The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on March 13, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 13, 1930
Page 7
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FACE WIGHT THE DAILY COURIETK, CCWNlHLtl «V ILfJUJW, JKA. THURSDAY, MARCH 13, 1930. Murder Trial of * Jamison Negro Is Placed Under Way Special to The Courier. UNtONTOWN, .VT-irch 13.--Declaring that Georso Revdv, 32 jea.r-olil Alabama ivorr-o. fi-,t tried to take his sweetheart's lii w i t h a revolver and whoa this fail-oil to w w k , stabled her to death with .1 pe irktwfe, Assistant District Attwncv Arthur I* Byrno yesterday afternoon aiwned the Coni- monwealth's case .to tlM jury on the second day of tho Jamison nuui/s trial lor murder. "Th-o murd«r was tommilited ta a jealous rago but sufficient time had elapsed to mako it both planned, pre meditated and skillfuUy executed," do- claired the aaslUirit prosecutor "It is far you 12 members of tho jury to determine the dog-reft of guilt, if any, hi which you Mil hold t h o defendant foi tho orime." Coroner S. A. )1iilU. just home from St. I/ouis, Mo., where he was at th« bedside- of hta daughter, le-stilted that death was due to v. hemnKwhage from an up and down knife thrust, which pier-ced tlie pericardium and went iato the apex o; the heart. The -wound from the point of entry wae four Inches deep. It was a quarter of au Inch deep in tho heart. Do-. Baltz described tho location of ·the "thriibt" as t w o inches below '.he lowwr border of the S'beriMini. It produced almost Instant death, lie said. Wailter Dalzell. employed In the office of Engineer Homer Burchinal, ioi- troduoed a blueprint of the murder senate s-howinig the interior of the bouee, the ash roadway In front, the field ta the rear where the fatal chase and knifing occurred and the neighbor surrounding". When Dalaell left the stand Judge D. W. Head«reon ad- ourned court ten- the day. It was almost five o'clock. The personnel of the Jury to: No. 1--John Abel. Fatrehance. No. 2--Mrs. Isabella, Forowalt, Germain Twp. No. 8--Clarence J. Dalzell, German Twp. No. 4---Robert D. Doak, South Brownsville. No. 5--John ('. Lehman, Georges Twp, No. 6---Herbert Evana, North Union Twp. No. 7--Charles CosteJlo, North Un- Twp. No. 8--Mrs. Daisy Fast, Nicholson Twp. N O . 9--Mrs. Emma F. Dunn,, Franklin Twp. No. 10--I. N. Balslnger, Utrtoatown. No. ll--iMm A^ner Patterson, North Union Two. No. 12--Jake Lelghty, Dunbar Twp. DUGAN WILL NOT BE CANDIDATE FOR SUPERINTENDENCY Use Classified Ads. They bring results. Patronize those who advertlw. WHY LAG 1 Eiorka Vanithei That Tired fealingl Do you bejln « UK before «i« d work ti done? Chances aro your dlgei- tive tract 1* out-of-ord«r. Esorka wOI quickly f«t your dig ration back to normal and baniih that tired ttdlng. Brings you n«w merer, ntw n«rv« Vfare«. Aik your dnn.Irt. GRBENSBURO. March 13 --With Prof. Wllmer G. Dug.m, county superintendent of schools, definitely out ul the picture as a candidate for reelection, Interest censors in his vtr- cessor to be elects! by the c o u n t y school directors at .1 meeting f bo held heio April 8. Two of tho pres nt corps of assistant school supet lulrtulents havP beeu m e n t i o n e d as a possible sitcces sor. They are Prof Chut lea F. Maxwell and Pro-f. S, C. Wallace of Greensburg. Doth Mr. Maxwell and Mr, Wallace yrstei lay refused to comment on repoits that they would be candidates for the position, saying they were not ready to make a statement. James Hughes, another member o£ Mr. Dugan'a present taffi, is emphatic that he will not be a candidate. John II. Elliott, also an issistant county superintendent, could not be reached for an expression. Prof. Dugan's announcement in let- tera addressed to 1 idividual school boards over the coui ty, conveyed tho first official information that he will not be a candidate !.r tho offlco with which he has been a soclated a quarter of a century, 10 -earns as superintendent and the pre% icus 15 years as assistant to Dr. Rob r t - C . Shaw. Prof. Dugan whoie home is In Parnassus, retires fr m office July 1, the date of the expiration of his term He has anuounced no plans tor the future. COL BARKER, CANADIAN ACE, KILLI:D IN CRASH OTTAWA^ Ont., March 13.