The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on April 1, 1964 · Page 42
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 42

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1964
Page 42
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!'. A inu-ii - - ' - - " " '"" " - - ' " " - " .. .I , .. - - - - ' 1 --"-"r" w v -w- t w w -w v- T r - -r r t -w j- ' - ' -. - . " - , - - - - . , ' -i - i . - x - ; - - 1 - . :42 -i --',: ......J.; V- ' TUB OTTAWA JOLHNAL ' - -V i ' - " ' ' :l '. -"'.'' WEDNESDAY, APRIL J; 1904 ill Ff fcm Woiii Ad ' Action Phone 286-7511 if - . i AUTOS f Oft SALE (Cont. fronv P reoed 1 n o luwwn V i nap. 'i n-- r- 19?T CHItVROUtt STATION wagon Good, motor. "Bt otter RAMBLER 'j-TOSE SEDA. nniclly perfect., utom- tic. t mm ten lite throughout. M. 7-el. ilef . 19-Vt WETEOR RIDEAU rOR SALE. 77T'9S68. FORD CUSTOMIZED.' PER-fect condition. 775. SH5-7990 itr ?. . FORD STATION WAGOI $330; 13 Mateor. $230. 7 low. ". t7 ; I5FORD COUNTRY SEDAN S-i overhauled U.t . 3.000 . milea. Power eteering, atartttaxd ahitt, $0. SH3-5012- 1A-FORD. FAST. V-8, WITH atick ahifV. cuatom grill and con-Unental. , A-l, ehape. Will, trade for amaller car or caah. Jim, SH5-7990 after 7. J95 CHEVROLET &JATION wagon, power equipped. 771-9838 1935 CHEVROLET., ONE. OWNER. Perfect running condition. $230. 49-8237. . CENTURY MOTORS 449 Gladstone at Kent - CE1-43I4 . CE3:-17Tr-"' TREE ROUGH RIDER CAR blanket with, every car. lfM3 PONTIACl P A R 1 S4-N N E hardtop. $2, 995.. 1963 GALAXJE 500. HARDTOP. U.S93 ' . " 19 MERCURY CONVERTIBLE. fully powered. $2,995. 1962 PONTIAC SEDAN, .$1,993. 1963 FALCON. SHARP. SI .693. 1061 CHEVROLET. SPOTLESS. $1.$4. . MANY MORE TO CHOOSE from. LOW OR NO DOWN PAYMENT , A 962. PONTIAC 4-DOOR STATION WAGON V Powerg'hde tranmilon, power teenng. finiahedy In crocua cream with ' tOO1 Ivory 2-ton y''J TURPIN : . P0NT1AC-BUICK LTD. 424 Whmond Rd. 728 1901 MYERS Means a ' Great Deal 1962 CHEVROLET 40QPRnSEDAN ith automatic transmission, radio, light green in color J.'.". $1875 Many More to Choose From. MYERS - ELGIN AT CATHERINE . .233-5653 233-8411 5eeTHese .Lovely Automobiles 1981 FORD 4 door it Hon wagon, VS. one owner. & ...... $1895 1957 CHEVROLET wagon. VS. radio .- atation automatic, $1095 Belvedere automatic, $1095 195$) PLYMOUTH aedan. VS. radio. Mutt be 1S3 FALCON Deluxe coach. S cylinder, automatic, rd(o. one owner, low mileage . $2095 Over 65 Other Makes -and Models to Choose .From. CANADA .MOTOR SALES (Ottawa) Ltd. ' PAUL CARDINAL Limited 1259 Wellington SL, 728-1836 Austjn-Rambler Dealers ONLY AT , WAVERLEYr MOTORS , . .. WILL YOU FIND A , : 1963 . ' . :k jaguar XK-E SPORTS COUPE Just like new for only $4875 r OR A ' '' 1961 ; JAGUAR w 3.8 SEDAN With standard 4-speed shift plus overdrive. (In top condition). For only - ( -f, $2895-,..... SEE THEM NOW .WAVERLEYOTORS MUD , ISstBRlVEWAY: Opposite Pretoria Bridge 232-3501 SOI . AUTOS FOR SALE (Cont, from Preceding Column) iv PfiNTt r ' nonn roxni. tfcn. new tut,luw mHage.71i- i - ' . ' '' 19SJ HIlXMANi 30.000 MILE , . $175. Newly painted. S2V3079. 1931 AUSTIN IN GOOD CONDI-1 ti$n J C : Watkon. 29 . Arltng- j ton j 19S5 BCICK. GOOD MOTOR. REA-i onabie. Private aale. 73-2359. 193 FORDi 4-DQOR. TIRES. $230. 828390 . . i9M m"erurt aStTdmatic tranamjIon. radirty A1 condii Aakmg $273. 