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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, July 15, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 0,714 VOL. 16, NO. 209. CONNELLSVILLE, PA., MONDAY. EVENING, JULY 15, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. TERRIFIC GERMAN OFFENSIVE LAUNCHED ON 50-MILE FRONT IN WEST WITH AMERICAN TROOPS BEARING THE BRUNT OF FIGHTING OONNELtSVlLE MOST PAY MOST VIOLENT BLOW DIRECTED TOTAL OF $247,160 TAXES ; AGAINST AMERICAN POSITIONS DURING THE YEAR OF 1918; IN CHATEAU-THIERRY SECTOR Thu I. Increase of $28,- ELEVEN YOUNG MEN 842.95 Over Last j fWED J15 EACH FOR Year. DISORDERLY CONDUCT; Police Being B»sy, State Cops T )··· j toer to Make Arrests, and Soon, j Bomd Up tfce Bnnefc. | ' .Charged with.disorderly conduct 111 Oil 25 Mill IJ*TJ, Bun IQCZ\ young men were arrested Satur- i ' day night by state police in the North End and each was fined $15 yesterday morning by Mayor Duggan: The crusade against loafing and corigre- j -·ITT TliVFXdF 1TICH Tfln sating of sroups °* JOUI * men in tbe ^ITI HiFASSi. HlWi, JUO. dl(f , rent parls ^ e city wi n he i waged unrelentingly by the police un- SCHOOL TAX IS HIGHEST Well Toward the 91»e,000 Xark. : Attack Comes After All-night Bombardment of Unprecedented Severity; Enemy Infantry is Met by Showers of Machine Gun Bullets and Artillery Fire; Latest Reports Show Pershing's Men Holding Their Own Against Hordes of Huns; Huge Shells From Naval Guns Fall 25 Miles in Rear of Lines. CANNONADING HEARD, FLASHES SEEN IN PARIS AS THE BATTLE RAGES . s~te.ti.n~ bjr Olltctori E. B. Fkto, lor Calls were made several times on .Sckool ud City, aid Frei Bohrtf Saturday, night by residents o£ York fex State ud Co««»y MS»s»Mrt». avenue, complaining ot a gang of young men gathered there. Lieuten- McDonald and KU'otaan Turner ««»y [_ taxables have been as- : M»*d a total of .$247,160.90 in taxes arth* year 191IS, according, to-figures liven out l|xiay a." the office of the tax .oJlecturs, E..R. fUoto and Fred Rohr- x, as compared with J218.S17.95 in 517, or an increase of. $28,842.95. No-] Ices that taxes are due and payable i rere placed ia the . mails Saturday. The figures in total for the aggregate ·f ichool, city, stale, and countjr tax- i ;tion are: Icaool !tty iwere both busy, and tbe state police, I who were at the city hall at the time, I ! volunteered · to answer the call. I 'When.they reached the North E n d j t the officers say the ^ang released an: By Associated Press. WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY-OS THE MARSE, July 15. 1:40 r. M.--Reports from Vaux this afternoon indicate that the Americans had advanced their lino in this -region in the face of the determined enemy nt- tacks. The advance extended a distance of approximately 700 yards, but the Americans substantially' withdrew to their original lines for strategic reasons. The Americans' barage here broke up the enemy waves and drove them back in confusion. CZECHO-SLAVS MAE FURTHER GAINS IN CAMPAIGN AGAINST THE BOLSHEVIKI IN RUSSIA COMPANY G ATTENDS CHURCH SERVICES AND TAKES PART IN REVIEW Important City of Kazan Falls Before Their Advance. As Observance of Bastile Day nt Camp Stewart; Real I'amp Work and Instruction Begun Today. CAMP THOMAS J. STEWART, MOUNT GKBTNA, Pa.. July 14.--The entire Third Regimnt, Pennsylvania Reserve Militia, of which. Company G of Connellsville, is a. part, attended church services yesterday morning. ] The services, which were held undcl ! TVRTTTCTT a large spreading oak tree in front i olu 1 lo±1 of the regiment's bea-dquarters, were | j conducted by Captain Charles B. Bar- | ; low, chaplain of the regiment. COMMANDS VOLGA TRADE Defenders Offer Valiant Kesist- unce But Are Finally Overcome. FORWARD j, ol _ · Prisoners Tiiken in Local Attack In lowing tile services, a concert was '· ·· given by Use regiment baad. j In the evening concerts were given ! by the First Infantry band and the | : Third Infantry hand of Pittsburg. I i At 1 o'clock in the afternoon brig- j ' ado review was held by Brigadier Reports received here shortly after 11 A. M. on the righting to the ?ast of Rheims said i oenerai^charies T. crcsswci^and Ad_ 11 ! that the enemy up to about an hour previously had made no progress whatever there. *»---·- Italian they had "captured." The offi-1 . In the Conde region, however, before the Americans counter attacked, the German ad- cers, dressed in plain clothes, did i vance 'appeared to have eliminated the river salient. not arouee the suspicion ot the boys.) 11:15 A. M.