The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 21, 1939 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 21, 1939
Page 5
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TUESDVY I'llE DAILY COURIER CONNT3LLSVOJLE PA. PAGE FIVE Boxmg THE SPORTING WORLD Basketball CASEYS CAPTURE SEN CLASS TITLE Q P O R T O R I A L S ^X By JOHN H WHORIC, Sports Editor ·%·/ ALLIE lUJACK STEPS OUT AT GEORGETOWN ' This, j e a r s fioshman basketball team at Geoigetown Unuersitj was the gieatest ever to repiesent the Hoyas and the obseivation of sports cvpcits ot Washington D C , and otheis should merit a sober thought or t\vo of Connellsvillc cage enthusiasts Adding inte-est to fie fact that the Geoigetown jeailmg quintet v»as in a class by itself is »he revelation that the main cog on the Hoya club was none othet than Aloysms (Allie) Lujack who last June was giaduated from Connelly ille high School after tuimng in a brilliant basketball recoid, est-ibhshmg mark after mirk in the W P I \ L pio- giam It W d b Lujack s sensational pci- 'orniances thdt made the sectioml competition a hectic, one with the Orange and Black one of the most feared entries, although not a contender foi the crov. n Piobtibly George Washington U n - veisity will remember Allio much better than other foes of the Hoyas' frosh for he spelled defeat for the Colonials in both games of the r series, one by a scoie of 41-40 and the other 45 to 43 'Al Lujack, freshman .fiom Connellsville, Pa, saved the game for the Little Hoyas in the prehminaiy (to the \aisitv game which Georgetown uon, 36-28) dribbling in with seconds to play and chawing a loul as he scored from the floor,' one newspaper account ot a game lead He con- \crted the foul for a two-point lead and before George Washmg'on uii past midcourt the final gun sounded Allie scored nine points on three field goals and three fouls After the second game between the two schools,, a newspiper stated "A long shot by Al Lujack the same player uhose last-minute goal had decided the Irst game between the teams, gave Georgetown University's freshman team a 41-40 decision over George Washington frosh last night for a clean sweep of the two- flame series After tiailmg most o£ the way, the young Co'omals staged a rally which sent them, into a one- point lead with less than a minute to plai Then came Lujack s goal Allie scored seven points, thiee from the field and one fiom the free line Lujack's stai t was a slow one at Georgetown but he came around fast He had to learn the system in use by the Hoas which is the fast cut- tins professional type The manrer 11 which he picked up the system and made himself one of the mainstays of the fiosh caused the coach to predict that he \\ould be on the ^a^slty next winter Georgetown s freshmen lost* only one game while winning 15 and the lone setback uas bj a margin of one point Some of the victories wcic by decisive maigins Allie used fo do some nice vnrk for the Cokers hack and field team starring in the high jump and pole \ault The Hoyas are beginning to find that out During the latter p,ut of the basketball season the southern conference indoor t'ack meet was held at Chapel Hill, N C and Lujack came through with second place m the high jump He s v,oikmg on both events and should win many points for Georgetown Whilc spring football has been started Lujack isn t going in for it although he did a splendid bit o£ full- backing for Bill Dolde However the college is depending on him for basketball and field events and he s staying out of the grid spoit What we like about Lujack is that after you've penned an item about his exploits in t iletics jou can always add a little sentence that you always want to pass on to other athletes In the making Allie is one grand guy KENTUCKY