728363 ' . . 9-PASSENGER -19M- BEL AIR atation wagon, V-. automatic r.dlQ ,ood body. RE3-3629. j$330. 1935 DODGE HARDTOP. automatic radio. heater. 233-! .2718. sot r $60.TAKES1.BPTH 1933 CHEVRO-.. -JT- -i .'-.W-j let. 195 Oodge. 238-3183 after,49?1 V - ; Vt, gy , .. . in perfect condition, apecial.j . . ; TRADE EQR LESS T JIM BROWN'S Ottawa -Motor Sales 1963 CHEVROLET Blacayne. 6 -cylinder, itandard trana- , miasion. - beige , $2395 1963 ACADIAN' Canao. 6 cylinder, radio, automatic,, blue interior and blue exterior..... $2295 1981 FORD convertible., automatic, radio.' beautiful red Interior and exterior. .... ... $2195 193 MERCURY Mod terey;. Commuter 4 -door atation. wagon, automatic, radio; ' cream color 395 1937 CHEVROLET aedan. auto. . ma tic, green $750 YOUR FORD DEALER 1850 BANK ST. -atmlkter-TloidrTr 733.-6931 guaranteed; ; 60-DAY, "100 WARRANTY I NO MILEAGE LIMIT 62 $1495; 61 ri.c'!;:.$l295: 610vTycr:;$1195 6l.n!!p::-$1295 60 0 .. $1195 CTO VW Cuttom 4QOC V,7 or Deluxe .. . y07J ' MORTON MOTORS .Authorized Volkiwagen Dealer 684 BANK 237-2442 740 BANK 233-5673 2 DONTDEAL UNTIL YOU SEE F PARKWAY CHRYSLER " PLYMOUTH, ( VALIANT .-1IIHE BRIGHT SPOT" 1047 RICHMOND RD. 729-51 2 V 729-5121 j. SPRING - , i CLEANING We're Getting Our UsejrLL Lot Ready for Spring .Business and We Have to-Move These Out at Low Prices to Make Room for the Many. J New Trades Coming in. , OUR LOSS IS YOUR GAIN "AS IS" STEALS 58 STUDEBAKER, run wVl, ' 295 - 57 CKEVRbtET."Hnuauelly . fine condition tXQI for thi ear 307J 59 VAUXHALU we've ' never had one thla ' fttOd r. ahap..A bgauty , PP'J '58 METEOR, at thla priceiT" , fahoutd aeU .' . i:7C.r : vquJckly ... . -52 CHEVROLET.. Ideal for eot- " tage or OR fUherman 7J MORTON MOTORS. Authorized Volkawagen Dealer 684 BANK 237-2442 740 BANK 233-5673 v ' ' . ' ' - 1801 - AUTOS FOK SALE - ; (Cont from preceding- Co'umnr . , ipr.rui. - . CARS FROM . 2W TO M.50O IV A-1 v.hjjp rcadjt ' to 1 go, , Ken Aut Si'.ci. 333 Rideau. J X"' '.; -v.:- . .i -1 u JOHV, MORRIS'1-'' . XI Kent SWeet . Jii-Z . Better Bu . ,958 VOLKSWAGEN, DELUXE. . sunroof. apactal trim, autumn bronaa exterior Palemlno and cream, leather Interiors excep tionally good. . . Waa $995.' now - 'MAt'RICE MOTORS ! Ridrau ,St. 1 fD-4f!$ f 111 DW (19H3 PONTIAC LAURENT! AN door. . 6' ' cylinder. . automatic. power ateermg. power brakea. itill on luatantee l?3 CONSUL 4-DOOR. 1 QMfSU;- ef I J. . . ' . . . 4939 C H E VJBQ LETS.' TO chooae from hardtop. at dan. automatic TOM) and up 1959 CHEVROLETS AND PON- tiac. edan and hardtop, $ to choote from $o and up. 1933 PONTIACS. FORDS AND Chevrolet. 7 to chooae from $430 and up. I53 M ' CH EVHOLETS. . 5 TO choe from S3O0 and up. . ARCHIE MrllONALD . it Laurirr Avenue !.' 2)3-721 25-7!l .' IMMEDIATE DELIVERY ON brand new 19S4' autoa. all make, all model. -ATTRACTiVE-DlSCOUNTS li 194 PONTIAC LAURENTIAN SE-dan. automatic: 1964 Oldimobiie F-85 aedan. 1964 ' ' Oldsmobile Jeutar 88: J94 Buirk Skylark aedan fully e q u i pp e d; - 193 Chev. Impala 4 -door hardtop: lf3 Pontiac Laurentian aedan;. 1963 Ford Fair lane 500 2-door hardtop; 19i2 Thundertard 2- door hardtop: 1961 Chev. Bel-Air aedan; 1939 Ford aedan: 1939 Plymouth coach: 159 Vauxhall (tatioh wagon: ' 1938 Ford aedan: 1957 Pontiac; iSI " Meteor: , 1957 ' Mercury; . 