The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 21, 1939 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, March 21, 1939
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LAST EDIT ION PRICE 2 The Best Advertising Medium in the Yough Region. VOL. 37, NO. 110. The Weekly Courier, Founded July 17, 1879. The Daily Courier. Founded November 10. 1302. Merced July 18. US). CONNELLSVIL.LE. PA., TUESDAY EVENLN'U, MARCH 21, 1U31'. TEN PAGES. THEY MAKE NEWS Here and There Baron Konstantin Von Neurath (above) has been appointed by Hitler as "Beich protector" of the Czech areas of Bohemia and Jlora- via, grabbed by the Fuehrer in his latest move to the east. f Central Press) Attempting to foil the photographer, Sidney Walker, 53, is pictured in Philadelphia court after arrest on charge o£ embezzling. A New Yorker, he was questioned about a series of bank embezzlements in various states. Pretty Broadway showgirl Yvonne Arden (above) will become next, and fifth bride of Tommy Manville, olnyboy heir to the Manville asbcs- ;os millions, according to reports. As usual, the girl is a blonde. Equipped for the dangerous job of neutrttlizinj; poison e^s dropped by enemy planed, this Rumanian soldier takes part in air defense drill fa Bucharest. Five hnndred tliou- ssnd Rumanian troops were reported summoned to service although Kins Carol was said to be yiddinfr to Hitler's demand lor cuo- nnmii- rontml "f !hc monarchy. DEMS BLOCK ASSISTANCE NOMINEES Senate Group Votes Solidly in Caucus to Prevent Confirmation. C. N. STONE'S NAME ON LIST By United Press. HARBISBURG, Mar. 21.--The Senate Democratic minority agreed today to prevent confirmation of Gox'ernor Arthur H. James' nominations for county public assistance boards, Senator Harry Shapiro, D., Philadelphia, said. Boards lor 64 of the 67 counties have been sent to the Senate. "We got our heads together and agreed solidly," Shapiro said, "that the appointments were political to replace boards removed for political reasons and we will refuse to vote for confirmation as previously announced." Vote Your Daylight Saving Time Preference on Ballots in Courier Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Beginning tomorrow and continu- mp for three days--March 22, 23 and 24--there will appear in The Courier and in other papers in Fayctte county coupons designed to learn the attitude of the people at large on the question of daylight saving. Renders are asked to fill in the coupon- and send or take them to their newspapers. 3t is the desire of the Daylight Saving Time Committee of Fayette County that they be in the several newspaper oHices by noon of March 27--Monduy--so that the results of the poll may be tabulated by the committee before March 29. As had been announced, the Daylight Caving Committee, of \v!nc*h Neil Moore of Connellsville is chaiV- man, at a meeting at Brownsville, with representatives present from ConnelLsville, Union town, Point. Marion, Fayette City and Biownsvillc present, reached the unanimous decision that, a newspaper poll should be conducted through all o£ the Fayette county newspapers to the sent im T.I. of tne citizens oC the county regarding daylight saving lime. Contacts made by members of the committee with business, indus- trjal and labor groups in various communities and sections of county indicate a sentiment in £avor of daylight saving, provided that such a step is made county-wide. The adoption of dayligh- saving to the n\crngu cilizen means just this: On Saturday night, April 29, before going to bed. set all of your clocks ahoiid one hour and forget it. Every* Continued on Page Ten. THOUSAND ENTERED IN MUSIC EVENTS County Competition to Be Held Saturday at Perryopolis. FORENSIC TOURNEY FOLLOWING WEEK Mrs. Keirsted On Stand in Aubrey Case KMETZ RELIEF FUND PASSES $134 MARK HARRISBURG, Mar. 21--The Senate Democratic minority caucused today to consider Governor Arthur H James' nominations for Public Assistance Boards in 64 of the 67 coun- , ties and determine it confirmations will be permitted. Since a two-thirds vote is required for approval of gubernatorial appointments and the Republican majority is not sufficient, confirmation. at the 456 appointees to county boards must await the pleasure of the Democrats. The nominations for all counties excepting Erie. McKean and York were sent to the Senate last night and immediately referred to the Executive Nominations Comrrxitttee, headed by Senator Charles H. Ealy, H., Somerset. Senator Ealy said today he did not anticipate early confirmation and that no effort would be made to report any of the names for vote on the floor until the attitude of the Democratic minority is determined. One Republican and several Democratic senators, charging "politics" in