The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 13, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, March 13, 1930
Page 8
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THURSDAY, MARCH 13, 1930. CONFERENCE WILL DISCUSS PROBLEMS FACING AVIATION Air Enthusiasts Will Meet Here to Consider Further Expansion. THE DAILY COUTirKR, CONNTEI LSVTLLE), PA. Special to Th» Tourler. HARIUSBURG, March 13--Airpoit operators, pilots and other Pennayl- vanians interested in aviation will be risked to a conference with the State Aeronautics Commib«ion on Wednesday, March liO, fanifri F. Woodward, Secretary of Internal Affairs and halrmam of itho Aeronautics Commission, announced icdny The gathering which will be held In the Caucus room ot the House of Representatives, Capitol Building, llarrisburg, will open at 10:30 o'clock In the morning and continue throughout the day. Representative men irom Plttsbnrg.'Philn- dolphla and other places \\herej aviation operations are carried on a large .soalo have ad/iscd the commission of their intention to come to Harrteburg for the meeting. Many o£ the leading] pilots and representatives ot avlatlou schools also arc expected. Aviation in all its phases will ho open for diecus'ton and the dole- sates will be aeked to offer suggestions as to the most effective means of promoting and fostering iUlng w i t h m the Commonwealth. Weather permitting it is t-icpeetexl that a number of the visitors will come to Har- rmburj? by plant*. A total of 27 li.-porJs and landtag fields which madt- application to the) Aeronautic*? Com mission have been granted licenses either to carry passengers or InKtriict students in flight Other applications are pending and v. Ill be acted on by the commission when the Stnte inspectors have (hocked over the fleld«, maps and drawings which aro required to ac- fompany all sue 1 ! applications. The ' nmmtasion has decreed that fte\ds not making application for license will be ret used permission to operate and the State's aviation inspectors have beau mstructde to give, such notice to operators. On February 2^ a total of 1,669 licenses had been issued by the com- mteflion to various aviation activities in Penneylvania, as follows Pilots of all classes, 47 5; mechanics, both nlrplane and engine, SOS; airplanes, ·125; student pllof permits, 46. It is believed that wlw«n the flying season l« well under wav that these figurca ·will tie materially Increased In all tha classes. With a view to protecting Pennsylvania operators who have invested Iheir funds In opening fields, purchae- 1ng planea and employing pilots and mechanic* the commission will this aeaeon check closely on outeide interests coming into State, squatting en a convenient Held and carrying passengers for hlr\ Under the Aeronautics Act non-i esident planes are ·permitted to come into the State and land for the purpcee of refueling and the making ot minor repahs, "but should they remain longer fhan^ 48 hours notice must be served with the omml«Blon. Howover, in cases where outoide planes enter Pennsylvania ·with the Intention of carrying pae- t songere the owner or operator of such plane muit comp'y with the law ·which retilres that all operators must h ive a licensed field, a commercial flying llc-omse, plane, pilot and me- clianfos licensed and In addition have a certificate of public convenience from tho Public Service Commission Paramount Theatre TODAY-- TOMORROW--SATURDAY V1TAPHOMB ALL TALKING WORLD CONTROL OR OBLIVION? Vitaphono Act and Talking News Reel "Tarzun the Tiger"--An AH-Talklngr Serial Admission--^ratiuot 1 lOc and 26c; Night 15c and 