The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 21, 1939 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 21, 1939
Page 2
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f A G E TWO. iHE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLUJ. PA. rUESDAY, MARCH 21, 1339. By X.YNNE B. KINCELL. Life and Work of Pioneer .Doctors Reviewed at Culture Glub Meeting BARCLAY ON BRIDGE B y S h e p a r d B a r c l a y "The Authority on Authorities" Pioneer doctors, their struggles and hardships endured in the practice oE iheir profession prov.ded a wealt.i 3f interesting material for an outstanding program presented at the semi-monthly meeting of tho Wom- in's Culture Club, held Monday afternoon at the elub rooms at the Carnegie Free Library. Well prepared, papers i'eVle\vihg autobiographies, revealed that the life ol "a oioneei doctor was, not an easy one. It was not Usual for a doctor to travel from 50 to 100 m;Ies on horseback to administer to the sick. Surgery, with the exception of the amputation of a leg or arm, was unheard of at '.hat time. Mrs. George L. Owtcy, leader, presented the introductory paper, her subject being "Is It Possible to Know the Trulh About Any One Man?" Dr. Kalhaime WnkefHelq reviewed "A Woman Surgeon," by Dr. Rosaline Slaughter Moiton, a surgeon of international repute. Dr. Morton, a native of Virginia, took up the study of medicine at the age of 17. "Dotcors on Hoiseback," by J. T. Flexner, was reviewed by Mrs. Earl C. Sherrick, while Mrs. W. G. Davis' papet- was a review of "The Horse and Buggy Doctor," by A. E. Hertzler. Mrs. D. E. Treher reviewed "Life and Death,' 1 by Andrea Majocchi. an Italian doctor. 7n the absence' of "Mrs. J. M. Cecil, -who is ill, Mrs. Paul D. Luckey read a paper reviewing "Fifty Years a Country Doctor," by Dr. William McCartney. The paper was written by Mrs. Cecil. This concluded the literary program. In the absence of Mrs. Peter R. Weimer, Mrs. James Charlesworth arranged a delightful musical program, her son David Charlesworth entertaining with a group of vocal solos in keeping with Saint Patrck's Day. They were: "A. Little Bit of Irish," "Danny Boy," and "The Little Irish Girl " Miss Jean Hoover was at the piano. The musicians were greeted with much applause. The meeting opened with a business session, with the president, Mrs, B. H. Willard, in the chair. I the Waynesburg B. P. W.. One new member, Mrs. E. A. Dunn I Others present from the local club in addition to Mrs. Stone were the president, Mrs. John M. Young, Mrs. Legion Auxiliary Discusses Pkns For Poppy Sale At its regular meeting Monday night at the Legion Home, the American Legion Auxiliary voted to order | its poppies for the annual sale to be held Saturday, May 27, from the uncompensated veterans at the Aspinwall Hospital. Mrs. Miller W. Cowan, president of the auxiliary, is general j chairman of the poppy sale. The auxiliary also voted to give eight medal awards to the ejghth grade students of the city and. township schools in this vicinity, A donation of $3 was given to the American i legion junior baseball fund. One J new member, Mrs. Amelia Galiardi, I was initiated. The business session was supplemented by an enjoyable social time. Cards and other games weie played, prizes being awarded to Mrs. Nell Scott, Mis. Amelia Galiardi and Mrs. Charles Hiles. A delicious lunch was served at three prettily appointed tables. Decorations were suggestive of Saint Patrick's Day. Favors were small green hals" and whistles." -The social meeting-wfis~'in charge of Mrs. J. A. Burns, Mrs. Margaret Smyth and Mrs Agnes Soisson. There was an exceptionally large attendance. DON'T SHUT HIM UF IF YOU HAVE mich a big hand that your partner's opening bid makes a slam seem very probable, bo careful that none of your bids along tho way is of exactly game. Such a call by you may be dropped, especially if his own holding is merely strong enough to have juati- aod a gqod sound initial call. In this Kind of spot, if you have shown such great-strength that, there Is no chance of his dropping you short of game, some new suit bid at less than game level may be helpfully Informative. Tracking any such suit to bid, it ts usually