The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 15, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, July 15, 1918
Page 4
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I f - ^ l j ^ ^ 7 ^ -, 3^ *AGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBULBVIULE, PA. MOND4.Y, JULT 15, 191- Glj* iaUg (Emtrinv RXIfBT T «NTDE«, , Toamttr »nd E41tor, 1179-191*. conr*SY. K. M SVTDEIt, President. JAMK8 J DBI3COLU - »nd Trial. Business JOHN L. GAKS Minaictnr Editor WALTBK S. STIMMEL. City Editir XISB I.TNVB E. JUNCEIJ* Society Editor . Associated Press, Audit Burew.of Clrcalation, d Dailiel. Two cent* per ( cop». 50c p«r mpnth, 9?*r year b m»U it T«W in advance. ths poswoflce Connenb\"tlle^ Pa^ - S050AT ETE3|E(«, TOM 1S.JMS. ,,. . SHERMAN. ; Hospital Unit-*C^Am«rl.alt E* - * ; peditionarv .Forces Franc* RALPH F SUlGt-B* Company H^ «»«» Infantry U £. N \.. American Exp«di- nonary Force* France : MlCHAtl. ORfcAALDO. HARO1.D RICKEY, -Battery E 10"^h Field Artillery "Sth Division U S. N G American Expeditionary Forces I ranee J^LCITD B- COX, - Company T 37th t,n*lne«rs U a A^ Fort Myer. Va. JTJUUS GROUSE Company E 15th Enclneers I (Railway). .American Eipe- 4Ulonary Forces France ~JAM£S J JlePARTLAND .Company B «rd Enrin«rs (Railway) ort Benjamin .Harrison Indianapolis Indiana. RUSSELL LENHART .U S. S, President Grant. U S. CARL STEHT.K. '3rd Company 1st Battalion Infantry Replacement Brigade Camp Lee "Va. Germany's Confession AdimU Gmil of Her Cra* Against Civilization Part VI Frteadly. When the assassination ol the Austrian archduke occurred the English pres was quiet at first and friendlj to Austria' Prince Liehnow sir says But when th« Austrian ultimatum to Serbia was Icnown the press ojrmemned it The whole ·world outside or Berlin and Vienna* realized ithat it meant war and a world war too The English fleet which happened to ha\c been holding a naval r-evien was not detnobih/ed The British government labored to make the Serbian reply conciliatory and ' the Serbian ans* er was in keeping with the British efforts Sir Edward jlrey then proposed his plan of mediation upon tuo two points which Seipia bad not wboll conced ed -Prime Lichnowsk writes Mr ..Catnbon (for France) Marquis Imperial! (for Italy) and I were to meet with Sir Edward in the chau and it voald hare been easy to work and we 1 ! defined declarations ol M. SaTanof the Czar s positively humble telegrams later on Sir Edwards repeated proposals, the ^ armngs of Marquis San Giuhano and of Bollaf, my own pressing admonitions were all of no avail Berlin remained m- flCTibJo--Serbia must be slaughtered "War was declared Thus ended my mission to "London Prince Lich aowsky sas It had suffered shipwreck not on fche wiles of the Briton but on the wiles of our own poUcj And of tLo German traditions thai made this policy possible he con eludes Were not those right who that the German people was per- SOU! AM) SKILL. The deed men chc«r la born of MkJU The mob is daxzled by oucceaa I It leaves on« pod and always will For one who » a finer dress-Today it fawns tomorrow frowns--Brief Is the rt)e the favorite plays, It raises hi ffh the man H crown a Then seeks a B ronger man to praise The m u l t i t u d e H ffwayed by skid * It cannot read the aouls of men It little knows the good and 111 Between the lines ita vie nrs pen Its ear is not in t u n e w i t h all The ftner melodies of l i f e ItB only passion is t h e b r a w l And scramble of the f r e t f u l *LrJCd Who seeks the pralhcs of tho thronic Must miss the glories of th« f « w The littlel circles and its #m «· The joy of constant f r i a n d r t nn1 t f in The l o \ e of t h e m who kr ow h t t i |) P «( And cikch the tender wiit-ln tin speaks For soul not skill in munluxjil * f « n i Thoug-h skill is w h a t ll(e i h f t M K ' h t - liiss aeeka virted with the spirit of TreitscKe and But few ma riehtl itnow «, mon Bernard! which glorifies war as an end instead of holding it in abhor re nee as an evil thing* They said that the feudal knight and junker th.