The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 9, 1938 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1938
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, MAUCH 9, 193S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE. PA PAGE FIVE. Plans Made For Annual Meeting Of Farm Bureau Plans have just been completed for the 22nd annual meeting of the Payctte County Agricultural Extension Association which will be held at the usual time, the second Thursday in March. This date is March 10. For this year's get together the txccutive committee of the extension association selected the Curfew Grange Hall. This hall is located on Route 711 approximately eight miles west of Conncllsvillc and three i liles east of the junction of Routes 711 and El at Flatwoods. This is the first year that the annual meeting has been held out of Uniontown and it is somewhnt in the nature of an experiment. The executive committee thought that the local folks would receive move assistance if the annual meeting was rotated in various communities and if this year's experiment proves to be n success, the plan will be adopted. The meeting will be called to order at 10:30 promptly. There will be a short business session, followed immediately by reports on various activities of the Extension Service during the past year. The majority of these reports will be given by local men and women who have participated in the work and assisted in local leadership. At 11:30, A. M. Cooper, extension agronomist of the Pennsylvania State College, will discuss soil erosion control. He also expects to have a very interesting exhibit on want can be accomplished through proper erosion control. Mr Cooper -will be in charge of tuis exhibit and will be glad to discus: erosion control problems v/ilh thosi attending the meeting. The last feature on the morning program will be a discussion of th agricultural extension work in Pcnn sylvania by H. G. Nicely, assistant di rector of agricultural extension fo Pennsylvania. Lunch-will be served by the ladies of the Curfc\v Grang at noon and they have promised good old fashioned chicken ^dinne with all the trimmings for GOc. Immediately following the lunch 'con Miss Edith Norton, home ccon omics-representative of the Pcnn sylvania State College will discus kitchen rearrangement and wi show slides explaining the variou types of kitchen arrangement. Mis Norton will be followed by the mai speaker of the day, Willis Kerns rural sociologist of the college. II will give an illustrated talk on hi recent trip to Europe and discus customs of various European coun tries. All are invited to attend. In Air Line Fight Capt. E. V. Utckcnbackcr, top: So\n D. Hertz Fight for control of Eastern Air Lines Is reported won by Capt. E. V. Rickenbnckcr, for years general manager of the system. He is said to have outbid John D. Hertz, Chicago financier, in purchasing control of the system from General Motors for 53.500,600, with the aid of Wall Street associates. Hertz previously had attempted to gain control of the lines, but Rickcnbackcr blocked him. Both men had been opponents for the purchase In the past. Parolee Is Convicted Of Kidnaping, Robbery GREENSBURG, Mar. S.--Walter IVelson, who is on a five-year parole from the state reformatory at lona, Mich., was found guilty of kidnaping and robbery before Judge Richard D. Laird. Joseph Puglisi of New Kensington, arrested along with Nelson, entered a plea of guilty. The two men were charged with kidnaping and robbing Dr. J. M. Snyder of New Kensington on the night of November 12, last, and relieving him of $600 as a parking lot. They securely bound him and forced him to drive to a park three miles from New Kensington where they left him in his car. MAN WHO TRIED OWN CASE GETS PEN SENTENCE GREENSBURG, Mar. S. -- John Hale, Donegal township, who deckled to dispense with the services of his attorney and try his own case, after being convicted of breaking and entering and receiving stolen goods, yesterday was sentenced by Judge Richard D. Laird o serve from five to 10 years in the Western Penitentiary. Hale had been charged with entering the Bert Faust cottage in Donegal township, accompanied by Joseph Worr, of that district, and taking household furnishings. Warr, when arraigned with Hale several weeks ago was sentenced to serve from two to four years in the penitentiary ty Judge Laird. At the time. Hale withdrew his plea and decided to stand trial. When the case was called for trial, Hale told his attorney, Paul S. Barnhart, that he would like to defend himself and Judge Laird granted such permission. Hoover Represents County at Regional Adult Class Rail L. G. Hoover ot Coanclslville representing Fayelte county in th promotion of the regional adult Bib! class rally to be held in the Firs Lutheran Church at Johnstown o the afternoon and evening of