The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on July 13, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 13, 1918
Page 4
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EA.GB IFOTTK. ·THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVHIJ3. PA. SATURDAY, 13, 1918. BO It,: gv S-", i? "HENBT"?. SNYDER,, r "·,*· jiTounder and Editor. I87»-lJlt. · ''_': TUB COL'lllBH COMPAJIV, ·-.i 1C M- SNTDER, 'ai President. -" · .' ·: i? JAMES J. DRISCOW* :,-. -' t«o and Tr«ai. Business Minag«r. JOHN. J* GANS. Manaelns Editor- · -.- ·;' MISS Society" E«tor; ' -./·;;-. .; MEMBER* 'OF,::;.' ; V ··-'·- i A«ociat^d"PM»s,-. : i" Audit Bur«aa,it Circulation; -.,,.-;. ·two cent* p«r .'pcipr. *0e : «ir; raptitli; »» |Hr year »r m«» ««; j * * " B»t«red u lh« postofflce, Coi o , RALPH : r: suozic '.I COMIly .H^UIUl I n t M . ·C. S. N. A, Amerleu Ex»a*- ; f i U«**r Force*. '«·««·· : ·' ;; MifMAV.l. OBBNA1.1X). ·· ~ HAROLD JUCHET, $»tt.ry ». M7.U. Ft»ld Artll- ». U- " ary Forcea. Frane*. LXOTD B.. COX · Company p;'«7tfcTKB«U»«r«. B. ;:. S. A. Fpj.ilr.r. Va. -. -- 3ULJUB CBOUSX. -Compioj' K 1'th ' . «KI«D»nr Force*, France.. .. :; JAMES J. McPARTIiAND. ·CompUT- B. (Ird ' EMrtMer* « (BaUTCr), Fort Benjamin " BarTI~=. Indlanapo- -- -- -- II*. Indian*;:; " " " '»tn»Eli. LKNHABT. ·TJ. a a. President Oraat. U. 8. ;·,,· . -- · ... Navy. - ;; CaBl. BTEIBJt. ·lid Company. 1* Battalion, In- 2; (astrr BeplaienwnJ ;Brl- , 7' JJ cad*, Camlg;l*»i; Va. tor . MhtrwiM credited In thll pfcper and.;»l»o the local. new* pub- Itohtd-nercta. BEV CKOfiS BEICETIT BULKS. regretted that tbe Red CrcJM did^«ot"e»rH«r'iSakV'liowil Its ·tt^tnd*jJenwerning:fbeiieilU held in iti Behalf v There-Tias^beerr -so indis- erlidinate use o! the name of this organization as-a means of drawing support; to ·aierprbet of. «,.widely difftr- int',[character ' that the public has gaimcd the impression that there is no -Umitiaf rule ot · rtgulMlon gor- Hniaf k«e"thln«». -Just:'** jener- illj!5tL»*Jt? com* to ;««. b«ll«Ti that · th*r:lled Cross hai stood as sponsor for-all the diverting performances, fuoWloJrs · -and what-not held in its name. - · · · ; · · · n» KM Cross, as an orfaabation. Is niit permitted to go into .the Benefit buslae3S^..and it .'has not done .so. in ttli.Yleintty.'Jmdiri-dnalaiB their pri- vat*'ca»«ity. eT«n. if they-ire members. of;7the Red Cross,, can^ arrange iny'/lejltlniate aad proper entrrtain- m*rt, "ispi Of.'-. Wnctlon' i they.nsaj chOMe^ind aanoamce that the proceeds 'an .tt't» giriiu io;.ih(t .Red Cre«i, .jroTlded the -wtole of the act · proc«e^;ar» aprrppriateil a» ha:r been d»cjir«*lN|o -'b». tie ·. iilteition 'fpf : pnr- po*« ««JJfc«jiJTOnot-st».- . But" without th» format ja»roiFat of: theTtxeoativ'e bodj; of the Red Crass such a tanefit i- in jilt; j«- sdT«rtlwd as betas; given oadci the auspices ot the Red Cross. MoreOTtr, featuring._as_a,..Red Cross b*M*V an tattrtatoiB«nt or project frcam wirich the pronotort derire SaiMt'lt strictly forbidden'by the reg- '^iffrnf of the- national*- l4OTcroln£ . bodjfitf tha Red CroM. 'Toe ebjectjol aoca' a rule ia,-"to;-prerent"'., the; -Bed 2roif being- .nsed for'mojbej^niaking lot Bar parreM other than that of-the iijMlnlVj IJ i n l f aid "otherwtoa.pre- ·/*·»;· tmKrniraloua and '"gtefSy. per- 'Jit.aTtat Ira- i«aot of:'per- Tk» »ctioB.:of te» a the Fayette county chap'j»r;:in nd^llni certain rvlei '" rt««nlhg~ihe rJl»»ict«r;Of benceti to""b: tiren with . s. Tlinr to raiting money for 'the Red UTOM oaght, therefore, to lure been mrlicr ,and for...'two,.rea«oaa. J; o, correct a fals^JmpreMion in th« -^o 1 *** ot loa * incipte