The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 2, 1964 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 4

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1964
Page 4
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FOR SUMMER SCHOOL I i i .?, i ' ' a " Record Enrolment Seen at Carleton U Car!e:on Tn.veii!y is expecting an enrolment of t chy and evening Summer Jtfibo! th.i year. ', '' 'A Dr. John 'McLeish, Registrar aad Summer School Director. aid the figure would' to !$t year's record tota! of 1,?H. , And the rmphpr nf inn'rtu ,ii up too by IS: Th;i year-W at offered. - Evening school open. May 17 atid closes August ,18. ' Refcis-..JMjjpn akes place .Monday and Tuesday. May :J and 28. Ex- aminat.ons are Auz. 19 and 20 AUGUST EJfAMS". " In the day courses registration wit! .take place Friday, July 3. And classes begin July 6 and end August 14. Examinations will be held Aug. 17, The courses all lead to degrees. Arts and Commerce and Science, wiii be offered at both the- introductory and advanced levee.- . - ' ,r Among other courses oifered are: . economics, English, French, Russian. Spanish, German, geology fc history, mathematics, philosophy, jjolit i c a 1 science, psychology and sociology. . 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If you phpne you will receive notffmg but the best. ; WE SHIP TO ALL PARTS OF THE COUNTRY AT NO EXTRA CRATING CHARGE Ureter LIMITED '7 . : Oh Byword -Market-since 1970 . 41 YORK STREET - 233 93534.5 -I dem:e. and teaching qual.fica- tioni,; are biology .chemistry'. physics and Spanish.'' . .-."V-m- fV'n ston Man Dies in Lrasn GANANOOL'E . (Special) John Williams.U2, of Kingston died instantly Wednesday night when hi small car left Highway 401, fouri miles east of here and, crashed into tree. : Mr. Williams was driving west in the two-lane highway near Landon's Bay bridge when the vehicle went on to the north shoulder, then careened across the road into the south ditch. ; ; " His body was jammed in the front seat of the small foreign-made car and authorities had difficulty getting it out. " " Provjneial pathologist Dr. W. J. Wyatt of Brockville Leon-ducted a post-mortem ,exafn-ination, but ho details have been released. - The accident occurred at about 7 p.m. About six hours later and k mile further west. an accident occurred in-which Mrs. Gloria. Walentuk, 36, of ;A!exaidria,BawNw-rl. wa,, eriously injured. . er eastbound station wagon wentNMit of control and struck a. tar(ransport driven by Robert Nelson, 38, of Toronto. The woman Was thrown clear. She is in fait condition at Hotel Dieu Hospital in King, ton with multiple injuries. The transport driver and a passen ger were not hurt Ottawa, Area Deaths WILLIAM KALrrt- TlLIN- PERSON, 80. Winchester. MRS. HtNRI A.-VENNE,- 56, housewife, 344 Clarence Street, JOSEPH D. PORTER. 79, retired foundry worker, 6954 Berri Street, Hull. . PR, CAMPBELL A. FIND-LAY. 59, dentist, 248 Irving Avenue. HAROLD SIDNEY WOOD-HUS. .79. Ottawa'. ,,. MRS. MARY 'ANN McKEE'. 81, widow of Charles McKee, KaabaMta. - MRS. ANNIE" PRISC1LLA RYAN, widow of Andrew Joseph George Ryan, Brockville. HALF CO GALLON 5 , 32 .fl.39 32-02. BOTTLE evine r. v Bilingual ; Trusteds Jobs Outlined A giflup 0I. 4IK1 bil nguaJ On tario ' school trustees pondered the qualities required of a good school buagd of fu:)al al". a con vention hiin.gJbeA 'n Ottawa this eek. '.. r .'' . 7..- 'Mgr. C. A. Earners, moral counsellor of the Association Of Bilingual . School Trustees of Ontario " CCEB0) gave dele gates' his impressions ef these requ';rements Wednesday, at the; Laurier. . , Msgr. Demer$ said the. four essen'tiaTTiuatities of a good trustee : are: He must have enough spare time to give to school business;' he must pos sess a certain competence need ed to copducl the variotis ta.sks of his, post; his actions must be governed by a well developed sense of conscientious equity and finally,, his authority must be exercised with justice and prudence. , - '- The speaker's remarks were accepted by the delegates as the keynote address-, the three day convention- ;. "In a sense" he"said;""well ordained 'school administration is more important than a good municipal administration."- He added the entire future of the student population rests on the shoulders of elected trustees". Journal Want Ads hring quick results. - (Friendly Credit Mf -aaaA V r .... r tX ' . " ;7'V.--J'., I - 7 ..: . li"1 THE OTTAWA -JOURNAL Fall jails To Stop Conductor : '" ..; i - :. ' ' , ROME, i.ri i- Conductor Pierre ' Monteiix collapsed apd, fell six feet from the podium Wednesday mght while conducting":'" Ravel's "Pava ne fqr avSwd Pri rices" in Rome's Santa Cecilia auditorium., . The conductor. ho . will be R9 Saturday, slipped between guar rail that had been placed around the "podtum. -for, Kis; protection, lfe fell heavity, landing on hU , left shoulder and the-left STdenf-1rir-face, as the audience cried out in horror. . Dot tors in the i audience carried him to-a nearby seat After. 