wholesale dismissal of board members and selection of their successors by Governor James, have warned that they "will not vote lor confirmation of the new boards. Appointees not reported from committee, preventing their rejection on the floor, may be given interim reappointments after the Senate adjourns finally. Since James dismissed all county assistance boards, the administration of relief has been centralized in tne Department of Public Assistance under Secretary Howard L. Russell. It will continue to operate that way Continued on Pago, Six. CULTURE CLUB PLANS BUNDLE DAY FOR NEEDY Cooperating with Miss Loretta DeOre, State public health nurse, th~ Woman's Culture Club will sponsor bundle day in connection with its next meeting, scheduled for Monday afternoon, April 3, at the club rooms at the Carnegie Free Library. Members, as well as others, having discarded bedding, bathrobes, other clothing for children and adults and pieces of flannel that can be used for infants are asked to bring or send them to the meeting. Miss DeOre's work in the community brings her in contact with many needy families. Some haven't sufficient bedding and clothing to keep warm. All contributions le- ceived will help considerably in making these people comfortable. Special to The Courier, ; Formal arrival of ihe season of UNIONTOWN, Mar. 21.--Inter- j sunshine and warmer elements pointed by numerous objections by I spurred contributions of cash to the the Commonwealth and defense, in- j fund for tne itntkcn Paul Kmelz terrogation of Mrs. Frances S. Keir- j family of Erookvale. sted, former Uniontown tax collector i Nine additional doll.iis were re- and star witness for the State, con-I ceived, S5 being sent in by an anony- tinued this morning in the embezzle- j mous contributor, ment trial of Sherifl Thomas R. j C.ish contributions are being re- Aubrey for shortages allegedly grow- j ceived at The Courier, ing out of his term as county treas- j The report shows, urer. j Defense centcied in particular on! failure of Mrs. Keirsted to pioducej receipts for money she claimed were ' turned over to the former treasurei. Attorney Dean D. Sturgis forced the witness to explain the custom of tax collectors undet bond in turning tax money over to the county officials. "Why did you pay over $58,000 and not get any receipt?" counsel asked Mrs. Keirsted. "I did get receipts," was the reply. '·Well, you didn't present them at the trial," the lawyer said. "You never got any receipts." "There are the checks showing the money was paid over," retorted the witness. District Attorney Jnmes A. Reilly, representing the Commonwealth, asked Mrs. Keirsted on direct examination: "Was there any relationship between you and Mr. Aubrey when you were tax collector for the city of Uniontown and he was treasurer of F.iyctte county that will bring about Previously reported, $125.90. Anonymous, $5. .Tednota Lodge No. 108, SI. Martin Fronck, SI. Martin Herchko, 50c. Matthew Bclko, 50c. George Hovanec, 50c. Joseph Ondrus, 25c. Andrew Forgac, 25c. Total, 5134.90. Oklahoma Society Matron Disappears, Husband Questioned REFUSES TO RECOGNIZE REICH RULE OVER CZECHS Approximately 2,000 boy nnd girl musicHin.s will participate in the Fayet'.e county scholastic music eliminations ol the Pennsylvania Forensic 5: Music Lt'aguo at Pciryopolis next Saturday, Director Eurlc E. Curtis announced today. Trtc forensic tournament, i^ to be held Saturday, April 1, the schedule! for which will be announced. Director Curtis s;i:d that both the high school and the Methodist Episcopal Chinch at Perryopolis would be Ubed for the competitions, winners of which will be eligible for the Southwestern District eliminations. Lunch will be served at both the Methodist nnd Christian churches for the convenience of contestants who may be required to spend the entire day there, Last year, for the Hrst time since the competition's were started in Italy's Ambassador Didn't Greet Hitler On Return to Berlin OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., Mar, 21.