with te- ing whicS have_,beem_auM»«»d to hare the ofiidakaanttiTM of th» Red.Orojm. SeooMly. to.maie it plain thnt no pla*i" or devices of qniwtionable char* acttf, or legality ( '* be-p«rmitl»d to' l'» tirployed in raising funds for the ; ' KedCronk -fW«W«'Ut«. greet irjpinijV :' tio« ^ior~ the relict! "oF »uffijring*ireeds .:\ : ev»r£_doUar ^that cam be i»is*d, it js !f no f«it'* policjr to ctunt*aaDce i : any riolatlom eltttr ot law of com: moalty ^ejp.toun or: con«etence, even though the object be to provide dol- ; lar for a great BeceMiij ^rork. The; rules prescribed by the execu- itte for '· holding benefits ::tJT» · make -the conditions plain. In the future there should be no doubt or mis- ' BBderstandiBg" as to the character of keneflt the Red Crow can or will f ' » P l f J t Of .country eatise of _ clvflixatlon; "and displayinc a sincerity' in your devotion and worship tomqrrow, -.wlll'.be'- about thp" naost -appropriate way.. in which yon can Joiit.wlth the. people of France In celebrating tiieir Independence Day. ^ *'.'igratUUde that ro« and. our * '-cam 4« Bomethlnr-infthe -aToat- 1 FBOX OEKKJL3 SAVLVG J . . , . , . ' Thevclearest presentation ol cbndir tions in Russia so lar' made in this country is contaiiued in an interview in. t'ue..New York Times with A. I. KoziovaJoV,' a formjep- prorinional gor- ernmeai minister. Through the stale- menU'of liis naUvc Russiin is plainly 'established the German control ot the BolshdvUci, under which the Soviet operates as a puppet .to ,do th« bidding of the representatives ot the kaiser In Ruasia. ' l*nine aid: Trotsky were pliant tools, of the German ambassa- dordor a't ^Moscow", 'recently assassin- at«d, while the'.Bed Guards have been employed- ai the military power for coercing '-·-''the-. Soviet' i aid individual RuMians in accordance with the German-purposes of the so-called govern- meht_o.f 'the 'Soviets.-.. In no sense does this form of government 'represent the Russian people. The members of the Soviet" are .allowed-; to-Tetain office onlyso long as they do any and everything jllie;. German-controlled Bolshe- .vpEtUI«m»Dds. The', land owners and the educated classes are not permitted to. cast -Totes for Soviet candidates. Oaly those pcaaants can .vote who are known, to be "out-and-out Bolshe-' ' ' , . . 'Tbe mike-up of the Soviets," says Mr. Konovalov, "Is "confined to an ignorant. mas« on the one. hand and fanatical elements on the other. Under auch conditions Russia will never recover. The Bolsheviki, by Cltablis-hiog the rule of the Soviets 'and by expelling all the factious opposed. to Bolshevikiam, is enforcing a new kind of tyranny, the worst tyranny Russia big ever known." According to Mr. Konovalov allied a»«ist.Rco« offers the only pos«ible hope of rescuing Rusiia from complete German dominance and control. Military Itelp to needed '"to insure a basis o( order upon which an allied commission could cooperate, with the Russian people, to guarantee that the supplies which the Allies would tend into Russia, would fall into proper hands, and to form a" rallying center around, which · patriotic Russians could- reorganize themselves into an effective fighting force for the restoration of the .eastern- front. Economic *id is needed, to re-establish our means of transportation And to provide foodstuffs, closing, shoes, etc., for 'the starving population." Up to, August,' 191", the casualtia! of the~Rus'siaii"army"in the cause of the Allies were 8,000,090 men, of whom 5,500,000 were killed or wounded. The ftrst invasion of East Prussia by the Russian army helped to save ' Paris in 1914. The second