20 minutes he walked slowly back to the stage." expressed hi regret a nd asked if the audience wanted him to continue. , Many-cried- no, fearing for hi health. Mohteux started to walk away, : then, turned back: " -; ' 7- : 7 .Seated in a chair, he fin-. . ihed the concert. :;. The audience gave him an ' ovation. - TRIED CHILDREN' STERLING. Colo.-lyfi A tired teacheror a typographical error is blamed for a school lunch menu as printed inthe Sterling Journal- Advocate "Fried children and . grav vegetabl es, dessert.". r Discuss v Provincial 5chool Grants . Provincial grant- to sthool boaids were widvly discussed af the opening Wednesday of the '.'ftth annual meeting of -the"Assti-cial ion . .'of ,' .'. Biiinual. , -School Boards of Ont ario " ACE BO) being held af "the- Chateau LauneiH; '. " ': - -.! " Oer 400 delegates have registered fOrHh-s -"meeting of .the association which groups schiwl trusteesjrom a!f over the prov; incev .;7T:' ". ; ';' i A close '-scrutiny ..Of. the hew Onwrtaxation.planas madef hi$ own compOSior, before nyuririirv n... 740 aud(ence of 1.900, ' ! . ' - . :H. ' I V. VlJtl - A ' i f . ' vuw t(te duu;iOittl it's like putting money in the bank i while you watch your diamond 'grow ... and Grow ... and GROW 6j qeuTt I'! f ).( ,. . i a- . right on your finger ! ing. The committee was presided over by.Jienjamin Michaud, assistant director of the primary school system in thi Department of Wucaiiniuf-p.otarilo..;TrT He explained to delegates the different points of the complex plan which is how in operation. Association' president Raymond Grouix welcomed the dele-' gates and words, of . welcome ere also give n by ' Rogelr . N, Seguin. president-of the french Language Education Association of Ontario (ACFEO), organizers of French Week.'-' U of 0 Appoints Welfare Assistant j . Mis 'Carmen Couillard has been appointed assistant direc tor of (he School of Social Wei- fare' of the University, of Ot-i .4waTJUajnn.ouncedJl(da.y X (MM I A5Z- ....... . IP finer 15 Teenagers In Break-Ins FifietJiT Aylmer teenagers.are being questioned by Police Chief Roger Boucher following two '-:break-ms at a vacant grocery store on, Main' Street ar-Juty(1ee Avenue: The investigation was start ed March 21 -by Aylmef Eojice after break-in at the store, owned by Mrs.-F. D. Glandon. Police were investigating the March 21 break-in when ' the second one occurred March 30. Collections of rare coins and paper money were takenr , Talks Postponed ; MONTREAL (CP)-Talks between Paul Hall,' president of the Seafarers' international Union of North America, and the federal board of maritime trustees '.scheduled jor today have . been postponed,- it "was learned Wednesday", .'; TMf. HatTcouId, not make th trip' to' Montreal 'and may not be able to come this week. a n-vj : '' '.'' S"x 0 a v mi V A :;:r'Py:X V -7.r v ."! -V.Sa'' a - : THURSDAY,-APRIL 2..-1964 . V - ., Only ONE Location - ii Ottawa: v;. ... Pianist " Dies At Concert DtTROir :yn - Bo z i d a r Kuric, ' Groa tiort "pianist. ; collapsed after performing with tne DTe To i t Symphony Orchestra- at Ford Auditorium Wednesday ' night and died shortly afterwards. '- Kunc,' who performed with his sister, soprano Zinka'Mila-nov of .the New Vork Metro politan Opera Coin pa ny, had just finished playing a concerto Witnesses said he collapsed just after leaving the stage Kunc. about '-60, was dead on arrival at Receiving Hospital. Kunc was stricken apparently just as his sisfec Zinki, following him as a soloist, was finishing her song. i A Miss Milanov , had acknowl edged a gift of, flowersand walked ' off-stage, to find her brother dying. . " - Any person having Information as to cause ork origin of a fire on property at Carlsbad Springs, ; owned by Alex and Sara Stark Is asked, to communicate with Sutton Perry Ltd., 88) Metcalfe . St., Ottawa, 236-9781... Reward is offered for useful information. ' '.A . - 7 tht world's. . highest standard of Quality, Cutting and Colour , the world over there art no : diamonds at ANY price! Our "Gro.w-a-diamond plan" js, available to every 'one. You simply choose whatever diamondTingryoirfeel you cart afford now from our magnificent array of new .styles for ladies- and men and wear it while you pay for - . p'Jt 6n Peoples friendly terms. Anytime you-wish -well allow-you the FULL AMOUNT YOU PAID to buy a new ringwith LARGER diamonds;" ' ' :v Olie fA 'PaihI full u J i your diamond complcie grairl profcctKHi Question rtitmnlut Krvtr "Inarm '.ii,m Mtnf4dion or full' money-refund. It offer in Canada aiaint diamond Iom Tw - a - diaraond'' fmvilege.. Start today. - Wb Sparks if5ti Open paily 5 lb- 5:45 Friday night till 9' telephone 235-6706 - Leopold Dion Gets Stay of ExScution QUEBEC (CP) J; Leopold Dion, sentenced to - w . hanged April 10 for. the sexislayinjj Of :ne of four boys four) A d'aji last year has been granted stay of exerution .to Dec. 4 to Enable, his lawyer Guy Bertrand to appeal.' .-:; " X .- o tTwciHiti I MrMn 4 Rut PMriuM -. ROW TO RECEIVE JESUS I BE SAVED". 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