--Canada's efloond ranking ace of the World War, Colonel William C. Barker, 35, crashed to his death at the Rocklifte Park Royal, Canadian Air Foroe field, yesterday wnen me. motor of a new ship he wae testing (tailed in an upward loop while flying at a low altitude. Barker, ace, who had 52 German planes to hie credit end once shot his way out of a "flying c ircus," never had a chance once his ship started plunging noSward to earth. Alverton ALVERTON, arcli 13.--Mrs. Emma Quarts Is visiting her son, Lewis Quartz at Smithfleld. Miaa BUa O'Koark called on Al-veir- ton friends Tuesday. Fred O'Roark has returned to his honw In Banning aft or aipemdi-ng; - e ^ oral weeks with his brother, Marion O'Roark. Mr. and Mrs. Geoi ge Radaehy and family of Palmer -Ueited relatives here Sunday. Mre. Grace Cloee was a Scottdale caller Saturday. Miss Olive Hixson was a Scottdale shopper Saturday. Ua« our "want" a $18,201 Snlt. WASHINGTON, Pa., March 13--A verdict of |13,201 w IB awarded Mre. Dorothy Baldwin of this city a« the result of the fatal injury of her husband, Arless Baldwin, last June, the defendants being Gu^ Rock, owner, and Frank Roek, drl\ er, of Adah, Fayette county. Baldwin wae fatally Injured when the autoinobile of the defendants crashed wit'i hie motorcycle. THE FAMOUS ANDERSON EROS. In the Grand Musical Fete ENTERTAINMENT DELUXE St. Patrick's Day, Monday, March 17 HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Benefit Connellsville Military Band Beautiful Girls In Refined Vaudeville Musicians In Latest Musical Numbers Radio Star^j and Others In Singing and Dunclng Reserve Heat Sale Connellsville Drug Co., March 15. No Extra Charge. Admission 75c Curtain 8:15 Women Declare Country Is Bettor Under Prohibi ion Colds are common this time of year, but don't let any cold become serious! At the first aneeze or cough, take Rape's Cold Compound. H a r m l e s s little tablets that break-up the cold, ease all aching and soreness. Only 35c a box at any drugstore, so why suffer? By PAUT-i E MAIJLON United Pi ess "3U WASHINGTON, warning that a, g e n v.'ln an argument y th dissuade wet menibew Corraspon March 13.--n Jemau can a lady i of thei DADC'C mft STOCK MARKET CRASH LEADS TO SUIT TO GET BILL FOR $3,943.95 UNIONTOWN, March 13--A suit apparently growing out of tho Wall Street crash laet November made ite j appearance In tho prothonotary's office with Kay-Richard? Company as plaintiffs against Edward Kaplan to collect c. bill 0^*3,913 95 alleged to be due on a purchase o£ stock of the Baldwin Locomotive Works. v It is alleged that Kaplan ordered 200 shaiee of,Baldwin in two lote at G3V4. Ite sold out 100 shares at 66, making a profit. The other 100 he held, however, nnd when he was called oa November 22 to take up hie purchase on a new lease, he failed to tulflll the requirements. Kay-Richards Company charged that it sold the stock on the exchange at 22, th.9 prevailing price at that time. It is nuing for the balance with interest. MOTORIST TALKS BACK TO POLICE; ' PAYS ?10 FINE UNIONTOWN, March 13.---It doesn't pay to tell menibera of the State Police v hero to go and then stay put. This was proved Wednesday after- jioc-n when John Langor of Lelsenrinp; No. 3 is said to 'ave crowded Privates Zlegler and Krlcksou ot the New .Salem detachment into the curbing at the Intersection of West Main street and the McClellandtown road. When ordered to stop he is said to havs passed the slighting remark. He was placed under art-eat, and alter a heai- ing before Alderman Matt AHen was lined $10 and coats or 30 daja in Jail, lie paid the fine and costa. EIGHT HOUR DAY IN ARGENTINA NOW IN EFFECT By U n i t e d Press, BUENOS AIRES, March 13. -Argentina liae an eight-hour day now for all workers throughout the country with the exception of farm hands and domestic servants. The law, effective yesterday, provides a seven-hour night, and a etx- hour day in