* wailike caste and not the civilian] roles and imposes Us own ideals and values that the love of the duel out a formula for the debated points 4 which animates lhe university stu- I which had to do with the cooperation dents is stilt cherished bv those who [ Ff J of imperial and royal official* in tho K"ide the peoples destinies Hid not liquifies to be conducted at Bpl- the Zibem affair and the debate on Only the nearest feet h l n *(»ul And know the detaj} of ti ft iiltin By which he striven to remfh goal And he may never rlns to fa inn A n d ffhare the pamp stite N o r plaj w i t h skill l i f e H And stlP be co inted w Hi The Associated Press is «x- elustvpJr eDtitleil to the use for repuDUca-ion ofr ill the n*w* Dispatches credi e3 to It or no oih«rwis*-er«dit«d in t*i» paper and also the loeaO. news pub grade By the exercise of good wi 1 the case in the Reichstag shown the everything could ba\e been settled outer world hour cMI rights and Ub- m one or two sittings and the m«-, erties are rated with us when the acceptance of the B-itish proposal conflict wilh mllitan ]resti£e ? would have relieved the strain a n J * * * Piopcrly speiking mill further imnroxed our relations -with tansm is a school for the people and England. I seconded thw plan -svith an Instrument to further political all mj energies In \am I was toll tnds But, in the patriarchal abso- Cby Berlin) that it would be against Intism of a military monardby mill the dignity of 4us*ria Ot course all! tari^m exploits politics to furtber its that was needed was one hint from ow ennds and caa create a situation j Berlm to Count Bercitold (the Aus- [ which i democracy freed from Junker trian Foreign Minister) be would i dom would not tolfrate hare satisfied himself with a dlplo { That is what our enemies tbmk matic triumph and rested on the*i£-t is what thei are bound to ttUnK Serbian answer That hint was never | ^nen the see that in ^plte of capl- giTcn. On the con ran pressure j talfstic industrialism and in spite of K t i n r t i n f f i Ag-ainst the lure of gold nnd ( nd Ih ing out l i f e a I l t t l o Lcn By n e ^ e r stooping- once to -LOST -- OOLuD BiilMLD i*lLi plaaaue In Di Dtxon case between bt Rita. 5 church and IjJoventh street Reward if returned to COMsfciLL-fc) VII*LI3 DRUG CO lojuli It* LOS1--ON 'WJ3ST S1DD Ot HIV er between Connclle\ille and Adelaiae Kents gold watch and chain Initials H a Reward tf returi o 1 to 144 North Second street 13jul 3t" IS oilc- FIHST CLASS UjTOMOBlLE cn.rrln.Kfi palntfnt, done it WAGON "WORKS N i n t h street T. cat Sid* All work i^uaj anLeed JOHN VObl N Mnn.ij.r-r ISJulj W* \otlce 1 J J K H( IIOOI DISTRICT OF PPR ry K w r a l lp -will r e c c i \ e bids for lur n i r i h i n K i ) Cor t h c t e r m 1318 10U u n t i l Hi n Sainrdat A u g u s t 5 1913 W }, J U H B F C K fctcieta Star June l i n n l*ft ISjulySt N.Kir* MIJIH W31 1^ BIj RJ CEIVED X,p TO a n d Ino urtlnj, J u l y 18Lh Cor p a i n t i n g t h f t I n l ^ i i i it t h e H i f f h School Build I itf J t i n ft nK I i Spccihca.tion limy lu titl T orn II K S M l x H ir is olfl e Hf(,h fachool Build nt i Leio ftnrlnjy l*a j u h 9 13 15 He? bcinsr tender bra-ic and in s T, n f i