April L. C. Long of Listie represen Somerset county and T. B. Diltz o Grcensburg Westmoreland count} ! Cambria, Indiana, Armstrong an Jefferson counties arc also joining i the event. Conference leaders have bee named. The leaders and the topic they will discuss for the mcetin sponsored by all denominations an the Pennsylvania Adult Bible Clas Federation which is an auxiliary o the Pennsylvania State Sabbat School Association follow: Dr. R. J. Martin, president of th National Reform Association, wi lead in "The Bibfe Class and I Communit;-"; Dr. R. J. Black of th Presbyterian Board heads a group i "The Meaning of Evangelism"; D F. W. Tomlinson, director o£ cduca tion, Pennsylvania Baptist Corn-en tion, leads in "Organizing the Adu Bible Class for Its Task"; Dr. G. L Schaller, associate editor of Sunda school publications, Evangclica Press, heads a group in "Using t Bible to Solve Personal nnd Socit Problems"; and Arthur R. Bodme director of adult work, Pcnnsylvani State Sabbath School Associatio will direct the group in "Improvin Your Teaching." These groups con vcne at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. An unusual feature of the confer cnce will be a period given over t meetings of denominational group each under their own leader, wh will discuss materials and emphasc for the year in their own work. I the evening a mass rally of all Bibi classes in the counties coopcratin will be held, with a nationally know speaker. Accord Between Teacher, Board Urged by Dr.Ade HARRISBURG, Mar. 0.--Dr. Les- cr K. Adc, superintendent ot Public nstruction, stated today that a co- ac-rative attitude and a spirit of .utual agreement between teachers nd school directors .ire characteris- c of the administration ot schools here the best interests of the boys nd girls of the community are given rst consideration. "The tcrmina- on oC a teacher's contract mny be or the betterment o£ the local school, r it may be for the betterment of he teacher," the superintendent said. 'If it can be dcflr.itcly shown that 10 local schools will be improved by elcasinfi the teacher, the contract, lould, if possible, be tcrmimited by ,utual agreement between teacher nd board. If the undesirable to.-irher ·ill not willingly relinquish his con- ract, however, then the legal pro- cdure for forcing a release should e followed. On the other hand, if a elcasce from contract is requested y the teacher because it will obr iously enable him to advance in his rofession, the board should endeavor reach a basis of mutual undcr- tanding whereby the contract may 10 set aside. "The school law sets up a definite procedure whereby a board of school directors mny, on short notice, force he dismissal of an incompetent cachcr. Tactful boards, however, find it possible in most instances to confer with such a teacher and ob- ,ajn a resignation without resorting ,o formal dismissal proceedings. "Likewise the law sets up a procedure by which a teacher may foicc a 'board to release him sixty days nftcr his resignation has been filed Here again it is preferable that th release be accomplished by conference and mutual agreement rather than by legal compulsion. If a capable teacher is rcndily obtainable fo replacing the one desiring release there is no good reason why tin board should insist upon all its prc rogattivcs and arbitrarily hold thi teacher the full sixty days. If it 1 really impossible for the teacher to be replaced, then, of course, a sense of loyalty and professional pride should induce the teacher to carry out his contract even at the sacrifice of a desirable promotion." Candidate for Congress. CREENSBURG, Mar. 9.--Roy C McKenna, Latrobe industrialist, Uni versity of Pittsburgh trustee and on of Westmoreland county's most prom incnt citizens, announced his cant! dacy for Republican nomination fo Congress. He is head of the Vanjd ium-Alloys Steel Company at La trobe. SALLYS SALLIES SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK' By'RJ: SCOTT t "fHE FlS-S-f IZ-WHEEA- LO(COMb-frv PENNSYLVAMIA.*WA ZWtf" M 1863- -tflE. CAB WAS OVER.-HE B01USR. B1U-10HAIRE, -7//'/=oo -7/S, IK Hl$ DAY, rlAD A CACHE OF IVORY .WOR-fU MOREItUK' A B1J.UOH DOU.ARS IS CONSIDERED OLDEST BREED OF IK E.X1S-TE.NCE. TODAY AMD -HE.WAS Ai ·ADV£MUR.ER., M SI-AYE'S AKB IVORY ' IK'DARKEST AFRJCA rf 15 -THE. BREED OF Co KOA.H ·Ic.oic'wK'K " ' IK'fKE. A.RK 3-9 COPYRIGHT. 1939. KING rcA.T\jws ymoicxre. CjliAitElvtAlA S1XMP OF 1936 Ste^$1'HB URENI at- PA.tvffm\ vtefti. " MADE. Derry Police Chief Reprimanded. DERRY, Mar. fl.--Chief of Police George Bryson was "reprimanded for actions unbecoming an ofllccr in uniform" by borough council and burgess followinfi an executive session. The chief was requested to apologize to n newspaper correspondent for tearing notes which she had made of the "private hearing" into charges Hied by Mrs. Cecil Donlap against the chief. Mrs. Dunlap testified the chief had used "insulting" language to her. Licenses of Four Drivers Suspended UNIONTOWN, Mar. D.