DERBY D*\TA Frank G Menke -who is press agenting the Kentucky Derby, las compiled some interesting 1 data tbout that horse classic to wit Churchill Downs, home of the der- bj * is 120 feet wide at the spot where the derby starts It is 82 feet v.ide on the backstretch and 80 feet vide through the stretch The di-'ance from the final turn into the 'ume- stretcn to the finish line is 1 100 feet The distance of the derby is a mile ind a quarter about 6 607 £ee f The average time on good tracks and bed, is around 2 06 meaning ibojt 126 seconds Divide the 126 in o the 6607 feet--you will find that the derby winners move at the rite of ibout 52'z feet pel second a little foster than your weekly pay cheek moves -\ great horse v. ill cover about 26 feet per leap, which means that the derby victor maues two lumps per second dumng the entire journey The iverage leij,t'i of i thoroughbred fiom tip to outstretched nose to the of his t ul is tbout eight .feet or less than one- thud the distance covcied b\ 'us jump In all dcrb\ histmv dating baik. io 1875 onlv one jockey was ever tossed from his mount at the ··Urt of the rice Thit unenvnble distinction belong:, to Jimrm S'out w h o was thrown at the bauici » use fiom the back of Gramillc \n the "junnmg ot the 1136 dcibv v»lmh \ os ^ on bv a nose bv Bold Von uir- n f Mrctch duel w i t h BrcviU WHAT S GOING O\ IN HIGH SCHOOL CIRCLES Elias Alex Kondrich 21 of Calumet, a center on St Vincent College freshman eleven who dropped dead last week on the campus u as a former star footballer lor Hurst High Mount Pleasant township He w«s a foui-jear man with the Scailet Hurricane and had been expected to be one of the outstanding candidates foi the Bearcat \arsity Greensburg will swing into a pan of tn- angular track and field meets before taking part in the ^ estmoreland county events on May 13 . Scott- dae High School Alumni Association will sponsor an all-sports banquet Ihursday night Apul 13, in First Presbyterian Church there Students ·uho ook part m mj athletic event and the catches will be guests After i decade of service, Dave PaiKCi has been kicked out as held grid pilot at Duquesne being succeeded b} Fabnn Hoffman formci Pitt sta who turned down T similai job at Kittanmng Hoiea'to- all Duque c ne coiching posts uill be declared vaeint at the close of the season \\hich rncins that politics, and not abilitj will decide things . Boswell won 21 out of 25 games and scoied 826 points to its foes o26 before taking on Homestead m the P I A A meet Pete Power W J grad of 1937 and baseball coach last season at Avelln w 111 tutor the diamonu squad of "Union High at Burgettstown this year Latiobe is one of the few schools in Western Pennsylv inia that holds a banquet for the ba^etball team As a rule thej make a big fuss over the footballers but pass up the basketeei = which is downright snobbery Lo\ e f on\ ard paced Rockwood Highs scoieis with 156 points on 69 field goals and 18 fouls with Hocking umner-up on 53 two-pomteis and 27 free tosses The school came thiough with 19 points to ts toes 456 Rockwood tallied 212 field goals, and 95 fouls while i*s foes had 182 field goals and 92 fouls in the 23 games Bllb HERE AND THERE We believe there s no business like the boMng game where the easy come, easy go' saw applies so well Managers ai e a strange lot Most of them somehow manage to combine the cunning of a fox with the simplicity of a child and follow all kindb of toituous paths to lead their fighters into titles and big purses and then are readily victimized either by then own folly or the wiles of somebody slicker han themselves United States will place its greatest ice skating team of all time in the 1040 Olympics, Henry Kemper of St Louis, chairman of this Nation s Olympic ice skitmg