l t e r i n p t h r n u f j h pood nr 111 Scorning 1 one s^lfsh to do To reap the hrlef rawarrln of n k t l l WAIsTED -- TOUR 1 business RUND1NE S. BAJl BERING tf was brought in favor -of ^v Wter our refusal Sir Edward ask ed us to come forward -with our pro posal We insisted on war \o other answer could than that it - socialistic orginizatlons the as Nict^che said are still ru-ledbythe dead The democratization of Ge r many the finest T\ar aim proposed by oine ou i eave e i ANTED---v G:RL FOR acNniAL country to bon except the one which Licbnow-J housework Appi 134 West Ptncn that she is governed by * ttreftt l s J u i 3 3 t t l THE W4B CHEST. i It is not the purpose of those who have inquired somewhat into the War Caest plan nor of those who know nothing at all about u to condemn it out of hud. The people as a whole are entirely willing to Join in any project that, will ttaKfl their aid in the war program, more effective but they must first be convinced tha^. new plans *ni projects are not onl better than old ones but that they are also adapted 10 the conditions prevailing in this I got (from Berlin) l o u r enemies will become a reality' ras a colossal condes ' That Is Germany s confession of sin cension on the part of. Austria not to and i%cnv al of repentance as made contemplate anv acquisition of terrl bv her ambassador to Great Britain tory Sir Edwar* "justl pointed out i It leaves her without any justifica that one could rediue . . I. . .... ».--.- *--- ·vassalage without acquiring tern ! skv pleads torv that Russia ·would *ee this and a caste of duellists who are determin- regard it as a. humiliation not to be ed to dominate the »orld by the put up with The impression grew sworrl That sword will have to be stronger and stronger that we wer* hrokon m trie bands o' the Kaiser be- bent on war OtherMie our attitude fore the norid will be able to live toward a question m which we were with Gem anj JjJchno»skj ( like not directly concerned was incom ! Mu Jon foresees it. prebernibJe The insistent requests WANTED--ROOMIsRS A^D BOARD iTB at 117 West iayette street l l j u l y t f WANTED-die aged lady CHAMBERMAID MID B . O RbST VUVIANT 13July2t at ULPERN S 404 South PiUBburg- ·WANTED--BOYS OVER H \BARS of a*r« CQ^\t*L.L£\l±.L,k, SILK M I L L CO INC 2 j u l 3 t f While the Germans and Austrians are much alike in some respects the latter have the good sen«e to know when the are licked and the cando*- to admit it the previous week Smallpox breaks out at Dunbur Case** de-\ clop in double house owned by T h o m a s "Watt Two families aro affected--Thompson and Crockett. boi colored Jern, Lovrney engineer of Balli more Ohto train Ko "5 and Robert authorities Will Holmes a negro stealing a ride are it b met with as little evasion? Injured in a wreck it Glencoe Fire t man Harr Frazicr i* K i l l e d TV.BFB mav i» H n l i S f - t h - i * TTIiM i DVld H l X O H BO yGQrS Old Of Rllfl.5 m n v " " * is kicked to death by a horse In The coal producers ha\e put prohl bitlon as a war mtaoure squarelj up to the b*» m»de n »ame study of tae "War Chest conpestion of the brain Certainly it plan find* sejftrai ieatures jn it that. wa«« not due to enlargement of the heart - i death hWne dcf not commend it as desirable to be adopted in Fajette county The diffi cult}, as pointed oui of determining beforehand what the needs,of the set- eral war relief agencies H1 be for a year, or even six months ahead, makes the. flimg of the amount of a War Chest fund almost impossible It the amount raised proves to be insuffi cient for the needs of an or all of the se-veral organizations, the