helped 'the allied cause ..during the critical days when the thin British lines werV hbWlng the Prussians back from Calais. The Russian drives in Galicia in 1915 and 1916 gave France, England and Italy opportunity for better preparation to resist the Ger- mavaiid Austrian^ In the west and enabled the United States to decide what must .he its part in forcing the world struggle to a conclusion. "We sacrificed much lot the allied cause," says. Mr. Konovalov, "hence we feel that we are entitled to allied help. Let Russia- feel that she, is .not alone, that friends are coming'wUhout any selfish purpose, with the desire to make her again powerful, free and happy. · A powerful Russia, . a happy Ruseia, a free Russia will be a blessing to th* entire world, and her 'resurrection will mean a «peedr defeat of German militarlma and a triumph for democracy the world over." ':' If thl» outline ot conditions in Russia te In accordance with the facts: and', we nave: no doubt but that it is, our own government ought not to : be long in deciding that our duty to Russia is just at clear a» t« our. duty to France, Belgium, Ungland and Italy who are relisting tjie same foe of free government that disorganized, unfor- tunte and suffering Smzia hopes to be able to r«tat. . Loaders of screened coke, like the loaders of coal, must come to the market.:with a clean product. If t x ey expeet to vet the- price. ' ·Connellsyllle ;adrah-«rs'-.-'of "Denny". Hlcker-are-willing -to have their opin- i o n , of his'abilities-as. an anto racer conflrwied by -the big experts in the ffaine, whom Uifty know.are correct In their judgment of ,hl» skill. . '; If the-street cars skip; your stop on Monday..don't, get'out of humor.. Just skip 'along lively .to'the. next, stop^and-you won't be skipped by the next car. Dr. Von Kuehlmann,' German For- ela^i Secretary, .says Germany la willing- to meet the Allies half way on a peace proposition. Nothing doing* Herr Ioktor. Uncle Sam^ Isn't s*olnv to be fooled or caught by any "Fire Sal«"' or '-IJargrain Day" offers. : MTETI6. We've lived to .see 'the greatest scrap .that, ever .jarred the. mundane map. Four years ago, In padded ways, we spent.our money hunting flays. Some ·prophets', stood, around.and ,sald : that ·ba!rriy*p«ce'wo«ld soon 'be d«ad. They pawed the air, H. made them weep that other, cations.: seemed asleep, while at their'forses busy Huns were making' yords and bombs and.{runs. - " G o ' t t j false -prophets?*, .-we ejcchiirned; '··At ought to be' ashamed' to ' yon'r beards and say that peace; the pr«cionsx;.boon, will ever cesae.. We're civilized, we have advanced; th« world 13,. now st clrcuniatancea thivt every nation 'only asks a chance to do fta ureful\ tasks, to bale Its hay. and put up ice/and.s«e It always hat the price. No fforernment Is so insane.that. It ha* conquest, on the brain, ao tihase yout i - s*lr*a, oh dippy aeefa, and let UB yoke oor brindled steers/' Four years '*f6 we talked like this! TPTho jatd that I*· noranee I s - bllsa? Our fgnbrance ih*a cost a-To't since we were "handling;'out such t ,rpt^ '\"We*vft lived '·· to; «ft* .' J« planfk : "torn.-.we*ve lived-to-s«ft" the na- tion«.,"i mourn. And; we: shall '·' live to see the Hun .Who wished a :a-e-place h the' sun.'Vinto -the outer 'darkness casr and gTOping: in a horror, vast ^-. 2L"'. - The 1 Cheat River power plant ha* .cheated the industries of Western Pennsylvania, out .-of power ". Ions; ·iious;h. Like all other plants It- ought { 'to be"s«t to work In war tlrnen:. NOTHINCUIE1A1L ? 