The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 1, 1964 · Page 43
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 43

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1964
Page 43
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And Accused Didn't Agree The Reused iniited hi? was guilty, but he magistrate would not take ye$ for , an. awwer. John Y"ccnt MacDonald, 37, of 510 Laprier Avenue -West, was ushered, from Ottawa ' Magistrate's Court Tuesday std) pleading his guilt as Magistrate Sauvt set his trial date for April 7. MacDonald was charged with property damage. Police said An BparjtmenJL'door. had been kicked in-causing SIS damage. MacDonald pleaded guilty the police officer gave evidence Delinquency Increasing In Hull ' Teenage girls made more court appearances than their male counterparts in Hull dur ing 1963.; The 1963 police report present- ' ed to Hull Counoil by Police- Director J. Maxime Lavigne Tuesday flight showed the girls " outnumbered the boys m court , 48-39. 'The report also showed an increase in juvenile arrests from 43 the year before to 61. The director blamed alcohol ism, pornographic publications and immoral dims (or the city's increase m juvenile delinquency. He called on Hull's citizens i to I" gel out of their lethargy and quit such case are police business,' "Parents,- educators and the population in general must be awakened to the danger of this i alarming situation of increasing . delinquency, said Director La vigne. ,, Tired Panr Says England Super Dyoer' EnalandJmows. howNlQlreat a prtneess, says PaneakjB Prin cess Pam of Bells Corneis after her 10 . day visit there. Pam Marshall, 19 year-o!d '-winner of the annual Shrove Tuesday pancake race in Bells Corners, arrived home Tues- - day alttrawhirlwind tourof Buckingham. She was tuckered out. around a skating rink while flipping a pancake wasn t near ly as tiring. Pam doesn't do anything in a small way and when she tours she doesn't miss a thing. , Purpose of her trip was to present a trophy and scroll to the international pancake nipping champ, another 19-year- old. Elizabeth Maryon, of Buck ingham. The scroll was from the people of Nepean Township to the people of Buckingham. While, she was sightseeing she saw everything within sirM up close. She -met the Beatles and Bobby Vee. She' had her first drink and ssys she loves English pubs. She lost count of the luncheons, dinners and part ies she attended. It all ended yesterday when she stepped off a TCA Van- uard at Uplands Airport. So much happened in 10 days, she said, that she could only sum it all up as "Super DuperC Mad Hatters Show Creations At Boys' Club Avant garde designers don't often model their Spring crea tions it the Ottawa Boys' (Jlub. ' But about 50 noisy young I creators lined the gym wall at' the Nepean. Street club'Tues- 1 day night so Fred. McCann and K nurse Marsha Katzman . could pick winners of a Mad Hatter contest. Jt was part of 'a week . long program marking' National 7 i Boys' Club Week. There'll be awim meet .against clubs across Canada Thursday, with results telegraphed from each club to Montreal. That's also "T open house day from 7.30 to p,m. Awards night for the year s sports activities is Friday. Journal columnistCkrd Lorn ir win receive a merltorius ierv' ice plaque for 'support of the club m Below The Hill. . ; Winners of the hat contest, who received bseballs or flash' . lights, ' were Danny' S m 1 1 h , ,.gtvHickey, George taiae-rone, Kippy. Grand ma son, Fran' - -cis Sows and Denis Anare, men me accused ioia ine magis- i lucctt ,UP6R wmitb (&e otiMI trate that he had been drunk I DACTP WAY - - I ' . 