execj- tife» committee will be obliged to conduct another can\ as otherwise the district will fail in meeting Us full quota^ Such a drive is almost certain to lack the interest and enthusiasm of the drives as they are non conducted for a single definite object at a time The problem of apportioning the funds ot the T\ar Cheat among the several beneficiaries is one that is full of possibilities for the development of Unpleasant situations or misunderstandings because of the pronenes^ ot men to make mistakes of judgment. The maintenance ot tbe fine spint of n«ighborl cooperation and complete harmony of interests IB- too important in -war ^relief work to be imperilled by*»ny/change in method of nork un- le?5 there is positive assurance that ne^ methods are an improvement on thyroid True, the^War Chest would do awav with the organ zed drives heretofore made for each of the several war re lief activities and m that particular it would have man advantages if we are willing to dismiss as less important the benefits to be derived from ih^se ^campaigns, at .a means* 9f, de- veiopmtf a wholesome community it These drives hare required great In accordance with the renupst of Pr^-sidpnt "McKlniey members of Conn e l l s v i l l e churches gather to pray for the mcc*ss of American arms I n the wir w i t h Spain and establishment of peice Following 1 Is a H*t ft teachers elec*- TJnder certain contingencies the "War ed ft r Bullskin township Bear Rocks Chest m l ^ h t become a "War Depart Jicob TJa% Is Sutherwortd Charles rnpnt in Fayette county in as f u l l a Yother- FrarkI n Fra Adorns Stauf Eoozc or coil* "What will "bo tne answer of "Washington 7 the War Department of a church The more rapid t aimed at the bojf better the aim ot their fire the stock dealer of Chicago pa a from his old home In Somerset cotmtj Mr Ream IH now rated as a millionaire f f He was born at Urslna In a litt B log _ _ served throuerhou the sacrifice of time" and business an-, civil War enlisting' as a mere lal se-nne ai a choir scmetimcs becomes i fer "\fola K u h n i R!d(fcvtc« Wilter *L Stlmmol Mud. Warren Chriatner M i n r s Georgre "ft Gans Rich HJll ne nr« of lette-s* Maudo Meanff BrciKneck Tamen G O\er There the Crossland Pleisant VaHc fe,ila Shank Gtlmorc John M Moore Rice [ N o r m a n R- Lyonn Cault Georffe W j Reefer Johnston N o 1 John K Hue} ' No 2 Ethel Chalfint Bellevlew ChT-rles L Guns Pcnntvllle No 1 ' Lr-«me V Howard No 2 Margaret } Grurnell Ceary t.3na Myr-s Sam lei Xeiclerhlse- dies at his home J near Champion j Jir\is Stark Ohlopyle merchant, f sustains a broken noa« aid A broken | arm when he steps from a moving t n i n at Ohiops \f 1 Mr 1 ? Ann Strickler widow of Alfred Strickler die( at East I*ibprt^ She w T J 62 eira old Mrs Marj I Bisham wile of Jamci P Bigam '8 i, "ITS old diei it tho home of her father John Curry in T r u m p avenue Tpcicncr*! for Dunbar tow nship nre elected as t o) la« s 1 C Pa tterson Agnes Cooper C W Lieb Chrlsirio H u g h e P John N Anderson Albert H Lonj Helen Carroll John L. Kefter VE-irtha Williams Thomas BIcDow ell Car line llorris William Allen Isaa'' F Smith T Hza F l n n e r t j Ha.rv« foh-iH William G Gitns Tlla J u n k J I HagBerty 'Vlamie Burns L nda News ot the Past Con denae i from tbe Flln of lh* CourUr. 