better to leap to a slam or a'alam invitation, rather than making a call of xacUy game. A K J V A K 9 4 * J 10 3 * A Q 0 S clarer made a grand slani, by winning tJie spade finesse, the expected argument broke out between North and South. North was the culprit. His 3-No trump bid risked the very pass It Invited. After South's Z-No trump, North's best bid was 3-Clubs, which nobody but a deliberate traitor should pass. South after that should have bid 3-Diamonds, also temporizing and giving extra information. The rest of it would depend on what slam conventions the side was using, if any. If none at all. North's natural call would be 6-No trump, and some players in the South position would take that to 7-No trump if they had eaten plenty of eggs for breaKfast and felt both strong ana lucky. Tomorrow's Problem * 5 10 9 7 6 4 V Q J 8 « Q 6 A 8 2Z r » A B 2 - V 10 6 S 2 4 9 5 4 + -J.10 6 5 ATTEND B. P. W. DINNT3R PARTY AT WAYNESBURG Miss Margaret Ritenour of Uniontown, president o£ the Pennsylvania Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Mrs. Prince M. Stone of this city, chairman of District 3, and Miss Marion Leonell of Uniontown, State corresponding secretary, were among the official guests in attendance at a dinner party given Monday evening at the Fort Jackson Hotel, Waynesburg, by was unanimously voted into the club. It was voted to endorse a resolution adopted by the State Federation of Women's Clubs, requesting Governor Arthur H. James to appoint Judge Sara M. Soffel of Pittsburgh to the vacancy now existing in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. A copy o'f the resolution will be sent to Governor James. More than 800 clubs J. G. Schmidle, Mrs. Ora Engtekn, Miss Mary Coyne and Mtsi Edna Prinkey. Miss Hltenour, the p r i n c i p a l speaker on the brief and informal program, reviewed the activities and accomplishments of the State federation during the past two years. located in thi 67 counties in Pennsyl- | Mrs. Stale announced that the an- vania, voted unanimously in favor of nual 5prin g mce ting of District 3 will the appointment. It was announced that the club is invited to a style show to be presented this evening through the courtesy of G. C. Davidson, West Crawford avenue merchant, for the Junior Clulure Club. The event will be held at the club rooms and will begin at 8 o'clock. Mrs. Robert S. Cooper circulated ropies of a recent forum of the Women's "National Institute, sponsored by the eighteenth annual V; omen's National Expc 'tion of Arts and Industries, New York City, on tho subject of tho "Common Cold," the most wide-spread disease. Mrs. C. E. Reynolds presented circulars giving the Baltimore Ohio Railroad's -rates to the World Fair. Members were asked to provide a room for two members Of the All- Western High School Band and serve thorn with two breakfasts. For further inforamtion they are to call Mrs; B. H. Willard, president of the club; or Mrs. L. W., Carpenter, recording secretary. The band will present three concerts here,' the first to be held'-'Thursday night, March 30. Hostesses were Mrs. M, B. Speer, Mrs. C. H. Weisgerber, Mrs." Charles R. Weihe, Mrs. George H. Shumaker and Mrs. F. H. Smith Guest speakers for the ftext meeting, Monday, afte.rnspn, Apil^.3, -will, be Mrs. Helen Reagan;.female probation officer, and Mrs._ William H. Myers. Mrs.._John B._Dav!s leader and Mrs. Paul H. Beighley -win. arrange a musical.program. . Dlf. AND MRS.-W. H. HETRICK SURPRISED BTf MEN'S CLASS The monthly Vnceting of the Men's Bible Class.ana BrotherBood of Trinity Lutheran Church, lield-lMonday night at the church, was featured Py d surprise lo'vCDr. and'MrsT-William II. Helrlck, thoTJciasion marUlng the I9tll anniversary of-their coming 16" talk by W. H. Scotfo! TSast Parts." Choosing as his subject "What Obligations Have We Men t6 the United Lutheran Church in America*" Mr. Scolt pointed out deafly the seriousness of many prevailing conditions that are detiimenlal to society, and what it actually takes to be a true follower of Christ. Melvin Keller,. president,- presides be held Saturday afternoon, April 29, at McKeeeporl. Mrs. Sarah M. Howard, president of the Waynesburg club, was