--The operation at Vaux appeared to be a feint for soon after it began the Aniicns Jlecrion: Array Casualty List Shows 14 Killed in Action and 11 Dead From Wounds and Disease. When asked what they had been doing to the Italian the gang told the state police it was none of their basi- | ness. The officers grabbed two of ! the -yonng men. Dick Furtney and bounty ,tate Total .ast year ___ Increase . The school tax levy is based on a Mai valuation of J5.252471, as com- iired with »5,175,5S1 a year ago-. The. ii'vy .by wards is as follows:,".'.' ' :_" ' V Valuation 'Taxation ·irst _*1,210.076, t.30,251.90 iecond - frird ._ ·onrth . Jlfth -Sixth ._ ·eventh 883425 ' 813440 765,755 393,685 526,995 ^"IStere Jagky. and, after a.short strug- igle.:took them to the 'police. j The first two arrests were made at . · 12^0 o'clock- .About 1.30. in the VTo'JvT'ii; momln « » KMier informed McDon- -18,317.95 aid and Turner that the others of the gang had congregated about the city hall. The police.went to the jail and locked the entire buncti up, arresting nine. They, were^ George Baldy^ Beb Klnir, K Small. F., Bromeo, James Jenny; Fred Hart, James Palladino F. Palladino'and 1^ Sdckles. At the hearing yesterday morning the mayor fined each one $15. Some ' 16,47-tM Germans attacked all alone the Marne where they were gallantly opposed by more of the American, troos and the French. ' i The first crossing was made at the peak of the big river bend. The American machine gunners and infantrymen fought and died where they stood here. Other, of the American troops withdrew strategically as the enemy attacked from east of j Chateau Thierry to along the Marne, east of Dormans, making additional crossings. juuint Frank D. Beary as an observ- t ancc of Bastile Day. All of the 3,300 ; men, except tiioe forming the camp i guard and other details, participated. ' Led by the commanding officers of LONDON. .Inly 35.--American and British troops have occupied the whole- «f the M.urman coast in northern liussui, a dispnfcli from Moscow to the Centra) Sews Agency, via Amsterdam, says. the regiments and Uieir staffs, the various regiments assembled on the parade grounds in piatoon formation. After the arrival of the three infau- Lry icntK, the squadron of cavalry "" j and tfle sanitary detachment and ma. ! , - , ,, ,, . , , ,.!_-· ii_ , L i_ j t . I chine-gun companies, the general and At 11.20 o clock this morning the long range bombardment was becoming more intense, l^n arr i vc d and reviewed the troops. The day opened sunny, but low clouds are now scurrying over the battlefield, threaten-' ing rain. LONDON. July 15.--Czecho-Slovak troops have captured the city of Kazan. -130 miles east of Moscow, an Exchange Telegraph dispatch from Copenhagen says it is reported from Moscow. The city was taken after AJtiough the transportation facili- j t h e Bolshevik had put up violent re- much restricted a ' Distance. I Lies wero 22,088.18 j of .the prisoners complained that the 20,328.53 { mcTor was discriminating against A. M. 19,143.901 them in imposing a $15 fine when he ; f oj" -t" a ,. . ttr e.rj \. t "" _-·_-.. bad only fined seven West Side boys, j mainta i n j ng tneir positions. WITH THE AMERICAN- ARMY ON THE MARNE, July 15, S:4S A. M.