certain uuhealthful occu- patione. Imprisoned Horses Eat Manes and Tails in Barn FORSYTH, Mont., March 13~Aoci- dentally imprisoned two weelw within a barn, 14 horses ooneiimod oach others' tails and manea to flght off approaching starvation la addition $i y attempted to eat wire and lumber. When the owner, George Donlgr, located Jiis missing animals, one wae dead, four were dying and the remaining nine, were in a serious condition. Paris Hosiery. PARIH, March 12. -- Tho newost hosiery worn in Paris has Jewelry woven Into its fine texture. Small Kold nn tie bracelets with pendants are woven right into tho silk and present a bizarre effect. Other fancy hosiery has hand-painted butterflies, woodland designs, and odd bits of landscape. "Miss Panama" h Ylrtor, MIAMI, Fla., March 13.--tStHtsorita Melida 3oyd, bearing tlw title "Mtes Panama" was selected "Miss Latin America" befane a crowd of * 10,000 persons In Bay Front Pairk h-ane last ii'lghit. Seuorita Julia Salaaar Lord a, "Miss Costa Rica" was given second hamors, am.d Senorita IJayd«e Morales, "Miss Nicaragua," third. Rush Aid to D. S. Amiy Filer. MEXICO CTTY, March 13.--The w«ur departDnent dlapaitched two military airplanes to th-e state- of Chiapas lest night to aid a United Ktatas a-miy airplane reported down \vilh engin« trouble. The plane was enroute from Kelly Field to, Panama, the report Ma Lludy May Lose Job. DETROIT, March 13--Mrs. Bvange- Une Lodge Lindbergh, mother of Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh, may lose her Job ( f the board of education,fol- lowe the lead of council in diemieBing teachers who are non-residen ta of the city. Mrs. Lindbergh lives at Groeso Pointe, r. suburb. Judiciary Cotnmttleo who todi called half a dozen dry womei nesses for farther crosa-exami The experience of the wete, p larly Hepreeentattves LaGuard publican, of New York City and Democrat of Brooklyn, during lliree hours ot close qucetionii yesterday, did, how«vor, thi damper upon further proceedln » The- two attorneye, veterans numerable debated In the cou and upon tho floor of the Hous cated they were about ready t cede the laet word to the so weaker oex, in the hearing on ) ropeal or modify 1he 18th Amen Their 79-year-old conferee, t chahman OH the committee, fionLatlve Graham, Republican, nylvanla, conceded the ladlof much from the stari and has d to question them, leaving thc+ jousting- to his raeher and y associates. For nearly three honre t»aC and Cell-er cajoled, pleaded and with the ladies attout prohibltl- Ha e-K-ecte. But tho results of efforte were only auch answe! "You are trying to twiat my la and put words in my 7nouth," know that, why do you nuk ir never heaid of corn liquor In m "I am aware some liquor is drunk In this country." The ladles, part of a d-elega women'e leaders of clubs, att welfare and eoclal workers, «1 their arguments Insistently claimed prohibition brought gre nomic beneflt«, lessened tlr rescued the home, protected and was the greatest moraj In ment of this age. From the delegation of 23, and LfiGuardia recalled «ix f( ther examination: Mies Graci Braam Roberts, New York, ch of the "Woman's Law 33nfor Committee; Mrs. John Osgood I ard, New York; Mr«. Riohard / New Ycrk; Mrs. Maynard ' Paeadcna, Cal.; Mrs. Honry W body, Boston, *ml Mra. W. H ander, Columbus, Ohio. A eta'emont was prepared 1 livery ly Dr. Clarence True of the Hoard ot Temperance, I tiou and Public Morals but h coniiiellixl to leave the city ar not be able to deliver it Th«a only other dry witness uled for today ie Carlton She member of. the cltixena comml 1,000, New York. The appearance of Hepre«e Dyer, Republican, Missouri, bef- Law Enforcement Commtesloi yesteixJay in behalf of 2.75 pt beer failed to -bring any gene action in Congrecs. Most of t wltneeeee in tha JudicUiry Con hearings have opposed light wir beers and advocated straight re the 18th Amendment. lent. he old never id not House y re- ·wit- tation. irtlcu- a, Re- Celler, nearly K late 3W a ;s. ot Jn- ·ti'oom , indl- j con- called llle to iment. 