toastmistress and presented Miss Frances Gobdwin Of Waynesburg, who cntei- tained with a group of vocal numbers. MRS. FLORENCE LOVE IS HOSTESS TO LIBERTY CLUB The Friday Night Q Club ot Liberty was delightfully entertained Friday evening at the home of Mrs, Florence Love, Franklin avenue, this city. In the absence of the president, Mrs. Harry Shaiienberger, vice-president, Mrs. Paul Collins^ conducted the business meeting, at which time ojicers,for tho ensuing year were elected as follows; President, Mis Harry Shaiienberger; vice-president, Mrs. Paul Collins; secretary, Mrs. Katherine Batterson; treasuiei, Mrs. C. S. Harper. Q sisters Were revealed aBd new names were drawn .for the coming year. * A S S ' V 7 3 V * A K 8 7 2 * K 7 4- iDealei'i fcasf. North-South vul-~ nerable) After East's pass, South opened this float with 1-Diamonfl. West made a psychic double and North redoubled. When this passed to West, ho took himself out with 1-Spade. North then bid 2-Hcarts, South 2-No trump aril North 3-No trump, which South passed. When the (Dealer: East. Neither «ide vulnerable) What bidding would you recommend on this deal, If In your right senses? What If not T Copyright, 1939, Xing Felues Sffldkite. foe. Betty Lee Dixon and Marjorie Hay Guest So/bists at Meeting of Mozart Music Club District Deputy Will Visit General Worth! Geurge W. Smith of Point Marion, district daput/ grnnd patriarch, and nis staff will visit General Worth Encampment, In" pendent Order ot Odd Follows, Wednesday night to install the heal offlceit,. DYNAMITE ON CHEST; FIRES IT WITH BATTERY By United Press. WAYNESBTJRG, Mar. 21 -- A half stick u£ dynamite, strapped to his chest and detonated with two storage batteries, was the way John Stoglen Windsor and Waliy Coming to America PAfelS, Mar. 21.--The Duke of Windsor was said by his friends today to have made plans Tor voyages abroad in 1939--including a possible trip to America--dependent upon '.he ^ _ ^ ........ _ Roberts, 51, telephone lineman for a | activities of his ' biother," King Tne social committee has arranged i gas company, chose to commit sui- an entertainment to be given alter the meeting. Visitois aie invited. Suicide Rate High. GREENSBURG, Mar. 21.--Wcst- morelandeis have been committing suicide at the rate of about three a month, Coroner H. A McMui i ay reported. There have been 35 in the last 12 months, he sa d. cide, the coroner reported today. Authorities said Roberts fhad been despondent. Stephen Yonish Dead. Stephen Yonish, 01 years Old, of Puritan, died Saturday at the Uniontown Hospital. He had been in ill health smco meeting with an accident lour years ago in the Puritan George VI. MODERN WOMEN re«d Not Suffer monthly pain and delay dufito ic'du, nervous strain, cipoauro oroimilar cauaee. Chi-chca-tcrtfdaniondBinndPilIearaellocUTt mliablonhdgivQQuickRclItf. Sold by all tlrusjnStaforoverSOycinj. Awfor f ·THI BIAUOND Social Gathering Follows Meeting of Alumni Association · Misses Betty Lee Dixon and Marjorie Hay, contestants in the West- em Pennsylvania Forensic and Music League, were guest soloists at the Mozart Music Club meeting Monday evening at the club rooms in Carnegie Free Library. Mrs. Graydon Vt'hipkey had charge of the program which featured Stephen Collins Foster's music as follows: Piano EO'.O, group of Foster's folk songs, Mrs. Pasquale digliolti. i Vocal solos, Miss Betty Lee Dixon with Carl T. Anslme playing the | piano accompaniment. Piano solos, Miss Marjorie Hay. Violin duets, "Medley of Foster's At the close of a business meeting of the ConneHsville Alumni Association, held Monday night at the High School, the gym woe the scene of a delightful social gathering. Dancing was enjoyed until 11 o'clock at which time refreshments were served. Sherrick Fisher, president, was In j charge of the business. Reports were | submitted by various committee ' Folk Songs," Mrs. Elizabeth Stevens chairmen, after which a general dis- Hazen and Miss M. Lois Benford, cussion, pertaining to the senior and , with Miss Virginia B. Graham at the junior proms, Labor Day activities i piano. and. a monthly meeting, took place. It was decided to give a banquet for members of the swimming