance of "PYGMALION" Thursday, March 33rd, 8:30. AIL SEATS 85c All Seats Reserved, Buy Them Now! Regular Engagement STARTS FRIDAY O R P H E U f V i Fayette County Daylight Saving Pol! ( )--I fnvor Daylight Saving Time in Fayette Comity. ( )--I oppose Daylight Saving Time in Fuyette County. P. 0. ADDRESS U p t u r n tin's coupon to your newspaper before noon nf 7\rnrcl 27. March 22, 1839. SAVE THE MOST ON THE BEST Corner North Piltsburg and Peach Streets, anil 117 West Crawford Avenue Your Opportunity to Select Your Fa vorite and Sfock Up! Finest Family 24 1);, Flour Milled Suck Happy Baker Flour Prim, Pastry Flour Pillsbury Best Flour 34 Ib. sack 24 Ib. sack 34 Ib. sack 52c 49c 77c Best Pure L A R D 2 ibs. 15c Spry or Crisco Veg. Shortening 3 £,, 48c Tender Green Beans 4 Solid Pack Tomatoes 4- Fancy Green Spinach for No. Z cans No. Z cans large can 23c 23c lOc Quality Evai. M i L K 10 =· 55c KERHEL UOHN Whole Kernel 10c| Supreme Jumbo Loaves 2 *« 15c; Golden Krust Sliced loaf 5c EGGS Every One Guaranteed Sweet Juicy Floridas Large Size, Heavy with Sparklinsr Juice Fancy Sea Food! Boston Mackerel 2ibs.15c Quality Steak Fish ib.ISc Lean Perk Ohsps End Cuts H A M C AWU Smoked Skinned Small Size *^'3 Large Size Whole or ]U 1 jj Whole or I ' Shank Hal 1 '" jtm B Shank Half' Tender I/enn Boiling Beef 2 Ibs. 29c Lakeview Sliced Bacon 2--i£-Ib. pkgs. 25c Jumbo Bologna--by the piece 2 Ibs. 29c Smoked Pieic Shoulders Ib. l«c Tender Sliced Pork TJvor -2 Ibs. 25c Fresh Cottage Cheese i Ibs. 15c

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