The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 15, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, July 15, 1918
Page 3
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e JJlgj - MONDAY, JTTLT 15, 1918. THE DAILY CgtTRIER, CONNELLSVILLE. PA. PAGfB "THICEBt ELES OF SCOTTDAU MAKE FINE SHOWING AT ATLANTIC CITY "Serrlee Fla» Carried Is On); One of Kind in Great Parade. WAS GIVEN BY THE RED CROSS ,T«Ml *f JMM Kecgn »t Baiupet Declared Exceytln»illy T?i«; Jidgi; B. X. iJBkel of I'nlontowu, TM . ·Mter; Soldltr Is Hon»r (Jmi-*t. Sneclal to Tho Courier. SCOTTDALE, July 15.--The Elks o! Scottdale have all returned from Atlantic City, the last'ot the party arr rivinj; yesterday afternoon. They report the parade the finest ever seen. Six thousand were in line and one of the features was the section where 1,281 terrice flags, representing, 30,000 Elks in the service, were carried, four abreast .The Scottdale service flag, donated by Unit No. 1 of the Scottdale Red Cross, was carried in the. parade by Exalted .Ruler Wilfred S., McKeon and Past Exalted Ruler James Bates. At the top of the flag was the inscription showing that it -wa» given by the Scottdale Red Cross to .No.,777. It was the only Hag jtr- ried with an inscription like this and was roundly, applauded along the line of march. There- were 1,400 delegate* present, but the attendance was not nearly st large this year as other years on account of the war. One of the Atlantic City papers brought back shows' that a Scottdale man made good at the banquet given Thursday night at the .Traymore hotel by the Elks of Pennsylvania for ex-Governor Tener. It states that Judge R. E, Cmbel of Uniontown, presided; Congressman Colonel Crago made an address, and that . Past Exalted . Rulers Fred Harper and Bruce Campbell made addresses. The toast given by.James Keegan of Scottdale, is declared to have been the .finest ever heard in Atlantic City. . Of Prime importuce .to Hone TJu-irt . I n these warj times it's vitally important for. every investor of the fam- .ily to. purchase, wlth-carn;- to make a dollar bring the maximum .value in ..return; .leaving additional money to put into government investments. .. These July Clearance -Sales have this goal in view ';":. they're been spe- ;. daily planned; prices 'marked amaz- tngly low. We can assure every patron in Scottdale and vicinity who.par- ticipates in* these sales, savings such as will not be repeated in many a long day.. B«ndiner's .Broadway Store, as you get off the car, Scottdale.-- Adv. : '" · ·'._ EBtrrfafa for Soldier. " *On 'Friday" evening a number of ; ,fri*nd» , gathered . at the -auditorium at ]EU»w»rUi park and. entertained in lunar of -Wilfred Eckman, who is , bom* trom Camp Dodge, rDes Jlolnes, St. on.a furlough. Dancing and cards w«r» the features ; of the evening. · V«ty nice refreshments were served. Juritttag Party. Ruth.Hayes entertained at her on Saturday afternoon w i t h a ng party, for .Miss Jennie Sny- j .-·«, of Homestead, who . -is visiting [ friinds here. Refreshments were | ·erred and a pleasant evening was spent lost. By James Keegan, bunch of keys. THll 'be much appreciated if. returned * to Steiner's Tobacco Store.'-- Adv.-15- It. Experience Serial. *-. _ Ther« will be .a meeting of the : W. C. T. V. at the home of Mrs. Lucy A. .. Poole on Tuesday evening, when they wil] arrange for. the "experience Jio- cial" to be held on Tuesday, July -23. ; For Sale. Five room house, with bath. ' In Swedetown. Price Jl, 550.00. Inquire ·Auctioneer Gay Reese. Scottdale, Pa.-- Adv.-- july-11-15-18-22. r Miss Nora Leighliter. of California, is visiting friends here. -Mrs. Jefferson Freeman left on Saturday for Detroit; Mich., to visit will' .friends. . ' . Lloyd Baker, payroll clerk at Alverton, is very ill at his Grove street home with pneumonia. The Rev. R. E. Runk is spending , two weeks at Princeton, taking a spe- 'ci»l course. Prof. E. B. Fuller left yesterday for Brooklyn, N. Y., where he will report to the War Department for Y. AT. C. A, work overseas. Miss Josephine Wilson of Connells- vilH, spent Sunday with Miss Sarah Fretts -of Homestead avenue. Norman L«ighiiter of Tampa, F la., \« flatting -friends here. MRS. EMMA BKITT Telli Hew Tliel Cnwtei Strengih Ior Tired, »rro«is Hrasekeepers.; Teiarkana, Teias.--"I keep house md I was. weak, run-down and n«r- ;ous, back ached;a good deal of the time, so it was hard to take care of any chickens and do my work--Vlnol aas restored my strength, and my nervousness has gone, so I can do my work as well as ever."