7 FR«llidiETOPOT PEP WTO THE MYS Wkcnever Austrian and Tnrkli utiny and kit] their H«n off i. It 19 h*lin»* th» AtlleHiyiia^i «w 'their' ammmnition at ;ijtlMt^'**ani ttm* "May the «ood work: *«rm " * : «»mbUn» Crbair don't . ^ *r Mnctiom thi UM of ,Coj»tln.je4 from Pagt One. ar.d those who aspire to commjasionm, I "'amw LJentenADt John' Robinson of C^p*n7:D, but did not make myself -iiiown" to -liim; Jte ·i-'WM v"beaacoup** busy at the tlnie.Ai ofBcsr of Corn- pa nT E iii also therfc. ,They^caia« over, I understand,, ahead ot the'^rcst!of the 128th Division, aad are attending. ax fragx»i®e)e3®®®scais®se®^^ WANTED -- TOUR BAB.BBRINQ ibuainess. REN DINE'S tf ' -. TV'AIs'TED--BOOMERS. 208 NORTH Third street, West Side. . llJuiySt ' WANTED--ROOMERS AND BOARD- ers at 117 "West Fayette .street. WANTED--CHAMBERMAID, ' MID- dle aged Jady. B. Sc O. RESTAURANT. . . . ' 13july2t FOR SALE--ONE MICHIGAN, FIVE good tire's at a bargain; one E. M. IT. in good running order; one 1915 Chevrolet Baby Grand, -$350: one 1916 Ford Roadster, $175; One 1917 Maxwell; one Ford Chassis; one 1916 Mitchell, Hgh't Six; one 1917 Studebaker seven passenper; one' Smith Form-A, Tractor attachment,, engine yanfi- plow; one electric starting and lighting; u n i t fod Ford car. OAKLAND SERVICE STATION, J, M- Weisel, Scotldale, Pa. 12july2t WANTED--GIRL FOR HOUSEWORK at ELPfiRN'S, 404 South Plttsbursr street, lljulyttd WANTED--BOTS OVER ie YEARS of aee. CONNELLSVILLE SILK MILD CO., INC. ' ;2Ju.ytf LOST POCKETBOOK TVaTH SUM of money. Reward If returned Lo WIRE CHIEF, Bell Telephone Co. * \ wv^xJiJ-- -- AN EXFEIUEXCED saleslady for cloak and suit department, with Brood selling; ability. Ad- ; dress "B," Courier. HjuIyBt WANTED--CARPENTERS AND. LA- borers. Carpenters' . wag-.ts G2i^c pur hour; laborer* 38c per hour. Apply on the Job at Greenhouse Stop, Durv bar, Pa. VANG CONSTRUCTION CO. Sjulytfd LOST--tON" "WEST SIDE OF RIV- er between Connellsvilie and Adelaide, penis' gold watch and chain. Initials H. S. Reward if returned to U4 North Second- street. ISJulyitt* ·WANTED--OLD FALSE TEETH. Don't matter 11 brokeiv. I pay J2.00 to $15.00 per sot. Send by parcel post and receive by return mall. I*. MAZER, 2007 South Fifth street. Philadelphia, Pa. 5july22t- WANTED--WA1TBR, CHAMBER- mald and third trick cook. Be*t waices paid. CUPP'S RESTAURANT, Water street. BJulyTt WANTED -- CARPENTKR3 AND carpenter helpers to build construction camp at Fayette Million. Good wages. Apply to A. L. ANDERSON BROS.,. INC.. :r*yette sUtUin. Sjulytf FIRST CLASS AUTOMOBILE AND carriage p a l n t i n e done at CROSSLAND WAGON WiORKS, Ninth .street., West "Side. AH work guaranteed. JOHN VOL.KN, llanager. iajuiySt* SEALED BIDS "WILL BE KECBTV- ed at the ofllce of the undersiyned on or before J u l y 31, 1018, for the r«-lay- ing; of Main street. West N e w t o n , Pa.. from Water street to Sixth b-trecc. Specifications may be seer, at the office of the borongrh clerk. Council re- narves the right to reject any or all bids. By order of Council, A. B. ADAMS, Borough Clerk. Cjnly2t-sat Divorce John Duggran, 'Jr., Attorney. JACOB CACSIK VS. ANNA GAC- slk. In the Court of Common Pleas of Fayetto county. Pa., No. 475 March Term, 191S. To Anna Gacsik, respondent: You are hereby notified that the subpoena and alias subpiona in this casa have been, returned "Non. es in- ventus," you arc therefore required" to appear In the Court of Common Pleas of Fayette county. Pa., on the flrflt Monday of August of said court, A. D. I P IS, to answer the libel and comp l a i n t filed therein, and show cause. If any yon have, why a divorce 'from the j bonds of matrimony fhtmlrt not lie ; granted the llbellant