team, coached by Alfred E. Ban-, date to be announced. SUCCESSFUL PARTY HELD BY FIREMEN'S- AUXILIARY The Ladies' Auxiliary to the South Connellsville Volunteer Fire Company held a successful parly Monday night at the firemen's rooms. Prizes were awarded to the following: Five hundred--high, Mrs. II. D. Stader; second, Mrs. Anna Dye; third, Miss Catherine Dye; special, Mrs. H. B. Stader and Miss Anna Trafecanty; door--Mrs. J. H. Shipley. A dainty lunch was served at the close ot the games. MISSIONARY UNION' WILL ELECT OFFICERS j The Woman's Misisonary Union Arfllif of the First Baptist Church will meet MUM " at 7:30 o'clock tonight m the church. Mrs James B. Bisel will gKe a chapter of the study book, "Moving Millions." Mrs. S. B. Dull will be in charge of the music. The mite boxes are to be tinned in. There will be election of officers. Vocal trio, "Beautiful Dreamer" and "O Susannah," Mrs. J. W. Collins. Mrs. S. K. Huey, Mrs. William Bisel \vith Miss Jean Hoover as accompanist. Ensemble singing, entire club led by Miss Susan Micks with Miss Pearl Keck at the piano. Miss Yolanda Fasola sang a solo, "Old Black Joe," with the ensemble Joining in tho chorus. A business meeting of a routine nature preceded the program with the president, Mrs. Douglas K. Mctlvaine, In charge. Mis. Louis Elpcrn will lead the next meeting, Monday, April 3, the program entitled, "Influence of Women in Music." Mrs. W. H. Soisson, Jr., Mrs. Louis Shrallow and Mrs. Thelma Christy Smith are hostesses. C. D. OF A. BUSINESS MEETING IS ANNOUNCED Court Annunciata No. 260, Catho- were- played, the following ! lie Daughters of America, will hold -prizes: Mrs* D.-P. Hus- | il s regular business meeting Thurs- band, Mrs. R. V. Rendine, Mrs. -day evening it 8 o'clock in Elks Hall. Fl-ank Husband and Mrs. Paul Col- , lins. Mrs. Love was awarded the | club prize. Several members were reported on the sick list. The hostess served a delicious iunch. Guests of the club wete Mrs. John Collins, Mrs. _Boyd Love and Mrs. R.-V. Hemline. , , . Hostess'jtor the nexl meeting will b"e announced. LOCAL TAlfiNTTVPiPEARS" Meets at Pleasant Hill. The Friendship Bible Class the Miss_Florence Wilkey""playe"a- several -marimba--solos at a ^musical jubilee~given Monday night at the ·Uniontown^High- School and sponsored by the.Exchange Club of Uniontown. Miss-Elsie Atkins, aim; of this city, sang. Henry Rulli Was the Pleasant Hill United Brethfen Church met Friday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs Alva Eicher at Scottdale with twenty-two mbmbers and four visitois in attendance. Pl?ns were made for oyster and chicken suppers. Theie was a social hour during which Mrs. Thomas Reed gave a reading and the three Eicher sisters sang. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Ritenour at Pleasant Hill Friday, Apul 21. Connellsvllle Maich-SOr-and-a nn'eJ- acGOmpa nist_ for Miss Wiikey and MISS, AtkinS. TPrftcSjids frpm the beneit..\!jiU be used~t»ward fie pur- chsse~of~Tmiforms for the Uniontown High School Band -^. ~-- _ . Mrs. William I'izzi Feted, Mrs. William Pizzi was honor guest at a . delightful.« surprise birthday party, given Saturday evening by members" 'of" ftie- Kitki Club -at the EAGLES CLASS INITSATION IN OF VETS At Trinity Church As customary in th Lenten period in Trinity Lutheran Church opportunity will be given adults Urtcon- firmed and wild have never made a confession of faith to joift a class for religious Instfuction prior to being received Good Friday night. There will be three sessions of the class Wednesday evening following the Lenten services. The pastor, Dr. W. H. Ketrick, will be the teacher using the Lutheran catechism for the text book. Instruction will be in preparation for adult baptism or confession of faith. Pet- sons contemplating this step are asked to tarry after this Wednesday evening's service. Former Local Girl Mother. A daughter was bore Monday at the West Penn Hospital, Pittsburgh, to Mr. and Mrs A. M. Tissue of Pittsburgh, formerly of Connellsville. The family consists of. two boys and one girl. Mrs. Tissue is the former Miss Mfiry Catherine Walker. T.he nfeW irrival is a graf.SdaUghtev o£ Mr. and Mrs Willis Walker of South