8or Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Alice White in "Playing Around' At the Theatres The Paramount ITCHING ENDS WHEN ZEMO TOUCHES SKIN -- t i i o u * i n i s say. It's w o n d e r f u l the wav loothlnsr, conjlni? Hemo brings i c l l e f Lo skin « i ) i i I t c h e s and b u r n s 10 · i n in mixu si-v ro cases, Stcltlntf (I suppoa^s almost a.t soon as Zerao ti uchei tho ten ter and Inflamed surface. To d i a w out local I n f e c t i o n and h* Ip to clear t i w u y u n « l g h i l y btetn- 11 IPS, M e k n o w of M o t l u n t ; b e t t e r titan i . i v l s l M e Xemo . A l \ v a s keai' this f a m i l y .mtl!ipLl 01 IiariJ Use It frte- iy It s iaU as en i be 3,'K., OOc and SI 00 Ml dealers -Advertisement. Talks With Jfpad Crushed. X.ACRBB, March 13--Great interest In medical circles wai aroused here bj a pcaeant who liveil eight daya after having th-f f i o n t a l hone ot his e k u i l cruflhi'i into hi« brain by a hatchet This peasant, according to tho phyalciani who attondoil him, recovered conwciousncfls lonjc enough to UN plain in detail how ho had been »u uck by his oon 'n tho course of a quarrel. TatronUe tboae w« advert!**. TOOK IT TO BUILD HER UP Strengthened by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound La Junta. Colo. -"After my little daughter "as born, one of my neighbors 1 persuaded nio to ' t r y ! ydiaV Pink- hiuu s \ cgetable (_' o m p o u n cl t o lunld me up. T h e tirst, bottlo made quife a change in ne 1 got an appetite and rail sleep much better, I am not o nervous as 1 wasi 1 havo mi c luldren and do all my own work. f mm do so much mnienov, than I tould when f began taking the Veg table. C ompound and 1 shi H certainly recoin- nienu your medium whenever I have » j opportunity ."--MRS- JOHN OHMOKN, H. *'JL, lioxl'lb, La Juntu Colorado. George Arliss is at the Paramoint Theatre in the Vitap'ioue \ereion of one of his greatest ; tage succeeee*, "Dieraell," which was produced with great care and under the expert supervision of several n )ted historians It is a picture of than atlc power and ha« been listed a.s 01 of tho finest products of the t a l k i n g screen. The story deals v " h one of tho moat exciting and melodramatic epl- filtles of niaraeli'fi car er. This great «tate«man had the ey ^ of the world on him when he suecc i ded in acquiring the Suez Canal for Kngland And it is around this partle liar bit of political eagacity that th · story of the ! picture "Disraeli" ie woven | Benjamin Disraeli w.'S the first J e w , to achieve the honor oE becoming | Prime Minieter of England. This w a n ) in 1868, just 31 years aftei ho mal his flret speech in tHo Hovree of C'om- mong. The young Di raell, fantaHti- cally gaibed, melancho y of mien, and ·w ith a maaa of curls o i hi« flue head, j delivered that -maiden »pooch with PX- travagant gestures ami wae gceoted \ v i t h derision. Between that disa^li-aiB speech and the signal honor paid him in giving J him the post of Prime Minister, lay three decades of strenuously practical oplltlral life. lie war dered up and down London, a kind of unsolved riddle. Thf-i e was a poee of mystery behind him. He wa« fast inating, without a peer in the art of repartee, a contradiction of everything the traditional Englishman expected UK a loader of politics. And he still re- maiiiB out* of Engh nd's greatest statesmen. Suiely the role of ' Dlwraeh" ii a splendid one for the a r t f u l George Arlitw, His portrayal of t h i s character is a distinguished ^ne. The program also Includes Amos and Andy, a talk news reel, featuring Graham McNamee, a Vitaphone act and comedy. The Orpheum Greta Garbo never permits her audience* to grow weary