--The Germans at^TM-^ ° ru daylight launched a violent attack against the American positions west of Chateau Thierry,'"""""'' especially near Vans. , ..,.. , The attack came after a most violent bombardment" cSf high explosive throughout the night. The American troops sought shelter wherever it was available. When the infantry appeared the Americans swarmed out and met the attacks with a rain of machine gun bullets. The Americans wore their gas masks as they fought the attacking Germans- · An enemy bombardment of towns in the rear of the lines began shortly after 6 o'clock. very ,000 or 8,000 visitors wit- · ised the review. A hot sun with : cool breezes from Lake Conewago pre- j "facturing and commercial center ...,^-r.--···'- - · - - " railed over the camp,'making'the day! and !t "* t h e entreport of commerce and gas Shellsj an |,j ca [ onc between Siberia and European Rus- Drills and' other real work of in-| 5ia ' Kazan ' 3 a!)0ut - 10 ° miles TM rth ., of Finbrisk :13474.89 Total $5,252.171' $131,304.47 The city tax is based on a valuation f |f .808,231, as compared with $6,- SS.8S9 in 1917. The rate is 12.mills. !y wards the taxation is as follows: ·irst' iecond Jhird . ·ourth ·Kth . ixth . Valuation _|1,752,675 _ 803,662 _ 1,117,855 _ 1,161,650 _ 905,770 _ 409,595 _ 657,024 Taxation $2i,"032J.O 9,643.94 a3.414.2S 13,939.80 10,869.24 4,915.13 7,884.29 8:55 A. M.--The latest reports say the Americans are holding their own in the fighting, Heavy shells from German naval guns are falling in region far their i behind the actual battle area. Many of these projectiles have fallen in the city of Maux, 25 cases were different entirely. He miles from Chateau Thierry. In many of these towns the German shell fire is constant. The projectiles are from 10 and 12 inch naval guns. OFFENSIVE RAGES 03 50-MILE KBOST. PARIS, July 15.--A new offensive by the Germans was begun last night in the region said that be had received calls from some of 'their mothers, telling him not. to .be lenient with ^them. "You can say,for me," Mayor Duggan said this morning, "that we now have a way for breaking up this loaf- between Kheims and the Argonne. s-trucu'on and training work of began today' and will continue throughout the week at a strenuous pace. where the Bolshevik government troops were reported to have defeated th'e Czechs last. week. MARINE BARRACKS BAND; Can He Brought to Cnnncllsville if Fropfc Action is Taken. j BRITISH TROOPS HAVE UtTROTEI) I'OSITIOXS. LON'DOX, J-jly 25.--In an operation carried out last night the British position south of Yillers-Bretomieirx. in ConneDsville has opportunity to re- ! the region east of Amiens, were inl- ceive a visit from the Marine Bar- | proved. Ihe war office annoujiced to- racks band of Washington, one of the jtiay. A few prisoners were taken. most, famous musical organizations in the country. As a means of stimulat-1 On the front .between Chateau Thierry and the Massiges the Germans attacked government has ing enlistments in the Marines the j arranged for this. _________ M _ r ___ ___ . . ing at night, and 'we intend : to keep { this morning, the war office announces. The French are meeting the shock of the enemy attack | band to tour Western Pennsylvania. on making arrests until the city entirely rid of the practice." TYPOS IN SESSION is i with energy and the battle continues. The struggle is proceeding on a front of about SO kilometers (approximately 50 miles.) i noxl wcek and PARISIANS HEAR CAN-XONADIXG. ' in . clties rad " Total : ; $6,808,231 $81,698.76 la the county tax $15.747.77 is barged to general purposes, $10,98.08 to county roads and $5,249.68 to ! ^ ,_,_._ oor house expense. The figures by perioMcils was voiced in "a.resolution Western Pennsylvania Conference Protests Zone PosUge System. j Pretest against the Bone system. ot affecting newspapers and rards were not available. ' The. state,tax is J2.662.14. E. R. Floto is collector of the school ad city -taxes. The flat rate on chool tax is payable until October 1, fUr which time a penalty of five per ent will be charged: On city taxes a discount of one per ent is allowed during the month of lily. During August the face of the uplicata ia payable. After Septem- er 1 a penalty of three per cent will e »aded, and for every month after tpttaber the tax remains unpaid a enalty of one per cent is proTided. "On county taxes, collected by JFred .ohrer, a rebate of five per cent is al- jwed uaUl Au»iist 13. Between that ate and November 11 the face is col- ·^filile. After November 11 a pen- jty of nve per cent will be added to II amounts unpaid. ; The county levy Is six mills,.of ihicfl three is for county purpose*, ne for poor tax and one for roads. 