18SS Detailed report of the Connellsviile coke trade for the week ending J u l 21 shows a total of 13 061 o\er;» In the region of w h i c h 8*2- are n blast and -}-63! idle wfth a total eatimated pro duction of 5 i3a tontf Shipments for the week aggregated T 000 cars distributed as f o l l o w s To Pittsbur^ 9-» car-: to points v. est "·57a cars to points eufat 1 500 cars an increase of 4 840 cars as compared with the pre\ious -week Joseph WadEwom i Plttsburg . WANTED-- TV, o ters good wa*r*s PARIS STONF (.O GOOD CA -*tsadv job Bell 250 WANTED -- AN sRlertad for cloak and s u i t depart ment ·ft-lth good selling abilitj Ad dress B Courier lljiilyfit WANTED--CARPENTERS AD LA\ rers Corp*ntern wa-^cs 62140 per h o u r 1m borer i 3Sc per h o u r Apply on the job at Greenhouse Stop D u n bar Pa. VA^ CONST.RLCTICW CO « J u l y t f d "WANTED--Ml-N FOR CLtANINC cars 1130 P il u n t i l id 30 A M Good stead) employ men MASTH.R MEt-HAMC Wett l e n n RaiJviys Oc "WAVTED -- c-'ORD OR Uoad-ster a r part pTym*pt on Paige Touring car Balance cash O w n e r wants smaller car Box «OI Connells ville l j u l j l t * "WANTED -- CARPENTERS AND carpenter helpers to build construction camp at Fayetto stitlon Good wiges Apply to A TJ. ANDERSON BTIOS n»C Fayelte station S j u l j tt WANTED ,P% LJIAL, MR\ TO ·» ork on inirpection and repairs to cars s eadj employment 3 tiftir d iy Applv at once to MASTER M E C H A N I C Wer-t Penn R a l l u a s Compan THfc UNI I^HSIGM D ADMlMfa L r x t a r 1 b n c. l_ j. of tl o eirtii t of L I U a h o t h Barnes det-e tsed ivi )(T r ftL p u b l l t sale on the prem^os o L ml Cnwford av/jnu« it the cit) ot Conn iU«\ lilt) c o u n t y jf F a j cue a,nJ nUttc of 1 e n n w y l v i n i i on haturdai J « l 27 A D J18 aL 2 o clock P M. A l t thj.t certain piece parcel or lot of land in the clt of Lonni-llM Ule c o u n t y of FayoLtc a n d state of Pcnn w Ivuiii i b o u n d e d j.nd described in f o l l o w s Lo u l t * ronling B i t t y six (66) feet more or le-iH on the south side of Kaat Crawford a v e n u e former)} J ast Malji atrot t In oald c l t j and eitendtn^, back itouth prest-r 1 . lnt the same w l c J i h a distance of ont. h u n d r e d siltj five (165) ft.e to Church Place or Church A l l c Bounded 01 the north by said Crawford a t e r u * on the south by i-Ud Church \ n ( } on the east b n p r i v a t e aliej and on the went by lot No 04 in the o r i g i n a l pUn of the t o w n n£ ConnellsviHe Con ti!" Ins one f o u r t h (14) of an acre more or Jess and bi-ing k n o u ^ n and designated as lot No 86 in he original plan of the town uC ConneJlsvillc Barnes by deed of amuel ^\ Boj d ^icrift of F a \ e r t e c c u n t j lired Sep tembcr 13 J85rf and recorded In the Tlf cordcr s ofllce for a y c t t o coun y P e n n i y h inia in Deed Book Vol »1 U p o n \ \ h i r h Is prcr *-d n t w o -norv f r a r c hon^e c o n t a niiif, t w o ·'tore roomi and li\ inff u p t r t m o n t B Ther«. 15 a]*o erected upon said piece pirce! or lot of land a t h r e e *tor\ brii-k h o u i p containing- one storeroom and hvjng- ai i t r t m e n t B Terrni of Sale--Ten (10r f ) per cent of purchi^e price on d-n f sale bal ince of one third (1 3) rf t e pur t'laie price on d e l i \ e r of a deed w i t h n Uiirt (30) davy from the date of ·mlp one third (1 3) in six ( G ) month" from the date of d e l h e r \ if deed and the remaining- one third (1 3} in one ( I ) Siir f r o m the date of d c l K er of chaier to anticipate d f f e r j ed pay merits it ttn\ time Snid deferred pay mentu to b e a r interest at the rate of n t x (C^J.) p t r t,ent per a n n u m and lo be secured b^ h n n d and morlffage or the premised w Ith s-iarty ( G O ) davi scirp facias clause and w ith innu D .