above named, i THOS. L. HOWARD, Sheriff. Shnrltt'q | Office, July 3, 1918. july-G-13-^0-27 Notice. THE SCHOOL DISTRICT OF PBR- ry township will receive bids for furnishing coai Cor tlie term J.B1S-19IO until noon. Saturday, Autrust 5, 1918. W U RISBECK. Secretary. Star Junction, Pa. 13ju3y3t t» F»i»t*r». WANTED--ONE carpenter on concrete bridge con- j ·truetion; good waves. Apply at j o b . j Take car to Chamberlain stop, 1 mile north of town. FARKIS ENGINEERING CO. 13July3t BIDS WILL BE RECEIVED UP TO and including July 18th for painting the Interior of the Hiffh School ButUI- ins. Leisenrintr. Pa. Sptclncatianp may be had from R. K. SMITH, in hit) office. Hlffh School Bvlldmtr. at Leln- enrinjc. Pa- july-9-18-18 Jfotlr*. VANTED--LARG;E MANUFACTUB- er want* representr-tlres to sell rhlrts, underwear, hosiery, dress**. waUtm,: afcirts. direct to homes. Write for free! samples. MADISON* MILLS, 503 Broad- | way, New York City. lSaur2Ht-sat; I WANTED--GOVERNMENT N13EDS ; 20,000 clerks at Washinrton. Examl- j nations eTeryvhere in July. Kj;p«ri-: ence unnecessary. Men and women de- j slrinp government position* write for; free parUeulars to J. .C. LKON.ARD. | (former Civil Service E«mln«r), S31 Kenais bulldlnc. ."Wairttlnjfion. [ THE CONNEI^LSVILLE NEW AND Second Hand FurnUurft Company ar* now prepared to tlo upholstering- of all kinds, having- on hand material of all the latest patterns. We ixlpo repair locks, make keys, etc. 123 South Pittsburg street. lju!y«t · FOR RENT--ONE SIX ROOM HOUSE. Call Bell 401-R. Sjulytf FOR RENT--MODERN* SIX ROOM flat. 210 East Cedar avenue. HJulySt FOR RENT--FURNISHED ROOM. Central location. Bell phone 512. FOR RENT--FURNISHED ROOM for gentleman. 293 South Prospect street. I2july3t FOR RENT--SMALL APARTMENT. Call FLORENCE SMUTZ. 12julytfd FOR RENT--O.VE FURNISHED room, all conveniences No. US South Sixth atrcet. West Side. lOjuly-tf FOR RENT--FURNISHED ROOM for e«ntlflman. 118 South Pltttburg; street, opposite hirn nchool butldlnr. lljulylt THE SCHOOL BOARD OF DULL- s'ktn towttsnip will meet at pennsvllle on July 20. 1?18, at 1 o'clock sharp, to receive bids for f u r n l n h l n g coal and clennlnif houses and grounds anrt to elect tpnchcr.i for The cnmlng school term J. il. KEEPER. Secretary. Geo. B. JeffrJea, Attorney. HARRY C. DRUM VS. MABEL D. Drum. In tho Court of Common Picas of Fayette county, Pa., No. 45 June Term, 1918. To Mabel D. Drum, respondent: Tou are hereby notified that the wubpoena and alias ' rmbplena In thib case hav« been returned "Non es in- vcntus," you are therefore required to appear in the Court of Common Pleas o£ Fayette. county. Pa, on the first Monday of August of ?aid court, A. D. ·1918. to ariHwnr the libel and complaint filed therein, and show cause, }f any you have, why a divorce from the bondw of m a t r i m o n y should not he granted the llbellant nbovo named. THOS. L. H O W A R D , Sheriff. ShorifTs Office. July 3. 1918. july-S-13-20-27 Liberty Bonds CASHED IMMEDIATELY At market prices, by licensed brokers. 303 Pcnn BldR-., 70K Penn ave. PItt.iburg, Pn. Hours 3 A, if. to 6 P. Al. ESTATE OF CHARLBS LACGHLIN. Ja.te of Ib* borough of Dtinbar, county of Fayette, and slat* of '*. aeceasert. Letters nf adninlatratioj on id* abore named ewtatrt having- b^-en granted to the undo.ri(iprn«d, no- tic* i« hereby fflvcn to all persons Indebted td said estate to make !m:med- Ittte payment, and to thoMt having- clafmn apninst th* same to present them properly authenticated for »t- tlement. JOSEPH L, STALER. A d - mlfiiBtrator. ConnellmrlUe, Pennsylvania. H. G, ilAT, Attorney. FOR RENT--JULY 15 SDC ROOM noon* and bath. $20 p*r month. 