Arch street. Theie will be initiation of erans class by Connellsville vet- Aerie, over the business session at which It home of Mrs. Jay Thurston at Daw- was decided that Trinity's Brother- ^ on . Chinese- checkerfirrSma,- caids hood become-a member ot-the PittS5-| burg'i Synodicnl Brotherhood. A social session followed. A violin trio composed o£ Robert Stefl, James Robert Hosteller and Charles Robinson, with Paul Brlckman at the piano, played two selections. A humorous debate, entitled "That the calendar should have thirteen months Instead o£ twelve," was enjoyed. Debaters were Ralph Snyder, Melvin J. KSller, William Brown and Harry Gerke. Judges withheld their decision. The meeting concluded with luiich served by a committee cdsisihg of Martin Gcrke, Jr.. Harvey L. Silcox, 1 M. Schroyos and Amy E. Thomas o Wilham Brown. Harry Gcrkc and F. j Seottflale arid Robck'c Lulz of AI- ,r DeChambemi. Thr at'cndr.ncc was I bana. Pa- and M a i v " " W i l s o n of linusucil'y Kir^ Isabella^ "Were "the aiv'ersions o£ the evening Maiiy priies being awarded. -Later luncli-' Wai, served." Mrs. Pizzi being presented with a be'uti- ful cake'coveied with white frosting and bearing -lighted pirk candles in pink rosfliud holders. The honoree received many attractive gifts, Licensed 16 Wed. Marriage licenses were issued at Greensburg to Harold Stahl and Anna Polahder of Mount Pleasant, Robert C. Bairon of Youngwood and Mabel L. Burke of Scotldale, Arthur fraternal Order of Eagles, Sunday, March 26, it, was announced today. All veterans Who hSVe hsd 20 or more years of continuous membership in the Oiganizatieli will receive a gold bXitton. there are S3 now on the rolls who are eligible for the awards. Edgar Cypher of Bedford, the Only charter member with S continuous membership of 36 years, will be in attendance at the initiation. Stork at Hospital. A son was Born at 12:38 o'clock Monday afternoon at Connellsville State Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fox of 29 Grant street, Scottdnle. A. Foreman Reality Shoppe Easter Permanehts $1 Shampoo and Vinffer Wave 35c Manicure 25c Thonc 203S-M. J. H. Dunn Grandfather. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dunft of Somerset announce the birth of a seven and a halt-pouhd s6n Monday at the Somerset Hospital. The hew arrival is a . grandson 6f James H. Dunn, president-manager of the Un» ion town Motor Club and a former resident Of Connellsville. the father is '.n charge of the Somerset club. Tickets Now on Sale! For Special Pcri'onnruicc of n Thursday, Mai eh 23rd, 8:30. AIjL SEATS 35c AH Seats Reserved. Buy Them Now! Regular Engagement STARTS FRIDAY O R P H E U M !E-PAPER for EASTERI Sensational Savings I 40,000 rolls of quality Jiepnper your home ncm and Mie nt our Mir sale. A Iiig buy for Spotto's means n real Iwy for you. Give your tenants hicrher grade Wall Pnper at prices you would pay for only ordinary paper. Vals. to "He .0 Wall JO yds. Border I Special $5.95 Room Lots 10 Wall 20 yds. Border 6 Ctilinf Vals. to 75e Choose from a gnlnry of the latest Spring Patterns. Unsurpassed in beauty and quality, tlccp solid backgrounds--streamlines -- Engravures. Every design and color in rogue--nnd you'll find that only at Spotto's are prices so reasonable--buy on our Iny-mvay plnn. 3,000 only j fj roll Sold only ivlth border. 2 yds. border to single roll sFdennll. ENAMEL Regularly $1.45 1/2 Gallon-Quart 59c .00 Pint 39c FREE! ONE QUART ENAMEL with order over $3.50. One to s. Customer, " FOR ONE WEEK ONLY SHER N'lJNMTILMAM Dries to an enamel-like high-gloss- finish that is washable as a china dish. Use it in walls and woodwork thai set hard wear and frequent Washings. QO ' With coupon, pci quart . ~7dC VE 25' QUART PAINT ENAMEL SHERWIN- WILLIAMS QUICK- DRYING Sherwln-Wllliams EnameloM, the One-coat decorative enamel (of walls, woodwork and general home use. Easy to apply, restores furniture, toys, odds and ends to original freshness. Choice ,, «. of 16 colors, V 1 * 93 WITH COUPON PER QUART V I '*"* AT SHERtoiN-WiLLiAMS PAINT HEADQUARTERS SIS Oiiwfonl WEST Avenue SIDE WAIL PAPER ASD PAIXT Between the Ohain Stores. Phone 703.

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