'he state tax millage is four mill*. : Tta total levy is 43 mills. WAR CHEST MEETING ·ottering to B« HeU i» t T al»«Uw« T»«orrow Affenw««. The meeting to be held on the War best plan, will convene i Uniontoum morrow afternoon at the\ court ouse at 2 o'clock. Every person in M county interested in the War best proposition, whether for or gainst the plan, is asked to attend 2e mee'.lng and. express their views. | A speaker from another city where ie game plan was put In effect will a present at the meeting to explain \e working of such a uw«r all questions. drive and to .5 Hut ia Slate Fall. .' f Andy Bujko, 34 years old. of Star uncUon. was injured by a fall of ate Saturday afternoon in the mines j. the Washington Coal 4 Coke com- atf. Be was removed to the Cottage .Wit. hospital, whert -he it beinj ··ted for lacerations of the head 04 other jarta at tbe body. FOURTEE.V KILLED FX AC'I'IOX, ItEPOHT SHOWS. WASHINGTON, July 15.--The be IB Pittsburg the whole of . A n n y casualt - v list toA V shows: Killed in action. 14; died of wounds. adopted at the semi-am ;ual meeting, of the Western Pennsylva; lia Typographical Union conference .yesterday at! New Kensington, which was attended by Charles B. McCormick of The Courier. The. conference also went on. record as prohibiting member's of the union working in non-union shops. This step was taken as a war measure and because of the scarcity of men. Pittsburg, with 700 members, and Clarksburg,. Fairmont, Morgantown and Wheeling were admitted to mein^ bership. The next meeting will be at PARIS, July 15.--The inhabitants of Paris and the suburbs, says the Matin, heard violent artillery firing in the early hours today. The sky towards the east was constantly lit up as if by a great electric storm. ~Those who were on the Boulevard after midnjght listened to the cannonade while small groups gathered on the high points of the city to watch the distant heavens. The noise of the firing was particularly loud in the southern part of the city. The sector of the battle line nearest Paris is that west of Chateau Thierry, about 45 miles east--northeast of the French capital. American and French troops are barring the German pathway there. can later be secured .owns elsewhere in the Pittsburg district if arrangements died of disease, 7; died of acci- ts and other causes, 1; wounded e- FTinklin in January. DJstrihitfon of Persoutl Estate X*4e by Judge Work. ' In an.order handed down by Judge J. C. Work this morning the personal estate of the late A. M. Fuller o£ Perryppolis was distributed between two nieces each receiving over million .dollars. The entire Fuller estate which has large real ectate holdings amount to about {7,000,000. The -personal distribution gave Miss Alice K. Fuller, a daughter of John Fuller, a brother of the de- ned, 11,350,102.10. Mrs. Mary Fuller Posey of Philadelphia, a daughter of David Fuller, was given 11,350,302.09. . . . . . . DANIEL KEFFER, FORMER SOUTH CONNELLSVILLE MAN; DIES OF WOUNDS Was a So» : of ~3Lr. and Mrs. David Kelfcr'oi! Clairton anil Tas In the Marine Service. Daniel Keffer of Clairton, Pa., a i former well known South Connells- Iville young man, gave his life while i fighting for his country in France. | Keffer was '. a marine and died of wounds. He was about 23 years old, and had been in the service abou£ a year. The young soldier was a son of Mr. and'Mrs. David Keffer, who resided at South Connellsvilla previous to moving to Clairton. Before enlisting in miiftary.service he was em- ployed'in the mills at Clairton. William Keffer, who is employed in'the Baltimore Ohio yardmaster's office