*c' 1 clause JAMtS 1 COCHR \ N A d m i n istrator d h n c t, n. of the Mat*of K l i r a b f t h Parnes deceased H M VT A t t o r n e y CHARLES M J A u c t one«r Sjulyst mon G i "WANTED--SXPfc.RT BOOKKUt.P er G e r t l e m a n or ladj ·vrho can lake sufficient stock in our compan ttj quaff ft as secretary SIMCOE POR TRAIT CO LTD Box 546 "WANTED--OLD FALS13 TEETH Don t matt-r tf broken 1 pa $2.00 to |lfi 00 per «t Send by parcel pout and receive by return mai] L. MAZER. 200" South Fifth street, Philadelphia, Pa- 5july22t" Lak« Urie railroad brakeman loses B lanej Maude Pobinson Liura te hi* leg in a wreck at Broad * ord V o r c John T Smlth ^ Minnie M o r e J a n d M s W A Shoemaker formerly J j oretta Moon M L, White W J Me Miss Co-a Giben w i f e of Dr W \- p ar i an a "Myrtle Dearth Maude Bjucher E d w i n Smith nilzibfth Fer Shoemaker a bride of four days dies at her home at Dawion She was 24 ears old. Norman B Ream a well James Schcll Agitha Coole[ Warv Umer\ D W Mitchell K a t e k n o w n TV-hazel! Rose A Donepan Bertha a _^'^... Tor-naj E D Miller Llod G Chor penn ne Hittie Shoemaker lisfa Metlurnc Mabel Kline Kate Smith Maude Snvder Inez Carroll Ann* Ros^elle E taabeth Sterling- Bruce Leonard Nolle Penman Brown Oli\c Bovd I C Luckey Ray te*est* 1^ men who have conducted Rtturnms from the -war he clerked in t**m but there is no reason wh new' ^/g 0 ^ 1 wons£totr0e ch ^o^nfobLinS groups of men should not be drafted a c , crkship m a geL^r.t store Later j « ptrieillcid tcachcrs to 545 f o r princi into this service from time to U n a e j h e Pushed farther west and engaged j paifc Blanche Sturgia Jennie Bowers Jennie Ache and Marie Miller Th« »al- a"fcs nnge from ?3-i a month for In c i r p c n t e r on concrete bridge con itructton (rood vraRiw! \ p p l y at job Talte cur to Chamberlain stop 1 mile north of town F\R£US F V G l N E r R ING CO ISJulySt SlATEMk-NT OF CIRCUIAriO Sta'e oC P e n n B 5 l \ a n l a Courty of Fay etle BB Before me the subscriber a Notary Public »ithin and for Haid Pountj and State perjonalh appea-cd J Wvlio Dnscoll who being- dut sworn accord ing to law did depose and pay That he is Asrlstart Manngrer of Cir culation of The Courier a daily news paper published In Connellsvillc Pa and that the number of papers prtnteu during he week ending, Saturday I S J 8 w a s as follows 6-2" J u l j 11 6 7 0 0 UJy ]2 July I I J u l y S J u H 9 July 10 6 ~06 July 33 6-31 6 675 6 7 ^o 2io Dailj a\orig-c g 71 That the da Ij circulation b monthc for tho year 1U1S to date was as Col low a 3918 M o n t h Daily A-v January 175 953 C 520 February ISC 165 G 50 March 170 "3' 6 56 *prll 173 S23 G G^ May 131 'S9 6 713 June US-21 6 7 4 3 That the dit'j circulation b month* for the year 1917 to date was as fol J o w s \NTED-GO\nRNMENT NEEDS Jin« ar y 2 0 0 0 0 clerks at W-nhinMon Exami ( Tobruiry nations e v e r y w h e r e In J u l v E x p e r t I ^ a r c h ence unnecessary Men and w o m e n de ' Apr11 ·tiring: Rroi-crnmcnt positions wri e for M a y free partii ulars to J C I EON \ R O J"" 16 (former CU il Service Examiner) 838 J u ' 5 Kenois b u f i l d i n ^ W^ffhlneton FOR RENT--OhS SIX ROOM HOLSE Call Bell 108 R 8 j u l t f T O R RENT--FURVISHED ROOM Central locntloa E« J phone 31- l l j u l j ' t August September October November December Total Mon h 15i "61 J 3 0 4 C J H9 -131 I o 9 180 14916. H I j3S 153 575 165 MS 154 3.1 100233 Ij3 192 155 S-18 T51 343 Dally Av i 634 0 6 6 7 5 o"4 o KG 6141 6 1 J i 6 106 l i S 6 12 T 6 234 6 Sol FOR RFNT- for gentleman street -FDRMSHED ROOM 101 South Prospect I Z j n l y l t And f u r t h e r saveth not. 1 W \ L I C DRrSCOIL Sworn to and subacubrd before me t h i « l o t l day of JuH 1918 .' B KURTZ »J P FOR RENT--SMALL \PARTMENT Call H.ORENCE SMUTZ 12julytfd do.all the work Offsetung the advan- ta^fs that mi£$r^.be