of any particular characterization Playing a Bpirlted English girl In "Woman of Affairs," a inmantiu debutante in "The Single Standard," Mies Gar no now glve« a splendid por trayol of i French \ \ l f « « in "Tlie KHe," w h i c h opened »hls afternoon at the Oi pheuin Theatre. In providing Miss Garbo with glamoroii'i French drama, Metro- Gold wyn-Vlayer has afforded her ^opportunity for a powerful lole jf tragic motivation * Aiiea Clarbo ha5 never "been seen {o Ki eater aIvantage and it ia to be expected her portrayal of the role of Irene Guai ry w i l l be considered one of the finest peiforrnances of her career. A« -he woman unhappily wed to u jealous huftband, she offers a striking performance which worlie up to a (Umax in which she murdcra her hue- band and consequently faces the gull- ljtln«. Conrad Nagel, as h«r old lover, flghtfl to save her life T^ew Ay 'es, a newcomer in picture*, gives a f;rie characterization as the young lover. Holmes Herbert i« his Underntaii'llng parents, and Andere Handolf ptaye the part of the jealous husband The picture has musical and sound synchronlz-alion. A eound newfi reels, all talking comedy and movietone act are also being shown. End Bunion Pain Forever The Strand Charl*i Farrell, co-featured with Janet Oaynor In "Sunny Side Up," #ox Movietone musical cormdy, is a well- dressed young man. for the flrflt tlmr in his screen career in tins production. In the past, Fan ell always has played roles of tlie handsome young Ae-maii of ordinary ircainstances, whose Idea o( sartorial splendor was a flannel shirt open at the nock and a pair of corduroy pants. "Sunny Side Up," w! ich will he «een and heard tonight at tho Strand Theatre, Uunbar, howe-or, piesente ai l«(j as a wealthy y ung bachelor, prominent in Ixng lala id wciety. In such a role, he is toon \e a genteel fashion plate, and thousand*, of dollars w e r e spent in outfitting the voting raan for his role Hollywood's best and most oxpenel e tailor was jommlHaionotl to mafee I'nriell half a dozen lounge fiults, s.evi ral sport en- «inltle« and t w o comp i'te outfits of evening \\ear A o -Not'il Id SnflTPr Anoilirr Dll.f Thunr Aigonirlng Torlurliitc J'Hln.t. There 1" one s l r n p l o y e t l n e x i « n s l v o \\tij' to l o l u c - o I n f l a m e d , swollen too j o i n t s and got t i i p m rlown, I n n o r m a l , and that In to apply Moone's Emerald Oil n l j c h t a n d morning 1 , and people who s u f U r f i o n t such enlargonientl would bo wisr to reduce tliem hctore they i each a more -or le»s chronic sta^e Ask any flr»t class druggist f o t an o r i g i n a l tvo-onnce bottle of Jfoons's T C i n c i v i l d Oil ( f u l l strpiigth) and refufti- l o accept a n y l l i l n g in I t s placu. Tt Si Bxich a h i g h l y concentrated prespnra- t i o n t h a t Uvo ourtros last a lonpf t i m e , n n j f u r t h e r m o r e If this w o n d e r f u l cllu- covrti v cloPs not K l V p you oomplete sat- i s f a c t i o n c u cin have s o u r r a o n o y 10- funded. SpeiJal n r i t e : Peopls who want to reduce » w o ' l o n 01 varicose veins should B-ct n bottle ot Emerald Oil at once. By applying 1 n l s » t and morning 1 a« directed t l i e v w i l l n u l o k l y notice an I m p r o v e - m e n t which will contlnup u n t i l t h o v e i n s and I u n c h e s aro reduopil to n o r mal Union Drug Co.