--Mrs! Emma .Brttu · ·' There is no secret about Vlnol.--It owes Us success in such cases,- to beef and cod liver peptones, iron and manganese peptonates and gly- jerophosphates, the oldest and most famous body building ;md strength ;reating- tonics. -\Ve recommend Laughrey Dru s Co., Connellsville, D. C. Eason, Dunbar. and druggists everywhere.--Adv. PROOFS NOT CLAIMS Claims may be all right--but proofs count. Any merchant may claim for his merchandise all the qualities there are'--that is his priviledge. But Aaron's is different. We never claim anything that we cannot prove. Aaron's claims are not therefore claims in the ordiriary sense of the word--rthey are statements of facts--proven facts. For 27 successive years the exclusive Aaron lines of Furniture, Rugs, Carpets, Stoves and Homefurhisnings have given Fayette County Homebuilders a truly remarkable service--complete satisfaction in every respect. And Aaron's prices for these exclusive, ^quality lines of Homef urnishings are lower than other stores ask for just the ordinary kinds. Connellsville's Reliable Homefurnishers Since 1891. For 27 years Aaron's courteous, helpful, painstaking sales service and Aaron's liberal, convenient charge account system have been of untold assistance to those furnishing homes. That's why Aaron's enjoy the preference of Fayette County folks--a mighty preference that has made us the largest Homef urnishers in Southwestern Pennsylvania. The Leanord Cleanable Refrigerator Has Stood the Test This famous Refrigerator has wonderfully stood the test of time--for 35 successive years it has been giving compiete satisfaction everywhere. , Saves Food and Ice! The' Leonard Cleanable is scientifically constructed to maintain the lowest temperature with the least ice consumption; There are ten walls to save your ice--that's why the Leonard will save its ice alone. Be Sare to See the Family Size Leonard »t ,._ $8.50 This TVhJk' EnaMfl Lined Leonard--o.lj $22.50 Come in--we'll gladly show you the many models and explain their exclusive features. different A Special Exhibition of Period Dining Room Furniture - A fine example of the William and Mary period, which embraces one of the finest periods known in tue history of furniture. Rare beauty, artistic design and honest workmanship characterize this fine suite. It IB the kind of furniture you will be prond to own. Only $99.00 40 Labor-Saving Features Don't spend long hours in a hot kitchen this summer. With a Hoosier you can do your work in half the time. The most important discoveries have been built right into. this cabinet. For example, the Shaker Flour Sifter shshes out flour light and fluffy instead of grinding flour and grit through a sieve. The Hoosier Two-Way Sugar Bin which holds twice the ordinary amount. Hoosier's patented Food Guide and Salad Chart can't be found tin any other cabinet. - Hoosier's Over-Size Base has 21 per cent more space 4 or pots and pans than the average. There are 17 such exclusive features as these- This Solid Oak 6 ft. Extension Table-A Special This Genuine Quarter Sawed Oak _ Bnffet . $29.50 Your choice ot golden oaJt fumed oak finish. See These Values! This Oak 4 Ft. Solid $3.45 This 4 Ft, Solid I Oak Siring $7. The New Fall Patterns HITTALL RUGS In our Big Second Floor Rug Department we are now showing a very complete line of these famous Whittall Rugs --the best Rugs that money We have them in a. great variety of designs--in exclusive, exquisite colorings--patterns suitable for any room in the home. And right now we're offering them at prices that are surprisingly low. All Floor Coverings Laid FREE of Charge --By an Expert. Cane Living Room Suites Are Much in Demand A great many llring room suites sold now-a-days are of the cane back construction and the stock of this particular type of suits found here includes designs from every period. Upholstered in every type of covering, including velours, damaslc, tapestry, etc. j»-| f j f AA Prices ranging upwards from- A Comfy Carriage For Baby A complete showing of Baby Carriages 'awaits your selection. They're all very substantially constructed anf are of the best known reliable makes. Every carriage is guaranteed to give complete satisfaction. Collapsible d»--| f\ rjr Genuine Becel Carriages at.... *Pl£tti) Carriages at.... This 40 Ib. Genuine Hair Mattress, Special at (Made by the Cndahy Packing Co.) This is a buoyant supporting mattress, a luxuriant," rest-giving. one---made from sterilised curled horse hair. Every hair, is a lire- coil spring--that's why this mattress is 40 pounds of comfort--W pounds of well-built, everlasting sleep luxury.' was here recently on her way to Port Hill to visit her husband's parents. ago while at his work, is spending a Confluence. CONFLUENCE, July ,15.