--Licenses of four Fnyette county motorists have been revoked and four suspended. Revocation notitccs were received by G. A, Gillie ot South Brownsville, driving while drunk; Frank Hcdock, Uniontown, and Newton Brown of Brownsville, larceny; and Charles Clements of Dunbnr. failure to reveal identity at time of accident. Suspensions were received by John Gilmore of McClcilnndtown road, reckless driving; William N. Downer of Newell and Irving Grimm of Smithiicld, failure to maintain proof of financial responsibility, and Herbert L. Trcsslcr of Ohiopyic, involved in fatal accident. Convicted "As Charged." UNIONTOWN, Mar. 9.--After deliberating about 15 minutes, n jury late Monday returned a verdict to Judge Harry A. Cottom in which it found Robert Martin, -10, Evans- Manor, "Kuilty ns charged" on five serious crimes against morals. On the sixth count the court directed a verdict of acquittal becousc of lack of sufficient evidence. John D. Makes Plea John D. Rockefeller . . . spcnks n.1 a citizen John D, Rockefeller In seen In this unusual pose urging largo contribution* to New York's organized wolfare fund--Greater Mew York Fund, Inc. --Crntral JVe«i Indiana Teachers College Building Begun INDIANA, Mar. 0.--At the State Teachers College Tuesday was begun a modernization progrnm which will include two new buildings nnd an addition to John Sutton Hall. This will provide long-needed improvements of facilities for college work, rather than enlargement or extension. The inadequqte and long outgrown plant will bo . brought up to date, enabling Indiana to otter teacher education that will surpass its previous record. Under the General State Authority, Pennsylvania participates, through the Public Works Administration in a modernization program in State institutions. Indiana has received an allocation of $736,000. Contracts awarded by the General State Authority, include general contract, Joseph J. Bendik, Uniontown. Movement Started To Revive Blushes As Aid to (Beauty By United Pr«*. NEW YORK, Mar. 9.--The common blush, practically discarded since sorority sisters discovered Frcush and found that the who!* business was just an inferiority complex, is going to be revived in an effort to keep American women from becoming a race of. gargoyles. A crusade to restore the blush to good standing was announced by Miss Grace Donahue, a red-haired lady from Chicago who described herself as a "professor of beauty-within and without." Miss Donahue said that after sev-- eral years of studying from both directions, she had decided that the trouble with the American, girl In spiritual hardening of the arteries, and she intends to save them even if she has to do it the hard way. 'Girls have stopped blushing," she said. "Most of them have forgotten how to blush. The result is that they never get any blood in their face, their skin fades and they become ugly." So she is forming a national association of "Blush of the Month" clubs, the 'only requirement for which is a blush. Nothing will bo barred. The girls can tell jokes, recite ditties, or look at pictures o£ Robert Taylor, she said. Even bat room JoVies OT lo\it- lettcr words will be permitted. She will send out little cards to 'Blush o£ the Month Clubs" to certify memberships. The cards have the slogan: "A blush a day keeps the wrinkles away" on them, a place for the name of the member, and at the bottom a single line: "How are your vaso-constrictors today?" "The vaso-constrictor," said Mrs. Donahue, "is the nerve that enables people to Blush. Some ladies haven't used their vaso-constrictors since Eleanor Glyn wrote 'it.'" Heads Somerset Campaign. SOMERSET, -Mar. 9.--Attorney S, Cobcr Brauchcr has been named Somerset county manager of the Republican gubernatorial nomination campaign ot Superior Court^ Judge Arthur H. James. Denied Another Trial. UNIONTOWN, Mar. 9.--Motion for a new trial for John Pataky of Smock, convicted on a paternity charge preferred by a Bitner girl, was denied by Judge Harry A. Cot- . torn who ordered the youth to appear for sentence. The defendant claimed he was suffering from a social disease at the time of the alleged misconduct that would have made it impossible lor him to have been the father. Not Guilty Verdict. UNIONTOWN, Mar. 0.--Verdict o( "not guilty but pay costs" was returned to Judge W. Russell Carr in the verdict of Joseph Dumont of Point Marion, charged with a motor code violation. State Motor Police said he had continued to drive hii automobile after his operator's privileges had been suspended. Weekly Radio Features PAUL WillTBMAN LAWRENCE TlBBETT ANDRE KOSTELANETZ DEEMS TAYLOR PAUL DOUGLAS Nisht clubpwrtersuncover a iotof Uilen.1. 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