The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 2, 1964 · Page 2
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 2

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1964
Page 2
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D iefen baker R a ps Secrecy Over UN Force in Cyprus . (By The CP) Opposition Leader Diefenbaker said in the Common Wednesday that the general criticism oT the United .Nations pf3Tkeeping force -'in Cyprus is that it is powerless. He said n wasn't for him to -include whether th;s view was correct, but the people-of Can-ada had a right to now about the general directives for the force and how it was to discharge its duties, i Mr. Diefenbaker is a i d ht d)dn't -understand . the. secrecy over the directives. , rjL He spoke after External- Affairs Minister Martin told , the House that the government is satisfied that the UN directives to the force will permit it' to discharge its obligations as; ef- AN 'ectively as circumstances on ;he island permit. . u ' Mr. Martin declined, however, to give any details on the grounds this would be violating defend themselves to the full. He denied "there was- any secrecy shrouding operation of the force and said Mr. Diefenbak-er's comments -wece "not calculated to assist the situation. Luncheon , 1 1.30 to 2.30 Dinner 5.30 to 9.30 Late Suppers 'til 2 JO a.m. ' t lrm Liquor -Llcrnr Board ol Ontario CORRECTION VESTO.VS LEMON GUEST CAKE -13 oz, cake Men's sizes to 12 Boys' sizes I to 5 Juniors' sizes 10 to 13 45?- Rubber Boots (Made in Canada) --- Durable black- rubber upper with brick red Rubber Overshoes or 15"high. 4.99 3.99 3.49 i Black ' rubber only with zipper. 6" or 10" high. EATON'S Pricei pair SPECIALLY PRICED Men's .Work BoTts Sturdy oil tanned leather uppers with durable composition sole. Sizesi7 to 11 in the group. Regular to 9.99." - -.T J EATON'S pecial Price, pair , The Opposition leader replied hat this statement was uncalled for and Improper.! able to the Canadian people' From Page One: Gouldrt In Rio de Jarfeiro, ihe vanguard of revolutionary troops who launched the uprising Tuesday in the big .state of. Minas Gerais marched into . the city. GouTart fled from Rio de Janeiro Wednesday as rebel army units and civil militiamen rnarvueu un me tiiy, vuwiug w force him from office and lift "the Red yoke" from Brain1. He flew to Brasilia and then to Porto Alegre, 670 miles southwest of Rio de Janeiro. Radio Liberty, in the industrial city of Sao Paulo, an anti-Gou-lart stronghold, said there were unconfirmed reports Goulart had fled to Asuncion, Paraguay, and asked for political asylum. POSTS FOR AREA MEN1 C. I: Cameron of Cornwall, "...Convenient EATON'S Special Price, ' ' pair -Budget or ' """ Charge Account!, CLEARANCE-Mcn's Toe Rubbers Durable corrugated sole. Black only In sizes 6, 6Vs, 7 or 7Vi.. I-77 T.tA,TOMCVs From, Page One V Nothing Investigating police, seeing having -been advised Mr. Giff no outward signs of crime and had a history 'of heart trouble, believed the mart had died of a heart attack he said. Mr. Giff'sbody-wa found I about 9 a.m. About three hour? In a general outline Df Can-! later at. the; Army funeral ida's position on Mhe Cyprus i Home, it was discovered thai -fw-w,sftflrTTf-tK-J-flnd -othetlPJfjhlem, Mr. Martnsaid there there were bullet wounds in hi. participating countries,' in the farce. ", " ...' NDP Leader Douglas said Canadians had committed their sons to what may become a battlefield, and he hoped the 1.100 - mart Canadian force wouldn'jt be hamstrung by directives. ' ' . . ' Mr.JMartm .' they- would not be hamstrung; - the direc- ives would T. permit troops- to ts no reason toexpect the stiu- theart .and shoulderr it ion to improve sufficiently to "It -was just; one of those warrant withdrawal of the UN! things' observed Dr.-Cjtnm force, after three months. , He indicated that Canada expects- the UN Security Council to renew the authority, of the UN force when the presenLmajv date expires in July adding that there was no onus on Dr. Lloyd to go to thesceni to view the body of what ap this morning, learned the . de- t a Jc ttnA t hr ' ur til ka' nn Yi ir.' ther investigation The Smiths Fajts Police Com mission Wednesday offered a $!.00t reward fqr .'