committee pre- dicfd A 22-day meeting three diys more than last yeai will inaugurate Empue State lacing at the Jamaica ( Y ) race track tins year when the Metiopolitan Jockey Club course swings ooen its gates on April 15 foi a run through May 10 Law ton Carver International News Service spot s editor remarks "Here it is March already and Bill Teriy, the esteemed mdnager of the New Yoik Gnnts, hatn t intuited a single icportcr or vice \ersi Somebody must be slipping foi -it this stage of spring tiuimnt the reporters and the reveied manager usually ha\e settled down to playing each othei in pai figures of a couple ot gooo cussing matches a day witn an extra matinee on Sundjy' Jack Qumn, formei majoi ledgue pitcher who used to twirl m this legion with Chris Wagnei, Moody Ellenberger and otheis, has applied foi the managerial beuh on the ntw Lirn,i entry in the Ohio State League Quinn who has been out of organized ball since 1935 when he managed Johnstown in the Mid Atlantic before he went AWOL huiled for the Yankees White So?. Athletics Red Sox Dodgers and Reds, during his big time days Leo Nonnenkdrnp outfielder for the Boston Red Sox who foimerly patrolled an outfield berth for Scottdale and Miss Jill Young of Little Rock Ark weie married m the latter city March 4 The romance developed while Leo was w ith Little Rock where he was farmed by the Pnates Bill Coughlin baseball coach at Lafayette College and former infielde- for Ihc Senators and Tigers, will be guest of honor at a dinner at Easton Ap'il 17 com- memo'-ating his 20th season as coach of the Leopaids Connie Mack ot the Athletics will be the principal speakei and also present will be Ty Cobb Ford C Frick Chailey Burry, Ira Thomas, Babe Rutn and Walter Johnson Clay Hopper, erstwhile of Scottdale and Greensburg new manager at Columbia S C , expects to be a busy boss In addition to bench duties Hopper will serve as spare outfieldei spare firstbaseman and plincipal pinch hitter Hudy York of the Tigers is scared to death when plavmg in (he outfield 'I don t winl to clnse fles I d get killed out there he told General Marager Jack Zellci . Pit Milone former Chicago Cub nd \nkec pitchei hat announced his i L t u t m e n t fiOTi bise- bnll He hub puichabud a bni and ··afe nt Altoona In his tcnuie of seven years w i t h the Cubs he won 9.! and lo^t 79 S imt w Baugh foimer T C U footb Ul st-xi his clnnged hiv mind ^bout quitting Defeat Swissvale i Hot Tilt; Paramounts Lose in Light Class North Belle Vernon and Nemacolin Also Annex Crowns. LARGE CROWD SEES ACTION The second annual Conncllsville gold medal am-iteur baskec-bnll tournament came lo T close it the Armo-j Mordny nigl I when champions v,ere crowned m all three divisions open to competition The largest ciowd of Jie f n e night pro- giam enjoyed the gines and just !j cheeied foi their 'avontes The Spishak-Casejs took lop honors in the scmoi div ision defeating a very good Swissvdle Independent quintet 41 lo 32 After d close 19 to 13 fust hall the Cdsfjs stepped out in the third pcnod o pile up a safe' lead and despite a S v issva'e closing rally coasted in to victoiy F Miller and Blase} foi the winners and Murphj Vimel and Ferguson for the losers were the stars of the gnme Both teams f iltcrcd J* the foul 1 no the Cases smkirg seven out of 13 while the best tha Swissvale could do was five out of 18 The gimc wis ablj handled bv Rcfciee Geo-gc Zoretic of Redstone tow nslup The most exciting grnie ot the night was 'he final in the lightweight class in which ftor-h Belle Vernon Fuenen defeated tnc Paramount Theatre 40 to 36 The gime at the h-ilf w a « a l u n i w a j for the towering 1 smokie:, the scoie reading 21 to 8, but m the second half the Para- mounts found the ungo of the basket scoring 28 points to then