904 Sycamore street. JOS. A, 'MASON, Second National Banfe building. 10july4t FOR SALE--TWO HEAVT HOG3, Inquire RAUTET FARM,' Vanderbllt, Pa. 13july3t» SEALED PROPOSALS wn B'E RE- ceived by the Country Controller of P*ayett«-t J county, P»nn*ylva.nlA, at his office in the Court House. Uniontown. Pennsylvania, and by the County Controller of Washington county. Pennsylvania, at hia offlce in ihe Court i House, Waahin^ton, Pennsylvania, un' t i l 2 o'clock P. M.. Monday, -luly 15th, 1»18, and to be opened at 2 o'clock P. 3*.. Union town. Pa,, July 3-tth. 1318, for the jacking and rclocx-tiniir of the irpan of the steel superstructure on new roller nests and ehoen and the repairing of one river pier and encaslnpr the 5 ( im* tn concrete of the Hilonon^n- hela River Briag-e at 8e-l«vernon. Pennsylvania, between Faymte and L I N O T Y P E OPERATOR, DAY WORK; $25 PER WEEK. APPLY FOREMAN, COURIER OFFICE. FOR SALE--TEN ROOM BRICK house. South Connellsvllle, $1.240. JOS. A. MASON, Second Nation tit Bank Building lOjulyU FOR SALE -- SEVERAL GOOD houses, part cash, balance on timtj, ETTANTON SIPE. Both phoneit. FOR SALE--CUSTOM COAL FOR Immediate delivery, DAVIDSON COAL CO., 112 South PtttBburg: street, Tri- State 8JS. '" ' ^FOR SALE--THREE ROOM COT- tfcse. North avenue, CotinellsvlUe, |200. Four room house. North avenue, 1300, JOS. A. MASON, Second Nation*! Bank Butldinf. . 10july«t FOR SALE--1-TON NASH TRUCK, equipped with coal body and cab; first-clans condition. Too small for present use. Inquire C. L. . WORK, Connellsvilie, PA. · 29junetfcl -FOR SALE--FINE ELEVEN, ROOM modern stone residence, Jar ft is lawn, would make a fine home for doctor. "Will aell at "a bargain. Address "HOME," car* Courier. 29jnnetfd-ttt STRUCTUK- MECHANICAL, DE- SIGKERS, CHECKERS AND 50 WATER ST., P1TTSQURG, PA, Plans, proposals and speclncatlons for the above bridge can be secured at the offlc* of the County ROftd aad Bridge Bnirlneer, C"«rt Kouswi, Uniontown, Pennsylvania, find at The office of the County. Road Knirineer, Court HOUM, Washington, .Penriieylvnnla, for the sum of five dollars CSS.OO) per set. The proposals to be submitted In duplicate (one copy, to each office) with *, certified check drawn on a National Bank or Trust Company In good j credit In Pennsylvania equal to ten j per cent (10%) of the_ amount of t h e ! proposal, to be deposited with e i t h e r ' ot the proposals, the same made payable to tbe Treasurer of the county. The riff he to reject any and all proposals is expressly reserved. HARRY KJSINGER, THOS. J. UNDERWOOD. County Controllers. july-l-C-I3 ot Vmlnmbte Rrml BY VIRTUE OR AN ORDER OF the Orphans' Court of Fayette county, the undersigned executor of the estate of Joseph Mcrvls. deceased, will offer at Public Sale, on the premfsra, at the corner of South Arch street and Church Place, on Saturday, July 20tn, 1318, at 2. o'clock, P. M.. all the following described real estate; All thai;- certajn piece or parcel of land, srttuttU In tho City oC ConneUa- viilc, Faytstte County, Pa., and bound- By Parcel Post to your door. ship at once. Parcel Potn charges pnld. Barred Plymouth Kocka and Rhode J u l a n d Kcils at 26 tar $ 4.50 50 for $ 3.00 100 for 517.50 Alfio White and Brown Leghorns At 25 lor J t.OO SO for 5 a.00 100 for 515.50 DI,T;K IUDGE PODI.THY FARM Bell Phone 1779, CJniontown. Pii- offlcers' specialist'school. Other offl- r i i - v ^ ^ vii-a cers and some enlisted men of the | ed and described · as' foli'own, to-v»lt: Pennsylvania Division liaTC been' Beginning »t the northwest corner ot through hero but I did. not