--Police ordered a search today for Mr?. Eudora Cunningham, 30, piomment society matron, after they had questioned her husband and expressed dissatisfaction with his story of her disappearance. The husband, Roger Cunningham, the payment by you of large sums ol I wai held for further questioning. He money other than relationship of tax ! reported her disappearance two collector and county treasurer?" I weeks ago under circumstances po- "No sir," the woman replied. "In July of 1934 you paid to the county treasurer certain monies which were applied on your 1931 duplicates?" asked Sturgis. "Yes, I paid on some taxes but not on the duplicate. It was on taxes that were liened in the tieasurer's office for 1931," said Mrs. Keusted. "At the same time you paid him $18,816.19 on account of returned taxes on real estate which was applied on your 1932 duplicates?" defense counsel asked. "That is correct." "But you didn't collect il until 1934?" "Oh, yes, 1 just didn't turn it over until 1934," the witness explained. "How was that money paid, by cash or check?" "I couldn't remember that," the witness replied. lice were unable to understand. Or. the insistence of her parents, nnd after a secret investigation, he was summoned to police headquarters. Assistant County Attorney E. W. Brown said he had explained his wife's disappearance thusly: Asserting she wanted to go to San Francisco to meet principals in a radio program originatirg there, she asked him to drive her to the railroad station Sunday evening, March 5. He did, and while he sought a parking place she left tne car. When he entered the station he could not find her. On March 15, her mother and foster father, J. P. Stokes, prominent real estale dealer, went to police. They had received a telegram from San Fianeisco signed "Eudora" and saying "do not worry." An investigation revealed it had been sent by a Fayette count}, the birthplace of the State league, the events were merged into single day affairs and proved to he a big success. They were held in Connellsviile, It is planned in the f u t u i e to sponsor them, ou a similar scale, one day being given over to music and the other to forensics. The schedule of events for Saturday, March 25, follows: B A. M.--Small vocal groups, in high school auditorium; instrumental solos, in school study hall, and vocal solos in Methodiit Episcopal Church. 10:30 A. M.--Laige vocal groups, in school auditorium. 1 P. M.--L, a r g e instrumental groups, bands and orchestras, in school auditorium. 2 P. M.--Small vocal groups, in Methodist Episcopal C'lurch. 3.30 P. M.--Instrumental ensembles, school study hall. 7:15 P. M.--Instrumental solos, piano and violin, in school auditorium. Director Curtis said that 10 schools had filed entries, among them being Connellsviile, Uniontown, Georges Township. German Township, Point Marian, Masontown, Redstone Township, Belle Vei'non, Biownsville and Perry Township. He announced that there would be attendants to handle parking of automobiles on the school property and By United Press. BERLIN, Mar. 21.--Diplomatic quarteis interest m an apparently correct report that Bernardo AUohco, Italian ambassador, was not at the railiood station Sunday night to welcome Adolr Hitler on his return from 1 his tour of Czech areas. A radio announcer, broadcasting station scenes, had even said that Hitler and Attolico shook hands, and added: "We know how much lies behind this handshake," It was asserted today that Attolico was not present, and Italian quarters pointed out that he was not present when Hitler returned from his Austrian and Sudetenland triumphal tours. No actual invitations were issued for diplomats to be at the station Sunday, but the absence of an envoy of Germany's "axis" partner caused speculation in diplomatic quarters whether there was a coolness between Hitler and Benito Mussolini. No Legal Basis for German Action, American Note States. STATEMENT BY . WELLES BACKED FRANCE KEEPS APRIL CLASS UNDER ARMS By RALPH HEINZEN United Press Start Correspondent. PARIS, Mar. 2 1 . -- P r e m i e r Edouard Daladier, acting under emergency powers, announced today that the class of army conscripts due for release in April would be held with the colors. At the same time he put war industries on a 64 hour a week basis to ensure a big increase in production. As President Albert Leorun neared the shores o£ England for a four day state visit to King George, Daladier moved inpidly to strengthen the country's position in view of the dangerous European situation. By bis order that April conscripts were to remain under the colors, he will increase the army by 90,000 men. WASHINGTON, Mar. 21.--The United States today formally lined up with Great Britain, France and Russia in refusing to recognize legality of Germany's absorption o£ Czechoslovakia. It did so in a short note to the German embassy, to which was attached a copy of last week's statement denouncing Germany's action as "wanton lawlessness." The American note was sent in response to a communication from Germany notifying the United_States of Czechoslovakia's changed a Nazi protectorate." "The government of the United States does not recognize any legal basis for the status so indicated," the American note replied. Attached to the note was the statement of last Friday by Acting Secretary of State Sumner "Welles denouncing the German action. The Tf. S. note said that statement expressed the official attitude of. the