1937' Plymouth atation wagon: 1937 Chevrolet 4-door atation wagon LOW OR NO DOWN PAYMENT. 802 AUTOS WANTED ALL MAKES OF LATE MODEL Ued car wanted. Pay. caah or trad up: or down. Century Motor. 449 Gladstone at Kent. 233-1772 ' .-"( . BETTER SEE BIG, 3. FAMOUS for fairneaa, paying cah or trade-down. Big 3 Automobile, 1347 Wellington. 728-06 IS. ' IMMEDIATE C A S H FOR ANY miic or moaei m perieci conai-tion. 2if-08 MfEO, CASH HIGH PAYMENTS? Arcbia MeOofieid-wltt' tray-roaT car for top caah price ortrade down 'for cheaper car inircun and part credit on car at later oate Archie McDonald. 289 Laurier Wet 35-6?23. OLD CARS BATTERIES AND metal wanted. 822-0729. OLD CARS. WILL TOW AWAY AT no cost. 7Z8-3413. PRIVATELY OWNED CARS PER- fect corvdlttoo. CaWl. 728-2'.6, 84-5102. PRIVATELY O.WNED AUTO-mobile in pertect condition. Pay cah. PA9-3550. WE BUY CLEAN CHEVROLETS ..and Pontiac. Pay top cah price or trade down at Domin ion Automobile. 1844, Carting Avenue. 728-3307. WE BUY -LATE- MODEL OEM AND Tord jroduCta. 779-6134. WRECKED VOLKSWAGEN OR one needing repairs. 822-1828. PAI MFR-8 ACTO WRECKFRS CARS AND TRUCKS WANTED for wrecking. 822-2012. Albion Rnad . y S03 AND TRAILED EXTRA SPECIAL CONDITION 19oT Bedford panel. Private tale T-.- : USED ; TRUCK SPECIALS : z:. -', FROM Campbell Motors 1963 FORD ; i, -ton pickup. Tteater and defxoater. mart new paint Job. Styleiide box. $1295 low mileage 1962 FORD Econoline van. aide and ' rear door, driver anS pa'nenyer teat, rear -door. gia. . tlOO new peint Job -' J 1961 CHEVROLET panel, heat , er and defroater. com- ' pletely recohditioned in cluding new , 00'- paint Job 1962 CHEVROLET 2-ton 12-. -f foot an, duel rear .wheela, heater and defroiter, completely reconditioned .$1695 WW FORD" 4-ton F-700 14-foo, : van. 2-apeed rear . ; axle. 8.25x20 10-ply tire, heavy duty V8 eneine. aide and rear tOOQ epeningadoon Y"'"' 196.2 INTERNATIONAL 1800 Loadctar. 5-ton dump truck. 2-peed axle.345 . ru. in. V B engine. 10.00x20 12-ply tires, heater and defroster. $41 Q; ' Reidy to work ' J 1961 FORD aeda'n delivery, station wagon type window, heater and, defroa- ' ter. Reduced ' tfQQC . to clear I. : CAMPBELLS i Your Ford. Falcon, .Fairlane, Galaxie Dealer for 44 Years. 265:', , : V LAURIER WEST . , 232-9445-6 .232-5447-8 !yr "' ' ' s ' '-'"' '''- .''''-'.---- ' f 803 - TWJCKS and TRAILERS (Cont. Trom. Preceding Column TRAVEL TRAILERS- W ANTED. ued. up to 13 ttKveningtJ 729 lt SANTA FE IS FT! HOLIDAY - Irailer-Rteep. . adulta. 28-77 1 X lnlGH; VALUE USED TRUCKS : ' . - 1938 INTERNATIONAL R-193 T'-jctor. aaddle . tank, tifth wheel..-ilfv ne-w . ' 10 00x20 full cap tire. " ifully ,"reconditi6net''nd ' , ' and , repainted, vacuum brake. ..... .. $2000. .1959 INTERNATIONAL B-184 . with 14 ft. van. BD308 en-' Sine. 9 00x20 rubber, 5-. . peed... 2-peed - tranama-,.m . $900 1963 INTERNATIONAL C-M0 j Travelall. B204. engine. ' chrome, front ,jfnd rear J."'" bumper, elective tailgate. ' 7.5jfxl3 rubber $2700-. 1960 FORD F-1O00 ; panel. S ; cy linder engine. . very " ; good condition, with good . t' rubber . :' , ; "-. $600 V.Many More High Valued Ued Truck to, Chooe From, INTERNATIONAL' V HARVESTER v . Company of .Canada '. 515 INDUSTRIAL AVE1 OPEN EVCS. AND SAT, 731-3201 ' " 805 HOTORCYCIU i960 NSU PRIMA MOTOR SCOOT-er excellent. 