here, received a telegram telling him of his brother's death. ' In. addition to bis parents Keffer ia STRUCK BY AUTOMOBILE IlMghter of Jtr. sad Xn. E. M. Grm lajnvd «t Grcensbirf; Stepping iii front of an! automobile at Greensburs last evening, Viola Grose, nine years old, daughter of Sir. and Mrs. E. M. Gross of Edna street, was perhaps seriously injured by the machine. It wa« not known today whether she is internally hurt or not · The girl, witli her mother, wag visiting an aunt, Mrs. Charles New-bold. The visitors were-waiting for a car when the accident, happened. Viola survived by the following brothers and sisters: Harry and John' Keffer at home; William Keffor of Connells- viile; Altheae; married; Miss Elizabeth, in training'at the McKcesport hospital: Mrs. John Taylor Pedeti. recreation secretary for the Allet gheny "Woman's Board of National Defense; Coralee and Helen Keffer at home. Keffer's brother-in-law, Mr. Peden, is somewhere in France. TTASHIXfiTON SPECLXATKS o.v oii.iEcrm: u? mime. 1TASHISGTOS, July 15--The Germans hiive selected the road to Fans for renewal of their drive, officers here believed today, judging from early reports on the violent movement which began at dawn. Whether the effort is designed actually to be pressed against the French capital or to pare the way for a later iLSSanlt west of Amiens and the mail to the channel ports, believed to be tlic main objective of the whole German plans, was the snbject of Interested speculation. The new battle line rnns clear aronnd Rhelais In its 50-mile sweep from Chateau Thierry vdiere the first nnd second American divisions are known to be in line. American troops In Uie Janrgonnc sector of .the Maine, cust of Chatnau Thierry, also are Involved. The employment of henry artillery to batter towns and comniQnicaiiro lines far beyond the defense lines indicates that the .delayed grand offensive has been opened. The obiect,of bomlxirtlnicnt Is toshurass the movement of supplies and re-inforcements to (he danger point and tic carefnl preparations of the enemy may mean that, he Is ready to keep-nn tlie assault for days or weeks in the effort (Continued on Pugg Two.) B. i 0. Patrolman Shot. "When attempting to arrest a man who had broken into a box car on the Baltimore Ohio siding- at Nigger's spur, near Rockwood, Saturday.night, "William- C. Gelback, a" Baltimore Ohio'patrolman; was shot by .his. prisoner, the bullet entering, .the .left breast .just above the heart. Gelback was removed to the. United · .State* 1VITUDKAWAI, OF liltlTl.SII TJiOOPS l)E.UA}fI)EI. , LONDON. July 35.--M. Tchitcherin, the Marines, and the announce- i the Russian foreign minister, has ad- The Pittsburg district has already furnished 3,000 young men. as recruits for the Marines, and the i mem has been made that if 2,000 ad-] dressed a note to Great Britain de- BRITISH SEA CAPTAIN, GERMAN PRISONER, TO SPEAK AT DAVIDSON ,1. C. Cnrraii, Victim of Balder Mocwc, Coming Under Shipping Board Auspices. His experiences with submarines and in a German prison camp will be related by Captain J. C. Curran, a British captain, ar a mass meeting on the playgrounds at the Davidson coke I plant tomorrow evening at 7:301 o'clock under the auspices of the' Shipping Board. "With Captain Curran will be Attorney J. E. Laughlln of Pittsburg who wii: also speak. The ditional recruits are secured they, to- i macdlng that the British detachments gether with those now in the service | now on the Murmau coast be re-em- from this district, will be forced into;barked without delay. s.-iys a Central a regiment to he known as Pittsburs Sews dispatch today from Amsterdam, relaying a .Moscow dispatch. District Regiment. U. S. Marines. The officer in charge of the Pitis- burg recruiting station slates that the! i T m\i TIIOTPST Marino hand will nav a visit to anr i ALLIJ '' 1 V TM« :N; ' PJIOIBSI town in this section if a public dem! B01.SHEVIKI JHCTAI'OJISHIP. onstraUon in the Interests of i n - ' PEKING, Saturday, July 13.