gained through, a siajle drive to raise the War Chest luatt there is the danger that the peo- pie-of the district »ould lose interest in Ute-mvnteriaiice of the war auxiliaries .and in cooatqueuce we. would Mil' s-bort ol 4oing all that we should do ta tteir behall B« the^e- questions and matters aa they may-, "the- people of this section ha»e an open mind on the War Cnest TBtnsDAi it. I T ic, itae Detailed report of the Connellsviile coke trade for t r e week ending Tuly 11 shoxvs a total of 37 4*5 ovens in Lhe region of which 1" S'7 are In bla t ana 19 518 Idle w i t h a tot 1 esti er,8rsnm«pti.and reasons both lor it, aa planjied to be pre- and sented at tn* meeting m Uniontown tomorrow But the arguments in its favor must be clearly stated anisup- portcd by the evidences of iti jatis- factorjf v'optriuio*, tlstvhers,' to' ccn- grain and stock and grew Into prom* inence as one of the foremost monied men of that city Marriage licenses are granted in Uniontown as f o l l o w s Samuel K Me Clary PennsUlle and Hannah J _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . _ ._ Eneis Wiusted Will Dennis and Har i mated production of 174 729 tons net "V LamJoert both of F-anklln S lipments for the week aggregated township Georpe W Kevth Warren 6 0 8 1 cars distributed a« follow* T O ind Marian M Scase Connellaviiie j Plttsburg ' "$ cari to points west Richard Hughes Tarn^s P«rr% Sam 3'"0 cars to points cast o31 cars U»t Atthinson a^ Thomas Cimpbell dcc*easc of ^C» cars as compared wi h of Connellsville J o i n H Halfhill , the previous week Mrs, George White is h u r l e d icross the kitchen of her home it Favett* H rect and narrowly escipes death from a falling chimney w h e n a Pennsylvania freight train Jeave 1 ? th« tracks and daah'-s f n t o the house Her BuDskin ton nship John Graham Cal yln Har\ey Thomas Kingan Bernard and are willing to consld- j Baker Orton Cropp and Tames Get 1 " **·--·-- ·-- i"" 1 - vincoEti«£jS8iii*.-eE 4h5» community that tKTnev^plan'i!, bettM thM the a*me«rii;of se an* generous ,suppoS*ior ttj Bed Crew, T IT ! A., 'K o/C-anil otknr »r*ni*« wiict our , wilbouT ciitinctioE ai to -'aMoeiatiom, bftre «rillt»grjr firtm «M wIlL b« (Ia4 to do u often Help ke»? rni»»iy yo In, the boy« Ore.: t*tm wltM"l«tUrm. lines Dunbar township Hugh Best, Dawson and R Poner Lower Tjrono township are among men summoned for grand Jury duts at the September term of court in Uniontown "While ascending a flight of stairs Mrs -T M. Fee catches her foot and falls suffering painful injuries' to r e r *«**,. ., ' ^ The congregation of the Christian church Tote^ a four weeks lacation to astor. John McIJee who ·» 111 visit . his home ir Indiana , nun**, jcr/ir is. istw Dtt«ll«d report of the Connellsville coke trade £ or the week ending July *j sh»w a total of IS $43 avtta in the region of which 13 443 are tn blast and S MO idle with, a total estimated production of 1*1 118- tons. flblmnfeiit* for the wc«k agggregatcd I MI cars nlstrlbutod as follows To PHtgbara* 2 SSI CATS' to point* west. 3 307 cars to*points east. .1 058 ears a flrst thoug-ht is of he safet of h-r cat Between 1 *T(W and * 000 people at tend the annual outing of he Ivnight" of Malta of Connellsvilie at Kork Point Park Italians of Connell-nllle obser*e the annual feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Company H and the Hospital Corpf lea-ie for the anrual encampment a* Gettysburg Miss Edna Strickler 21 jears old die-! in Eas Connelis-vil c O w e n Murph Is awarded the eon- tract for the construction of two Friek coke plants in the Lower Connellsville region to be known aa Sarah