10 wet Rep re- Pen n- that dined word mngor uardia irgued n and their s as: iguage "You e?" "i! r life," being Ion of rneys, ick to and,' it ec6- nklng, vomeu provp- Oeller r fur- Van Jrman ement lanch- Idrlch, hayer, Pea- Alex- jr de- .Vilson -ohini- was 1 may sched- rwood, teo of itatlve ·re the late r cent al re- ie wet mltte* 38 and wal of REVIVAL MEETINGS AT DAVISTOWN CHUF CH WILL CLOSE OJ*SW DAY The evangelistic meetings a new ediflce of the Evangelical ( at Davistown v/111 cotn« to a cl Sunday with services in char Rev. 0. S. Baggett of Liverpoo York, who has been presiding revival since it got un?')r way month ago. Large attendanoes anj repor th« meetings to which the pu invited. the hurch me on f» of , New vt the tver a ed at 4ic is Many Students lillnded. , HAVANA, Marrch 13,--An «p fl«mlc of blliidiMsa amon^: atud'omts l! thie in/dustrial tx;hiiiuU scliool C emieral Machajdo, r«ar Havana is c vustoj; alarm. Tho causo has not been diagnosed. 8eton Hill Sister Dies. PITTS I}URQ, March 13.--Sister M. Thecla, 44 yi*.rs old, of the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill, Greensburg, died at the Plttsburg Hospital here yesterday. She was th-e former Mary ! Carroll cf Plttsburg, The funeral will be held here Friday with interment at Uroensburg, PatronfHe those who advertise. FIRE INSURANCE i Protecting Your property Not only gives Peace of mind But goes Far in Establishing And Maintaining Your credit. FAYETTE; REALTY CO. T. D. Gardner, Manager. 20 Years Insurance Experience. Sellers Arcade, Connellsvll e TROUTMAN'S Connellsfllle's Big Department Store /if I Are Smart, New and Entirety Different Fashion presents new Spuing prints that are smart, different and Utterly charming, and well-dressed women are already wearing frocks of new prints. "Live in Prints," they are so refreshingly gay and colorful that PICTORAL and VOGUE has booked them for Spring and Summer successes. 36 Inch Douppioni Crepe THE YARD $1.00 New The smart fabric with subtly flattering, ivhich is really much more fun for those of us who have ^ determined to be pretty this year. The inexpensive fabric with attractive floral patterns on light and dark grounds. 39 Inch Silk Chiffon THE YARD $1.95 The Chiffon is a lovely departure from the severe chic ol yesterday, made more entrancing by its graceful patterns on light and dark grounds. Printed J * I Jacquard Silks $2*95 a yard For drosses or blouses demanded by the tailored suit let us show you this exquisite new fabric. A wide assortment of lovely new prints on black and navy grounds for the new Spring vogue. Shantung $1.95 a yard Here is a great erray of printed shantung, beautiful floral patterns on gorgeous colored grounds. The fittingly material to express the feminiae type of frock. Pussy Willow Silk Crepe $3.95 a yard fThis crepe presents a novelty in its banded effects which can be used to much advantage in the making of your street frocks or chic ensembles. The designs are charming and the colors combined in these crepes are in harmony with Spring and Summer. Prove Your Talent In OUR Dressmaking Contest! N E E D MONEY 7 24 Hour Service Courteous Attention Complete Privacy Repayments to Suit Your Income FINANCE Cu Second Floor 112 West Crawford Avenue (Over McCrory's J and 10 Cent Store) CONNELLSVILLE, PA. Telephone Coniuollavtlle 3-4 Open 8:30 to J--Saturday 8:30 to 1 --LICENSED BY THE STATB LOANS Vo $ 3OO PAINT UR A dollar's worth of satisfaction lor every 0110 you spend, Call FOX'S And You'll Oet Itl Phone 311. Try Our Want Ad». 1 Nei^Iifeorkood Witt Conicrete Streets Many well-built districts need ~ up-ttxlate streets. The most modern and economical pavement is portland cement concrete. It is especially designed for motor vehicle traffic--permanently smooth, hard, and safe. Does your neighborhood need new pavements? There is something you can do about it! Ask us for information. PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 1315 Walnut St. PHILADELPHIA A National Organisation to Improve and Extend the ll»e» of Concrete

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