opponents 19 With two minjtes left in the gome the Pai amounts forced into i one point lead but the Firemen come Tight back w ith enough moxie to scoi* 1 the winning pom " Gudar Coulson ind Githens were tops for the wmneis while Kline Stipi and McMullen stirred for Piramount North Belle Veinon qualified for the fina' b\ defeating Bakers Garagemen of ConnelKvillc 47 to 39 in the semi fiml round Pjromoun derailed the Hermmie Nevvvjes in the other semi-fiml gime 16 to 27 The juniol crown. v?ifa won by the tourney favorites the Nemacolin Indians, who toon; the mc-isure of the Donora Heia d-Amei leans 49 to 32 The Greene count} quiitc played brilliant ball throughout the tournej and impressed the fans w i h 'he i gentlemanly beha\ior a^ cleji cut appearance Donora al«o left a vpr favorable impress on v ith its sportsmanship and playing ability Nemacolin took the lead in the opening quarter and striking a steady pace that would have done credit to a college squad, kept he gime well-in hand at all times Herbick, Sebemch and Ztiubi fea'urcd for the w m n e i s with Bonneil and Alcott slurring for Donora Donora qualified for the final by defeating tne Swissvale Merchants 43 to 28 in the bomi-fmals Severil o£ the Swissvale players did not a i - nve until the fourth quartei of the r game due *o car trouble. The line-ups s Lghtvi eight Class Paramounts G F Pts Stipa f 5 2 12 Testa f 3 1 7 McMullen c 7 0 14 Blasey, g 1 1 3 Kline g ,, 2 2 6 Conwiy, f ,, 1 1 1 Brown c 1 0 2 Totals. 20 7 47 Non scoring substitute--Maicondi Hermime G r Pts McAlpme, f O i l J Srrith, f 5 0 10 P Adams c 4 t 11 Sittman g 0 0 0 Shoaf, g . . 2 0 4 Loughnei, c O i l Totals I I 5 27 Jvon-scoi ing substitute--J Adams Score by quarters Paramounts 12 i4 14 7--47 Hermmie 7 2 6 12--27 Referee--Hjatt Umpire--Logan Frazici c 0 Needed--A I*itde Human. Termite Control By Ding Darlmtt ·VJKKT WE HA.VE DONE TO THE NKTURAL BCAVTTIES CTOUK LANDSCAPE , Totals M J 4 j Score b quarters Bakers 6 !) 8 16--39' N Belle Veinon 11 15 15 6--47 Retercc--Hyjlt j Umpire--Logan Liglitucight Cliss \ Belle Vernon G r Pts Gudci f 6 1 13 Pctns f 4 1 9 Coulson e · 1 7 Gillilind g " 5 1 7 Githens g 1 4 ' Tot ill 17 6 10 Non sconng subsiitutt s -- Vi/7j F1171C1 Partmounts G r 1'ts S ipa f 1 2 8 Tcstl J 1 McMullen c t B asey g 1 Kline g 5 Brown, f 1 0 2 Totals IT 6 36 Non-scoring suostitute--Com*.iy Scoie by quarters N Belle Vernon 1" 4 10 9--*0 Pui amounts 3 5 14 14--30 Referee--Tom Login Umpiie--Bill H \ i t t Junior Class LARRY LEREW MADE OFFICER OF TRACKMEN First Vice-President of Tri-State Coaches Group INITIAL MEET LEAGUE INDOOR nfionn! Wildlife federation Joseph A (Ldiiy) Leie\ of Connellsville uas icelected first \ice- piewdent by the Tri-State Tiack (Coaches A^ociation at the reorgan- /ation meeting Mond y night ir Piltsb ugh Don Mollcnauei of Mount Lebanon vis nimed president succeeding Lowell VVnght of j^iie Academy Hei belt Costello of Bientwood u 1 s chosen second v ce-pies dert and Jdmes Potts of Pittsburgh, secretatv The coiches spcn ome tune \\oik- mg on thi-n tuck schedules with the initial meet stneduled foi Saturday \shen the W P I A I will hold its annual mdooi iclajs at the '"lit Tiack House It will be the tiist cljsh of the veji foi the Cokers \vho will begin pnctices tomouou Coach Leieu said JDonora Vaviek f Ludw ig f -Bonneil c Alcott g Bettnelle g Mnrcus g Tonls Swissvalc G Blednick f Guph t Tommilsoi c Johnson g L Blcdniek g Crumble f. F Pi-, I BOWSER IS NAMED PITT GRID COACH 18 G 7 43 F Pts 0 8 Totals 11 6 J8 Non-scoring .substitutes -- R o s i Shields Dozed le Score bv quarterb Donora IS 11 12 D--43 (\ilc 3 6 6 13--28 | Referee--Rude i Umpire--Log in Junior Class Bonora G r Pfs Vainck f 1 0 2 Luchuck I 1 0 2 Bonnell c 8 0 I B Arcott g _ "j 0 10 Beancllc g _ O D D