Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 24, 1975 · Page 99
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 99

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 24, 1975
Page 99
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Famous Fables By K. K. Edgar Additional Reading The American Library Ann. mud the National Endowment for the Humonitiei hmve compiled a com- preheiuive litt of Bicentennial read' ing, viewing, mnd littening aid* de- itgned to be lued with the American Ittuet Forum. . . The Kanawha County Public Library ha* all of the material* de- icribed on the tor--and 7,000 cop- i*i of the liMt itielf--available for thote who would like to tupplement their itudiei of the American luuet Forum. · . For more library information, call Shirley Smith, 343-3646, Ext. 4. SUBSTITUTE: Casey Stengel began his pro baseball career with the Kankakee club, which had a pretty weak lineup and an even weaker bank balance. Midway in the season, the club went broke. In lieu of paychecks, the players were told that they could keep their uniforms. When Stengel came home with his suit, a friend commented: "They let you have that instead of a paycheck? It isn't much, is it?" "No," admitted Casey, "but it wasn't much of a paycheck, either." home and went to bed cold sober, and therfore out of sorts. The clock wakened him at 3 a.m. and he fancied that he detected a sneering note, in the cuckoo's greeting. He tried to.take the timepiece down, but it had Teea placed too high up on the wall. "Wilson went to the gun room, selected a double-barreled shotgun and brought it back to the bedroom. He waited grimly for the cuckoo's 4 a.m. appearance. The bird let out one squawk, he let go with both barrels and the clock collection was reduced to 1999." . Bettmann Archive photo of President Grant starting Corliss Engine at Centennial celebration in 1876. amine what lies behind the taken- for-granted; what popular conceptions and; misconceptions derive from fact* what from myth; what Americans take pride in as a people and what they probably regret John Higham opens the series. He is concerned with the American sense of identity, how successive, waves of immigrants gradually coalesced into a people and came to think of themselves as 'Americans.' Iii the merging of various nationalities and races, the treatment of Indians and black Africans clashed with the claims of Ameri- can ideologists. Nor were all immigrants considered suitable ingredients for the "Melting Pot." And yet, as Professor Higham shows, our history is in part the struggle of a people to realize its humane ideal of assimilation. But America was a land before it became an idea, a visual landscape. The early settlers, English and Spanish, set about recreating Old World landscapes they were familiar with. The process by "which a new series of landscapes emerged--and;the ways; : in which they reflected the individuality, occupations, arid social needs; of the population--is the theme of John Brinckerhoff Jackson's articles. You can use the articles that;will be published in the State Magazine aspartof the American Issues Forum to help you earn college credits if you wish. Both Morris Harvey College and West Virginia State College are participating in the courses by Newspaper program this year. Morris Harvey will give three semester hours credit for: each semester you enroll and complete. If you are already enrolled as a student at Morris Harvey, the course will cost you $30 an hour, or $90 for ey, there · will be ah .additional $10 registratipir-fee. required ; · ... -'. West'Vjrginiai State;;iEoltege; will- g i ye two sem ester hours creidi t, and the cost, including registration is $29.65. Checks should be made payable to the Registrar.'West'Yir- ginia State College. Registration dates at West Virginia State are Aug. 26;.6:30 to 8:30 : p.m.,; Aug. 27 . and 28,: 9 a.m; to 12 noon, 1:30 to : 4:30 p.m; and 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. The first class session will be Aug; 29. For additional information, call Dr. R: E. Harper, 346-9471, Ext. 231, at Morris Harvey; or Roland each 3-hour course. If you are not Sevy, 766-3240, at.West Virginia otherwise'enrolled at'Morris'Harv- : State