Know any Of them. Some Greensburg fellows in an ambulance company were here yesterday. Getting a working knowledge of French is pretty hard.. The. books they sold us back home are *H right, I suppose, but no book ever written could teach you hcnr to pronounce it ville, and at the corner of Church Place and an alley, known as South Arch struct; thence along 1 Church Place in an easterly direction, or Jess, t o . I,. Stador; tance of 168 feet, more property *!ne qt Joseph thence »Kngr property line of .Toseph Jj. Stadcr in a southerly direction, a. distance of 165 feet, more or less, to Fair view avanue; thence .along" Pair · yltv? a.venuo in n. west^iiy. direction, Some newly-arrived officers were in A'.^nce ot 158 feet, morn or lw*.'to a rostaurant at the other iSay I an alloy known as So\ith Arch Ftreet; : 0 ne of them S aW he knew how to'j*""^"^- S'T^X"^ d" »sfc for ham and eggs so when the| «"tion, a di.tanee of 155 feet, more or 'fair waiter caine he asked her very;less, to the olac* of befflonlns.' and slowly and "Avey voo. de. ' *' '* sham et oofs?" The waitress wae. anxious . that the party hare a regular dinner. "Table d'hote?" »he persisted, sweetly. The officer again asked for ham and eggs; The waitress Insisted on* a regular dinner.- * ·· Then the officer got sore,. "Table d'hote hell!" he shouted, frfo'ging'his' flat down on the table. "I know how to ask for ham and.eggs; it's-all'.tdo know : in French, and -- -- " ~ -- -- ' I want them." f: "Why certainly, monsieur," return^ ed the girl Jn good English,. li b«t why didn't 'you say you wanted ham and Plan of th Eoroug-h of ConnclisvUlf, and beinff the same premises sold and conveyed to the said Joseph Mervis by deed of Elnora B. Jamea, Executrix of the estate of Anthony R. Banning:, deceased, dated December 6, 1910, and recorded in the Recorder's. OHlcc of Fay«tte county, Pa., fn Deed .'.Book. Vol ? 9 3 " a t p a ( r e 153. There ifi ererted on «»1d 'promiBes a liven' stftbl* and a raraffc and several out-bulldlng-s, 1 This'property is well located, belnr only 1*5 feet dfcstant from' Main/street or Crawford avenue,, and Is well adapted for buslne5B purposes. Termit of fal«--Ten 10. per cent on day *f 'sale; balance to maks one- f the purchase price, on con- third o_ rmation. of . by . the. ___________ Co'urt" oX Fayette county; Orphans' one-third within six (*) months froTn lionflTma'.. tion tf' 31«. and-- one-third within I twelye ( 13 ^ months from confirmation i ·: The deferred, paymenta ; to . b^ar .in- 1 hare'Just learned that I . a t o . to drive the. Tha j or in command of thin I pwt to. G. ; H. (i tomorrow, I anticipate :that"a.good deal of the roads are;' t * r /*j exrtiicnt' and. not; dusty., as they "were"j- ^. f s. 4;;wieefc agoC.;--Alsp^:i-inay;-get.-to,see|.insun General Fershing or acme of the Con-i' 0 - t h - a ' m e n t B at anr time" before the neHaville bos in the 35tli Enr t neers Im^farHj SUinjBL s MERVIS Exe- who are located only a short distance'cutor °f the Estite ot Joseph Mervia, Deceased S. H. GOLDSMITH. Attorney CHAS. M. FEE,- Auctioneer. ith thirty cio) day nci. fa. and ce clauses, with t h e / p r i v i l e g e away'froiol there. FARMS NEAR COXNKLJ.SVJLLli:, PA., FOR SALE! 168 Acres, plenty of timber, 75-fooi v e i n of . limestone, bluesone; 7 room house, 3 barns.. plenty ot fruit Timber worth J5.000.00. Will trade for town property. Price 1 1-2 Acres, 6 Toora house, stable and- outbuilding's, f r u i t of all kinde, two . vein* of coal, one 4-feot the other 5 1-2 feet- Drilled well. Price.. .