United States. "The views of this government with regard to the situation above referred to (in Czechoslovakia) as well as with regard to related facts were made known on March 17," said the U. S. note, sent under Welles' signature. "I enclose herewith for the information of your government a copy of the statement in which those views were expressed." Welles' statement of Friday em- phasised American "condemnation of the acts winch have resulted in the temporary extinguishment" o£ Czech liberties and characterized those acts as "wanton lawlessness" and "arbitrary force" which threaten world peace and the foundations of civiUza- | tion. The German note to which Welles replied was a copy of the formal decree whereby Germany assumed "'" "protectorate" over the Czech its that coaches would be responsible for But further, he increased the perma- reRistration ot contestants in the, nent a! my staff by 422 officers, to a school office on tne second floor. A school nurse will be in attendance. "And you now say you collected I male friend of Cunningham in San Easter Sunrise Service Will Be Held at Stadium. money prior to 1934 on your 1931 and 1932 duplicates but you didn't turn it over until 1934?" "That is correct." Controller Bert Montgomery followed Mrs. Keirsted to the witness stand to identify a letter he said he presented to Aubrey, maldng de- Continurd or. Page Six. Senate Committee Defers Hearings on Wagner Labor Law Alpha and Beta chaple'.s ot the Phalanx Fraternity and the Gradale Sorority are sponsors oC a sunrise Easter service to be held at Coke Stadium, beginning at 6:30 o'clock. Plans piovide for the High School Band and a speaker. Use will be made of the loud speaker system at the Stadium, with the permission of the school authorities. The service is being arranged here instead of on the mountains, because it is more convenient for all. The plan has the backing of the Ministerial Association, members ot which have given assurance they will be present. WASHINGTON, Mai -The Francisco. The sender said Cunningham had asked him to send it "as a good joke," Brown said. At the Cunningham home police found that while some dresses were missing "practically all Mrs. Cunningham's under- things wcie in her room." They also found a library book checked out by her on the dfiy ol her reported disappearance. No Arrests Made in Davis Murder; Clue Story Denied State Motor Police denied that any arrests had been made in the muider of Bernard Davis, 21, ot Scottdale, Jast week, as rumors gained wide circulation. Officers are making a thorough investigation but their efforts have been to no avail, The Courier was advised. "We haven't dug up a single thing that looks like a lead," an investigator said. Jus* Off the Wire Senate Labor Committee today once more put of)' fixing of a date for hearings of proposed amendments to the Wagner Labor Relations Act. It decided to consider the mattei again on March 28. The postponement was the second voted on the contention of Chairman Elbert D. Thomas, D., Utah, and others that the controverted amendments should not be debated durir.g peace negotiations between the American Federation of Labor and j the Congress o£ Industrial Organizations. PITTSBURGH, Mar. 21.--A National Labor Kelations Board's^trial examiner todjy filed a report finding: the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company engapetl in an unfair labor practice bv refusing t« bargain with the Federation ttf Flat Gla*,h AVorkcrs on a company-wide bnsi.». WASHINGTON, Mar. 21.--House Democratic Appropriations committeemen became deadlocked today over an Administration compromise proposal for 5125.900,000 in new funds to finance relief until next July. Hospital Patient. Mrs. Anna Belle Shipley of Uisina has been admitted to Connellsviile State Hospital for treatment. SPANISH PEACE NEGOTIATIONS REPORTED ACTIVELY UNDER WAY WASHINGTON, Mar. 21.--The House Military Affairs Committee today reported favorably its bill authorizing expenditure of $100,000,000 in the next lour years for acquisition and storage of minerals vital for \var purposes. The Weather By united PARIS. Mac 21.