. information leading to the conviction of the killer.of Mr. Giff, well liked fn Inuin &nl'lrnAuln ' Iriinl '! Gauthier. She was alone at the time. : . ;, "Wherr he came in I thought he wanted, to see Mr. Sachs. Then he pointed a gun at , my face and said This is a hold- "He started towards the cash register and I pressed the buzzer," Miss Gauthier said. The buzzer sounded in the of fice of Thomas Sachs, owner of the firm " After giving detectives a de scription of the bandit, she accompanied them to No. 1 Police Sutioiuto look at-"mug shot" bocks. She said the man was very well dressed, wearing a busi ness suit, dark topcoat and hat. SUN HABITS .v. FAIRBANKS -r The stui never sets for 147 days arid never rises for 145 days on Ellesmere' Island near the North Pole. " Buy Now! Instructions Free! GRO-LUX FLUORESCENT LAMPS Stimulate Plant Growth! I ire- 1 vi I M m Fa I An idea location for Business Meetings .and Banquets RrTT flQE PIANOS Cr SON. LIMITED (at Cojtr) 1C3 fllDEAU ST. DOORS OPEN 9 A.M. n. 1 --TnLOTTAWA J THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 1964 CyORNAL 'PEOPLE HAVE RIGHT TO KNOW'lv 40THBIRTHDAY DINNER Govern r Gene ra I Praises RCAF , By The Canadian Presi The Governor Generalpraise' the.nen of the RoyataiTSdia: Air Force Wednesday nigSf a "a. skilled disciplinedi-semiice minded ; elite that our natio l'J"""" ' vlj1"" for granted." Speaking"at7 T the RCAF't ,40th , anniversary ' dinner het he said that by their example mpmhprs nt I hp force had Giver Canad wt youth "that impulse peared to be a routine heliTrn0' nation-building, that stimula-; attack case. He said his department had Mr. uietengaKej- sata it wasrDeen in touch with Dr Lloyd exiraorainamy strange mat information of the general basis an which .the LIN . force oper ates should not be made avai)4, tton to confidence and hard work that our country needs. ENVIABLE POSITION', ; :-. In 40 years the RCAF had accomplished much, and earned, '.'the' enviable ; position' it hqlds not only in" our country but abroadas well, a position of which we who headed diplomatic missions abroad were so proud." , 7V-'.'--'-'-.'C '.t. The Governor General ' re- hearted service station operator! V'ewea ' ,RCf,'J th . j. f : two world wars and . in a who would open his gas pumps 'i . ti,, tK-v B.ttte of at any hour to' aid "stranded molonsts,'.! i.'. fc Pqhce Chief Reg Wride, who promised informatipn would be kept jn the strictest confidence, said police - have several leads in the baffling case. - He did not elaborate - Buzzer Foils . ... . - .' . . Gunman City detectives were check ino on the rurhereahoiit.4 off elected directors of the Ontario o or .dt;. c a .,8.25, a.m. ater-an interKiflfice Association in Toronto Tues day. MEN'S WET-WEATHER. Men. "Staion" -Toe Rubbers 1 Self locking heel grip keeps rubbers from slipping off.' Pointed, narrow or medium widths. Sizes - 5 to 12. Black only EATON'S Price, pair Just' Say "Charge-It" With an Eaton stenographer. Miss Vera Britain said: , "Of Mr. Churcbill's immortalized 'few.' a great number were Canadians." In peacetime the RCAF has taken On other roles, providing assistance in times of civil emergencies both at home and abroad,, "warch and rescue, aid From Page One "i " ii " i '- Squabbling known criminals today in anSX... could be quite far- . llf ... 1 k.' L, nulla wouldn't be attempt ta find a man who tried to hold up Sachs Brothers paper stock company at 95 Broad street this morning. 1. The attemfted armed holdu was made by a tall, slender, well-dressed bandit wearing H. G. Crowley or Cnuwa andldark gUsses. 1 who Lfled he P. J. Sheahan of Renfrew were i i.a-a ,tL reaching. We quite so inclined to arrive at ad hoc solutions which are likely to work for Only a few months and not get anywhere." Mr.