--Mrs: E.' S. ] Bowlin, who ·went toi-Mount Clemens, I at ^ er beiag Mich., last week has returned companied by their daughter Helen, who has been there for the past sev- Clyde Miller and two sons have re- Unlon t 0 wn home vicinity camping eral months rheumatism: improved, · ' Miss Sybil Raybeck, taking treatment She seems'to-be much who was injured when the house she was in: at for several days. " , few days here with his brother, John and family. C. H. Russell of the. Riverside Hotel Rockwood several days ago was struck . by lightning, is . improving nicely. : . . John Sands of the West Side, was .a business visitor to Connellsville Saturday. . . · : . ".,, Kev. C. f i . Deal of Bedford, preached a very instructive, and eio-, . nuent sermon in the Christian, church'I caller here yesterday. here last night · ' i J. B. Lytle has purchased a Chevro- j ^ . .j let touring car from the Laurel Coal j Elmer Schaiber of Connellsville, j DnJn ~ c(mp!al y, I wag here recently on his way home ; from'a visit' with friends at Ursina. j E. TV. Debolt .has returned .froin'a 'visit with friends at ConneUsville.''..' . Mrs. Alyin ;Gey*r - of BrbwnsviU«;-. was-a business visitor to Connells- Mr. and Mrs. S. M. James have, re- ville yesterday. turned from, a visit with friends at Mrs. T. B. Dean and grandson, Har- Connellsville. I old Dean, are visiting friends in'ohio- Howard Wright, superintendent ofjpyle. state roads, Somerset, was here 'Sat-1 Misses Gertrude and Edith Show urday on his way to his home at Ad- ; left yesterday for a visit with friends dison to a few days. I in Pittsburg. Calvin Planigan of Coraopolls, is j. Will Colborn.oJ.the Jersey Church visiting his father, A. B. Flanigan,- and i was a. business caller here yesterday, other relatives'at Johnson Chapel. j S. T. Downs was a business visitor CONFLUENCE, July 13.--Yesterday j to Somerset yesterday. . was pay day on the Baltimore: Ohio I E..B. Brovfn of-the West Side was railroad here. Prof. c. E. Koontz of Ursina was a N.. M. Parnell- of- near 'Sonrerfield was a business visitor here yesterday. . Harry Davis of I)etrpit; Mich., who ba* been iii :Phiiadelpaia" several : .weeta. taktog .'.treatownt :.for:;,an · in-' business, yesterday. visitor to Connellsville Mrsc. H. M. Swalp was shopping in Connellsviile yesterday. John ,Cronin of Pittsburg, who is recovering from an illness at the home of Ms ' parents, Mr. and Mrs. ·David- Cronin here, is improving. CUssifled AdTerase»ciit» i;: .rcoit"'only 'lc 4 : word. VANDERBILT, July IS--Mrs. James Charlesworth aod Mrs. Cortwright of Connellsville, visited with Mr. and Mrs. J. w. Knight on Saturday. frs. J. B. Knox, Mrs. B. Ij. Carson, Mrs. Graham and Mrs. Short ot Star Junction, were in town Saturday evening and attended the musical in tbe Presbyterian church. Ms. Lewis Capo was shopping in Connellsville Saturday. The Busy Bee Sunday school class of the Methodist Episcopal church, lield a picnic at Jefferson school house on Thursday. The annual musical given by the Saturday Afternoon club was held Saturday evening in the Presbyterian church to a small but appreciative audience. All numbers were skillfully chosen and their rendition was uniformly excellent. Mrs. G. B. Roberts and son. Earl have returned from.-.Morgantown, 'W". Va.,;' where they 1 -, spent Saturday and Strnday visiting with friend* ' The, COAST LINE to Tie delimit of your vacation bcfi D. C. Line Ste.mer for beaudful h« J of Ihe ddfehti «re in the Lake vorrte. TM *TM"TM' °° *" D ' Tte D. 4 C. InUcit SJ 1 " »ret the bt« in .Dpoi Tvto iplendid re»eIj-City qt Mickinac II in I CKy pf Alpcna U-ooerate four tlmei ,, «ek .0 M.cki»,e hind ·· From -:T°l3S M.mifay. indSanirjUyiSJOA. M..Tue«i«yi ,j I Ihutidjyj 6M S. M. Pron, Det Mirndw «.d S, It . r d, s . 5.00 p_ M dirt* «nd Fntiays 8:30 A. M. Send 3-eent IUICD for illu.inited pntnohlet Gient L^e.TM^, Addtei, t. C T l S i . G. P. A., » Third Ar.nue, Detroit, Mlchl PAXBONIZE HOiME MEECHANTS WHO ADVEBTISE IN THIS PAPER

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