828-6128. BYLES AND CO. WE SELL AUD SERVICE HONDA. BSA and Harley Davidson motorcycle, alao Veapa and. NSU ' scooters. 303 and . 307 Bank Stree.-236-9811. - 901 LEGAL NOTICE OF APPLICATION - BY THE CORPOR.ATION OF THE TOWNSHIP OF NEPEAN TO DISPENSE.. WITH-THE-VOTEOF EJUECTORS b TAKE NOTICE tW the Council of the Township of Nepean intend to apply to the Ontario Municipal Board for approval of the pur chase, construction and installation of a .distribution system for the supply of electrical power or energy, aa referred to In Schedule "A", hereto, for the inhabitant of the Township of Nepean at an estimated cost of S3. 100.000 00 which amount shall be raised by sal of oeibeotures payable out of the general, rate over a period not exceeding 20 years. The lev ies necessary to retire the deben tures win e reduced oy tne smounU psld over to the Town ship Treasurer from the electrical utility pursuant to Section 36 of The Public Utilities Act. APPLICATION iU m4-to The Ontario Municipal Board for an Order to dupense with the went of the elector to the undertaking of the said project. Any ratepayer may within 14 ' days after the first publication of thla notice.-send by post prepaid to the Clerk of the Township of Nepean. at the address given be' low. a Notice in writing stating his tb jection to such approval and the ground of such obtectionr" THE . Ontarjo Municipal Board may order pursuant to the Statute that the assent of the electors shall not be required end approve the said' project, but before doing so, it may appoint a time and place lor a public hearing where any Objections wiu be considered. DATED thi 30th day of March, ad. 1964. . ; - DAVID HOBBS, Esquire. - . cierx; Corporation - of the Township of Nepean, J4J Richmond- Road.. , Ottawa, Ontario. 'T' , SCHEDULE "A" The purchase from The Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario of a distribution system which includes 483 line switches, 5.138 4 miles of overhead conductor. 6.083 poles. 1.366 transformer. 4 regulators, 9.343 meter. 1.832 mile of underground cable, 8 sec-tionalixing kiosks, ' 132 surface mounted transformer. 21 vault transfers. 1.638 rental water heat- together with interest in real property. In addition to the, foregoing. there shall be Included such further and other items of plant, as are owned and utilized- hy the Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario Within' the Township of nepean ana acquired subsequent to the 1st dsy of December, 1963. snd also the establishment of ad ditional plant, acquisition and construction of rest eetste; requirements for the system acquisition of ) trucks, transformers, tools. uipment, wire, billing machine and other capital additions tl.Mt.tft NAVIGABLE WATERS PROTECTION ACT RS.C 1952, Chapter 193 The Consumers' Css Company hereby gives notice that it has, under Section 7 of the said Act. deposited with1 the Minister of Public Works at Ottawa, and In the office of the Dwtrict Registrar of the Land Rearstry District of the County of Csrleton at the City of Ottawa. description of the site and the plana of natural tas pifVllne proposed to be laid In the Rldeeii River from the foot it the Hunt Chib Road. City of Ottawa, to the foot of McEarlane Road. Township of. Nepean. And take notice" that after the expiration of one month from the ll"'., !LL notice the