and Fa mer FOR rnr-T--TWO rooms for light houbel-coping 347 North Pllfburg Ujuly2t« FOR 311 NT--O^E FURMSHED room all ^nvenienee^ No 115 South Sixth stre-t West Side loiuly tf FOR SALE-- TWO Inquire RAINF1 FARM Vanderbilt 13]uly3t- Liberty Bonds CASHED IMSlEDIATELl r At market prices f^ licensed brokem SOP Penn Bldgr "OS Penn B\ e Pimburg Pa Hour- Q A at. to 6 P M FOR C ALE--C. STOM COAL FOR Immediate d e l h e r j DAVJDSON C O A t J CO J 29 South Plttsburr itreat. TrI j State 898 ISjulytf 1 .,. Price SI SO Reason f o r sellln. n drafted ARMSTRONG S GARAGE ISjulylt* L I N O T Y P E OPERATOR, DAY WORK 525 PER WEEK APPLY FOREMAN COURIER OFFICE FOR SALE~lIAXTvT3LL 1DH modpl f o u r new i| ros rear wheels Favette faPECTAL trood condition si 9 East When used in Th.» Daily Courier al- ««r'«a»« T 1,117 cars «s comMred with way brine result*. Try them. FOR SALE--1 TON NASH TRUCK equipped with coal bodj and cab first cHss condition T oo small for present use Connellsville Inquire c Pa L. WORK 29juiietfd FOR SULE--PAIGE -OT.RING CAH run leis t h a n four thousand miles right hundred dollars If akea before the thirtieth to not put a thousand or more in a car i v h e r vou c-vr b j y this beautiful Paige Call Tri State 84! 16julylt« LOST- POCKETBOOK of monev Eeward if WITH SUM returned to WIPE CHITF, Bell Telephone Co IJJulySt* B Parcel Post to }ojr door Send j o u r money now We w i l l ship at once Paicel Post charges paid Barrad PJj m o u t h Ro k^ and Rhode Island Reds at 25 for * 4 SO 60 for ! 9 00 100 for 51750 Also W r ' t e and Brown Leg horns at 25 for J 4 00 50 for J 8 00 100 for J15 BO BLXTK BIDGE POULTIlTt FARM B°ll Phone 1779, Lnionto^n, Pa. The Union Supply Company have recently stocked their furniture deoartments to full capacity arid are able to offer their customers full lines of all kinds of furniture and hosuehold furnishings at, very attractive prices The prices of furniture and household furnishings are advancing and -will go still higher in fact Jt is almost impossible to purchase some lines at the present t;ine We have anticipated both the advance in prices and scarcity, and can offer you complete lines at reasonable prices These lines include bed room and dining room furniture in 7 suites or single pieces wooden and iron beds in different styles and prices, all kinds of chairs tables, Mtchen cabJnets, mattresses, springs, and bed coverings, heating and cook stoves and ranges, rugs carpets, and linoleums Anticipate your wants--vou will have to pay more later and probably have trouble in getting what jou want You will always find Union Supply Company goods and prices right. ·3 Lanre Department Stores, Located In Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Countie* An Ideal Spot for a Home of your own--m the coming residence district of Connellsville Out in the open where there's plenty of fresh air and where the kiddies ' can lomp and play to their heart s content Ana it s onlj a 5 minute car ride or a 15 minute ·nalk from 'Brimstone Comer ' At Poplar Grove Right now vou can bur lots measuring faOxl40 feet-quarter acre tracts--at Beautiful Poplar (IJQA (\f\ Grove for as lovs as . EAbY PAVMh^T TfeRMS GLADLY ARKAGED. Theies citv \\ater in front of everj lot and the first Standard Public- School of Faette county is just within a stones fhro'ft Think of it these lots cost only $80 00 anJ upward--e^v en as i matter of speculation they'll prove one of the best investments ) ou ve ever made For full particulars and information write C. B. McCORMICK, P. 0. Box 144. COKNEL1STIL1E, PA. Jt--

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