*1,5(N) '60 Aero Farm 1 1-4 miles fr^m City, ppf acre · 9 *""* 27 Acres Pasture I*a.nd 1 A-4 mile from c i t y . ' . . .S2,ril« 15» Acre Farm at Conflu-. once. Pa, ner acre .$ 50 25 Acre Fruit Farm near Scottdale, Pa. *a,rvo« 56 Acre Farm n e a r Kor- in-tlville, P a . . ; as^SOl) 10 Acres Land on Brick Road X Sl,000 10 Acre Farm near Lcis- ehringr No. 1 »3,0«O 10 Acre Fruit and Poultry 'Farm, best in- country, ne.'ir city. JfS^lOO 16 Acrfl- Farm, 3 rr.Of-s from city, 7 room house and good outbuildings. Coal not solrt. 200 fine Peach trees, 87 Plum trees,, 4Q Apple trees, 14 · Pear-trees, Quinces and . Cherry trees. G-i foot drilled weJl. Price f 57.1-2 Acres well improved Farm near Juniata, 16 acres, of -four foot coal, now open on farm. 7 .'' room house, barn, outbuildings, all' in good repair. This land Is extra good. 20 minutes . walk from street car line. Price..;. fC,OOO A. E. WAGONER* CO. Both Plume*. GonneUinillc. Pn. Your attention is called to the high class groceries in the grocery deartments of our department stores. Sixty-three grocery stores ia Fayelte, Westmoreland, an.d Allegheny Counties remember; every one of them talcing care of a growing business. There is a scarcity of goods in most every line; there are abnormal advances · in prices in all kinds of foods we hear daily through the newspapers and other sources, and they are all true. Yet, notwithstanding this scarcity of goods and the abnormal high prices, we believe that we can take care of your wants. We have been successfully purchasing goods in most every line in quantities enough to take care of our trade. Of course sugar, flour, and flour substitutes, the quantity is regulated, but we have been taking care of you according to the rulings · of the Food Administrators for Fayette and Westmoreland Counties. Our prices speak for themselves. They are higher than a year ago, two years ago, we admit that, but we insist that they are not unreasonably high.. We insist that they are lower than most competitors throughout the sections where we operate. During the next sixty days the weather will likely be hot; perishable goods will be hard to protect, but our facilities for taking care of them are such, that you will find this class of goods always in good order. To the farmers in. our vicinity or other producers of vegetables and all sorts of country produce: We invite you to bring your goods to our stores; we will pay you market prices either in cash or trade you good; high class merchandise. No difference how large the quantity of butter, eggs, chetse, fruits, vegetables, anything you produce 1 , we are able to handle it. ·5 Lame Department Store*, Located ia Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Countiea. An Ideal Spot »*».»**·«··»»«««····»··»···«»».»·»·.*»«*»··»**«*«·«««» \ for a Home of your own--in the comi'ng residence district of Connellsvilie. Oat in the open where there's plenty of fresh air and where the "kiddies" can. romp and play to their heart's content. And it's only a 5 ininute car ride or a. 15 minute walk from "Brimstone Corner." At Poplar Gypye Right, now you can buy lots measuring\60x!40 sect-quarter acre tracts--at Beautiful Poplar "'"· ~ "· " Grove for as low as EASY PAYMENT TERMS GLADLY There's city water in front of every lot ancl the first Standard Public School of Fayette county is just\ within a stone's throw. Think of it, these lots cost only $80.00 and upward--even as a matter of speculation they'll prove one of.the best investments you've ever made. · For full particulars and information write C. B. McCORMICK, P. 0. Box 144. ' COJfjfEKLSVIIiE, J'A. f

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