Consumers' Css-Company will under Section 7 of the ssid Act apty to the-Minister of Ptlitu$Porks for approval of the aitecano plana. . - , ted at Ottawa thla let day of rlt, 1964. CHARLES r. PA TRANCE. Superintendent of , Distribution , Consumers' CRts, Ottawa. . TO LAUNCH ROCKETSx PARIS (APV-Tfie French Na tional Centre for Space Studies will launch, two rockets from a lite In south Iceland In July a centre spokesman said. Reykjavik sources , said the rockets wojuld go up250 mites to study tne Van Allen radiatiorl belt. t- DOROTHY KILGALLEN 'NEW YORK. Sugar Ray Robinson's chunj-miness with Cassius Clay has come to an "abrupt end. Primary reason is t he heavyweight champion's loud touting ofi thH Black Muslim credo. Ray. V swinger and certainly no Muslim type, isn't about to give his Very good white friends" just because Cassius says he ought t0.:. -ri -. . ,.'.'. .';"'. lf Abbe Lane doesn't, return to Xavier . Cugat's bed nd board, he'liristall another mar.-vetously t sculptured blonde in her place ' m ; his orchestra, that is. The new sin2er is JoL Lansing, who warbled with the band the other night to many a maculirie, ' whistle, and ; can matcV"Xbbe's . mea'surements any day in the weeTt. Curt Jurgens, filming. "Lord JimV with Peter 0'Toole in London, has been a daily commuter to Paris, where his wife is bedded -with a serious -case of meiles , , . Dti icoteque Jipewtors are worried about the rumor , that the Internal Revenue boys are planning to collect the iff per cent amusement tax from places that use records for dancing and entertainment. Of course, if it hip-pens, the move will simply kill .off more night clubs: it won't raise Federal revenue or force the cafes to employ "live" .musicians, But it will give a great many citizens, the Impression - that the government doesn't want the people to go out nights and have fun.. . Rosemay Clooney's friends think she and husband J o s e Sandys . to Open High Commission Building Here LONDON (Reuters) Commonwealth Secretary Duncan Sandys will make a three-day visit to Canada in mid-April, it was announced today. " He will visit Ottawa April 14 and the following morning open the. new British High Commis-. sioh building. A statement frorir-tbe-om-monwealth relations office' said that during his stay In Ottawa Sandys- wtlh navediscussions with Canadian ministers. Sandys will be' accompanied by Sir Saville Garner, perman ent undersecretary at the Com monwealth relations office and former high commissioner, in Canada, and Eric Bedford, chief architect of the ministry of public building and works. JAM CHINESE PARIS (AP) The monitor ing service of Agence Fcance-Presse reported- Tuesday that the Soviet Union has begun to jam Radio Peking s Russian-language broadcasts. 901 UGAl judicial sale of 438 bay street, , jn the city of ottawa IN THE SUPREME COURT OF-ONTARIO 7 BETWEEN CANADA PERMANENT : TRUST COMPANY Plaintiff . and - MOLLY KENNEDY et at ' Defendsnt Advertisement In Sale Action PURSUANT to the Judgment and final order for sale made In this cause there will be offered for sale bv public auction In one pared with the approbation et till undersigned Local Maater, by the Local Matter Clerk at th Court House, 2 Daly Avenue, in the Cr.ty of Ottawa at the hour of 2 30 o clock on TueSdsy the 7th dsy of April. 