Marcus g _. ] 0 2 cmicolm Cutlei f Herbick f Sebcnick c George g Gent, g IS G 0 32 F Pis 0 8 n \i i o i 0 Total 21 Stoic b quartei · Donors B S 6 10--32 NenncoJm lo 12 10 12--49 Referee--Hy U Cascys B Mi ler £ Schrum f F Millei c Bld'jcy, g Jonei, g Quinn g i Totals I Sw lss^ ale Ind Vaniel t Ferguson f Wilteis, c Bi ooms, g Ross g Senior O 1 3 6 4 17 O 4 2 4 2 2 10 2 I 7 41 F Pts 2 10 4 in o Totdls 14 S 33 !N.on-scourig substitutes -- CdiKon i D Waltejs Scoie bj cftiaitei-. ' Ciseys 8 11 14 8--41 SA-issvale 6 7 7 13--33 Referee--Zorectie Bakers Tikey f Herchko f Smidtke, t Palovchalk Parkei, g Pepe, f Bogosky g eight Class G n 5 4 F Pis 1 1 2 12 0 8 Vantltr ~Ueer Stricken TWU J A Fla Mai 21 --Johnny Vandei Meei, stai CmomndU pitchei, should lempm in St Joseph Hospital until Thuisday 01 Fnd.iy foi obse va- lon o£ a ninfldtned appendix doctors recomme ided todiy PITTSBURGH Maith 21 --Trustees of the Univciiifv of Pittsburgh Monda\ ga\e Chniles W (Chisel) Bousci i thiec year contiact to coach tne "itt ^inthcis football eim jnd it the sjme time np[)omted a committee to imeitigT e Pitts athletic siun ion Bowsui \\ho Mill be given a free reign to nnme his coichmfi nsfai K inU, sutLCedcd Dr John Bain (Jock) Sulhe lind the beloved Silent Scot' \ ho resigned Mnrch 4 beciuse of mloleruble conPitt belwcer the faculh committee on athlc ics ard the ithlet ^ dtp r ment Chincellor John G Bou,rmn \^ho instilled Pitts code of simon-pure athletics th t Tddcd to the unnersi- t s athletic bquibbles n«;ked the bo ira of tiusltces o ippomt he n- vestigdting committee \xhich \\ill make its report to the boird Imnedntclv aft»_r giving Bowser Uie con r xct the commit ce ippointed a scvcn-mnn co nmission that included Linest T V cir NT lonal Steel Corpora ion Ch*nrman and other piommeit leaders m Pi tsburgh The committee w i l l select its own clnir- man Bourn n s request r or investigation c ime on the, htclb of in open letter fiom Mnyoi Cornel us D Scmlv of Pittsbuioli himself a tiustee who s id th it I do not think tint M c is tiUitccs should be uoisluppets ot the G i c i t God IIti«h and ndcled ihdt t i e ixcirc should remote nny ciij-ic for c i i t i t i m Boutci on t i c jVhlctiL sideline at tbc time l e became piomncntly mentioned s S u h e i l i n d s successor UMCL u is SMslint loach it P i t un- dei t ic Silent Scot He resigned i. the end jf Ihc Ui7 -s^json lo dc- vo e f u l l 1 me a h ·= insmance business He u is a student ol Pop Wan er when Warner \v-is Pitt coich in 1920 1021 nd S922 Ir 1022 he Wls aetinj, co cupt un of the Pintheis and vj sitv tentei Bowsei bioke into the coaching ?ame as nssiitant at Close City College and in 1024 became head conch it Giovc City His fust teim did no* fare so well finishing v.i h five losses and four victones but in 1925 jnd 1D26 his Giove Citj teams won 14 out of lo gimes Then he moxed to Pitt as an as- sist-mt to Sutheiland where he 10- mamed for thiee seisons In 1930 he moved to Bowdom College Brunswick Me, wheie he was head co ICT tor f n e yeiis during which t me ms earns won nine lost 21 and tied five o mes Aflei that peuod Bowser returned to Pitt and stayed through the 1837 Benson In his Inal ye ir he was "irst is=is ant following resign tion ot Bill Kein who tiansfened to Cir- negie Tech is he id ocich Galenic Ranked As Challenger No. 1 In Heavy Class Ton Galento has been lankod the No 1 spot m the ISat onal Boxing Association s quaitcily list ot challengers in the he\\yweight diMsion Bob Pastor \\ho once stajed 10 rounds v/ith Joe Louii, has adjusted his diffeierces with the New Jeisey Comm ssion and \vas icinstatcd as the No 2 chaliengei Lou Nov-i Max Bier and Red Bui man weie njimed a r tec Pastot in that order I n the othei div sjoni* N B A ratings i\ere listing the division and