--Official dispatches to the French government irom San Sebastian today reported that peace ncsoti.itjons have begun actively be- tween the Burgos and Macirid gov- ' ernmcnts, h i n t i n g at the possibility of i Lin cdrly end ol' tlic Spjni-h \vni b\ i sun tender oi UT rrpubl.c.ui drnii 1 Mostly c-oudy and warmer wnight and Wednesday, Thursday showers is the noon weather forecast foi Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Record. Syria Caravan . Will Entertain Its Potentate Syria Caravan No. 9 of Fayette county will entertain J. Hubert town. Rcsen aliens, open to all Shriners in the county, must be made in advance with George L. Whipkey, secretary, of Dawson, or John Q. Adams of Uniontown. total of 31,000, and added 2,500 noncommissioned officers. He increased the length of the training period for reservists from 15 to 40 dsys for enlisted men and from 21 to 50 days for ofi'.ceis. As a compensation to organized labor for the increase in the working week, the government provided a bonus of 10 per cent for wages between the 40th and 45th working hours each week, and an additional five per cent for wages between the 46th and 60th hour. _ r " _ Jobless men on^the relief rolls were Continued on Page Six. Denunciation-~: Of Naval pacp Will Draw Ire | provinces o£ Bohemia and Moravia. I "The areas of the former Czechoslovak republic occupied by German troops," said the German note, "belong from now on to the domain of the greater German reich and come under its protection as the protectorate of. Bohemia and Moravia." Mussolini May Make Known His Demands Sunday · By United PTCM. ROME, Mai-. 21.--Fascists appeared today to be preparing Italy for announcement by Premier Benito Mussolini next Sunday o£ the government's demands against France in the Mediterranean. - -"MussoBni will -make known Italy's new goals" in his speech in connection with the 20th anniversary of fascism, the newspaper H--Resto_ Del-Carlino at-Bologna said in an article by Cacamica Nera, one of the ultra-Fascist spokesmen* LONDON, Mar. 21.--Great Britain will brand as illegal any German denunciation ol the -1935 British- German naval agreement, a British spokesman declared today in a a strongly-worded statement. BUDAPEST, Hungary, Mar. 21.-The Official News Service said'today that reports of partial mobiliaztion in Hungary weie "manufactured from thin air. 1 ' Sunshine, After Cold Night Greets Advent of Spring Today's the first day of spring-- ixa-la-la-la-la. The almanac says so. The weather man says so. Everybody says so. A clear blue sky greeted the official arrival o£ the seasonal change at 7:29 A. M. The morning was brisk and a blanket of frost covered housetops. The mercury, however, did a steady climb. But before changing those under- garmor ts, be surf uid heed n bit o£ advice or you'll be tasting molasses and sulphur. Czech Seizure By Adolf Pleases General Franco By United Press. BERLIN, Mar. 21.--Generalissimo Francisco Franco of Nationalist Spain has telegraphed congratulations to Fuehrer AdoU Hitler on his action in Czechoslovakia, hailing it as a move to restore peace in Central Europe. M i n i m u m Mean . 1938 71 45 | May Succeed Douglas. WASHINGTON, Mar. 21.--Securities and Exchange Commissioner Jciomc Frank probably will succeed Willinm O. Doiiglos as SEC chairman, inlurmcd suiu'cot said today, Former Deputy Waives Hearing For Embracery UNIONTOWN, Mar. 21.--James Paul, former deputy sheriff, waived a preliminary heaving for court when arraigned before Alderman H. F. Hopwood, Jr, Monday night on a charge of embracery- filed by Private P. D. Bowser of the State Motor Pol.ce. He \ \ J b released under $2,000 bond. The uclion grew out of an alleged attempt to tamper with Arnold Watson or Belle Vernon, a member of the March grand jury which indicted Sherifl Thomas R. Aubrey on 16 counts ot embezzlement. European Allies Map Plan Designed to End Hitler's March East By FREDERICK KUH United Press Staff Correspondent. LOITOON, Mar. 21.--A declaration condemning Germany's annexation of Czechoslovakia and expressing determination to resist any further German aggression may be issued by a new "stop Hitler" bloc ol powers within 48 hours, it was understood today. Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union were understood to have agreed to take the leadership. It was reported that the British government had sent instructions to , its envoys to Poland, Rumania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Jugoslavia and Greece' urging their adherence to a nine- power declaration: 1. Condemning Germany's absorption of Czechoslovakia and refusing to recognize its legality. 2. Proclaiming their readiness to oppose any new act of aggression. 3. Expressing determination to remain on constant consultation among themselves with a view of organizing common ac 'on in event of an emergency. Gi-cat Britain's close consultation with powerful Russia, whose army is now estimated to number between 2 - 1 000,000 and 2,500,000 men, remained i the most ^impoitant feature o£ the situation widen resulted from Hitler's maich into Czechoslovakia, Russia haii suggested to Britain, it was undorsUjod, the convocation o£ a six-power conference, including Russia. Britain, France, Rumania, Poland and Turkey, to form a peace bloc Continued on Pago Six.

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