1984. th following lands and premises krtown s 438 Bay Street, being part of lota 16 and 17 on the north aide -of Jamea Street being parcel' 2668 in the' Register for Ottawa and mora particularly described In a Charge filed in the Office of Land Titles at Ottawa aa no. 56721. , The property wilt he offered for asla subtect to a i-eeerve bid fixed by the aaid Local Maater. The purchaser shall pay down to "the vendor' tokcltor on the day of sals 10 per cent of the purchase money and ahall pay the balance of the purchase money Into Court without interest within 30 day after the date of sale. Adjustments to be msde of the date of closing The purchaser ahaU search the title at hi own expense. In all other respects the condition 3f aic are the standing condition of sM of the Court aa modified by the conditions of sal settled by the undersigned. On the premises I said to be erected a 2' j-storey brick veneered building, with a stone foundation and an asphalt pitch rootT h e front and south sideJurVe covered 'v-dST into Tfrt. room" with tireplsce used ea a dlmng room, a large snd email bedroom, kitchen and 3-pleoe modern J ted bathroom. The Interior U finished with plssten. and has . hardwood floor. The second floor la divided into five (3) bedroom end one and one-half bathroom. The third floor la divided Into three (3) rooms with a tsrge central hallway which la usef as a bedroom. There are two 12) garage located on the property, one is of solid brick wslls Snd the other I of sheet metal. Further particular and condi-tlona of sale may be had from Messrs. SEOUIN, ' GOULET and LANDR1AULT Sollcltora.' 118 Lis-gar Street, Ottawa, Ontario. - DATED AT OTTAWA, thla 12th day of March, J864. Signed: DONALD T. ELLIOTT. Local Master at Ottawa. Ferrer nave a newsworthy, a,n-nouncement cooking . . ' . Brigitte Bardo.t, vacationing in Brazil with Bob Zaguri near at hand, was to have been honored by having a new, cinema palace in Hio de Janiero. named for her, but- the plan evaporated. BB suddenly insisted that she receive a cut of tthe theatre's annual gross for l6 years! in re: turn, for lending i her name' to the marquee and, zyffwie, there went the honor. .. J r Porfirk) Riibirosof the international jet set Was eyes to become a citizen of the United States. A Washington law firm proUabHy -witl handle the tech- nicalitics. The authorities are questlong a famous but aging actor who is supposed to have squandered 60,000 on re-luvenation, shots from .a quack doctor. Thfcir problem: He's reluctant to submit to the pub-lcity involved .: . Martha Raye's romance with a Maryland furniture ''dealer is ,fn trouble. . ' ' .j' A recent Hollywood "bride is MR. SERYU SAY& PARTS AND SERVICE V All Eagllsk Car English Motor Ltd. 21T-913 AUTHORIZED SALES AND 8ERV- Ice. Land-Rover 4-wheel drive unit and B.M.C. ear. - . ABARTH FREE-FLOW r5CHAtS systems mesn better performance and snore m p f . Sports Csr Products, 260 Montreal Road, 743-7149.'. - .... .. ' . ' ! " BEAUPRK AUTOMOTIVE Servtrs Limited SH-Gladstoaa.llJ-SSH OPEN DAY AND NIGHT. ALL exchange units available, Prts and service to all papular Canadian.. A merlcan.