--Advertisement, Smithton R«{iort on ( i n iic. H A R R I S B U R C f , AUuch 13--Preliminary rftports troin Held ifflcers of the i l a m o Commiesion inilic tte that mtwt species of ffame « u r \ l v i d tho winter months. Olficera In sw tionh when 1 ' ruffed grouse seemed al lost extermi- I eai !y Kiet year si altered flock*. now report ·trwirj iij, -irnii«9i jo sutuntoa oirj ui SMITHTON, March 13 -- Mr. and Mre. Fred Schneider of McKeesport were guests at the home of Mr. Schneider's brother-in-law and sieter, Mr and Mi s. Charles Vincent, Sunday. Mr and Mrs, Gporge Cooper ot Perryopolls were guests at the home of MnH. Cooper's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Pokorney, Sunday. Mr. and Mre. George Batoman were giwritf at tho homo of Mr. Bateman'a broiher-In-law and sisfer, Mr. and Mrs Hilwaid Tletze of East McKees- I«r(, Sundaj. Mls-b A n n a Runkel wa« a recent A l l q u l p p a \isitor. Mr and Mr« Frank Lamp of Clairton were gueata at the homo of Mr, and Mra. Duvld Stull, Sunday. Miss Elet.nor Crilley was a Monea- h-cn \i«ltoi Monday, Mlaa Minnie Bateman was B We«t N'ewton vinitor Monday Don 't Afiss Chance RADIO and PHONOGRAPH CLEARANCE R. C. A. Radiola 46 Screen Grid Y« featim the Atwater } ent BruiiBnvl 'k Victor R. C. A. Hi diolu Columbi i OF FLOOR SAMPLES 10 TO 50% OFF See Window Display Victor Radio Electrola R. E. 45 Complete musical instrument. Radio-record reproduction through same matchless amplifying system. Victor Radio R-52 Victor Radio in. a luxurious period cabinet. Equipment same as R-32. Brunswick Panatrope Model 31, nine tube, Pana- trope with Radio. All the marvelous reproducing features such as noiseless Induction disc motion magnetic pick-up, sensitivity control. Open Evenings By Appointment. Call 376 Home furnishers 5,300 FAMILIES GET MOTHERS' AiD FINDS Special to The Couri«r rrAHHISBUF.G, March 13 -- v!oie .ban 5,300 families In the 57 covallets of the- State where tho Moth-era' i 8«is- ,anoe Fund is operating were rt celv- ing assistance on February 1 ac ovd- ing to a loport of the f u n d to M"i H. If. MeGauley, Btate MecreUn ? ot Welfare. In these families Hated as r :eiv- Dg aid them were 17,458 chiJdre t in- luded. The report show* that the average 'graut per family was $ t7.88 md the average grant ier child wae 1 71. ^··························$»«*NMIi^ | Orpheum Theatre} Urgre Fall I' lowing:. "WASHINGTON. March 33--- "A · Complexion and not frecfole-s" on laet ot a field plowed in the ft\ .·ecoinm«nd«d lor mo8t fanns. advtce ha» become familial' la B where the European corn lxrer been ·wprting, It also applies to a corn and winter wheat l««r tlie 1 Is This "etfw has -eas are mportant crops and In nhl«U l)frley s a crop grown either for sale or ood Barley sr ab haa caused erl- ous"KBse;r 1n the central and ea? tectlons recently. Investlgatois 'nmd that .the riuigns tausing icab lives over -winter on I'lte wt c italk or strav. ave the irp- HontosI Everyday you , will fiud homes sitea advertised la our cli REAL SKRVICE In AntomebUte Insurance and «t a Saving, Tool B. M. Swartzwelder Phone r91, 711 Blackst»ne Ave n I'OHNBLLSVILLE, I'A. Pennsylvania Indemnity Corporation A Stock Cornp/uiy Today, Tomorrow and Saturday WITH SOUND 1LISS with CONRAD NAGEL HOLMES HERBERT directed by Jacques Feyder The flaming beauty of Greta Garbo lends added distinction and appeal to the tense dramatic role she portrays in this picture. A wife torn by a desperate passion, flaring into tragedy in an unforgettable scene, she strives for and achieves regeneration in a gorgeous gesture of self- sacrifice. Also All Talking Comedy, Earl Bell and Sound Nev/s ii COAL and COKE \ Connellsville coking coal, both run of mine and lump. Gas Coal, Lump and JHut SJze. Coke, Nut and Large Sizes '* Consolidated Cod Supply Co. Turds on B. O. and P. B. K. Phones 1700 and 15, Back Again Friday and Saturday STRAND THEATRE--DUNBAR WWW

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