- Gordon indicated, how ever, that there are unlikely to be any changes in the existing tax-sharing arrangement befpre it expires in' 1966. , : 'rProyincial premiers have been urging a better, financial . deal for their provinces but Mr. Gordon said, "We've got our deficits' too." '.:;', Mr, Gordon said the continuing study would have to consider relative fiscal priorities of -the two levels of government. ordinarily difficult thing to agree on.; ' ' FIRST PROGRAM . He said ' hospital insurance likely will be the first shared-cost program on which proposed new "contracting out" arrangements will apply, with provinces assuming the Jfull cost burden in return for extra taxing powers. N He mentionetHjuebec as likely take over this program, but did not say whether any other provinces 'are likely to follow suit. He didn't indicate when this might occur. No decision waf likely on contracting out of the 'shared - cost welfare programs until after the May meeting of welfare ministers In Ottawa.! i Mr. Gordon said he couldn't say what improvements might be made In the welfare programs, adding T think there is a fair degree of unanimity among the ministers on ways of improving them." The four programs might also be Integrated Into a sinele packaee. to victims of floods, snowstorms and other disasters. CITES CYPRUS FORCE "We are all especially aware of the magnificent -effort In getting troops and supplies quickly arid efficiently to Cyprus- another United Nations commitment . . .. in which Can You Benefit by Our FOOD PLAN? Call (or FREE Presentation 745-2128 530 BteaLRd. . OPEN ' FRIDAY TIL 9 P.M. Sell-Out of Ken's zzi Boys' Wear Continues ... FixturW for Sale. Cash, CO.Dn Layaway ( SO - days), No Refunds-or Exchanges. All Sales Final! DeHytry, ' of articles to be, altered wllLbf, made In the order sbld, r mi da's airmen have played ich a distinguished part." The. RCAF also had helped i the development of new ses, for aircraft such as aur, nail, me rcy' flights, flying am--ulances, -night flying, Arctic tyng and -aerial photography. "There is hardly a use for lircraft which the , Canadian Air .Force did not help to ioneer or at least to develop," said the GA-ernor General From Page One Brockvill . Sgt. Sterritt, who was in Kingston this morning, said bus passenger lists were being checked out arid taxi drivers and service station attendants questioned to find out if anyone had seen Mr. Schouls. Eastern Ontario police and some N members of Ihe BrockviUe Dutch community scoured highways and second- ; ary roads, along Mr. Schouls' : intended ; route Wednesday. Mr. Schouls. secretary-treasurer of the Brockville. Society for Christian Education, the I Dutch school, never arrived in lOdessa where he was to visit l a friend" .Anton Mulder. . . The man is five feet, six inches tall, 145 pounds " and has dark hair. ; : ' A second missing Brockville man was Tound Wednesday when he contacted Jus parents from i; Oshawa where he is working. 7'nrrold Todd. 21. of 56 Amy Street, Brockville, was reported missing , March 31 - after disappearing sometime earlier. Todd had neglected to tell his parents where he had gone, police said. - Montreal Gazette Raises Price MONTREAL (CP) The Gazette announces it will increase, its weekday price April (Lto:;? vncft&taJrom. .the. jres- ent five cent rate.' The price I of the newspaper's Saturday edition will remain 10 cents. In explaining the price change, the Gazette cited "a steady increase, over the years, in all production costs." I'M I .1' r i :' ' a Union Wins Wage Increases Members of local 4170 of the March .1. 1964, and ner Co.. Ltd;, Hull, . it was announced today. . The agreement calls for three per cent wage increase across the board retroactive to 1 .(,11' I.. M 9 a similar United Steelworkers of Amerl-lfour yper , fent b00 effec,l'e ea will get twq wage increases during the- next year u n d e r agreement reached with Bread-1 March L 1965, a union spokes- . man said. . r The company will also' taka over 65 per cent of new health and welfare costs, and under- write 75 per cent of the health and -welfare, program akeady in effect. ,q re a t lli artists. sounafe. t inrnn I s( V utih) 6h Li great iv-r vaiue tiifii in i, H- 1 3 . R.CA. VICTROLA RECORDS distinguished classical recordings at a low, lowjjrice $5.29 $5.79 " MONO " STEREO .. Best loved classical selections perforrfWd by such world-famous artists as Alexander Brailowsky, David Oistrakh, Henry 'Szeryng.' Emil Gilels. Jaime Laredo, Gary Graff-man and many others. Choose from this magnificent -series at your nearest Davis Agency. 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