- and European ear. ' ignlUon and carburstlon specialists, automatic -transmissions, wheel alignment, brake drum turning, electric and acetylene welding". ' batteryt rent-a Is. gas, oil. etc. - Alignment I FHUN f ' END ALIOHH I N.T.l brake spectallsU Koffman Brake . and AllgrmienL 339 King adward Avenue. CE3-341S- Radiator Service FKEE TESTING. HTS RADIATOR Co., cleaning, repair, recorea. 69 WsUlngton. PA8-5839. SpfU Car Accensorie EXPERT WIRE WHEEL REBUILD-Ing snd exchange service Msno-. tick Motors. Sport Car Specialists. 823-2383. VphoUterji REPAIHINO TRUCK SEAT cushions. Comber Auto Top Up- holsUrera 382 Queen. CU-JS43 Welding W E L D I N U OP ALL TYPES, acetylene and electric. Pennocs Motors, Rldeau and Augusta. i-i VP , CLOST-SON. GENERAL REi plr. 162 Woodroffe. PA2-4940. "I! A-t:; liiv RECREATION ROOM. REPAIRS, garage, free estimates. A. Bruce Benson Limited, RE3-0332. , C. A. JOHANNREN .,,1 and Sons I4d. . - . PAS-4S3S SPECIALIZING IS STORE fronts, . alterations, recreation rooms, swimming pool, -csr. ports and kitchens. Free estimates. 728-4636. 1 1 tmi CARPENTRY DONE BY HOUR 6R conlrtfct. Big or small w..KH them all. Guaranteed workman-ahlp lor accurst service. 745-7304. IS YOUR BASEMENT SITTING Mlet Put empty pc to good - use. Have it built Into recreation room, they're, our specialty, although we do aU kind of carpentry, workmaoehlp guar-art teed. PA2.-0620. j . , ' L .l:.'j s.lii!li" Repavrt APPLIANCE SERVICE" CENTRE." AU appliancea gusrsnteed. Somerset and Rochester. 235-5166. BRAZIL' AREA . ' RIO DE JANEIRO toUl areaTTJf" Brazilji greater than that of -the continental VS. by about 250,000 square miles. -.- ;- -...V. .:' " .-. a. , J ".. ..i' V a N'",i' A . a . a . a & A A A A a, Fire Destroys Farm House At Limoges v., VARS (Special) Fire de-st'royed a wooden farm house four mijes east of here at "Li- , moges earlyTu'esday ijight leaving- six persons homeless. Estimated'tfamage is $8,000. - -trying to explain her beautiful black eye. But her alibis aren't going- over very well, because the handsome groom has been known to belt girls before ' he said "I do." , '-' Duke Ellington's Easter concert at Carnegie Hall will, be attended by scads of celebrities, incladingMartin Luther KJng Jr., Roy Wilkins; and Georgia Brown . .. A. top Washington politician has that famous old Claudette Colbert " probem: "he ahts to be photographed from his life side, or not at all .' . . Bill Rubenstein, anftxciting new pianist on' the-jazz scene, has just signed a contract pianist is making a mint with his -night club appearances and record albums, i- -' y. - ' : Sammy Davis Jr. and Ben Hecht "have gone Into partnership to bring something' titled "Bring Me Joe Feeney" to the silver screen. Sammy will star, Hechtfwill script, and they'll. share producer billing. Copyright, 1964 ;a ' This column contains a lid of who are ready to serve yog. hughia: grant- 322 Catherine SL CE6-7105 ., RENTAL SERVICE FLOAT SERVICE FILL FOR SALE FRONT END LOADERS ; COMPRESSORS -DUMP TRUCKS - SHOVELS BULLDOZERS FOAM RUBBER AND' POLYrO AM fabrieating, Beattie-Foam-Rubber, 433 Roosevelt, PA8-9O03. McEVOY BROTHERS IIS Kent Street -' ESTABLISH m imi PSHKTVfl on premise. 1 "al! DISCARDED FURNITURE CLEAN up refuse, removal to city dump, "moderate rates RE3-S768, WASTE MATERIAL TAKEN TO dump, reasonable. 722-6129. 