50f at. the time and staggered rA 1 WAA 3iC jgiinn.iiiv uuuu iii iiiaga- rD, p CHAM ' 70 tralo aairi th exciuiK, wai I 3rlU & drArl box 7C enough reason for not guilty I success &e off ouit plea. when MacDonald said. "1 want to plead guilty", the magistrate retorted, ,VIt is not what you" want, it is what I say SPRING HOUStCUANING HMDS WINDOW CLEANER SPONGE MOP - - k 2.59 FURNITURE POLISH PLEDGE - PEAS & CARROTS R. prwt 11.2 can Stv 10 M fl. o. 1 1 A 39 Mrowt UK fROUN fOOD tlATUm 29c O-CIDAR SQUEEZE R.g. prie eh Sv e - 11 t AAR CRINKLE CUT TRENCH Rg. 81e ba FRIED POTATOES - 2 IZ 89c RENNVWISE Bwf r VHl Rg. c pkg SvM STEAKETTES - - 2 LI. 99c A4R ' .. arte Se bco-'-Sav 2c A'P HANDLES ONLY MEATS PURCHASED FROM FEDERALLY INSPECTED PACKING HOUSES RIB PORTION I TO IV U. "TENDERLOIN PORTION . I TO IVi II. --n fjs-...,.,; ' ' "V ' WILL TRIMMID, 5MOtX.pi .CROSS CUT RIB ROAST - - r5F UPII-RIHT ALL MIAT, PURi; COUNTRY STYLI PORK SAUSAGE 49 CHOICI OUALITY. SLICED. SKINLISS BEEF LIVER-- - CHOICI QUALITY BEEF HEARTS - IURNS' .SLICED lit' BOLOGNA - - - MAPLI LEAP WIENERS - et- 39' 35' 39' RIB HALF LOIN CANADA'S FINEST QUALITY finAND STEER IEEF .TEAKS or ROASTS SIRLOIN, WING or PORTERHOUSE TENDERLOIN HALF LOIN "li-' I-I CENTRE CUTS : OR CHOPS ST ICHNIIDIIS SMOKID. VAC PAC SIDE BACON -: IX IIANO HEAD CHEESE - IX IRANO AlSOtnt Vi-lfc. starts ra. 1 . COLD CUTS - - AUftOOD SMOKID. SLICID, IINDIIJS SIDE BACON - - COOKIO AND IRIADID HALIBUT STEAKS . PACIFIC WHOU Ot HALP PINK SALAON - 45' 39' 63' 59' 63' 67' 2 43c I 4 - - - ZT-f ' . ... . . ; l J . . . 1 ' , . -I,,, nm iiMiimmiiiiiiMi ii nnniiwrniiHir 1 ,v - 1 itirrimirt'rwii)ri(rfitrwiit rmmir-fr -r-i-fi-rfr Ty -" A-' ' rmmriniiiMmii.rM ''' nmrnifiniilrTi.iunofc4 Te,oubc lMa PW f N sfl f triiMiliif wlta wra-rWk . ivitlss . JANI PARKER RAISIN PIE 24-os. It REG. PRICE 49c EACH SAVE 10c JANI PARKK INOLISH FRUIT CAKE JANOAIKH - BREAD . swke Its mil Snt U - - - - 2Y JANI PARKER IANANA prk iU awcmUy U BAR CAKE - - - - 29' JANI PARKER VERMONT DEU&HT R9- price Iff sca Save 4 COFFEE CAKE - - - - 33' JANI PARKIR PUN. IUARI0. CINNAMON Re. 2f c Sv Sc CAKE DONUTS l 12 , 23' JANI PARKER : tea. pH Its pfct. CHEESE ROLLS Y 12 , 25' A&Peh. CHERRIES REG. PRICE 2 TINS 53cSAVE 17c CASE OF 24 TINS' $5.34 SAVE $1.02 A&P CHOICE QUALITY Reg. price 2 tins 37 ?0 fl. ox. tint RESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES -- ARRIVING DAILY ! CALIFORNIA FANCY, SWEET, NAVEL, SIZE 1 lTi fnl u uu-au vj vi .... V ' GOLDEN YELLOW - BANANAS U.S. NO. 1 FRESH. GREEN, LARGE IUNCHES BROCCOLI - - - - U.S. NO. 1 FRESH, GREEN CURLY LEAF, WASHED SPINACH - - - U.S. NO. FRESH, GREEN TOPS , READY - - - 2 r 1 m LX A CASE OF 24 TINS $3.92 SAVE 52c CHOICE QUALITY CREAM STYLE . A&P CORN - - - - 2 PURITAN BEEF STEW - , - 2 - 29 - TO COOK C . 07 CARROTS - - - - , - - 229 CANADA FANCY, CRISP. JUICY (ATMOSPHERE CONTROLLED) iviwiivi i vvn sfrrke - b cello beq 39' CANADA NO. 1 WASHED AND WAXED, MILD V i ' ' TURNIPS - 1- - - - - - - - 8'" NO. 1 HOTHOUSE. FRESH, LONG GREEN SLICERS CUCUMBERS V for 29' DOLE PANCY pUALITY Pineapple JUICE (20 fl. m. riel toch 21 t MIKHELL'S7 VITINIZED APPLE JUICE 48 fL ox. tin J f - jrnrnsssml .. trirnnss , wtmrnVdHm 'vr-: ti nr 1 ' Rtg. price 2 tins 43c Save 4 " CASE OF 24 TINS $4.68 SAVE 48c 20 n o. ijA( tins w CASE OF 24 TINS $940 . 214175 tAUIT WHITI OR COLOURI0 ' J I 4 DAY SPECIAL! JANE PARKER DAILY DATED, SLICED WHITE BREAD PHILLIP'S PLAIN 01 MINT PIAVOURED Ref. pHee IH-U IB MILK OF MAGNESIA - "A 59 (WITH PRE! SHORTY ROLLERS ATTACHED) Rf . SUf Se 40e ADORN HAIR SPRAY ...,1.49 TOMATO OR VInAH.I CLARK'S SOUPS - - 9 (10 OPP DIAL) lOff.M. tint SmW! 1.00 v Rf.arkela4L-veasrell GRAND LIQUID DETERMENT M. r Ri Bvlce ;T p0Ssje Aun IMIOSSID paper; Ptee 4 pk fM u TARIFMAPIflMS - - o WHITI OR COLOURED KLEENEX PAPER TOWELS RIftUUR. SUPER OR SLENDERUNE . KOTEX - - - - OOD LUCK IASY YIUOW MARGARINE MINUTE RICE JoImmmi Hrrf 4ptt6 GLO COAT i Save ft' lUf. prfoe 11 s s Sere 1 4e - 3".79' KLIINIX Rt-pHe4npfc. Sre4 btUEY WHITI OR COLOURED . pHee lis M a-. i r-i virri ir iopptpf. r pri 1 pkf- Srre 1 J : s4s.el 2r" 89' IUILCI liaaUC DEAL ef X rells i antra 4c 27' Raa, price IS lb-Saa S - . 2 w 65' ,?t- 45c Uc eff M fti Tk ctr at ahanttc rucwCTf a C0MfMrtn. AR artcac h Hits a4 f nri rWiili Sataraay. AarH'Srfc, IW4 99 7V I-Ottawa City Stores Located 1111 Vclllncton Street - 1541 Merlvale . Road - 231 Elcln Street - 1S?5 Bank St. I - -71---I

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