-^The creased enlistments is organized to be' Brltisl:! French aiid Japanese mini-s- held on tbe day the band makes its j ters ^° China have strongly protested to General Hordath. the anti-Bolshe- i viki military commander, who has formed a temporary war cabinet for Siberia, asking him to \vithdra-iv his {dictatorship proclamation on the appearance: MARKET DAY TOMORROW meeting is open and the attendance Tor tlie purpose. The farmers will enter the lot through the sate of all .input the plant and others whoj 0 1 1 Orchard alley and line up along" care to hear is urged. | the midway. Captaia Curran was captured by tbe! Heavy iron rails againts which the German .commerce raider Moewe and! 1 " 10 ' 1 ' 3 ancl wagons may be backed spent 15 months in a German prison | have been P ut down, and tlie midway camp. . He has much of interest to !hl * 5 been filied wlth clcnn sla f' The tell.. Tbe Grand Army Band of Scott-! curb TM a r k G t c'ommittee is hoping for dale will play a concert prior to the!" sood tun)ou t of farmers tomorrow speaking. | morning in order to make the open- Captain Curran will-speak at Leis- Uns ot the TMarket an auspicious oc- 11 This City Mny ISuy (iret'n ; ground that it is unwise and untimely. (ioixls Direct,l-'rom Farms.. j Connellsville'.s first curb market ; ^ .1 will be opened tomorrow morning on ' the vacant lot in the rear of the post- office which has been prepared by the city. " y STATE couxca VOTES AVAR O.X GKB31AAT. PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti, July 15. --The council of state, acting in ac- |cordance with the legislative power i given it under the new Haitian conj Etittition, has unanimously voted the declaration of war upon Germany, demanded by the president of the republic. enring No. 3 on Thursday night, Lemont on Wednesday night, Redstone and Fairchance on Friday and Buffington and Filbert on Saturday. casioQ. Persoas who intend to take advantage of tbe market for the pur- i of green goods direct from MARRIED MEN SHIFTED Bnurd 'o. .1 (fives Notice They 3lay lie Placed In Class 2. Orders have been received by Local j Board for District Xo. 5 that married Scout Meeting Tomorrow. ; A meeting of all scouts in Troop No. 4,-who are going on the camping trip j \ next Monday will be held at the Car' ' . ' · . I aegie Library, tomorrow night, nt 7 Partly cloudy, tonight and Tuesday O . cio ck for registration and payment is the forecast for .West- j of ca mp. toes. Every scout in the drafted. a cnuldcrable ditlaoce. i General hpapital at Matkleton. ern Pennsylvani, 1 Temperature Eecord. " : 191S 1917 : 'Maximum -- 86 85 Minimum _ 55 67 Mean :_,,', ' ^_71 76 The i Yough .river fell : during the night from 1.25 to 1^0 feet. troop-who expects should be present. to go to camp Dnnbar.Man Improves. The condition of "W. C. Smith- who has been critically ill of blood poisoning at his home in Dunbax is much improved. farms are asked to go to the grounds jinen who have been placed ia Class early in order to allow the farmers 14 on claims of dependency, but whose to get. back to their work as.soon as ! dependents have other means of sup- possible. The market will be open!port in addition to his earnings, may ' be put. in Class 2 at the discretion of the board. The new order does not every Tuesday and Friday. Presented IVith IVntcIt. Employes o* The News on Saturday presented their former city editor, William F. Brooks, with a watch and chain. Mr. Brooks left yesterday for a training camp. mean only men who have been married since May 18, 1917, but men who have been married any time previous to that date. If the man has only a wife and no i children, a'nd tbe board decides that on account of other sources which are . Gets 14-inch Bass. available that his support is not en- Fishing in Indian creek Saturday tirely needed, the man may be' put in evening, John J. Haveloct, linotype I Class 1. There will be few if any re- operator for The Courier, landed- a classifications in District No. 5, how- fine Id-inch bass, ever.

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