College/" ' ! l :1 I "; 11 1 " 1 - These trahsformatibns occurred in a society dedicated to a representative form of government and under a Constitution;-Alan Barth reminds, iis in the third set of articles, that make "the people" the sovereign. This "root premise of the American political experiment," he'demonstrates did not remain unchallenged, How four essential types of* freedom--freedom of speech and -asse|nibly; freedom of the press, freedom from search and seizure, and ^equal protection under · th?: iaws-^ljaYii been: precariously maihtaineci'fQrms- the substance of'. his articles' i : \ . Doris Kearns, whose series completes the Course, also deals'with the: question ; of government and popular will. She addresses herself, however, to the process by which a simple, weak, and decentralized government evolved into the ppw- erf ul centralized government of today. She traces the expansion of presidential power, the effects of technology on modern party politics, ;and other realities of Ameri-. can political life. ' These articlesrevealamong other things the personal views of their -authors--views which many readers may violently disagree with. That in itself is not a bad thing, since the main purpose of the American Issues Forum is to stimulate a nation wide dialogue and to encourage.a fresh assessment of American ideas and institutions. Nothing is more; futile and,- in the long run, more harmful than unreflective complacency or unreflec- tiverage. ; : Our turbulent history can be in-. structive.; It furnishes excellent examples of what can happen when ugly passions get out of hand. It also reveals how heroically--and with what energy and resolution-a sometimes foolish and forgetful 'people have faced theircrises: ; ' ; DISTURBANCE: Wilson Mizner's first and only marriage was to the widow of a multimillionaire who owned 2,000 clocks. When Misner moved into the mansion, he was fascinated by the Clock Room and gave orders that the timepieces were to be kept wound and exactly on time, narrates John Burke in "Rogue's Progress: The Fabulous Adventures of Wilson Mixner". "On the hour, the Room reverberated mightily. A shock wave went through the neighborhood; chimes rang, bells tolled, birds twittered. Wilson became such a clock fancier that he even had one of the most raucous cuckoo clocks installed in his bedroom: "One morning, after a losing night at the gaming tables, he came PADDING.: Whenever one of his shows was faltering 'on the road, theatrical .producer William A. Brady would release padded box- office-figures to the press to give the impression that the show was doing better than U,really was. When the manager .of the show dispatched his usual telegram after every performance, advising Brady of the receipts, he would add $300 to the actual take. Thus, when Brady showed- the telegram to the press,'a $1,200 house became a more respectable $1,500. One night, the manager sent him a telegram which read: "Receipts $300." "What dp. you mean - $300?'' Brady wired back. To which the manager replied: "Theater burned down this afternoon." don't stop eating everything ...go ahead and eat sufficiently while you lose that fat GETMD Of 5,10,250* *ME Fot(M thaw aimnt 900 rttaie- » diy dirki. Now you an eatirfi- ritnjjy while .you kx fourth of umttnttd fit M you follow tX. 11 RMhniic Diet Pliui No mm- iBj bnkrati. lunchn, dUMt. No Miration d«tin(.Tik« · liny X-ll tiblel Mat e»ch tntil. Down pw your ipptlile. Down fxt your alone Smite. .Down *»(»·*«. in «*».N tab, E*v to* rw buy .Noi|lt6d if.** dirt ·ta*U 011* ·unr flutlNf mntosfNini" Sim your fipue ilmming Uxtay ·rilhow ciiiinf out line 3 meat i day. You at mibiy. ho MJV. inc. yet hi diMppeinwilhlhe X- llReducinjPtan 2SBfMETinCELLHISE A pin upldli ndrad wMi *pmdi bnd » MnM « «n» w» oM«i el Uiig t*r: MONEY BACK GUARANTn To» IIMI U lOWb'ditgNBl w* nHi liwn rw trt pockogt Of rHym tm mf*, pmkooi to mmibrtim ·d ynrnw«r xfvnM. No ifMom eM, An oppKitt dtpnuoM 'ntfi4id to htlfi T* am t» ***? ot a fun'md of?**. OinT FoniM «* V i t w A. II . antttanm*. No hj»l fam^ diyy. SHOP YOUR NEAftESl RUE KID 42 Tablets S3 1C5 Tablets J5 State MdffcinerAufiust24,''i97!)

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