m thdi. order Ltght-liG' i s \veight (17o) John Honrv Leu]S Velio Bettma Middleueight (160), Solb Kuegei, Fred Apostoh Welterweight (147) Hcnrj *vrm- stiong Charley Burle L^ghbveight £135) Heni Armstrong Lou Ambeib Tci herueight (12G) \acint Leo Kodak Bantanwe ght (118^ Sixto Esco- bai John KO Morgan Flyweight (112) \ icant Peter Kane Case Fray Tonight Ilorrestead ard Academy High o r Fiic will meet at Pitt Stadium tonight m the western semi-finals of the W P I A A T! e winner -will take on the Louver Mei ion-Berwick winner for the State flag" SHIV SP1.ENTS ' NOT HIS ARM SHEIAES DIZZY DEAN F i a t month ol spnng training beason hns ended with Jie condition of Dizzv De-n i. a ling right arm as gieat i mjstery as e\ei and no teli- . ing when t i e veidict would be ! known Foi once not even. Diz. ninself had in answer For the past week his legs have been so soie he and the other memoeis of tne Chicago Cubb h 11, e temporu 11 ly forgo tten th e S185 000 arm The case s a b t confused but it is built on. the fact that Dean can t test the arm until the legs heal first The aflhction is known to baseball men as *=hm splint 1 : The limbb I become sore and the soreness is ac' compamed bj si ai p, needle-like pain 11 Bill lo Control Wrestling Makes Bow in Assembly SoccliI to The Cpur c" HARBISBURG Mir 21-- Closei contiol of \vicstlmg matches is the rf m of Repicsentiti\c Elmei J llol- lind in a bil 1 introduced in the House It pio\ldes that ciciy wiestling m itch ·'h ill be dnected by a licensed itfeiee %\ho si" ill rende i decision \o juages h til be icqui ed i anv \MLbtling mitch accoidng to the bill RICHMAN BROS. CLOTHES Vllfc 100% pine void jiiid Tiiu1e 01 iiiufeiiul j o u find in 410 (o ViO mats. FOR PASTiR Tailor 170 \\ Crauford A\e Schmitr Bids N'ear Cit-, Hall SPRING til 4 \\ - hope thst the official of TotaJs 17 S 39 Non-scoring substitute--Karp ak N Belle Vernon G F Pts Petras, f 3 0 6 Coder f " 1 11 Coulson, c 'i 1 U Githens g 4 0 8 Gillillnnd g 3 0 0 Virza I O i l spring is the rtal ihmg Alter a week in bed \vilh v\hlt tile Teutons cill notleftiber ( u e dub il guppe.) \ \ e r e orly too sjlad o get outdoois and bicn. *u the woid fictoiy--the tpe- w i ner We w .uit to think the fnends uho sent remembrances--by mail, elephone and in packages some o) the fruit hemp m papei yiackrfgps and bottles Divorces Pitt Grid M i r PiriSBURGh Mai 21 --Mrs LaVetne Random, 23, \Vd: divoiced from Hubert Randour, foimer Pitt star hall back She charged cruelty The suit was not con f ested "New Sports at Marshall Track goU ind cnms will be in- ixigurated s rmjoi spoils b\ Mar- hill College of Tluntington W Va , this sp ing Sanctioned by A. A. U. TTndci Auspices ol C. Athletic Council Mar. 28 8:30 P. M. --Admission-- 50c - 75c Mrtei, lU"-t ^n!c, (.onncllMillc Featurmi; borne of UIP Best Amatcuis incluciinrfr Toe Aladdis, open Tumor Sun-Telegraph Diamond Bill Chimp J iclc Ramrv of Yukon Gcorffc Brelitch Bruno Pucci and Mirkus Lockman clown fightei also local linjs u h o have shown jnod lighting .Tickets on vS.ilo nt i:\ish Drue Store anil Trci] unan'-;. A Home ( I N S VLt J3VBJR\ \V iJLKKE Xistcn lo Our Bailj "SPORTS PARADE" st 5:!0 V. ar. Ovr Now Accepting Applications for Membership Within County: Single $20.00, Man fliic 1,30.00, Panulj (*) S4.1.00. P Outside ffliintj-i Sfnifle 'fcl'i.OO, X V, u $25.00, 3 tnnilj (I) H7."0. No Initiation Fee « Open All Year © Restricted Membership l t i i i Ml'tt nt These UiiuHullj L')« l - t e s a s I mi_- i s ' l l n - v I iivt The new Club House, "CHATEAU H E Y N " ts near ing completion si ·. * ul \'in i])]liii1ion tlie Conr.e ami boo tof j o u i b P l r flic niir.ipiilmis together w i t h cliei'U (D AU CUrl, t a i o s u m m i t l l u d l .

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