236-9489. OIL AND GAS SERVICES AND Installations. free eitlmstes. Hubert Stove an"! Furnace Ltd- " PA8-3788. ' 'Q' " "C" DAY IS HERE. MARCH 21 I "Conversion Day." Tower Productions -fa now 100 stereo-hl-fl. AH stock reduced for this event. Visit our new sound room St 278 Sparks Street 236-9511. CARPORTS. . GARAGES. VERAN-dshs recrestion rooms, general repair and alterations. Free ea- - timates. 827-1538, ATTENTION Home ' Owners Exceptional Offer .' ' for Spring 6 in 1 or renovate your 1. Repair home- No down payment, first payment In September rjrUp to 10 years to pay ' 4. Free estimate without any obligation '. Consolidate your bills-and - at the same time" lower your, interest rate as well as the monthly payment 6. Insurance Included without any additional cost to you. . Specialist in stucco, alumi-'num siding, play" room, garage, additional rooms, home remod tilling. , ' - ' - , Work GuafanteedT Jelephone 771-7971 or 135 Hotel de VUIe, Hull OJinformatioh on MR. SERVU call The two-storey frame home or Eric Sander.- nis .wire ana B - L. :1 ..... V. , . -n i n n lOUr CI1IIUICU waa uiiuii uui of control when ,Vars volun. teer firedepartirient, who n--gwered ihe alarm, arrived on the scene., .:.; .;: vars tire .niei - nusscu Magladry-tOld The Journal the fire started in the attic of the .farm house. FannfccrTy" high, wind,; Vars firemen' could do nothing except keep ' flames ' f rom spreading to a nea rby barn and shed. .Mr Kanrlpr uac wnrkinff 1n the bam when he saw flames leaping from the roof of the house. . He ran into his homo warning his wife and children of the blaze. . . There were no injuries, British publishers Issued a recora lo.vij dooks aurins latu. reputable, qualified businesses Don't delay call today. an . vriTcs n ntc " rrn. . nomlcsh Work guaranteed. Free estimatea. 749-3970, - . $4 30 UP. VITERAaN TUZZ QIL- v Joying, Dnvrwv. ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION. paperhanglng- Inside, outside . painting, reasonable. McCaUan - Sm, rruin - HOUSE -PAINTING. CUARAN- s-" -4 st imm gv w mmv ri swas. H Seide;. 234-5937. -iftPMacKAY- INTERIOR. EXTERIOR PAINTING, paperhanging. . Free estimates, workmanship guaranteed. 23g . 1357. 1 't'iI!0i3JijIi I 1 1 OR REST BROS., PLUMBING imsi work gusrsnieeo. Time payments Repairs our (pecialty. Night and day orders Invited. CE2-5222. ma LOMOR PRINTERS SOCIAL, . commercial printing, photo offset, wedding tnvitaUon."88 Ciouceater. CI6-3S08. .. . NATIONAL PRINTERS LIMITED. Fine qusllty commercial DrlntinaT. 401 Preston CES-7441. .I i fl Mi';! REFRIGERATION SALES AND service all branches - Morrison's, 237 Preston Street. 232-8523. 'tr. t(JI.N.N INSULATION COMPLETE ROOFING SERVICES, all work guaranteed, free ti-matss. . Telephone day - or waning. PA2-5533. RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT ICE CREAM MACHINES. NEW and. rebuilt. Call Sweden, 232-4107. , L" "i,';'r I I'l bbbbbWWbbbbbwSM CANADIAN CRYSTAL POOLbT A Bruce Benson . Limited, RE3-033X REINFORCED POOLS) RT Wellman Concrete Ltd. Sales ana) Service. 728-9493; 825-1784. 'I' t-'j il:' ;- BLUC XlNE . TAXI 24-HOUR prompt ervlt. . Call CE6-2333. MiV.i:-!;?' ELECTRIC STANDARD AND for aal or rental, j. M. Hill and Son, 111 O Connor, CIS-T783. See Mr. Scrvu each . day Jmmedialely following The Journal Classified Jds. Waf'ch for his timely tips on " homt and aufo care, and his- . . ' i. list of qualified men available " i Krf 236-7511 I , .V j

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